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What the fuck happened?

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All gimmick no content.

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I'm going to guess that article is from Polygon. They've never been right about anything.

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Yup, I don't watch her, but she's probably in a comfy spot.

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don't know who don't care

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The only thing keeping her relevant was collabing with popular twitch streamers.

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literally who

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shitty personality

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americanized asian whore with no content aside from some uncanny valley 3D shit

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She's a bitch and it was deserved

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JESUS FUCK the body language of her. It being realistic 3D makes it even worse

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Tldw spoonfeed me

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I don't see anything here. It only makes the dude look insufferable.

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>Top 0.02% of Twitch
She's doing fine.

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the normies can have this one

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guy makes obvious jokes on stream, codem*ko is offended

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vocal fry jesus christ

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nitwits who dont understand this medium still think you can get viewers or shatter the mold with technology or gimmicks, as a substitute for personality

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>boring content
>is a whore
>only leeches off others by trying to interview them all the time
>no original content of their own

At least the tecnology is good, hope other vtubers get to use a more streamlined and affordable version of the tech in the future.

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She isn't the future of streaming.

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>The future
>still mogged by Amouranth
>loses to this

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As much as i wanna say it's Miko being a bitch, it really is this dude backpedalling his requests of being raided by Miko and getting coffee with "the technician" with "Lol i was just joking bro".

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>t. mikofans

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Hell yeah I am. Stop being butthurt for twitch streamers.

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>"the technician"
If I'm not mistaken, that's what she calls what we would usually call her roommate, right?

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Too much fleshtubing, goes weeks without actually using her model

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Didn't she have some minor jealousy spergout over some other girl the other year?
I want to say Melody, but I may well be wrong.

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everyone finally sees how much of a fucking bitch she is

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uncanny valley freaks out people
she's hitting it regularly now

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>goes weeks without actually using her model
I'd rather watch some low quality indie anime avatar than high budget uncanny valley crap codemiko has going on.

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all that tech wasted on a bad streamer

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You can literally google her earnings on twitch. She's doing fine

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Got the tech but the personality of a cardboard box.

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Still working fine though

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Sounds like he was joking desu, he was right they were in front of an audience.

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forgot this bitch existed

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Miko is still going strong. What are you on about? Just got 70k today.

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was always just a bad gimmick

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Uncanny valley creepy model. Would be way better if she just had a normal anime model.

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>future of anything
>Nathan Grayson

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>top 0.02% of twitch

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>that body language
Yeah that's all I need to know.

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people discovered vtubers with talent

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Her humor was shit, simple as that. I tried watching her multiple times and her forced jokes are just bad. She is the perfect example of someone that doesnt offer absolutely anything. The first month The most famous ecelebs and faces of esports were lining up to appear in her channel. Now nobody gives a fuck about her.

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I saw clips appear on my feed, it was all dramatubers so I imagine she is a clip show.

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People don't want uncanny valley "realistic" vtubers. They want cute anime girls being silly or at least some actually creative and cool gimmick.

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She used to be a Twitch cleavage streamer and did a few nudes before going virtual. It's not a coincidence that her personality is pretty flat.

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She was just a gimmick with good tech, but no good personality as a substance to back that up.

Holo, Niji and other smaller agencies have much more interesting personalities.

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everybody please refrain to calling her simply as Miko in this thread. That one is CodeMiko, with no Elite qualities.

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