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>Pomu isn't a numberfa-

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So much for that "nijen is fastest growing niji branch" Eh? Now look what happen when they shits out chuuba left & right

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Too bad for you, Pomu. The waves will continue until Riku has enough money. Even if you all turn into 2views, as long as collectively you all generate a penny more revenue, the waves will continue. Forever!

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Livers are replaceable after all.

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Millie and Enna are fun, but that stupid fox filters me so hard from any collab she is in. The Ghost has a massive model debuff and is far too quiet a personality for english viewers.

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AND aren't paid a salary. Once you give them the model and throw them in the deep end, they just make free money for you forever at no cost!

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That's a healthy amount of concern

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You say that like it's not an objectively good business decision, commie

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Anycolor? Explain.

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Cover does salaries though. If you send a supa part of it is going to Anya and Iofi to continue getting hundreds of live viewers.

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>Cover does salaries
(By all accounts less than a minimum wage)

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you went too far, anon
I will now take you down for Riku sama

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nice bait but we've known Pomu was a numberfag since she cried on stream about falling behind Elira and Finana shortly after their debut

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It's not, flooding the EN market with low quality Niji branded vtubers to grind out out few bucks will kill any chance of them every taking off.

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Everyone's a numberfag, it's just not polite to discuss it with your audience.

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can't really blame Pomu for being so concerned in her case either because being a wagie places a lot more limitations on when she can stream and grow her audience

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Not really, they live and die on their own merits and there's literally nothing wrong with that.
Selen showed up a mere two months after Lazulight and she's taken off thanks to her personality.
Nina and Reimu get views when they speak Russian and Spanish respectively, if they played to their strengths they'd be a lot better off.

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she's right to be, it must feel awful to watch helplessly as terrible management sabotages not only your hard work but also that of all your colleagues / friends by diluting everyone's viewerbase as fast as they can

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Yeah, Pomu literally says they all have to care about numbers a bit since it's their job. They all notice this shit, Millie pointed out that she hates overlaps too, since wave 3 debuted the overlapping streams have had a much more noticeable effect on their viewership.

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Ethyria is so irrelevant it's not like they take away Lazulight or Obsydia's numbers when they overlap.

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Nijien just isn't interesting. They're all the same kind of grifting SJWs who come late to something people enjoy to leech off it.

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The only reason anyone beyond their original audience is watching them is the Niji EN tag. That's the brand. It's worth something. Not a lot, in the west, but something more than they had on their own. If you release vtubers that don't add to the brand, that don't make it more valuable, or even make it worse, that lessens the value for everyone, but especially future Niji EN vtubers. People will be less inclined to even check out the next wave if the 3rd and 4th waves are mediocre.

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If Pomu's numbers drop that's more on her lowering in quality, don't be a bitter cunt and blame your coworkers for your inability to retain or grow.

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My point still stands, because Indonesia is a shithole country where that's bank, look at the room review streams.

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hotcakes digest throw shit at the wall saturation quality quantity

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>Rosemi "I love lolis" Lovelock an SJW

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You're missing boom and bubble popping

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A KFP projecting as usual. Aways nice to see that somethings never change.

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She IS the only one who had "No racism or sexism" in her rules instead of a generic "No discrimination", at least at first. And she was audibly uncomfortable during that voice impression when someone told her to try doing one of her ID senpai with a thick accent. So you know, there's something there (even if she's also a lolicon).

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They still are the fastest growing, retard.
I love how you post this as if those are bad numbers
By all accounts less than a minimum wage. If they depended on that salary, all of hololive would be dead. They depend on superchat, voice packs, merchandise and other shit.
What a terrible management where they have 10x more views than before, receive much more money and as a nijisanji fan, she knew their business model.

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You're the type of faggot that gives Hololive fans a bad name. Leave and never return.

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It's pretty clear that some of the girls were worried a bit when wave 3 hit, the only one that visibly does not give a fuck is Selen, because she still has her niche safe and her personality and mental is solid.
Pomu with her low self esteem fears a lot losing her place, which is dumb, because wave 3 is overall weak, and there is no overlap with her type of streams.

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It's a retarded 2 IQ move that only looks good from a short term perspective.

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You would separate it with a space because you are talking about "some things" not refering to "something", ESL-chama. It's ok, one day you'll be as good at English as Kiara.

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Seems like she's just eager to not get cancelled if anything. Bobon only got away with his funny racist accents because he's SEA.

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You should buy viewbots for you chicken instead of shitposting here, because Kiara is clearly losing it a lot more than Pomu.

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I want to save her

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Holy cope. Keep defending everything related to nijisanji fag it totally doesn't make you look like a desperate fanboy

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>Original post talking about the no salary thing
>Replies talking about the number of livers
Based reading comprehension havers.

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lol they're still the fastest foreign branch

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why does niji live rent free in your head, holobrony? you don't even watch them

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>Oh look a niji intern

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>get into nijisanji
>super hyped can't wait to go big
>I have to pay an entrance fee
>cover takes 50% of my superchat/streamlabs cut
>they get 80% of the money I generate from products like voicepacks
>I'm not allowed to collab with the JP talent unless I get permission and pay a fee

what the fuck?

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Yes, cope for showing you the truth. Good job to not even do a counter argument, retard.

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I do watch them in fact. I was just watching pomu play mario 64 last night. I'm just not queer enough to blindly kick and scream whenever someone says something might be wrong with their business practices is all

>> No.11840278

holy misinformation. What cover is even doing in that anyway.

>> No.11840298

I know its not the reaction you want from this clip but it really just makes me want a collab of kiara ame and pomu playing that really hard mario game. Just 3 hours of them shitting on mario and insulting his entire family

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Reality comes at you fast. Don't worry Pomu, you have employable skills and you won't ever go hungry. You know what hard work is if it ever came to it.

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And yet you didn't counter argument that at all.

Also, you watching them just make you a nijien fan. You have no power in here, faggot. You aren't a nijisanji fan.

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Nta but nobody would argue because of how comically obvious it is that you're a fanboy

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Selen talked about getting paid, but in return they have to stream 3 times a week like hololive. It's different from the JP branch.

