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LOL Look at all the dislikes there are already on it. Don't worry guys Roberu is gonna leave his lower half back at his bar, rest assured.

Hololive fans still who believe that idol culture doesn't exist anymore should go have a look at this video.

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it isn't even about idol culture, it's fucking cuckold unicorns who want a "girlfriend experience."

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all according to keikaku

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If collabing with males was against idol culture they wouldn't be allowed to do it in the first place, stop learning about idols from Reddit Roberu is an idol too

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A couple hundred is pretty insignificant honestly. If it was in the thousands it would be controversy worthy (Hololive is no stranger to that level of controversy), but that's just a few sad dregs of society in a sea of support.

And we don't even know how much of that is about idol stuff, since Fubuki has been dealing with her own unrelated anti stuff, or even just general Youtube dislikes that everyone gets.

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If it's not disliked bombed like Rebecca Black's It's friday who gives a shit.

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Most of the antis are Niji fans afraid of Holostars becoming a legit competitor for their male chuubas.

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>Idol culture
You stupid fucking niggers actual idols collab with males all the time

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>447 dislikes
that's nothing, idol culture is dead and you're not a real fan if you support it

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rent free lol

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TL Note: Keikaku means Plan
I think Diablo mobile game trailer has more dislike...

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I don't know, 4.4k likes on a video that's not out yet sounds kind of cuckish.
Both are fags but blind support of anything is worse

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it could be many things. I don't think its the fubuki antis because they usually can't pull those numbers for dislikes anymore, but it could be a combination of 'unicorns', a controversy regarding an idolmaster voice actor that's in full swing, and a small controversy regarding Suisei and Toko's ensemble stars cover being hated on by a small group of fans who consider it too close to the source material, and thus 'leeching'.

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>idol culture = Pop stars but they don't talk to men
>I think Diablo mobile game trailer has more dislike...
TFW that was 3 years ago and the PR damage still hasn't been fixed.

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I wouldn't mind becoming eskimo brothers with roberu. He's a pretty cool dude.

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Now this is a rrat I can get behind, Nijicucks only have men who get numbers so they fake being Hololive fans who get mad about this stuff to keep Holostars down.

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>Suisei and Toko's ensemble stars cover being hated on by a small group of fans who consider it too close to the source material

WTF is this?

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For me, it's Youtube Rewind 2018.

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all me
t. 35P

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Why are some Holofags so fucking sensitive when it comes to dislikes, a stream will get 10k likes and 500 dislikes and niggas will be crying about it being dislike bombed

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This is nothing. She's well known to collab with males. Even has some songs with males. She will build her legacy on her talent and no unicorns will be able to topple her down.

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It's hilarious that people think dislikes mean or do anything.
Go outside.

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Oh nyo.

Not angry chinks.

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>idol culture
im damn sure those dislikes dont even watch suisei, when will everyone learn

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I don't want people to misunderstand me, I'm sure a majority of those dislikes are absolutely from overly obsessed idol purists. But lets say you cut out around 100 of those dislikes for a combination on unrelated issues. That cuts down what is already a very small subset of angry fans into an even more insignificant number specifically upset about it being a cross gender collab.

Hololive consists of millions of fans these days with thousands of concurrent viewers in an average stream. If the most idol purists can muster is couple hundred dislikes (by far the easiest form of protest one could muster in response) they are an incredibly insignificant presence here. Hololive has dealt was some pretty major controversies in the last year. This is a blip on the radar by comparison, so there's no point in making a mountain out of molehill, or even bother drawing attention to them.

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It's about setting expectations. Don't call yourself an idol of you're actually just a standard entertainer.

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The dislikes are
China on FBK.
Suisei Ensemble Stars fujos.
Unicorns because of Roberu.
fags who just dislike Hololive.
only 400? That's fucking weak my guy.

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Idols have sex with recruiters and directors on the regular to be more successful.

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Holo fans are pampered because of the level of quality control in the streams they watch unlike some other fans who are used to seeing filth like that of Enna's newest original song.

