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You ask about something you don't understand and there is a 50% chance of being called a faggot

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Why does no one like 774?

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do your reps

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lurk more, faggot

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This is why you preface your question by calling yourself a newfag, faggot.

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people like 774, it's just that they don't pander to EOP

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It's OK to be faggot

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774 has very little drama and zero EOP appeal so this board doesn't like to discuss them. I'm a big fan of Kuku, personally.

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I like Kuku, RobeKuku collabs are good

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Why do people hate Towa? Other than the voice.

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What's with the no talking about the actual irl girls rule? I thought this was 4chan the last bastion of free speech on the internet

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Paid sph streams.

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"Hate" is a strong word but Towa tends to obsess over her antis and forgets to appreciate people who actually like her. Also Apex. Towa's recent PeBoTa arc is looking up, though.

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Devolves into shitposting way too fast. You're supposedly not care about the person behind the character because the character is the point of the medium but everyone does anyways, obviously. If you want le doxx threads go to /jp/ or just search their names in Japanese.

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Just found out she's a dyke

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Why are so many people here into piss?

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what does this mean?

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They're not, it's a joke. Apple juice=pee. One Anon poured apple juice into a class and claimed he was brewing Suisei's pee and it spiralled out of control from there.
"Figure it out yourself".

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REPS is short for Rotational Ejaculation PracticeS. Basically "crank it while you wank it".

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It's really just one big meme and not some bizarrely trending kink? Huh.

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They're the hidden gems of vtubing. You need to actively look for them.

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Where can I find full archived streams? I wanna know if she really made Watame cry over an Apex tourney

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Haha yes I don’t actually have a piss fetish irl haha I have never bent laid on my back, thrown my feet over my head and let the sweer amber nectar flow from the depths of my body and onto my fat, disgusting NEET face, forming small pearls of translucent gold upon my patchy neckbeard haha no way haha

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Why are Subaru's gachikoi called ahiyo? I love her and want to know why she calls me that

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A lot of people hate her since the yabai incident when she had barely just debuted, that really hurt her audience in Japan and is the main reason there have always been more foreigners than japanese in her streams

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Never heard that until now but "ahi" is most likely short for "ahiru" which means "duck". The "yo" could be anything, really.

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Newfaggot here. What was the yabai incident?

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That would mean there is no dick around her though, so she's pure.

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You're probably going to be more specific, faggot.

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Who's best girl?

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U can hear 2 guys on her bedroom after she forgets to mute the stream

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Viewers were able to hear a male voice during on of her streams and she claimed that it’s her manager. Cover confirmed that it isn’t her manager and people got mad because there was a male voice and she lied about who it was.

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Why stream with other people in your room?

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We don't know who they were, but she freaked out and lied about them being managers, and Cover did a public apology about it.

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What does "architect" mean?

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Why would you throw your boyfriends out while you're interacting with your simps? Just tell them to be silent.

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Towa is genuinely not that bright so the fact that something like that could even happen probably didn't occur to her at the time. She also did another dumb person classic and panic lied in the moment in the worst possible way.

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look up towa male in the archives and you should be able to see most of the incident. if you ever are wondering what happened at certain point in time check youtube first then check the archives of /vt/ /trash/ or /jp/. anything vtuber related is usually in one of these three places. archive reps are important mostly so new anons don't slow down conversation with questions but also to filter the un-committed. as vtubers rise in popularity these places need ways to scare off fotm viewers and literal children

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I work from home and I'd kick people out of the room when I'm in a meeting. I'd imagine streaming is much the same, especially since you're active the entire time.

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Guess you respect the people in your meetings more than she does her simps.

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Bae. Glory be to Chaos!

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This, and the worst thing is that the fastly said they were her managers things that would be so wrong, having male managers in a talent's house in late night, I think Cover had to clarify they werent managers

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>its a joke
>he doesnt know

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>spoonfeed general

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Not everyone can be a based N5 like us anon

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All of you niggers need to go back

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>Muh sekrit club
/vt/ on its own is surface-level, there's no point in trying to gatekeep the child's play shit we talk about here.

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Yeah I'll do my homework from now on. Thanks anon

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I've I was Cover I would be very close to firing her. If it gets out that managers might be sleeping with the talent it kills the pure image that people simp for.

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The "YAGOO?" message always gets me

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you gotta make the clippers work for their yabs not freely give it out

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The least they could do is look through the archive instead of making an entire thread begging to be spoonfed

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she panicked

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Don't know how /trash/ or Global culture works, but if you ask dumb or reasearchable questions in JP vtuber threads you'll be told to fuck off or lurk more. Although the ones here are way more open than the ones in /jp/

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It's not about secret club retard, 99% of questions here could be answered by googling your question.

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There's no negative to spoonfeeding

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Yes. You can close this tab.

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So I guess the board might as well not exist since Google can do all of the heavy lifting for Vtuber discussion, right? Inbred dipshit. You read the subject of the thread, entered the thread, and are now upset. Why?

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>So I guess the board might as well not exist since Google can do all of the heavy lifting
this board isn't for spoonfeeding

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You really missed the point of what I was saying that fucking hard, huh?

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Theres a huge diffrence between asking legit shit like how SPWN works for people who purchased their first concert ticket in a relatable general and asking dumb questions like why is back seating bad by making another thread anon, this is not /qa/

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I guess it is now.
I will personally spoonfeed anything to the best of my abilities to newfriends and there's literally nothing a limp wristed fuckwad like you can do just to make you seethe and dilate.

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The backseating thread is made multiple times a day every day by a dedicated autist who thinks he's very funny. Terrible example.