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Hololive has just utterly demolished the perception of what good numbers even means because the only group that can compete with them is like, 3 vshojo members
If you take holo out of the equation, 2k viewers is a phenomenal success because your average corporate non-holo averages like 200

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NijiEN numberfagging: oh my friend hit 200k subs I'm so happy for her although things are going too fast
HoloEN numberfagging: I was the last person to reach 1 million subs, did you all just sub for pity? My new song took too long to hit 1 million views, I might not release another one there's no point

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this is why esl girls do vtubing, because the meagre sums they get back actually are worth something in their shitholes, for all the playacting as an anime girl for hours a day

>> No.11840342

> "some things" not refering to "something", ESL-chama

And you too ESL...
"some things", not refering

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Vshojo coin is rising. Buy now.

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4/10 shitpost, would've been an 7 but "accidentally" leaving Cover in there was too obvious.

>> No.11840362

Kaizo mario world

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This is a thread specefically about pomu. Are you actually retarded my man or is the seethe getting to your rational thinking?

>> No.11840367

>get into hololive
>get raped by my manager
>no one helps me
>need to leak to n**kami for help
>people treat you like a leper ever since
And the funny thing is that my greentext is at least real.

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Maybe all vtubers outside of Hololive just aren't that good?

>> No.11840403

Suffering from success...

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But a nijisanji male has better numbers than anyone from hololive?

>> No.11840431

I remember during that part of the stream someone in a thread saying to clip it to get Pomu pity subs, is OP just shilling his clip?

>> No.11840445

To be a good streamer you have to actually stream, and even 2views are currently excelling at that more than Hololive.

>> No.11840446

My favorite threads are when /vt/ larps as managers.

>> No.11840456

Sure if Mumei wasn’t boring as shit and they all didn’t spam Minecraft all day, but that can’t be the case.

>> No.11840473

Wow, I proved I'm not a phoneposter by missing one keystroke. I'm leaving in shame.

>> No.11840474

holy delusional

>> No.11840478

Imagine being this new.

>> No.11840508

Of the 11 ENs, like 5 of them were 2view vtubers before hololive, anon
You have to start somewhere

>> No.11840516

Lemme rephrase *EN vtubers outside of Hololive aren't good. My mistake, JP has talent but the west isn't as stacked in terms of good vtubers as yet.

All those streams and they're still at 2 views? Maybe they're the problem?

>> No.11840545

To be fair it seems like the average manager doesnt actually know anything about their audience or even about streaming
I'd believe a random anon could be a better manager than omegatranny

>> No.11840551

I don't know if you know this, but the term "2view" does not literally refer to vtubers with 2 views.

>> No.11840559

2 views yes but showed enough promise to get picked up.

>> No.11840567

No you see they were awful streamers, but the second they signed the papers from Cover they immediately became amazing streamers.

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Poor newfagchama.

>> No.11840608

That alone shows that numbers don't signify quality, if a 2view can be deemed promising enough for a Hololive hire.

>> No.11840610

>is OP just shilling his clip?
Yes, obviously

>> No.11840663

Jesus Jesus Japanesus

>> No.11840683

>August 2021
Pekora had been on top of him on the previous months kek

>> No.11840716

It's funny how transparent the SEAniggers from here are in making retarded comments on the clip.

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rumao nijiigger living in the past as usual


1) Korone (Hololive) - 71k - Birthday 3D
2) Ayame (Hololive) - 86k - 3D Concert
3) Hal (Indie) - 57k - CR lottery
4) Noel (Hololive) - 101k - Outfit Reveal
5) Fubuki (Hololive) - 72k - Birthday 3D
6) Pekora (Hololive) - 45k - Minecraft (ENxSubaru)
7) Subaru (Hololive) - 93k - 3rd Anniversary
8) Pekora (Hololive) - 26.2k - Mario Kart 8DX
9) Kuzuha (Nijisanji) - 53.4k - CR Cup Tournament
10) Luna (Hololive) - 57k - Birthday 3D
11) Pekora (Hololive) - 52k - TotsuClubhouse51
12) Subaru (Hololive) - 38k - Card Unboxing with Luna
13) Kanae (Nijisanji) - 54k - Outfit Reveal
14) Pekora (Hololive) - 36k - Minecraft
15) Naraka (Nijisanji) - 53k - 3D Debut
16) Kuzuha (Nijisanji) - 33k - Blazing Sails Niji Tournament
17) Pekora (Hololive) - 39.4k - Judge Eyes
18) Pekora (Hololive) - 39.5k - Summer craft championship
19) Suisei (Hololive) - 83.5k - Outfit Reveal
20) Subaru (Hololive) - 26.4k - Minecraft
21) Nijisanji (Nijisanji) - 63.2k - Survival Island End Stream
22) Pekora (Hololive) - 32.2k - Minecraft

>> No.11840771

You just show you don't know shit about nijisanji except what you read on vt anon.
He's not wrong that you clearly is a nijien fan and not a nijisanji fan.

>> No.11840798

>they don´t show to care about grow
it's like backstroke of the west in real time

>> No.11840824

Desu Edengumi seem to be doing well so the Niji business plan still works. Over here in the west I believe most of the EN startups also wait about 4 or so months before debuting one or two new girls. I get the point about giving the girls time to grow but VOMS (and Tsunderia somewhat) showed that stagnation is real if you don't bring in new faces. Either way, debut schedules aren't exactly one size fits all, what works for one may not work for another.

>> No.11840839

Gotta admit all this amateur numberfagging outside /#/ annoys me now that I've been enjoying advanced numberfaggotry for so long.

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Lying much?

>> No.11840929

And yet they will all lose to him, Kanae and Chihiro in total views.

>> No.11840931

don't use kiara to shitpost and stop samefagin

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Everyone is a numberfag. It's impossible not to be one. Just hoping she's earning at least a bit higher than minimum wage of salary a month by streaming that much.

>> No.11841272


it's over for vtubers

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>Start working half time to have more time to dedicate to streaming
>Boss gives you the same amount of work
>You just get paid less
How do we save Pomu?

>> No.11841444

they hate it when you call out their bullshit with facts, anon. but you should have known that this was a bait thread from the beginning.

>> No.11841467

Get her enough oil barons that she feels comfortable just quitting her job altogether.

>> No.11841638

Why are boomer bosses terminally retarded?

>> No.11841706

ITT: https://youtube.com/watch?v=3KquFZYi6L0

>> No.11841861

>get the same amount of work out of your employee while paying them less
Sounds smart to me. Shitty, but smart.

>> No.11842037

Cali was barely a streamer before joining hololive and is still like okay at best but have other talents and it's similar for nijisanji they're not obsessed with people good at live streaming in fact I'm pretty sure at least for hololive in theory streaming is not required at all and you can just upload short videos like in kizuna days.

>> No.11842075

Maybe so, but it'll make people heavily anti-buisness for getting burned like that.