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all of the other controversies were from people who were definitely not gachikoi though

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but roberu is a pure boy, why the hate?
if it was a random guy i would understand

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Why would you even get mad about Roberu collabing with someone he's clearly a homosexual

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My stance on the whole 'idol culture' thing is somewhere in the middle. I don't believe it's anywhere near as prevalent in Hololive as some people make it out to be. If anything, it's a minority among minority. However, that is not to say that they don't have influence, as I find it hard to believe that pretty much no-one outside of ID and Gens 0 and 1 has ever even interacted with Holostars is due to pure coincidence. As the Taiwan incident proved, even a couple dozen antis can have a massive influence, and I honestly think a lot of Holomem are scared of the backlash they'd receive if they were to collab with Holostars. I'm not condemning them for this, it's understandable given how much of an impact antis can have on one's mental health, but I just wish things weren't this way, because I feel that more Hololive x Holostars would be mutually beneficial, and it's saddens me how the two branches have this giant wall between them. Of course, this is just my take on things, so feel free to tell me if you think I got something wrong.

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The problem's not in him but in the women who collabed with him, his presence is just the aphrodisiac that set it off.

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I don't get why people would dislike the video desu? Could someone explain the "idol culture" thing?

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They want to pretend that she's their girlfriend.
Can't do that if she's openly talking to another male (or publicly jumping on dick).
Comes with the territory of parasocial relations.

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More or less I get what idol culture is, I just didn't think people would dislike a video for such stupid reasons. I was just asking in case something recently happened because I've been kinda busy with work so I haven't had time to keep up with hololive.

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2ch japs raiding again? their instant dislike was cleansed from Botan's BF stream

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People disliking the stream are faggots who are jealous of the comet cause she gets to ride Roberu dick.

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Unicorns are small but far more willing to spend more money (for superchats among others). Plenty of Holos already said they won't collab with men because of their audience so it's not just "not a pure coincidence" it's the main reason for avoiding male collabs for most of Holos. It's part of the consequence but not a necessary component of idolshit, most idolfags have a problem if their idols DATE, they can interact with other men just fine.
People keep blaming solely "idol culture" but there's another component they missed: streamer e-girl culture. There's a reason why unicorns are stronger in fanbases of Holos with more "streamer" orientation (and streamer background), i.e. the 3rd gen.
Suisei otoh rejects unicorns because that's not the kind of income she wants to cultivate, instead she wants more general, broader popularity as a singer. She cares more about her song popularity, album sales etc. than superchats.

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I think it's a consequence of the idol branding. Sure a lot of fans are probably okay with the idols interacting with guys, but since they're branded as idols, there will be those who expect the traditional idol experience, and even if we assume they're a minority they usually tend to be the loudest.

>how the two branches have this giant wall between them

It's kind of sad to think that (from what i can tell at least, please correct me if i'm mistaken) Holostars seem to have more external collabs than internal collabs. Heck Aruran and Flare have both been part of the same company for years but he managed to collab twice with his new sister from Nijisanji that debuted a few months back before we even saw a Flare collab.

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The fuck? Why? Why wouldn't they? That's the product these girls have sold. Now they yanked the product, so people stopped paying (in likes, this time, sometimes in cash). How is this hard to figure out?

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I have no idea how someone can have the "girlfriend experience" with a streamer when they spend 1-2 hours a stream thanking dudes who threw money at them.

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Worth mentioning that she did hide the numbers for the cover with Oga, I found this weirdly specific but I'm happy that she seems aware of this stuff and still go with it.

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400 to 4,000
oh no.

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Suisei doesn't even read superchats

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>M-my Miko would never do it
Rumao rumao

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It's not because fubuki is in? The chinks still have a hateboner for fubuki after all.

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>not even a 50% dislike rate
Pathetic. Aqua got more dislikes than this back with the whole zhang/apex anti thing
Even fucking VSPO girls get three-digit dislikes on a daily basis yet you don't see anybody cry about it

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Fubuki barely gets 30 dislikes on her own channel

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>Sure a lot of fans are probably okay with the idols interacting with guys, but since they're branded as idols, there will be those who expect the traditional idol experience, and even if we assume they're a minority they usually tend to be the loudest.
The "traditional idol experience" was one where the fan cheered for their idol on their journey to achieve their dreams. The whole GFE / love ban nonsense that people point to as the standard idol experience was a manufactured lie that attracted the worst kind of fans and that minority have been reviled by the general idol fanbase.

t. long time idol fan

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IRYS has a dick so I'm not wrong

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one word.

