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Lazulight and Obsydia were pretty much perfect; all of the talent and polish of HoloEN with none of the crippling autism that killed the early Myth collabs. Unity was a widely agreed notion no matter who your oshi was.

But Ethyria? Seems like it's done nothing but cause needless trouble. Even besides Nina, there's just nonstop bitching about "muh numbers", and "muh ESL", and complaints about how Selen keeps killing their views whenever she streams anything. The general is basically unusable at this point, and I doubt it's gonna get better with Wave 4.

And now that I think about it, isn't it kinda weird how disconnected NijiEN feels from the JPs? Remember all those HoloJP collabs that Ame and Ina had? Remember Kiara's Holotalk? I remember during the Blazing Sails collab, Selen was losing her shit after killing Kazuha, while from Kazuha's POV, he didn't even know who the fuck she was. Does he even know they have an EN branch yet? HoloJPs at least have the courtesy to know who the people they're collabing with are before they start streaming.

How do we save them? How do we bring the comfy threads back?

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Nobody cares. Get a life

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Gen 4 is already confirmed? Goddamn
I pray for you nijibros, you are fucked at this rate

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Get them to graduate and audition to Hololive instead.

Not Nina though. You can have her.

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Hololive rejects? Hololive rejects roruroru

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>Got Nina to graduate and audition to Hololive instead

>We can keep the rest of em

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Wave 4 EN is not confirmed. I would've fucking lost it if management had seen the numbers Wave 3 was getting and decided releasing another wave was a good idea.

> Nina, there's just nonstop bitching about "muh numbers", and "muh ESL", and complaints about how Selen keeps killing their views whenever she streams anything.

To be fair, we all knew Nina was a menhera as soon as she was revealed. She also "doxxed" Kiryu Coco at some point, apparently. It is an open secret who her roommate was, but a secret nonetheless. I can overlook her lack of entertainment value by way of ignoring her, but she really might end up sinking the ship. Maybe when she finds out Selen is mogging her because Selen is actually an entertaining person, she'll take that as a queue to develop a streaming persona that goes beyond "mommy", "honey", and "my children".

> isn't it kinda weird how disconnected NijiEN feels from the JPs?

I don't agree with you here, though. It doesn't feel weird to me. As an EOP, I very, very much like that the EN branch doesn't interact or mention much of the JP branch, and the other way around. Means they're not going to waste time on streams where they can barely communicate with each other, unlike HL, and I prefer that.

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Kuzuha doesn’t even know livers in the JP branch. It’s normal for him

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Wave 4 is the male wave and it's already confirmed and should debut in a month or so.

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I doubt anyone in Nijisanji can name every other member. Maybe the really diligent ones can name 2/3rds.

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Pomu talked about gen4 on her recent stream, either she is talking about the all male branch or the actual gen4

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You outing yourself as shitposter by writing his name wrong

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timeloops are real huh? this fucking place have the same threads every fucking day, don't you guys get tired of talking about the same shit over and over?

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Why is Nijisanji like this?

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>Wave 4 EN is not confirmed

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Disconnected? They're about as connected as a foreign branch can be with JP. Elira was in after party with a bunch of JPs, Rosemi has talked about collabing with Ange Selen has crossed the language barrier with Apex. The hell more do you want? JP annexes EN and declares mandatory weekly collabs with JP?

Finally, with Nijisanji expanding general chaos is to be expected. All the bullshit will get swept into anti threads.

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Millie and Enna are the only good ones out of gen 3

They deserve better genmates

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OP Genshin guy
The NijiJP number guy

Now you know OP

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>don't you guys get tired of talking about the same shit over and over?
Half the threads are posted by /qa/ and discord teenagers who just throw whatever bait they can at the wall to see what sticks, anons are dumb enough to reply, jannies will leave threads like these up until they get filled with political arguments or doxxing but will delete stuff like the seinfield thread or the 5ch refugee thread because they want this place to be a certain level of shit.

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Man, this OP reeks of holobrony. Why the fuck you all don't die and get the fuck out of nijisanji already? You can't even speel Kuzuha's name you fucking retard, kill yourself.