>> No.11842145

holy cope

>> No.11842183

lol everyone they're hiring for niji are experienced streamers, like half of them are literally from one vtuber friend group that collabed together

niji is not doing that in en

>> No.11842208

I mean a lot SJW are also pervs that fap to turning young boys skin softer with hormones so they turn into perfect fucktoys.

>> No.11842282

this one got salty lmao, must be sad being a bootlicker

>> No.11842288

I actually wonder if it's worth it for some of them at least like lyrica used to be above 100K if she goes to 200K in a year she might make the same money she used to as an indie...

>> No.11842471

Lyrica averaged around 300 viewers and made around $20k in superchats in over a year. Meanwhile the lowest earning member of NijiEN beat that in a couple of months.

>> No.11842493

>all those kid channels that make millions just making kids chain watch hours of horseshit

Kind of insane how many neglectful parents exist in the world.

>> No.11842586

Most of the NijiEN girls were vtubers and streamers before HoloEN even debuted so if they are supposed to be grifting sjws jumping on the bandwagon what does that make the HoloEN girls coming later than them?

>> No.11842672

I thought she quit by now.

>> No.11842722

She only went part time. With the way Niji is tanking EN's numbers with their "strategy", she'll like never quit entirely at this rate.

>> No.11842739

>each wave comes in with a brand new song and MV, songs have well known composers
>youtube ads to help them grow early on
>all the commissions for models and rigging, manhours, and infrastructure hires
>Ichikara literally changes their name to Anycolor the same day as NijiEN debuts
/vt/ is retarded to think that Nijisanji had nothing riding on this venture. The only thing up for debate is whether or not it has been a success. I thought it was since the SCs are decent, numbers are better than any other foreign nijisanji branch, and the voicepacks sell well but I might be wrong.

>> No.11842761

Pomus getting more unhinged over time. Soon she's gonna be posting /here/bait on Twitter and dogwhistling pol memes during collabs

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>> No.11842796

Thanks for being the one with one semblance of thinking. NijiEN is probably the branch they are investing the most outside of JP.

>> No.11842809

This is eye opening, now I know from where the nijiniggers get all their copium straight from their chuubas mouth, holy kek.

>> No.11842816

For sure they're doing a hell of a lot better than their other branches but it looks like they had high expectations after seeing how Myth did.
At the end of the day, as long as they break from all the money they invested in their branch I don't think Anycolor is concerned and will just keep releasing new waves.

>> No.11842871

A lot of people overcompensate to not accidentally slip up. She's from the fighting game and csgo communities so she's definitely no stranger to hearing people call each other niggers every 5 seconds

>> No.11842896

I think she is just needlessly worrying to be honest. She is doing just as well as ever if not better lately. 6/7 of her last solo streams have made over $1k in donations and the viewer numbers have been somewhere between 1.5k-4k. Most of the other girls in the branch besides Selen and Elira can't even hope to get near those numbers.

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Good, lesbians must get fucked

>> No.11842919

Dunno why people think Anycolor is "flooding" the market when the number of VTubers they have barely makes up 1% of the total number of VTubers that exist.

>> No.11842929

lol she already got desperate enough to advertise on reddit again


>> No.11842964

there's coke and pepsi, no one give a shit about royal crown cola and sams club brands man

>> No.11842985

Wave 1 and 2 are successful enough by what should be realistic standards from Anycolor. Wave 3 is a flop no matter how much people try to dance around it.
The question is how much of that hinges on the group's actual quality and how much just hinges on a divided userbase. We can have a better idea of that with Wave 4 though that will obviously carry a whole new dynamic with it with males.

>> No.11843056

Now THIS is numberfagging!

>> No.11843057

Doesn't mean shit, the market is still saturated as all fuck.

>> No.11843066

I drink shasta because of the prophet Terry Davis.

>> No.11843073

>but it looks like they had high expectations after seeing how Myth did.
They're retarded if they thought they could walk into a post covid market that was dominated by Hololive and expect to just place some vtubers down and expect the thing to be like Myth. The foundation for myth was laid by JPs like FBK, Coco, and Korone; Nijisanji did no such thing. They did what they could do, use their resources and knowhow to enter a market and establish themselves.

I don't know what Nijisanji's expectations were but I don't think they were stupid enough to think they'd get a Same-chan and coast into the golden land.

>> No.11843153
File: 2.84 MB, 523x507, 1625516130524.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>He doesn't know

>> No.11843194

This, some of the girls have the privilege of living at their parents and not having to pay for shit except for their own luxuries or have enough saved up not to worry about money as much as Pomu does, she's well within her right to worry

>> No.11843273

Wave 3 is a flop now but time will tell, I mean Korone was a flop at first and Sakura Miko had sub 1k numbers for a while. If things stay the same then yeah, it was. The question is if Wave 3 can break even because it looks like they failed to expand their market. 15k in Finana's waiting room for debut before she fucked it up, 15k for Petra's debut, and 15k for Millie's debut. They have the same market interest they did 5 months ago. I blame the watchalong shows and for Selen stealing all the views and attention. Ethyria's debut buff went straight to her.

There is a balancing point where there are diminishing returns and even if an investment will break even it might be better to make investments elsewhere.

>> No.11843288

Nijisanji was stupid enough to release a Korean and Indian branch before English, so that gives you an idea of their management's collective brainpower.

>> No.11843363

I wonder why they were caught so flat footed on the EN thing. They had the resources to enter the market.

>> No.11843392

Indian simps are on a different level that one actually made sense

>> No.11843394

They still debut new ID and KR waves regularly and they makes less money and have smaller audiences than EN.

>> No.11843430

Yeah, that means Pomu is going to keep descending to menhera status as her numbers dwindle with the overlaps. Millie and Nina are big numberfags too.

>> No.11843582

The scales won't fall from my eyes until I see any sign they actually did think they'd be getting Myth and the name change wasn't a coincidence. I hate to think that some suits were giddy thinking about the new market and having a brand new company name, which is in English, to compliment the new global flavor. That's just sad. From my point of view they invested extra in this foreign branch and it has paid dividends by being the most successful to date.
Anycolor might cut it out with ads and mv/songs though. mafumafu probably isn't cheap.

>> No.11843682

The current market is not comparable to pre-holo blowing up days where suddenly someone can grab a ton of people who have never even heard of vtubers. The EN market is already there and not growing that much anymore, no one in Ethyria is going to have a nigga clip moment and suddenly blow up.

