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What went so wrong with wave 3.

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They aren't sucking my dingaling like you're about to, now get down on your knees

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Reimu only joined to be in the same discord server as Kanae

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debuted too soon

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The fad is over.

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>ID allowed to speak in English
>ESL EN not allowed to speak in Spanish despite it being her most successful stream

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Enna is literally the only good nijiEN

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Nothing. You are just a massive faggot.

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Nina is in it.

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Reimu was ending the stream at that point anon

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>showing concern for a new vtuber that debut not that long ago under a company sinking to indie levels of viewership so soon makes you a faggot.
Management must be looking pretty gay right now.

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>Honkai Impact 3rd
I mean... These just aren't good choices. But the disparity is real. They really should've waited, and if they are about to unveil a 4th generation, they need to slam the brakes immediately. Let these girls grow first.

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>No one even bothers to check when streams start or ends
I know no one here actually watches streams but surely you can just check schedules.

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Nina taints the entire branch.

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whose bright idea was it to debut talents every 3 months anyway? they end up competing against their against each other than bringing new people

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Do schedules now list when streams end?

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If they released just the nepotism hires nothing would be wrong but unfortunately they wanted to completely shit the bed

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Debuted too soon, and also none of them bring anything particularly new or interesting to the table except cringy mommy rp.

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Anon NijisanjiEN debuted 5 months ago, its more every 2 months considering gen4 is right around the corner either this or next month

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I guess the same thing that went wrong with HoloID

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>wave 3
HAHAHA nothing personal HAHAHA

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>b-b-but look at holoID, do NOT look at our failed gen

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>none of them bring anything particularly new
Reimu could get bring new viewers if she panders to spics. It's not the best option moneywise, but views are views...

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She was probably reading superchats at that point

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>Using Anya to show HoloID is a failure
I'm a melhomo but fuck off she's far and away the lowest viewed holo the rest of ID does decently well for themsleves

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She had over 800 people watching her, retard.
Are you new to vtubers? That's how nijisanji has been since they were created. Research a bit newfag.
Oh because hololive vtubers bring something new.

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He's showing Reine's channel..

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Really hit a nerve huh literally having a aneurism in your chair rn.

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Nina had almost 2k people watching her play DD2. Seethe more.

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It is honestly impressive just how much Selen dominates everyone else in NijiEN.

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2k cancerous people you mean. She is the worst vtuber out there.

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Selen-Pomu guerrilla collab sucking the viewers out of Wave 3

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Your rrat game is weak

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You could say the same about gura for HoloEN, wit hthe difference that it's not just a difference of 1k or 2k, it's a difference of 10k or more.

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anon there were 30 view avg vtubers streaming star rail to 56k people
boosted views mean nothing when your avg is in the gutter

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No it didn't. Reimu was already reading superchats when Selen began to stream. Earlier she was almost 1k playing amnesia.
You fags look into stuff here without looking if it's true and then spread narratives.

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? Nina's average isn't in the gutter. Outside of watchalong streams which goes below 500, all of her streams are almost 1k or above it.

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Not really a lot of standout talent - wave 2 was already kinda shaky in numbers outside Selen (even though I like rosemi a lot) and wave 3 felt like 2-3ish Petras and the obnoxious gimmicky, normalfag Nina - as opposed to a tolerable no-nonsense normalfag like Elira. Millie tries to be fresh and fun and we -want- her to catch fire and half-expect her to still but it feels like her personality just isn't quite magnetic enough to do it.

The other difference not pointed out yet is Wave 2 came out after HoloEN Council. Between Irys (now that people realize she's actually really good) and Council I think people are too distracted trying to learn and keep up with new Holos to bother trying to learn and keep up with new Nijis. It's not like the new Nijis are discarded as trash as a result but I think just kind of backburnered because HoloEN is now just very interesting again overall between the new gen and its collabs plus the Minecraft server merge making a ton of new interactions we had never seen before. Pekora is Amelia's neighbor now on the EN server etc, it's just damn amazing content. Tons of kino in other words. Obsydia came out shortly before Council so people didn't really have time to really sample and warm up to all of them yet, hence only really Selen has caught on hard from them, but in a vacuum with no new Holos they'd have probably gotten a ton more attention by now. Even in that ideal situation, Wave 3 came out so fast afterwards that I think they'd still be pretty low in numbers, just not have most of their streams backburnered in favor of HoloEN 2.