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There's no such thing as male branch you retarded holobrony. There's no separation in nijisanji. "gen 4" would be just males.

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Elira nepotism hired backfired unlike Ina's.

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You need to get off your high horse and realize that bragging about getting 13 vtubers in 5 months is not a good thing for anyone involved

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Sorry, I like the autism. Why watch normalfags?

>> No.11865586

No one was bragging about anything you imbecile, I was just correcting the retard who think this is holostars.

And if you think 13 vtubers in 5 months, which isn't the case since it's 10, is bad, then you might be surprised when you see that in 2018 nijisanji had 8 with its first wave, 10 with second wave, 9 with gamers and 32 with Seeds. But I'm sure you did even this bare minimum of research, holobrony.

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>she really might end up sinking the ship
this is what i think is happening so far. I was watching the ark collab and it became so much more fun once she logged out.
I'm sure she has some form of appeal when she's streaming alone, but when she's together with the rest of ethyria, she just brings everyone down. Plus that whole mommy gimmick isn't just annoying, it's obvious that the other girls don't enjoy it either, it puts them in a position where they constantly have to keep calling her mommy because she always refers to them as her children.
Then again all vtubers slowly change after they debut, so i am interested in seeing what she'll be like 3 months from now

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I can see that since none of them are relevant today and 1 of them is even suicidal
Do yourself a favor and stop supporting this shitty practice

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if i had to take a guess, it was probably the lack of spurs that jingle-jangle-jingle

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i don't give a shit, as long as i have selen i will be happy

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i'm excited for male en streamers. niji is pretty good at scouting talent, i don't speak nihongo so holostars isn't an option, and every single 2view male vtuber i've seen so far sucked ass

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That sounds like you don't know anything you're talking about when you say that Kanae, Kuzuha, Mito, Hima, Sasaki, Rion, Chaika and many others aren't relevant. Good job outing yourself as a retard who don't know anything you're talking about, absolutely holofag moron.

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>niji is good at scouting talent
NijiJP is good at scouting talent

>> No.11865764

I would say more than that desu, maybe in december or January.

>> No.11865778

> Moira, Hajime, Raito, Mugi, Aki, Meiro

>> No.11865944

Its been 10 days anon you think she will last 3 months?

>> No.11865997

Let's tl;dr your post OP
>Ethyria is a gen of failures
>I hate numberfags, btw did you know Ethyria numbers are low?
>Hololive good, nijiniggers bad
I admire your dedication to make a wordy post to get (You)s with the daily bait topics, so here's mine

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This, what people won't yet acknowledge is that Nijisanji isn't a 'free ride.' Any Nijis that've distinguished themselves have done so through hard work and talent. Nijisanji is a platform that provides talent support, not free publicity.

>> No.11866042

>Nijisanji is a platform that provides talent support, not free publicity.
that's a roundabout way of saying it's not a popular platform LOL

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The only ship Nina is sinking is her own
Millie and Enna are well set just by being nepotism hires
and Reimu is.... she exists I guess

>> No.11866121

niji still gets them more views than they would streaming for a handful of people on twitch
and even if they don't distinguish themselves, doesn't mean they'll graduate. They'll continue ruining collabs and being annoying

>> No.11866151

Elira - Good
Finana - Good if you're degenerate
Pomu - Good
Selen - Good
Rosemi - Probably the best and puts in the most effort
Millie- Good
Enna - Good

>> No.11866207

desu reimu isn't that bad, she has potential, she just hasn't had the breakthrough where she realizes what works best for her yet

>> No.11866215

Again, that's failing to see the full picture. Nijisanji is a popular platform, with many talents. The audience gets a choice in who they support. Creativity and hard work are better rewarded in Nijisanji than in comparison to being an indie creators.
That thought is a misrepresentation, and fails to see why 'cliques' develop. This also allows us to see why many waves helps Nijisanji's talents. V was released in wave X though doesn't get along with any other members. So X's members interact with Y and Z. V is alone though keeps their audience.

X's members get others that they interact with to further themselves while V still enjoys working Nijisanji should they be able to distinguish themselves.

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>NijiEN Gen 4
>all males
It's like they hate money.

