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ccv + sc



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EN numbers seem pretty bad without Gura. The next few days will be shit until the sportfes starts.

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my god, the niji en buff is non existent

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Another fucking watchalong, wtf are they thinking...

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I wonder who the first NijiEN to get to 2 digits will be.

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Unless one of the guys giga flops, it's going to be Reimu. Reimu is the least popular girl in the least popular wave so far in Niji EN. She gets embarrassing numbers on anything that's not karaoke. Legitimately chuubas from Prism or those other companies no one cares about might overtake her regularly soon.

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That's just depressing. I really don't understand what NijiEN scouting was trying to do with this wave. Perhaps they ran into the issue of "holy shit there's so much garbage in the indie vtuber scene how do we filter this?!" and opted to recruit a bunch of Indies that they could get their existing chubbas to vouch for...

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Staffkun you here? what did we tell you about watchalongs? don't poison what little viewers you have left

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what would be the reason they only casted former indies so far? JP branch has people with varied pasts and resumes and they're doing fine. did they not have anyone like that audition for them or is there another reason?

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Who knows if that's what they're searching for. I doubt they didn't have anyone like that audition for them. Only thing I can think of is that they seem to be focusing on hiring people that their current chuubas already know of from the indie scene, and they all sorta did similar things but had varying levels of success.

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Nepotism hires.
Millie/Enna are Elira’s friends and Reimu is Petra’s friend.

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At that point why would I fucking bother watching NijiEN over a bunch of Indies of all I'm getting is the exact same thing?! They HAVE to offer something more, something that drives people to come watch since "You can't get this anywhere else!"

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>hire the friend of your least or 2nd least popular chubba
>the friend turns out to be the least popular after

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that's an advantage for chemistry between the members so if a potential candidate seems good in the first place and is also friends (or acquainted) with someone who already works for them i get why they'd just sign that person.
but looking for people from different backgrounds would make the branch as diverse as their main branch so in my (albeit worthless) opinion it might be a good idea to start focusing on such hires especially as the liver count grows and everyone being friends becomes less possible.

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1) Marine (Hololive) - 34.7k - Karaoke
2) Pekora (Hololive) - 42.5 - Minecraft (Sport fest)
3) Chronoir (Nijisanji) - 48.9k - Announcement
4) Pekora (Hololive) - 36.4k - Rhythm Heaven

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They only have 2 months to prepare. Training a new person takes more time

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>hololive gets BTFO
>thread now bullying NijiEN to cope

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Based Petra

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I unironically think they were trying to go for the chemistry angle but Council debuting seemed to have slapped Myth to their senses.

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I get that, but at the same time...that doesn't seem like a good choice to get people interested and watching. They don't bring anything new, like what this Anon is saying >>12507063
Selen was a solid choice, competent in shooters that no one EN chubba-scene was showcasing (Ame has good aim but bad everything else).

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Why not just throw them off the deep end? It works for Cover.

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Yeah, as far as it goes Selen isn't unique in the streaming scene in the west since female fps streamers are a dime a dozen. But for the western chuuba market specifically, being a hardcore fps streamer is unique.

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*Tally from last thread


Here it goes
>36,339: Pekora (Hololive)
>24,261: Korone (Hololive)
>24,117: Miko (Hololive)
>22,977: Flare (Hololive)
>21,898: Miko (Hololive)
>16,820: Shibuya Hal (merise)
>16,679: Botan (Hololive)
>16,638: Fuwa (Nijisanji)
>15,715: Nene (Hololive)
>13,843: Rushia (Hololive)
>13,477: Shibuya Hal (merise)
>12,990: Ienaga Mugi (Nijisanji)
>11,615: Sora (Hololive)
>11,372: Okayu (Hololive)
>10,847: Gatchaman (indie)


1) Marine (Hololive) - 34.7k - Karaoke
2) Pekora (Hololive) - 42.5 - Minecraft (Sport fest)
3) Chronoir (Nijisanji) - 48.9k - Announcement
4) Pekora (Hololive) - 36.4k - Rhythm Heaven

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that's a fair assumption. but i feel like hiring non-vtuber streamers or just relatively experienced content creators also requires minimal preparation/training. you might have to give them a small rundown on opsec basics but other than that it doesn't sound so complicated.

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How tf he has 52k with this chat, gura chat is 10x faster with less viewership

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It works for Cover since their brand name is a lot more valuable AND they give their chuubas ample time to get their feet on the ground after. This poor ghost girl is going to get buttfucked by the male wave in like 2 months and even less people will care about her.

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Welcome to the list, Sora-chan. A very fine addition after Kizuna AI made it into the list a couple of weeks ago.

Siro-chan next? Mirai Akari?

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they barely get any fanart so they need to use literally kids drawings

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there's your problem

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A watchalong is a PERK for the faithful audience, that wants a more intimate moment with their oshi that the itinerant peons won't be crowding.
It is something Pekora, for instance, does for Nousagi to thin out the crowd from 35k to 12k to allow for them to be heard on chat. Same for Amelia (except 10k to 2k) or Miko (20k to 5k).


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He's got sub only mode(YT subs) on for one, and two, different cultures for chat can affect how fast a chat goes.

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>she's 137 now
two digits le'ts go!

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This. If I were NijiEN management I would have the girls graduate and sterilized.

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her gaming content doesn't fare much better desu
btw it's still been under a month since she debuted, she technically should still have some debut buff

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>competent in shooters that no one EN chubba-scene was showcasing
bit of a sidetrack but i saw that Mori plans to finally finish doom eternal. from what i remember its one of the earliest games she started on her channel. she literally took over a year to finish it

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Pekora is smart enough to use her watchalongs streams as her contingency in days when she is super tired to play games due to her idol reps.
It's awful for numbers if abused to be honest.

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Kotone would be nice

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Stop. No one hyped wave 3. We all knew they'd be a bunch of 4th rounders.

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>. If I were NijiEN management I would have the girls graduate and sterilized.
NGMI. Should it be
>have the girls graduate and bred

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thats crazy
Maybe is her models fault? She sounds like a coold person

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When will reimu start streaming apex
girl gonna die off with those horror game choices of her

>> No.12507798

Her model concept is cool, but the execution is shit.

>> No.12507862

Her model design actually cute.
Especially from behind.
As for rigging well... at least it's not rigged by Gura rigger.

>> No.12507883

She apparently isn't any good at apex and she'd be encroaching on Selen's territory there. If she was the first one in Niji EN spamming apex, maybe. But I don't think their base is big enough for both, apexfags will just watch Selen.

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NijiEN manager probably makes the girls stream 5-7 times per week. And low-effort streams appear

>> No.12507909

lmao chat is having a nice conversation you could actually follow

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Mori's songs daily views (estimated)

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HoloEN shorts numbers:
Intro: 92k
Gura “A”: 85k
Sana big: 37k
Honestly I think they should’ve done 3-4 a day for a month or so to flood the shorts algorithm with Hololive content.

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What sort of numbers do those indie/small company vtubers people shill here actually get? Like Pippa, Beatani, Lumi ect. I remember people used to jerk themselves off over Koopa and I turned in once and she had like 27 people watching her.

>> No.12507977

That's total views list, my bad.
Daily views: https://vmoveie.com/?c=213&so=pop&r=mu

>> No.12508007

Lower your expectations for NijiEN.
>b-but their troglodyte fans were mean for a few weeks!!!
And? The numbers show we shouldn't have high standards.

