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How the fuck does VShojo keep getting the same sponsorship deals as Hololive? Their content isn't advertiser friendly.

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>Weeb merch
>Advertiser friendly

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Unlike NijikeksEN, Vshojo actually bring in the numbers

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NijiEN stays rent free in /vt/'s head

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At latest she not hiding she doing porn

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What the fuck is Bookwalker? Sounds like a small manga company

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Lmao brands don't care, if you are popular enough that's all they need

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i keep telling you it doesnt matter as long as youre popular. snuffy even did the monster hunter rise sponsored stream

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When people are talking about 'advertiser friendly' they're usually referring to like Proctor&Gamble or Coca Cola... huge big names. Most others don't give much of a shit if you're popular.

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aren't Bookwalker the ones behind Trash Taste? the connection is pretty apparent

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> BookWalker, stylized as BookWalker, is a Japanese e-book store that sells manga, light novels, and magazines from various publishers, as well as a few published by themselves. It is based in Chiyoda, Tokyo and was created by Kadokawa Corporation. Wikipedia


It's a digital manga & LN branch of teh largest LN publisher in Japan.
That totally safe and not at all raunchy medium?
OP is too stupid to breathe and so are the people that try to explain it away. Bookwalker is like barely a step off from the sorts of companies that advertise here.

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Bookwalker is just KADOKAWA's direct way of selling manga. The guys who publish a ton of anime and manga. Pretty sure everyone in HoloEN did a bookwalker stream except maybe Kiara.

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No, that's the falseflaggers. The only thing rent free is Niji threads can't help talking bout hololive in a little man's syndrome way instead of enjoying their own content.

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what sponsorships have holoen even taken from bands who would give a fuck? only thing i can think of is taco bell

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anon you can't post tits on a blue board

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>Hollow Life and VBaizuo have the same audience
You don't say.

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Kadowkawa is Trash Taste's arent company.

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I think some smaller phoneshit game promos but I can't recall which rn.
>anon you can't post tits on a blue board

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imagine making a year's salary in a month from site-ads and donors and still hocking shitty, borderline-ripoff sponsors.

It's truly baffling how little shit e-celebes gives about their audience.

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HoloJP good
Vshojo bad

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How is buying books directly from the publisher a rip off?

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>google bookwalker
>it's an manga EBOOK seller
This is Mel: "Hey guy you know that thing you could do for absolutely for free? well heres how to pay money for it!"

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Can I get some source on this? Aside from that Genshin permission shitstorm and the occasional Selen shitposter, from what I seen over the past months is just Nijifags keeping to themselves while Holofags invade their threads and shit on them at every opportunity they can get.

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It’s actually true though. Vshojo is well known and popular compared to Niji. Niji in the west is like a small step above Prism.

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The smallest NijiEN at her worst still has twice the viewers of the biggest PRISM
That's hardly a small step.
Not that I don't like both but let's be honest here.

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I mean shit, you could steal the games and other things that they display on sponsored streams too. That doesn't make it wrong for them to advertise a product.

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Same reason Youtubers all have the same sponsors (Squarespace, NordVPN, Raid etc.). It's because there are only a small percentage of companies that are actually easy to work with. A lot of them are still behind the times and don't realise how large the Youtube audience is or how influential these channels are.

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Well all the sponsorship, majority of viewers, and revenue, comes from vtubers in Vshojo and Hololive. Nijisanji should be competing with them but instead it’s shoved off to the sidelines fighting for scraps like the other indie startups. They haven’t gotten any sponsorships besides from that unknown ghost stories gacha game.

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I like Hololive
I like Nijisanji
I like Vshojo
I love unity

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kind of based

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>Their content isn't advertiser friendly
Advertisers appear to disagree with you on that, friend

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Vshojochads and Holochads own this shot in the west. Nijikeks btfo.

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i don't think you replied to the right post baitchama...

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>Their content isn't advertiser friendly.
Anon, the family friendly is a Japanese company cope, they don't care about that at all it's the same reason Logan Paul keeps earning money even uploading a video showing a corpse

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>buying digital manga
Do weebs really?

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This happens fairly regularly anon

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>Nijifags keeping to themselves while Holofags invade their threads and shit on them at every opportunity they can get.
welcome to the club!

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Yeah pretty much, were you expecting an overly defensive essay about this?

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But Holofags shit on Vshojo because they are actually a threat to Hololive in the west and can compete.

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No, Holofags shit on Vshojo because they are western. A spillover from /jp/ really.

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Let's not pretend that vei doesn't deserve it

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It's more like Ny*nners exists. Phase/prisim/cyberlive/whatever else aren't really hated despite being western.

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Yeah, she's a dirty girl, she needs to be punished.

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>advertiser friendly
melody was literally on pornhub

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>Thing is better because Japanese
Nyanners and Vei, I don’t really see the problem with them though.

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Was, not anymore since the purge.