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also >wave 2 came out after council
I mean wave 3 obviously

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>I don't like those people's taste, they don't count!!
Grow up, nobody cares who you think the worst Vtuber is. Numbers are the only criterion that isn't just a single personal opinion.

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>Oh because hololive vtubers bring something new.
They bring new members to the most popular brand, new potential for its collabs and events; that's plenty already. Members of less successful companies have to have serious talent to compete with the baseline appeal hololive grants their talents.

>B-but that's unfair!!
That's just how the real world works. Stop crying, start competing.

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Why are dragoons like this?

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The EN startups are littered with talent but that means very little when Hololive viewers (Niji viewers are just edgy Hololive viewers) take the brain deaf approach to vtubing and instinctively disregard everything that isn't Hololive. It's this weird thing where they assume everyone outside the group isn't good without even giving them a chance.

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> 2h20 minutes in
You're actually looking at the view count of an ended stream anon... Up your game if you're gonna shit on someone.

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the sister is angry

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this is pathetic, what were anykara thinking? just get them out of their misery

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can you faggot make a better bait? i'm bored with this same
>haha niji don't have viewer

>> No.12428762

I mean.. it isn't bait if it's true though.
Bait is purposely supplying wrong information and/or a shit opinion to rile fuckers up and farm responses.

They just generally have fairly few viewers.

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>They assume everyone outside the group isn't good without even giving them a chance
But this is true.

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>Selen was mid collab with Pomu because Apex was updating and Finana was playing Honkai
>Reimu was ending her stream
Do you guys have nothing better to do, than to make the same thread every single day.

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But saying haha small en startup don't have viewer is punching down unfairly.

>> No.12429380

Which OP did, same with the other retard that posted the Nina pic.
Its streams that are ending or in the superchat phase, its not a screenshot taken at its peak.
My condolences for your terminal case of shit taste.

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EN Kuzuha in the making, based Selen stolen the debut buff from wave3 to incline herself to the moon!!

>> No.12429673

guess where most vchuubas come from

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It’s like this for literally everything in life. Why would I buy a a phone from a no name brand when there’s already big manufacturers who’ve proven themselves already? Why would I take time out of my day to look for indie movies when I can just go to the cinema and get a good experience? If you want to make it, you either start at the bottom of the food chain and grind like crazy or bring something new to the table. Your little 3-month old vtubing startup that’s in the red will never make it if they don’t do either one of these approaches.

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There is no one good outside of Hololive

They become good by getting into Hololive

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What there's already a wave 3? Fucking hell it's been like 2 months since 2

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They should've debuted the males before Ethyria. 3 groups of anime girls in less than a year was obviously gonna cause some burnout. Now the dudes don't have a fucking chance.

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Funny that in both of your examples you choose to leave out the part where the quality of the established brand inevitably fades away with each addition. We're at the point where there's no longer a massive gap in quality between the EN startups and the newest Holo and Niji members. People just follow brand loyalty at that point and get tilted when you point out their sheep like behavior. The best part is when they start complaining about the brands they love but refuse to simply watch something else.

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The market is too saturated. Even Holocouncil's numbers are low.

>> No.12430012

it feels like they belong to a different company.

>> No.12430043

They belong to Nijisanji ESL

>> No.12430049

>Cause burnout on girls
>Men then come as a refreshing change
Makes sense to me

>> No.12430092

I never said the shitty brands didn’t have any products. I said they had to prove themselves first. People WILL NOT give you a chance, YOU have to prove to them you are worth it. If you decide to start a startup expecting people to come check you out willingly, you deserve to go under.

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Council is doing just fine, good bait.

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When will the "saturated market" meme die?

>> No.12430239

Compared to their equivalent Niji branch HoloID is massively successful

>> No.12430248

Now post NijiID, and NijiKR

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Pathetic bait. Also Fianna was at 2.2k most of that stream.

>> No.12430352

>First week debut
>All are already doing superchat streams
>Now birthday in the same month
Do Niji think they can hide their greediness?

