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Demon slayer edition

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Cute boys

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Majin love!

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Astel fucking love!

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Shinove sex

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I love Roberu!!

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I love Shien!

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Who is Miyabi supposed to be there if Temma is Tanjiro?

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I can't believe Oga has 3 wives.

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All me.

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I can’t believe my wife has three wives!

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Still waiting on the Yagoo version of this where Yagoo slaps Miyabi's ass then runs away from him for 3km.

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Mfs post gay shit all the time but when I talk about het everyone loses their mind

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Fucking finally

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Didn't mean it in a gay way, just a funny way. Are you the suiberu schizo?

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How many covers astel still need to drop before the end of the year?

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Gay shit is funny and lighthearted, only schizos like the het shit since it exists to be rrat fuel

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Why won't Oga be my third wife?

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Gay isn't funny anymore, I enjoy a good fan fic doesn't have anything to do with rrats I just like my dick hard

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5 I think. He said 10 more at the start of Sept and we've gotten 5 since then. Admittedly I don't know if he was counting covers others organized (like Monster being Izuru's gift for Temma).

By the way he said only one of them was a solo cover, and the members he's missing duet covers with are Rikka, Miyabi, Roberu, and Oga.

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Because your hetshit are forced and shit. Robe has lots superior het relationship with non holo chuuba. Like for example how Lilith know the shape of his winning D

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I can't tell which duet cover I'm looking forward to the most. On one hand, I've been wanting an AsteRoid since forever. On the other, I want to know what the hell Seaweed has in store for the duet with Oga considering how different their tastes in music are

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I know, but Suichan holds a special place in my heart so..

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I'm sick of waiting when's seaweed's 3D debut?!

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I mean Oga is literally a demonslayer, according to his lore at least he was slaying demons for like thousands of years

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>Is supposed to be a demon slayer
>Doesn't kill himself
Demons can't be demon slayers

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Oh yeah Astellas are going to be fucking insufferable to the next couple of weeks

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Kingpri collab merch revealed, it's the usual stuff. The acrylic stage is kinda neat. Also says there's plans for mail order.

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So this is how Minamo route ends

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What the fuck happened to my son

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pretty lame

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Okay I kinda forgot about the details, but is Minamo an actual toilet or a girl(spirit?) on a toilet? I remember Roberu defining Minamo as a girl before chat said that she's a toilet.

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Majin are not demon

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From what I remember, she's a literal toilet. There was a song and everything.

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I'm still pretty surprised at all the discussioon that popped up last thread over simply pointing out the existence of Holostars stories in /wg/'s archive.

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Yeah it was fucking garbage, wish we had a fraction of that discussion about steams

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It is gonna be hard when it is that dead for the whole HoloPro today...

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We got AGF tomorrow

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Is Oga into Kamen Rider too? I don't watch him enough to know. If it were a KR song it would be amazing

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More Eigo Knight soon.

>> No.12542324

Iirc he said he isn't that into Tokusatsu and only watch several shows

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Kinda cool, production value was super high in OnoYu's 3D debut. It might be interesting to see what they might come up with

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they are going to rape roberu....

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Shame that no one watched it

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Do you think Temma's English will improve time to time?

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I think that if he absolutely had to speak to someone that can only communicate in English, he would be okay with what he has now. He can pronounce some words very well and I'm sure he understands enough words that he can piece together things.

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His grammar has improved. Listening to his first streams his sentences were very choppy/childish. I think that is a sign of improvement, you can learn all the vocab you want but you will still sound like a caveman when speaking. I hope he goes back to translating works more.

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Is there a name for the Robe-chan, Oga, and Shien group? BabudonMajin?

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Well, I hope he studies more from those methods rather than the meme Duolingo

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Temma is cool and cold as always

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> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=57uc_iwOKqU
Rare Shinove stream

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Very surprised to see Shinove has a Live2D, is he the first manager to get that?

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As far as I know, A-chan has one, even a 3D model

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Cute shy slutty lil seaweed...i wan’t to

>> No.12545480

Anon Achan even has extra costumes for hers and a 3D model

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A-chan isn't a manager. Afaik she's an event producer and also deals with promotional collabs like merch and similar things. Shinove isn't the first Holopro staff to have a live 2d, but he's absolutely the first manager.

>> No.12545708

A-Chan used to be a manager, she has been promoted as of now, but when she first got both her live 2D and model she was still in management

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Shinove isn't a manager anymore

>> No.12546460

He is, he manages my pussy

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Fucking shit wtf was I thinking, this has motivated a lot of shitposters, Hoshiyomis might start hating Regulars now because of me

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Nah, we don't mind.

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>Hoshiyomis might start hating Regulars now because of me
Suisei is one of the good holos, the Hoshiyomis don't see her like that you did nothing wrong

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>Suisei is one of the good holos
Wdym? Are you the anti-unicorns schizo? Because if you're I don't wanna hear your opinion

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The holos who collab/interact with the stars are the good holos, it's that simple

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Would you?

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What the heck is anti unicorns schizos

>> No.12548630

It's just one schizo who doesn't like unicorns or holos who pander to them

>> No.12549781

Anon, you do know that /vt/ as a whole hates unicorns right??

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> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oqx-Ecztqww
Someone streaming before the AGF void

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What is Aruran making? a parking lot?

