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ITT: Most ridiculous rrat you've ever read

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>Kiki loves her fans

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I'm Pomu

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all of it

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that pekomiko is back

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Kiara is real

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yubigate primarily because it had to be yubi

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Yubigate isn't a rrat though.

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>discord sex isn't real

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This board is actually real

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the one about chammers orchestrating the downfall of coco

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Ok buckle up buckeroos I've got a rodent of copious girth to display to you all.

>Calliope Mori appeared on the trash taste podcast at the request of her close personal friend Milky Queen as part of some elaborate plan to get into his pants.
>It succeeded, and Milky and Connor began dating, Mori and Sydsnap have become friends, and Shibuya Kaho was denied Welshcock All was well in the world, until we step into Omegatroon's office.
>Omegatroon strongly opposed the collab and refused to allow Mori to go on the Podcast without a Male manager there (ostensibly a safety thing), knowing that Mori's manager J-Chad is a woman and is therefore unable to intervene if for whatever reason trash taste was some kind of longcon scheme to gangbang a vtuber.
>Mori asks Shinove, the Holostars manager for help, he accepts because he knows it's a manager's job to aid the talent in any way they can, and accompanies Mori to the podcast.

Everything posted so far is FACT, here's comes 3 >'s of supposition.

>Milky Queen was in the running for the Vsinger role but Omegatroon blackballed here because he's a petty fuck and he was still buttblasted about the whole event.
>Mori and Milky wanted to collab on songs but Omegatroon repeatedly denied it because he's a petty fuck and he was still buttblasted about the whole event.
>It took 10 months of one of the company's breakout stars begging management for Mori to be allowed to collab with her close personal friend Milky.

JK those were all still facts, here comes some rrat

>Omegatroon blocked HoloEN from collabing with Coco until she announced her departure so as to protect Ina's roommate's professional career with bugmen companies.
>When Coco told Myth she was leaving, Myth asked for a meeting with Omegatroon and had an hour and a half long argument with him. 2 of them threatened to leave, as a result of this, Omegatroon backpeddled and permitted collabs.
>During this time, Gunrun - owner of Vshojo, via Sydsnap, personal friend of Mori, tried to make a move on Mori, Milky Queen, and IRyS to bulk vshojo's JP timeslot.
>Yagoo and Gunrun had a conversation about it at great length, the meeting lasted about 5 hours, in which they discussed future working relationships, and how Yagoo was concerned about the growing influence of the Sith within the jedi council.
>Gawr Gura knew none of this, as Amelia Watson has been keeping Gawr Gura occupied in her downtime by drip feeding gura a cocktail of vodka, whiskey, and Amelia's saliva.
>It was around this time that Mori was banned from Family Mart because they said it was a business catering to families, and she was single. The manager kept asking "Family doko?" until she brapped super hard and ran out of the store crying.

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Kiara and Pomu met while at an anime convention in Japan and ended up having lesbian sex, which is why they're so desperate to collab with each other

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It's not just coco, every major hololive yab has been due to chama involvement, from using the red kun voice to trick Chris into getting herself fired all the way to breaking into Matsuri's house and flashing her hand on camera

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miko raped pekora, it's so dumb i dont even know if schizos here unironically believes it

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the Aqua tickling incident is to this day one of the most retarded posts people have ever believed to an extent

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I saw it, it happened. Stop denying the truth.

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>matsuri is single and a virgin

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It’s pretty believable based solely off how autistic Aqua is

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I think he's saying that it could have been a dildo

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Aqua and Pekora hating each other.
Only 'proof' of this is a 10-like minutes video of them talking friendly to each other.

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Gura is an experimental Mossad AI

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>Yubigate isn't a rrat though.
Take your fucking meds schizo

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>"bloop" named after an anomalous sonar signal detected by US NAVY intelligence
>doesn't need floaties—she uses BALLAST TANKS
>obsessed with "TRIDENT" weapon of the united states SLBM arsenal
>"atlantis", more like the ATLANTIC FLEET
>huge numbers of SUBS, but won't talk about them
>days of SILENT RUNNING to conceal her position
>wants a SAILOR SUIT for an alternate costume
>demands to be called CAPTAIN GURA
>carried a BIG GUN as part of her military training
>can't discuss her TOP SECRET offstream activities
>went on a so-called "vacation" during NORTHERN EDGE 21 naval exercises
>communicates under duress by BLINKING MORSE CODE

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Any rrat on why mumei sounds so similar to gura? Maybe like gura threaten to quit for some reason, and omega tried to find a replacements?

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Surely it's that Ame was using ryan gosling movies to communicate with her schizo fans and give them life advice. My sides hurt just thinking about it.

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I’ve never seen any evidence against and there’s definitely something strange going on in that stream, so I choose to believe it’s real.

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gura is cute

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Mumei joined to fuck Ame, but didn't realize she'd get a character who wasn't flat. That's why she's settled for Kronii, the other time themed chuuba.

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Pekora is Catholic

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i wouldn't say it's a rrat, mumei and gura both made similar content and built similar fandoms, and i'm pretty sure that mumei was bigger in the first place. Not that they were trying to replace gura, but I think it's pretty obvious that she was chosen to appeal to a similar audience.

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Pekora admitted when she was 14 years old she'd shove small rodents in her vagina and was aroused at the way it felt when they died inside her.

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how the fuck did you get out? go back in my basement pomu

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Once I saw a post that said that the holos aren't 2D anime girls, but rather 3D women using facerig technology to pretend to be anime girls.
They even made up shit about "roomates" to keep the rrat strong, associating every chuuba to a real woman, fuckinf ridiculous.

