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ccv + sc



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Me when OP's mom

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Here it goes
>81,607: Miko (Hololive)
>45,785: Pekora (Hololive)
>43,442: Miko (Hololive)
>27,328: Kuzuha (Bijisanji)
>26,578: Baelz (Hololive)
>26,031: Aqua (Hololive)
>23,899: Fubuki (Hololive)
>23,882: IRyS (Hololive)
>16,721: Mio (Hololive)
>16,027: Watame (Hololive)
>14,119: Kanata (Hololive)
>13,005: Lize (Bijisanji)
>12,473: Bora Nun (Bijisanji)
>12,216: Lamy (Hololive)

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so some retard is freaking out about second channel youtube subs even though her twitch is bigger. Kys whoever you are

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Well after Youtube took 50k vod views off Pekora she's already back at 993k.

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Miss Subaru 31k

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Her TikTok is even BEEGGER

Yeah, Fuck TikToK

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Nijisanji: 14
Hololive: 0

It is a goid day for Nijisanji.

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nijisanji havent had such a beautiful winning streak in a while. holobronies must be seething

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Actually Nijisanji:15. Anon missed Subaru.

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Here it goes
>81,607: Miko (Hololive)
>45,785: Pekora (Hololive)
>43,442: Miko (Hololive)
>31,506: Subaru (Hololive)
>27,328: Kuzuha (Nijisanji)
>26,578: Baelz (Hololive)
>26,031: Aqua (Hololive)
>23,899: Fubuki (Hololive)
>23,882: IRyS (Hololive)
>16,721: Mio (Hololive)
>16,027: Watame (Hololive)
>14,119: Kanata (Hololive)
>13,005: Lize (Nijisanji)
>12,473: Bora Nun (Nijisanji)
>12,216: Lamy (Hololive)

>you say nothing!

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King saving nijisanji from a complete top 10 blow out once again.

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12-3 Hololive-Nijisanji. Not unexpected, and if not for Kuzuha coming clutch in with tourney practice, would have been a clean sweep of the top 10 for Hololive.

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I just woke up.
> 2020 numbers
This was when views were be counted multiple times across multiple channels even if the tabs were muted. It makes sense that the secondary POVs were getting higher numbers than today.

> If that's the case, then secondary POVs should get similar peak numbers as last year!
People, who know how to do multi-tab, tend to install an ad-blocker and/or other add-ons/extensions that will label them as spam views. Watch your oshi from your phone or smart TV if you want to support them with your view.

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w-where is Hal? im pretty sure he was playing apesex

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PUGB for some reason.

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He didn't even hit 10k today...

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I do wonder, if you have adblock but also YT premium, would you count?
Someone needs to find an empty channel that's streaming to check.

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This Haachama 3 points clutch, plus RatGirl big steal are the highlights of the Sports Festival, at least with regards to clips and comments

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What a day for Migo. She gets two out of the top 3 spots. The sports fest that she helped organize was a massive success. Then she became only the 13th chuuba ever to join the millionaire superchat club. She fucking deserves it. What a story.

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Pekora vod finally back to 1M after getting cut to 950k; dont have numbers for the others

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Bae : 634k
IRyS : 613K
Aqua : 595k
Fubuki : 593k
Subaru : 655k
As of 11:11am PST/2:11pm EDT

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>sample size: under 100
Might as well ask the tea leaves

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it says 23th oct surely there are more answers now

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Garbage sized data-set.

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anti-nyanners faction seething hard rn

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Last calls on predictions for the Mario Party collab? I'm low balling it on account of Kiara Debuff field on Debuff channel, 22k.

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25k, tops

>> No.12627315

Too early for the eastern hemisphere to catch the stream. But Gura, Ame and Mumei combined can bring at least 20k. The question is how much Kiara will debuff this.

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>hey numbers thread
I've heard you guys are good with numbers, can you solve this simple riddle?

First to answer gets a date with his oshi
>gets the answer wrong and his oshi streams less often than Ayame from now on

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>hey numbers thread
I've heard you guys are good with numbers, can you solve this simple riddle?

First to answer gets a date with his oshi
>gets the answer wrong and his oshi streams less often than Ayame from now on

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That simplifies to a^4+b^4 = c^4, and equations of the form a^n+b^n = c^n, where n is a positive integer larger than 2, have no positive integer solutions for a, b and c as proven by Wiles. See https://www.ams.org/publications/journals/notices/201703/rnoti-p209.pdf for an shortened non-expert accessible version of the proof.

Please tell Rushia I am available next Friday.

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Not possible iirc. (Correct me if I am wrong).

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In terms of 4chan popularity, nijisanji threads are about 1/3 the speed of hololive threads. That's not bad, it's a big improvement. In terms of vod views, they are about 1/5 a typical hololive stream. But in terms of live viewers they are still about 1/10 of a typical hololive stream.

It basically means that they're gaining lots of awareness, but they are still lower on priority list for live viewing than other streamers.

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If you can't solve this you are absolute retard

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doesn't work you goob

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Amazing analysis. You should check your mail, you’ll probably get an invite to join some major company like Google or Apple.

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>vod views, they are about 1/5 a typical hololive stream
>while 1/10 for live
check your numbers before posting anon, the discrepancy between vod and live views should be your obvious hint.
it is 1 to 5,86 in raw vod; but nijiEN streams are longer (1.56x) so they got more time to collect proportionally more views in the live part. Real number would be 1 to 9.2 taking time into account.

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>Oh no no no Selenfags
What happened?

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give her 3 hours and kanae

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Kiara debuff is too strong

>> No.12629106

It's not apex

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20 mins, 4k waiting room
I'd say 20-30k is a fair take, depend on how much you want to shitpost

+Post sport fes
+Sat-Sun now


-Kiara and her bloody timezone

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sadly this collab won't reach it's full potential number because Nintendo server is dogshit and they'll disconnect mid game

>> No.12629539

Perfect for me :3

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you're probably right, every mario party collab this past week has suffered

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uh oh, 10k already on the waiting room. Eggs get the rope ready

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File: 192 KB, 1200x849, kiara debuf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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>N-Nina.... :-(

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I don't know why she thought it was a good idea to do a full watchalong of the entire jojo series as a fresh streamer given how watchalongs are a huge debuff for everyone

>> No.12632999

getting 20k off this would be decent.