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Isn’t he still a manager for the others but not Oga (and Astel too probably)?

>> No.12550818

He is they just have two managers now instead of Shinove on his own.

>> No.12552981

Nah, I remember Robe said Shinove is promoted to higher position in one of the collab with Izumi

>> No.12553029

What does he even do now, not like there's much going on

>> No.12553306

Did you forget all the Holostars merch collab lately? Basically A-chan of the Holostars

>> No.12553496

HenRaji back in the studio

>> No.12554016

I know about the single collab, I just don't get why it warrants "A-chan of the Holostars" internaly there's no difference between Holostars and Hololive they're managed by the same people, there's no "A-chan of the Holostars" because A-chan also works for the holostars

>> No.12554455

Did they announce another radio crossover (not vtuber related tho) again?

>> No.12554509

The dudes from the timeslot before HenRaji will be the next guests on HenRaji 2 weeks from now. Won't pretend I know those guys, but it's something.

>> No.12554562

Yeah, they are seiyuus who did voices in SideM. Guests are always fun once in a while.

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Am I supposed to like or hate Astel on here I can't fucking tell anymore. Like I think he's a really cool dude, he sings really well, and I really enjoy his collabs with Ollie, but I can't tell if he's even liked on here or not. I think I take /vt/ way too seriously and I assume that this place represents how the internet feels about specific vtubers, and I probably shouldn't. But it feels like it does, like if you're hated on here, then this is the unfiltered opinion of how people actually feel about you as a whole on the internet.

I'm probably just really fucking stupid. I just hate seeing bait threads about vtubers I like and having their whole existence be in the shadows of other people, they exist to be shit on, etc. It sucks to see, and I can ignore it sure, but like I said I feel like /vt/ represents how the internet actually feels about people. But maybe I'm just too invested in this medium without realizing it, and there's no reason for me to get upset or complain when in actuality I'm just being fucking stupid.

>> No.12555226

schizo post

>> No.12555257

I know, I sound really fucking dumb, I just wanted some advice or like, a mental shift I dunno.

>> No.12555310

take a break anon, stop visiting this place for a while

>> No.12555419

>Am I supposed to like or hate Astel on here
Stop being a mindless sheep and make your own opinion. Also take a break from /vt/, don't go full schizo and take your meds.

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>> No.12555814

We're the same except I don't take vt seriously and I like bait threads unless it's about the chuubas I mainly watch then no

>> No.12556251

Holy fucking shit I want fem Oga to destroy me

>> No.12556289

/vt/ usually thinks the exact opposite of everyone else, so Astel is based

>> No.12556741

I'm sorry if I derailed the thread guys, thanks for responding. I come on /vt/ a lot, and the last time I asked something similar to this people called me a board addict when it's kinda true, there doesn't seem to be a lot of places to talk about/discuss vtubers in a public setting, this place is one of them. Like I said I guess I'm just too invested in this entertainment medium and I should really stop acting like this place is the be all end all of Vtubers, even though honestly it feels like it is.

Genuinely I feel like this place's opinion matters and a lot of the internet feels the same way /vt/ does about certain vtubers, but again, I'm probably just really dumb.

>> No.12556884

Do you think the general V community thinks Ayame is a prostitute? Or that Ollie was fingered on stream? The only vtubers that people just like are ones that aren't popular enough to trigger contrarians, trolls, and schizo's. Take a break from the board, anon.

>> No.12556948

>Or that Ollie was fingered on stream?
eh, you can check this one pretty easily tho

>> No.12557051

The truth of the matter isn't the question, It's the perception. The general vtuber community doesn't think those things at all, but this board repeats them because they're salacious memes that get replies.

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God he’s so fucking cute bro’s i can’t take it anymore i’m gonna uooooooooooooohh i want to take advantage of seaweed!!!

>> No.12557989

NTA, I do agree with you, this one in particular though a LOT of people genuinely seem to believe and will defend to the death, at least that's how I see it, but if I keep saying that I'm probably just real stupid I'll be talking in circles at this point, if I haven't done that already.

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>doesn't include holostars because he was "in a hurry and had to finish the art quickly/is stressed" (or something along those lines, according to his broken english tweets)
>adds holoEN gen 2 immediately after debut, and omegatranny immediately after the announcement
>months later and still nothing regarding holostars
>many hololive drawings in the meantime
>while knowing and tweeting about the fact that astel follows him
Why are they like this?

>> No.12558615

Most of the fans of the girls are pieces of shit, nothing new here

>> No.12558656

Pretty sure most "Astel antis" are just salty holostar fans angry that he became successful and their oshi didn't.

>> No.12558784

>no hitomi chris
i sleep

>> No.12558852

Cover themselves doesn't include the holostars in their promotional material why are you expecting twitter trannies to do so. Until Cover makes a hard stance and makes it clear that the holostars are hololive faggots like that guy will continue to ignore them, that's the only fucking reason they're lagging behind in popularity

>> No.12559014

Who are you talking about?
Is that guy someone well known?