>> No.11866357

Ethyria minus Nina is basically Lazulight levels of unity. Just watch the end of their ARK collab today, Nina dipped out 15 minutes early and as soon as she was gone everyone started bantering like old friends.

>> No.11866412

Yeah, it made me watch nijiEN less now because nijiEN seems like a clique now, it doesn't have the feel of unity anymore

>> No.11866418

Selen puts in a ton of effort, it's just behind the scenes. It is going to burn the fuck out of her as well. Pestering for permissions and soulless Apex grind off stream. Apparently Finana helps a bunch with tech issues as well. She may not be be big on knowing the other branches but she seems to lurk a ton in the EN branch by just looking at this week.

>> No.11866476

>mommy leaves
>start talking about boobs and butts
bonus points for realism i guess kek

>> No.11867402

Calm the fuck down. Don’t get so worked up over 4chan users. Kek

>> No.11867456

>audition for hololive
Kek why do you think they are on niji now anon?

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Same shit everyday. It's all so tiresome.

>> No.11868990

You'd think the same strategy will work in EN tho anon? NijiID has to depend on soft power since holoID overblown their 7 month advantage in just 3 months. Let alone EN when everything they know is holo,holo and more holo

>> No.11869184

>I remember during the Blazing Sails collab, Selen was losing her shit after killing Kazuha, while from Kazuha's POV, he didn't even know who the fuck she was.

That's what made it funny though.
Selen: haha I took revenge on Kuzuha!
Kuzuha: who?

>> No.11869217

>How do we bring the comfy threads back?
You cannot. Holofags are still butthurt at their new gen being garbage and will keep shitposting for revenge. It has little relation to the chuubas. Everytime Ame fucks something up NijiEN threads turn to shit

>> No.11869225

Wait, that dude (how draw the OP) draw obsydia to!? That nice

>> No.11869330

>He thinks its actual stream watchers and not the shitposters that shit on everyone ruining things.

>> No.11869355

Don't shittalk aki-kun nigger

>> No.11869428

If you see NijiEN thread you will notice shitposting rapidly declines whenever Ame is streaming it's so obvious. Teammates are tsundere for niji

>> No.11869500

Fucking teammates...

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Kys, you dont even watch nijis both jp and en to know what you're talking about, crawl back to your peko hole hol*fag

And heres your pity (you), now go tie a noose

>> No.11871090

Nina happened. All I want was to listen to my filipina witch but that hag who constantly abuses Hi Honey like a filthy Karen (with the politics of a karen to boot) spoiled their entire gen.

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File: 674 KB, 1298x1346, Chris=Kris[sound=files.catbox.moe%2Fuazdz8.mp3].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, males will bring the big bucks from the fujos and yumejos. Expect SC numbers for the girls to tank though

>> No.11874142

>Lazulight and Obsydia were pretty much perfect
fucking kek, the fartfish and ccp penguin suck hard though

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>the actual gen4

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I heard you talking shit about how I run this business, Ms. Pomu Rainpuff and I will have to remind you this again for the hundredth time: you're just a filthy employee and I'm the fucking CEO. Unless you bring Kuzuha tier numbers you don't have the luxury to complain. If it means turning you into a 2view to be able to achieve NIJISANJIFICATION dot tee em that is a sacrifice I'm willing to make. Now go back to your cage whie I'm working on the groundworks for Wave 12

>> No.11879078

Nothing went wrong, stop being a number fag and enjoy vtubers for what they bring to you, don't lower yourself to retard level just because irrelevant people on an irrelevant board know how to type on a keyboard. Nobody needs saving.
Get bent, fish is fun and penguin could literally commit mass genocide and still be adorable.

>> No.11879080

I am watching Wosemi-sama and having a blast, tho. Pomu seems the only one that is, understandibly, inconvinienced.