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she wont

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She just did.

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ara ara

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You dare doubt the Gurame buff??

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Making fun of low watchalong numbers is dumb especially since we always give Ame a pass for meh medians due to her spamming watchalongs

>> No.12633985

oh no no no no

>> No.12633988

>since we always give Ame a pass
No, "we" don't. I make it a point to lament and dunk on Ame every single fucking time

>> No.12634348

Yeah, I also did talk trash on Mumei for having 3 watchalongs (she had 10.5k average peak but thanks to that her numbers fell to 9.5k)

>> No.12634807

If you were being genuine, Reimu within the same wave3, had lower for her own watchalong and it wasn’t a long running series. My assumption is that this is more about Nina. My opinion on Nina, is she is doing better than the rest of her wave. But you can obviously say the whole Wave3 is trash, and that is a more fair argument to make.
I think it’s more that even lower watchalongs are ignored, so it’s more of a selective bias. But yes, I get the point. Obviously a long running anime will get fewer and fewer views over time as people leave, while it’s hard to get new people because you have to start from the beginning.

As for Ame, personally I do give her a pass on watchalongs. It’s not really a way to judge her performance.

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C-mon now, man the fuck up

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>But you can obviously say the whole Wave3 is trash, and that is a more fair argument to make.
You said it, not me

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Well I think it’s a fair point to make. I mean, if we are comparing the numbers to Hololive.

>> No.12635806

Eh wave 3 is weak but reverse the debut order and they probably get better numbers than wave 1. Selen has Apex at least. I blame Niji strategy more than the talents on that one

>> No.12636063

>reverse the debut order and they probably get better numbers than wave 1
That’s probably true. But I was comparing them to Hololive.

>> No.12636175

I'm actually pretty surprised that Nina's watchalong numbers have been quite stable for such a long-running series. I guess there's a lot of diehard Jojo fans out there.

>> No.12636313

Yeah, some 300

>> No.12636422

There's a lot of people who make Jojo their entire personality.

>> No.12637373

This is the power of Hololive brand.
If it wasnt for hololive these girls wouldnt even have 1k live viewers right now. If you close your eyes for a moment you can feel the 2view energy. I can't help but bow to the Hololive brand name.

>> No.12637469

This Mario Party collab would put them just around top 20ish on twitch.

>> No.12637693

I mean you can look up their histories Ame and Gura could break 1k easily. Ina too I suspect just based on how rare her ability to draw quickly on stream is. Kiara would struggle unless she refocused on EN or JP

>> No.12637862

Anonchama, Ame was a 2 digit streamer.
Gura was a 3 digit streamer who streamed as much as Ayame.
Ina would just be another in the long list of drawers, I don't recall what her viewership was.

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Wrong thread.

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File: 526 KB, 1920x1080, kiara last.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here are the numbers to make this on topic.

I would genuinely STOP THE COUNT and ask for a recount

>> No.12639427

I think IRyS can get 10k on that horror game if there's no overlap. There's not much else to talk about.

>> No.12639767

It’s not Ame’s past life is a secret. She was most definitely not a two digit streamer. Gura was popular enough she could hit four figures if she put in the effort which is the biggest question. Ina is dramatically better at chatting and drawing quickly than pretty much any art streamer I’ve ever seen. If Froot can hit 3k I’m not sure why you think Ina couldn’t

>> No.12640312

IRyS seems due for a big incline. She has been collabing a ton, getting a ton of exposure. Everybody who interacts with her, both other Holos and fans, ends up being absolutely delighted. She now has numerous dedicated clippers who put out clips everyday to thousands of views. She has a ton of momentum.

>> No.12640477

Needs a new and better model to guarantee it.

>> No.12640641

Bora getting more views than the rest of her branch gets in a few months. Was there an Apex thing today?

>> No.12640705


New outfit.

>> No.12640761

>305k tweets
It's been a while, but looks like there's still people tweeting about it

>> No.12640795

Nijisanji threads or just the Niji EN thread and the Niji EN generals? Cuz the make and Japanese threads seem pretty dead.

>> No.12640882

>Eh wave 3 is weak but reverse the debut order and they probably get better numbers than wave 1
What makes you say this?

>> No.12640997

Regardless of what you think Ina *could* do the reality is she was streaming to like 12 people before and had no realistic way to get any exposure. Art streamers best way to get notability is to draw coomer shit and she doesn't even do that.

>> No.12641020


Where the fujoshis?

>> No.12641146

Oh, Marioparty collab peaked at 24k? Pretty good actually. Wonder if could hit even more if it was on another person channel

>> No.12641157 [DELETED] 

You know we have all the numbers right?
Ame was a 2 digit CCV streamer who finally started getting a bit more than 100 CCV right before HoloEN.

Gura has streamed a total of 84 hours of her time on Twitch over a year.

We even have Ina's numbers and she had better numbers than Ame, triple digits for a longer time at least.

>> No.12641239

She was a 2 digit streamer. Until she was 3 digits and inclining? The fuck are you even saying?

>> No.12641264

it focking slipped again

>> No.12641277

>she was streaming to like 12 people before and had no realistic way to get any exposure
We have Ina's old numbers and she was streaming to 2-digits when she was streaming FF14 in 2016-2017.
Since she started doing art streams, she was consistently triple digits, with a few 200 CCV streams.

>> No.12641281

Well yeah, of course. What kind of observation is that.

>> No.12641343

Maybe not as much as you'd think


>> No.12641360

It's called she was a 2-digit streamer for 3 years and started scraping 100-200 viewers in the last few months of her career.

>> No.12641478

No way to get exposure. Aside from regularly making art for popular gachas, Twitter, conventions where she’s a featured guest, etc. She had steady growth despite fairly limited hours. This entire discussion is moronic Gura actually broke 1k on her last stream Jesus

>> No.12641487

Rumao no
>Chumbuds do not watch collabs, the fact that this collab had higher numbers than most Gura's ones hosted on her channel say it
>Ame and Mumei would get the same numbers, Mumei probably a bit higher (like 2k more) but not much difference.

>> No.12641511

Mario Party is a much bigger buff game than a traditional Mario platformer.