>> No.12559235

Cover's acknowledgement is different from fans who go on and on about unity and all that nonsense, so much so that they hold a random graduated member up on a pedestal and demand she be included in every possible thing when she only was in 2 streams

>> No.12559289

That's the thing, as long as Cover gives them a way out they will take it
The fans are annoying, but it's Cover enabling their behavior that allows it to happen, as long as they can just ignore that the holostars exist shit like this will continue to happen

>> No.12559325

I don’t remember Cover acknowledging Enma as a member…unless…

>> No.12559385

God I fucking hate omegatranny so much, so much for getting rid of Enma and her bullshit management turns out there was a even worse and more controlling faggot coming next

>> No.12559788

it's a bait thread I know. But this did stick out to me
>But they do. The official Twitter retweets all of their major events. Even the first concert announcement, which should've been huge, only got a little over 10k likes.
Is there really that little hype for the concert? Expected a lot more for such an event, that's like less than what Marine gets for her good morning tweets...

>> No.12560063

Good. I dont want my boys drawn by idolfag hands.

>> No.12560145

Because Marine is more popular. Just stop thinking about the numbers you'll be happy that way.

>> No.12560227

11k likes is really low... that's a concert announcement, like I get denouncing numbers, but this is a job to them. They're not indies doing it for the love of it, outside of Oga

>> No.12560267

They're working really hard on it, seeing their 6 hour dance lessons and everything else lead to so little fanfare is sad, I've been feeling the same way about the recent 3Ds not breaking 10k
It's just, so many lost streaming hours, so much fucking work and it's not paying off

>> No.12560326

Look at all these posts to ignore

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I don't even know what you're talking about. Besides that one Astel shitposter here I've always gotten the impression this board fucking loves him. Especially in /hlgg/

>> No.12561073

He already did Roberu, but just to satisfy maggots like you and the other schizos

>> No.12561200

I don't get why it matters that other people hate your oshi. Why should that detract from liking him, even if he isn't your oshi? Are any of the criticisms or shitposts based in reality? No. So who fucking cares?
I watch Kuzuha sometimes and he has a shit ton of antis but that doesn't make him not funny, same with Astel.

>> No.12561273

>He already did Roberu

>> No.12561911

>all these numbers talk
Holostars are doing alright, they are growing at a good pace
>But they're part of biggest vtuber company
Hololive is anomaly don't use them as standard. Gems Company (square enix) and Marinasu (avex) numbers are lower than Holostars despite being part of bigger company.

Please broaden your view and watch other vtuber. Robechan already showed us that there's more vtuber out there that are more entertaining than hololive

>> No.12562175

>Robechan already showed us that there's more vtuber out there that are more entertaining than hololive
No need to lift smaller creators while punching down the bigger ones like a fucking schizo.

>> No.12562275

>Holostars are doing alright
They could and should be doing better given how hard they're working "they are growing at a good pace" is bullshit when you take into account that they're not some new group, they've been at this for over two years

>> No.12562447

We all hate Hololive here anon

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>> No.12562528

Thinking something is more entertaining than the other thing is not punching down it's just an opinion.

>> No.12562552

Speak for yourself, I love me some FBK, Suichan, and My ultra super hyper wife

>> No.12562603

>Very clearly less effort than his hololive shit
What a fucking idiot

>> No.12562649

Vtubing isn't a meritocracy anon, tons of vtubers don't work hard and get tons of attention, or do work hard and never get attention. The stars are doing very well considering all of their inital struggles and we are lucky the branch survived past 2020. They went from bleeding members and being attacked by antis to having a concert, tons of merch, and a stable high paying fanbase in a year and a half, what more do you want?

>> No.12562687

Punching down Hololive is a /vt/ tradition, and thinking them being "big" means they're good is fucking bullshit, just look at the garbage that's council

>> No.12562691


>> No.12562762

Leave the nigga alone anon, stop being a whiny bitch

>> No.12562768

Then how do we do to save them?

>> No.12562776

Yes, we

>> No.12562891

The same level as his other drawings. His artstyle is the most generic cell-shade anime style that I've seen hundreds of times.

>> No.12563577

He wants them to have better numbers so he can shitpost as a Stars anti for a different reason

>> No.12563597

I want to strip him and lick his ear lobes.

>> No.12563787

I want to make him cry in bed...

>> No.12564077

I want to watch him having sex

>> No.12564150

You can watch me do roberu for hours anon

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No, he will do you

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File: 192 KB, 875x875, 5D9FD038-57D1-4ECF-B9F7-BFC17E814DF4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

uwoooooh I want to hug these plushies


>> No.12564422

Rikka's looks like it's possessed

>> No.12564543

Never said being big means they're good, but you're no different than the dozens of retards in this fucking board that love saying the Stars suck or have no talent. If you want to use these generals to talk shit about the girls than you do you, but don't complain when schizos start shitting the thread.

>> No.12564545

It’s ok, we can switch

>> No.12564617

I'm super sorry but... they look like shit

>> No.12564836

shien looks amaizing!

>> No.12564971

Their booth is like waaaaaaaaaaaaaay smaller than it was last year. I wonder why

>> No.12564973
File: 1.52 MB, 1280x720, 1634728595669.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cute and huggable.

>> No.12565121

Probably more participating booths from last year and they want to maximize space to fit everyone? Or maybe the venue is just smaller? Idk

>> No.12566035

Is Knight ogey

>> No.12566196

>Tenchan is begging for his life
Looks like the answer is a no

>> No.12566215

>start shitting the thread.
They already did, might be as well then. Hololive is boring and shit, they're shiiiiiiiiit !!!!!!

