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What happens if you pull one of these?

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He cums

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What happens if you pull all three?

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He will piss shit AND cum.

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I’ll take the first and last one thanks

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Majin love!

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If that AstelxReader anon is still here it's kinda short tho.

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Oga - zatsudan

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What about SuiBeru?

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Anonchama it’s perfect, i fucking love you *bookmarks* if you ever write more please do post again

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That's my husband

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Gundams have sure changed.

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Lick my candy

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Dunno if you have checked already but in case anyone else is curious, there's some stuff og the boys but it's pretty minor, the most notable one imo was a TemmaxNoel (don't ask) story, but aside from that nothing much.

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Disgusting, where?

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turns into Roberu Alter

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I actually read that one and thought it was pretty good since the author actually watched the boys and had a decent grasp of their personalities. I think it was the result of someone making a thread complaining about the lack of Live x Stars doujin months ago.

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Courtesy of /wg

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I want more of this sadistic Roberu.

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Yeah, it was pretty good honestly, kinda wish they had made more desu I would try my hand too but I suck at getting personalities right and yeah it was made because something like that I think, but I think it was also because anons there were wondering why there weren't more, especially after an anon from here got the guts to request a story about the boys.
Worth mentioning that the second part is also NSFW btw.

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I love Roberu!!

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Stopped reading around the time they meet in the buffet or whatever just to tell you that Noel is also shy and would never have the guts to call someone she doesn't know "a maggot"

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Good writing though I'll continue reading

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Fucking fuck, I need a doujin like come on how come threr is no doujin of live and stars?!

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>With his free hand he delivers a devastating punch into her abdomen
I need to see this!

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How THE FUCK is there not a dozen of FOXDEMON doujins, they're literally made for it

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Unless it’s fubuki pegging Oga I don’t want it

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>BBC demon
>Small white fox girl
Doujin artists are retarded

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Beyond me how there aren't a thousand fanarts of Oga fucking every female vtuber under the sun
>Deep voice
What the fuck is wrong with nips

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I don't think any fbk fan wants to be literally cucked on a doujin. And most omaesans don't ship them either.

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It's different when it's an actual persona and not a faceless uglybastard when they can insert themselves at.

>> No.12466122

You will never get a doujin over oga domination loss with fubuki where he starts out as the dom but becomes The sub>>12465990

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I have question for you Guys why do you like the Holostars so much is it Gayness Contrainism or are the holostars just cute

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Ok but how'd you explain other stars, especially Roberu since girls fucking throw themselves on him

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Same thing as >>12466120 said.

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For me they fill the "group of bros playing games together" hole I've been looking for.

>> No.12466333

This. Hasn't been a good one since Super Best Friends died

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Ugly bastards are old news, they should replace them with handsome bartender son

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>bro’s filling your hole

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Ugly bastards fucking cute bartender sons?

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>I don't think any fbk fan wants to be literally cucked on a doujin.
They don't see FBK that way
>And most omaesans don't ship them either.
There's a lot of ship art, there's just no porn

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There's just something fun about watching a group of adult men act like bratty schoolchildren around each other when they're placed in the same room

>> No.12466491

BBC is super popular in doujins as of late.

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>They don't see FBK that way
Not all of them that is

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Those who don't are not welcomed and FBK is very open about that, seriously if there's any delusional fags who see fubuki as GFE they're more than welcomed to fuck off

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Calm down faggot

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my cute bartender son only deserves hot faceless guys to fuck him

>> No.12466809

I'd only accept him getting by girls facless or not I don't care, NO MALES!!

>> No.12466853

is he getting pegged by these girls? listen all I want to see is him crying

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Not just unicorns I can see normal fans that just don't like foxdemon as a ship.

>> No.12467284

I don't ship, but I'd like to see the sex.

>> No.12467358

Crying of how good it feels I presume? Why not hot faceless neesans AND hot faceless guys at the same time

>> No.12467445

now you’re speaking my language!!