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why does akai haato go by haachama now

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Wild bastardization of "Haato-sama". "Haachama" is "Akai Haato's" alternate persona who kind of just became the default after awhile.

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Is it gay to like Tomari?

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i've noticed a lot of old hololive video game streams are now privated, why is that?

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She was tired of her original boring lore, so she created a different personality to go with new lore she created herself. Since that persona is the default now, she just goes by that name.

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Why did I fall in love with an anime girl I'll never ever meet and what can I do?

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Cover cracked down on streams they had questionable permissions for when their popularity exploded. Fair use laws in Japan are very different from the rest of the world.

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The holos used to talk to their boyfriends on stream quite often. Then they adopted the idol stance and probated all of those streams.

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Capcom suddenly hit Mio with 2 copystrikes and almost got her channel deleted. Holo pulled down all game streams and will only re-public them once they get explicit permission from publishers to stream. That is why you will see boilerplate text about permissions under every game stream now.

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what happened to hololive gen5 kiryu coco?

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People love gatekeeping for things they themselves should have been gatekept from. That being said, lurk more.

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Because you are unfulfilled in your life, working a job you don't hate but you'd rather not go to, having no meaningful relationships, and only spending time on the internet in your spare time.

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Someone who like fat girls.
Why? I have no idea

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Can you explain the architecture thing, is it just whale lovers?

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Graduated because she was put in a box by hololive management after chinese spammers attacked her chat constantly and the chats of anyone she collabed with even if it was unplanned. She's streaming on her own youtube account now.

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what about aloe vera

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More specifically it's a meme in reference to Pierce Brosnan whose wife has been slowly getting fatter over the years, but every new picture they take together he looks happier and happier. The joke is he's feeding her to make her fatter.

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Canceled because she made a dildo sashimi some years ago

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why is roberu called winning son

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It was sad time
She got ligma and died.

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JP Antis found an unlisted test stream video she uploaded which was used as an excuse for management to suspend her for a few weeks while antis freaked out about negative statements against corporate vtubers she made on her prior life account. The harassment lead to doxxing and attacks on her family. She ended up quitting before the suspension ended because the harassment in real life was too intense. She streams on her old account still, but doesn't have a l2d.

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He fucked like 20 different hololive members

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A lot of reasons
I'll just copy fom other threads
The test stream mishap was incredibly minor. The only thing people saw was a low resolution thumbnail, the archive was never available. It was just something the antis knew they could use as a weapon, and some thing cover thought they could use as a shield to defuse the situation.

There were a bunch of Hololive antis, and VTuber antis in general who just didn't like her on principle. There were even dedicated 5th gen antis who thought they were getting a free ride, since they started with over 100k subs, when the earlier gens had to work their way up from practically none in comparison. Their consensus was that Aloe didn't deserve her popularity and would be the easiest to break. They dredged up her past and shared it with the others.

Delu isn't, and never was, seiso. There's a reason she picked a succubus. When she was a horny teenager with more hormones than foresight, she made a load of tweets about sex (now deleted). Since she was supposed to be a singer, there were a bunch of idol fanatics among the vtuber and hololive fandoms who simply could not accept her for her openness about sex and the existence of her (ex-)boyfriend. Even though, as Narukami put it, if you're expecting seiso from a succubus, there's something wrong with you.

The other main factor was that on a long-forgotten stream several years prior, Delu claimed that a Nijisanji member had retired due to doxxing and harassment. From the perspective of listeners, it was a pretty big rrat being presented as if it were a fact. She also mentioned that the same happening to her was one of her deepest fears. She also went on to mention that some vtuber companies place enormous restrictions on their talents, (one example given was not being able to have a boyfriend). At the time noone really cared, and noone had really seen the video except her own fans. She never name-dropped Nijisanji when talking about this, but Nijisanji fanatics who'd been angered by the rrat assumed she was referring to Nijisanji.

When MASS started their support campaign, the antis only intensified their attacks, feeling they now had someone to fight against.

Even that wasn't enough to break her. That is, if it wasn't for the biggest anti of all, Kusodad. He made the harassment she got from the above 3 groups pale in comparison, and who threatened her into quitting her dream job simply because he was annoyed by the antis phone calls. Now with her dreams crushed, the antis still calling, kusodad in a foul mood, and nowhere online to escape to, Delu took the only way out she thought she had left. Thankfully for us, her shit luck in life extended to her attempts to end it, and she didn't manage to even break a bone.

The "as long as you're alive, there's possibility" message from Botan was ominous then, and even more so in hindsight.
Nijifags dug up a video to get other nijifags and unicorns pissed at aloe, then spent half a year harassing her with home calls, threats, and by riling up her irresponsible/abusive dad.

No, they were Niji fans. The "unicorn" part was mostly an excuse. The "problem" was that before Hololive, she talked about hearing from a friend that Niji was a black company with lots of bullying going on internally. Niji fans thus harassed her, sometimes using some of the tweets she made before hololive that reeked virginity to somehow make her pass for a whore. I can't tell if you've fallen for their tactics or are one of them.
The fun part is, some time after her graduation, the Roa bullying was revealed and led to Roa not streaming for a few months (although from what I heard the bullied girl wasn't exactly truthful either).
Niji antis have always been really aggressive against Hololive, while the opposite isn't true. This doesn't mean that all of Niji is bad or anything like that, but Aloe's graduation was first and foremost due to Niji antis.

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Yeah, all me.

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Meme from a stream, he didn't know the context and enthusiastically told chat he was winning when asked. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hkfaCoNBciE

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Coco did more on her own to influence any decision management might have made about her interactions with the other talents than the chink spammers ever could. Her behaviour post-graduation is a testament to that. In this one case it's way better to let people draw their own conclusions from what happened than blindly assume she did nothing wrong.

