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9 new vtubers who have been prepared since months ago by Anycolor will debut streaming this Thursday and Friday and then will be free Nijisanji or any other group if they wish to do so in the future.
Debut dates : https://twitter.com/VTA_ANYCOLOR/status/1455082754211663877

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my rrats, ma bois will enter niji, the girls will move elsewhere, remember the jap scene is full for competing corpos for the girls

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I want a battle royale anime with this cast.

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I like the idea of them being pretty cleanly seperate from Nijisanji itself. The interesting thing is that they don't have their own channels or Twitter. Hopefully they're allowed to interact with other vtubers at least. Streaming skills are important, but connections even more.

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So, Anycolor has trained several individuals to become VTubers and once the process is complete they'll get to choose to join Nijisanji or any other agency?

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Pretty much

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They will interact with each other. It's good like this, their interactions won't be tacked onto a long existing vtuber, let them form bonds on equal grounds before leeching.
Yes, they lose the design and can go wherever they want.

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Seems like an interesting idea, but how do they make money on this?

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Tuition fee?

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Baka gaijin, direct replies ensure shamfur dispray, only quoting with dissing comments are done in great Japan twitter

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They don't, I deeptl'd the relevant parts.

>--Personally, I think this is a measure that has a very high cost to the companies. I believe that if there is no kind of aspiration to improve the industry, it would not normally be implemented.

>Suzuki: Yes.
>To be honest, I don't think they would normally do it (laughs). Also, I think there could be a problem of other companies free-riding on the results of such measures. In that sense, I have some doubts about the meaning of our company's contribution to the VTuber industry as a whole.

>However, if someone does not think about the growth of the industry as a whole, it will eventually become a burnt-out field. That's why we decided that we would follow such a policy. I would be happy if we could be a pioneer and help the entire industry move in the right direction, even if just a little. There are many people who support us, and we will do our best to plant greenery.

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Roko and Nei looks cute. This is an interesting concept but I can't see how Anycolor can profit from this.

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i'm pretty sure we'll get a bunch of fresh yabs from this

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Well, the channel is monetized

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Is there any way to check this on a channel without videos? I've been looking for it.

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Is there any way to check this on a channel without videos? I've been looking for it.

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>taking a loss training people up just for them to join Holo
They've been losing to Holo for years now and they're still burning their money on dumb shit like this?

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Don’t know how they’re losing though, they’re still earning a profit and i’d argue they’re still more popular in Japan than Hololive. This project does seem to be a dumb idea, maybe they’ll charge tuition fees for this.

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Didn't think Anykara would go on to follow the K-pop trainees thing that K-pop agencies do

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Wonder if Anycolor has some agreement with other vtuber agencies or do they have to pass interviews again.

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To them, it might be a long-term investment to expand and grow the vtuber market. In the future this little experimental project could evolve to become something akin to idol survivor shows. Anyway you put it, they’re doing more to innovate and expand into the general public moreso than Holo and their jewlike practices have and arguably for the betterment of vtubers as a whole

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Literally free.

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the cope in this one...

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>join Holo
And directly validate the academy of their competitor by proving it can make girls that even they want? Hololive scouting department would have to kill themselves if that happened.

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They probably need to pass audition again if they go to another companies.

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>we are not trying to flood the market

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They still have to go through audition. So it's still up to chances

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AKB does the same thing

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Actually maybe they'll be scouted.
This is a good opportunity for people to display what they're capable of in front of an audience.

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Not if they ban the alumni from getting in.

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>The rrats are going to write themselves

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Damn Hololive has to admit that the VTA is good by either letting one in or banning them out of fear of one of them stealing the spotlight in the company.

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I don't understand why you guys think this would be a problem when Luna exists

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Luna is a flop by Hololive standards, easily an example against poaching talent.

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>will be free Nijisanji or any other group if they wish to do so in the future.
Will be pretty funny if that 4 girl just go on and join hololive lmao

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Luna is ranked 12th in last months superchat earnings within Hololive. She might not have 3 million subscribers, but she has found her niche.

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I want those dudes to succeed and make it

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She gets more people per stream/has a higher peak than a fuckton of JP Livers and even has pretty good SC earning. Not a heavy hitter, but nowhere near as bad people imply

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>Only 12th
Notice I said Hololive standards, no shit she beats most of Niji.

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>The kpop trainee route.
I don't understand.

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Unless they're all singers I fail to see the connection to idol audition shows.

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Yeah but still. There's people in Holo that do wayyy worse than her. She is more of a mid-tier in the company than a complete flop.

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They make money off of this by training someone who will go on to work for them and produce great content after spending time doing training.

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So they are training people for Sony's vtubing project?

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Training people in the basic skills of streaming is a good thing since indies (and even some corpo chuubas) can be really rough out the gate since they have to learn how to operate stuff as they go. There's "kino" scuff and then there's scuff that ruins the stream, and for beginners the latter is worse since it gives a bad first impression and you likely won't regain those viewers.

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i didn't even think about this, it might very well happen to paly out exactly that way

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No, these people are just being trained so that the baseline quality of Vtubing will be improved. With hopes that some of them will stick around and join Nijisanji I guess

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I could see the really good ones wanting to stay with Nijisanji. All the other agencies are full and Cover isn't expanding right now.

>No, these people are just being trained so that the baseline quality of Vtubing will be improved.
Anycolor has no reason to do this. In fact if every vtuber but theirs got worse they'd be doing good.

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Might be startling to hear this anon but sometimes people just want to see vtubing as a whole get better. Nijis collab all over so even if the alumni go off to other groups chances are they'll work together down the line.

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There are already thousands of talented indie vtubers who would kill to join a corpo, I don't really see the point of running a training camp or how it would benefit the market at all other than getting anycolor clout if one of their graduates is actually successful

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I mean I guess, but they themselves stated that they want to generally improve the pool of talent. Of course since it's all PR it's to be taken with a grain of salt

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>Cover gets all the good females
>Nijisanji gets all the good males

Wasn't Edengumi from this academy too? Leos' and Lain's scuff was fucking awful.

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Those indies can still join other corpos, it's not like everyone will only take from VTA. The program will just help more talented people learn how to stream, potentially creating more skilled indies that people can enjoy.

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>Wasn't Edengumi from this academy too?

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Edengumi weren't graduates to my knowledge.

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Okay. I was wrong. My opinion on the academy was based on them so it wasn't great. Not that they are bad, it's just they were very unpolished and flying by the seat of their pants.

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Makes you wonder why they weren't briefed on some non public courses at the very least.

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