>> No.12430462

>You need to prove yourself.
Man people really don't understand how fucked the algorithm is huh? Holo snd Niji get exposure from others when they needed to prove themselves and now their fans act like getting exposure is really that easy.

>> No.12430491

I don't think anything is wrong with Wave 3. Just probably a lot of people are on edge. I think once the girls start collabing with other Niji branches, they will steadily gain following. Probably by the end of the year they will reach 100 K.

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Keep seething with millions of dead subs.

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Indie days here I come

>> No.12430648

I mean, once Wave 4 comes, as a all guy wave, I think they will have a pretty strong number of people who will follow them. There are HOLOLIVE fans who want a HOLOSTARS EN, but as that is unlikely to happen, those fans will gravitate easily to Nijisanji EN guys. So they will probably dominate Wave 3 in terms of sub count immediately, as they bring something new to the table.

>> No.12430717

It isn't like they have Niji EN merch yet for the individual talents so idk if Niji is as greedy as you think they are.

>> No.12430738

Nijis and Holos work for 2 companies that started out when vtubing was still in its infancy, they didn’t to prove shit because they were the first corpos. Now that the market has stabilized, you need more. If your shitty 2view corpo started in 2018 they’d be in a much better situation toi.

>> No.12430796

This. Now wether or not they’ll be able to keep those numbers is up to how entertaining they are. The demand for males is definitely there. Though with male vtubers it’s always a hit or miss, since in the West people who have the chops to be entertaining can just stream normally.

>> No.12430840

>There are HOLOLIVE fans who want a HOLOSTARS EN
Yeah, like 14 of them good luck nijisanji english 4th wave!!

>> No.12430845

>So they will probably dominate Wave 3

Bullshit. They will probably do good but won't beat the girls.

>> No.12431038

I think there are more than 14 people who watch Kuzuha anon.

>> No.12431091

bad designs, bad rigging, hired ESLs to voice them

>> No.12431103

You would be surprised at how large a number of people who want male EN Vtubers supported by a company is.

>> No.12431146

It hilarious now Niji tribalists justify their objectively poor business decisions by saying "it's the NIjisanji way!"

>> No.12431151

Japan and the rest of the East also have regular streamers.

>> No.12431234

Mostly japanese women. EN market is different.

>> No.12431253

>But saying haha small en startup don't have viewer is punching down unfairly.
you can still use niji as bait, but don't use the same topic over and over, at least be creative like that "nijisanji has a collab fee" fake tweet

>> No.12431307

Love to see the denial.

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Just proves that most of Holobronies are children.

>> No.12431351

It's cute how you think Western women WOULDN'T want EN Niji guys.

>> No.12431399

western female anime nerds are quite rare

>> No.12431538

There isn't enough femcels in the west. Reminder that kuzuha's orisong was no 1 in UAE. I have a theory that conservative culture produces more lonely women. Meanwhile in the west, women can easily get dicks without resorting to marriage.

>> No.12431726

What? What the fuck are you talking about? Are you high?? Dude. Get a grip, I promise you there are more girl weebs then you think. Especially in the west.

>> No.12431784

They aren't. They're are quite a lot of them.

>> No.12432132

That's not an example of greed. Edengumi is right there if you want actual shitposting material. They literally debuted with merch and voice packs which they advertized in their debut streams.

>> No.12432253

Which west? I can see brazil and southern America women spending time and money into anime men. Other than that maybe SEA women

>> No.12432255

This. So much this. On numberfag general it was even more obvious that NijiEN3 was nothing less than a raving success for niji.
Other sources of income are also important; there holo trumps niji easily, though. Memberships, merch, sponsporships.

kek 2.5 million dead subs, 1 million kids without wallets, and 300 lolicons to pay for everyone's bills. But there might be 20k members at $5/mo.
With Fauna and Mumei it becomes more obvious that the viewers don't have wallets. 10x more ccv but half the income of nijien2/3.

>> No.12432369

Uh-huh. Keep believing what you want if it helps you sleep at night man.

>> No.12432394

Not enough to sustain a vtuber audience

>> No.12432462

If it helps you sleep at night, go ahead and keep telling yourself that.