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File: 1.80 MB, 1750x2625, __usada_pekora_shirakami_fubuki_moona_hoshinova_ayunda_risu_and_aragami_oga_hololive_and_2_more_drawn_by_hayate_fish__a365f1fefbf7d1e2807521673f7f98e3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>my roberys "bait" thread was ignored into archivehood

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what the hell?!

>> No.12469292

Not clicking your IPlogger shithead

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It's a shop selling leather stuff.

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Honestly, when I made that post bout the boy's stories in the writing general, I didn't qite expect all the discussion and stuff that came after....

>> No.12469536

What did they say?

>> No.12469757

No, no, I mean telling this thread that there are stories of the boys in that general.

>> No.12469874

Feel free to post the fics of the boys here if there are more

>> No.12471231

I don't visit those thread very frequently, but I do look at their archive on occassion and there isn't much nor does it seem like it will change.

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they copypasted his face

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forgot pic

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Same exact expression but it was drawn at least, not copypasted

>> No.12473443

It's traced, still the outfits as a whole are a hackjob so I'm not surprised by things like this

>> No.12473670

To this day I'm still wondering where did this anon go.

>> No.12473869

Probably killed himself

>> No.12473934

anons....that's my fucking oshi.....why the fuck did comet do this to my oshi....

>> No.12474009

It's drawn by the same artist... And the outfits are fine, what do you even mean?

>> No.12474054

Her eyes are heart shaped so clearly your oshi is the one doing the doing

>> No.12474065

Damn that’s hot

>> No.12474208

The outfits are very underwhelming, even Niji has better male idol outfits for their upcoming Live

>> No.12474259

Why did you have to respond...

>> No.12474355

I like both of them, and the little hat is cute

>> No.12474506

Honestly they should've gone with black vests and pants at least it would look cooler, I'm tired of white shit.

>> No.12474692

it's missing Bae in the corner looking really sad

>> No.12474814

The matador thing just looks weird. I get why they're handling things this way, but treating them like they're just "Hololive but male" is the greatest mistake they keep making over and over again. Let the stars have their own identity

>> No.12474939

Somebody explain what happened here

>> No.12475981

I don't get how a paid [email protected] stream set off so many schizos. Roberu's right for hanging out with animare, tenkaiji and tamaki.

>> No.12476194

The single worst thing to happen to the holostars this year

>> No.12476316

There’s been plenty of good stuff that happened this year, we shouldn’t let this one thing put them down

>> No.12476319

Roberu didn't even get a boost in subs...

>> No.12476409

>put them down
No where cares besides bored shitposters here, who’ll move on after milking out all the ‘fun’

>> No.12476487

It's been over a week when are they going to "move on"

>> No.12476693

They should have been in sailoresque outfits that show off their bellies, with super short shorts

>> No.12476934

uwooooh pizza dad in short shorts

>> No.12477074

La Creatura

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Or skintight slut suits

>> No.12477206

good karaoke stream vods for a lonely boi?

>> No.12477221

Must peropero seaweed chest

>> No.12477245

This wasn't listed on Roberu's community post but he'll be participating in a Mario Party collab with Baachan, Mari, and Izumi

>> No.12477314

*on the 8th
Forgot to include the date like a retard

>> No.12477753

Man, I really want to see Tenchan's legs now.

>> No.12478763

If you're lonely

>> No.12479493

thanks friend, this is nice

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What did they mean by this?


>> No.12481522

Miyabi... Yagoo's toy

>> No.12481799

It got similar feedback at the time it was posted iirc, a lot of people were saying her character was off.

>> No.12482454

There was some Amelia x Astel fic but it wasn't very good IMO and kinda felt like a fever dream. Actually, now that I've checked it's been deleted from the archive.
Here's a short Roberu x Matsuri one featuring Rikka that also felt like a fever dream:
There's a Fubuki getting cucked by Risu story here too
The only other one with the boys in it that I can think of is this really long, multiple chapter story called Holocalypse. It's mainly focused on the hologirls but it has some bro time with the boys later on where you go fishing with them.

>> No.12482677

>Fan fic with Roberu in it
IMatsuri is a big turn iff but I'll read it because Robe-chan

>> No.12482763

>Temma x spoiler
b-but why?