>> No.12030279

Yes. She's not a whore like Suisei.

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>That's the product these girls have sold
Neither Fubuki or Suisei have ever pandered to unicorns

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But girls like Rushia or Subaru lately did, and these "fans" are surely watching another chuubas too

>> No.12030346

They're just surrounded by, and work with, and collab with, everyone else who does and manages it that way. Oh, and they sell merchandise and voice packs to the same effect. So...

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Imagine appealing to mentally ill unicorns.

>> No.12030391

If anything, I would assume yumejoshi are far more likely to cause this kind of issue.

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>the unicorns are the cuckolds

>idol culture is dead you're not a real fan

why are there so many white knighting faggot redditors on this board? just the nature of the "hobby" or something? Are they actual stupid women (redundant I know)? I don't give a fuck about Suisei and don't care that she collabed with Roberu but this shit is pathetic. You're both gayer than any unicorn.

>> No.12030499

It goes both ways:
delusional suisei faggots and robertorio's legbeard brigade that are jealous that he's talking to anything that has a real vagina

>> No.12030573

Doesn't Roberu collab with women on pretty much a weekly basis?

>> No.12030588

>white knighting
Are you, per chance, mentally retarded?

>> No.12030602

i really don't understand the unicorn mindset. Like will they be mad if the chuubas have male doctors as well?

>> No.12030667

Unless you're talking about Enstarschizos neither yumejos nor fujos are anti-female collabs, and definitely not whoever latch to Roberu. If anything the schizos among them are about as likely to whine about other males collabing as well, in their oshi's own channel.

>> No.12030707

The legbeard brigade is composed of every single woman he's collabed with that are pissed he's hanging out with holos instead of them

>> No.12030712

It's been a pretty open secret that one of the rules in the idol industry is they're not allowed to be actively dating.

>> No.12030739

The seethe never diminishes.

>> No.12030768

If the girls spends like 8 hours daily streaming, it's not GFE anymore.
It's Watame Experience.

>> No.12030839

yeah, because the risk of getting caught means the girl and the company lose out of money
and for the can girl say byebye to their 15mins of fame and income they would've gained if they'd simply played the game they originally signed up for before the wall inevitably claims them as a victim and they can no longer sell their physical beauty for anything
if male fans weren't such psycho stalkers then they definitely could have regular relationships, but since you have the kinds of people that will track someone down through the reflections on their fucking eyeballs from a random, offhand selfie posted on twitter then you have to be careful and it's better to just not risk it

>> No.12030864

fucking phone sorry for the seanig-tier engrish

>> No.12030874

>if male fans weren't such psycho stalkers
Shut the fuck up roastie, if I want a womans opinion I'll ask my dishwasher what it thinks

>> No.12030881

For some reason despite being more casual about other idol practices some Holos took the practice to the extreme to the point of not interacting with males period. Overcompensating I guess?

>> No.12030930

This post smells like fish.


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Don't forget the RunaNTR scandal drama anti's. More relevant here since Suisei had her as a guest once on her radio show and Fubuki 's oshi is her character
>male fans
Male idols have unicorns too. A good part of Pekora's new antis are unicorns of the host of the FFXIV radio show she's to be a guest of.

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look at all these nijifaggots and jp kool fat kidz, mind your own business

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enstarfujos are so stupid actually. They made a thread on some jp forum then got their ass blasted when people pointed it out logically that tokomachi did nothing wrong until happy ere said they did lmao, funniest shit I read today.

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Sounds hilarious. Link or hints? I wanna see it for myself.

>> No.12031199

Female fans aren't smart nor autistically driven enough to do deep analysis on every single posted image hoping to find some clue to their oshi's location.

>> No.12031246

>a legit competitor for their male chuubas.
straight males won't watch male vtubers larping as idols, we want bros

>> No.12031277

my favorite part is when their final resort is "I just don't like vtuber in general admitting they are just jealous" lmao

>> No.12031286

They are but you're not going to social media/sites where the majority are female. Female KPOP stans (not just twitterfags) are scarier than any JP idol fan.