Viewer in chat asked him "are you winning son?" and he replied in English with "yes, I am winning son!".

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why did i laugh at this

>> No.12259031

Someone asked "Are you winning, son?" in his chat, but because his english isn't great he responded "Yes! I am winning son!"

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I wish we can just make a newfag general for questions like these but then again newfags will still make newthreads

>> No.12259066

There already is one, it’s called the archive

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A "rep" or repetitions are a single movement in a set of movements

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BS on coco. She was clearly blocked from interacting with the EN girls by management. And if she did end up collabing with a JP the spammers would destroy her partners chat (See flare's minecraft stream for why flare is a badass). The isolation plus her want to do more and more crazy content that kept getting shut down lead her to leave due to creative differences. She got way too big for the content she likes to make and too much money was on the line.

>> No.12259161

So she tried to break into the wrong market after a history of saying stupid shit and got punished for it.

>> No.12259261

Coco was isolated by Omegacuck, because he was jealous of the rrat that attributed EN's existence to Coco. The moment Coco was gone, he got himself into the Hololive canon and was quick to say he was the very first EN staff, and was there from its inception.

>> No.12259282

What is this thread?

>> No.12259311

Half of Holos has past like this

>> No.12259333

what does oshi, seiso, teetee, chama, and yoisho mean

>> No.12259390

I'm aware of all of that which basically boils down to she didn't want to listen to what her bosses told her to do anymore. Pretending it was anything more than that is gachikoi behaviour that is ignoring the full context of the situation. Don't tell people who weren't there what to think, present the facts to them and let them draw their own conclusions. Coco was not at all forthcoming with her explanations for leaving, if she was I would be more inclined to believe she didn't do anything wrong. But that fact coupled with again, her behaviour as KSON makes that impossible for me.

>> No.12259392

For the newfags 5ch listened to the audio and found that Towa was teaming in Apex with her male friends on discord. She pissed off nearly everyone (idolfags, 5ch and tourists) by lying about the male voices lol

>> No.12259479

>I'm aware of all of that which basically boils down to she didn't want to listen to what her bosses told her to do anymore.


>> No.12259550

oshi = your best girl the one you will watch over all others
seiso = calm/pure basically traditional idolness
teetee = heartwarming moments between vtubers
-chama = haato's special suffix for her name, -chan + -sama
yoisho = would need context don't know it

>> No.12259584

You think so? Go ahead and name some of them then.
Oshi is roughly "favourite character" or waifu for a western equivalent
Seiso is roughly "pure", like an ideal idol
Teetee is a colloquialism for two people who get along really well "OkaKoro (Okayu and Korone) teetee"
Chama here is a passive aggressive suffix when you're calling someone a retard, originally in Japanese it's just a bastardization of the respectful suffix "-sama"
Yoisho is just something Japanese say absentmindedly when they're doing something, think "heave-ho"

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Tomari is more feminine that a lot of women, so no. In fact, he achieved the unachievable and became the little girl.

>> No.12259698

The question was what happened to her. She left because she didn't like what the bosses were having her do (or not do). She was not allowed to collab with the EN girls, and was put in an isolation box. That is the context and backdrop for what happened. She became toxic to the brand and decided to not renew her contract.

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"yoisho" is what your oshi will say when she's straddling you.

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>Tatsunokos seething because Coco's suspicious behaviour is rightfully being scrutinized by people who aren't biased towards her
>Tatsunokos seething that Polka actually uses her creative freedom to create interesting content and their oshi became a panty-flasher
>Tatsunokos seething that their oshi lied about being uncomfortable around men and is now constantly trying to collab with every single one that enters her field of view
I will continue to add to this list as time goes on. Please look forward to it.

>> No.12259887

+1 social credit exp

>> No.12259936

Talents were attacked by chink antis before and after Coco. If you really think that was the sole reason she was (allegedly) isolated from the rest of the company you need to think about it just a little harder.

>> No.12259976

Who is the top Holo who directs how things are done nowadays?

It seemed to be Sora then Fubuki then Korone then maybe Pekora? Coco seemed to be pretty influential prior to the incident but I think that's because she was very proactive with the staff.

Also HoloEN despite pulling in tonnes of subs seem to have very little influence. Like feck all merchandise and their events seem kinda cheap. I get not all of them are in Japan but still.

>> No.12259978

Which 20? Most Holos count as losses.

>> No.12260064

Believe it or not the Hololive fanbase both jp and en liked the CEO of SEX her sex shitposts were too fucking funny. Too bad jp nijifag schizos on NND and Futaba doxxed and harassed her for talking about Chitose and Nijisanji.

>> No.12260145

Your top 20 favorite holos

>> No.12260173

Oh I understand now. You are too new and weren't here for it. Either that or you are being ignorant on purpose trying to bait me, but i'll gladly takeit. Saying that she was attacked like other holos or even other streamers is just wrong. The antis were obsessed and technologically capable. They were programming spam bots designed to evade youtube chat limitations. Youtube ended up using her channel as a test bed for new moderation tactics. Simply talking to another holo would result in the bots being pointed to their chats as well.

>> No.12260264

What do Search to get more results on Polka janitor yab?

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Aqua slapped YAGOO's knees in front of Choco the other day, japanese law dictates she's the ringleader now

>> No.12260301

Pekora and Choco fucked off from Bilibili after they sperged out on them.
Coco wanted to put out content like the hanged kanata in the forest skit and management said no youtube doesn't fuck around with that shit.

