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Previous thread

Sankisei live on the 25th of november
Buy your tickets here

Famima collab going on now




Latest Short

Latest Stream


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>2nd Anniversary show
>Outfit reveal
>Birthday concert
>One million celebration concert
>Clip compilation
>Marinenglish interview
>Heartbeat ASMR


>Senchou breathing heavily while looking at you with heart eyes
>Marine button

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I wonder when Shabby subz will return

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wouldn't surprise me if he didn't

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got nothing to clip from

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I think Shabby's free time died on his way to his home planet.

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Cute, saved.

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you fuckers better be doing your 日本語 reps

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I bet Senchou was part of her school's choir

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weren't they all?

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I wouldn't mind seeing them pushing the 軽音部 a bit with a 3D karaoke collab or something. It's a good unit.

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Since there were no news today, guess we ain't watching the PoC until december.
(no mengens in the middle-weeks, post-concert talk on 26th, maybe)

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like a bottle rocket powered by Cum

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I wonder what Senchou will do for Christmas.

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MikoMari Christmas, while both Pekora and Suityan suck each other's dicks in disbelief.

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My cultured Ichimibros, how was our oshi return? I left for half a week and the last thing i saw in /ahoy/ were some faggots arguing about one of her doujins and calling each other names.

Hope that it was great. Going to do my reps to watch her stream in a minute.

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The latest one was a paid promotion and honestly pretty boring, but the others were all very good fun. The Among Us collab was a blast. Kept me watching the whole way through.
She was also present in Mel's birthday live, in case you weren't aware:
The whole event is very much worth watching if you're into the idol stuff, the choreographies were such a step up from the usual stuff.
The return stream itself was probably the best one, have fun!

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stop editing nero augustus santa aaaaaaa

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Probably drink alone and dread the fact that she is getting older

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How are the restrictions in Japan right now? Still looking good for audiences being able to make some noise during the concert? I want to hear the crowd during Ahoy so bad.

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I love her so much ichimibros...
How do I stop feeling like this
I don't want to have another one-sided love, especially one with someone that doesn't know I even exist

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summon goslingschizo

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When’s the next stream?

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who knows, too busy with studio work again

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You don't love her one bit.

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Sportfes stream got canned for another shill-stream

the fuck is wrong with this pirate...

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she needs to build up her retirement fund, prease undastando

>> No.12451504

She doesnt like minecraft

>> No.12451514

Self-inflicted retirement at given rate
Besides, she could easily earn way more than mere promo-pennies if she actually streamed the game
I know she likes the series, they have permissions for it, the channel is lacking content

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Fucking all night with her boyfriend/husband

>> No.12451533

then she shouldn't sign up for minecraft events, simple as

>> No.12451595

I'm afraid it's not that simple anon, it's probably corporate mandate that they have to play MC, after all every MC stream still attracts a huge amount of viewers.

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oh yea Mio and Miko are paying big bucks to everyone who joins
also it attracts 0 viewers when you don't stream it.

Even Korone streamed her mess-of-a-practice run and she has even less motive to play MC than senchou

>> No.12451896

Can you fuck off with you whataboutism? kthx

>> No.12452020

oh ma gawd you just didnt, I cant even
I'll be here all week

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Honestly Marine looks more erotic even with more clothes on.

>> No.12452702

Equipment troubles, stream will be delayed

>> No.12452887

The stream was delayed by 2 hours, if I had known I would have stayed in bed longer.

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why do you even wake up early to watch tv-shop

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That stream was a lot of fun

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one of the reasons I watch Marine is because I am a night person, I sleep during the day and live/work during the night, but today I feel very tired and just woke up to watch Senchou's stream and take advantage of the time by working a bit during the stream.

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Ahoy~! Join /yubicraft/

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Man, I feel like Marine is missing out on the fun with the unplanned sports festival practice happening now, even Mori who doesn't know how to play MC joined.
Marine really REALLY doesn't like Minecraft even if playing it will help her regain viewers she lost during her break.

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As a fellow boomer, Minecraft is kryptonite for us.

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yea there's 90k people watching the practice runs, should have just moved it to another day...

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Is this a shill stream or she just wanna play the game?

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>> No.12457571

this one's coming out today so must be shill
but she's saying she's played the tales games since middle school so it's not like she's against it

>> No.12458208

>sub 10k viewer
marine is finished

>> No.12458366

I fuckin wish it were sub 10 so I could try grooming her in chat

>> No.12458830

Almost all shill streams pull in low numbers especially if is a game that nobody gives a fuck about like this.
The only reason im watching it is because i support my oshi at autistic level

>> No.12458935

Game looks like boring as shit thats why.

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It's a bit sad to see Marine playing some weird game alone while everyone else is having lots of fun together...

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I am watching a sponsored mobage stream with my morning coffee.

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Is it just me or is Marine using her natural tone of voice bit by bit like in the old days instead of using that retarded high pitched tone that probably helped to strain more her voice?

>> No.12459237

I don't agree with your phrasing, but I feel the same. At times she sounds like in her old streams/clips.

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well we all live and learn, not sure will senchou learn but she'll live

she has gone on record she just tries to sound more enthusiastic during streaming

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She probably just wants to ease back into streaming

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>company offers more work
>agreed without checking schedule
that's what happened

>> No.12461539

That is probably exactly what happened and I don't even mean that as a slight against Marine

>> No.12462241

against or not, that mindset broke her voice

>> No.12463268

It seems that any big Hololive project includes her in some way, I don't know if she chooses to get into those projects or the management asks her to, but all it causes is more throat problems.