>> No.12482773

Rikka didn't deserve that at the end of the story but I laughed out loud

>> No.12482814

The chapters with the boys felt as if I was reading something written by a teenage girl trying too hard to make them feel like bros.

>> No.12482860

I didn't like the depiction of the guys in Holocalypse

>> No.12482959

Papa lunch stream in ~40 minutes. The thumbnail makes me want to eat some rice but it's too late here

>> No.12483041

>They fucked and Roberu walked all around the Hololive studio, looking for things to fuck her on. When he came, he yelled YYYYEEEEEEAAAAAAAH
>Rikka killed himself two weeks later

>> No.12483073

gonna need a JUST edit of Fubuki for that last one

>> No.12483099


>> No.12483118

Spoonfeed me anon, where do I read Holocalypse?

>> No.12483159

I'm guessing the shared knighthood theme was the main reason behind it, probably.

>> No.12483208

>makes me want to eat some rice but it's too late here
Dafuq? If you want to eat rice just make some and eat, who's gonna stop you?

>> No.12483305

Apparently it was because Temma likes tits
This here’s the entire /wg/ archive, and you can find the series subdirectory near the top where you’ll find Holocalypse

>> No.12483364

Why did you have to mention the AstelxAme one? I was purposefully avoiding it....
Iirc it was because of their knight themes and people joking about Temma's cuteness turning her into another auntie accidentaly, it pretty much escalated from there.

>> No.12483545

I already ate dinner though.... I don't want to overeat

>> No.12483677

>>12483364 (me)
Also this >>12483305 think people said she fit Temma's type which added to the fuel for the writeanons.

>> No.12483700

But where's the Suiberu fics...
Can we name their ship Hoshi no Sakana??

>> No.12483923

Like, anon, you’re like, so obsessed dude, like, come on you know

>> No.12483932

Then just eat a snack? Get a banana or some crackers or whatever

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>Open laptop
>Check how /stars/ is doing
>People are talking about /wg/ and the story I'm writing
I have to say I never expected this to happen.

>> No.12483998

Shipping is harmless anon, take a chill pill. You wouldn't be throwing a trantrum if it was two stars instead

>> No.12484051

Anon you need to like, chill like, how can you take such an obvious joke post so serious like, come on

>> No.12484107

To make that anon calm down there should be a fic written about Miyabi hypnotizing Shien and raping him. You know, just to restore some balance, purely to calm down the shitposters

>> No.12484135

You never know with the schizos here

>> No.12484198

Damn I thought you meant there already was one and got excited.

>> No.12484229

Suichan and Roberu bonding over idols... sharing their first kiss at an [email protected] concert.
Roberu bending Suisei over the front bar...

>> No.12484255

Get this het shit out of my general

>> No.12484352

Suisei goes for a drink after a long day recording, sloppy drunk sex with Robesan...

>> No.12484569

We have no other place anon
I'll do one better, Suichan and Robechan keep their relationship a secret and go on a cruise trip but unfortunately they find some of their coworkers on the same boat so they try to keep it a secret as much as they can While Suichan dragging Robe around to hide from them Robe eventually would start caring less and less but Suichan still does but she'd also stop caring and start having outdoor sex in their new year's costumes

>> No.12484579

>Papa has an IPhone13 but sucks at taking pictures
This ojisan

>> No.12484588

It is a shame that the stars don't have much in the way of straight ships outside of Roberu. It makes for a nice change of pace and it's not like there's no material.
Pizza dad and Lain sounds pretty hot, Sukoya is out of business so Tomoe and Shien can be a thing. Astel and Bora look cute together, he's also a whore

>> No.12484613


>> No.12484687

Lain is for Lauren, and Tomoe and Shien are siblings you sick fuck.
Also Bora is being passed around by the Koreans of CR. All Apex women are taken.