>> No.11843777

>>Boss gives you the same amount of work
>>You just get paid less
this must be a rrat, stream timestamp or i'll doxx boss

>> No.11843810

On the contrary, the EN market is growing decently now outside, and independently, of Hololive. All of the various small companies on youtube are seeing slow but steady growth, and twitch vtubers are doing very well now. It'll just be up to NijiEN to join them and start reaching out more.

>> No.11843928

It's not a rrat but I honestly don't remember which stream she said that. I hope she manages to find a new job that treats her better.

>> No.11844180

What numbers do you have to back up this growth? Vshojo and some affiliated twitch indies are doing well but outside of that no one has left any strong mark on the market. Maybe there's some very gradual sub growth but none of the small corpo vtubers show any signs of going beyond ~200 CCV. And I would agree that twitch is probably more fertile ground on the EN side but Niji is already established on Youtube and the potential of gaining new viewers cross-platform seems limited. There was no noticeable bump in subs from the early Vshojo and OTV collabs and the fact they've stopped doing them would suggest their internal numbers agree with that.
I think NijiEN's best bet at growth is the males hitting an untapped market but I'm worried starting them so late is already muting their impact.

>> No.11844244

>Slow and steady growth
Yeah, maybe they'll have 50K subs a year from now!

>> No.11844325

You guys are making mountains out of molehills. She sounds fine to me and is a good team player.

That market might not actually exist though.

>> No.11844477

who cares? not relevant

>> No.11844558

Eh, what? That's actually what they are doing in En, in JP there are several livers that didn't have any internet presence or didn't exactly stream and instead did other stuff outside it as far as I know.

>> No.11844569

It might not exist and that's the gamble they're taking, but I think it does. This board heavily associates vtubing with the Holo idol ideal and maybe it is that for the paypigs, but to the average western viewer vtubing is just streaming with anime flavor. Obviously there's a market for male streamers and the success of stuff like anitubers shows there's a market for males+anime, so all they need to do is hit that overlap.
I personally dislike anitubers and hope it doesn't too much from that fanbase, but that's not really relevant to the number portion.

>> No.11844782

Vtubing will never grow in the west while everyone relevant is just seen as another flavor of Hololive. Niji and Vshoujo seem like they're at least trying to be different with upcoming males and acting like twitch whores respectively. Now it's up to Phase, Prism, Tsunderia, Kawaii, Cyberlive and the rest to try SOMETHING to be a little different.

>> No.11844913

We found rrat who's even lower than clipfags
The clip title fags

>> No.11845114

>numberfagging matters
Even fucking Anya has more subs noombers than every single NijiEN girl

>> No.11845295

I imagine the constant privating and editing of vods due to screw ups also had some effect on that.
Funnily enough Nina actually tried to expand towards the russian market too instead of remaining EN and JP only like the others (even Reimu seemed like she wanted to leave ES to the side at the start).

>> No.11845296

Honestly after the 4th wave, they need to stop and focus on growing the girls they have.

>> No.11845341

>foreign branch
>competing with nijiID

>> No.11845414

and guys*

>> No.11845417

They aren't flops at all, what the fuck? They go from 500 to 1k depending on the stream, that's much more than a lot of nijisanji and from EN agencies.

>> No.11845461

And hololive made CN and ID branches before going to EN. What's the point?

>> No.11845467
File: 212 KB, 710x1000, 85115642_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>you just have to stuck ur nose where it dont belong
>Send her

>> No.11845494

Imo the youtube western vtuber audience is stagnating/decreasing as lockdowns aren’t a thing anymore, they should try twitch and see if they can attract a new audience there.

>> No.11845549

NijiID has lots of merchandise, are part of events, have voice packs, have their own webtoon and lots of stuff going on along a healthy community. Aside from that they have from 800 to 100 viewers. How is that bad? Are you another of those retards who believe that only above 1k is successful? ID is going for 2 years with no graduation whatsoever and somehow you people make it like they are failures.

>> No.11845572

>I think NijiEN's best bet at growth is the males hitting an untapped market but I'm worried starting them so late is already muting their impact.
Probably, feel like they could have carved a niche of their own in general over being the only ones with males if they had brought them from the start and call some more attention to themselves, but now I honestly am not sure how things will go for the boys at this point, especially with the way some girls are going when it come to interacting with their audience which may attract the wrong kind of people to them.

>> No.11845577

biggest differences corporate-wise between Nijisanji and cover ?

>> No.11845654

This is actually important but this board convinced himself that twitch was the root of all evil
It's where Streaming got popular and still the biggest place to find people into streaming. Youtube brings a much more casual audience, which is the one leaving at the moment.
Most indies end up making the move after a while because no one will ever discover them there and the overall audience isn't much in vtubers anymore.

>> No.11846053

This is what happen when you enter nijisanji with holo mindset. Nijisanji is a group of hobbyist, meaning they treat their persona as a hobby or a secondary job.
If you are a failure/broke/mentally unstable/shut-in searching for a redemption, you bet all your luck into auditioning for holo. Niji is not a place to make a instant full-time money. It's a place to make a side hustle while doing whatever streaming niche you into (spamming apex 24/7, doing chill piano, kinolesbo sex, depressive horror, etc.)

>> No.11846097

lol maybe niji should have told the people they were hiring that

>> No.11846139

Anon said nijiEN is the fastest grown foreign branch, but the only other two is KR and ID who barely get any number

>> No.11846249

Pomu has already made more than the average US wage in 4 months though.

>> No.11846327

That says more about the average US wage then anything.

>> No.11846352 [DELETED] 

I think her hormones have been fucked ever since she cut her tits off
cant really blame her

>> No.11846361

She should be somewhere in the $40-50k region. So wouldn't be surprised if it was around $80-100k a year from Nijisanji.

>> No.11846391

I think Selen would do better on Twitch with her focus on FPS games.

>> No.11846430

I'll never understand when vtubers who can't be happy with 100k+ subs when the average vtuber would be lucky enough to even hit 10k subs in a year.

>> No.11846465

>Move to Twitch
And indirectly admit defeat on YouTube? Plus they'd just get mogged over there by a bunch of whores.

>> No.11846475

She probably makes around 40k but then you have taxes and all that plus vtubing isn't all that stable yet. I really don't think it is a good idea for Pomu to leave her job completely.

>> No.11846565

I'm just saying if anyone is trying to say there is no reason to expect to make a living from Niji, she is already has been making a better living from it in a few months than most people in her country make in a year.

