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Hey, I need help with my Noel. She's gentle nature and has mostly defense EVs. How do I get Sacred Sword on her again?

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Sacred Sword was an event-only move, you're fucked.

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God fucking dammit. I don't want to use Brick Break like a pleb.

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>She's gentle nature

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I can gen you one with that move, if you want.

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Oh yeah, that would be sweet. Could you give her Extreme Speed and an adamant nature too?

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Is Mio breedable? Left her with the ditto but I've got no eggs so far.

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Noel is a menhera, please understand. She was quite abusive to her older brother growing up.

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Is Fauna better as a Chlorophyll sweeper on a sun team or should I just run her with her Grassy Terrain HA on a balanced team instead? If I do the former, is Harvest Mumei a good partner for her? If the later, should I run support or mixed offense AV?

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You're supposed to do it yourself anonchama.

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>younger sister abusing older brother
is this some kind of joke

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Extreme Speed and Sacred Sword are two separate events, you'll get caught and banned for sure. Besides ES Noel is nature locked into Naughty anyway.

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I'm still butthurt the V-Create Rayquaza was a Japan-only event.

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And Myth for completion's sake.

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>Elite 4 Mumei (Rock)
>Elite 4 Fauna (Grass)
>Elite 4 Kronii (Steel)
>Elite 4 Sana (Psychic)
>Champion Baelz (Baton Pass focused team)

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>Elite 4 Mori (Dark)
>Elite 4 Ina (Psychic)
>Elite 4 Kiara (Fire)
>Elite 4 Gura (Water)
>Champion Watson (Mostly Normal)

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>Elite 4 Ina (Dark)
>Elite 4 Gura (Water)
>Elite 4 Calliope (Ghost)
>Elite 4 Kiara (Fire)
>Champion Ame (Normal)

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Fuck you Smogon.

Misleading twats.

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Fauna can learn Grassy Glide, which basically makes her a better Rillaboom.

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>She was quite abusive to her older brother
do you mean sexual assault?

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>ywn get sexually assaulted and abued by your big titted younger sister

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>OP makes cute pokemon-themed thread
>manic /vt/ goers turn it into a rrat thread

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Being a brat is now bullying according to /vt/...

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Thinking of an earthquake user to pair with one of the holobirds for doubles. Should I use Okayu or Polka?

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Neither, because Ame exists.

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Equip the cow horns.They give her a free gore attack and a passive heal for other party members.

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Many such cases!

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>Gura already the most popular pick for OU
>GF gives her Power Whip and Agility so she can sweep now in addition abusing to her usual scarf set
I hope she gets fishious rend next gen so we can finally ban her. I'm tired of seeing her everywhere. "Shark of Healthy Meta" my ass.

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Gura being the Tyranitar of this scenario pleases me.

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man now i miss gen 3 rom hacks

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Anyone else remember those old Gen I playground rumors? Beat the Elite 4 50 times. Then use item finder on every tile of Cerulean Cave to find the key to Bill's garden, where you could find and capture a Hitomi Chris? Crazy what you'd believe as a dumb kid.

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Anyone knows how or where to find Ayame? Is Ayame event only?

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she is being reran pretty often, pretty much every single patch cycle

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Can anyone trade me a "proud of its power" Korone?

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she has a 1/255 encounter rate in an area you can only access after completing all braille puzzles

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>Elite 4 Ina (Psychic) featuring Necrozma
>Elite 4 Gura (Water) featuring Kyogre
>Elite 4 Calliope (Ghost) featuring Yveltal
>Elite 4 Kiara (Fire) featuring Ho-Oh
>Champion Amelia (Normal) featuring Mewtwo

>Elite 4 Mumei (Normal) featuring Regigigas
>Elite 4 Fauna (Grass) featuring Shaymin
>Elite 4 Kronii (Steel) featuring Dialga
>Elite 4 Sana (Fairy) featuring Palkia
>Champion Baelz (Dark) featuring Giratina

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I found a shiny Sora! What moveset should I run on her?

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It's a once in a month event.

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Not sure what you mean by do it yourself but Ditto is supposed to be able to breed with everything. I guess this is either a bug or Mio just has no eggs.

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>Elite 4 Luna (Fairy)
>Elite 4 Towa (Dark)
>Elite 4 Watame (Normal)
>Elite 4 Kanata (Fighting)
>Champion Coco (Dragon)

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Noel is a weird holomon. For some reason only futanari Noels learn Sacred Sword. Female Noels learn Heal Bell instead.

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What is a good team setup based around Anya?

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Just give it up bro. Your noel will never be comp viable

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Hey, guys, what about that new Amelia regional form? Does the ghost typing help and make her OU again?

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Now this is shitposting I can get behind

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Do you have a Mio? Your chance of encountering Ayame increases if you evolve her to Big God Mion.

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I'd put my Sacred Sword on her if you know what I mean.

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Is Coco a ghost user in the remake?

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Anya has some crazy moveset and optimal typing but garbage numbers. Best you can do is fill her with buff games and possibly Leech Views to pass your other holos' stats onto her.