>> No.12484731


>> No.12484747

The Holostars are the biggest whores in town
look what happened to Karou

>> No.12484750

>anon is shipping siblibgs
Arusan is literally unshippable, also Rikkun but damn he looks good besides Mori

>> No.12484763

Reminds me of that one brainrot I had involving hlgg's Father Shien where he gets raped by (you)/some rando inside a confessional until he passes out

>> No.12484813

>Tomoe and Shien can be a thing

>> No.12484845

>and Tomoe and Shien are siblings you sick fuck.
Vtuber siblings look great together tho, since they're drawn by the same artist, plus fucking tell me that you don't want to see a cocky Shien be dominated by Tomoe uncontrollably moaning whenever she whips him

>> No.12484887

>Arusan is literally unshippable
Those girls from Vshojo think different...

>> No.12484896

I’m gonna have lunch with pizza dad

>> No.12484912

You know, if you're going to ship Astel with an apex girl, you might as well just pair him up with Sumire so she can finally have her own teetee partner

>> No.12484949

Let me have some of what you're having, anon

>> No.12484992

>Also Bora is being passed around by the Koreans of CR. All Apex women are taken.
Astel could get so much Apex pussy if he wanted it's unreal

>> No.12485029

Sumire is like a younger sister, besides he's with Aqua

>> No.12485119

>Astel is also sea themed

>> No.12485126

I’m going to strangle you

>> No.12485189

do you want some chicken, anon? say aaaah

>> No.12485209

oh someone posted the Temma x Noel fic I wrote a while back. Thanks for reading it! Your concerns are correct, Noel's character isn't the best, but that's probably because I don't watch her in the first place. Planning to write a fic for Astel and Suisei, but more into delving about what "success" means in their own eyes. Also because I think their voices go extremely well together when singing.

>> No.12485238
File: 1.36 MB, 857x900, suisei 23.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Suisei putting her gloved finger up Roberu's ass

>> No.12485245

Roasted or fried?

>> No.12485278

it’s fried.. it’s ok if you don’t want

>> No.12485294

>Planning to write a fic for Astel and Suisei
Now that's fucking tight, their theming goes together so nicely with both being very closely associated with space. Also their general dynamic of being a tryhard singer align perfectly
Astel is a kusogaki, Suisei likes shounens. It was meant to be

>> No.12485315

>Astel and Suisei
I'm literally seething, is this how unicorns feel ?

>> No.12485326
File: 79 KB, 436x612, 3E767DA1-F5F4-4AC0-A9CE-1021D20ABBB5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12485348

Not him but who the fuck doesn't like fried chicken?

>> No.12485356

Both are based ships.

>> No.12485383

>tfw priestkink

>> No.12485392

Look at this Alabama anon

>> No.12485410

>ywn have 10,000 yen yakiniku with aruran and izuru

>> No.12485444

You mean boipucci right

>> No.12485446

You're the only writeanon I trust in that thread. Good to see that you're picking that concept up from your "to do later, maybe never" pile.

>> No.12485570

No, Astel clearly has more interest and experience with women given his highschool tales

>> No.12485616

Shien should become the plaything of Crossick

>> No.12485621

>Arusan is literally unshippable
Mousey would probably protest against that.
>also Rikkun but damn he looks good besides Mori
He does, one of the first fanarts of MoRikka after the collab made me feel things.

>> No.12485675

>Has dated multiple women in the past
>Still gets nervous and hyperventilates around women
There is no hope for this idiot, he should get raped by an oneesan sugar mama

>> No.12485694

Arusan is for cute wholesome bonding and fun

>> No.12485733

He’s already gone through character development anon, he’s fine around women

>> No.12485738

Nah, I'll still take it anon
Just let me grab some ketchup from the fridge

>> No.12485772
File: 65 KB, 399x367, E40RTChVoAMDZxq.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This. Hope he gets to go to that gay bar with Reid and Pakael.

>> No.12485799

>the night ends up in a horny threesome

>> No.12485817

He should take Reidkun out on a Disney date, make him come out of his dusty room for once in his life

>> No.12485825

Shien... reduced to some lesbos walking dildo. Hot

>> No.12485827

Oh, you are the anon who wrote that? That's cool, I was there when you posted the first chapter, still remember the exciment I felt when you announced it, and it lived pretty well to it, looking forward to your next project.

