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Look at my cute shark wife

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OP here. Please look at my wife more.

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Not cute, not a shark, and not your wife OP, kys

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Uoooooooohhhhhh, cute and funny shark

Also, she is not your wife

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But that is my wife

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woah, guras arse is so big

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that's my daughter, I don't remember giving you my blessing

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My shark wife sure is cute

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nice try but I know that's not your hand because you're a nigger

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Show me her chest and belly!

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OP here. I don't usually show my wife's belly for free, but here you go.

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She looks like a child

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and you sound like a faggot

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that's the best part

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Sadly this board is filled with pedophiles.
It may be better for them to be here than out there, but the best solution would be putting them all down like rabid dogs.

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faggots like you will be alright with fetishizing murder through video games and movies and say it's not real but then accuse people who fetishize fictional drawings as pedos. Funnily enough, your kind is also the ones actually get caught for molesting minors.

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And she hasn't even eaten thanksgiving turkey yet

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I know

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>your kind is also the ones actually get caught for molesting minors
And yet it was proven that the ones posting cp were chumfucks.

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Don't you have some Nyanners thread to post on? Kill yourself greekfag

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And yet it's proven that one's taste in fiction or art has no direct correlation with their attitude in real life. Just like you won't be a serial killer for playing GTA, you won't be a child predator for liking Gura. Meanwhile, priests, politicians, and community leaders who talk like you faggots are being caught for not only possessing actual CP, but actually grooming minors, and assault. Spare me your bullshit.

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Why are Gawr Gura's fans one of the worst vtuber fanbases around? I understand with a larger following you get more idiots, but it's as if Gura hand picked over 3 million retards to be chumbuds? What attracts so many special needs children to this shark?

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>some anon says "gura cute"
>You: "NOOOOOoooo Gura worst fanbase!!"
You have mental illness, seek help

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The pedophile is immunized against all dangers: one may call him a lolicon, a cunnyposter, a degenerate freak, it all runs off him like water off a raincoat. But call him a pedophile and you will be astonished at how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back: “I’ve been found out.”

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the cp thread is in the dark web, not on 4chan, why don't you go back there?

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>some anon says "this child is my wife"
>You: "NOOOOOoooo we're not pedo you have mental illness"
ingest bleach, chumpedo

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if that was the case I'd be in jail by now

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did your cp website die or something? go back

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Gura is a 9000 years old character played by an adult woman. She's not a child.

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Actual child defense organizations have to beg twitter idiots to please not send them info about people that masturbate to cartoons since that wastes their time and money. They will never be the same.

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Kill yourself actual pedo

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Stay mad venti
The shark wife will remain cute

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I'm already there. You know you can have two tabs open right?

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It's not Venti, it's the greekfag. He posted CP here before. He probably got unbanned.

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Cute childbride


This unironically but pedo is Israelis and Zionists.

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you first actual pedo

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WTF is wrong with you people

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Childbrides are halal brother.

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Don't reply to the samefagging greekfag. Also be careful or he might post CP again out of frustration against lolicons, be ready to purge your history.

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Pedo cope.
Her avatar looks underage.
Her actress acts and speaks to make her seem underage.
She's clearly underage in all the nsfw "art".
Nobody would look at that shit unless they're specifically attracted to minors, which by definition makes them a pedo.

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don't you have some cp website to attend to? go back the and/or kill yourself, greekfag

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Nice projection

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Since when do children look like this?

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Ame sings while Gura makes us pee. She's perfect.

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>The greekfag is immunized against all dangers: one may call him a pedo, a criminal, a groomer or an abuser, it all runs off him like water off a raincoat. But say "I like loli but hate CSA" and you will be astonished at how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back: “I'm insecure so I must project.”

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You're actually the biggest evidence that the opposite is true.
> Loudly accuses others while claiming to be righteous.
> Can see sexually appealing parts on actual children as evidenced from his own words.
Cope more actual pedophile

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Shouldn't you be posting your tits on /pol/ for attention venti?