>> No.12432539

no it doesnt help me sleep at night, it's not something I feel any particular emotion about

>> No.12432726

I was expecting his orisong success in SEA, since there are many fujos and yumejo there. The no1 in UAE thing caught me off guard. Hey it's not that bad some oil princess might donate to NijiEn. Males. Why are you fixated on Western women? Western women are too deep into SJW bullshit, why do you want them?

>> No.12432774

That's a lie, Anycolor allows creativity for their talents

>> No.12432827

schizo posting over someone who hasnt streamed in over half a week

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File: 123 KB, 890x284, l m a o niji.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Those threads never age well.

>> No.12433268

Aren't birthdays considered buff streams?

>> No.12433461

>Birthday 3k

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>> No.12433616

>For Nijifags
NijiJP numbers are compared to HoloEN
NijiEN numbers are compared to HoloID
NijiID numbers are compared to HoloCH (none)

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Why women with based game taste need to be a sjw? Why anon?

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>> No.12433845

Consider actually watching her instead of blindly acting like a threadreader.

>> No.12433892

yes, it's basically a cherry pick, also no one else is streaming, and no Holo En are streaming.

>> No.12434001

Management restrictions really fucked them up.

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She doesnt play video games

>> No.12434100

I did. I even drew that shit because was hyped about it, but beside DD her streams are umbearable. Maybe because on DD I can cope with really likable game. Idk

>> No.12434146

She has multiple DD2 streams already. I think all of them 6+ hours each.

>> No.12434215

>what went so right with selen

>> No.12434418

she just needs to play the games she likes honestly, all her dd streams are very comfy and fun to watch

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File: 120 KB, 1128x482, LM FUCKING AO niji.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Great games such as... carwash simulator, thief simulator, house decorating simulator, forklift simulator

>> No.12434534

Anons, there's more nijisanji fans of males than holostar fans out there. Although I think a lot of those two overlap.

>> No.12434587

Too many ESL.

>> No.12434614

Ah yes, explain to me how Nijisanji got to so big when they have been like this since day one, retard?
An hilarious to see you say that considering the amount of things you defend for Cover.

>> No.12434662

How is Pomu's number doing these day? I like her the most out of NijiEN.

>> No.12434713

Being an "SJW" is actually just called being rational, and is a normal part of any normal human being.

>> No.12434837

Normal human beings dont call for companies to bend over to a imaginary word after they burn down their building while chanting how "good" they are

>> No.12434958

ngl, I don't really care about the games she plays, as long as she's excited to talk about her games on the stream, it's nice to see her passionate about playing games and talking to chat

>> No.12434974

What the fuck are you talking about?
Say that again, but in human language.
Also normal human beings call for companies to accommodate social changes all the fucking time. It's the reason you're not seeing child labor anymore.
But then again this is 4chan, you guys probably fucking love child labor.

>> No.12435044

Do we need to post the clip where Nina talks about BLM 3 months ago for the 9quintilionth time so you can scurry back to whatever shithole you crawled out of again.
Dont play dumb anon, we already know you are retarded for watching her we dont need any further validation.

>> No.12435075

>But then again this is 4chan, you guys probably fucking love child labor.
lol why the fuck are you even here? lol

>> No.12435104

because both ID and spanish are horrible languages, let us be free from it.

>> No.12435119

BLM is good actually. The only bad thing about BLM is that nothing substantial came out of those massive protests.

>> No.12435325

Once again. CCV doesn't mean anything unless it correlates to vod views. Vod views directly correlate to superchats, memberships, and obviously ad revenue and thus sponsorships. Some channels have more neets who will watch every stream live, that is not an accurate measurement to use when comparing between top vtubers. Yes, 2views get trash vod views. The greatest noticeable difference starts at about 1k ccv. Ina for example has an average ccv much higher than Ame, but Ame gets more monthly vod views, especially when she's not on vacation.

>> No.12435403

Agreed honestly, I myself have lost a good deal of interest in NijiEN in part due getting tired of the usual female chuuba stuff, still like the girls but I just don't feel as... passionate as I used to be and with everything that the girls have done and look like they will be doing, I fear that the boys will way too much pressure on top of them, it was gonna be difficult for them anyway, but now its going to be even harder I fear.
Really wish the males had been here since the start...