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Coco has gone away and is replaced by Kanata (who's now a Fairy-type user) as the champion. A-chan is an Elite 4 now.

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Mio is like Nidoqueen, you should have bred her when she was on her second stage.

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She has an regional Souchou Form.

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>Elite 4 Tsukishita Kaoru (Fairy)
>Elite 4 Mano Aloe (Dark)
>Elite 4 Kagami Kira (Psychic)
>Elite 4 Kiryu Coco (Dragon)
>Champion Hitomi Chris (Ghost)

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yes but she also uses some steel types now

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>Tried an ingame trade with a NPC for a Pekora.
>Got Baelz instead.
Is this a bug or a translation problem? Gamefreak please.

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Elite Four Azki - Fairy Type - Ace Gardevoir
Elite Four Roboco - Steel Type - Ace Magnezone
Elite Four Miko - Grass Type - Ace Cherrim
Elite Four Suisei - Rock Type - Ace Minior
Champion Sora- Varied Types - Ace Bewear

Elite Four Aki - Need help here, but she dances really well, so maybe Oricorio
Elite Four Mel - Dark/Poison Type - Ace Crobat (Thoug Swoobat fits better)
Elite Four Matsuri - Normal Type - Ace Ditto
Elite Four Haachama - Ghost Type- Ace Mimikyu
Champion Fubuki - Ace Alola Ninetails

Frontier Brain Okayu - Ace Purugly
Frontier Brain Korone - Ace Stowtland
Frontier Brain Mio - Ace Nidoqueen (Since it cant breed)

Elite Four Choco - Poison Type - Ace Salazzle
Elite Four Aqua - Psychic Type - Ace Slowbro (Also an Indeede)
Elite Four Shion - Fairy Type - Ace Hattrem
Elite Four Ayame - Normal Type - Ace Slaking
Champion Subaru - Ace Decidueye

Elite Four Marine - Water Type - Ace Vaporeon
Elite Four Noel - Steel Type - Scavalier
Elite Four Flare - Dark Type - Houndoom
Elite Four Rushia - Ghost Type - Ace Dusknoir
Champion Pekora - Varied, with Normal focus - Lopunny Ace

Elite Four Luna - Fairy Type - Diancie Ace
Elite Four Towa - Dark type - Ace Morpeko
Elite Four Watame - Normal Type - Ace Dubwool
Elite Four Kanata - Fighting Type, but with a few others - Darmanitan Ace
Champion Coco - Dragon/Ghost Type - Dragonite Ace

Elite Four Aloe - Ghost Type - Mismagius Ace
Elite Four Nene - Water Type - Dewgong Ace
Elite Four Polka - Psychic Type - Ace Delphox
Elite Four Lamy - Normal type - Ace Oranguru (It has a bar in the SuMo anime)
Champion Botan - Ace Solgaleo (Also has Inteleon, guns and all)

Frontier Brain Moona - Ace Lunala
Frontier Brain Iofi - Ace Deoxys
Frontier Brain Risu - Ace Greedent
Frontier Brain Reine - Ace Swanna
Frontier Brain Anya - Ace Aegilash
Frontier Brain Ollie - Ace Marowak Alola

Elite Four Kiara - Fire Type - Ace Ho-oh
Elite Four Mori - Dark/Ghost Type - Ace Yveltal
Elite Four Amelia - Normal Type - Celebi Ace
Elite Four Ina - Psychic Type, but octopuses ingeneral - Tentacruel ace (Has a Smeargle)
Champion Gura - Ace Garchomp

Elite Four Fauna - Grass Type - Xerneas
Elite Four Mumei - Normal Type - Noctowl Ace
Elite Four Sana - Psychic Type - Palkia Ace
Elite Four Kronii - Steel Type - Dialga Ace
Champion Baelz - FEAR Rattata Ace

I dont know enough about Holostars
Types dont always match with ace, Elite Four members dont always have full monotypes, Champions more often dont have types in the first place

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>Does the ghost typing help
help her die faster to a Gawr Crunch maybe lmao

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Machamps are cool

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I'm not sure how many responses you'll get for this, but I'd like to say I appreciate the work you put into this.

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Thank you, im glad my autism can be appreciated by someone

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Why are u replying to yourself fuck off

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He didn't reply to himself. I replied to him. You go fuck off.

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So I was surfing along the side of Cover HQ and this showed up. Glitch?

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>Was one of the first pioneers of the Coco meta, before everyone realized how busted Choice Scarf Gorilla Tactics Coco was
>Scrubs bitch enough to get her banned to Ubers
I'm still fucking mad, it's Shadow Tag Aloe all over again. Just adapt you crybabies.

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>not sharpedo

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Gura specifically left the sea because it was boring, and Garchomp is a landshark, anon

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Tentacruel should definitely be on Ina's team, but Malamar is a better fit for her ace. It's psychic type and has the hypnosis theme, which is kind of lovecraftian.

