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>omg are they here?!?!
>shes not an idol shes a comedian

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The 'v' in /vt/ stands for /v/ because all this board does is vomit the same recycled meme shit and images on a daily basis.

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That's every board, anon. Not vtubing specific.

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You're a retard, Tanigo said that he wanted a group dymamic like akb 48 when he said Hololive is similar to them. Their talents have said mutiple times too they're not contractually obligated to sing in their contracts

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No idea what this has to do with the original post.

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ogey, many such cases, do deabeats really, meds now, imagine the smell

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I always thought SOVL was something that was imitating something that is SOUL, without actually being SOUL

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All of that, but uniornically.

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Wow it really is just reddit

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How do I downvote your opinion for being correct but politically different from my own? Also how do I signal to other users my politics?

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It's Reddit, but a hatebox instead of a hugbox. There's no winning here.

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Have an ups.

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hugboxes are for mentally deficient "people"

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You can love and hate here, but on reddit you can only love or btfo

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In theory? Yes, you can do both and generals usually have a fair amount of reasonable posts on both sides.

In practice? It just becomes a safe haven for retarded bait and pointless drama for anything outside those threads. Hell, a large portion of people on this board don't even watch streams.

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I hate /here/fags so fucking much. It's silly to think your imaginary crush reads anything you post and the constant search for hidden messages to (You) is a sign of unironic schizophrenia.

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Sorry not everyone has nothing but good things to say about your oshi, redditchama.

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Which is why you need to be in one. You can leave once you're well again

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This place is just reverse reddit, you are rewarded for being as angry as possible and going against that is unpopular. A hatebox is what I would call it. There is a reason why this place has a reputation of being full of antis, even JPs think that about vt.

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JPs are a bunch of faggots

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I didn't say anything about that, anon. Don't project shit onto me because I called out retardation on here.

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Your post is literally just you complaining that this board isn't a hugbox

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Yeah im unwell because i told you hugboxes are for mentally disabled people

Was i too harsh? I think you might want to go to your hugbox to provide you some safespace

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>Yeah im unwell because i told you hugboxes are for mentally disabled people

>Was i too harsh? I think you might want to go to your hugbox to provide you some safespace

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No he's complaining that people are more likely to post the most retarded posts here because they *can't* get btfo by posting them here. For the love of Chirst *read* retardchama.

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>Yeah im unwell because i told you hugboxes are for mentally disabled people

>Was i too harsh? I think you might want to go to your hugbox to provide you some safespace

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Imagine getting upset because someone told you hugboxes are for retards

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>omg ur so mean im gonna cry ur ill i hate you, you hateful being

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You might want to dilate

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These 4chan people are very dumb and hatefull

My IQ is too high thats why i piss my pants when someone says something mean

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Lmao this retard his having a meltdown

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Theres just no winning with these hateful people theyre very mean theyre so dumb omg

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I know youre a bit slow but im having a laugh making fun of you, your retardation is quite something

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Almost a year later and im still saying,/jp/ shoulda kept our threads./hlg/ isnt the same and this place just attracts too many tourists

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2who fags got pissed their 2 week old rp thread get archived so here we are

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lol does anyone actually still come here or to Reddit to have actual meaningful discussions? Those all moved to discord echo chambers years ago.

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