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Why does she suck qt hunting?

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She takes a lot of time to hunt in monster hunter

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Has there been an influx of ESL lately?

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Since when was "qt hunting" a monhun expression?

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>takes 42 minutes
>still fails the quest
>calls monter cute
>blows it's face

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It's a typo bruh

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kusothread but goddamn i need to breed this slampig so bad

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You're kuso
You freaks

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Please be patient OP she's not the sharpest knife in the kitchen.

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Her reaction speed is so slow why'd she choose the fucking gunlance

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she's dumb

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She's really dumb but that makes her S tier breeding material.

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Holy shet she's getting better a bit

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This is taking too long

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this board has always been majority SEAdog discordfags and burger redditors

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Ohh she's hunting bazel next it should be easy

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Why are amerisharts like this

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It is not good to abuse the mentally disable anons

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you tards should have at least showed the typo..
> *at hunting
qt can stand for a lot of things

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All these hunts and she's still nor used the clutch claw, come on

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She's so retarded, she has no sense of direction, she barely memorizes their moves , she's using a weapon she's bad at and would rather fast travel to a camp even though both camps were a few steps away from her She's the perfect retard

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Why doe she find them cute?!

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Looks like she needs to get carried

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>Only takes 3 minutes to finish a hunt with a group
Holy @%#*

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basel is cute

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Literally the fugliest monster in the game alongside the wheels

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Stop hunting Naru

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Use another weapon, learn how to time your dodging please I beg you

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Why doesn't she pay attention to her stamina or surroundings? Come on she went on many hunts, she should have improved a lot by now

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I don't believe she's as dumb as she plays it up, but she also incessantly keeps playing that character, so I'm not sure what to believe

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Poor Angy's asshole

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I like to imagine that this is actually the real Pekora posting

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Fuck gunlance

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But she's dangerously fertile

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Fucking gunlance, never satching a gameplay of it ever again unless it's hima

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