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all (me)

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Greekfag is fucking vile.
Would be nice if someone doxxed the Greekfag and brutally murder him in his sleep. The only way to make sure he doesn't shit up /vt/ threads with his faggotry.

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I want her and Shion to scissor on my face

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Why give that retard attention? Just post more shark cunny

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>no tits
>no hips

You might as well be fucking a 10-year-old boy

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Nice projection, chumpedos chris hansen is waitinv bitch

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That's what these pedo fuck want more than anything fucking /vt/ is full of gossiping pedo cambodians

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You can only say this if you're a girl

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I'm shion

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Go back to the Smash community that deflects from real pedophiles in their community by screeching about anime girls

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I’m Ame, she’s literally having discord sex with me at this very moment

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Jesas. I wouldn't leave a young girl alone in a room with a confirmed cumbud.

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fuck you chumpedo quit simping for your pedo mistress

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Weak bait, SEAnig
You aren't criminal like greekfag who would post CP here without any care, and the police hasn't arrested him yet

>Greekfag is fucking vile.
>Would be nice if someone doxxed the Greekfag and brutally murder him in his sleep. The only way to make sure he doesn't shit up /vt/ threads with his faggotry.

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Masha allah, brother.

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More like shart

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>I would leave a young girl alone in a room with any anon on /here/ as long as they are not chumbud
WTF, I wouldn't leave a young girl alone in a room with any anon on /here/, but that is because I care about the girl's safety to not let my hatred towards chumbuds blind me to the danger of other anons.

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Leaving a young girl with other anons is not a corollary to the previous statement.

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Considering this place hates 3DPD so much they had to outlaw doxposts and spam "whore whore whore", the said girl would most likely be beaten up and bashed to death, as opposed to being sexually harassed/assaulted. This place hates women who don't act like an anime girl, obviously.

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>This place hates women who don't act like an anime girl, obviously.
This place hates women whose only job is to pretent to be an anime girl and then fail at it miserably.

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I've seen a lot more hate on Twitch thots than towards girls who at least try to pretend to be anime. Being a Twitch thot might be a compliment on Twitter, but it certainly is derogatory around these places.

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>looks and sounds like a twitch thot? DROPPED
>roastie voice? DROPPED
>attention whoring her ugly face in public? DROPPED
>have had/has a boyfriend? DROPPED
>lying whore? DROPPED
basically /vt/ in a nutshell
it reminds me of the emo days when people from high school used to be like that
tho it's kinda based, ngl

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Kind of rejuvenating.

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you want to identify a high quality rig? look at the detail in the eyes.
2views and indies trash hololive for their models but their attention to detail is insane, I'm not talking about movement per se but the simple stuff done right.

compare hololive models' eyes to other western vtubers, even code miko, or vshojo or even most nijis. hololive blows them out of water when eye details get involved. I'm not even getting into hair details which is whole another mogging from hololive.

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Well said

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I am not a cumbud lol

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Can somebody make that hand black/brown? Want to see the seethe it generates

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why would someone seethe at Flare or Sana touching Gura?

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this is code miko for reference. the indies can put all the money they want in physics and 3D movements, they cant touch hololive because getting too realistic in 3D brings vtubers into uncanny valley which subconsciously freaks out people since they cant properly analyze what's in front of them while hololive keeps the uncanny valley at bay but improves upon details like eyes, hair, lips and just that.

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Has she dropped the young sounding voice yet?

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Even worse.

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Ho outside

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mutt's law or just asian

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t. nijibrony

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we all know Gura is a coalburner

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what do you mean? That's her actual voice

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Cumpedo go get a ADULT girlfriend

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I don't remember making this thread

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Nice bump from page 11

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If you insist

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Ohhh he's copin. Ohh he's seethin. Are the pedophiles in the room with you right now anon?

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Okay,what now?

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