>> No.12566307

This is the kind of merch I like, way fucking cuter than the Chronoir plushes that came out (those are ugly cute but still)

>> No.12566424


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File: 478 KB, 1508x2048, FDeFW6naAAAfatu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12566893

That Shien is too fucking cute

>> No.12566995

God I hate to be broke It comforts me a bit that my oshi looks kinda ugly.

>> No.12567184

TemMa's first shifts are over. The next salesmen will be Roberu and Rikka in 30 minutes.
Now that I think about it, do Roberu and Rikka have an actual duo name/title or is it just RobeRikka/RikkaRobe?

>> No.12567201

Why Oga? Does he have a job outside of Holostars, and the rest don't, or something like that?

>> No.12567305


>> No.12567379

Yeah, Oga's roommate is a gamedev. He made 100% orange juice

>> No.12567387

He has another job and that's why he only streams during night. But you can tell he only does this for fun since he doesn't do schedules and his roommate wasn't a streamer.

>> No.12567432

I would love to forget everything that has happened, if you want to post there then wait for another collab or at least stop posting like you want to pick a fight there.

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Kys faggot

>> No.12567753

That smug look on bossu's plushie... it makes me want to lovingly squish him with one hand

>> No.12569370

You can soon have your chance. I'm excited to tuck them into bed

>> No.12570211
File: 161 KB, 514x339, FBA3fCwVQAAkMCA.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

...I'm ashamed to admit I misread the first word in your spoiler

>> No.12570510

Of course not! I'm paying way too much in shipping for that...

>> No.12573804
File: 161 KB, 814x1024, FDef1R8aMAAutTb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What will you do with him?

>> No.12573944
File: 117 KB, 1084x1500, gokublue.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want to hold him. Also put him next to this Goku Blue plush I have, they can be blue-haired alien friends.

>> No.12573988

anon… that’s actually really cute

>> No.12579036

Damn that makes a lot of sense. He talks about working a lot in his tweets but I was never sure if he was referring to work for Holostars or another job. With all the stuff Holostars is involved with and gearing up for their live concert, it's gotta be like working an additional full time job. Hard working Majin

>> No.12580324

Astel =/= Astellas
The hate for Astellas =/= hating astel
Astellas shitting on other Astellas is nothing new

>> No.12582798


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Is it true that Arurandeis is actually a pretty cool guy

>> No.12583379


>> No.12583626

They're really popular in Taiwan

>> No.12584239

It's true. also I remember the anon who made these would get feedback them here before putting them on twitter to support papa to 100k. If you see this thanks.

>> No.12585264

Chink (the Islanders one) loves the boys anon, that's why reddit dragon really killed holostars growth last year

>> No.12586425

Man fuck Coco, bitch ruined so much

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>but just to satisfy maggots like you and the other schizos
Imagine including all of HololiiveEN but IRyS. Or all of HololiveJP but gen 1. I don't think being annoyed at that is unjustified. It's not begging.

>> No.12590186

Great, schizo antis.

>> No.12590818

Astellas just because your oshi loves Reddit dragon, doesn't mean she didn't do any harm to Holostars. Just mahjong alone would bring more networking opportunity to our boys.

>> No.12591438

Not even an Astella, you cunt. Also what harm she did? Tell me what she did SO wrong that it's justified to hate her?

>> No.12591896

>RUINED their chance of taking advantage of the Taiwanese market in which they're very popular
>Took away hundreds of permissions
>Left them out of her graduation
>Brought more retarded EOPs in Hololive
>Her stupid fans harassed Aruran until he had to tell them to stop spamming his tags with memes
Coco was a fucking mistake and I'm glad that chinks made her graduate

>> No.12592065

Can't join big vtuber event like Mahjong and Kizuna ai Fall Guys tournament to name a few
Also it's funny how holostars suddenly got lots of things after that Reddit dragon gone

>> No.12592161

>Also it's funny how holostars suddenly got lots of things after that Reddit dragon gone
I'm so fucking glad someone finally said it, because I was going crazy over thinking it was just me

>> No.12592806

Now this is a timeloop I haven't seen in a while.

>> No.12592912

>RUINED their chance of taking advantage of the Taiwanese market in which they're very popular
>Took away hundreds of permissions
You're really putting the blame on her when she showed the name of a country on stream? Not the chinks who are so weak willed that they need to defend their shitty country's "sovereignty" everywhere they go?
>Left them out of her graduation
Never interacted with them. Sure, she could've included them, but forcing interactions is beggar behavior.
>Brought more retarded EOPs in Hololive
The chink clip channel was way more influential on that than Coco. She just took advantaged of that.
>Her stupid fans harassed Aruran until he had to tell them to stop spamming his tags with memes
Didn't know the Tatsunoko were a monolith.

Just go fuck yourself, wumao. Don't you fucking dare use the Stars to shit on vtubers you don't like.

Still not Coco's fault chinks are so retarded. And Haato did the same thing, but retards conveniently forget about her. I wonder why.

This general is always on a timeloop. Nobody here gives a fuck about the boys, they just use it to complain about random shit.