All these NijiEN members are getting way more viewers and SCs not than ever. I see them getting enough of a fanbase to live by. They'll have merch too. Not everyone has to be Miko or Gura and make 5 figures a month.

>> No.12508027

Pippa is a 2 digit on YouTube, 200-400 on twitch iirc.

>> No.12508030

every 8 hours is a good target, until they catch up

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not your hugbox

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>enter Holofag tribalfag thread
>says something positive towards Nijisanji

>> No.12508159

What exactly are they gonna talk about? "good job shoot gun" Most vtuber spam is either backseating or ooooooing over how cute the girls are.

>> No.12508226

People did, mostly for their singing ability. One of the people who was supposed to be in the wave never turned up (Nina got that spot), so only 2 of them are decent singers.

>> No.12508252

Funny thing is that Nina is the highest sub count in that branch now and has one of the highest if not the highest average ccvs.

>> No.12508313

>this board keeps clamoring for Hana to be in hololive or nijisanji
>she comes back from the dead to be an indie with the same mama
I suspect that these to things are related. I don't think she will get into either, no connections other than being rhombus rigger's friend.

>> No.12508342

Nina herself and her content are sort of outside the norm, so she brings something new to the table. Her gaming tastes align most with the core vtuber audience, if you can get over the mommy personality crap.

>> No.12508356

I think some of these girls are in fact holo rejects. The thing that many HolosEN would say is that you to propose what you want to do. If the recruiters like it, you will get in. If these girls propose spamming watchalongs, then we can assume why they got rejected. I think Sana and Bae got in because of that. Sana has the more structured schedule and ideas when she debuted. Bae felt the same way. Kronii seemed to want to play rpgs with storylines she can VA. Fauna is going for comfy games and zatsu with occasional rta or horror. Mumei seemed to have a great plan of doing History but it was denied or something so she's sticking to whatever she's doing. Irys was streaming for 7 months at regular before in YT. She pretty much does the same thing minus the osu and minecraft.

>> No.12508368

It's gonna be hilarious if the male wave releases and Niji just pick up the male friends that Elira's previous group had. I think they are doing the exact same content that is being done by the Niji girls now.

>> No.12508371

NijiEN has high expectations because they’re Hololive’s rival in Japan and are part of the top vtuber company.
No one expects Hololive numbers from the other agencies or indies.
NijiEN hasn’t been getting merch or much sponsors yet as well and seeing NijiJP’s track record, they tend to prioritize giving the top vtubers the sponsorships.

>> No.12508412

mumei needs to trick management by doing history while playing age of empires or something.

>> No.12508440

Holo EN 3 is a hell of a long way off, she could stream for 8-10 months as an indie, graduate, and still make it in. Keep in mind Bae also had no connections and no outstanding talent or content creation background and still made it in.

As for Niji EN they'll probably be at least 2 more female waves in 2022 and maybe another male wave if the first one has any success. If she just keeps applying they'll run out of people to hire and she'll make it.

>> No.12508458

Spons only worknif you are relevant to some degree in that country. They won't give NijiEN sponsors intended for JP. If they get any spons it's because they want the EN audience. There is no competition to be had here.

>> No.12508486

>If she just keeps applying they'll run out of people to hire and she'll make it.
Bold move assuming promising indies will bother with Niji EN by next year.

>> No.12508525

Bae as you can see is doing a lot unique streams like rat reviews, creeppasta and now the podcast. She was the one that proposed it. They hired her probably because they liked her ideas.

>> No.12508538

It still baffles me they gave Selen a rhythm game sponsorship with an audience that doesn’t care for those types of games over Elira who is a perfect fit.
Reminds me of when Gura got the Scarlet Nexus sponsorship.

>> No.12508555

I doubt anyone said "I wanna do watchalongs and zatsudans mostly" on their application. They've all been in the business and know watchalongs get shit numbers. Like someone else said, they're probably getting nudged to stream 6-7 days a week to "build an audience" by management and use the watchalongs as a break.

>> No.12508568

The emotional; part of my brain is turned off by her and her content. The numberfag part of my brain feels good that she's hustling and doing the best she can in her situation. Something about working for numbers is enduring.

>> No.12508581

500 CCV-1k CCV is still better than 50-99 CCV

>> No.12508604

More casual audience that tuned in due to the game (exclusive full game early access) rather than the person playing it is my guess.

>> No.12508613

>500 CCV-1k CCV
That's Niji EN wave 3's lower performers now. You are delusional if you think they will be that next year after a couple more waves, and you have to give a cut to Niji too.

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>All these NijiEN members are getting way more viewers and SCs not than ever

>> No.12508663

Lot of PR guys are just gonna see "big number best" and call it a day. They don't care if anyone who watches the stream actually buys the product they just want to be able to say to the person above them "I got a streamer with 3k views to do our promo" instead of 2k.

>> No.12508693

If you have been a chuuba for a year with less than 70 CCV each time with no to little SCs or memberships, anything will look good

>> No.12508703

She's also openly a numberfag, to a degree that would make Kiara embarrassed.

>> No.12508725

I have no idea how she could actually reach it. A free live concert? I doubt it will happen any time soon though.

>> No.12508735


>> No.12508836

Debut, graduation, and 2 songs that have been around for months. You only have to go 5 streams down on Lyrica's list until those 55ks start looking awful nice in comparison. If you look at her final month there's a lot of 10's, 12's, 14's ect.

>> No.12508871

is still an improvement BUT the people that will apply for those might not be really talented.

Anyway slow day hopefully kuzu streams tomorrow to see a challenge to hololive or soemting.

>> No.12509058

theres no such thing as Selen territory because of apex
and Selen take on "X nijiEN played X game recently so I will wait a while" is plain stupid
also Elira suck at apex, but her bronze to silver stream had 1.5k ccv even through people see her as a singleplayer story/gacha games streamer
Theres no downside to Reimu playing Apex

>> No.12509169

>Theres no downside to Reimu playing Apex
While that’s true sure surely won’t be able to build her identity around it. That’s exactly what Wave3 is missing, their “claim to fame”, their “Haachama cooking”, “Suisei’s Tetris”, “Miko’s GTA”, “Selen’a APEX”.

Without that they’re in no stronger position than their indie selves

>> No.12509189

Yes to be fair quite a few people subbed after she announced graduation (she was just slightly below 100K at that point I think) and it took her much longer to get where she was as an indie and she collab with holo ID quite a few times etc. so there was some exposure to Lyrica.

>> No.12509232

The incline from past roommate to nijiEN member isn't that high at all. Her VODs upgraded from 10k to 20k+, plus she got to share the dough with the company.

>> No.12509301

>and it took her much longer to get where she was as an indie
Lord help if she didn’t.

The expectations are way higher when you join a corpo tho

>> No.12509358

Speaking of wave 4, any eta on when they might debut and possible candidates? I'm assuming the 2views who have the best chance are connected to Lazulight or Obsydia PLs

>> No.12509416

well just wait for the special feminism and white priviledge lessons, wave 3 have potential to be rather "special".

>> No.12509529

>any eta on when they might debut
If they debut anywhere earlier than May2022 you can easily expect the prophecy by anon to come true and they’ll be on wave 17 by the end of 2022

>> No.12509533

Late December, early January.
Whoever the male vtubers that Elira is friends with are the candidates so far.

>> No.12509715

You can't eat good will.