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Kiara has 2 BFs called chonkers and smoothie

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it takes 5 minutes to find the owls roomate and her normal voice sounds nothing like her

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at the least they had some sort of irl fight ranging from dumb womanly disagreement to miko fingerbang raping pekora for hours on end.

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Avril Lavigne

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heres my personal ones
>Ame was in a codependent relationship most of her life, and it is why she has low self esteem, and terrible at collabing
not even a rrat desu, she said she recently had been taking care of a sick family member for a long time, and when they were gone, she streamed to cope with the lack of a person to care for.
"Codependency may also result from caring for a person who is chronically ill. Being in the role of caregiver, especially at a young age, may result in the young person neglecting their own needs and developing a habit of only helping others.
A person’s self-worth may form around being needed by another person and receiving nothing in return."

In other words, Ames self worth is about being needed, and when not needed she burns out.
>Gura is a NEET who struggled with doing actual work for once, which is why she cried at the 6month anniversary, and with the support of the girls, she helped strongarm COVER into making their contracts more flexible, and thats why shes so happy now
>Kiara is actually lesbian
>Calli would've turned lesbian for Kiara, if Kiara just acted normal
Calli is already very guyish, and in a reckless guyish fashion, shes very kabedon, and sometimes gives great complements while just being chill.
If Kiara didnt have a big orgasm when she saw Calli, and possibly even tried to push Calli away from her attraction, the ship would be incredibly hot and successful right now, because Kiara would admit Calli is extremely her type.
>Gura forced UMISEA as one of her demands if she was to renew her contract with hololive for 1 more year, so she could be in a group with her favourites. She came up with the idea, which is why its not very good.
>Ame is lazy also, so paire that with her codependency to give everything for no return in a relationship, it exacerbates her burnout because she is not meetin expectations and feels terrible because of it.
>Mumei is genuinely on the autistic spectrum, because she is exactly like me
>Kiara is the one that ended Takamori. After the EN-JP minecraft server merge, she finally can spend more time with her oshi. Her dream is peko, and she will burn down everything to achieve it, like Griffith from Berserk.
>Cover genuinely believed Kiara would be the most popular out of EN - her debut is stacked : musically and artistically talented - previously worked as an idol, can choreograph dance and sing - multilingual - design by fuckin huke - model rigging is the best
Cover was expecting her to be the top 1 for sure, but things worked out exactly opposite.
>Ame ruined the lore, by giving herslef stacked powers. shes just supposed to be fuckin human.
>ame genuinely did not like Kiara at first, but she warmed up to her. Gura is a beta female, so just accepted whatever kiara did, until they got closer.

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Kronii has a massive girl clock

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>Cover genuinely believed Kiara would be the most popular out of EN
fucking lmao now that's ridiculous

>> No.12567746

more like /qa/thAnimeAvi

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>i'm pretty sure that mumei was bigger in the first place

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Kiara is planning to graduate soon and is already leaving hints for KFP to jump ship with her

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Do you really beleb it?

>> No.12568505

Korone isn't actually a dog

>> No.12568884

wtf omega is based?!?

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>after takamori sank, kiara hired a prostitute that looked just like calli, and proceeded to eat her out while crying, confessing her love to her.

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That Cover was trying to get back to China and Coco was being bullied so she would quit

>> No.12571852

Omega is the man who Merine talked with him last year. He was Coco's manager before he became big in EN branch that why Omega claim all credit of HoloMyth success to them. Omega was Coco manager before that why Omega's Twitter follow Coco as first person.

Tldr: Omega was male Coco's manager who backstabbed Coco in the end fot taken all credit and glory to Omega!

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i believe it

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Matsuri will graduate, she already is planning to use a Vtuber model on her roomate account and according to Cover's policy you have to cease every Vtuber activity when you're with them so... yeah.

>> No.12572690

Good, time for hololive to begin purging their pedo talents before the cancel corp gets wind of them.
We're gonna have to see flare, fbk, nene, iofi and maybe suisei go too but it'll be a worthy sacrifice.

>> No.12572708

Kiara being normal and not MeMeMe

>> No.12572718

>A bullshit or fabricated story on /vt/.
This is a rrat thread not a fact thread.

>> No.12573005

>Mumei is a serial killer that is dropping hints as to the locations of her victims.
>The most recent hint being the faceless victim on a winding road.
>Her schedule is spotty recently due to killings and track covering.
>She skins the face from her victims so she can forgor what they looked like in the first place.
>The identity of "guardian of civilisation" is a mockery of her view on human society that drives her to kill

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The man who opened Matsuri's door was actually her dad.

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Another rrat about Omega, if he was not Coco's manager just was hired as the first ENmanager that mean Omega just bastard liar. Why? You may ask

Coco chilled and advertised HololiveEN long time ago (Coco Kaine) before the first ENmanager was hired and HoloMyth completed nearly 90% when he was hired but Omega must be the Almighty of Hololive.

He claimed all credit about HoloMyth' s creator in Grape review and Yagoo don't want to cause any drama so he let Omega take all credit. Coco decided to graduation so she let Omega take all credit as well.

But Haachama doesn't like it and fistfight with Omega by claimming her and Coco as HololiveEN0 because she despise Omega and don't want him to take all credit from Yagoo Haschama and Coco.

In the same time, Haachama want to support her new kouhais so Haachama want to collab with EN but Omega hate Coco and Haachama so he decide to ghost Coco and banish Haachama from EN minecraft server for eternity.

After she wss banned, Haachama can not go to EN MC server until today.

Tldr : Omega want all credit of HoloMyth to him. Yagoo and Coco can endure it but Haachama not. Haachama built new gen like HololiveEN0 for counter Omega's plan but fail because Coco decided to graduate at that time already. Omega won and banished Godchama from EN MC server eternity.