>> No.12435589

every time I see Nina she gets worse

>> No.12435708

English is by far worse language, easier to learn yes, but incredibly stiff, are you sure about defending english as language?

>> No.12435935

>Vod views directly correlate to superchats
You can superchat a VOD?

>> No.12436111

So true, the only reason I stopped watching Holo a year ago was because it was just a girl group, and man oh man if it wasn't for the Sasaki song that was recommended to me after she came back to nijisanji and the belmond clip that also get recommended, I'd never know niji exist and from there my love for vtubers came back again because nijimale is so relatable for me, and now comes niji with an all-girl group, in fact, if wave 4 gets an entertaining male vtuber, i will stop watching their girl groups

>> No.12436125
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>> No.12436284

This pretty much

>> No.12436363

Oh right, I totally forgot about that feature. Do you know if Playboard includes that in their superchat tracking?

>> No.12436408

but being easy and stiff are a good thing, right?
i mean the whole idea behind communication is to share information. English does the job. Song in english are fucking cringy tho

>> No.12436580

-Too much chuubas
-Only 24hours in a day

>> No.12436719

This to be honest, feels like a month ago we got wave 2 and Selen, now suddenly there's like 5 more Niji's I haven't even bothered to check em out I just watch Selen or Pomu.

>> No.12437076

They came out too soon and during a busy time frame where HoloEN Council debuted along with Irys gaining a good bit of traction plus the Hololive server merge. Theirs just way too much content to watch.

>> No.12437152

Maybe, but I doubt they will be able to beat or even match the girls for a good while, even Ethyria, specially once the debut hype wears off, or if one of the members is like Finana or Petra and starts off weak and needing some time to find his footing in streaming (not to mention the possible reactions of certain parts of the community), but they will at least probably get a good amount of attention solely because of being males and AC taking so goddammed long to finally debut them (even if that also may potentially backfire and make things even harder for them).

>> No.12437334

Stop spamming gens and saturating your own portion of the market

>> No.12438300
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>birthday stream with everyone call in and no one streams
They are trying to boost her, aren't they? But it isn't good number at all when Elira had 7k with her birthday or other girls with their karaoke

>> No.12438434

Nina is my favorite, but Reimu is pretty good. I feel like Millie is the Pomu of this wave, very creative but lacks a gimmick besides being the main route girl.

>> No.12439099

Excluding debuts and stuff Elira's birthday was the biggest stream in EN period but Reimu's birthday I think might be the second as it topped out at like 3.5 or 3.6k, I may be wrong but I only remember Elira's drunk stream getting to 3.4.
Either way wave 3 is definitely the smallest but it wasn't bad for Niji EN

>> No.12439123

so this is the power of nijisanji en.

>> No.12441720

Same, though I also went through Holostars first and it was thanks to them that I finally decided to fully branch out and watch other vtubers and male vtubers, which eventually led me to Nijisanji.
Was honestly really fucking dissapointed when Anycolor went and made NijiEN female only and kept it that way for over half a year, I like the girls but at this point I'm honestly getting tired of several of the usual shticks female vtubers tend to pull.

>> No.12441907

I wonder what it would look like for a full Lazulight collab.

>> No.12442037

They'd need to debut about five people for the first wave then. I can't imagine Niji EN without Elira or Pomu.

>> No.12442240

>ESL EN not allowed to speak in Spanish despite it being her most successful stream

>> No.12443947

Too many waves. No one cares about your new waves when you spam them. Btw wave 4 is coming already, Pomu talked about it.


They are so fucking dead in the water. Niji did them dirty, black company.

>> No.12444139

Wave 4 was known about for months. It was auditioned right alongside Wave 3.

>> No.12444326

damn, niji copium looking real pathetic

>> No.12444506

She's being compared to other Niji EN girls though

>> No.12444679

Niji is unironically the adult audience. Holo legit pander to kids.

>> No.12444729

>nina already at the same level of video count as council

Working hard or hardly working amirite kronii?

>> No.12444847

work twice as hard for half the reward
just niji things

>> No.12445136
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> I think might be the second as it topped out at like 3.5 or 3.6k
The Elira's drunk stream shared view with Finana and Pomu-Rosemi collab. It's just mean that the ghost girl is the less popular girl when everyone was on her stream and no one streams over her birthday

>> No.12445306

Elira's birthday stream topped at 5.5k. There's been multiple other streams that went over 5.5k. Selen Apex has exceeded it a few times, Elira's first Genshin, Pomu God Knows, Meltdown, I think Rosemi's Game Show, etc.