>> No.12485866

>>Still gets nervous and hyperventilates around women
He did outright said that was just pretend for the stream anon. Pretty sure it's clipped plus by the end of Arcstars he was more than fine and it doesn't get any more dangerous than Choco

>> No.12485907

If you were able to cosplay as one of the stars, who would you dress up as?

>> No.12485951

Arusan is designed be single not even hags look good with him, Mouse has brain damage

>> No.12485985

Imo Aruran was designed to be a father but I can't imagine what woman would pair well with him, I just envision him holding children in his arms or giving a baby a ride on his shoulders... tfw no Arupapa to make a papa....

>> No.12486052

oga, he has a horse cock like me

>> No.12486127


>> No.12486200

I think Rikka's or Suzaku's outfit seems like something that I'd really like to wear

>> No.12487708

I mean you can ship Shien with autistic or schizo chuubas if you want

>> No.12488114

Warabe must be elated to hang out fairly often with Robert.

>> No.12488282

I've always seen him as the funny uncle type.

>> No.12488713

Wish Itou Life were here instead of Izumi but this is still pretty good.

>> No.12488842

It would honestly be cute as fuck if Papa could find a chuuba with whom to have a father-daughter relationship like Belmond had with Roa (recently saw a clip of the two playing telepath and it was the cutest thing I have seen in a long while).

>> No.12488917

Miyabi, I like pink.

>> No.12489271

Fucking bitch

>> No.12491124

Don't even start, everyone already knows the truth and who the responsable of all that mess was.
Miyabi doesn't wear much pink tho, unless you go for his NY outfit.

>> No.12491790

Holostars are Yagoo's personal bedwarmers after all.

>> No.12491918

Roberu APEX

>> No.12491924

sudden Roberu apex

>> No.12492733


>> No.12492797

I want to make Izuru 3D cosplay in real beach photosets.

>> No.12494034

Flower is happy at this development.

>> No.12494516

Temma Apex
Wachastars #18 with Roberu Rikka Izuru
Miyabi appearing on Garibenger V

>> No.12494634

Roberu in legend of Polka when

>> No.12494689

When Mashiro collabs with Roberu first

>> No.12494776

When Hayato collabs with Roberu first

>> No.12494847

When Baelz collabs with Roberu first

>> No.12495105

play with kishi...

>> No.12495116

Surely there are female posting ITT and not just faggots right?

>> No.12495121


>> No.12495141

You ask this every thread, kill yourself

>> No.12495157

Absolutely. This general reeks of tumblr and feminine triggerings (muh hecking trollerinos).

>> No.12495160

Well you're here so we know for sure there's one faggot here.

>> No.12495170

Nijisanji male thread is overwhelmingly female and they don't go through the garbage this thread does.

>> No.12495189

that's because they are three kinds of people on the internet
males, people who pretend to be female and mentally ill people who think they are female

>> No.12495256

>That Roberu english
Holy grass.

>> No.12495447


>> No.12495573

When gura collabs with roberu first

>> No.12495592

Just leave then faggot.

>> No.12496291

Sounds about right for an athlete. That was basically Shohei.

>> No.12496454

I hope they made another wachastar like this, I want to see Aruran and Temma flexing their English.
that sensei is pretty much holding his laughter throughout Roberu's part

>> No.12496800

Aruran's Among Us collab

>> No.12496924

>More stars and literal who's
When are we getting another holostars among us collab, I'll even compromise and accept holostars x ID

>> No.12497008

Stfu and enjoy the collab or I'll kill you

>> No.12497071

Nah, I don't care about any of these fools

>> No.12497105

Ok then stop being a bitch
>literal who's
Most of the stars are also literal who's

>> No.12497113

Stop replying to shitty bait.

>> No.12497234

The stars work for the biggest vtuber company, they have corpo rep

>> No.12497283

Fuck, I really need Temma to do this. Especially now that he is seriously practicing his conversational skills.

>> No.12498165

Belmond's despair fuels me.

>> No.12498193
File: 478 KB, 1265x714, lmao.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12498636

Rikka - zatsudan

>> No.12499395

Why all the hate for the holostars as of recent?