>> No.12260306


>> No.12260432

>Towa tends to obsess over her antis and forgets to appreciate people who actually like her.
Only clipfags could think this, which probably is 90% of this board desu.

>> No.12260480

Does Hololive care that much if talent streams off their roommates channel? I noticed Coco did a little few while she was still active on Hololive.
I miss Gura's old alco goblin roommate

>> No.12260604

They are allowed to stream on roomate channels, but they have to keep their vtuber self secret. Matsuri and Noel still stream frequently on their old channels. Kiara had one stream for her birthday. They usually keep using their old twitters as well. It's up to the user if they want to kill off their prior personalities uploads or not.

>> No.12260626

Miko and Subaru are my favorites, and they're worth 20 other Holos.

>> No.12260669

I love them, but that's not how that works.

>> No.12260680

Well they got FUCKED

>> No.12260899

Lol no if they did do you think they would let them get away with erotic asmr, showing gravure shots, and other things.

>> No.12260919

Oh no.

>> No.12261032

Has any holo sung a song by Tom Jones

>> No.12261053

I meant keep posting content on their old vtubing channel. I'd imagine hololive or most places wouldn't be cool with onlyfans or that sort of thing.

>> No.12261068

They kinda do tho. Holo thought ASMR was going to be the next big thing and poached some sexual asmr people. They still have their channels going.

>> No.12261148

Coco would post things sparingly when she was preparing to leave using her old vtuber avatar. Other than that I don't think any of them do. Very few of them have prior vtuber experience.

>> No.12261196

Why do some fags here say oishi? Is it just to write it wrong for pissing some people off's sake or is there something more to it?

>> No.12261209

this board gave me a piss fetish

>> No.12261245

They write it wrong because they mix it up with oishii

>> No.12261427

I'm imagining some guy going in and out of Roberu's bar while wearing different holo-girls outfits and wigs, both of them thinking they're getting away with murder.

>> No.12261546

I'm not new but this has always bewildered me.
Why the fuck, does 4chan refer to the girls irl personas as "roommates". That's the most reddit terminology I've ever heard. If someone tried to introduce that terminology now they'd get hundreds of (you)s telling them to "go back".
That kind of flowery, metaphorical "le secret club words" usually gets shit on here

>> No.12261685

Nine out of ten people you see ever telling anyone to "go back" are either idiots, trying too hard to fit in, or both.

>> No.12261707

It’s supposed to be a loophole that prevents the jannies from banning you but I don’t think it works anymore.

>> No.12262040

I like how this board is trying to be elitist when majority of self-proclaimed oldfags have got into Hololive back in the summer 2020 or with Myth release and this thread really shows it

>> No.12262234

a useful phrases that is used primarily when shitposter don't have anything to back up their claims with

>> No.12262452

>I've been watching women talk about frivolous things for longer than you have
Chuuba elitism is something else.

>> No.12262950

Ive never once wrote Oshi on this board
It's amazing how you can set off autistic basement dwellers with the littlest of things

>> No.12263002

Kinda does. Haven't been banned or warned for it in months.

>> No.12263066

>spoonfeed thread
all posters (except me) in this thread are massive raging homosexuals

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>They're not, it's a joke
That's what /become/ said in the beginning too, anon....

>> No.12264884

>Thankfully for us, her shit luck in life extended to her attempts to end it, and she didn't manage to even break a bone.
That's pretty damn lucky considering she tried to jump off her balcony from what I've heard here.

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>spoonfeed thread

>> No.12265407

What the fuck is going on in /wvt/ threads both here and on /trash/? I tried reading through 6 or so threads on both boards but it reads like highschool drama bullshit with people who've already known each other for a while gossiping about each other

>> No.12265410

OP is a fag, once again.

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what did Jitomi Monoe do to get axed?

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what did aqua do wrong to get 100x the antis that Coco did?
i figured incels were upset when she cited mental health right *before* her break started instead of explaining after she came back, but the ratio she gets to this day seems a bit much.

>> No.12265633

Nothing was ever confirmed or leaked. Just a bunch of random made up stories. It was a severe breach of contract whatever it was.

>> No.12265821

Aqua's anti's are due to her leaving bilibili. Hololive also had practically deputised one of her fangroups for consistantly subbing for her over there into chinese, they were cut off as well. She had a large chinese fanbase. After the taiwan yabe the brand became toxic in mainland CN and they had to make some decisions that lead to them leaving CN entirely.

>> No.12266029

assuming less than 1/2 of this isn't rrat for once, damn, no wonder the birthrate is so low in japan if the men are this fucking psychotic over absolutely nothing.

>> No.12266297

Delu has lots of mental problems. She took a long break for the 5th gen 1 year recently as well.

>> No.12266446

>what did aqua do wrong
She literally enabled them, her first yab during that Abadango shit had her making a FORTY FIVE MINUTES apology video, and from then on vtuber antis knew she was an easy target. People don't really hate her, its just that its so easy and fun to break her

>> No.12266602

thanks, ive had this question for ages, but what does oishi mean

>> No.12266778

literally means tasty, on here it's just people purposefully misspelling oshi, which means your favorite streamer

>> No.12267181

they weren't in her house you nigger they were on discord

>> No.12267315

>People don't really hate her, its just that its so easy and fun to break her
This is so sad

>> No.12267341
File: 7 KB, 227x222, 1635199914351.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What does it mean when a chuuba reaches x%? Percent of what?

>> No.12267483
File: 73 KB, 231x233, Caught masturbating.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What do you do if your chosen Oshi turns out to be a dude?

