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What are your expectations for the full HoloEN collab?

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She will intellectually dominate everyone at every single round.

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gura snaps at ame for being a bitch and chumbuds attack her like minecraft dogs

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don't know gura's that based

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One and a half hours delay

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Sounds based. Ame could use a break.

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It'll be delayed like an hour for tech issues, Kiara won't have a good time since it's like 3 am for her, Gura will constantly die, Calli will constantly apologize for being awful at games, Ame will be Ame, and Ina will be Ina.

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Not watching since large group collabs tend to be terrible.

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Gura will snap and doxx all of HoloEN on stream

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You forgot the other six members.

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Myth will forget to invite them

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that's what happened to Iofi

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Tech delay issues are a given. Kronii will try to kill Fauna and completely screw it up by doing it when others show up. Mumei will be galaxybrain solver. Kronii will sound like she'd rather be dead (as usual), hopefully Sana has fun at least. Myth wise, Gura is going to go on a rampage and Mori will suffer as usual.

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They'll make it ten minutes before one of them breaks down and a domino effect of lust begins.
Kiara will start groping Mori, which will trigger jealousy in gura who has been lusting for your boy's fat fucking tits, resulting in mori getting kiara attacking her cunt while gura sits on her face.
Ame and ina will quickly start schlicking at the sight before jumping on eachother.
Eventually this degrades into a full-on orgy.
The entire time however, this event has been broadcasted as "3D twister"

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>delayed by 45 minutes
>Ame and Gura will always be on opposing team
>Fauna and Gura imposter round
>Mori forgets to mute mic and blasts a nasty ass cannon
>Kiara keeps complaining she doesn't have highest viewers since she set it up
>Ina, Sana and Mumei all just act like they are happy to be included.
>Kronii can't banter and kills the mood for 5 minutes everytime she opens her mouth
These are my expectations and I'm sure at least 3 of them are accurate.

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Tech issues will delay it by an hour. Lex will dominate

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Kronii is going to be salty as shit

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Council members lecture Ame on BIPOC LGBTQ+ rights

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Bae will pull a Shien and kill someone in front of everyone. Nobody will trust her for the rest of the stream.

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Kiara and Mori have pretend hey like each other

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add this to the collage

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only this rrat seems likely if it isn’t already

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> Kronii awkwardly says nothing.
> Mumei awkwardly says nothing, but will have fifteen minutes in the spotlight
> Watson will be late. Tummy hort. Understand.
> Kiara will be a spaz. Nothing unusual there.
> Calli will make me regret being a deadbeat.
> Sana won't come. Sana never streams again. RIP Australian. You were cool while you lasted.
> Ina will be late trying to get Sana to come.
> Baelz will actually have some banter with the girls midway through the stream that will make it more pleasing to watch, but I'll have already clicked off by then.
> Or I would have if it weren't for IRyS. IRyS, like always, will make me wonder why I'm not part of her fanbase.
> If I missed any EN member, it's because they don't matter.

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Oh no teamates, it's the end

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This but with Kronii and Mumei

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gura matters

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>Gura would get an imposter round after complaining all stream and screw it up by being a dumb attention whore
>Kiara would start flirting with anyone and everyone in front of mori but she doesn't care
>Mori would suffer all stream not getting imposter once and being the first to die every round
>Ina just doing cute Ina things
>Ame rage quits midstream and comes back later to apologize. Teammates would defend her
>Kronii would have the imposter bug and awkwardly stress out walking around talking to herself all stream while killing no one.
>Fauna leeching from Gura all stream following her every move
>Sanner would be half there half not holding up the vote every round with 60 seconds of awkward silence
>Bae would be annoyingly loud making everyone actively avoid her even imposters
>Mumei would wrongfully accuse everyone that is not an imposter getting them tossed. Everyone would believe her every round despite being wrong all the time.
>IRyS would be the only saving grace this whole collab with her chad charisma and banter all stream.

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Holy shit, the rrats confirmed.

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>Gura has a bad time again and decides midstream to leave under the guise of technical errors
>Ina somehow sets Kiara off by making a comment about streaming sparks
>Mori starts drinking mid game because she is bored.
>Kiara breaks down mid stream because everyone is just yelling at each other at some point.
>Amelia says she would rather shoutcast, which triggers Kiara
>Kronii gets imposter once and doesn't kill anyone, just to be meta
>Fauna gets imposter with Kronii and solo wins the round.
>Sana ends up not showing up
>Bae breaks keyfabe and starts a yelling match with Gura
>Mumei somehow almost always ends up as imposter, except for a round or two.
>IRyS just likes being included.

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She said her laugh won't be heard and then she went for the kill like that, do you think it was planned from the start?

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A complete disaster, someone will make an unrelated offhand comment that Sana interprets being aimed at her making her leave halfway through and lastly someone will say a massive YAB - Probably Kiara because the collab starts at 3am her time.

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Ultra scuff and since Kiara went full memememe I organized this, she will be blamed for it so a must watch for both drama niggers and chuuba enjoyers.

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That's way too many western women in one VC.

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western > eastern

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In terms of taking the BBC Of course.

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Garbage ass time for Europeans Sadge

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The EN curse, the great yabe and the menhera mental breakdown. This have great drama potentials

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This is the stream where one of them fires off a "nigger". I'm betting on Ame, Irys, or Calli.

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Always will be:
>Bae, Irys, Mori and Sana are roughly within the same time zone give or take 1-2 hours and it will be early morning for them
>Ame, Fauna, Gura, Ina, Kronii and Mumei are about 15-18 hours behind those four and will be playing Saturday evening
>Kiara is stuck in the middle being 6-9 hours ahead of NA and 6-9 hours behind Australia and Japan
So EU friendly times are pretty much impossible when everybody is involved.

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Mr. YAGOO, I see you know about the Chaos Emeralds...

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it'll be scuffed as is tradition

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>it'll be scuffed as is tradition

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Seeing this picture, all I hear in my head is Kiara's annoying voice ruining yet another beautiful moment.

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Kiara ruins it

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chill moments with your oshi periodically interrupted by 11 people talking over eachother

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