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It is not bullshit enough?

>> No.12574522

>mori once brapped so hard she gave Mumei brain damage and Yagoo had to offer her a job or her family would sue Cover Corp.

Is a rrat.
What you said might well be the truth.

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Mori intentionally showed her feet in the bbq stream

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Sana lost her house in the aussie bushfires

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>mori once brapped so hard she gave Mumei brain damage and Yagoo had to offer her a job or her family would sue Cover Corp.
i believe it

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File: 103 KB, 932x834, rrat seller [sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2Fuwi9ow.mp3].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.12575319

Bae's annoying scared and shy voice is actually legit and not an act

>> No.12576491

Bros... Omega is the a god and Yagoo is the best girl. It totally rrat if you believe otherwise you are heretic and antis to Hololive

>> No.12579734

Kiara was meant to be in JP gen 5, but got shoved into myth after being replaced by polka last minute

>> No.12580320

The Flare is fat one. But a part does think most of them got a bit chubby cause alot of them rarely mention anything about exercise on their downtime.

>> No.12580342

Now this is a fucking rrat.

>> No.12580717

>Rothschilds bow to Nijisanji
>In contact with aliens
>Possess psychic-like abilities
>Control Japan with an iron but fair fist
>Own castles & banks globally
>Direct descendants of the ancient royal blood line
>Will bankroll the first cities on Mars (Nijigrad will be be the first city)
>Own 99% of DNA editing research facilities on Earth
>First designer babies will in all likelihood be Nijisanji babies
>All members said to have 215+ IQ, such intelligence on Earth has only existed deep in Tibetan monasteries & Area 51
>Ancient Indian scriptures tell of numerous angels who will descend upon Earth and will bring an era of enlightenment and unprecedented technological progress with them
>They own Nanobot R&D labs around the world
>You likely have Nijibots inside you right now
>Nijisanji talents are in regular communication with the Archangels Michael and Gabriel, forwarding the word of God to the Orthodox Church. Who do you think set up the meeting between the pope & the Orthodox high command (First meeting between the two organisations in over 1000 years) and arranged the Orthodox leader's first trip to Antarctica in history literally a few days later to the Nijisanji bunker in Wilkes land?
>They learned fluent French, Japanese, and English in under a week
>Nation states entrust their gold reserves with the twins. There's no gold in Ft. Knox, only Ft. Nijisanji
>The talents are about 2 decades old, from the space-time reference point of the base human currently accepted by our society
>In reality, they are timeless beings existing in all points of time and space from the big bang to the end of the universe. We don't know their ultimate plans yet. We hope they're benevolent beings.

>> No.12580852

Pekora is an anagram of Rape Ok

>> No.12583124


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I'm ready. Soon there will only be hololive EN.

>> No.12583753

C-Calli and Irys are fellow americans too!

>> No.12584216

that reine is literal royalty and you will die if you google her too much in indonesia

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pic related

>> No.12594336

>he thinks its a psyop against japan and not chyna
just look at the location of cover's strategic assets
>west coast us
The company is even called COVER

>> No.12594404

Omega was in the right here

>> No.12595225

Both she and Calli have been doing that since their debut I'm pretty sure. Probably as a contingency plan in a similar vein to the dragon. It's smart in my opinion, better than the "disappear and thoroughly become the other identity" option.

>> No.12596008

My oshi love me

>> No.12596662

Korone punching Pekora because she said she was a bad mother.

>> No.12597037

Korone being a thrice divorcee and her children worked at Cover but doesn't know their mom works there too.

>> No.12597374

fuckin kek

>> No.12597495

Matsuri raped her little brother and that's why he's scared of her.

>> No.12600110

>this new

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File: 169 KB, 462x403, [sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2F15zz6t.mp3].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>mori once brapped so hard she gave Mumei brain damage and Yagoo had to offer her a job or her family would sue Cover Corp.

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>> No.12601992

That's one of the least ridiculous rrats in this thread. In a long deleted stream where she was playing dream C club when she still lived at her parent's house, she called him into her room and asked him which of the girls he'd fuck. When he was too flustered to answer she literally asked him if he was gay and said that he's too scared to try anything with a girl and that he should act like a man.

>> No.12603349

Do your reps, it's almost certainly true.

>> No.12604688

I thought Matsuri called him a fag and from the tone of her voice was disgusted by it?

>> No.12607696

I genuinely think Matsuri either molested him or rape him after that stream. She’s way too close to him, even for siblings, she couldn’t hide her disgust for the possibility of him being gay, and tried to shame him in front of thousands of viewers.

>> No.12608569

OP had sex.

>> No.12609846

>>12607696 is my answer to this thread

>> No.12610343

Coco left hololive by her own volition.

>> No.12611867

Is this stream still up somewhere?

>> No.12612468

>Matsuri will graduate, she already is planning to use a Vtuber model on her roomate account and according to Cover's policy you have to cease every Vtuber activity when you're with them so... yeah.
>coco still used her kson avatar to vtube

>> No.12612766

>>Kiara is actually lesbian
This one is pretty obvious.

>>Calli would've turned lesbian for Kiara, if Kiara just acted normal
Doubtful. She's been pretty "agressively hetero" in her past life.

>>Cover genuinely believed Kiara would be the most popular out of EN - her debut is stacked : musically and artistically talented - previously worked as an idol, can choreograph dance and sing - multilingual - design by fuckin huke - model rigging is the best

This one I buy. She was the one with the most experience at the start, and the trilingual stuff would put her as a solid contender for Coco of EN. Her rigging is clearly second to Calli though.