>> No.11846575
File: 438 KB, 749x733, 1633090491365.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.11846588
File: 61 KB, 743x582, dying inside.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's the problem. Pomu very clearly and loudly wants to leave her other job for good.

>> No.11846629

what the hell is intelligent discussion doing in this thread, are you guys lost

>> No.11846657

Is that based on her SC? Outside of YT cut, Niji 50% cut, and tax?

>> No.11846782 [DELETED] 

she and rosemi will not leave their other jobs. they're just good at money baiting. even subconsciously women always like to keep options open if possible

>> No.11846877

It's based on SC, voice packs and memberships minus yt 30% and niji 50% cut.
$110k superchat = 38.5k to pomu
1500 members (conservative estimate) * month = $2.6k to pomu monthly
$130 x 100 voice packs = $6.5k to pomu
She would have made money from the non custom voice packs too but we can't know how many of those sold besides more than 100 so leaving that out. Then there is ad revenue and sponsored streams too.

>> No.11846889

If she's not comfortable just quitting her job she should think about starting to look for a new job she hates less. There's gotta be some remote office job she could find that would make her life less painful.

>> No.11846899

Pomu said she's going to reassess her situation at the end of the year.
I think she's trying to calculate her average stream earnings and isn't counting big red sc surges.
It would be pretty neat to see some of the girls getting a house together.

>> No.11846908

There is no reason to make living from vtubing in general anon. It's too unstable of an income (especially on ENside) to solely depend on it and leave your main job. The majority of JPchuubas have their own main job. Even Mito only considered to turn vtubing into full time early this year and she is still doubtfull. That's coming from a top chuuba from the a top company who never lack sponsorship, mercs, and concerts

>> No.11846926

What's this discord raid shitflinging under the comments? Keep your shitposting here ffs

>> No.11846971

All Sanbaka members get +10k viewers pretty much on every single stream and earn much more than pomu yet they all keep their daytime jobs

>> No.11847009

I didn't know Rosemi worked an office job.
For some reason I thought she was working retail.

>> No.11847060

Well good for her. But i still think it's not wise to quit your main job and go fulltime on vtubing. I really hope she give it some serious thoughts. If she hates being OL, just quit but not untill she find another main. Economy is quite harsh these days

>> No.11847075

>136k in superchats so far
Lol, remind me how much you made in the last 6 months, faggot?

>> No.11847089

I really don't get how there's still people who believe streaming as a full time job is a good idea, doing so is extremely difficult and streaming in general is not a very reliable source of income, as a corpo it's a bit easier but still pretty risky.

>> No.11847137

That's not even an accurate number and what the fuck does that have to do with being able to support yourself off full-time streaming beyond one or two years?

>> No.11847213

The majority of mid-top holos can easily do it. Hell, they'd probably make enough to set them for life even if vtubing dies in a decade.

>> No.11847228

If I was going to do it I would probably just try and save maybe 3-6 months of decent living money in savings first to give me insulation against anything unforseen that might happen to impact the income from vtubing.

True but even if something halved her income from vtubing overnight she should still be earnig enough from vtubing alone to make enough money to live.

>> No.11847257

If chuubas get too comfortable they will become complacent and their content will decline. Look at Ame for example. You need keep add competition so they will be forced to make good content if they want to stay relevant

>> No.11847299

EN vtubing taking too much example out of hololive when they are the anomaly and not the norm.
Gaining instant popularity, receive shit ton of SC from gachi, having a cult like fanbase, while the talents are a bunch of mentally unstable NEET who go full-time on vtubing IS NOT NORMAL.

>> No.11847344

She actually did quit shortly before her surgery, but like a week or two after her return she went back to working.
I think she said she's working 3-4 days a week atm.

>> No.11847363

Anon taking a break for surgery isn't quitting.

>> No.11847377

She didn't quit, she told her boss she wanted to go part time after her surgery with the intention of eventually quitting after a while after that.

>> No.11847382

No. She actually quit her job. She made a "I quit my job" tweet

>> No.11847389

You better get used to it since the EN audience isn't showing signs of wanting anything that isn't like Hololive.

>> No.11847415

That is kind of misleading. She told her boss she intended to quit, she didn't quit as in actually leaving the job altogether on that day.

>> No.11847420

Anon you're a fucking retard.

>> No.11847551

No, you're misunderstanding. The timeline is:
Mid July - Pomu told her boss that she wanted to go part time soon and eventually quit.
Late July - Pomu has her surgery and has a 2 week medical leave from work.
Early September - Pomu goes to working 3 days a week
Now - Pomu is still working 3 days a week and seems to be hesitating on pulling the trigger to quit

>> No.11847664

Pomu fucked up something badly yesterday but she didn't say what. I'm worried for her. Shes trying to keep too many plates spinning

>> No.11847731

Wow that clip went from like 100 views when OP posted it to almost 10k now while most of his other clips don't even hit 500, I guess shilling it worked.

>> No.11847799

Yeah I don't think her current lifestyle is very sustainable but I don't see how anything is going to change anytime soon since it's understandable why she doesn't want to quit her job.

>> No.11847804

She'll probably end up saying something to walk it back a bit now all the NijiEN members and their management are going to get a clip of her casting doubt on the direction the company is taking on their timeline.

>> No.11847871

I doubt the other members will disagree with her. Management might if they don't care about individual chuuba growth and just total of Niji EN.

>> No.11847880

Sana probably will take 4 or 5 years to reach 1M subs

>> No.11847893

Probably, at least she has an easy excuse to walk it back since she was falling asleep and half-delirious at the time.

>> No.11847947

I mean she says herself its not her place to be saying it in the clip.

>> No.11847987

>Gura, Mumei, Kronii and Baelz were VTubers before joining Hololive

>> No.11848005

It's not the problem with the audience. It's the chuuba and their worldview on chuuba world. Vshoujo is also not helping much with this perspective since, similiarly to holo, they too are a bunch of mentally unstable shut-in/NEET, who blew up, and make real good amount of money.

>> No.11848010

Come again?

>> No.11848085

yesterdays stream, she had a panic attack near the end because she forgot to do something very important and said shes "in trouble" but she couldn't tell us and had to cancel todays stream

>> No.11848088

It's not really about the other members disagreeing or not. Coming out with demoaralising shit like that on stream doesn't reflect well on the vtuber themselves or the company overall and could be interpreted as actively being damaging towards the direction they are intending on growing the branch in if a well loved member is coming out and implying they disagree with it.

>> No.11848162

The clip is also in Hololive discords. This place doesn't have that many users

>> No.11848195

they must be laughing at niji en...