>> No.11879169

If they stopped shitting out new gens every 2 weeks they wouldn't have this problem

>> No.11879354

>Niji is pretty good at scouting talent
Are they? Look at Nijis top stars. They are all from the first couple waves. Nijisanji can not create new stars. Hololive has Gura, Botan, Kronii, Kanata, Nene, Lamy, Ina, Ollie, etc. All legit stars that are from Hololive's more recent gens. Nijisanji's inability to scout talent and build legit stars out of their newer waves has left fans just ignoring them and going right back to the old guard. Look at their most recent JP wave. They came out of the gate on fire with huge viewership but they cratered out fast. It shows that Nijisanji fans are desperate for new stars but Niji just can't do it as we saw from how fast the new JP wave bottomed out.

>> No.11879395

>shit talk Moira, Aki, Mugi
Damn, nijien really bring EOP cancer to the fanbase huh?

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i doubt that will really lead to an improvement, the scouting is kind of ass in general for Nijisanji now

>> No.11880397

Who is this "nina" that everyone keeps talking about. Care to pill me in? Just throw all the pills, I'll figure it out.

>> No.11880502

It's Nijisanji. They shit out new waves all the time. Nijisanji is quantity over quality.

>> No.11881823

I'm quite aware that Millie and Enna are really old friends but did either of them know Reimu well?

>> No.11882156

?????? Ngo, Leos, Meifu, Kaida, Elira, Pomu, Selen. Also imagine using "recent gen" when Kanata was literally 2019, you might as well toss in all of Night Kingdom for Niji and Mashiro too.

>> No.11882398

Sometimes I go to holo threads and they're calling kanata a boring leech all the time now here she's a briliant star lmao

>> No.11882475

Maybe, apparently they became utaites at around the same time and utaites seem to be know everyone who calls themselves that, plus I think I did see Millie, in her PL, comment on Reimu's PL BlackOut cover.

>> No.11882533

>Good if your degenerate
Spot the clipfag

>> No.11882593

>plus I think I did see Millie, in her PL, comment on Reimu's PL BlackOut cover.
Because Lyrica and Marie were already accepted into NijiEN by then.

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Call me a holobrony all you want, but I fucking hate this term so much. Say what you will about the term talent and whether or not it's too generic or ironic but at least it doesn't fucking remind me of an internal organ

>> No.11882847

He is too busy being a cuck to know anyone other than himself and his boyfriends

>> No.11882854

That could be it too, yeah.

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File: 3.51 MB, 418x383, 1630611147189.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i dont even know the other girls, i only watch pomu

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Don't care, didn't read, watching my dragon

>> No.11883500

Hey, I think Pomu and Finina or whatever the fuck, and probably clippers ruined any unique image that those NijiEns had. I remember the first clips/video thumbnails I've seen is some degenerate shit.

>> No.11883620

Fuck off ESL clip faggot

>> No.11883637

Just pretend nothing after wave 2 exists, problem solved.

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Why is it nijiniggers always have to go out of their way to attack the EN girls, even when it's completely irrelevant to the conversation at hand? It's like they're scared if they don't put holo myth somewhere in their OP no one will reply.

>> No.11883702

Doomposters have to get (you)s somehow

>> No.11883730

Leos' viewership has tanked and none of NijiEN can be considered stars with the viewership they put up. Niji hasn't built a legit star since 2018.

>> No.11883787

The male wave will probably save NijiEN.
I'm excited, it'll probably be what saves the ENVtuber sphere in general.

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File: 719 KB, 832x698, TheSadBench[sound=files.catbox.moe%2Fe0vump.mp3].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.11884074

Not sure about that to be honest, especially this far in.

>> No.11884139

>The male wave will probably save NijiEN.
>I'm excited, it'll probably be what saves the ENVtuber sphere in general.
Hahaha hahaha what the fuck is this cope

>> No.11884165

Ibrahim is regularly in the top 20 biggest streamers in Japan and only debuted in 2020. It's usually him, Kuzuha, Kanae, and Chihiro there.

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File: 1.30 MB, 2078x3153, Great thread anons[sound=files.catbox.moe%2Fbjyq69.mp3].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do you really believe you have been acting out your own plan you mere pawn.

>> No.11884702

If you think the OP watches Niji I have a bridge to sell you.

Meifu debuted in 2020 too. Also what's your arbitrary number before anyone can be considered a star? Why would you even include Ollie then when Selen has higher views and/or imply that Leos' views tanked? But of course you don't have answers, because what do I expect from someone who thinks everyone in Niji debuted in 2018.

