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Part 1
Part 2
Part 3 premiering later tonight

Kenmochi Toya, Kagami Hayato, Fuwa Minato, and Kaida Haru were sent to an island to flex their survival skills. Spearing fish, building a shelter, and starting a fire.

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fuck off homo

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Island Survival is a pretty good Nijisanji arc so far, stakes are looking good and serious after the Baseball Tournament arc.

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People ask for cool vtuber content that isn't just games and singing and people won't watch it? Or ask for outlandish IRL stuff but someone actually does it and it's crickets?

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First part already has over 800k views after like 2 days what do you mean? If you mean the people here then they don't watch chuubas, let alone something in Japanese. They just Google translate stuff from 5ch to post here

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I'm asking about /vt/ but you're right I guess.

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/vt/ says it wants other types of content but the west as a whole still seems to have the mindset that vtubers should be singing and playing videogames. Japan is already moving forward a bit. Also to poke fun at people you just know if a Holo did this we'd get a dozen LA CREATIVIDAD threads.

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I'm calling it, Kenmochi dies first and they eat his body.

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meanwhile The Legend of Polka got cancelled and we'll never have Polka vacation arc

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>meanwhile The Legend of Polka got cancelled
What the fuck really?

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Its replaced with Polka Radioka now

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Well, at least they're letting her do some kind of show.

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Kaida will be forced to be the slave, Fuwa will be the brain and Hayato the voice of reason, and Toya will be mauled by a bear or a swimming hisupi during fishing

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Why is Kaida so easy to bully? Isn't he supposed to be good looking one?

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Kaida's already the slave, he had to sleep outside the shelter, got tricked into starting a fire with tools he sucked at using, got told to go hunt for hidden fireworks and didn't even have that part showcased in the video, and staff were bullying him.
Toya and Fuwa are surprisingly good at hunting for fish. Quick reflexes.

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How is this vtubing?

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They are on a virtual island.

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They should keep his chin as a cutting tool, it is the sharpest thing known to man after all

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I generally don't like prerecorded skits from any chuubas. Ame does creative stuff on streams. My one exception is Polka's series which is very entertaining and EOP friendly.

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Well, fuck me. I should've read through the thread.

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There's a reason why Fuwa is his "aniki"

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There's nothing more brotherly than wanting to hunt your aniki in the forest.

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>They are on a virtual island
Multi-part vtuber collab in a Danganronpa-styled gameshow when

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His ikemen phase died the moment Ark Aberration happened.

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id watch this if they have english captions, i dont know who the other three are but Toya is based

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did someone say vacation

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Fuck, I wish the En branch can do something like this sometime...

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That's his fetish

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Funniest part is still Kaida not having a 3D and looking out of place in group shots.

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Reminder that old school fans will shit on the current state of vtubing and claim that we should go back to skits while ignoring that some companies still make stuff like this.

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>part 2
Food poisoning let's goooo

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They somehow didn't get sick, and staff saved them because Kenmochi brought back a bucket full of mushrooms and every single one of them was poisonous.

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This series has been great

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Also were made to scream embarrassing things

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I would've expected Kenmochi to rub two braincells together and do the bare minimum of survival reps before jumping on this. The rule about mushrooms is always to NEVER attempt to eat them unless you are 100% sure you can recognize it's from an edible species. Even mushrooms from well renowned edible genuses like the boletus has species that are poisonous. What the fuck was he thinking?

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thanks anon havent seen these. they are great!

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He didn't eat them or else this series would be postponed due to poisoning himself in the first hour of filming. Obviously staff are there making sure they don't accidentally fall off a cliff or eat something bad, they even boiled their tools before cooking just in case. Though they did eat the fish out of a torn waterbottle full of seawater for some godforsaken reason.

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It's unironically more entertaining to go in blind.

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Not as entertaining when they go literally blind because of some mushroom toxin

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20 min bros, who's gonna capsize their canoe?

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5 minutes until some idiot decides to eat a weird poisonous fruit or accidentally step on a rockfish at the reef

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maybe one day, one day

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Urgh... I wish I was mauled by swimming Hisupi too.

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This is so weird, they're covering up their irl body with the 3D and Kaida doesn't even have one

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Fuck off back to >>>/out/

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Fuck, Fuwa is good at fishing too

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Kenmochi just caught a bunch too

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I miss apex, ark and minecraft now..

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Nijigirls need to show some more spunk like the dudes

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So uh, what does barnacles taste like?Like crab? Because they're crusteceans too? i've never eaten one

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All seafood tastes the same to me

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And they survived albeit some of them probably contracted some disease or something, what a ride.

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E3F2SPNlr4A the boys talking about it.

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Is it any good?

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