>> No.12612991

Coco said that management were the ones who pointed out Reddit and said "is this something we can use?" and called them Hololive USA. There might be more cover staff that's in the know on western culture than Omega, but it seems pretty likely that Omega was at least involved at that time.

You don't put a new person in charge of your big new effort, unless they have a lot of experience in that specific field. So Omega was at Hololive before EN was started, and it seems most likely that the same person would be looking into the western expansion even before the dawn of the EN generation.

>> No.12613041

Sana is Coco's sister.

>> No.12613130

Wtf real ?

>> No.12613202

I see this one a lot and it doesn't make sense to me. Kiara auditioned for EN. JP5 was made up of people who didn't specifically audition for JP5, but people from previous auditions or those who were headhunted from previous vtuber jobs.

So if Kiara was supposed to be part of JP5, she would've been headhunted before she auditioned for EN. Instead, she spent a month being depressed at home in Japan because she'd come to Japan to work and ended up being forced to isolate due to Covid. If she knew she was going to join Hololive, she would've been working on that instead of crying.

>> No.12613260

>Slight english accent
What the fuck are they on, and where can I get my hands on some?

>> No.12613590

That the girls are friends and get together well.

>> No.12613811

>Your oshi doesn't love you
always makes me laugh while typing, it's just so ridiculous and obviously wrong

>> No.12613840

So do you rely beleb that Aqua was sexually abused by her coworkers and was of them was not Matsuri? I don't even remember who suposedly tickled her

>> No.12613863

*One of them

>> No.12614259

> that mean Omega was Coco's manager not a rrat anymore and he ghosted Coco intentionally.

Anon...you make it worse.....

>> No.12614501

> Omega was not liar bastard but hi- possibility Coco's ex- manager who help her Reddit meme review.
> He is malicious and ghost to Coco until she decided graduate and claim all credit to himself.

Kek, you just change loserbait become to actually villiain here

>> No.12614638

>>Cover genuinely believed Kiara would be the most popular out of EN - her debut is stacked : musically and artistically talented - previously worked as an idol, can choreograph dance and sing - multilingual - design by fuckin huke - model rigging is the best
By that reasoning they expected Gura to be the worst since they gave her THE FUCKING RIGGER. She's an EOP with no idol experience, that was hired to do meme videos like on her old channel. The fact that she wowed everyone on her week 1 and catapulted herself to #1 despite the atrocius rigging was entirely and completely unexpected

>> No.12614815

Omegatranny = inas husband

>> No.12614847
File: 679 KB, 1876x1832, yagoo's home for broken girls.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

pic related is my favorite.
>burning money in beyblade tournaments
gets me every time. fucking yakuza, man. is there anything they haven't gotten their claws into?

>> No.12615762

He said rrats, not facts.

>> No.12616026
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>Got a C&D from Cover after advertising himself as Kaoru in a beybalde tourney after gradution
No fucking way

>> No.12616313

>Omega being this based
yeah, that's a rrat alright

>> No.12616382
File: 61 KB, 594x719, 1612162659859.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mori shit and farted while streaming and the audio of the shitting and farting was captured by her microphone and heard by all attendees of her stream.

>> No.12616487

Why? did gura get breast implants? Otherwise mumei will always be bigger

>> No.12616491

Not necessarily Coco's manager, but definitely someone working with the expansion into english speaking territories.

My rrat is that Omega is not only Enma, but also the other person who was a named reddit mod on the Hololive account. There's T-Chan, who signs her posts a lot, but there was also a man named.

>> No.12616558

Shows that personality trumps all. Some of the bigges twitch streamers have the most god awful audio setups known to man, yet are still pulling huge numbers.

>> No.12616562

i saw a rrat about irys being mormon, and i feel like there's truth to it

>> No.12616576

Do you seriously believe a boyfriend would allow Ollie to shamelessly whore herself put to Connor, rpr and other male ecelebs?

She might've touched herself, but unless Ollie has the cuckiest cuck who has ever been cucked, she's single.

Not a virgin. That pussy knows lots of cock.

But single.

>> No.12616622

There are several Beyblade channels on youtube that I would classify as "shockingly popular"

>> No.12616637

Why? Is it because she doesn't swear, almost dropped the hard r, and drinks soda?

>> No.12616671

1/20 in the place she grew up are mormons

>> No.12616843

That's kinda weak evidence desu
but thats why it's a rrat

>> No.12616866

IRys is Avril Lavign from conspiracy thread. The fooccckk Ahhhhh my side hurts.

>> No.12616908
File: 440 KB, 1920x1808, rrats [sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2Fkbdn2p.flac].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yagoo's name backwards

>> No.12617211

Don't forget that her family has connections to Japanese shogun families.
>tfw ojou-sama with family line from merchants of the east india company
It's actually really scary that she is

>> No.12617244

If we are being serious, Reine is not from a royal family. But, her parents are rich. Like 1% rich. This is why doxxfag fears her, because Indonesia has this silly law where with enough money, you can send someone into jail for blasphemy or defamation.

>> No.12617285

oh no someone got to ano

>> No.12617507

Ironmouse is a hag!

>> No.12617511

>Ame ruined the lore
who gives a shit about the lore

>> No.12617609

Kronii *isn't* autistic.

>> No.12617711

Omega did. And he saw how Ame powerscaled her self up and ruined his 'setup' and the fact that it got adapted by the fandom got to him. In retaliation, he made the Council powerlevels overblown so the talents can't top it. Then he put himself on top the pyramid for good measure.

>> No.12617901

that's part of it. i have a bunch of extended family who are mormons and she gives me the same vibes. it's like that stuff and the chipperness or the way she talks or something.
mormons and their weird horniness is a part of it too.

that's just more food for the rrat .