>> No.12593208

Rude. I link HenRaji almost every week

>> No.12593253
File: 141 KB, 1403x1418, FDfOHZgXMAA1FBw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

if you care about the boys why don't you post something about them. It's not like there's big event featuring them currently happening or something

>> No.12593327

>Never interacted with them. Sure, she could've included them, but forcing interactions is beggar behavior.

>> No.12593381

>You're really putting the blame on her when she showed the name of a country on stream? Not the chinks who are so weak willed that they need to defend their shitty country's "sovereignty" everywhere they go?
If Coco had just fucking A P O L O G I Z E D things would have escalated to the level they did, it was her retarded American ass trying to play the though girl and ignoring everything around her that angered the chinks even more, also WHO GIVES A SHIT, just fucking fire Coco. Who cares if they're "kneeling" to the chinks
>Never interacted with them. Sure, she could've included them, but forcing interactions is beggar behavior.
Given than everyone BUT Temma took time to acknowledge her graduation and say their goodbyes it's more than obvious that they would have appreciated a chance to see her off, also

>> No.12593669

She did apologize though. You probably didn't see it because of your squinted chink eyes.

>> No.12593712

Sorry. Unfortunately you're on the really small minority of the 54 posters in this general.

Posting nothing is better than using the thread to be an anti.

She still interacted with the rest of EN, and I'm pretty sure she also didn't interact with some of ID2 members, but letting them out when the other were present would be weird.

You're really a chink cocksucker, holy shit. You're the worst kind of EOP fan.

>> No.12593880

The just fucking allow the Holostars to say goodbye, she leeched off their memes for her shit reddit show

>> No.12594143

Are we forgetting how Roberu for the longest time tried his best to ignore collab invites from Hololive? Or how Oga said he doesn't mind the current situation? Are you sure it's 100% on Coco that the Stars weren't present on her graduation stream? At this point you're just latching on to a rrat to justify your hate.

>> No.12594427

>Are we forgetting how Roberu for the longest time tried his best to ignore collab invites from Hololive?
Roberu is an exception not a majority
>Or how Oga said he doesn't mind the current situation?
He still collabs with FBK, he clearly doesn't mind the current situation but ALSO EXPLICITLY FUCKING SAID THAT HE APPRECIATES WHEN THEY REACH OUT TO HIM, you fucking disingenuous retard

>> No.12594636

We don't even know the opinion of the other Stars, and even if Oga appreciates he wouldn't go alone if all the other said no.

>> No.12594802

Astel, Aruran and Rikka would obvious attend without issues.

>> No.12594960
File: 940 KB, 3200x2700, EoS9lugVgAI5Xmc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The boys are happy for their success
>I'm happy for their success
Simple as.

>> No.12595168

outrageously based

>> No.12595334

And there are 9 of them. Even if those 3 said yes they still wouldn't go alone. And at this point you're basing it off your own perceptions of the members, and there's 0 way to prove you're correct on your assumptions.

>> No.12595971

They deserve more desu

>> No.12596379

Kajuugumi is a really cute duo

>> No.12596735

our boys are actually more popular than cover thoughts

>Posting nothing is better than using the thread to be an anti.
nah your'e not doing any better by replying to those said "antis"

>> No.12597122

Who in Holostars would be the best father?

>> No.12597146

All aside from Izuru appeared on Ollies birthday stream.

>> No.12597153
File: 1.13 MB, 1220x1290, 1625849928080.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Believe me anon, I agree. But they're happy with everything they've been getting this year and so am I.

>> No.12597319


>> No.12597333


>> No.12597394

I admit I should've ignore them, but this thread has been used to shit on Hololive instead to talk about the Stars for a while already.

Ollie interacted with them on stream, Coco didn't.

>> No.12597527

Why the schizo can't shit up one of those Holo sport thread instead?

Too bad though for those who ended up can't participate.
But to be fair, Cover tend to underestimates all of their talent popularity, not just Stars.
So not really surprising.

>> No.12597542

>Ollie interacted with them on stream, Coco didn't.
I think the point still stands, they had no issue collabing with her.

>> No.12597938

They had no issue collabing with someone they already developed a relationship with. Excluding than those that might've interacted with Coco before Hololive (mainly Roberu), none of them had any contact, on stream or otherwise, with her other than Kaoru. As I said before, it's all speculation at this point, so we can go for years with this until a graduated members spill the beans or we can talk about the boys in a general dedicated about it.

>> No.12598374

I don't think that's a good example as Izuru didn't go because he had a fever from the coof shot, and he still went to her countdown to wish her happy birthday. It wasn't something like "this one member is against it."

>> No.12598595

>none of them had any contact, on stream or otherwise
That you know of

>> No.12599675

I should've specified "public contact", but I believe I was clear when talking about Roberu probably knowing Coco from before Holopro. My point still stands that none of them interacted with her on a public space.

>> No.12600540

Yurustars + Bossu Takopa clip

>> No.12601861

I loved this stream, glas it got clipped. Just worth it to go to the original stream at the end when tipsy Temma was tickling everyone when they were trying to say bye

>> No.12604979
File: 15 KB, 640x274, FB_IMG_1636187692524.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

When I saw the plushie, pic related comes to mind

>> No.12613317

One save from page 11 bump.