>> No.12641559

It depends. Kronii will have a stream (GRIS) 30mins after IRyS starts. The nephilim might not have enough time to gather audience and Mori is having a members karaoke.

IRyS: 9k-10k
Kronii: 10k-12k

>> No.12641612

>>12641281 gets BTFO by this>>12641343
Dear eggs, EVERY NUMBERFAG knows collabs are a debuff for Gura.
So no, if this would had been hosted by Gura the numbers wouldn't be higher, in fact it may had been worse.

>> No.12641634

>Kronii: 10k-12k
Kronii hasn't performed that well with obscure puzzle games/ platformers.
Maybe if she wasn't overlapping with Irys, but feels like an 8k max kind of game.

>> No.12641659

The cope kek

>> No.12641719

you are dumb

>> No.12641723

It would have been higher on Gura's channel. TTRPG, despite most of Gura's fans not being particularly interested in it, still gets better numbers on her channels than the others. Literally anything will be higher if hosted on Gura's channel, at any time, that's just how much of a larger pool of potential watchers she has.

>> No.12641813

Mario Party is a more popular collab game no matter how many times you want to say cope

>> No.12641814

cmon cover release thy myth costume, keep the momentum. The ENs are in the 10k median view.

>> No.12641864

Waiting for thanksgiving for the holiday buff.

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File: 129 KB, 1215x471, 2021-11-07_06-32-31.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Almost the same number as the real Nina

>> No.12642217

Ignore them anon, these schizos aren't even making a logical point.
>Chumbuds don't watch collabs so somehow there'd be less viewers on Gura's channel instead of the same
If they don't watch collabs either way, how can there be *less*? The numbers won't change either way since the other fanbases are apparently big on watching a collab no matter what channel it is on.

>> No.12642265

gen 3 concert is on the 28th. next week is probably the best time to release it. hopefully it's a 5-day event. Pekora's new outfit will be on the 2nd week of December

>> No.12642376

Maybe 30k on Gura's channel, Mumei and Ame probably would get around 27-28k.

>> No.12642398

that would be smart actually.

>> No.12642476

How many clips generated from the Holo Minecraft sport festival?
Is there a way to track number of clips?

>> No.12642489

Yeah it passed 300k on my country too. Koshien only had 290k tweets kek. What a bad event.

>> No.12642764

>Is there a way to track number of clips?
Yes https://holodex.net/#clips
I stopped counting when it hit 100

>> No.12642986

>the last niji clip was 7 hours ago

>> No.12643500

MJ isn't black? Wtf

>> No.12643667

You can use the YT hashtags and search accordingly. Holodex doesn't track everything.

>> No.12643943

How much of 300k is chinese spam tho?

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File: 819 KB, 593x893, 31565.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In midget news, it looks like stars are also getting plushies.
Not from Don Quijote but it's something.

>> No.12644029

Enna is clearly inclining but nobody here cares about that so whatevs.

>> No.12644038

Some clips uses both JP and EN hashtags.

>> No.12644376


>> No.12644472

>Kiara: 15k
>Gura: 13k
>Ina scuffed session: 18k

>> No.12644553

I hope these will sell well

>> No.12644571

>Less than Mori's Mario Party with Coco

>> No.12644681

I'm waiting.

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File: 69 KB, 665x494, 48237476346346.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

so when is hololive going to get these numbers?

>> No.12644768

for more copium?

>> No.12644813

>New "Trinity" collab after months and first time EN plays Mario Party
>Gooruh first collab with top JP holos
Might as well say Uno is also a buff game
Coco's graduation buff
I hate eggs chumpedos as much as zhangs but lets not get delusional here

>> No.12644960

fumo fumo

>> No.12645044

Into the trash it goes

>> No.12645104

Uno is a buff game. Robocco gets good numbers on her uno collab

>> No.12645109
File: 63 KB, 976x549, _103330503_musk3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Collab with SpaceX

>> No.12645206
File: 1.09 MB, 944x528, 1635661940697.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

耳舐め ASMR streams

>> No.12645207

Most likely never and I am Holofags. It's later era of vtubers group that can get that number if vtuber is explode like k-pop. Hololive will be SuJu of vtuber if that happens

>> No.12645426

I think more than channel, Gura's viewerbase is averse to anything earlier than 3pmPST/6pmEST. It's likely even worse now than during the summer since, y'know, school+work for a good chunk of NA.

>> No.12645591

I got your copium already tho

>> No.12645632

good, you clearly need it

>> No.12645773

there is no way these lazy ass talents could reach such height

>> No.12645802

I've checked 4stats randomly several times for the past several days. And the Nijisanji threads is pretty consistently 1/3 the speed of the hololiive thread. No matter what time of day I check

>> No.12645817

It doesn't really matter. The chinese antis were former fans before the Taiwan yab, so they totally count.

>> No.12645939

Aren't some EN vtuber companies debut their new gens today? Do they have hope to fight against NijiEN at least?

>> No.12645991

Not yet.
Let Niji spam another 4 waves and then we'll talk.

>> No.12646128

Niji's popularity on 4chan is higher than their popularity in general.

On 4chan they are about 1/3 the popularity of hololive.
But in terms of Vod views they are about 1/5 the popularity of hololive.
And in terms of live viewers, they are about 1/10

>> No.12646226
File: 224 KB, 875x1310, 1106.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Today's superchats

>> No.12646292

I care. She had 1550 ccv just now, when the usual is 500-800. Then she switched to a collab with Millie (only Millie POV), and reached 1800 peak ccv. EU are going to sleep right now, so it's falling to 1200 ccv.

>> No.12646368
File: 33 KB, 593x209, 1636247120201.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this is how the average chumbud thinks.

>> No.12646475

She's usually getting over 1k lately. Only Don't Starve collab got lower because she wasn't that much into it since she was tired from previous stream.

>> No.12646515

And she also managed to get more viewers for the second karaoke even though the first karaoke is usually the most buffed one (it was unarchived though)

>> No.12646550

It probably fell to 1200 because Pomu started streaming

>> No.12646582

News getting around about her amazing vocals

>> No.12646673

there are a couple of NijiEN membership streams going right now too

>> No.12646712

It's still much more popular than all these little companies by far. Nijis can regularly hit 800-1k and none of the small corporations will have a single stream reach that, ever. Even Reimu would be a superctar for any of them getting 400's.