>> No.12267552

You're not Lamy

>> No.12267558

reference to how calli said she only considers hololive 5% of her activities
i think you know the answer, self terminate senpai

>> No.12267665
File: 680 KB, 800x1170, 1628740485471.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12267703

>People don't really hate her
There’s actually a surprisingly big amount who do because she gets a lot of projects

>> No.12267812

Ayt, perfect thread
Why do you guys enjoy GFE? I'd rather watch them enjoy games, sing and shit tbqh

>> No.12267833

It means that I can't back up my rrat but you should still believe that it is real

>> No.12267837

There are other Holos who get as much projects or even more and they dont get harassed as bad as her anon.

>> No.12267892

nigga just think, because it's as close as some will get to having a gf, ie, cope

>> No.12267958

I just wanted to mention it because there used to be a lot of vtuber matome threads about preferential treatment.

>> No.12268315

>reference to how calli said she only considers hololive 5% of her activities
Something she never actually said, for the record.

>> No.12268348

ogey deadbrap, cope and seethe elsewhere.

>> No.12268381

Akutan has a few different groups of antis. Someone already mentioned the chinese and the ones who just wanna make fun of her. She also has Apex schizos and newfags who don't know anything about her but just see that her streams are very infrequent at moment and pile on her as well.
Basically it's a lot of small groups that together make it look bigger than it really is. Her fanbase is extremely dedicated and as someone who has Aqua as my Oshi I can say we'd go to the ends of the earth to support her.

>> No.12268403

What do you think GFE is? I get it from watching them enjoy games, sing and shit too. It's not (just) chuubas staring at the screen and saying they'll marry you and to never watch anyone else.

Basically this >>12267892. It's about being affectionate and sharing hobbies and listening to her talk about random shit. A girlfriend wouldn't spend all of her time telling you she loves you, or at least I think she wouldn't, I never had one.

>> No.12268498

What happened on that fateful night between Peko and Miko?

>> No.12268546

Ame's singing sucks. How the fuck did she get through audition?

>> No.12268563

Aquafags(especially those with roommate knowledge), is your oshi really, pardon me, retarded? I can understand moonrunes, I did my reps, but hearing stories from holos I watched, she sounds legit retarded that it makes me worried about her despite not even watching her a lot

>> No.12268605

la creatividad

>> No.12268633

Can someone explain where the PERSON Love thing came from? I'm assuming it was a popular clip, but I've never seen the clip.

>> No.12268713

/hlg/ copypasta counting the days since Aloe graduated that ends with ALOE LOVE.

>> No.12268777

It's not part of the requirements
See : Choco, Noel, Coco

>> No.12268824

She's socially impaired. But she's not retarded, just a bit slow in everything that isn't what she loves doing.

>> No.12269041

Why does Subaru hate Christians so much?

>> No.12269198

Why do the roommates wear gloves? What are they hiding? Is Pekora a nigger?

>> No.12269199

Both threads are used to promote and circlejerk about some indietubers that are /here/ in said threads. They end up forming weird little cliques and acting up.

>> No.12269302

Raised as one
So you don't jerk off to their bare skin

>> No.12269321

Because she's a cunt.

>> No.12269700

I detect the presence of f*males

>> No.12269846

Many people here a actually agree with you and hate that rule. Me included.

>> No.12270208

She was a popular twitch streamer

>> No.12270279

>What's with the no talking about the actual irl girls rule? I thought this was 4chan the last bastion of free speech on the internet
I have no idea. Its one thing to ban actual dox-ish private life shit, but another to ban discussion of public roommate accounts

>> No.12270290

It's because we're not allowed to talk about their past. So when the board was first created it was used as a loophole and now it's just stuck.

>> No.12270477
File: 155 KB, 413x382, 1635569088427.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't get it, isn't watamelon just Watame photoshopped onto a watamelon?

>> No.12270496


>> No.12270882
File: 224 KB, 1200x1000, E_5U-AXVQA0WBy9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They may not be, but I am.

>> No.12270969
File: 30 KB, 320x304, 1591326096007.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How even dare you.

>> No.12271037

Why did Kronii become a vtuber if she hates streaming?

>> No.12271157

It's the only good rule. It's already fucking annoying enough as is. Do you want this board to be even more gossip drama shits?

>> No.12271287

Easier for a good streamer to get better at singing than a good singer to get better at streaming.

>> No.12271498

You dont need to be a good singer for people to enjoy Karaoke, you just need to be a good enough streamer for people to have formed an emotional connection to you

>> No.12271599

Back in the /jp/ days anons would get banned for talking about their previous lives so they started calling it their roommates so meidos wouldn't ban them.

>> No.12271658

Something like exercise reps, I think.

>> No.12271680

hololive isn't about singing

>> No.12271683

Easy money.

>> No.12271693

It's a misspelling of rapes
*reps you*

>> No.12271734
File: 704 KB, 1280x720, 1596084036212.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Three other details:
- It is an especially smug Watame.
- It also has the wool pigtail things from one of the sheep pokemons.
- Watame (unintentionally) first acknowledged the meme on a really chaotic day.

Specifically the archive holo-caust, late July 2020, where talents had the majority of their archives hidden, and many never returned. It was a response to permission "issues", but was executed in the classic Cover style: completely bungled. No messaging beforehand, no comment during, most of the girls didn't seem to even know it was happening. Just managers or higher-ups hiding videos as fast as they could, one at a time, with no warning. Even many non-gaming streams were hidden.

Various fan communities were in a panic, trying to archive streams, compare notes on what had been saved and lost, and generally wondering if it was the end of hololive, etc. A few hours into the chaos, Watame releases this "Watame-lon Rap" video:

She didn't intend it this way, but in that moment it had a feeling of "fiddling while Rome burned".