>> No.12614999
File: 60 KB, 500x500, artworks-7qh2xhVXLCJXMPaz-eX5WYA-t500x500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.12615448

Whqt the hell happened here

>> No.12615520

anon are frustrated that they can't attend agf. at least majin give us this

>> No.12615770


>> No.12616474

Chink forgot to prostrate and spread his asshole in beijing's direction today

>> No.12616545

You can hate zhang and reddit dragon equally you know. Those two arent mutually exclusive

>> No.12616699 [DELETED] 

That anon was clearly not anit-zhang.

>> No.12616731

That anon was clearly not anti-zhang.

>> No.12616750

Kill this thread already

>> No.12616855
File: 1.73 MB, 1170x751, 1636174670678.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

so this is what /stars/ would look like if this was full of asian people huh

>> No.12616861

be the change you wanna be, post hololive dox

>> No.12616960

I would be the cute blasian everyone wants to fuck

>> No.12617040


>> No.12617050

whats blasian?

>> No.12617594

Black and Asian haffu.

>> No.12618918

I don't think posting shien foot photo would kill this thread.

>> No.12620456


>> No.12621941

Most of japaniki are really pretty. I wonder how a global stars reunion would look like.

>> No.12622346
File: 34 KB, 560x780, 1630674533996.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know you guys would want to fuck me, that's never happening

>> No.12622588

Are you any of the stars if not I'm not interested

>> No.12622926

A lot of tranny looking SEAs.

>> No.12624743

Are you Astel?

>> No.12624963
File: 488 KB, 2048x1728, r1w32zzsyx261.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes, I'm holostars, how can I help you?

>> No.12624965

Who would dominate Oga? Hes the alpha

>> No.12625022

>Hes the alpha
he's a big M anon, it's obvious if you watch his stream

>> No.12625222

This is the guy who gets off the pain from NTR

>> No.12625456

Im new to HoloStars, whos the cutest one? I want a really cute seiso experience to get me started on males.

>> No.12625484


>> No.12625801

Miyabi & rikka

>> No.12625837


>> No.12626031
File: 1.04 MB, 530x514, MrRaspberryJam.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12626288


>> No.12627094

Please don’t sexually harass the plushies

>> No.12627800

i bought it, i will use it as i see fit

>> No.12628552
File: 42 KB, 463x451, 1612050695828.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What did I just listen to?
I-is there an Astel version?

>> No.12628760
File: 21 KB, 215x219, 5986EC11-2109-4D5B-8E66-7FACE8D3BA11.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12629137
File: 80 KB, 375x763, 1611678513370.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>What did I just listen to?
What I did with Majin before the event.

>> No.12629229

It was shitty seeing them be left out of the sporst festival, ir was also shitty last year but this year hurt even worse since everyone was in there.

>> No.12629346

Hell would be let loose if that happened. I'd rather that not happen.

>> No.12629417

Now explain why you think they should have been there.

>> No.12629448

They're part of Hololive

>> No.12629477

No they're not.

>> No.12629517

Are you the kind of faggot that want tranny to be allowed to compete with women on same sport event? Fuck you.

Even without male, their sport festival already rigged as fuck.
I can't imagine how they would rigged the event more than today, if they need to add 9 (Yup, an odd number) male talents.

>> No.12629549

They're part of hololive production, now you faggots go argue somewhere else please

>> No.12629566

They can't keep this shit going on forever anon, it's not sustainable for Hololive specially as the boys continue to dramatically grow. The sooner they incorporate the boys into everything for better, they have a concert now they can't keep ignoring them

>> No.12629651
File: 13 KB, 647x160, theyre not.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12629689

They can and nothing will stop them, stop crying

>> No.12629701
File: 50 KB, 1033x287, holopro.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ID and EN aren't "hololive" either, they're holopro, if they're going to invite the foreign branches they should also invite the Holostars.
>Are you the kind of faggot that want tranny to be allowed to compete with women on same sport event? Fuck you.
It's fucking Minecraft dude, if anything the stars except Aruran would be a disadvantage since they don't play it as much.
>if they need to add 9 (Yup, an odd number) male talents.
It wouldn't change anything, if anything adding the stars would have been beneficial because the teams didn't have an even number of players so some holos got to play twice

>> No.12629725

And you think suddenly shoehorning them into events is gonna help?

>> No.12629797

So this is what happens when you give autistic Holostars fans an inch. What exactly are you legitimately angry about? Cover is going out of their way to promote the fuck out of them right now. Watch their shit, buy their merch and keep quiet about it.

>> No.12629842

>ID and EN aren't "hololive" either
They literally have "hololive" in their names

>> No.12629844
File: 5 KB, 710x74, HoloPROd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I guess ID and EN shouldn't have been invited either since they're NOT Hololive by your bullshit logic.
The OFFICIAL divisions are
>Hololive (the JP females)
>Hololive indonesia
>Hololive English
You invite ALL of them or none of them
>They can and nothing will stop them
Nah, thing will change soon they're growing to the point where they can't ignore them anymore. Look at the Suiberu stream

>> No.12629944

>And you think suddenly shoehorning them into events is gonna help?
They shoehorned EN and ID so I don't see what's the difference, or have you forgotten about UmiSea? It's not like Cover is against forcing groups, at least some Holostars are friends with Holos unlike half of UmiSEA that had never talked to each other or spoke the same langue
Make two teams mixing the holostars, RBC, Towa, FBK, Suisei, Choco, Matsuri, Watame and Sora. That alone would have improved the event

>> No.12629949
File: 42 KB, 164x163, 1635885048675.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ID and EN are other branches of "Hololive". That's why "Hololive" is in the name. Holostars are not Hololive.
>You invite ALL of them or none of them
Or what?