>> No.12646783
File: 389 KB, 670x632, tsunderiainclining.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.12646843

This also put Miko into the super chat millionaire club. The 13th vtuber to achieve this milestone.

>> No.12646941

Oliver did the 12 hour endurance stream to finish RE8

>> No.12646998

is that ryan gooseling

>> No.12647019

ohnononono NijiEN bros...what happened?

>> No.12647045

Tsunderia is having new generation debut

>> No.12647150


>> No.12647211

I won't even need to look, but I'm guessing the most clipped moment in the sportfest so far is going to be Pekora's golden birdman due to the hype it brought , second might be the PVP steal moment by Baelz, third might be squid games(maybe the haachama moment).

>> No.12647322

NijiEN are midgets but they are very tall midgets compared to the smaller corpos. Like Pomu is seen as a failure by most here, but even as an indie she had numbers that most smaller corpos cant reach

>> No.12647428


>> No.12647460
File: 260 KB, 1859x793, SubvsFollow.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

*bites the bait*
Dunno if it's 'average'. Especially given that a decent chunk of chumbuds aren't even following her on Twitter....
Like, for the rest of the Holomem (except for Council) it's about a 2/3rd ratio of Twitter follows to YT subs, but Gura's is almost 1/3. Some anon mentioned that Gura is tracks more like a regular YT in subgrowth than a pure streamer, and that probably results in a lot of her subs showing up only if her stuff shows up in their recommends.

>> No.12647714 [DELETED] 

more like HOMOMEN lmao

>> No.12647922

What the fuck is "eggs"?

>> No.12648010

Lurk more

>> No.12648062

An egg is the organic vessel containing the zygote in which an embryo develops until it can survive on its own, at which point the animal hatches.

>> No.12648210

but humans dont lay eggs
captcha j0nw2

>> No.12648458

It has something to do with HoloEN. That's all I've been able to figure out.

>> No.12648465

This but unironically. Tsunderia beat NijiEN to market with EN male chuubas. They are going to incline past NijiEN and NijiEN's male wave will be DoA because people will already be invested in Tsunderia's male chuubas.

>> No.12648765

Okay newfag, spoonfeeding time.
Egg = Kiara-anti, due to some schizo fucker with an egg-shaped head being utterly deranged. In either an unfortunate happenstance (or maybe not given the disproportionate amount of trannies in KFP/Anti-KFP circles), an Egg in troonspeak = 'somone who hasn't embraced their inter trans' and just needs to be 'cracked' out of their shell into their real-self or some cultist bullshit.

>> No.12648905

>lurking /vt/
How about no. I only browse this thread and ny oshi thread.
I see, thank you anon. I rarely engage discussions with KFP so I never saw someone use that word.

>> No.12649052
File: 510 KB, 1296x693, Kanon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Alright numberbros since there is nothing to really discuss, i want to ask how did she reclined so hard after getting really impressive numbers not so long ago.

>> No.12649249

Apex spam.

>> No.12649289

Hmm idk anon can't put a finger to it

>> No.12649303

Didn't she have some scandal similar to Uto? The difference is that Uto managed to retain a decent chunk of her audience because they were loyal EOP saviorfags. Kanon's audience was Apex autists who didn't even think twice about sticking with her because they are.........Apex Autists.

>> No.12649313

Live by apex, die by apex.
Such is the fate of many a JP chubba.

>> No.12649357

She got popular thanks to Apex in the first place. What killed her was the drama but I can't tell you exactly what it was enough and I can't be bothered enough to look it up.

>> No.12649359

Didn't she have her own Uto arc - i.e. rumours of being a CCP Vtuber/shill? But unlike Uto, she didn't have EOP viewerbase to fall back on

>> No.12649366

That is a lot of fucking apex. Unless you are literally pro level people can only take so much. Even pros mix it up a bit

>> No.12649380

Who? At least give us the channel name anon.

>> No.12649516


>> No.12649519

witch streamer is that

>> No.12649534

Oh i didn't knew about that, i just remember her being talked on the numbers thread a few months ago because of the boost she got.

>> No.12649709

She literally only blew up because of Apex.
Otherwise, she wouldn't even have the short incline she had.

>> No.12649737

>Pomu is seen as a failure
Pomu isnt really a failure. I mean every NijiEN is a failure outside of Selen, but Pomu is like the third most popular NijiEN by most numbers so there is atleast seven harder failures lol

>> No.12649763

In another episode of "IRyS gets her 4k"....

5.8k waiting room.

>> No.12649788

what drama? with males or what?

>> No.12649822

superctar of midget, anya of EN realm

>> No.12649911

Pomu has legit impressive SC numbers for her size so not many anon shittalk her.
Much easier to punch down on Rosemi/Petra and Ethyria now.

>> No.12649961

apextourists are not loyal, not a surprise

>> No.12650017

IRyS (Base): 4k
IRyS (Horror): 6k
IRyS (Archived Karaoke): 8k
IRyS (Minecraft): 10k
IRyS (Unarchived Karaoke): 12k

>> No.12650046

Man, the Hololive subreddit is only a shell of its former self now. There used to he 10k people in that sub back then, now there were barely 5k. That's a huge decline.

>> No.12650169

>IRyS (Archived Karaoke): 8k
what happened? doesn't irystrocrat always parade her absolute 12 karaoke number? or are you lowballing son of a bitch?

>> No.12650180

No surprises there. Coco left.

>> No.12650192

It's so blatantly corporate-controlled and heavily moderated, I can't imagine a more boring place to try to discuss something. I'm not shocked it has declined. Even if you're a Hololive super fan, how long until you get bored of posting saccharine positive comments and lukewarm memes?

>> No.12650206

-Loss of meme review really gutted the subreddit of a core 'fan interaction' mechanic
-Rules changes meant that 'fanart' had to be directly link-posted or posted by the OP. Unsure if they started really hard-enforcing it, but there have been more posts removed for it
-No fucking STREAMS public until right now
-Coof shit being mostly over with in NA, meaning more people out instead of stuck inside all day
All of them play into the drop on the sub-reddit, though I still use it to check for news that I may miss. Also inb4 "Go back".