>> No.12463357

Pekora, Korone or Fubuki aren't nearly as busy. Safe to say she chooses to take the jobs

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This. You can’t love someone you don’t know. You’ve never experienced real actual love.

>> No.12463640

> mere promo-penies

>> No.12464062

I know it sounds stupid at first, but looking at playboard numbers she would have to earn at least 4-5k USD from the promo to break even with regular superchatted stream.

"but they get way more" if they were indie, sure. But company takes their share...

>> No.12464155

dude what the fuck
promo streams are about building a brand more than farming SC
and at this rate she'll become the brand

>> No.12464207

Friendly reminder that SC are the lowest form of income for streamers. Sponsors are where it’s at.

>> No.12464877

what brand, company gets order for 10 hours of ad material and distributes it to talents who want it.
on average yes, but Senchou is far from average

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This post started bothering me.
On a grand scheme of things, It feels like mane-chan is trying to sabotage Senchou
>Absurd amount of voice work
(2 breaks to rest voice, manager is responsible to spacing out workload)
>Excessive advertisement
(no really, not even Kanye shills this much, manager has direct access to twitter)
>Only gets time to stream collabs
(changing this schedule is outside managers jurisdiction)

meds yada yada, but think about it

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Here's your medicine

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We all joke that we want to marry Marine but given what a workaholic she is, it would actually be a nightmare to be married to her, imagine never seeing her because she would always be going to the studio to record or going to dance/singing lessons (worse with things like concerts, collaborations or sponsorships), too busy to be able to eat together even if you cooked dinner, good marital sex with her? Haha she'd be either too tired for it or streaming till midnight and maybe even sleeping in separate beds (nothing very strange in Japanese marriages), no vacations or weekend hangouts, Kek her viewers would see her longer time than you her husband, and worst of all you'd be her best kept secret for 2 reasons; security so the gachikois maniacs don't try to kill her and you and to keep the simps from stopping donating.
Thinking more clearly, I'd rather support Marine as a fan than fantasize about marrying her.

>> No.12470676

I dunno anon, I'm playing the long game here. I don't think she'll be streaming forever and I have my own job, too.

>> No.12470967

If you don't make more money than she does now I doubt she would quit her job, besides being a vtuber is a job that can virtually last a lifetime since it doesn't require physical presence, the only way to stop being a vtuber is to literally become mute because even blind or in a wheelchair you could keep doing it with a little help from someone else.

>> No.12471049

Oh ye of little faith. I am going to ride to Japan on a tidal wave of my own spaghetti and there is unfortunately very little you can do to stop me.

I already wanted to move over there before I got gachi brainwashed anyways

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Anon you overestimate how much they’re busy.

Dance lessons: 1-2 hours, say 3 times a week
Singing lessons: 1h, say 2 times a week tops (this one I know for a fact since I’ve been taking singing lessons for years. Anymore than that and you’d hurt

The rest would be studio work, meetings and streaming + commute time. It’s a full-time job with a weirder schedule, nothing more nothing less.

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>> No.12472644

there he is >>12445353

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>> No.12472941

it's more than that. when they go dancing its almost the whole day.

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Well you are right, this isn't really love and more Longing since Marine is very close to my ideal, I have experienced love, well one-sided, but I know what is like to be madly in love and then the ensuing heartbreak of rejection, worse yet is that the girl didn't have enough with just rejecting me and moving on like I did, she went beyond and killed me socially back then and betrayed my trust.
I do know what is being in love, maybe it's been so long I have experienced something so close to that feeling that I just want to feel it again after so long, but I am happy with it just being longing, more than attraction and like, but less than love, since I honestly rather not go trough one-sided love ever again

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I always assumed that if we got married, I'd make enough so that she could be a housewife

>> No.12474782

dunno, she seems to like sharing a bed.

separate beds are nice, though.

>> No.12474935

I would prefer to sleep cuddling with senchou

>> No.12475498

(there was a discussion about a sleepover and she said she "has to" share a bed with the other person.)

>> No.12475598

>Kek her viewers would see her longer time than you her husband
This is the reason why I honestly feel bad for the ones who had boyfriends before becoming chuubas. No sympathy for gachikoi baiting while getting new boyfriends on the side, but if Watame for example really does have a boyfriend, it must be weird to have your girl sharing so much of herself to complete strangers for so many hours a day, crying because of their struggles, and all of that.
If you realize your dreams and marry your oshi, that's one thing, you fell in love with her in this situation, but for Watame's hypothetical dancer boyfriend, Tsunomaki Watame took away the woman he fell in love with.
That shit must suck.
Doesn't really apply to me, though, as I'm retarded and most of my fantasies with Senchou just involve me singing with her or some other stupid shit like this. I even think about which songs would be cool, and how we'd split the lyrics.

>> No.12475956

Fair enough anon, I hope you’re happy with whatever love you get from Marine. Nothing can beat the real deal though in my opinion.

>> No.12476029

Eh, I’d be happy for my gf if she did what she liked and made fat stacks doing it.

>> No.12476991

I agree with you, but well I'll never reach the love stage as long as there's this barrier called fan/audience and vtuber/streamer/artist, as long as I stay in this longing stage I'm fine, which I doubt I'll leave, as much as I miss the feeling of being in love, I don't want to experience one-sided love, if I'm getting rejected I want it on the attraction and liking stages since it'll hit less, and worse of all is when unfulfilled love happens without me being able to do something like what happened after the case I explained in >>12474155.
Well atleast with Marine I am aware in the end of the day she's just an ideal, not something I can really attain unless a miracle happens.

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