>> No.12618068

If Mumei is Lex Luthor, Chammers is the actual joker. Her schizo arc is just her setting up a "it was all part of my kayfabe"/insanity defence for when Yagoo and co wise up to the fact she's been carefully orchestrating their downfall from the start.

It's also practice for when she gets to destroy the last Holo left; herself.

>> No.12621502

ame will not be cuter then usual today

>> No.12622016

There is a 0% chance that any of the ID girls aren't rich.

>> No.12622096

If she grew up mormon, she's probably left since. She talked about alchohol in the Jump King collabs, right? And Japan is too far away from any temples.

>> No.12622141

Male from Zentreya duo impregnated snuffy > hence all the puking and shit > female Zen had a mental breakdown , grandma couldn't handle the couple split and died.

>> No.12622215

If there are mormons in Korea then there's mormons in Japan unfortunately

>> No.12622482

Irys grew up in Japan?

>> No.12623190

Kanata is secretly a man

>> No.12623496

Current Mormon here, there's actually temples in Fukuoka, Sapporo, and Tokyo.

But yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if she grew up and left. It seems like I've met a lot of exmos online but it's especially common among girls online.

>> No.12623770

lol you're mormon

>> No.12623926

Wtf I love Omega now

>> No.12624037

>>Omegatroon blocked HoloEN from collabing with Coco until she announced her departure so as to protect Ina's roommate's professional career with bugmen companies.
fucking ina

>> No.12624711

americans faking the moon landing and somehow convincing the british, the french and the fucking soviets to go along with it

>> No.12626082

Top kek

>> No.12626151

I cri evrytiem

>> No.12626320

I haven't heard that name in so long. I remember dropping her a million years ago because she was going out with some gook.

>> No.12626773

The hololive girls actually hate their fans and only view them as numbers and ATMs.

>> No.12626789

This one's real tho

>> No.12626841


>> No.12626884

If they didn't, we would all be bugmen. Be grateful Anon.

>> No.12626908

Does anyone remember that rrat of Marine being a potential pedo? Could have sworn there was a clip where she picked up her boss’ kids and ended up checking them out.

>> No.12627011

Yubigate was actually her bro fingering her

>> No.12627109

Not a rrat.

>> No.12627137


>> No.12629463

Pekora being Roberu's former gyaru sister

>> No.12630006

Cover ghosting Coco

>> No.12630578


>> No.12630675


>> No.12630705
File: 904 KB, 220x220, 1633409258691-v.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12631477

They don't hate all of them, just the ones /here/ and are probably laughing at us right now on their private discord

>> No.12631495
File: 1.04 MB, 2892x4096, 1a6d94920de358a207d8b097d47f67c66e862d3da97861a3e28ee44670c2492b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Something about Kiara hiring a prostitute who looked like Callie because she was feeling bad after a collab, I don't even know how do you guys come with shit like this.

>> No.12632075

Not just that, but hiring a hooker just to eat her out and cry on her lap is the funny part

>> No.12632103

Something tells me Gura and Ame will likely pursue more professional careers like voice acting (due to roomate reps having them both doing amateur work) rather than going back to being the memey streamers... It gets old once you get close to the age of 30

>> No.12632240

I'll have you know that he's a British gentleman who once worked at the BBC.

>> No.12632287

>same party where gura sleep with the guy that was engaged to be married, but that's another story

>> No.12632352

I heard that one crazy anon thought that the vtuber's persona eventually gets tainted by their roommate's real personality. eventually the person genuinely thinks that the avatar is themselves in 2D form.

>> No.12632408

source: dude trust me

>> No.12632424

That’s another story

>> No.12632783

>Shipping no longer allowed

>> No.12633123

I got some fresh rrats for you sick fucks
>irys is an exmormon after family found out about her love for women. Her family still loves her and finances her but had to "exile" her because they were up there
>reine is a notorious womanizer, spending thousands flying in the hottest women daily. Only reason why she's so fucking horny is that the indonesian government cut a deal with her family, saying they'll throw her from a high rise building if she kept wasting family money on that shit.
>korone has multiple children, including one she had while in high school. when that child entered highschool, she fell head over heels over a girl that was in her child's main club. Korone groomed her into okayu in an extended lesbian relationship
>kiara's "friend" is actually her German girlfriend, who hooked up after bonding over the same language and interests. Only reason why this relationship is in the dark is that this german girl is Naniheichou, forsen's exGF. They cut a deal because if everyone found out that a lesbian chicken cucked forsen and inducted nina into the champion's club, forsen's fanbase would shit up both fanbases forever. Not only would forsen be unable to live it down, but his fans would just spam shit like "GIVE HER BACK Sadge" when kiara/her roommate streams. That's also why nina quit streaming and quit showing up in forsen's streams. Forsen occasionally plays clips of peppah in the background to seal the illusion
>hololive is an actual lesbian deathcult. their first sacrifice will be omegaalpha; they will chant "YWNBAW" as they cut off the troon's dick and execute him. Hololive explodes in popularity after this.

>> No.12633289

I don't know what's the biggest bullshit in this rrat, J-chad being a woman or Omegatranny being competent.

>> No.12633320

I believe all of this.

>> No.12633444

Thank you

>> No.12633538

Sana needing to say her dog died to coverup and see "The doctor"

>> No.12634652
File: 153 KB, 670x247, peko peko peko[sound=files.catbox.moe%2Fdil1nc.mp4].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12634804

someone said that vshojo was entertaining once, I forgot where I saw it

>> No.12635077
File: 366 KB, 463x453, 1633276316573.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The fuck? Absolutely retarded rrat. I bet they probably said the same thing about nijis.