>> No.12650257

>IRyS (Archived Karaoke): 8k
The lowest Irys karaoke so far is 9.2k with heavy overlap in JP times. Except for that one and a recent 9.9k one, Irys hits 12k often for karaokes.

>IRyS (Unarchived Karaoke): 12k
Irys rarely does unarchived karaokes, but both have been 15k+ so far.

>> No.12650264

I'm a no irystrocrat and this is just my observation.
Numbers will still depend on the situation. I meant this as her average for such streams.

>> No.12650315

>>12650264 (me)
Not average sorry, I meant to say baseline

>> No.12650365
File: 16 KB, 717x89, Screenshot (373).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.12650384

>'fanart' had to be directly link-posted or posted by the OP
I'm actually a fan of this. I used to despise HoloReddit due to this. Well I still do but to a lesser extent.

>> No.12650437
File: 124 KB, 1080x1080, 1617765332370.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's what happens when schizo managers scare away the subreddit's main draw.

>> No.12650450

>People who performed at the festival or brought good moments got better benefits out of the event(either by subs or clips).
It's a shame some of them who are trying to incline didn't even bother practicing or performing.

>> No.12650469

>2.9M members, 5k online

>1.4M members, 5k online

>575k members, 4.5k members

The sub still gets a high upvote ratio compared to the other two large anime subreddits. Heck even r/Hentai has 7.5k online with 2.1m members.

>> No.12650492

Expected. With Cocos reddit reviews gone, lockdowns easing up, not to mention the hugbox nature of reddit itself that kills any interesting discussion, their numbers should basically be normalizing. Also, I honestly think that the main hub for Chuuba discussion has pretty much moved to /vt/ anyway. We're usually in the top 5 fastest boards in 4chan and can easily take top 1 when a Holo event happens. I'm also convinced that a lot employees from all the corpos visit the split threads here regularly.

>> No.12650543

It really puts into perspective how small the vtuber market is relatively.

>> No.12650578

Reddit = n. korea. Can't say shit beofre getting jump by retards. Go back to reedit you mug!!!

>> No.12650640

You need some post karma and a ~month old account to post there. That gatekeeps a lot of new fans

>> No.12650674

Ever since Coco left, has any Holo even mentioned Reddit much?
There's not much to actually discuss for daily streams after the streams except for "this moment was funny", memes are extremely stale now, and there's enough Hololive content in the form of streams now after adding Council and Irys that there's less of a need to go to reddit to get your fill.

They should unironically have a "stream thread" for their streams much like how sports subs have "game threads" and let them function as a chat surrogate, but people can actually have a conversation with each other.
Kinda like /hlgg/ but with less bait and more censorship.
Most holofans can't stomach the shit in /hlgg/, which is why reddit is such a hugbox to begin with, but its a great experience when no one is being a dickhead.

>> No.12650739

Rrat is a good example of hustling to fix a bad start. Great networking and willingness to hop in on impromptu collabs, good work ethic and stream frequency, etc. Impressive.

>> No.12650749

They have a monthly megathread but no one uses it.

>> No.12650772

There is a ceiling, but will someone be able to break out of that? It takes both kpop and anime at least 30 years to be sonewhat accepted, will vtibers last that long?

>> No.12650780

No shit. Even within weebs community there are a lot who see vtuber as cringe.

>> No.12650785

Pretty sure most of the possible audience reddit could have just went to dedicated fan discords now.

>> No.12650849

No but Marine and Watame still make a post there occasionally.

>> No.12650851

Nah fuck that. /Hlgg/ is fine as it is. Yesterday's sportsfest threads reminded me so much of old /sp/ during an event that I almost shed a tear.

>> No.12650861

That's actually a good point and discord is literally what I described.

>> No.12650892

Does anyone numberfag fan discord servers of HoloEN?

>> No.12651071

You're kinda forgetting about Finana who's doing worse than Rosemi (might make you feel otherwise because of the collab spam)

>> No.12651092
File: 48 KB, 1343x518, gjhkl;.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>posts decreased but overall interaction is still high as ever

>> No.12651333

don't forget the fact that the subreddit is 90% EN content and 10% JP content, so its understandable that most HoloJP don't care about it now.

>> No.12651392

So basically a big reduction in shitty memes due to meme review not existing right?

>> No.12651430

basicaly less content and more circlejerk.

>> No.12651479
File: 68 KB, 974x540, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

EOP reddit bros why didn't you save Kuzuha's Vampire...

>> No.12651538

Kronii currently at 6k (10mins in)
Can she get 10k with this game I wonder?
It seems she plans to play more indie game.
Damn muh numbers are crying

>> No.12651672

"Kuzu-who? Kazuha?" -EOP, 2021
Alas. She'll be missing next week? I think is her break week, and Ina is MIA for a bit as well.

>> No.12651809

Her break will be on Nov12.
But she only mentioned it on members's stream last week so it still might change

>> No.12651916

Nimu is growing like crazy now, does anything think she might surpass Calli and Pekora to 2M first?

>> No.12651986

anon I followed ame's PL, she only got 3view a few months before holoEN, after 6 years or so streaming. first time I watched her she had around 40-60 ccv

>> No.12652015

r/virtualyoutubers probably is more active than r/nijisanjj

>> No.12652628

>126k subs in the last 30 days
That's actually pretty fucking crazy

>> No.12652743

would Reimu of NijiEN be better of if she started to pander 100% to spic viewers?

>> No.12652827

She could. ES is more active than EN + JP, and her content is not that niche since she can collab with normie ES streamers with no problems.

>> No.12652877

IRyS is summoning a helper. 10k get?

>> No.12652929

Depends. If its Bae like she threw out there then numbers will probably drop.

>> No.12652978

>If its Bae like she threw out there then numbers will probably drop.
Kek it won't. People love Bae x Irys.

But she said senpai, so it's not Bae.

>> No.12653078

So probably Gura, the others are weaker/don't really like horror much.

>> No.12653160

>Kronii loves platform games and puzzle games
That's why her median can't reach 15k
She's just like EN Korone keeps debuffing herself
RIP her numbers

>> No.12653263

It's Ina

>> No.12653289

Ina just joined IRyS stream.