>> No.11848207

I only saw amecord and they're pretty obsessed with Niji in general

>> No.11848252

Poor Pomu. I wish I was rich so I could save her.

>> No.11848264

Holo talent coming out with that of shit every other month. Heck Kiara always complain about management. If Pomu got reprimanded for voicing her worries than Black Company isnt a mem any more

>> No.11848307

From her twitter it looks like it's probably related to her office job.
She seems ok about it now though. She made a tweet a couple hours about "dik dik"

>> No.11848310

This is nothing compared to a JP chuuba who went on a drunken rant that the new debut came to soon and is going to steal her viewers lol

>> No.11848320

I don't think anyone is going to reprimand her or officially confront her about it but it's an uncomfortable thing the others will have to dance around if chat or SCs mentions it for instance.

>> No.11848349

Does that website purposefully pick the most schizo results

>> No.11848364 [DELETED] 

let me get this straight
you're attacking an anon on an anonymous forum for clarifying the pay of an ewhore by using her salary which is in part given by you, who she doesnt even care about as something to brag?

do you see the situation you're in to do this? using the income of an ewhore who doesnt even care about you to attack frens on an anonymous forum. fuckin' hell man

>> No.11848365

I'm not saying she would be reprimanded. But if you make a little off hand comment at the end of an 8hr endurance stream when tired and cranky about being a little worried about a future waves expecting nobody to really make much of it and it not to go much beyond the 1k people watching and then it blows up into some popular clip. You might want to clarify a bit and restate your position such that you don't look so negative.

>> No.11848397

If you are talking about Emma August and Naraka then she publicly apologised for that.

>> No.11848400

Clipnigger hate

>> No.11848405

I noticed that the NIjiEN general got pretty peaceful yesterday in comparison to earlier posts while she was streaming Outer Wilds lol

>> No.11848415 [DELETED] 

one thing pomu does well is "if you give me more money, I may quit my other job, until you dont, I will keep it, this is a reminder that you need to do better"
it gets old after a while

>> No.11848461

Fair enough. That clipnigger deserve the rope

>> No.11848487

Probably, I think Elira mentioned being worried over her views decreasing when Obsy was coming, and it's likely that the thought remained and that other members share it.

>> No.11848503

>they're pretty obsessed with Niji in general
Why? I can't think of anything more benign than NijiEN.

>> No.11848508
File: 75 KB, 669x623, sorryforreddit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it's not a meme, Ame is actively funneling fans into NijiEN for some reason

>> No.11848510

>Wannabe Holo lets it slip that she doesn't like Niji's business model
Lmao, the new wave really did signal the end of NijiEN didn't it? The cracks are starting to show and the girls are starting to get egos to boot. Imagine being insecure while you're easily near the top of the EN vtubing world compared to a lot of others?

>> No.11848527

lol no she doesn't

>> No.11848533

I'll admit it has been a while since I watched Pomu, did she always have that accent?

>> No.11848535

Amecord used to openly post screenshots of themselves in NijiEN general.

>> No.11848578

Funny how one of nijiEN wave 3 is hololive leecher and talking a lots about hololive on her stream but rarely talking about nijisanji lol. They management really fucked up

>> No.11848581

She was tired after getting 3hrs of sleep, then working 8 hours, then streaming Mario 64 for 8 hours (3am in the clip)

>> No.11848615 [DELETED] 

above pic - SOVL
below - SOUL-LESS
what the fuck happened to ame?

>> No.11848659

How many concurrent viewers did Elira have?

>> No.11848674 [DELETED] 

I believe you, pomu

>> No.11848696

Wasn't she supposed to quit her job around the time of her surgery?

>> No.11848733

I can almost buy this schizo narrative. Elira stopped playing just minutes after Ame finished the credits and ended her stream. Although she stayed to chat with her fans for another 45 minutes after the game.

>> No.11848736

You have forgot about taxes

SC -> $110k
After YT's 30% cut -> $77k

This money goes to Nijisanji as revenue so they have to pay taxes which is at least another 30%

$77k - 30% = $53.9k

With this money they have to cover the cost of running a business: managers, staff, lawyer, rent, licenses, royalties, projects like the "anime", the streamer and of course a profit.
After all this she isn't getting more than 25% of $53.9k (they have other sources of revenue)

>> No.11848765

>Hajime complains the 2021 JPs blew up too fast
>whines about his slow growth
>doesn't apologize
He's based.

>> No.11848799

Dumbest post in this thread

>> No.11848816

People usually take into account taxes when talking about salary.

>> No.11848825

Thats exactly how it works. Though part of it is on the part timer who feels like they have to do all the work out of a sense of obligation. When the fact is they dont. They could do a shittier job and get away with it cause part time. If you go part time you have to act like a part timer and be willing to get fired or even try to get fired. But the person who went from full to part wont risk it cause they still need the job/benifits

>> No.11848826

She told her boss she was going part-time after her surgery so that she could train her replacement, then quit after. However, her boss never hired a replacement, and instead other people left her work, so she's still having to do her work but in a shorter amount of time (24 instead of 40).
Really, she should give up on her boss finding a replacement, and just quit and get a part-time job somewhere less stressful.

>> No.11848837

That isn't how this works. 30% goes to yt, then the rest gets split 50/50 between company and streamer, the company will be paying their expenses and taxes from their 50%, the streamer will need to pay income tax etc from theirs.

>> No.11848860

Is it me, or does she sound extremely different from when she debut? She sounds more like Elirya. Even her mannerisms sounds different wtf.

>> No.11848893

Depends on how the contract is structured, especially since its a JP company. Plus she has to pay her own health insurance now

>> No.11848907

it's mostly his dedicated schizo antis taking things out of context or outright lying. He's literally Niji Kiara

>> No.11848922

3hrs of sleep, then working 8hrs at irl job, then streaming Mario 64 for 8hrs (until 3am). She was exhausted during this clip.

>> No.11848932

Anykara just dont care about their talent. If they incline, they'll capitalize the shit out of it. If they decline, welp tough luck, they'll just added a new wave or two.

>> No.11848951

I thought she quit her office job? Or did she have to go back because vtubing wasn't brining in enough?

>> No.11848954

There are members of Nijisanji on record backing that up and the company themselves when it comes to voice packs have said the streamer receives 50% of what remains after platform costs as their revenue.

>> No.11848972

This has been answered 5 times in this thread already.