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what i am saying is that you can find official porn of melody

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Imagine buying manga that is officially subbed, fan subs are way better than the shit these companies translate.

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Well yeah, she regularly streams on chatterbate, btfo'ing all the 3dpd whores there is literally what she's known for.

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you people think vshojo girls got their vaginas full on display or something, they're normal ass content for normal ass people, obviously they'd get sponsors

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>"subbed" manga

the term is scanlated you god damn moron, try being online for more than a day before posting

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I don't see the problem with Vei, the only issue is Nyanners

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Because VShojo's members can actually pull off sponsored content without dropping their spaghetti

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This cover looks inaccurate to the depiction in the manga itself

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Don't they own Trash Taste or something like that? I remember people said that this sponsoed stuff was part of the deal for doing things with garnt and conur, seeing how Vshojo is in bed with some of those anitubers it's not exactly shocking.

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It's always clipfags.

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Making money bad

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>I remember people saying
Literally just shit people made up here. How does that even make sense to you?

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>Thread is attempting to make a comparison between Vshojo and Hololive
>Anon brings up Nijisanji umprompted
Why did anon do this

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I think it's funny that whenever I anti-post holoniggers I'm always called a nijifag or a vshojocuck when I don't really watch either. These faggots are truly the worst knuckledraggers in all of vtubing.

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That just means Nijisanji is relevant

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They're also not quite as obnoxious as the vshojo+ circle with their lewd bitches gimmick and anituber connections and it's worth mentioning that people close to them (and veibae directly at one point at least) were shitting on corporate Vtubers for the longest time like their pal noble had a whole rant about how hololive fanbase mistreated "osekana" (he confused a fucking clipper with Rushia), Nux taku also made some comments and even conur so it feels kind of passive agrresive like they don't want to confront companies like hololive directly but try to bring them down in more subtle ways and it's purely one sided because hololive members never aluded to something negative about other groups or their fanbase.

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Holofags can only think in terms of companies and collectives. They have corporate drone mentality like /v/ posters.

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>Thread is made by jelly nijiniggers
>get mad when got called out
Such many cases

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but also a bit based

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i hate all vtuber whores


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I hope the irony of this post isn't lost on you.

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>Don't they own Trash Taste or something like that? I remember people said that this sponsoed stuff was part of the deal for doing things with garnt and conur, seeing how Vshojo is in bed with some of those anitubers it's not exactly shocking.
I don't care, not the point.
They sell smut. OP's premise is stupid.
>Do weebs really?
I probably wouldn't but if you're, say, actively following and reading in Nip I could see the use.

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pink cat will bring about unity, just you wait

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>They sell smut
Wow, I can't believe they've sullied HoloEN's clean reputation like that. Someone get Yogey on the line.

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Post more sex cat

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no diss but ecelebs will never care about you.

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I don't need them to care about me, I'm doing perfectly fine without that, they're just entertainers I enjoy.
Melody has money, she gets offered something to make more money, why wouldn't you take the offer? Its silly, there's no cap on money, make as much as you want.

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> Nijifags keeping to themselves
i mean you can literally see any collab there will be at least a few mentions of better chemistry than the "rival company" i warned you about making such comparisons back when nijiEN debuted.
the thread is the same as global but they have less people and shitposters end up doing more damage as result. Also you got more livers now now so your thread will be more active and shitpost more noticeable.

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If anything, that just proves Hololive's attempts at being as cripplingly family friendly as a choir boy to be completely in vain. They should embrace a little American flexibility, although not anywhere near the same degree as the wanton whores in Vshoujo.

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>wanton whores
dammit, you almost said it

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Bookwalker is Kadokawa and Tokyo based. This isn't an American firm being flexible,

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>Advertiser friendly
Imagine buying into Youtube's made up bullshit.

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American companies don't give a fuck either. See >>11948608
There are some downright despicable streamers who still get brand deals like it's nothing. All that matters is the numbers. You have to commit actual career suicide to scare off advertisers.

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Wanton horses?

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What I hate the most is when they invade our thread posing as you fags. I have never seen an actual vShojofag fuck with us ever.

>> No.11953197

I think you misunderstand us talking about other companies, including hololive and holobronies invading our thread and us telling them to fuck off.

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You literally cannot make this shit up

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>I have never seen an actual vShojofag fuck with us ever.
N-nijibro... W-wanna hold hands?

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That dude that talks to Mouse and Ollie (Conner) literally works for Bookwalker. Anyway a company selling a bunch of a coomer weeb LNs with lolis and shit on the covers doesn't care about family friendly.

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Sure mate. Y'all are cool.

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if you think vshojo isn't advertiser friendly you are retarded and have no idea what advertiser friendly is

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Y-you too

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I love it when people don't read the anime company that makes all their chinese cartoons, like Sony Music Japan/Aniplex controlling a significant number of beloved shows.

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Objectively correct.

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