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Is this trying to say Mori is the least submissive and breedable? It's the exact opposite.

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>not breedable
>not submissive
What sort of limp-dicked tranny are you?

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whoops obviously meant for

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I'm confused

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irys may not be submissive, but you're making a big mistake putting them in top right

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i don't understand

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rat isn't even my oshi anymore but she's perfectly breedable

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learn how to make graphs please

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Why is there a random Roa-chan on the top right? I mean, yeah she's peak cute but why?

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there are two basically ways to read this graph

>> No.12570688

Both are wrong.

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Usually graphs like this have arrows to indicate what the quadrants mean, but these arrows would suggest that the bottom right quadrant is submissive but unbreedable which makes no sense since Ame is there. I'm therefore led to assume that the arrows are pointing in the opposite direction of where they usually point in these graphs, as that would indicate Ame is not submissive but very breedable, and this is true.

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>Not breedable

Faggot taste. >>12569401

>> No.12570812

Clearly the OP hasn't been watching streams.

>> No.12570862

Remake the graph

>> No.12570962

shit tier graph, all of them belong in the bottom left.

>> No.12570988

holy fuck why does indo sound kinda hot when Risu is talking?

>> No.12571384

So you just randomly placed everyone to get (you)s and make people seethe? What a concept!

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How comes gura isn't breedable ?

>> No.12571579

too small and frail, she'd die in childbirth

>> No.12571634

That's Ayunda she occasionally lets her out when she's trying to seduce or when she's singing.

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>Kronii that low
Kronii is literally built for those role reversal femdom doujins where the girl gets turned into a mind-broken slobbering mess at the end.

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I fixed it

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>IRyS not breedable

>> No.12590135

do you know how axes work retard

>> No.12590258

retarded post

>> No.12591851

They're axes? The OP image looks like it displays four quadrants of submissive-not submissive/breedable-not breedable.

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>mumei isnt submissive

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I cleared up what the graph was trying to say (less than an attosecond in mspaint)

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I can’t tell if this is by increasing submissiveness/breedability or a quadrant chart but either way it’s wrong
if the former
>irys submissive
>mori not breedable
>bae not breedable
>kronii dominant
>kiara full submissive
if the latter
>kronii dominant
>irys not breedable
>bae not breedable

>> No.12603554

It’s stupid. Why’d you make it?

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