>> No.12499432

HenRaji is back at the studio. I hope it stays this way. The remote recording episodes just don't hit the same.

>> No.12499512


>> No.12499642

Retards for some reason bought the narrative that they're taking money away from EN (since them getting treated nicely for once after two fucking years is apparently a crime) so now ENshitters whine because apparently them getting 3Ds means EN won't ever get them

>> No.12500199

Miyabi Zatsudan
Shien Zatsudan, looking back on the covers he's done and behind the scenes

>> No.12500239

Hi /stars/
Can someone post one of those pics of the japanese ladies in a room with an obscene amount of merch of their Holostars husbando?

>> No.12500270

the bossu one?

>> No.12500281

I think I've seen two.
Any of them, though

>> No.12500319

Those pictures are fucking depressing, particularly the Shien one

>> No.12500364
File: 562 KB, 2048x2048, 1614201332958.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think it's something mor common in Japan. I've seen some videos of enstars fans doing the same.

>> No.12500482

Heard of lack of pussy, but I guess lack of dick can also fuck with someone

>> No.12500494


>> No.12500596

Thank you anon

>> No.12500607

>Shipfags stirring shit using the boys
>Unicorns and schizos seething
>Global seething cause the boys got 3D but not EN
That's about it I think

>> No.12500623

You really going to sit there and tell me pic rel would have trouble getting dick?

>> No.12500697

Spotted the newfag, the boys are super popular in China

>> No.12500755

She looks like any other lanky ass Japanese woman and with her face hidden on top of that, if she's simping this hard for an anime boy and renting a motel room for her photo sessions that probably means she's a top class menhera and you never stick your dick in crazy

>> No.12500818

You talk like a tryhard virgin

>> No.12500855

I FUCKING KNOW, i swear however are the ones that make doujins have no fucking balls

>> No.12500908

Why she has glasses of cum?

>> No.12500981

How else are you supposed to get Shien to drink with you?

>> No.12501065
File: 358 KB, 694x620, 1611986583951.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm just so sick of the NTRoberu shitposting, bros, I might actually caved in and unironically use filter cause this is just insufferable...

>> No.12501155
File: 865 KB, 2480x3908, 1635327574440.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do it fag

>> No.12501281

Blame animare

>> No.12501333

He encourages it by being such a big dick CHAD

>> No.12501362

Maybe I browse /v/ too much but these shitpost are relatively tame desu

>> No.12501389


>> No.12501498

Yes I like Roberu and yes I am gay, but I'm not a unicorn, just sick of my oshi being shit on by retards just because he collabed with female.

>> No.12501515

Shame that Aruran, Oga, and Izuru never made a HypMic cover song. Their grouping would've been perfect for Mad Trigger Crew

>> No.12501537
File: 372 KB, 500x500, 1630895570424.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.12501559
File: 39 KB, 284x284, znV7u3x.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I am gay

>> No.12501594

Holy shit, males actually use /stars/....

>> No.12501616
File: 94 KB, 1062x202, Screenshot_20211104-075706_YouTube.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Watchastars was wild this week.

>> No.12501655

Roberu holds no power over Haneru

>> No.12501702

post tits or gtfo

>> No.12501811

>Pic related

>> No.12501829

Females hold no power over men

>> No.12501905

Isn't he space theme?

>> No.12501935

I like to imagine this stream https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=arqUCWlb23M
is actually an omiai for Temma and Rukako

>> No.12501990

Izuru, i would unironically wear a cat jacket like his that if i had one, or alternatively the Shogun outfit because the hat and cape look nice

>> No.12502229

He's both spaced and sea themed.

>> No.12502776

Haneru got both cover and 774inc to approve "fucked all animare" thingy. She's that powerful

>> No.12502901

He looks like seaweed

>> No.12503839
File: 138 KB, 565x369, 1632621773306.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Listen to it.

>> No.12504905

Why? It's 5 months old already.

>> No.12505137

Already have. It's not as good as you think it is, but then again, most vtuber covers are.