>> No.12271770

I come to this website for unfiltered truths
Who's behind the voice gives perspective to whatever narrative trying to be told by them or by anons
This site is already 90% gossip, 9% simping and 1% everything else

>> No.12271855

>unfiltered truths
Just another schizo lol

>> No.12271886

Kek, sounds like you are just another doxnigger.

>> No.12272067

>I come to this website for unfiltered truths
>t. i'm retarded

>> No.12272148

Streaming to tens of thousands of people gives her actual anxiety, she’s doing her best to slow her growth and cope with the popularity she has.

>> No.12272212

Yes, it is

>> No.12272226
File: 1.65 MB, 1255x715, the final yab[sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2Fck0xgd.ogg].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

turn back before it's too late

>> No.12272432

You seem to have no clue what that means. Sasuga underage scum with no real world experience. Enjoy being a sheep for the rest of your life.

>> No.12272542

Been here since year one. I survived Puddi and Ponies and a bunch of influx from cnn articles, attention whores, elections and star wars films. I truly am here forever. Most of this board will be gone in two years.

>> No.12272624
File: 240 KB, 467x468, kanataFACE.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I made this thread as a joke expecting people to ask questions and then be called faggot by everyone, i return and see it gained traction and became spoonfeeding general, i may be a little dumb.

>> No.12272701


>> No.12272744


>> No.12272819

Jej what a faggot

>> No.12273176

50% chance of not being called a faggot for asking dumb shit is a cause for concern.

>> No.12273280
File: 260 KB, 345x354, 1630470934686.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any Risu stuff other than her being here? Prisuners are REALLY tight lipped about members talk. I hear she is going through a lot but not much gets leaked. I also heard someone leaked something very important from her member stream a while ago and she got really mad. Any idea on what that was?

>> No.12273349


>> No.12273930
File: 478 KB, 466x466, Full retard.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>a little dumb

>> No.12273990


>> No.12274057

It's almost time for squirrels to hibernate for the winter so she is preparing for nonstop nut november where she gets really fat.

>> No.12274680

She recently talked about how she thinks anons that ask for details about her member streams are ginormous faggots who should finish their fucking nut jar stories instead of wasting time shitposting or writing gay sex.

>> No.12277337

Idol Culture with RL people is stupidly fucked up and toxic. When it starts to cross over into the internet it gets worse.
Remember Kanata had the Beat the Meat game where she was going psychotic because an Idol she liked was daring to Get Married
Not sure if it was entirely a work but after that 2 day going completely dark.

>> No.12279253


>> No.12279572

Why is spoonfeeding so demonized?

>> No.12280466

Answering the same questions is tiring and people want to deter anyone who isn't already in the know off.

>> No.12280612

why are all vtubers lesbians

>> No.12280760

Most girls of prime vtubing age have some level of bi curiosity these days. It just turns out lesbians are highly profitable, whereas admitting you like dick will get you shunned by purityfags.

>> No.12280843

Why are prisuners like this?

>> No.12281240

There are less than 5 prisuners /here/ and they all snitch on each other when someone leaks shit, no one cares enough to ars member to find out lol

>> No.12281575

No, it's 100%, faggot

>> No.12282262
File: 1.45 MB, 512x512, 1631817412940.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Look man it's not my fault people spoonfed instead of calling newfags faggot, glad to see you have the spirit tho!

>> No.12283131

So she isn't even a whore?

>> No.12284757

Why do Russians like Botan so much?

>> No.12284863

She was made for them. Russians like white haired anime girls, stoicism, Adidas and FPSs.

>> No.12284939

Design. And she likes FPS. Russians & Russian clippers attract more Russians.

>> No.12285049

Lurk more and you’ll figure it out eventually

>> No.12285091
File: 335 KB, 463x453, 1625921787803.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know exactly where ogey and rrat come from. But why did that start to mean what it means now? How does it go from Pekora saying something to this?

>> No.12285122

ancientfags don't exist.

>> No.12285152

No, but she's a smoker so even more disgusting.

>> No.12285216

How did the tribalism between holo and niji start?

>> No.12285300

Was that babiniku that posted a recording of himself jerking off on /a/ the first vtuber?

>> No.12285355

See >>12257261

>> No.12285381

First internet meme? Internet culture just does that, anon.

>> No.12285397

>two companies competing in the same industry
That's literally all you need.

>> No.12285805

Niji fanbase bully others. Them getting attacked back by Hololive fans is revenge.

>> No.12285858


>> No.12286049

why does ina always say "Oh yeah?"
why does ko'one always say "You be? You be?"

>> No.12286334
File: 1.23 MB, 1920x968, you won't get them back.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Verbal tic.
"指" (yubi).

>> No.12286387

what does she want with my fingers

>> No.12286575

I mean it's one thing to be spoonfed but at least google a bit

>> No.12286609

but this is the spoonfeeding thread

>> No.12286693

whatever, have my favorite korone clip

>> No.12286741

Aside from the other reasons given it's also part of the gatekeeping done to keep board culture along with the board terminologies to spot outsiders.

>> No.12286889

Lmao shut the fuck up dumb doxxnigger, last thing we need is more nosey faggots like you prying into their IRL actives
Imagine going to /v/ and instead of talking about videogames you want to talk about shit going on the dev's personal life

>> No.12287021

that's a normal day at /v/

>> No.12287113

I thought kiara started the term when she was talking about her old coworkers calling her "roommate" asking what was kiara's job since she ditched her old career. It's been nearly a year so it's a little foggy.

>> No.12287209

This is objectively a good thing.