>> No.11884719

Actually building a star doesn't happen. A star is a miracle. No amount of marketing or planning can make a star, those things just create ideal circumstances. Gura and Holo EN just sort of happened. Cover didn't do anything besides ride a couple of memes and clippers to victory.

Did Fubuki or Korone do anything particularly crazy or unique? No, they just got lucky in algorithm t'was a fluke that Cover or Hololive cannot recreate.

>> No.11884779

Westerners that want to watch a male streamer are already watching Jerma, Vinny or Charlie. Only unironic faggots want to watch prettyboy male vTubers and the pool isnt as big as you think.

>> No.11884821

I'd argue Fubuki put out enough meme videos that at some point she was bound to go viral at least once.
If you did it all over again, Fubuki would probably still get at least a few popular videos. Whether or not that would still translate into the success they have now is another question.

>> No.11885073

Circumstances, I was there when Hololive infiltrated the algorithm. Everything couldn't have gone better for Cover. Their clippers skyrocketed, a new generation happened to be coming out with an English proficient speaker, drama fueled the flames, one of the biggest Vtubers left creating a massive hole for Hololive EN to fill. Truly things were going at such a breakneck pace.

Now though, the dust has settled. You can tell because things are generally getting into a routine.

>> No.11885121

What went wrong is that they are all in nijisanji

>> No.11888937

None of this has anything to do with the original argument.

>> No.11890032

Kys holobrony

>> No.11890192

This will be the only time I'll become a tribalfag. Keep that shit in your cages

>> No.11890373

Wave 4 already had auditions. We don't know when they'll actually debut though.

>> No.11895094

Did you guys shit on Finana and Petra almost everyday? Wtf are you even talking about?

>> No.11895484

>Creativity and hard work are better rewarded in Nijisanji
>spamming apex 24/7 to get good number

>> No.11895599

Based rikuposter

>> No.11896273

>Everything that's not hololive is shit
>Nijiniggers somehow loves their shits
>Let us take all of your shits Nijiniggers

kys Holobronie

>> No.11897916

Nepotism is killing nijiEN, to be honest. All of the nepotism hires are from mediocre to boring, the star one is Selen , a completely outsider.

>> No.11900028

Selen was friends with Elira in their past lives

>> No.11901304

You're missing out.

>> No.11904855

What the fuck do you think nepotism is?

>> No.11909317
File: 629 KB, 808x906, elira depressed.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>reimu is bad at games
>Nina is JUST
>enna is boring and her fake voice is shit
>millie's fake voice is shit
>Selen is an apexfags who can't shut up about her real friends or stop sucking "Apex pro" cock
>wosemi's fake voice is kind of shit, and she's not very engaging due to cultural differences
>Petra has a shit fake voice and is boring as fuck
>pomu has moments that are few and far between, but comes off as kind of a bitch sometimes and toxic femininity is kind of a turn off
>finana is boring as shit and is absolutely abysmal in collabs, running ahead of her teammates during the recent illegal aliens shootemup
>elira is sweet, cute, adorkable, and her model is sex, but she's somewhat boring and low energy as well as having generic game choice; unironically the greatest embodiment of background noise Niji has to offer
T-t-t-t-tenth time's the charm, right guys?!

>> No.11914478


>> No.11916027

Something went wrong? I watch more of these girls than I do the holo ones because they can call each other bitches on stream and nobody cares.

>> No.11917387

>Trying to find reasons to dislike the talents for a boring meme

>> No.11919431

>Selen was friends with Elira in their past lives
She isn't, do you rep nijishill

>> No.11920960

fox person with a mommy persona that ends her sentences with "honey" most of the time, said to have doxxed coco (although an open secret)
i like this anon

>> No.11921281

Sir you are a master of your craft, just adding a (You) and basking in the glow

>> No.11921650

Elira's singing is amazing

>> No.11922276

Any clips about Nina bitching about numbers? I don't watch her so i wanna know if it's real.

>> No.11922328

Doki was modded in Nova's Twitch chat

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