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what vtuber has the smelliest and hugest bush?

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Akira Ray https://twitter.com/Momomo_Momo00/status/1449493029870465032?t=DBi3WoBRr97iEtSxKW2UNg

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I believe it.

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Explains the nopan. Shit probably pokes her.

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Botan has the thickest forest but she seems like someone who has very good personal hygiene.

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Obviously Polka

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Well yeah she's a cat so she can lick herself

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What about pit hair?

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Imagine the smell..haha

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I do not recall making this thread.

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Not really an answer to your question OP, but I think that Marine has a full bush that she trims down regularly. That's what I'm thinking about right now.

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>showers only twice a week
>leaves little time to do cleaning or chores after gaming and drawing for so long
>hikki neet shut in
>probably only shaves when it gets too itchy (so like once every 4 months)

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>the uncropped version
A classic.

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I have the more uncropped version too

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I meant the uncropped version is a classic, sorry.

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You don't have to shave if it itches, just cut it short with scissors for like 30s and you're good for a few months again. Shaving is such a chore and it fucking hurts if you mess up

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I'd never shave if I were a girl, it's already uncomfortable enough shaving my beard.

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These 5 in HoloEN
IRyS: Bush
Ina: Bush
Fauna: Trimmed
Ame: Trimmed
Kronii: Bush

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>fauna: trimmed
The most painful of pekos.

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ame can barely remember to not eat things that kill her, you really think she knows when to shave herself?

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My ninner and her bush

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Shaving your pubes sucks and anyone that demands you do it for them is the literal devil

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that's nowhere near enough bush for ina

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Western women are self conscious about it and to be fair bread is delicious

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I disagree. me and my girlfriend have an understanding that if you aren't well kept you get no oral. Fucking can happen but I'm not eating shit if it's more than a landing strip. I've had 2 best friends that have both bad experiences with unkept bush and bad hygiene women. Turned one of em gay.

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Imagine being this gay.

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You and your gf having an understanding is by definition not either one demanding that of the other my dude, it's a mutual agreement. Anon is talking about people who force their partner to look how they want, not how the partner wants

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Fair I mean my girlfriend hates hair anyways and she gets waxed so I do my part to shave my junk.

Nah 1st friend the first time he ate out a girl he got pubes stuck in his teeth and ended up puking on her. And the one that turned gay he went down on his girlfriend at the time and she had a yeast infection didn't notice and got a mouthful. that's when he decided vaginas were disgusting.

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Yes, this is what I meant. Plus, I wouldn't wish razor bumps on anyone and there's supposed to be hair there anyways.

You might be dictionary definition gay, my man. Your friend definitely already was

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The trick is to simply not fuck nasty bitches, anons

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Imma fuck nasty bitches like there's no tomorrow

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I mean at the time he was still fucking girls and was engaged to the yeast infection chick. But then after that is when he came out so yeah I guess. He still claims he's bi though but hasn't touched a pussy in almost a decade.

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Don't say I didn't warn you, you damn fool

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>>probably only shaves when it gets too itchy (so like once every 4 months)
Are you 10 or something? Who the fuck has itchy pubes? You might want to get that checked out if you an adult.

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Haachama noted she didn't bathe during the summer. Not sure if the hugest, but in contention for smelliest.

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The nastiest, hairiest, dark anus? Ina.

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Peko is pretty young and relatively well groomed from her old roommate pics. On the other hand, she spends literally dozens of hours a week streaming, I can't imagine she's dedicating too much time a week trimming. Kinda mixed on this.

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I have it on good authority that Mori waxes.

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These two and Ina

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botan looks like she takes care of herself . I think it is huge, but smells nice.

Gura doesn't have a bush but she smells like the sea since she rarely take showers.

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some people have sensitive skin or particularly curly pubes, that might be it
doesn't equate to skin condition though

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she likely uses a bidet, which is both easier to use than paper (why the fuck is everyone in the west shooting it up their ass? you can just shoot around it ) and technically cleaner because unlike toilet paper it can be used with soap
also, why the fuck are we talking about this

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I'm thinking about pussy.

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It's definitely Gura. She loves being a strange little shit and bullying people so I can picture her growing the world's largest bush for the purpose of frightening people and smothering their faces in it while laughing like a demon.

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>being frightened by bush
Are people really?

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for some reason, a good portion of western people are terrified of crotch hair.

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She still showered. For japanese, bathing means wasting hours in bathtub

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I'm pretty sure Gura and Mori have both alluded to hair removal on stream before. Kiara outright said she's had extensive permanent hair removal and I see no reason why that wouldn't include her pubes.

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Well Kiara has an excuse given she does cosplay.

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>An excuse
That's a weird way to phrase it, do you suggest she wouldn't be justified in being bald otherwise?

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Calli said that she's "hairless bellow the eyebrows" during a membership stream.
All the others in the top tier have also said they remove their pubes, or OUTRIGHT removed them onstream in the case of Coco and Moona.

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