>> No.12509944

Sure, although nijisanji was and largely still is pretty unknown in the wider Western market, their foreign branches were never heavy hitters either and I imagine it might've been a "flop" (closer to niji ID or KR levels, well Hana Macchia is still bigger than any of them) if Council debuted earlier since they largely dig into the holo EN fanbase or at least people familiar with it a shared fanbase to some extent since some of the clipper channels translated both (although mostly niji females like lulu that would honestly fit better into hololive.

>> No.12510233

more like only lazulight male friends
I doubt rosemi and petra has male friends in the stream space
and Selens friends would only be apex addicts that don't care about streaming or already have a place in a org like iPN

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File: 404 KB, 1669x264, 1613428418695.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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So I've been browsing Nip twitter and the comments section of that one Japanese Gura clipper who discussed the recent cancellation of >pic related and the dominant theory for the JoPs seems to be that Cover's standards for hiring a Holo is high so no one was hired. Now, I personally think that's just a load of BS since there are a lot of reason why something like this would get cancelled but even checking the western and other overseas fanbases, they seem to share the same sentiment too. Also, surprisingly, the backlash for cancellation has been practically non-existent with many celebrating the fact that Cover "will not compromise on the quality of their VTubers". Other comments that also get parroted are
>This only proves that only the cream of the crop can become holos
>Of course, they'd be picky. It's not easy to become a holo.
>Look at how talented Council and Irys are. No wonder they got in.
I'm paraphrasing of course, but the idea of Cover having "harvard-level" standards is becoming engrained in the fanbase. So why am I bringing this up? If you'd allow me to engage in a bit of number fortune-telling, that sentiment may positively affect Gen 6's debut numbers. Enough so that they'd beat Botan's current record of 105k(?) even with Susan fuckery. Just think about it for a second. Gen 6 would be working with the following buffs
>First JP Gen to debut in roughly a year and a half (possibly even longer)
>First JP Gen to debut after the Hololive Boom
I can practically gurantee that at least 2 of them (the first debut and the one with the most interesting design, assuming they're not the same Holo) will be at 100k, something that no debut after Gen 5 has been able to accomplish.
I also can't help but wonder how they'd deal with this level of pressure though? Afterall, if everyone thinks that you need to be super special to become a member of Hololive to the point that Cover would rather cancel their auditions then settle for the best of whoever showed up, that has to way down on the talent's mind.

>> No.12510604

If you dicksucked Cover any harder you'd turn gay

>> No.12510633

korea tier...

>> No.12510675

JP6 hype is already strong and it will only grow, good for debut numbers that will likely break records. But at the same time it will put a lot of pressure on the new members, and it could be pretty bad if they don't live up to the hype.

>> No.12510677

niji on how to speedrun a promising branch into doing as well as your shit tier branches

>> No.12510678

Seeing them struggle makes me feel bad. :(

>> No.12510764

There's no need to seethe my guy. Just reporting what I'm seeing. Like I said, even I think that reason is BS since it's more likely that no one from Gen 5, ID, EN or even the possibly upcoming Gen 6 liked those models hence why Cover decided to just "cancel auditions" to provide closure. I'm still more interested in how the long delay will affect Gen 6 debut numbers and if its enough to beat Botan's record.

>> No.12510774

It's pretty clear that either whatever special project they were working on went out the window with the various company developments (Aloe death, EN success, China branch termination), or it got rolled into something else. They couldn't repurpose the designs because one is very redundant with Haachaam's chuuni outfit and the other is sort of IRyS/Kronii-ish, or they just didn't want to. As for why it was announced now? Best guess is JP6 is on the horizon and they want to have a basis for not using these. Or they just never got around to it until now.

What I don't think is that have been diligently searching for the spots for over a year and just couldn't find anyone. Unless they were looking for something bizarrely niche like a astrophysicist vtuber or someone who spoke Xhosa and Welsh.

>> No.12510785
File: 113 KB, 1296x408, 12345.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>20k SC (without graduation stream)
>21k SC (without graduation stream)
They also have more viewers now.

>> No.12510812

Probably not? But Nina only seemed to care about subs while doing many watchalongs that are killing her live viewer numbers, so there seems like no interest in supporting live viewers. Millie linked clippers to her channel and recently said she won’t be doing any watchalongs on her channel, so I think people underestimate Millie’s numberfag abilities. Both of them seem very driven though.

>> No.12510832

Basically a repeat of IRyS and EN 2 /vt/ takes during debut week. The board will probably be unuseable for a while post debut.

>> No.12510841

Wait, you can actually suck any quantity of dicks (no matter how small) and avoid being gay?

>> No.12510861

JP6 will get their subs gutted and hidden like EN2 did. Even the babies in Phase Connect and such are having it happen to them, and they're just in 3 digits, so it's obvious Youtube has not prioritized fixing the issue or considered it a feature, not a bug.

>> No.12510904

>without graduation stream
This is getting to” and unbraids Pekora’s hair” level.

>> No.12510926

Everyone has said Millie was a numberfag in her past life, so I would not be surprised.

>> No.12510929

Do you have Reimu data?
Did she actually have more viewers too?

>> No.12510958

I assumed that the standards for applicants would be high, but I honestly didn't expect this. You really have to stand out to get in, I wonder what this means for future gens. I also wonder how high Niji standards are.

>> No.12510969

>Even the babies in Phase Connect and such are having it happen to them
Source? It would be a nice datapoint to have

>> No.12511002

>Audition for the two chuubas is 10 days
>Before the Hololive boom
>NIji was still the go-to company at the time
>They've probably already chose the people
>All the yabes in the world
>Can't find the right time to debut
>Waited too long, auditioners bailed out
>Scraped the project entirely
>Announce it nearly 2 years later after everyone had forgotten about it and the vtuber boom is over
>No consequences

>> No.12511006

If they stayed as an indie they uh...wouldn't have graduated. It's fair enough, although they would have also kept getting some degree of SCs from the time they graduated until today. Lyrica not so much, Mint maybe 5-10k more?

>> No.12511008

kek I love how nobody specifically compliments kiara still

>> No.12511049

the first time we knew about these designs in jp, the rumors were that they were part of gamers before fubuki's nepotism show, now with an official announcement about it I think Cover will give both artists a chuuba for gen 6

>> No.12511062
File: 54 KB, 1233x313, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12511066

I'd go into one of those small company threads they can probably tell you more about it since 3 of them are having new gen debuts soon. I saw it posted in here but idk if that guy is around atm.

>> No.12511090

Would be interesting to see how the audience react to male chuubas that have good chemistry with their oshis and "flirt" with them on stream. It's a serious concern that their SC earnings might go down even if overall views don't get negatively affected, it's not like refusing the "idol" label would save you from bleeding the gachis (although it might help a bit) it's just male nature that we don't like feeling cucked and when you're a relatively small but still proffesional streamer below 200K you need every money pig to keep going. I wouldn't be surprised if EN males did fine, better than expected filling the niche and all that but ended up ruining the rest of the branch financially.

>> No.12511100

>kept getting some degree of SCs

>> No.12511119

knowing about it maybe they should upload some short videos to avoid that

>> No.12511131

By not graduating and continuing to stream?

>> No.12511140
File: 193 KB, 828x630, 7C773A82-2A90-41A4-BEDA-E01F0BD3DD5D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This thread cooks the best bait, I tell you
>while at the same time becoming immune to it

>> No.12511147

That doesn't do anything, nijiEN3 had videos already uploaded and still got cuts.