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>Lamy - Normal type
wait what, shouldn't she be ice type

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Yes, sorry, completely forgot about Malamar, i did it from memory

>> No.12305539

I flip flopped a bit between giving some their aces types, yes, i still like Oranguru, but she should be Ice

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Glitch, but a fairly stable one. If you give her any amount of exp she'll snap back to level 100 and evolve into a standard Haachama. Encountering her will glitch up some Hall of Fame graphical data but otherwise you should be fine.
Now, if you're surfing along the side of Cover HQ and you encounter FA PKMN ◣ , turn your game off immediately because she can brick your game.

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definitely a fairy/dark type, fittingly giving her a double resistance to dark

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I'm looking at the name.

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Kek i didnt realize, good one

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Top percentage autism

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Thank you, i try my best

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I really like this Alola form Sora

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Shedinja is probably the closest thing to a living corpse in Pokemon, so might be a better fit for Ollie.

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I see what you did with Marine. Do you want to make the whole lineups?

>> No.12315765

I might later today, its kinda hard to do, since i cant actually do it for thewhole 40+ girls, since i obviously cant watch every single one of them

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Yeah, it actually surprises me how there isnt a full on zombie or skeleton pokémon yet
Especally when there are a couple of Bone related moves

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>She's gentle nature

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Unironically, China.

>> No.12316102

A Twisted one even.
Those who get it are chuckling sensibly right now

>> No.12316235

I'm not because I prefer 60s rock.

>> No.12316264

Probably, i have seen how they censored some YuGiOh cards

>> No.12316366

No it means you didn't get it.

>> No.12317141

Marowak/Cubone, Parasect, Eternatus, Dusclops has elements of a mummy if you want to count that while Duskull has a skull face, I think the big thing keeping Pokemon from really doing a full on Skeleton/Zombie mon though is just that the concept is too human adjacent to really work well as a Pokemon without major modifications. Like if we saw a "Zombie", I'm sure it would be something that's more animal related (like how Parasect takes influence from Ophiocordyceps unilateralis for it's "zombie" like design).
Honestly, I think the best shot we have at seeing a full on Skeleton Pokemon would probably be one based off Gashadokuro, and even then I'm sure it would probably end up being more like Froslass where it takes the core concepts of the mythological creature while ditching the humanoid design.

>> No.12318053

Yeah, i know those exist, but Parasect is the only zombie like one, really
I know its hard, but desu i feel like an skeleton isnt really that hard to do

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still think shedinja is a close pick
he even kinda functions like a zombie, in the sense that he's unkillable if you don't use his weakness

>> No.12318373

Yeah, it works really well, definetly on her team, probably the ace, something like

>> No.12318592

Do what you can and others will flock to help! I don’t even know Pokemon names, sadly.

>> No.12319028

Im gonna see, i think i can make some, ill try later today, when i have some more freetime

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yo why does Ame keep getting so many forms and evolutions

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I tried making one for Suisei, since she's my oshi.
Pretty simple, it's her favourite pokemon.
>Minior (blue)
The meteor pokemon, plus it matches her colour.
A reference to her song Bluerose.
Suisei's preferred weapon is an axe, so it's only natural that she should have the Axe Jaw pokemon.
She had to have an Ice type to represent Project Winter, and I thought Cryogonal was the purest example.
Suisei is an animal lover and grew up with a pet dog, so I gave her a canine pokemon.

>> No.12329873

Those are some really good fits, i didnt know she liked Volcarona, fucking based

>> No.12335973

>suisei likes volcarona
Even nicer

>> No.12344132

I dunno but I'm close to making a full Ame team:

Bee Ame @ Choice Scarf
Ability: Sticky Hold
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- U-turn
- Sticky Web
- Dual Wingbeat
- Trick

Amelia Watson @ Assault Vest
Ability: Speed Boost
EVs: 180 HP / 252 Atk / 76 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Meteor Mash
- Earthquake
- Drain Punch
- Knock Off

Smol Ame @ Heavy-Duty Boots
Ability: Simple
EVs: 248 HP / 252 Atk / 8 SpD
Adamant Nature
- Rapid Spin
- Work Up
- Rock Slide
- Bullet Punch

Ghost Ame @ Salac Berry
Ability: Cursed Body
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Substitute
- Nasty Plot
- Shadow Ball
- Dazzling Gleam

Pumpkin Ame @ Rocky Helmet
Ability: Regenerator
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD
Relaxed Nature
- Stealth Rock
- Knock Off
- Substitute
- Leech Seed

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I've been using Gura as a switcher and She's damn good.
>Reflection ability that change her water to water/dark if she use her signature move
>Can deal with Mumei because she is a bit faster and gain immunity to psy after said signature
>Switch in to the bug types
>Even if kinda slow and low spe Def a combat vest do wonders
Fuking Suisei, bitch her fighting type and technician makes Gura hard to switch in and even worse if it has a Risu combo with volt switch.

>> No.12346478

>Using Ghost Ame with Red Gura running around the meta
Now youre just asking for a good Crunch

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She can only be found in 6 specific tiles in the eastern forest fuck feebas

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The board crossover nobody asked for

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>> No.12354088

Choco getting infatuation on every single move is fucking bullshit. What dipshit at Game Freak thought this was fair?

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Small indie company, prease understand

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