>> No.12653305

She might even surpass Gura in a year's time if she can keep this growth. It's weird how less talkee about Nimu is in this thread.

>> No.12653333

It's Ina, i don't think they can get to 10k

Yeah, her current stream is only at 8.5k.

>> No.12653371

>Bae x IRyS is big right now
>Bae herself is inclining
>numbers would drop
You are insane. Either way its Ina.

>> No.12653625

I love how people look down on Bae

>> No.12653709

on whom

>> No.12653879

But we didn't know she was graduating back then...

>> No.12654022

Pulling a different market did her well. This made me wonder on the future that instead of a linear growth of vtuber market cap there is a possibility of the market just splintering into multiple demographics like JP vtuber, EN vtuber, and etc.

>> No.12654114

>surpass Gura in a year's time
>Gura still pulling 100k+ subs every month even after a year
Yeah, no

>> No.12654233
File: 17 KB, 270x99, 7984641.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not for long when HoloES comes out

>> No.12654286

If cover bring back the kino swimsuit, they can reach 1mil ez

>> No.12654339 [DELETED] 


>> No.12654371

>Sega paid Pekora to play the sequel too
I can't even imagine how much money this bunny is getting

>> No.12654406

Talking about SC, i wonder how they handle SC on collabs like this. Is the money go to the channel or they split it up to everyone participating

>> No.12654457

most probably everything goes to the channel's owner

>> No.12654513


>> No.12654532 [DELETED] 


>> No.12654575

NijiEN's Reimu most successful stream is still her Spanish stream

>> No.12654613

have council done sponsored streams before i dont remember

>> No.12654650

No, this is their first sponsorship.
I guess they decided to give Council sponsors now.

>> No.12654695


>> No.12654705

Didn’t Coco say that she suggested the idea of HoloES to Cover before? I don’t quite remember, but did she say anything about it afterwards?

>> No.12654804
File: 29 KB, 566x201, Screenshot (140).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12654875

Wait, Kronii is currently streaming. How was this tweeted then?
Her Manager had access or something?

>> No.12654904

Timed tweets are a thing also.
Kiara had mentioned a long time ago that managers regularly log onto their accounts to check on metrics.

>> No.12654905


>> No.12654913

It doesnt take all your braincell and four limps to tweet something anon-kun

>> No.12655004

taking aside the expo yeah

>> No.12655095

Russian-Spaniard vtuber, before council debut there were a lot of rrats implying she could be Hakos Baelz, but it seems that it wasn't like this after all

>> No.12655159

maybe like
>"hey, HoloES would be cool"
>"ok, we will think about it"
the only way I can see an ES branch becoming real is if they can poach someone like Reine

>> No.12655228

They should just call it Hololive International then.
Have a Korean, Espanyol, Russian, Filipino, and Mexican.

>> No.12655230

They probably paid alot to sponsor the whole playthrough of judge eyes and now with judgement eyes of pekkers.

>> No.12655241

She was about to push it, but graduation happened... It seems that not pulling an ES branch is one of her most regrets said by her

>> No.12655287

nah, they would need to hire a manager for each girl, it's a waste of money

>> No.12655351

Wouldn't make sense due to language barrier
>IMB4 english
Why make an international branch? Just put them in HoloEN like they are already doing

>> No.12655465

What is the difference of this setup to what they have right now? They will hire managers anyways because of the added talents. You can be ES or RU or whatever and live in Canada too btw.

>> No.12655476

>Bae's gonna get sponsor too?

>> No.12655480

Damn. I hope they pull decent numbers to make it worth while. 5 digits is a must. Council is a stilborn gen if they can't earn. They already do shit on SCs.

>> No.12655548

Their SC is fine even when they are actively debbuffing themselves

>> No.12655589

Anyways an international branch is a pretty stupid idea, there won't be any synergy between them, and if they are spread around the world only make it worse, also is not like Hololive works, is better just to release an Es branch and put the other 2 in another branches as second language

>> No.12655599

Do nijiniggers really?
Do you know how much members they got?

>> No.12655765

Kronii and Sana always get a good amount of SCs.
The others aren't doing exceptional but you can't say they're doing bad either.

>> No.12655780

They're literally stealing money from Cover with their antics. They have to potential to do better but they don't. They have to make up for it.

Besides Kronii not many. Bae didn't even hit 1k on her members karaoke

>> No.12655793

Nice to see three different Niji branches make the chart on the same day, Selen didn't even do anything special iirc just streamed a whole lot and got rewarded for it

>> No.12655825

Sana also is a SC powerhouse but she's been away for too long.

>> No.12655855

take your meds already anon

>> No.12655876

anons really talking about how an ES branch would be a good idea lol the padded viewership is not worth their meme currencies or online behavior.

>> No.12655909



>> No.12655922

Does anyone know why Nimu suddenly has an explode popularity in ES?

>> No.12655952

>talking about meme currencies when sea actually exist

>> No.12655973

She's always been super popular but she used to stream on facebook for some reason.

>> No.12656011

facebook is still popular between spics

>> No.12656045

It's been one fucking month since the last original song ranking

>> No.12656081

The guy couldn't pay the bills for the server he used or something so he stopped.

>> No.12656111

Does this bloke get better numbers than NijiEN?
Why do you think I need meds? You're right, I forgot them(Fluvoxamine, Adderall, and Lamotrigine) but nothing in that post indicates that I need them.

I am just saying that I don't like how they aren't doing their best in one area so they should do well shilling. I hope this experience helps their NYC convention appearance.

>> No.12656202

I don't have the viewership in front of me but its looking like Calli/Gura KING is going to be #3 this week with OKFAMS Monster and Moona/Risu/Reine/Calli The Baddest beating it out.

Anything I missed? Baelz had her Halloween Cover and it did well for a week but not enough to compete with the top. That one will probably fall towards the lower end of the top 10.

>> No.12656232

So it's more like her existing fans starting to sub to her youtube channel?

>> No.12656262

True. All these breaks they took so early in the game really put them in a kinda bad light.

>> No.12656316

Spain uses Euros retard, also HoloID is a thing and will release 3rd gen soon, explain that

>> No.12656330

he's doing pretty good, 240k average video views

>> No.12656375

NTA but reine?