>> No.12445407

a bunch of those are big collabs though

>> No.12445463

I mean, so was Elira's birthday stream. She had the entirety of NijiEN on stream with her.

>> No.12445597

That's weird, I saw it go higher than that, well i'll blame youtuber's player since it's notoriously shit.

>> No.12445679



>> No.12445817

Wave 3 is rejects of rejects of hololive rejects and wave 1 & 2 nijisanji rejects.

>> No.12446284

It sure is weird seeing the perception of Wave 3 flip so much. From being the most hyped wave for having indie darlings and being the singer wave, to now being called unabashed flops.

>> No.12446325

It's the same shitposters as always, I dont know why you're confused.

>> No.12446338

People were comparing a lot of Lazulight and Obsydia to specifically Ame and Council as a whole, so the new girls were an easy target once they appeared.
Of course, the shitposting has significantly slowed down and they're back to spamming Kiara shit as usual.

>> No.12446479

too soon and nobody was ready except for the witch

>> No.12447062

I was hyped from the design teaser but it turned out to be a big disappointment, most of them are mismatch, their voices don't suit for the design at all and most of them are very boring, not to mention Nina. Well they are showing some stagnant in the talent poll of western female vtuber, most of them copying the hololive's formation, some slightly gaming with cute noise, supachat reading/ GFE zatsudan, singing karaoke and that it, maybe the male vtuber will shake something up with innovative formation and content but I don't have many hope left with the type they prefer to hire

>> No.12447370

They already had the designs ready to go but decided to hire Elira and Petra's friends instead of whoever fit the models. Nina is the only one who wasn't already someone's friend and she fits her own model fine.

>> No.12448526

>Nijisanji is the thinking man's choice
Do Nijikeks really?

>> No.12448807


Niji en is doomed. It is littered with crypto sjws and vshojo rejects, a sad parody of hololive. We have to burn down everything and cast out everybody who idioticly clings to it. This is the way.

>> No.12448885

same but with holostars

>> No.12448940

>crypto sjws and vshojo rejects
Truly Selen is the only thing that justifies NijiEN's existence.

>> No.12448958

This but Council

>> No.12449077

>It is littered with crypto sjws and vshojo rejects
It's amazing how this rrat makes less and less sense every time you repeat it.

>> No.12449161

This is the problem with literally everything Nijisanji does. They're flooding their own employees. I love the EN girls, but christ if their company isn't hell bent on fucking them

>> No.12449214

English is easier to learn that Spanish? I thought it'd be harder. Also I've heard native Indonesians shit talk their own language and how they know more English, so I'd believe that

>> No.12449458

I gave up on council in less ~3 weeks, Fauna is the best one from the bunch, the other 4 can go back to where they came from, specially Bae since I liked her way better in her PL.
And fuck the block game with how they play it because it's boring as fuck, the only half-decent content when they're playing that shit is when they start talking about food for some reason.

>> No.12449514

>normalfag Nina
>Minmaxes in videogames and watches jojo for hours on end

>> No.12450175

You've never watched a single Nijisanji EN stream outside of debuts.

>> No.12451203

Talent, quality and everything else like that is meaningless without working on actually gaining an audience.
Yes, most people are braindead consoomers with brand loyalty. Yes, Youtube recommends creators who are already big. This is the World we live in. Either change the circumstances, adapt to them or stop trying. Blaming external factors and complaining about how unfair the World are signs of a bad mentality; you should understand and accept what you're getting into before deciding to give it a shot.

>> No.12451294

Wrong. English is very flexible, but it's also very byzantine with many many many exceptions to the rules that you wouldn't encounter elsewhere. However it's still a shit language.

>> No.12451305

everyone thought wave 2 was trash for a while after they debuted. they'll pick up over the next few months

>> No.12451440

>Blame target for companies poor decisions

>> No.12451586

English is more compact and efficient. It is higher in information density than Spanish, Bahasa and Japanese. The only downgrade is the inconsistent pronunciation.

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