>> No.12031339

Fubuki has collabed with men before and Suisei frequently sings with some other musicians... live.

They both already got swiss cheese'd. Suitan is my oshi but she's also some jap pervert that wants to get pounded like any hoe.

>> No.12031423

>t. never watched a Suisei stream

>> No.12031430

>They both already got swiss cheese'd. Suitan is my oshi but she's also some jap pervert that wants to get pounded like any hoe.
Imagine just accepting this in your mind and still calling these hoes "oshii". It would be less pathetic if you were actually in ridiculous denial.

>> No.12031487

It's more because their approach is Anime/2D idol rather than Traditional/Mainstream Idol.

>> No.12031490

NTA and neither fubuki nor suisei are my oshi, but you do realize that oshi in no way shape or form has the same meaning as waifu right? There is no implication of romantic infatuation

>> No.12031505

one of the translated tweet
>There are some people who say, "I'm going to write this uproar in English so that people overseas will know about it!", So I think it will continue to run away unless someone (the runaway side) is punished. To put it the other way around, no matter how much you set fire on Twitter in Japan, it won't burn, so it feels like you're relying on overseas to get rid of your numbness.
kek that explains the previous thread

>> No.12031546

More like Waifufag culture in general really

>> No.12031562

Waifu basically has no implication of romance at all now. Its just a replacement word for favourite female character/BEST GIRL/TOP GIRL/etc.

>> No.12031572

reddit eop tourist plz understand..
maybe they will learn the diff before it's too late

>> No.12031595

Anon, you didn't get the notice?
Liking someone mean you Love that person romantically now.

>> No.12031607

>Male idols have unicorns too.
I don't know how anons don't know this. There are probably more female unicorns who are fans of male idols than male unicorns. Guys are the most popular in KPOP which is gigantic compared to JPOP's Johnny's or female idols.

>> No.12031639

wtf happened?

>> No.12031751

Been saying it since last year, the problem isn't OMGMALES! its because its the Holostars.

>> No.12031838

They are just that stupid kek

>> No.12031871

Bully culture

>> No.12032501

>Huke on HoloEN Minecraft server
>hardcore Minecraft babbies complain about a cheated crossbow
>"It's the idol culture!"
>Suisei collabs with Roberu, both fellow [email protected] fans
>Emstars faggots still mad about Suisei's "similar" song and her talking about a franchise other than emstars complain
>"It's the idol culture!"
You will never be a woman, kys back to reeeeeera.

>> No.12032569

The Enstars bit are women though

>> No.12032604

Because most of the anons bitching about idol culture don't care, their only knowledge about idol culture is how it demeans and oppresses women while turning a blind eye to the existence of male idols and ignoring that Twitch camgirls in the West have been stalked and murdered by their fans because it doesn't fit their narrative of "evil barbaric nipponese culture needs to be saved from itself".

>> No.12032606

I'll just watch Towa's stream instead. CPT>Roberu. I wish Daruma was a Holostar.

>> No.12032664


>Now this is a rra

You're boring as fuck, nigga.

>> No.12032682


Not even that bad, you dolt

>> No.12032702

They really just hate Holostars. If this were a Niji male they wouldn't care much. Okayu appeared on TV with a man and they didn't care.
I don't get why only Stars can cuck them and no one else

>> No.12032717

Pretty much. And they're not anons, it's all leddit transplant types who champion vtweeters and other men pretending to be women.

>> No.12032723

This fucking thread holy shit……Stfu suisei isn’t any of your guys oshi, leave us real unicorns alone who are only disliking the video to show our discontent without making a big fuss about it on that garbage site Reddit and twitter

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Do retards really think the dislikes won't get drowned in likes by the time the stream is over? Gossip board at it's finest.

>> No.12032753

Suisei doesn't care about unicorns like you but as long as you accept that and seethe in private it's all good and well.

>> No.12032784

This is /vt/. We don't watch chuubas here like /v/ doesn't play video games.

>> No.12033055

They mostly get murdered by their crazy irl boyfriends, east or west. Or they're the ones who kill their boyfriend, heh.

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Please post this in chat and superchat to let the incels know.

>> No.12033409

She died for our sins. RIP watamelon

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