>> No.12511173

thanks for putting that together

>> No.12511185

Seeing the girls flirt with indogs and japs is one thing, those aren't threatening. If they get white dudes for Wave 4 and they're flirting with them it's gonna get under peoples skin a lot more.

>> No.12511192

Her roommate's hot
Would bang

>> No.12511198

we are too strong

>> No.12511236

Kiara is getting 5k from Animal Crossing 2.0 update release - not very good numbers. Hope the other girls stay away from that shit game.

>> No.12511277

They did but their cuts were pretty mild, even accounting for their smaller size, they didn't lose anywhere near what Holo EN 2 did. Sana lost around 200k subs which was like 66% of her subs in the first week. I wouldn't call the short video idea dead yet, even if it just alleviates rather than solves.

>> No.12511319

Animal Crossing is boring, but Ina, Reine and some of the other will probably play it once or twice. I have Kiara on and I'm not paying attention to a word she's saying.

>> No.12511388


>> No.12511411

most of the ens have mentioned wanting to play it

>> No.12511446

I mean they need to be extra careful, no one wants another aloe, personally I think hiring cakes and hags is the best option

>> No.12511486


there was an anon saying the schizo arc was over...

>> No.12511544

if anything, removing channel links and/or revealing/activating channels on different dates across the gen will probably do better at preventing the dumb AI bot detection.
Its an unfortunate downsides of high level box pushing.
Your viewers get ghostsubbed by YT AI because they all subscribed to the same x channels in a similar span of small timeframes.

>> No.12511550

I don't get why they think that.
I could understand why Cover would be extra picky in who they hire next for JP.
Right now Cover is the only 100% golden ticket in vtubing, getting in means guaranteed success and money.

>> No.12511776
File: 10 KB, 988x47, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone know what the fuck happened?

>> No.12511795

I wonder what the real reason was perhaps some fuckery with the artist demanding more seeing how hololive inclined, wouldn't be the last time... Although they seem to be on good terms at least publicly. Another possibility is that there was some sort of drama behind the scenes with people they picked so they decided it's better to scrap the whole auditions rather than repeating them (or going for their next best picks) because the taboo related to re-using models is so strong after the game-bu shit. It's certainly weird that they wanted only two of them though if they wished for special skills or background they should put it right there in the requirments.

As for gen 6 I'm sure the expectations are high, would be shame if some talented people didn't even try to apply because of this. Anyway I think JP6 could use someone with good english to somewhat replace Coco and serve as the "bridge" between branches also more gamers.

>> No.12511851

ask jp

>> No.12511860

that's comparing regular/main content with a watchalong though

>> No.12511910

I wish the anon that gave the daily “deleted VOD” report was around. I think he’s on nasfaq

>> No.12511976

thats pretty light for schizo haachama

>> No.12511997

is the buff enough to justify giving 30% of your ernings to ANYCOLOR though?

>> No.12512023

I think deep inside their hearts they want to believe it is

>> No.12512063

Marine playing minecraft tomorrow
probably with aqua

>> No.12512122

it's gonna be 2023 with the 20 Niji EN waves all still sharing their 8k base

>> No.12512125

Nothing about that tweet implies a 'we' other than Google Translate.

>> No.12512144

we have a winner

>> No.12512268

>probably with aqua
That would be fun, considering Aqua cancelled a Micra collab with Kiara on account of being sick or something

Running away hard from the debuff field

>> No.12512292
File: 208 KB, 828x725, BC2895BD-334D-462D-94D7-F1C9E1EF0B41.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12512328

based onion

>> No.12512342

watch as kiara tries to insert herself into an aquamarine collab tomorrow

>> No.12512468

I don't think Cover's standard is as high as people expected.
The job requirement listed "having a degree of success at other field(s)". Some people thought this is about sub counts and past followers, but someone like Bae got in, and Finana passed two rounds, so I think to pass the audition, you need to:
1. Send multiple applications. Cover is looking for an X type content with a Y type personality to play a Z type character, so offer something unique in each portfolio to pass the first round. If you have a grating stage voice, start your greeting with a non-native phrase(use JP if auditioning for EN, use EN if auditioning for JP). If you are a good friend of Reine, she already told you what to do to enter ID.
2. Explain your success (demonstration) to pass the second round.
3. Beat the other applicants that offer similar unique contents (sob stories, clean roommate, hololive lore, etc).
What not to do (auto filter): Be a male, be a tranny, be a chink, be underage
What not to do (soft filter):
- cry (cry-talk is a bonus point, but don't actually cry)
- sperg
- genuine toxicity
- materialistic (don't talk about member-tier contents)

Basically spam their HR inbox with multiple resumes (use a different email/contact information in each resume) to increase your chances.

>> No.12512571

imagine thinking cover has some sort of insane quality standard when Fauna exists. A huge factor of a holo's perceived quality is that they're in Hololive at all, and have had the chance to grow and interact with the other members.

also why the fuck would millie play bayonetta on stream when it massacred hakos's numbers WITH A HOLOLIVE DEBUT BUFF

>> No.12512616

If it's really with Aqua, I would kneel

>> No.12512620

Last 50K purge for EN2 happened after they already started uploading though.

>> No.12512644


Niji will have a 3D debut (at least 60k). I think they will win

>> No.12512653

>What not to do (auto filter): Be a male, be a tranny, be a chink, be underage

>> No.12512659

bae didn't just make it in, she got the de-facto "leader" position of the group. she probably showed something really promising in auditions.

now that I think about it, ame also had the least impressive past life and got the "leader" position in Myth, so maybe it's an attempt by cover to give a percieved weaker member a buff?

>> No.12512695

with that literally who I don't think so, plus she's a female

>> No.12512852

eh, at least 50k, 3d debuts are tourist central

>> No.12512897

she's going to get susand

>> No.12512957

Her avatar is sex. They'll most likely do BDSM with male appearing

>> No.12513313
File: 20 KB, 1001x92, 1611230235947.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12513386

Nimu reaches 990K, and she has +10K a day recently.

>> No.12513518


>> No.12513519

Hololive: 10
Nijisanji: 2
Others: 3

Damn poor nijis, but hey! they made a smart move to move Cammy's 3D Debut today for a sure gold medal.

>> No.12513594

Can't tell if this is bait but Marine will put up a fight at least

>> No.12513652

Marine is good, but I don't think her minecraft stream is good enough to beat a 3D debut number.

>> No.12513884

btw, the first indie vtuber

>> No.12514003

Niji 3D debut floor in the past 3 months is 55k for even the most unpopular members
There's no way Marine gets 50k with a MC stream.

>> No.12514010

this makes me wonder why cover doesn't take in consideration a spic branch

>> No.12514088

>Hope the other girls stay away from that shit game.
Tough luck.
Half the EN girls will have it on their schedules next week. Fauna and Irys already confirmed.

>> No.12514106
File: 562 KB, 1164x1093, 1635721944456.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12514144

They would need fluent JP/Spanish speaking staff to manage and direct an ES branch, which are probably even rarer than JP/EN. Also ES has huge numbers but is very poor, and has their own internet culture which can be... A handful

>> No.12514154

an indie beating coco is no joke anon

>> No.12514223

>Also ES has huge numbers but is very poor
like indonesia?

>> No.12514225

nimu has a fraction of iron mouse suscribers
that sitty ass model was her biggest investment.