>> No.12287266

how do we stop this orange yabmachine

>> No.12287442

Who stands to benefit from the spread of the idea that female chuubas are just e-girls(Macchiality)?

>> No.12287527

People who enjoy schadenfreude.

>> No.12287544


>> No.12287643

female nips on twitter

>> No.12288128

"Narrative" was commonly in use on /jp/ long before /vt/ existed. It appears to have been imported from other /jp/ discussion threads in which narratives feature as a regular topic (Touhou is obviously a popular choice).

Rrat's association with narrative began on June 20th, 2020 https://warosu.org/jp/thread/S24334251#p24335366

Ogey as a response to a rrat began much earlier, on June 6th, 2020 https://warosu.org/jp/thread/S24141506#p24143116

https://archive.nyafuu.org/vt/thread/24/ The 24th post on /vt/ was ogey. The 76th post was rrat. https://archive.nyafuu.org/vt/thread/48/#76

>> No.12288199

Thank you for the information. I was not expecting something this in-depth. I always wondered which came first narrative or rrat.

>> No.12288233

This is spoonfeed general, i like it, about time some of you faggots stop with the secret club shit and just give information straight up

>> No.12288313

The general approach to shirking newfags has its merits. Don’t blame me should a wave of would-be’s start using the abundant information in ways that lead to the total degradation of the board.

>> No.12288363

Adding to that even if COVER did managed to get everything sorted and make all the videos public again Subaru in particular is fucked since her manager accidentally deleted all of the videos instead of privatizing them

>> No.12288634

>What are they hiding?
Unironically themselves. They don't want to give more hints to potential doxx autists about their roommate looks than necessary. So anons like to bring up the case of a japanese idol being doxxed, because someone managed to identify the train that mirrored in her eyes on a photo she took.

In some cases it might be arguably useless as people already know their roommate. So I suppose it's also to avoid too much distraction from the character immersion. For example Kiara.

>> No.12288744

Man you guys are deep diggers.

>> No.12288760

newfag here, what the fuck is GFE?

>> No.12288800

>All those (you)s
>Not a single informative answer
Fucking prisuners

>> No.12288903

...yes I am new.
Why does /vt/ hate frogposting so much?

>> No.12288918

And considering they have been cases of stalking, threatening calls and in rare cases home invasions/attacks of idols/ecelebs there's a big reason to take measures to try and hide who you are.
Last thing anyone wants is a legit schizo finding your oshi and killing them because they refused the loonie's marriage proposal or an Anti just KoAni's the place they live at.

>> No.12288923

It is the ONE positive thing about this shithole.

>> No.12288955

It's part of the divide between the anime and non-anime boards. Anime boards use anime reaction images and Pepe is not one.

>> No.12288959

girlfriend experience

someone who pretends to be your girlfriend for money.

>> No.12288976

I see, ty.

>> No.12289151

Ogey egg

>> No.12289339

Where did I in my post mention watching chuubas? I'm mainly talking about how things mentioned in this thread are either inaccurate or flat out wrong.

>> No.12290032

I'm here, am I not? Only took a two year break in 2008-2010 bc I normalfagged hard

>> No.12290140

/vt/ is a shithole but frogposting boards are even worse. just look at /biz/

>> No.12290179

False equivalency exposes your dishonesty or dumbness
Also you dont know what doxx means
You truly are underage, aren't you?

>> No.12290231

>I'm here, am I not?
Oh ok you exist that means you're telling the truth.
>Verification not required.

>> No.12290241

You fit right in here in the newfag thread. Great work anonchama.

>> No.12290428

Why are most Holo so busy to the point where their bodies breakdown or they can't find the time to stream? All they do is sitting in front of a computer and talk to their viewers.

>> No.12290543

What's the story behind Ayame phone posting?

>> No.12290615

Carpal tunnel is a thing, and most of them voice acts when streaming to the point they destroy their throat. Plus most of them dont eat properly except Towa.

>> No.12290900

Japanese nijifans are actual schizos who attack the Hololive girls, and even their own livers, at will. They harassed and made Korone cry over game permissions, mass report Hololive videos to get them taken down and noticed by the respective company, make and circulate out of context jokes to get the girls in trouble and doxxed and harassed Aloe. If you think the tribalism is bad here the nips on 5ch are 10x worse.

>> No.12290967

no only the undertale videos were actually deleted, which we have the archives of.

>> No.12291061

But yeah the Nintendo shit is allegedly done by nips Nijifags

>> No.12291626

It's just a dumb meme, extending from anime girls looking at edited in phones as a reaction image.

>> No.12291787

That retard is vtuber anti in general, his earliest twitter post is shitting about the rise of vtuber (Niji and Holo)

>> No.12291886

E-girls, obtaining acceptance since they are just vtubers without the v.

>> No.12292024

Bitch plz, this board is already degraded to the earth's core.

>> No.12292234

Tell me about Polka, why does she wear the mask?

>> No.12293287

That implies that there was ever any merit to this shithole to begin with.

>> No.12293868

Global is usually happy to spoonfeed so long as you're not asking for doxx or something truly retarded and obvious.

>> No.12294012

The original true reason is that she didn't want people in later gens to refer to her as "senpai", she thought it was fucking weird having women in their 20s call her that when she was still in school. It becoming a whole "other personality" is just her playing around with fan lore, though in her own words "Akai Haato" is "dead" because her early persona was her nervously playing a role, and her current persona is more a reflection of her actual self, though obviously she brings back the character of "Akai Haato" now and again.

>> No.12294100
File: 7 KB, 300x168, come on now.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Her behaviour post-graduation is a testament to that.