>> No.12505328

Speaking of Shien, expect a solo cover from him sometime soon

>> No.12505459

I love it

>> No.12505729

I miss 3 months ago when it was perfectly normal to talk about the lads

>> No.12506053

I miss 3 months ago when it's normal to ignore obvious shitposter

>> No.12506137

Jokes aside, is Miyabi the closest to YAGOO? I believe Roberu said he has only met him in person once.

>> No.12506362

I don't think any of them are particularly close to yagoo being honest. Seems like they barely interact with Cover a beyond their two mangers

>> No.12506421

Hyow nyew

>> No.12506494

Not even a clipwatcher at this point, huh?

>> No.12506778

Yagoo did personally manage Miyabi before Shinove came along, after all

>> No.12506836

>time to pay me back flowerboy

>> No.12506906

I thought only women made stupid financial decisions. Like shouldn't they be saving up for a home or at least investing

>> No.12507047

>he says on the board of akasupa simps

>> No.12507164

They're also retards anon

>> No.12508232

Me too...

>> No.12509004

Stop being dramatic, come on I'll talk to you normally, talk

>> No.12509093

>all of the hate
It's a few schizos and the same unicorns as always, schizos don't count and unicorns are getting ratio'd. /vt/ just has lazy jannies.

Anyway someone better draw Yagoo slapping Miyabi's ass

>> No.12509252

You better suck my dick and die if you're a girl I'm sorry for that

>> No.12509610

Who's being gay now, anon

>> No.12509741

When will robechan collab with new people again?
Mito doesn't count aince it's not a collab

>> No.12509983

there are no girls, stop being so cringe around dudes

>> No.12510146

I don't, some anon seem like girls to me

>> No.12510821

Please leave the Twitter lingo back in that dumpster

>> No.12511730

I'm just waiting for Astel's 3D debut and then the obligatory 3D collab with all the boy before the concert.

>> No.12511799

Cover can't handle more than 5 3D's at once

>> No.12513539

Yeah Cover can only do 5 persons in 3D at any given time. Performances involving 6 or more people are split among groups and then digitally stuck together

>> No.12513933

>there are no girls
Sure, femanon.

>> No.12514007

Please stop pretending to be women online, I don't care about your tranny shit

>> No.12514364

she doesn’t count either, remember the radio collab

>> No.12514522

He threw out an invitation to play apex with Ollie and it still hasn't happened.

>> No.12514565

To be fair this is a lot more meaningful because it's on their channel which people actually watch. Plus it being a proper collab and not just a special radio thing means that it's very likely to happen again.
Suisei has all sorts of guest for her radio show but that doesn't mean they're ever going to work together again, but collabing on youtube does set a precedent for them streaming together again SPECIALLY for Roberu who is know to constantly go back to people he collabed with in the past

>> No.12515535

Would love to see Miyabi and Astel personally, the former would be hilarious and I'd like to see how well Astel does outside of yelling random English in Apex.

I just want to see Astel in Wacha again, too.

>> No.12515786

I'm pretty sure all of the "real" femanons are not in the /vt/ thread

>> No.12516013
File: 337 KB, 1445x1040, 1635864188338.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Shogun love!

>> No.12516169

Can he take off the jacket?

>> No.12516219
File: 146 KB, 621x1698, 7D81B234-B3A1-44FA-9CCA-23EB1A885BE0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12516233

>Believing winning son promises
How is that pacific rim watchalong? Or the 36 hours Zatsudan? Or streaming more compared to last year?

>> No.12516320

You faggots better come to the new it has a cool pic T_T

>> No.12516368

Didn't ask schizo

>> No.12516505

Your winning son can't keep promise for shit, just like how he can't follow his own schedule or can't make decent thumbnail

>> No.12516589

Hopefully he can just like how bossu can take his coat off.

>> No.12516635

So he didn't show it off on stream? Start fucking praying Astel

>> No.12516649

Early thread schizos can get the rope! >_<

>> No.12516812
File: 352 KB, 534x466, 1632629815883.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12517286

How many layers of irony is this

>> No.12518229

No, but to be fair he also didn't show himself with his hood up, but he can do that.

>> No.12519578
File: 940 KB, 579x1048, shinovesex.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Shinove Sex

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