>> No.12514289

As much as i wanted another Holo win, i don't think Marine can beat a 3D Debut.
It may be a MC Sportsfest Practice, but you have to remember a lot of members also streams it so there will be lots of overlaps. I think Pekora and Rushia will stream Minecraft again tonight so i don't think anyone will get 40k+

>> No.12514325

If they want, Cover should hire new EN who speaks ES then establish ES branch if it succeed.
Like Coco to HoloEN.

>> No.12514784

I don't think they were thinking of numbers when they set Ame and Bae as the "leader"

Ame already showed why she's leader. She organized events and helps on tech problems offstream.
Bae however lacks the charisma lmao, poor rat always gets ignored.

>> No.12515402

Man, I love Hololive but I trust Cover as far as I can throw them. Super fans are something else. Cover's main contribution is getting to be able to have the word 'Hololive' on your channel and easy collabs with hololivers.

>> No.12515781

Ah yes, NijiEN manager makes them stream 5-7 times per week, not the own girls doing that lol

>> No.12515839

>but I trust Cover as far as I can throw them
That's pretty trusting. I could throw a little Japanese buisnessman quite a ways.

>> No.12515919

Hey, someone in here who actually is for the numbers, not for tribalism faggotry and trolling.

>> No.12516055

>is getting to be able to have the word 'Hololive' on your channel and easy collabs with hololivers.
That's a dumb take, specially in 2021 with all the 3D lives, sololives, marchandise (self made and company made) and sponsorship deals.

Cover deserves the criticism they get but if at one side "super fans" are dumb for not acknowledging that they indeed have massive handicaps, on the other hand simply saying
>Cover's main contribution is getting to be able to have the word 'Hololive' on your channel and easy collabs with hololivers
is equally dumb and reductive.

>> No.12516241

do you think Sora has the ability/power to lift outside-of-the-company friends up

>> No.12516247

I was browsing through 4ch and saw this. Poor Nijis wasn't even included lmao
But atleast they didn't get trashtalked by this faggot

>> No.12516382

especially if they knew them before and have actual "chemistry", that would help the dudes but not their female collab partners.

>> No.12516405

Watchalong retards.
You think those people care in here? They'll use everything possible against nijisanji.

>> No.12516427

>7k subs, 3k views
Pfff, not even midget tier, bring back Woohoolad and Hero Hei for at least decent numbers for a retard talking shit related to vtubers

>> No.12516429

im pretty sure thats a reupload

>> No.12516460

... many female vtubers had over 60k in this year anon, wake up.

>> No.12516547

>>12516405 see >>12507466
her gaming stream also getting trash number too
the only stream that saved her was birthday stream..

>> No.12516574

nope, different retard flat out copying another retard's work

>> No.12516692
File: 255 KB, 1082x813, nijien so far.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

* NijiEN night so far *
Decent numbers for Nina, who is finding her stride and, of course, for Elira and Pomu (which peaked earlier a little higher).

Two interesting things
1) From the moment Elira got in and forward the total audience was around 4k, which each inclined by any of them being matched by a similar decline, lending credence there is a share audience there
2) Millie picking Bayonetta was a preventable mistake. I understand "girls just wanna have fun" but if she's not entertaining the audience (and the game is clearly a debuff) she's having fun at the expense of her audience and will lose them

Watchalong is for winners, those who already have a large enough audience and can reward a fraction of them with some "alone time".

>> No.12516734

think about the Shions, Subarus, and Aquas that we're gonna not have...

>> No.12516752

600 are trash numbers only in this thread. You guys might want to take a look outside of hololive, which clearly is the main thing for 90% of the ones here, or just numbers of Niji JP big chuubas. Shiki is the biggest prism and she gets 200 viewers. Tsunderia are on the 100 area. Those english agencies are in the level of niji ID and Niji KR in an english market.

>> No.12516955
File: 617 KB, 839x1200, rrat9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bae is a clear zoomer, you can stop hyperventilating now

>> No.12517061


>> No.12517089
File: 190 KB, 1686x775, epl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>600 are trash numbers only in this thread.
>You guys might want to take a look outside of hololive, which clearly is the main thing for 90% of the ones here, or just numbers of Niji JP big chuubas
This is all true but you wouldn't expect jumping into a thread discussing the English Premier League and say
>Yeah, Manchester United is in fifth place and had their first victory in five games just last round but, yeah, there are teams in the varsity leagues that never even won a single game this year!

Or whatever the burger sportsball analogy would be.
In the thread where the only criteria is "big number > small number" OF COURSE people will look at a chuuba (in a branch with a hitter like Selen with a median over 2599) pulling 3 digits and criticize as underperforming

>> No.12517164

Fauna got 10k already, pretty good

>> No.12517178

We compare NijiEn to HoloEn because Nijisanji is "suppose" to be Hololives rival company. They're 1/2 of the big two of the industry and as recently as early to mid 2020 had a legitimate claim as the number 1 vtuber company in the world. The fact that they reclined and that their overseas branches are shit does not suddenly excuse them from the comparison. That's like saying that the Sacramento Kings shouldn't be called a bad team because they're at least better than some local team in Australia.

>> No.12517206
File: 501 KB, 788x710, ceres uuuu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fauna getting some juicy numbers today
i missed fauna...

>> No.12517266
File: 115 KB, 908x276, holoen lineup.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>HoloEN lineup for the night
Fauna got her 10k, now
ClockGirl likely will get her 10k too, Calli may, depending on how long the stream is. Not sure about Mumei and RatGirl

>> No.12517316

>kronii karaoke
will it be archived or unarchived? Last stream she talked about it she hadnt decided

>> No.12517324

my bets are
calli - 5k
mumei and bae - 15k
kroni - over 20k

>> No.12517335

Better numbers than her JRPG content.

Seems like a neutral game overall.

>> No.12517356

Mori is not getting 10k on the 8th installment of a game that's already a debuff for her, not when she's up against a buff collab and Kronii unarchived. 5-6k when she beats it maybe, and I'm being generous.

>> No.12517366

I think Kronii can hit 25k, last time she hit 28k

>> No.12517375

Pomu's peak was around 1.5k during gameplay (1k was superchat reading). That's about her normal for meh games, and it was an 8am weekday collab with small ID/KRs, so not too bad for her.

>> No.12517380

Keep in mind anyone can claim they were a finalist and just *barely* lost to Gura in a 10-hour sing-off in front of Yagoo, and no one is ever gonna come out and set the record straight. Take any claims with a grain of salt.

>> No.12517395

>will it be archived or unarchived? L
Your eyesight reps anon...

>> No.12517439

You comparing NijiEN to HoloEN is already the error in the first place because the conditions of each other are completely different and there's no chance of HoloEN be below the second. Even if on yt NjiEN is second, they are way too distant from them.
With that said, NijiEN is much above any other agency on YT and they are doing pretty good on SC, YT and overall in different levels, be it for anycolor or themselves, even more when you look at their past lives and see how it's 8 or 10x more.
Lastly, Nijisanji hasn't been in the level of HOlolive overall since 2020. They are the only ones who can compete with them and put out some really huge numbers but this doesn't mean they are in the same level as hololive has much more fans worldwide and are basically vtubers for the west.

>> No.12517444
File: 253 KB, 972x670, 1626596726922.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

juicy indeed

>> No.12517456

ah shit i only read the thumbnail. 20k then

>> No.12517464

mommy is strong!