>> No.11849006 [DELETED] 

yup, even when she was really sleepy during her MC streams, she didnt sound like this.
I think she was high, either from alcohol/beer or some kind of medication because the slurring happens right at the end of her sentences, which she tries to cover up. that's where the different accent comes in.

I've gotten so used to pomu's accent this might be the worst I've heard her imo.

>> No.11849031

I thought Pomu quit her job to become a full time streamer?

>> No.11849063

pomu died a while ago after a failed surgery, anon... i think you need to take your meds

>> No.11849106

over 250 comments already
this is the mildest rant ever like you can't even categorize this as complaint lol what the heck

>> No.11849145

Holofags take any excuse to rile up Nijifags and the Nijifags bite the bait hard

>> No.11849157

People instantly called out the rapid wave releases and the declining viewership from their overlaps when Niji released EN 3 so fast. One of their chuubas admitting similar feelings gives tons of fuel to those rrats.

>> No.11849196


>> No.11849274 [DELETED] 

listen, we predicted takamori dying. anything you say is useless since we already have a better track record than you

>> No.11849316

the real mogging will start when they debut males that can actually play video games

>> No.11849321

I thought so too. Isn't Rosemi like 19/20? It's not common to have an office job at that age. Did Rosemi go to college?

>> No.11849336 [DELETED] 

I really think wave 1 and wave 2 were perfect.
it was a perfect harmony. good timings, chemistry. both had time to breathe and get better. people got to know them better. wave 3 released, BOOM. a nuke went off. people checked out of nijiEN completely when wave 3 came

>> No.11849397

I don't see how that would hurt the girls when none of them besides Selen and maybe Finana can really play games in the first place. People who want to see good gameplay aren't watching Pomu in the first place, it's 2 different audiences.

>> No.11849465

>NijiEN is a flop
>Vshoujo reached its ceiling
>Most of the EN startups will probably be dead by next year or just become 2 view central
There's goes any hope of Holo getting competition that could push them to improve their product. The EN scene is doomed.

>> No.11849498

>Vshoujo reached its ceiling
At least wait until VShojo releases their new girls. They're not crashing their brand like Niji is.

>> No.11849530

People usually don't even know how spreadsheets of a business looks like
Both the company and the employee have pay taxes

50/50 split
Revenue -> $77k

AnyColor gets $38.5k
After paying $23.1k (30% of 77k) in taxes they are left with $15.4k for 6 months since Pomu's debut
Do you really believe that a 50/50 split is possible?

>> No.11849560

Being on Twitch is already a debuff, add on that the new girls likely won't reach the level of Mousey and Nyanners.

>> No.11849579

>Being on Twitch is already a debuff
This is your brain on /vt/

>> No.11849589

>Being on Twitch is already a debuff
God this board is retarded.

>> No.11849599

it's just funny seeing newfags confused at how Anycolor treats foreign branches. Like "omg ghost is getting 600 views this is a flop"whereas there's 20 active KR members with 10k subs getting 100-200 viewers each and they consider them successful enough to even add more(yeah there's another KR wave coming).

>> No.11849632

Waves one and two both came from the same batch of recruits and most of them went far into Hololive's audition process so it's expected that they have talent in them. The latest wave were taken exclusively through Nijisanji's scouting so it's not really a surprise they flopped hard.

>> No.11849636

They take the 50% pre-YT cut so Pomu actually gets 20% of the 110k (pre-tax)

>> No.11849644

>T-Twitch is better I swear!
For 3D streamers, in Vtubing the big boys play on YouTube.

>> No.11849671

By big boys you mean hololive right?

>> No.11849683

>most of them went far into Hololive's audition process
[citation needed]

>> No.11849689

Anon, companies deduct salaries/bonuses entirely and don't have to pay taxes on them in literally any first world country.
Jesus Christ your proposed model of taxation would basically murder 80% of all companies

>> No.11849700

The Vshojo girls regularly get better views than 90% of Holomems

>> No.11849705

You are unbelievably retarded.

>> No.11849730

Then you get Bora who's comparable to Selen and wonder what happened.
To Niji they literally do not care as long as they gain profit from throwing out new waves.
NijiEN can be still considered a flop considering the money went into ads and original songs which the other foreign branches don't have

>> No.11849734

the latest wave is actually mostly made up of friends of the already existing niji en chubbas
millie and enna are elira's friends
reimu is petra's friend

>> No.11849735

>Hololive's audition process so it's expected that they have talent in them
lol yeah the audition that put fucking Finana in the final rounds.
I hate it how this board thinks more numbers=more talent

>> No.11849756

I never checked out from NijiEN, I'm just way less interested in everyone and I don't really like Ethyria in any way shape or form. The threads aren't great nowadays either. 6 were fine, 10 with 4 of them being pretty bad isn't.
No one asked holonigger, go back to your menheras larping as idols.

>> No.11849790
File: 56 KB, 768x768, 1612333106405.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I actually only watch Holo and Niji so I am admittedly curious about the state of the EN vtubing field in terms of quality outside of those companies. Which thread can I ask to get an answer on this?

>> No.11849811

Sure because Cover will definitely get some talentless random hobo from the street to be their oh-so important chubba when holding auditions
50% maybe. 95% if you include the deadweights from JP.
Quality is very subjective, I suggest you give up.

>> No.11849877

Eh, doubt it, not sure how much of the girls audience would actually go out of their way to watch males even if they mogged the girls in various areas, they have a good part of their audiences grabbed by the balls and seem like they will be going harder on that in the coming times.

>> No.11849923

Yeah I do because it has been confirmed that is how it works by the members and the company.

>> No.11849948

Yeah, it's pretty hilarious and the designs for that new wave look really good too.
>Then you get Bora who's comparable to Selen and wonder what happened.
Apex unironically.

>> No.11849957

50% is a very average JP company cut.

>> No.11849973

My uncle works for the Japanese IRS and he says vtubers are taxed on their taxes so actually Pomu only gets 5% of her SCs.

>> No.11850005

Then she's fucking retarded for quitting her job

>> No.11850045

Holy shit I knew this board took every obviously retarded post at face value but I didn't realize it was this bad.

>> No.11850079

Youtube takes their cut before Anycolor touches the money. Usually that is split in half with the talent. For merch it is a 50/50 this after every middleman's wheel is greased.

The only fucked up thing would be if Anycolor took all the money and then paid Pomu since she'd have to pay Japanese and American taxes on it since it is technically income earned abroad.