>> No.12635456

i can't believe people still dont know about the miscarriage

>> No.12637823

No it isn't, because it never existed in the first place.

>> No.12637931

None of the vtubers are neither anime girls or actual human women, they're eldritch entities from another dimension researching human behavior. All the roomate knowledge is a memetic effect to make us think they've existed before their debuts and letting them blend in until the day comes.

I don't have much time left, they're coming for me... I can hear my "oshi" trying to brainwash me again, wake up bros

>> No.12639704

>It gets old once you get close to the age of 30
More like 18.

>> No.12639808

all of them

>> No.12644925

>>Gura is a NEET who struggled with doing actual work for once, which is why she cried at the 6month anniversary, and with the support of the girls, she helped strongarm COVER into making their contracts more flexible, and thats why shes so happy now
>>Kiara is actually lesbian
>>Calli would've turned lesbian for Kiara, if Kiara just acted normal
these are all surprisingly believable.

>> No.12645012

>dude what if i could time travel lmao
And everyone LOVED IT!

>> No.12645112

>Doubtful. She's been pretty "agressively hetero" in her past life.
sexual preference is an illusion.
Evolutionary pressures have a slight impact, but mother nature prefers the shotgun approach over the guided missile approach - as it is more energy efficient.
At the core, you are pansexual, your friends are pansexual, everyone is pansexual.

>> No.12645161

What the fuck is a pansexual? No, I want to fuck a pussy, not a hairy man's asshole. Sorry there's something wrong with you.

>> No.12645243

Nothing of what you said explains what happened in that stream

>> No.12645492

Holy shit

>> No.12646262

you can't deny it.
the legos of the physical body work most efficiently hetero, but the heart can take any shape arbitrarily.

>> No.12646308

No, you're mentally ill.

>> No.12646447

They all feel the same on the inside ;)

>> No.12646882

You have sex with frying pans

>> No.12646974


>> No.12651776

But I thought I was Pomu?

>> No.12654571


>> No.12655838

All rrats are simultaneously true.

>> No.12655887

Bro he's 6 foot 5 I bet he fucks like a warrior.

>> No.12655976

Oh dear god. I hope that's an edit.

>> No.12656687

Thise two rrats still get posted from time to time, i really should write a third part, people seem to like them.

>> No.12656704

in the last Back 4 blood stream she found a M1911
>oh great, a .45, im keeping it
like 30 seconds later
>The weapon of my people
It can not be more obvious

>> No.12656732

It is not. She said something like "I can't read this one but thank you for the superchat"

>> No.12656794

Not only does yoir statement contradict itself, it also makes no sense even in it's own context.

>> No.12656821

Forsens been married to Nani since 2015 though.

>> No.12656844

Deez nuts hahah

>> No.12657012

Irys is bulimic and borderline anorexic. Bradycardia despite consuming massive amounts of sugary drinks. Explains the root canals and constant doctors visits both from the sugar and binging/purging, her incredibly fragile bones that dislocate themselves prior to her surgery and the reason why she gets along so well with Mori.

>> No.12657160

That's the best evidence I've heard so far

>> No.12657272

>the reason why she gets along so well with Mori.

nah, it's because they're both ex-mormons

>> No.12657329
File: 33 KB, 465x573, 20211102_045831.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I belib

>> No.12657377

Someone post the Suisei Romanov pasta.

>> No.12657487

The most ridiculous rat once upon a time for me was that Ina was the core of EN1 and perhaps even its manager. She managed a farm pool called 'atelier' with her FF brethren and basically ruled the roost. AO was her righty hand and ruled over the kingdom with her. Really ridiculous stuff.

Then EN2 happened.

>> No.12657559

whats the story about the hard r? not burger i know nothing about mormons in burgerland

>> No.12657582


>> No.12657745
File: 32 KB, 1019x485, 1605068395524.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Forgot the image

>> No.12658269

>ITT: Most ridiculous rrat you've ever read
Moro mixed the Cliver club for /yah/

>> No.12658385


>> No.12658828
File: 49 KB, 444x597, wecan'texpectgodtodoallthework.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12659135
File: 9 KB, 246x250, 1630728807776.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is why EN is fucked now:
>When Gura met Ame, Gura instantly gained a dependency on Ame due to her depression.
>Ame being the saviorfag that she is, gladly did this as her aunt died and she needed someone to fill that void in her heart.
>They did not fuck on multiple occasions.
>Gura and Ame eventually met this Korean Canadian (Ina) over Twitch as she was a long time sub to senzawa and was often active in their discord server.
>They became fast friends.
>They did not fuck on multiple occasions.
>One day Ina told Ame about how she found this "3d Anime VR chat" type job and that they should apply together.
>Ame agreed as Gura already applied due to knowing it from her mom.
>They did not fuck on multiple occasions.
>There were many great candidates, but due to Ina's connections to an International Korean microchip company that offshores work to Taiwan, she was able to exert enough influence to get some of her friends in, this time being Ame and Gura.
>When the three met Kiara and Mori, they could tell that there was some shit between.
>When they met each other, they instantly distanced themselves from Kiara and took Mori's side.
>Kiara was so pissed at this that she demanded that management force Mori into doing the Takamori bit.
>Mori didn't want to do it but had her hands tied so she did it and played it off as a joke.
>They did not fuck on multiple occasions.
>This is why Takamori felt so forced. Kiara wanted to force Mori back into being her friend due to convience for their job.
>This worked and once Takamori was no longer needed, Kiara ended it because she had successfully got Mori back on her side.
>Gura being smarter than she looks saw this from the beginning and her opinion of Kiara fell even farther.
>Gura made sure that Kiara knew there was a distance between the two of them and that Kiara know that Gura was superiour.
>This worked well for a time and Gura became more and more isolated from the group as her ego inclined with her sub count.
>Ame, knowing that Gura didn't need her anymore started her destructive lifestyle of going hard even when she burns out and thus, becoming a bitch every half a month with her planning of projects only making it worse.
>They did not fuck on multiple occasions.
>Ina, seeing her two friends become completly different decided that even though she still considered them friends, she needed new people she knew to work with.
>She leveraged more of her power and successfully got OMEGA to create EN2.
>Ina then encouraged her friends to join, those being Bae, Sana, and Kronii.
>They did not fuck on multiple occasions.
>She watched the interviews closely and made sure to give her feedback to staff as to who she thought was the best fit for EN2.
>After succeeding in all her plans, Ina somewhat distanced herself from Ame and Gura in favour for her other friends.
>This did not help Ame with her mental state and Gura grew even more bitter.
>They did not fuck on multiple occasions.
>Gura started getting tired of working and her motivation waned as she saw her numbers stagnate, Ame is catching on to this and is trying to make Gura dependant on her again.