>> No.12656470

I might be remembering wrong but wasn't this like the first EN collab Coco was in?

>> No.12656530

I'm still not sure how people should categorize these converts.

>> No.12656593

they shouldn't, its only used for shitposting

>> No.12656633

Spain would be a very minor part of any ES audience. It's like saying EN is marketed towards the UK.

>> No.12656684


>> No.12656749

If is not Spain it will be the US which have dollars, I mean there are more spics there than population in Spain itself

>> No.12657005

>Eternal Return
Cover should really learn to negotiate having game companies character artists create assets for them as part of their contract.

>> No.12657065

Anon, the ES market is fucking desolate. The community is cancer to the point you'll prefer the ledditards over them, not to mention most of them are from SA and are poverty ridden. Spics in the US would speak English, most non-retarded non-poorfag spics speak English too. They're already watching HoloEN or even HoloJP. Only the bottom of the barrel would want a HoloES. The numbers would be good but the earnings would be low and the sight of the community would make one an hero.

>> No.12657223

Nimu might be the 2nd vtuber to reach 2M, 3M and the first to 4M at this rate. I remember that spanish youtubers tend to grow a lot faster than english youtubers so the same can be said for vtubers. We might have a new queen boys.

>> No.12657256

Way better channel but not as recognized

>> No.12657302

Ikr, Im Spanish but using english almost all time, but honestly I just want it for see what would happen. Im pretty aware that underaged kids are probably the most cancer people in universe, so I would like that hypothetical vtubers to be rough against this type of "people"

>> No.12657349
File: 2.02 MB, 1280x2160, newsub.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wouldn't call it "suddenly" or "explode", she was getting high placements in subscriber growth for months.

>> No.12657638

Not a spic myself but I do speak Spanish and spent some time in SA. Checked out the Spanish community at that time, calling it all because of >underaged kids is a stretch. Even the fucking adults are retarded in that way. Any chuuba for that market would either have to be retarded in the same way or be immune, which I guess fits the bill for anyone already from SA. Honestly though, if Cover wants to dip into that market all they'd need to do is have a spic HoloEN member. God I hope they don't though because that would mean HoloEN chats would be even fucking worse than they already are. I'd say that numbers are more likely to drop than rise from that.

>> No.12658055

Anyone else think a hololiver had a bad stream if they didn't get $1k in SCs? 3 figure SC streams are so depressing to look at. Streams with less than $100 hurt me physically.

>> No.12658102

So the Nimu spam is one person, no wonder she's rarely been mentioned here.

>> No.12658131

Spain at least is alright, but yeah, I knew good people there in SA but the vast majority is pretty dumb

>> No.12658142

It would be funny to see bait from Nimufag in the future.

>> No.12658159

problem with Spain is that half of the young males aren't employed

>> No.12658181

hmm looks like its a niji win today. no big prime time stream from Hololive. collab stream (lize, toya, mito, peanut, etc) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SHtggEEjJCM, Dokuhonsha on Dolas channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQPU2cskW0g.

>> No.12658186

Are you retarded?

>> No.12658189

>all they'd need to do is have a spic HoloEN member.

>> No.12658242

Here's a reminder

>> No.12658259

Not really, I'd rather simps save up their money to blow their load and break records during big events than slowly trickle their oshi a little money every stream

>> No.12658300

>implying she speaks ES beyond a few words in a gringo accent
I mean there's this: https://youtu.be/6lGvLvtx5jw
Don't remind me. I just managed to forget how bad it was back in mid-2020 when Koro-san blew up amongst spics.

>> No.12658378

I'm one of these malea kek, the problem is that jobs requires A LOT of things since a lot of people is demanding, so even for being a janitor you will need at least have Bachelor degree and some english knowledge (It sounds pretty stupid but I'm sure they do this to filter out some people).
The main problem is taxes, it doesn't let big companies to invest in this country and the ones who are created her can't grow due to that taxes too

>> No.12658471
File: 49 KB, 195x208, 1626546516933.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

HOLY FUCKING SHIT HOW CRINGE, I fucking feel ashamed as a spanish

>> No.12658769

Naw, I prefer strong day to day earnings for an overall health portfolio. Lean times but getting one fat check out of the sky just doesn't do it.
How so? I just feel better seeing hololivers gets thousands per stream and feel worse when they don't. I don't SC because I'm never giving an adult pretending to be an anime character a dime but I think others should.

>> No.12658788

Wait really, but he could do the cover song rankings? That doesn't sound right.

>> No.12658952

> I don't SC because I'm never giving an adult pretending to be an anime character a dime but I think others should

>> No.12658986

I wonder why Vshojo animation game is so weak. This video is already 2 weeks in but gathering only 73k views? The animation seems good though.


>> No.12659052

Wanna see something more depressing?

>> No.12659123

Fucking kek, must be a SEAnigger

>> No.12659128

The answer is simple in that their presence on YT is isolated, small, and weak. It means its much harder for thing to go viral for them.

>> No.12659276

It's only been 2 days. 1.9k views isn't that bad. He's a small time creator.

>> No.12659289

It depends on who you are watching.

>> No.12659299

A lot of the clips are trending in Japan

>> No.12659332

I ain't watching this shit. qrd?

>> No.12659419
File: 736 KB, 1780x627, trending.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The main video is trending on Youtube in japan.

>> No.12659456

Cute animation made out of love but the voices are awful. I give props to the content creator and I hope he continues.

>> No.12659466


>> No.12659605

It's not fair. IT'S NOT FAIR.

>> No.12659660

There's Poltato PC there as well. Someone gave it a timestamp in the comments of the original video.

>> No.12659701

The original video


>> No.12659763

I doubt any Youtubers would know Vshojo or Nijisanji. Based on their preferred platform, the average youtubers know more about Holo than anything else.

>> No.12659839

Pretty much

>> No.12659864

it's that time of the week again

>> No.12659961

Eh, Nyanners has a long Youtube history and Nijisanji is on Youtube as well.

>> No.12659994

17k viewers! That's impressive

>> No.12660024

Nyanners had a long Youtube.

>> No.12660124


>> No.12660144

Yes, but is she even referenced from any big youtubers lately?