>> No.11850101

Funny how Nina is the only one from that wave that didn't have previous connections to the others is also the most hated here and the one that, from what I have seen and heard, has been more open about being into boys and looking forward to wave 4 (also having one of the fastest growths of her wave).
And ironically the one that seems the most interested in expanding her audience via streams in other languajes outside english and japanese

>> No.11850139

They absolutely do that. If you ever donate the receipt says ichikara

>> No.11850151

>expanding her audience
Surely you mean collecting money from different countries.

>> No.11850183

They do. Deron has a video where she explains how it works (without Company percentages)
All the money earned goes to Nijisanji and then they give you a check.

>> No.11850204

Anon tax agreements between countries exist precisely to avoid double taxation

>> No.11850207

Being open about being into boys and looking forward to wave 4 is hardly anything new though. Elira has been doing that since day 1 and has been one of the most popular members consistently everywhere but here.

>> No.11850219

That's extremely fucked then. I'm not sure about Canada but if they're bugers the do get taxed twice.

I'm sure Cover does the same thing most likely.

>> No.11850223

Please please learn some basic accounting.

>> No.11850232

Pomu should move to south american, she would be rich here with that kind of money

>> No.11850314

On the bright side since they make so little tax isn't very high

>> No.11850344
File: 973 KB, 850x850, 1632383493802.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm not going to read what this /vt/ sisters thread is about and I'm going to bitch about the lack of koonago Pomu art out there.

>> No.11850374

There's been plenty of actual discussion in here, I'm sorry you're a drooling retard.

>> No.11850422

>Thread of EOPinions from 2020+
don't care didn't read lol

>> No.11850460

I know you don't read, you're the cancer who thinks the board should only be for live reactions to streams. Why don't you go back to the general so you can make some POMU LOVE posts and spam some images?

>> No.11850474

No it's a lot more fucked that no one has even acknowledged the lack of koonago Pomu art out there despite her being capable of making herself fairy sized thank yet another fucking numbers thread, number guy.

>> No.11850493

chatroom posting is for newfags like you, sorry.

>> No.11850530

That too.
Err, wrong reply? Dunno what that has to do with my post...
Yeah, I was mostly joking with that specific part.

>> No.11850531

>no u
Please go back to the general.

>> No.11850533

Anycolor gets the money. Anycolor has to pay taxes on it. Anycolor cuts Pomu a check. Pomu has to pay Japanese social security. Pomu then has to pay American income tax.

>> No.11850619

2020fags like you don't matter, I'm sorry anon

>> No.11850766

Which one of you shared that shit on hololive discords? How the fuck that shit has 10k already? When I saw it a few hours ago it had only 900.

>> No.11850809

NijiEN can only be considered a flop when anycolor stop investing on them. They are much above any other EN agency outside of holoen

>> No.11850813

I don't know but it pisses me off. I hate discord fags so much it hurts. I'm a dyed in the wool holofag and I'd take 1000 nijifags before one discord faggot.

>> No.11850905

It's ok, I was nijien fan before but the wave 3 is really a disappoinment that made me became nijien anti, stop hiring similar girls from the same fucking clique, I need a fucking new and fresh personality and contents.

>> No.11850988

But they invested much more money in nijiEN compared to other branches, new song every wave and ads aren't cheap

>> No.11850998

you are retarded, sorry anon

>> No.11851038

I know, and NijiEN still is getting more subs, superchats and so on than other branches. There's no reason to believe that Anycolor believes NijiEN is a flop. Their expectation don't seem to be extremely high but decent.

>> No.11851085

I still think they were expecting more since they changed their name the same day Lazu Light debuted.

>> No.11851138

Enjoy your fucking flopped wave and the girls's depression because of their number

>> No.11851285

We will see if they will happily release new audition for new wave after wave 4's debut, if they stop doing it then the situation doesn't sound good

>> No.11851298

Vshojo takes a big fat dump on niji en

>> No.11851803

I'm worried about a future where they don't give a shit and keep releasing waves until they're getting KR numbers and people start leaving because they can get better numbers as an indie in the EN scene, but anycolor probably isn't that stupid, right?

>> No.11851811

Ok holobrony, go back to hololive.

If they do or don't do you guys still will shit on them, right? In any case, all branches stopped to have auditions for some time and then came back. If ID and KR can have it, EN are in a much better situation. I honestly can't see why you would think this.

>> No.11851873

Do you think Pomu cries herself to sleep every night after being rejected from Hololive?

>> No.11851877

You can be worried all you want, but that was obvious from the get go. If they had a en branch, it wouldn't be any different than the others. You guys wanted a EN branch, this is the EN branch. The same as any of their others.

And I doubt they'll ever reach KR numbers. The EN market alone will make them not reach it.

>> No.11852385
File: 106 KB, 859x209, 1624170234052.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

VT take your meds NOW.

>> No.11852449

Nigger, it has worked like that since before the industrial revolution. In the end it doesn't matter since another retard will come and replace whatever loss you have.

>> No.11852698

No, too busy dreaming about idolrus and maidos.

>> No.11853035
File: 12 KB, 421x89, kek niji en bottom feeders.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you forgot to scroll down? lol

>> No.11853042

>Pomu opens up and vents her worries to chat
>some fucking clipfaggot takes their chance to scrounge some views from the drama

No wonder Pomu is nervous about speaking her mind. She's already in a not great place mentally and these snakes just use that to take advantage of her. Fucking clipfaggots.

>> No.11853170

This is what pisses me off, fuck clippers.

>> No.11853507

is NijiEN the worst of both worlds? all the bs and lack of support that comes with a japanese company with none of the benefits

>> No.11853541

pretty much
they are somehow even more restrictive than cover for holo en
they have a "singing wave" but none of them are allowed to sing english songs unarchived

>> No.11853909

Holobronies desperate to make their management look decent. Stick to using the numbers

>> No.11853961

Wow, Espanol Reimu getting 500 for a debuff game in her first week. That's great, Finana able to stream comfy Genshin without a cancerous chat, that sure sounds nice. Pop your meds Anon.

>> No.11854340

holy mother of nijicope

>> No.11854481

You think I care? The state of Holofags, always so concerned over big nothings. You have an anxiety disorder or something?

>> No.11854727

>You have an anxiety disorder or something?
>"take your meds" become a common post only after Holofags invaded
it makes a lot of sense

>> No.11855378

>If ID and KR can have it, EN are in a much better situation
Because they are paying penut for KR and ID branches compared to nijiEN duh, it's the only branch had debut song and ads for their debut, the investment in nijiEN is much much higher so they will expect much more result

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