>> No.12294107

couldn't she just ask to be called something else instead of going full schizo

>> No.12294335

>Remember Kanata had the Beat the Meat game where she was going psychotic because an Idol she liked was daring to Get Married
Don't really pay attention to Kanata and never really have. How psychotic are we talking? /vt/ has a tendency to exaggerate.

>> No.12294457

>This is so sad
Tbh, a lot of things in the vtuber fandom are. Sometimes I see screencaps showing the sheer extent of the dedication and lunacy of some antis on twitter and discord I just think to myself "how the fuck did you end up like this?" That's not even thinking about the vtubers themselves, or the 5ch antis that make the ones here look tame in comparision.

>> No.12294611

oshi means the one you support, not necessarily your fav. for example, my oshis (plural) are kiara and ame, but my fav is korone - since I don't speak japanese and she doesn't have live TLs, I don't have a membership and I don't prioritize korone's streams outside of special events or games I actually like - I will watch her some of the time, but not if Ame or Kiara is on, for example. I'm membered to both Ame and Kiara and watch them as frequently as I can. Contrary to popular belief /here/ - and especially in global - you can have multiple oshis.

>> No.12294708

I can tolerate a certain level of GFE so long as it's not the streamer's main thing, but I actually have a girlfriend, so chuubas that lean into it heavily just really aren't for me. I can understand lonely poor NEETs, recovering / delusional incels and overworked salarymen being into it though - hell as a teenager I imagine it would have led me down a dark path.

>> No.12294788


>> No.12294889

The no doxxing rule generally is pretty much a legal requirement for 4chan at this point due to shit 4chan used to do in the past and the legal consequencies of said shit. The way in which it is interpreted on /vt/ these days is very much on the heavy-handed side, but desu I think the board would be completely intolerable if schizos were just allowed to constantly post certain images of a certain austrian fomer cosplayer, for example.

>> No.12295038

they should ban all kson fans tbdesu

>> No.12295092

>>All those (you)s
>>Not a single informative answer
Prisuners are extremely based, I wish KFP could be more like this.

>> No.12295134

Japanese Otaku are both schizo and extremely childish. Anons on 4chan have been trying to larp as them since the earliest days.

>> No.12295196

Depends how you define vtuber. Definitely an interesting candidate.

>> No.12295288

annoying orange-senpai was the first

>> No.12295376

I mean, it's Haachama we're talking about it.

>> No.12295397

While it probably was a bit done after she had already sorted her feelings on the issue, it did feature her yelling like a deranged gachikoi about it. Here's a sample: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZbZX2CR6b2Y

>> No.12295517

...That's clearly just a bit, anon. Quite funny actually.

>> No.12295662

What does oruyanke mean?
>it's Fubuki's mascot
There's another meaning, which I've never been able to discern.

>> No.12296041

5 minutes in google
open wide

>> No.12296259 [DELETED] 

Akai Haato is never truly "dead". The only times she say that is when she's making a joke for the EN audience or as a part of her lore's storyline. Whenever she answers the question of "Is Akai Haato dead?" seriously, she always say she's alive or "in her heart". It's the same reason why Haato is said to be immortal in her lore.

Because that would be fucking boring.

>> No.12296382

why was this deleted

>> No.12297295

Due to weird nip seniority rules, it would've been ignored. Regardless of actual age, Akai Haato is a senior holo.

>> No.12297422

fubuki convinced marine to call her fubuki-chan instead of fubuki-senpai
it's not a law and she won't be assassinated by yagoo's ninjas

>> No.12297833
File: 530 KB, 2362x2700, 1629745897443.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How did Pekora become the top tier numberbunny that she is now? I know that she used to be the bottom tier in gen 3, but considering the fact that:
>She never had a huge blowout clip like Miko's ark boat, Gura's A, Fubuki's scatman.
>She streams alot but there are others who streams even more.
>Also checking her minecraft stream history, she never even streamed alot of minecraft compared to flare.
Was it all just pure comedic luck that pulled her?

>> No.12297918
File: 183 KB, 2048x1579, Usada construction.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She got huge boosts from clips, specially the usada kensetsu ones from hololive moments when she started experimenting with TNT and cannons

>> No.12297954

The irony is she's been called Haachama-senpai by at least a handful of ENs and IDs.

>> No.12298293

Why do they all play Minecraft but never touch Terraria?

>> No.12298386

you can't build oppai statues in terraria

>> No.12300944
File: 14 KB, 277x296, 1609002809877.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

as what the others said, male voice during an apex game, in the end it was a friend in discord. jp idolfags gets mad. she takes a break for a week and during that, kaigainiki saviorfags embargo came, i was one of them. ever since then she has the most foreign viewers out of all the jp holos, nowadays she can collab with male chuubas fine and no one bats an eye. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=keiASYyFeyY&t=1s

>> No.12301077

They have touched terraria in the past, coco for example. but it has proven to be a bit too grindy and collaborating is hard since they dont have a dedicated server. terraria itself doesnt really provide the same sandbox building experience as minecraft does since there's still progression to be made like defeating bosses and exploring biomes.

>> No.12301147

>Prisuners are REALLY tight lipped about members talk
one thing for sure anonchama is while this place is infamous for doxxbeats, no one is going to spoonfeed you membership-only posts.

>> No.12301212

who's making the next spoonfeed general so i can kick newfags here

>> No.12301303

Do we actually have source on this?

>> No.12301463

Most of the holos are jampacked with voice trainin, dance lessons and meetings.
>sitting in front of a computer and talk to their viewers
can you keep talking for 2+ hours with little dead air as possible and entertain a ton of people while playing or whatever you're doing on stream almost everyday?

>> No.12301497

DONTA, no anon she doesnt.

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