>> No.12517488

Only Kronii is getting above 10K.

>> No.12517518

>Nijisanji hasn't been in the level of HOlolive overall since 2020
Please stop defending Nijisanji, you are doing an horrible job and will trigger the slow and steady schizo.
There are some things better left unsaid

>> No.12517558

Ame's "leader" status is a lot more dubious and mostly consists of the first collab being on her channel, everything else is just fanon lore. Bae at least has it written into her fluff and got put in the middle of all the promo art.

>> No.12517593

man, wave 3 really flop hard

>> No.12517680

stop calling wave 3 a failure. I'm a holofag and I'm starting to feel bad for them. bring them up when they have surprising positive numbers that are worthy of discussion.

>> No.12517738

you lost me at the soccer part

>> No.12517753

do you read hugbox on the thread title up there?

>> No.12517797

Why would you ever want to forever be known as the girl who lost Gura?

Besides, it's more likely that Gura was a sure hire and they lost to like Kiara or Ame.

>> No.12517806

Sorry I'm not going to stop defending something obvious that is the difference of popularity between each other. You are so dumb in your mindset that I'm literally saying that hololive is more popular but you still are acting like I'm doing some tribal shit in here.
Only anycolor can say that. And considering they don't consider branches with much less numbers as failures, you have to be delusional to believe they do with NijiEN.

>> No.12517840

calli over 8k and lot of supas, the collab over 10k ez and kronni over 20k ez too

>> No.12517842

Comparing what something is "supposed" to be in your mind with what reality is, and was always going to be, is pointless if you aren't just trying to bait people. Niji EN is in the realm of Holo ID and bottom tier Vshoujos and will be for the foreseeable future. Just saying "oh Holo EN did better lololol" 365 days a year is sort of meaningless.

>> No.12517853

at this point, you're just beating a dead horse. that's why I said only bring them up when something unexpected happens because otherwise, you will be repeating the same thing over and over again.

>> No.12517863

Fuck that. Hololive was the underdog until their boom.

There's absolutely exists the chance that NijiEN can incline. That's why we're comparing trends.

>> No.12517904

>Only anycolor can say that
you bet we can say it too bootlicker even if you don't like the truth

>> No.12517905

>but you still are acting like I'm doing some tribal shit in here.
I'm not. You are putting forward a coherent argument which any sane person would at very least comprehend (even if in disagreement).
Any *sane* person.

>> No.12517956

maybe one of the bug girls should say fuck taiwan and start another war

>> No.12517976
File: 627 KB, 2400x1440, mean average of peaks unified final minus holojp holoen.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Niji EN is in the realm of Holo ID

>> No.12517979

Dunno if you numbers anons would be interested, but plugging this post from the horny thread
>>12253783 (mega link)

>> No.12517993

It's more likely she's full of shit and made it one round in on account of being a female then had her application shelved due to complete lack of content creation/streaming experience.

>> No.12518018
File: 221 KB, 1079x1079, 1635228020717.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>lets compare it to EN startup instead so nijien doesn't look so bad

>> No.12518052

people really want to fuck Marine huh

>> No.12518107
File: 64 KB, 640x973, marineass4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have no idea what that huge paragraph was about and im not willing to find out. Anyways Marine is mogging everybody else, as expected

>> No.12518136

the key here is being in an all-female idol group.
>VShojo > NijiEN
>Isegye idol > NijiKR
all of them mogged nijis

>> No.12518236

lmao they even have a anemachi card

>> No.12518272

If you read the paragraph you can find more data with Marine mogging everyone.
Also 110 lewds of her in one of the folders

>> No.12518298

Nijis truly silver medalist to the boot

>> No.12518318

Unarchived Kronii karaoke is 20k easy with a possible 30k. I think I'll settle at around 26k.

>> No.12518344

I'm such a bootlicker that I'm in agreement with a comment like this >>12517842

>> No.12518400

I don't understand at all

>> No.12518446

>possible 30k
not unless the others finish up

>> No.12518626

Uncontested slot, sure, but 10.5k isn't shabby for Fauna. I guess Getting Over It still brings an audience.

>> No.12518714

From an ecosystem standpoint, it is. The problem is that that Nijisanji isn't popular enough in the west and they're not talented/unique enough to make up for for their agency's lack of popularity.

>> No.12518799

Why the fuck does Gura have more than Suisei

>> No.12518803


>> No.12518836

Cunny. Also, she has the highest amount of fanart, period.

>> No.12518861

You have to bet on yourself sometimes. If you think "I'm gonna go there and suck and be Petra" then yeah, might as well stay an indie and grind out the equivalent of working part time at Starbucks.

>> No.12518962

This is a Holofag hugbox circlejerk general.

>> No.12519013

Wut? That doesn't even make sense, this thread talk about all big numbers and all small numbers regardless of where they come from

>> No.12519044

what does being cute & funny have anything to do with this

>> No.12519099

No much probably. Gura is just tremendously popular and not just in the west. JPs love her too and remember artists want maximum engagement with their posts. Guras an easy way to get it

>> No.12519112
File: 55 KB, 586x378, 1636066539497.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Stacked collab, will this be the moment Nijien has been waiting for to finally incline to the heavens?

>> No.12519207

NijiEN aren't streaming it and there were no introductions or anything, so they were probably just invited to fill spots.

>> No.12519213

no. twitch kiddies don't watch youtube gaming. they also hate ayaya based on LSF and stream chats

>> No.12519230

Elira won't say two words in this. Pomu might have some fun, but I don't see Selen's name on here so what's really the point? Interesting to see "too shy for collabs" Kana in such a clusterfuck.

>> No.12519273

oh no no no...

>> No.12519292

kek, I can understand Pomu taking part in this but Elira is a little off center, doesn't look like her

>> No.12519294

Jesus I’m sure there are people who would be exciting about that lineup but I can’t imagine spending time in their company. I suppose exposure is exposure

>> No.12519304

this will only do good for Vshojo

>> No.12519352

You are underestimating the attraction of cunnies to people.

>> No.12519373
File: 110 KB, 1247x721, nijifemales2021.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nijifemales, comparison of median peaks 2020-2021. Decided to improve the initial table quite a bit, chose a range of 3 months instead of just one, also added another period of time (half a year ago) to see the full picture. Additionally added some females who were nearing 2k median viewers range and fixed some mistakes the nip had. Quite sad for them on the whole, almost no change compared to 6 months ago though. Notable growth from Naraka overall and Ngo lately.

>> No.12519432
File: 877 KB, 1637x2122, RVYxgYU.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Was using this graph to fetch old data. October 2021 was indeed the first month Mito had less than 10k median viewers.

>> No.12519440

Naraka gained numbers by collaborating regularly with Crazy Raccoom.
Ngo gained numbers by getting memes on NND a ton, viral clips and animations.

>> No.12519441

this kind of collabs only help the big names

>> No.12519450

i know that this is the fastest way to be popular in the streaming world, but fuck do i glad that holoEN management is such a stickler for collabs.

>> No.12519455

Can you share your median of peaks table for Nijisanji, either the source or in a csv? It would help me make some comparative charts

>> No.12519473
File: 338 KB, 1501x1096, 8463874683235.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

vshojo didnt get a boost from this e-celebs. Ironmouse avg views are still the same.