This is how EN got where it is now. Things have gotten somewhat better as things have cooled down and Gura's ego has died down a bit.

>> No.12659244

Ruru my dear ruru

>> No.12659968


>> No.12660133 [DELETED] 

Yagoo's daughter was rorochan_1999.

>> No.12660197

Yagoo's daughter rorochan_1999.

>> No.12660281

how did ina know bae? wasnt it ollie who scouted her?

>> No.12660963

Craziest theory I ever heard was that there's someone who posts here who isn't a schizo.

>> No.12661188

Will haachama really be the one to do the final yab and destroy hololive?

>> No.12661291


>> No.12662020

>they did not fuck in multiple occasions.
I dont believe it

>> No.12662021
File: 2.84 MB, 2572x2572, Flare Shiranui_Flare_-_Portrait_02.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Flare is racist, or at the very least very conscious of being perceived as having dark skin.
>Her initial avatar has dark skin
>She swaps to a new one and never mentions her old avatar
>Fans keep asking her why she won't go back
>There's a clip of her talking about how she just doesn't like it for "personal reasons" (despite the fact that it is almost identical to her new avatar, the default versions both wear the same outfit)
>All footage of her old avatar seems to have been scrubbed from the internet
>She gets upset when people call her a "dark elf" or "brown elf". She always corrects them and says she is simply an "elf"
>She is Japanese and Japanese people have a beauty standard where they hold pale skin on a pedestal
I don't have enough evidence to make a rock-solid case, but the pieces are there.
Flare is a racist and wants people to think she has light skin.

>> No.12662065
File: 155 KB, 512x512, 1635838419209.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Who the fuck comes up with this shit

>> No.12662096
File: 1.17 MB, 1308x671, anonisfullofshit.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>All footage of her old avatar seems to have been scrubbed from the internet
What the fuck are you on about

>> No.12662140

Didn't she have an even older avatar?

>> No.12662147

I was just about to post that LMAO. This guy is on something

>> No.12662150

he had to put something in there that was ridiculous or it wouldnt fit the thread.

>> No.12662188

This is literally on record tho?

>> No.12662222

some anon said his oshi cares about her fans

>> No.12662239

she was in japan at that time

>> No.12662241

Gura not cheating

>> No.12662380

Doesn't work. She is racist, but skin tone has changed that much between outfits. The reason she won't ever use the original one is because of paizuri window, lizard face, terrible rigging.

He probably want to mislead people with the permission arc.

>> No.12662459
File: 337 KB, 525x525, 1626281160450.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ina controls HoloEN from the shadows, has OmegaAlpha by the balls, was respinsible for Coco and Haachama getting ghosted and collab banned, and personally chose half of Council.

>> No.12662525

This isn't even a rrat. This is just the ravings of a schizo.

>> No.12662551

At some point, they're one and the same, only a rrat has spread from beyond the mad ravings of just one schizo and has begun to take root in the minds of others...

>> No.12664397

She controls all of Hololive. She has connections in both US and Japanese governments. She's also responsible for the creation of vtubing, it's all part of her keikaku. She's hiding her power level but you'll see the truth soon.

>> No.12664791


>> No.12665120

Basically saying Nigger with the hard R is really bad due old racial grudges. Saying Nigga is not seen in the same light and is not going to get you shut down on the spot.

>> No.12665121

What are the pros and cons of being a mormon, if i get to fuck chicks like those two maybe i should become one, making over 100k a year i should be able to afford it.

>> No.12665127
File: 515 KB, 2500x2500, 1634658346573.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mori was the mixer for a /yah/ sings project. >>11624571

>> No.12665142


>> No.12665198

Pros: you're basically guaranteed a wife
Cons: you go to Hell
Also there's no way Mori was a mormon

>> No.12665318

I can't believe that fat hooknose fuck H3H3 have actually read this one on stream, well not loudly but it showed up on his screen during Code Miko interview (they asked her about Vtubers and she didn't have anything to say).

>> No.12665411

lol it's not like twitch whores don't have secret boyfriends although she might've break up with him somewhere around that menhera 10 day break.
There is a weirder rrat about Moona having a husband though, I don't see this one discussed nearly as much, perhaps because it can get you banned way easier as it ventures into the roommate teritory.

>> No.12665462

Doesn't Moona lives with her parents? And have lots of money for an Indonesian? If she were married she would move out of there I would guess.

>> No.12665487

Anon, not like this...