>> No.12629991

>Cover is going out of their way to promote the fuck out of them right now.
And yet their talents still treat them like shit, people keep forgetting the part that the family mentality is what greatly helped Hololive grow and yet no only do they ignore the stars but they go out of their way to treat them like garbage. If Cover actually cared about the stars beyond selling cheap acyclic they would start treating them as an actual part of Hololive LIKE THEY RIGHTFULLY ARE

>> No.12630033

>ID and EN are other branches of "Hololive". That's why "Hololive" is in the name. Holostars are not Hololive.
The OFFICIAL classifications don't agree with your bullshit logic, the Holostars are much a part of Hololive as EN and ID

>> No.12630055

>Suiberu stream
It was FubuRobeSui and a fucking shill stream, what about it?

>> No.12630097

This dude is taking the family meme too seriously, why tf does this general keeps attracting schizo and shitposters

>> No.12630107

Nobody is treating anyone like shit, schizo. Cover is no joke doing more for the Stars right now by going out of their to promote them when they don't really deserve it than they ever did for any of the Hololive talents personally. Imagine not understanding the amount of effort and money that needs to be put into the weakest part of your company. And in the end they will still never turn the insane profits that the girls do.

>> No.12630141

The fact that sponsors are starting to request Hololive and Holostars talents to stream together to shill their events, the Holostars have grown to have as much of an industry presence as Hololive, they can't keep ignoring the Holostars because both are getting invited to the same events, unless Hololive wants to loose all their sponsorships they have to learn to share a space and acknowledge the holostars

>> No.12630150

The official classifications literally (literally) prove me right by having the names be different from one another rumao.

>> No.12630179

WHO GIVES A SHIT ABOUT PROFITS, you numberfags are fucking insufferable. It's about how they continue treating the holostars like shit

>> No.12630182

Thanks anon, I guess baitposting really does keep a thread alive

>> No.12630186
File: 265 KB, 564x444, 1635982269731.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the Holostars have grown to have as much of an industry presence as Hololive

>> No.12630228

>It's fucking Minecraft dude, if anything the stars except Aruran would be a disadvantage since they don't play it as much.
Sure sure...
Aqua is the best APEX player in Cover right?
And Suisei is the best MK player in Cover too.
And Pekora is the best Minecraft player in Cover.

>if anything adding the stars would have been beneficial because the teams didn't have an even number of players
Are you a math retard?
Count the current JP+ID+EN member total properly!
It's motherfucking even!
The only reasons it was odd today, because Iofi died.

>> No.12630234
File: 49 KB, 468x429, 2A984FD5-74ED-4D81-A016-B70961A5EA22.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My bad, the Holostars have more industry presence than Hololive since they get more external collabs and sponsors :^)
turns out that when 90% of your group are stuck up cunts affraid of a chromosome you don't get sponsorships or invites

>> No.12630250

sports isn’t real, only agf

>> No.12630289

You completely missed my point. Your argument is that Cover hates the Holostars. My response was "If Cover hated the Holostars they wouldn't put themselves in the red to support them". Do you have a rebuttal for this?

>> No.12630320

I'm so god damn jealous that everyone who went there got to talk to the stars.

>> No.12630326


>> No.12630331

You really don't know what the term "industry presences" means, do you?

>> No.12630405

>They shoehorned EN and ID
Both groups had way more interactions with Hololive JP than the boys ever had and most collabed at least once with a JP member, while the Stars never played outside their own Minecraft server, which isn't even linked to the other ones.

>> No.12630409

I’ll never get to hear Temma’s laugh in person

>> No.12630423

>Your argument is that Cover hates the Holostars.
Yes they do, they continuously allow their other taents to threat them like shit
>My response was "If Cover hated the Holostars they wouldn't put themselves in the red to support them". Do you have a rebuttal for this?
The holostars are getting exactly what they deserve, nothing more you're the delusinoal one if you think anyone is going out of their way for anyone else, because new flash you fucking retard
COVER ISN'T DOING JACK SHIT. It's all external companies requesting the holostars to work with them, even their FUCKING LIVE is being supported by bushiroad, not cover fully. The only thing Cover has done for the holostars is giving them 3D
It sure would have been nice if pizza dad didn't have to write getting a 3D for this goals 4 fucking times

>> No.12630440

>The OFFICIAL classifications don't agree with your bullshit logic, the Holostars are much a part of Hololive as EN and ID
Explain this
Holostars are "Hololive Production" but not part of the "Hololive" group with EN and ID.

>> No.12630509

You fuckers had a chance unless you're extreme newfags, they have done these types of events over videocalls with in the past (overseas bros accepted and encouraged). and you actually got to chose any of the stars
Roberu is more well known among vtuber and sponsors than any girls not named Fubuki

>> No.12630610

At least proofread your post, fucking ESL.
If you want to see company that "threat" their "taents" like shit, there are better example than Cover.
If Cover is black company, they would fired all of their male talents or rebrand them into HolostarsEN.