>> No.12519488

It's also the month where she did the least amount of streams

>> No.12519529

Do we have the same for Hololive? We know everyone took a hit YoY due to the December Update. so it'd be good to compare.

>> No.12519540

Seems way to crowded for the small fry to get any attention. Cross platform also a huge hit. Maybe they get a few k subs out of it? Wonder how many collab requests Gura gets by DM?

>> No.12519547

still too much [email protected]

>> No.12519624

People who watch normal streamers will get filtered by anime streamers.

It's not a problem in JP because normal streamers weren't as established there before vtubing came in.

Anitubers have more chances to boost a vtuber than a normal streamer. But most of those who were interested already went to Hololive.

>> No.12519643

then why do they even do it?

>> No.12519661

>It's also the month where she did the least amount of streams
She has 12 streams in October 2021 and 12 streams in October 2020. That alone does not explain it

>> No.12519686

I guess a lot, but all of them end in the trash bin since she doesn't care about it

>> No.12519721

>Wonder how many collab requests Gura gets by DM?
She probably doesn't even read those lol.

Building good connections is still a good move.

>> No.12519722

This cope again... fewer stream = less data = high chance of big median. And September 2021 was the least for her.

>> No.12519724
File: 636 KB, 957x632, imagen_2021-11-04_174615.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

110K+ and growing

>> No.12519743

kinda funny how the anitubers now all hates hololive after not getting any collabs with them but their fans don't give a shit and still likes hololive all the same.

>> No.12519748

I mean they didn’t know that beforehand.

>> No.12519770

why are you even tracking this? most of them aren't vtubers

>> No.12519776


>The group started on June 22, 2021 when the VR Chat Cyber Idol support notice was posted.
It's actually new. That's surprising
>It was announced that it started under the influence of Holo Live of Cover Inc. , one of Japan's representative virtual YouTuber projects.
Sasuga Hololive. Already has influence in Korea

>> No.12519834

The only time Gura had any connections outside hololive is mentioning pikamme on stream. I don't think she cares those request that much.

>> No.12519839

Pretty bad for a FOTM no?

>> No.12519862

Lol I suspect they were very excited to cash in when they saw Myth skyrocket and that excitement turned to the sourest of grapes when they got shutout.

>> No.12519865

anon-tan you cant add ccv from multiple streamers at the same time, it is not like youtube - if you watch multiple streams you get counted multiple times

>> No.12519897
File: 75 KB, 1425x591, hajime.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>But most of those who were interested already went to Hololive.
Then they realized they gave for free what they could be charging and now they're desperate to backtrack the enthusiastic and sincere endorsement they gave one year ago.

It helps that Gigguk's wife was accepted on VShojo, where she streamed the grant total of 74 hours so far in the 279 days since her debut.

>> No.12519899

i thought she got some DM by some pedo youtuber that got cancelled a year ago?

>> No.12519921

You need to be stand out in that kind of collab to get collab boost. I don't know if NijiEN can do that

>> No.12519923

Mito number of streams 2021
>January 13
>February 5
>March 11
>April 14
>May 11
>June 11
>July 12
>August 10
>September 9
>October 12

I hope this stops the cope muh least streams

>> No.12519950

Clearly a face streamers world, with all of the vtubers being small fish in comparison

>> No.12519983

>I hope this stops the cope muh least streams
They were likely basing on the previous month excuse, but it doesn't work for October

>> No.12519985

I mean, they tried to get Mori to parrot their retarded takes at their very first collab, what did they expect?

>> No.12519997

>It helps that Gigguk's wife was accepted on VShojo, where she streamed the grant total of 74 hours so far in the 279 days since her debut.

Most obvious way to show she was only a chasing a fad lol.

>> No.12520031

the only times i remember a stream directly asking for a collab or something along those lines was the super chat callmecarson sent in November last year and when admiralbahroo tweeted gura

>> No.12520043

They're one of the smallest names on the list and they aren't even streaming it.
It's the same as the 2view Nijis who get 500 CCV in the same tournaments where Kuzuha gets 60k+ CCV.
Literally bodies to fill out a roster.
These collabs help you build connections, but does nothing for viewership (they're not even streaming).

>> No.12520047

Don't expect any boost. No NijiEN is streaming it, and they didn't do any plugging/intros. They were probably just asked by one of the Vshoujos or Indies if they wanted to fill some empty spots.

>> No.12520052

Advocating for hololive and their toxic gender segregation policy is a surefire way to get you on the shitlist of the major influencers of the anime community, no shit they grew a brain and don't do it anymore.

>> No.12520070

That they would be much bigger than Myth and that they were doing her a favor, and when she and the rest of Myth blew up they would get more access. She did do SV and hang out with them some for a while. Heh. Based on social media that doesn’t seem to happen anymore

>> No.12520081

I suspect it was more a "marriage of convenience". Anitubers, for better or for worse, were part of the catalysts for a huge segment of the audience that crossed over from anime to vtubers with that "cultural cross polination" episode of Trash taste.

It is just that they thought they would get the same kind of adulation and access to the "industry" they got in the western VA and western anime industry and they obviously didn't

>> No.12520103

Posting cope for anitubers. Do Nijiniggers really?

>> No.12520138

>and their toxic gender segregation policy
Wut? Didn't Calli, the same one that appeared with them, just release one or two songs with a musician of the opposite sex, after releasing a song and making multiple appearances with a Holostar?

WTF are you even talking about?

>> No.12520141

Cdawg dont you have a game to stream right now?

>> No.12520160

The only thing they did wrong was not getting Kiara instead, who would be more truthful about how shitty Cover is on air

>> No.12520177

they are not even streaming? my god how shitty nijien managers are?

>> No.12520189

>it's the slow and steady anon
I can smell the stench of his salt, his seethe and his cope

>> No.12520201

You can come back when she's regularly paired with a holostar like she is with Kiara.

>> No.12520208

>That they would be much bigger than Myth
if they thought that they didnt even bother to check myth's debut numbers kek

>> No.12520259

>when she's regularly paired with a holostar
Wut? It's not about "toxic gender segregation" anymore, but "mandatory mixed gender pairing"?

>> No.12520311

Ah fuck, it's the shipschizo again isn't it.

>> No.12520332

You mock Connor but it's clear as day that he's been segregated from the rest of hololive by Cover management by them only allowing Ollie to speak to him nowadays.

>> No.12520343

homostars must have as many collabs with aqua as she does with marine, otherwise this is segregation

>> No.12520388
File: 370 KB, 1894x988, collab.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Meanwhile a collab between Selen, Rosemi, Enna and Reimu will start at the top of the hour.
MultiPOV too. I say Selen will end up mogging the whole field and keep all the numbers for herself.
I wonder if the twitch collab will still be happening at the same time

>> No.12520458

I'll be sincere here: I don't even know if this is a satirical post making fun of that anon dumb take or if it is the anon himself doing it unironically.

>> No.12520500

Okay, so lemme get this straight.
>No self intros so NijiEn can't even introduce themselves to this big audience
>Not even streaming there POVs so can't even get people that are mildly curious to check them out.
>Literally the only reason for the collab is to fill bodies and to build "connections" with a bunch of irl streamers and Vshoujo.
Is NijiEn like that high school gopher that Yankees order to buy yakisoba pan for them?

>> No.12520514

I agree we need a futa holo

>> No.12520521

>Niji getting BTFO
Holofag jerkcircle falseflagger thread. Shuts down Niji every chance they get. Holocope
>Hololive loses from Niji event
HAHAHA HOLOWHORES DECLINE. Subs ratio. Holocope. Niji will take back the throne anytime now.