>> No.12665605

I've seen something like that happen between irl friends (male) well perhaps not with rape but sexual advances that were denied resulting in a breakup of whole relationship, actually it happened to me in school.

>> No.12665614

Mori had Ina sing the "in the graveyard we will be" bit of Myth or Treat because she hates her guts and wants her to off herself.

>> No.12665690

ESL bro...

>> No.12665743

Most ridiculous one?
That /vt/'s shitposting lead Mori to attend to attend the sports festival.

>> No.12665906
File: 1.17 MB, 629x809, 1635976836766.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The cancelling of Connor is being perpetrated by the EN talents themselves minus Mori. They want to antagonize Connor by riling up Goslings, through proxies, to rise up and hopefully Connor takes the bait and talks shit about Hololive, giving them an absolute reason to blacklist his ass. And it's not the first time. Does Vei ring a bell? The ringleader is Ame, she's behind all of this.

>> No.12666032

But that manlet has already talked shit about vtubing in general as well as hololive. Blame the zombie

>> No.12666180

>Doubtful. She's been pretty "agressively hetero" in her past life.

she expressed heterosexual attration but I wouldn't exactly call it agressive, both Calli and Kiara seem to have issues with sexuality, didn't Calli said she considered herself "unfuckable" or something?

Adding to the rrats:
>Gura is lesbian

I base it mostly on a comment from Kiara when she was talking about what she learned about other Myth members and for Gura it was something surprising she can't talk about.

>> No.12666231

>voice acting

she can hardly talk

>> No.12666256

at least she wouldn't pay much for that

>> No.12666571

Enma is a manager (wasn't she doxxed?) while it's pretty much common knowledge that "omega" is the producer, he's introduced as such in the interview and there are other hints. People seem to confuse managers with the management all the time.

>> No.12666967

Za zombie.

>> No.12666999

Why cant they just go with their normal voices is beyond me. The chances of them being found out irl is extremely low.

>> No.12667955

>surprising she can't talk about
All myth, except Mori, has been lezzing out on stream since the beginning. I dont see how Kiara saying something like "Gura is into girls" would cause any kind of controversy.

>> No.12668493

Last spoiler made me laugh

>> No.12668793
File: 30 KB, 518x288, 1603381787123.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yagoo plans to eventually pivot into politics and all his vtubers will be contractually obligated to groom their japanese fanbase to vote for his far right political party - Hololive.

>> No.12668920

Kiara owns a gun

>> No.12669121

That's a fact tho

>> No.12669366

How would she know guras sexual orientation

>> No.12669454

Skin tone isn’t a race

>> No.12669549

My lack of meds has given me clarity of rrat, if you do not understand my emissions then I suggest you stop taking yours.

Also if you microwave semen you can dry it into a powder which you can snort with cocaine so that you can steal temporal truths from your future offspring.

>> No.12669553

she didn't even know that different guns take different ammunition in the ttrpg

i'm pretty sure she followed that up with like "kiara (me) knows nothing about guns but Tiara would know. "

>> No.12669617

Kiara is a gun

>> No.12669671

Kiara created KFP because she knows how much the japs love KFC and Americans love fast food.

>> No.12669817

dont, its not worth it

>> No.12670081

The only reason yubigate got so much attention was because it felt good to bully zomrades for a few months.
It's basically just he who will not be named except instead of Gura it's Ollie.

>> No.12670103

Begone from here, you witch of the weirding ways.

>> No.12670233

Big if true
My Captcha was H8 GOD is this what happens when we flush our meds?

>> No.12670316

This. They should also drop the idol act and just use their real faces, what's the point of hiding behind an avatar?

>> No.12670404

But the Gura thing was a nothingburger

>> No.12672922

OP isn't a faggot

>> No.12673073

I need someone with audio software to enhance the last minute and a half of this stream, enhance the "silent" moments in between her speaking.
>heartbeat rate increasing to the 130s
>"i tried to run to raise my heartbeat rate"
I call bullshit.
Her mic is so good it must have caught something.
Post your findings here.

>> No.12673225

Why is Matsuri like this.

>> No.12673267

This is just to the very end.

>> No.12673891

this is believable because of the fact that one of the council members happens to be her irl friend, as well as her personal mod "AO-chan" suddenly disappearing and Omega alpha comes outta nowhere, with a very similar writing style

>> No.12674243

I am Kronii and I am here

>> No.12674993

I am Mumei

>> No.12675124

I thought soda wasn’t allowed for Mormons?

>> No.12675184
File: 301 KB, 1282x2239, Revocs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it's real

>> No.12675234
File: 11 KB, 501x504, merchant.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>ITT: Most ridiculous rrat you've ever read
The Jews secretly control the entire world and universally work to oppress and leech off the productivity of the "goyim."

>> No.12675313

Only caffeinated ones

>> No.12675477

She moved back because her dad got sick. That said, Holodorm was a thing and I doubt they would live together if any of them were hitched.

>> No.12675598

Mormons can't drink "hot" caffeine which includes coffee but can drink "cold" caffeine which includes soda. There used to be a complete caffeine ban but that was changed in the 70s.

>> No.12675629
File: 43 KB, 227x222, 1617268330252.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

/vt/ would make it past qualifiers in Divegrass

>> No.12676297

there are 4 korone voice actors because the people who play korone keep getting fired.
korone doesnt actually work at a bakery.

>> No.12676509

all of them are single mothers, none of whom have ever worked at a bakery

>> No.12681147

Miko and her closest obsession with feminism and yuri is the reason Hololive doesn't collab with Holostars. That rrat still bothers me to this day.

>> No.12681306

which one is Okayu's mom

>> No.12681362

goddamn, I'm no gun expert and didn't know the inventor of the 1911 was mormon

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