>> No.12630645

Cover allows their own employees to treat others like shit and that's a fact

>> No.12630711

ok I’m gonna time travel back to the past and sign up for oshabefes, thank you anon

>> No.12630726

I know about that but I want to go see them in personbesides I only started watching them a few months so it's not like I could of participated in any of them.

>> No.12631202

if you’re bored why pick a slow thread as /stars/ go circle jerk in the global thread or something

>> No.12631608

Because on global they would be drowned by other posters. Here this cunt can get people to take the bait and make the entire general discuss such bait. This thread was just schizos baiting others into timelooping shit that was already talked about months ago.

>> No.12631659

Cover forces everyone to collab with the boys and acknowledge them, collabs are awkward and have no meaning, boys don't blow up nor get anything from them, unicorns spam everyone, Rushia's fandeads commit mass suicide, Rushia and Lamy get stalked and raped, Yagoo gets stalked and raped, investors and sponsors lose interest in hololive,Temma gets stalked and decapitated, Astel goes to Indonesia to live with Ollie, hololive is not a popular group anymore or isn't as popular as it's used to be, memebers start graduating one by one because it's all covers fault and they don't feel like working for them anymore, chinks and
Are happy now that their selfish wishes have come true, Syichan and Roberu are living happily together fucking every day and save from the back clash.

>> No.12631944

Suirobe is a great ship

>> No.12633353
File: 147 KB, 320x250, homo.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12633582


>> No.12634718

Nope, real Robefan would want him to collab with big tiddy onee san not flat as board Suichan

>> No.12634897

He can fuck anemachi on the side

>> No.12635493

Do you want to kill Majin? That's how you kill Majin, FUCK OFF

>> No.12635681

I recommend Marica Bellerose

>> No.12635963

>it is the weekend
>kids are spending their weekly allowed time to bitch on anonymous threads
like clockwork

>> No.12636327

That would make Suichan the losing heroine, Roberu likes the losing heroines they balance things out you know since he's the winning one

>> No.12637260

I fear that all the nice things will stop after the live

>> No.12637581

Or nicer things would come to them, be optimistic I guide others to a treasure I can not possess

>> No.12637981

>Yes they do, they continuously allow their other taents to threat them like shit
You just wanna beg for collabs, interactions on stream dosen't mean anything, you don't know how they really treat each other. They could easily be fucking each other off stream and no one would know bc they don't tell it.

>> No.12638083

Aww they got bored with their individual bait thread and came back here again

>> No.12638221
File: 669 KB, 703x677, 1515615656615.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>All of them gets invited to the sports festival
>They can't say no
>Majin ends up really sick and throws up in the middle of the event.
I would pay to see that

>> No.12638500
File: 168 KB, 588x593, Lunnaito.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12638970
File: 66 KB, 660x604, CBD1E33D-710A-466A-942B-17EBB2DFCE03.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12639124 [SPOILER] 
File: 702 KB, 1096x1600, 004359025_007226004_XflC1ARGm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12639166

I thought it was more frustrating than once again, the girls had a large event overlap with the boys' event. Admittedly this time AGF is not something Cover plans nor is it a stream, but it keeps fucking happening. If they had announced anything it would have been drowned out.

>> No.12639183
File: 48 KB, 600x600, 04784-00220-00008-l.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.12639459


>> No.12639792

>The mafia is after you
>This is the mafia

>> No.12640683
File: 666 KB, 578x720, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey Homos. Anyone got some streamables of Astel singing disney songs?

>> No.12640885 [SPOILER] 
File: 101 KB, 568x646, DlDMIzpVsAAS7Mj.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12641216 [SPOILER] 
File: 373 KB, 1823x1588, 3B6AA9D7-02D2-4253-9F47-EA5E28EC13EE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12641248
File: 508 KB, 2415x1359, FDcLLqKaAAAPz2f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Astel - The Little Mermaid - Part of Your World (Jodi Benson)
Astel - The Little Mermaid - Under the Sea (Japanese ver.)
Astel - Alladin - Arabian Nights
Astel - Alladin - One Jump Ahead (Tomoya Nakamura)
Astel - Alladin - A whole new world
Astel - Mulan - Reflection
Astel - Beauty and the Beast - Evermore (Japanese ver. Hisoka na yume)
Astel - Pinocchio - When You Wish Upon a Star
Astel - The Lion King - Can You Feel The Love Tonight
Astel - Beauty and the Beast - Beauty and the Beast (Japanese ver.)

https://streamable.com/akw591 恋はドアを開けること
https://streamable.com/r58s2r Love is an Open Door
https://streamable.com/j1f7tl Friend Like Me
https://streamable.com/dg86qa You're Werecome
https://streamable.com/83f1j9 Under the Sea
https://streamable.com/21hkad I Just Cant Wait to be King

>> No.12641315
File: 44 KB, 578x545, EnKXaxFXUAAMyjh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12641556

Astel - Pinocchio - When You Wish Upon a Star
Astel - The Lion King - Can You Feel The Love Tonight
Astel - Beauty and the Beast - Beauty and the Beast (Japanese ver.)

>> No.12641590

he really does like pink haired girls....

>> No.12641833

That's such an ugly couch...

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