Do nijiniggers really?

>> No.12520530

>by them only allowing Ollie to speak to him nowadays.
kek, what type of "segregation" allows for concessions like this?

Maybe chicks just don't want to talk to him and he got the message and stopped trying

>> No.12520569

they're the off-brand holoEN since streamers can't get holoEN collabs outside of rare occasions

>> No.12520589

Seems it was a last minute invite anyway, Pomu only tweeted about it 15min before it started or something.

>> No.12520616

Lol TT’s biggest video? Still the Mori episode. They seem to have stagnated a bit

>> No.12520636

Streamers don't need much more than 15 min to set up their streams, don't they do guerilla all the time?

>> No.12520675

Basically there as a favor for Vshoujo, and to get their name out there a little bit.

>> No.12520683

>Mouse/Froot/Maia: Hey NijiEN, we're gonna play some Squid Games in a bit, want to join in?
>NijiEN: Yeah sure
Probably no deeper meaning to it.

>> No.12520731

They do, but they probably didn't feel like streaming it anyway, probably didn't want to stream over the other NijiEN collab going on right now.

>> No.12520734

pashiri life..

>> No.12520795

pretty much filling slots
neither nyan or mouse interact with pomu at all

>> No.12520820

It does kinda show how low they are in the totem pole though. The fact that they can't dictate any terms of a collab like that disaster with Zen is I guess to be expected but sad nonetheless.

>> No.12520841

Someone mentioned this a while back but, their anime talk is shit and people would rather hear them rant about food or something.

>> No.12520864

This girls literally overlap their streams every single day. I seriously doubt that's the reason.

>> No.12520875

i say 3-4k fro selen 1-2k for rosemi and sub1k for the other 2

>> No.12520889

I listen to it every week out of habit.

They started talking about anime and japanese culture, then cut down the anime part (which all of them admitedly don't watch anymore, not like they did when they got their claim to fame), then they cut down the japanese culture and moved to "general internet culture", then they pretty much ran out of things to talk about Japan and now they talk mostly about themselves when they're not trashing this or that person for random reasons.

Maybe the final straw that may have lost them their original audience was the "Chris Chan" episode, they took that bloke that made the documentary on CC to tell the story. It has zero to do with Japan, zero to do with the anime, zero to do with anything they have to do.

And as they all gone full blown "PC" (to avoid being the next ones in the "cancel note" black book) they couldn't even discuss the subject as it happened but had to make a thousand disclaimers while talking about it.

Bottom line is: whatever audience they're keeping is rapidly dwindling mostly because what started as an anime podcast with anitubers now it is a social column with mediocre social columnists.

>> No.12520909

Froot and Maia interact with Elira and Pomu, was probably one of them.

>> No.12520923

Even the Vshoujos are on the lower middle of the streamer pecking order here. Someone like Niji EN, Kana, Haruka ect are just happy to be invited.

>> No.12520968

I sort of want YouTube to shit itself for a day or two and force all of Hololive to storm Twitch en masse just to see what would happen and what numbers (and salt) would be generated. Not even to stay just a drive by Black ships style

>> No.12520976

it still feels like a stretch since it would mean it wasnt a personal invite but an invite to the group.

>> No.12521052
File: 55 KB, 648x394, collab2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rosemi not streaming her POV but Finana didn't wrap up yet so your numbers aren't too far from what's going on 15 min in

>> No.12521092

don't kid yourself holoEN would love to get a collab like this but they don't get the invites in the first place or are cockblocked by management

>> No.12521093

Oh. Well, that's unfortunate, but at the same time its good that Hololive has separated themselves from that. The longer we can stave off modern politics and social commentary from vtubing, the better.
I miss the days...

>> No.12521113
File: 151 KB, 1519x870, 486734682334634.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

nijiwho? vshojowho?

>> No.12521128

Guess we don't know if it was a personal or group invite, but looking at the Vshoujo and Indies in the collab, the only ones they would probably reach out to are Elira, Pomu, Finana, and Selen (the later two are doing their own streams right now). Vshoujo/Indies are unfamiliar with the rest of NijiEN.

>> No.12521184

They were too frequent too. Monthly would’ve been better.

>> No.12521186

Connor focus on your game!

>> No.12521220

Managers don't decide anything retard. This isn't hololive.

>> No.12521241

I'm sure indies know all about Rosemi.

>> No.12521249

EN management is good?!?

>> No.12521273

>Kronii seemed to want to play rpgs with storylines she can VA
Actually that only happened because the game was so boring that she had more fun playing with VA that she even made up her own dialogue a few times. Its more like she said she wanted to play indie games.

>> No.12521284

Is that what happened? I listened to 20 episodes or so until I dropped podcasts as a whole and started listening to streams instead.
Just looking at their youtube channel, it looks like they lost roughly half of their audience, still pulling in around 1 million views per episode.

>> No.12521307

Nah, weekly is fine if they were talking about anything other than themselves.
The problem with them being anitubers working for Kadokawa is that they can't trash anime or goof off about it as they used to do.
And they all clearly grew out of their otaku phase, with Connor apparently being the only one not in a commited live in relationship or close to it.

As it is now it is closer to have one of them calling one of their own audience an "Incel" if one of them offends the sensibilities of one of their girlfriends than it would be for them to use the word "trap" in the same way they used thousands of times for the past 10 years.

>> No.12521312

> hololive is reddit

>> No.12521346

>I'm sure indies know all about Rosemi.

>> No.12521411

NijiEN has a collab ban too.

>> No.12521478

I guess that's why they're failing.

>> No.12521523

the sour grapes over nijis getting to collab with big name western streamers is strong in this thread

>> No.12521567
File: 1.38 MB, 2300x637, 35456.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12521629

the 7k ceiling is too strong.

>> No.12521639

Actually Selen peformance is impressive and she may end up November on the same level as Matsuri (with regards to median of peaks)

It sadly doesn't carry over to the branch but it is impressive nonetheless

>> No.12521672

It's kinda amazing how the sum of nijiEN is around 7K so often.

>> No.12521675

HoloEN waiting room...

>> No.12521811

I dunno, but we'll see. 20 minutes to go.

>> No.12521911

>they can't trash anime or goof off about it as they used to do.
in a trash taste episode when they had crunchyroll as a sponsor, they literally used exarm as an example for what they are using it for.

>> No.12521955
File: 32 KB, 851x293, 1627240895289.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

why do they even have bilibili accounts

>> No.12522047
File: 219 KB, 875x1310, 1104.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Today's superchats

>> No.12522053

Left-over from pre Taiwan yab. All the Holomem have accounts there to restream since YT is banned from China.

>> No.12522176


>> No.12522198

Jeasas they really lost all their soul didn't they.
Normally they would just shit all over it for an hour.
Makes me wonder if their bad experience with pissing off Cover made their parent company tighten up a bit on them.
At the end of the day they need to make money and pissing off sponsors is not a good business decision.

>> No.12522268

>they literally used exarm as an example for what they are using it for.
Yeah, trashing Ex-Arm is pretty much the equivalent in this board to dunking on Petra or Anya or Wave 3, it takes zero courage and it is not even the least controversial.

That episode was a long time ago too, wasn't it?

>> No.12522325

She'll be on Nun Bora level soon!

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