>> No.12660194

It kinda scares me how much of these songs get like 8k-10k views a day. Like is this shit really6 that popular?

>> No.12660232

Wait until you see Ayame Sengen and Getcha getting 300k views a week minimum for 5 months.

>> No.12660243
File: 634 KB, 537x939, speed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And know it's back to the usual scenery

>> No.12660272
File: 856 KB, 967x544, 1621480820664.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

huh, envy baby at 16th, that's pretty low for Mori, we might have some surprise hits for the top ten today

>> No.12660274

Possibility for some numbers. Long awaited kanatowa3DVR (was scheduled for last year, on the day Aloe graduated)
3D game streams are hard to predict tho. Could be under 25k. Some heimen don't like Towa, she could be a big debuff. All depends on how the box pushes this.
I'm keeping an eye on this though, could be a dark horse for today.

>> No.12660280

Anon, do you....do you even see how many people are watching vtubers during JP primetime? Every day?
Also 8-10k views a day is fucking dust compared to the real musical titans of the world.

>> No.12660299

Kanata just made a bunch of posts on reddit with the screenshots of the last Minecraft Festival.

>> No.12660335

Why would Kanata's fans not like Towa?

>> No.12660368

It's still a lot of people watching 2 year old covers.
That they aren't but I don't really think of vtubers as anything but a niche hobby.

>> No.12660414

Hell yeah, Flare in the top 10.

>> No.12660432
File: 17 KB, 531x174, 1620535660185.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12660486

10. Aqua and friends - Umapyoi
9. Suisei - KING
8. Flare - Colorful
7. Mori - Roki
6. Ayame - Goodbye Sengen
5. Hololive - Ochame Kinou
4. Suisei and Mori - GETCHA
3. Mori and Gura - KING
2. Mori, Moona, Reine, Risu - THE BADDEST
1. OKFAMS - Monster

>> No.12660527

Clash of personalities. Kanata actively courts her unicorn audience too.

>> No.12660541

All the covers reclined HARD. More than 1/3 did not clear 50k views, first 100k was Saga JIhen at 12th, Goodbye Sengen under 200k.

>> No.12660550

It took all of Hololive to beat one NijiEN. I think NijiEN are the victors.

>> No.12660554
File: 169 KB, 365x332, 1633333214244.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fun fact, that channel used to be a nijisanji clipping channel

>> No.12660559

Bae's cover forgotten and Vampire not included for some reason, but thanks to that Getcha managed to continue its streak of not being knocked out of the top 5.

>> No.12660596

Yea, this week was a pretty poor showing for all covers. I wonder what the cause was.

>> No.12660603

I think they forgot about Bae's cover, it would've been top 6th or 5th if they didn't

>> No.12660606

That means vampire might take #1, weird they didn’t include it for this week.

>> No.12660618

This is one of the weakest week. Top five doesn't even hit 200k views/week, but HoloEN original song hit 1M within 3-4 days. I guess people are listening to original songs more than covers?

>> No.12660623

Oh, yea wtf Bae's Cover was just outright....
Oi wtf Listmaker? That's unusual to miss TWO covers that should be in the top 10.

>> No.12660629

Nope GETCHA will still be 5th since Bae's cover hasn't even cleared 300k

>> No.12660661

Did he just become more enamored with holo content or is it just numberfagging? Nijisanji gets good views on their covers even if they plateau.

>> No.12660664

Sometime he forgot about one or two songs and then use the total views on the next video. Also holy shit I don't know that Bae's singing voice is sex.

>> No.12660668

Lots of Holo clippers started out as Niji clippers.

IIRC Sodafunk was a Hana clipper before they switched.

>> No.12660669

Oh, fair point, I kind of just assumed it would've done better.

>> No.12660688

Probably both

>> No.12660689

Bae has a similar issue that Polka has when she does karaoke, she changes her pitch a lot to be more comedic.

>> No.12660692
File: 19 KB, 1184x102, numberfag.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Bae's cover
shit...even I forgot that exist...
I don't know the peak.. but I took it at the end of the premiere.

>> No.12660698

Probably yes, and also similar channels on the niji side tend to get alot of retarded drama because nijiniggers gotta nijinig

>> No.12660723

I really wish this channel would be more popular to the masses. For numberfagging purposes, their videos are superior to the other channel's
>Days since release
>Cover ranking
>Overall ranking (covers + originals)

>> No.12660726

Sodafunk, Sushi, probably others that have been around longer...
YT algo in EN means you're going to get, on average, worse views for Niji clips than Holo ones. At least in JP there's a bit more balance, but...

>> No.12660736

>i forget hakos song im really sorry about it gonna make it in next week!
Not good enough, I want a naked dogeza.

>> No.12660748

For numberfagging yes, but that other channel has better editing and is a better VIEWER experience, and oh boy does that matter a lot.

>> No.12660767

We should use this channel more for daily updates since he seems to put up daily videos and use the other one for the big event at the end of the week

>> No.12660777

Man, Nijisanji content quality really took a nose dive after all that spamming of Apex streams. Fact is Apex is clippable only if the player is good as well not unlike Minecraft or Ark whose main sell is user interactions.

>> No.12660811

Remove the incline and recline arrows. Those are salt generators.

>> No.12660818
File: 253 KB, 1125x1183, FDkv8UyagAAmmnc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


#1 Trending on JP Youtube

>> No.12660841

>trending a day after the event
Youtube you motherfucker

>> No.12660845

They do weekly cover and original rankings too https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s5HZ77SjPKo
Nah that was a pussy move by the other channel. I loved the incline and recline arrows on the older videos but they removed them.

>> No.12660848

Fun fact, I see this post every time the channel is posted here.

>> No.12660853

No you don't
I know because I post that link here every week

>> No.12660876

This week's list is same with that premiere with Risu's Flos, Kiara's Vampire and Baelz's added

>> No.12660883

yeah thats why I dont numberfag youtube trending. FBKs pov was the only stream trending after the event and none on the big pov like miko, subaru, pekora. And now Miko is trending.

>> No.12660927

> Wish to get higher views
> Refuse to remove view filters

>> No.12660934

>Those are salt generators
Interaction generators too.
B-but Hololive doesn't trend on youtube!
>also similar channels on the niji side tend to get alot of retarded drama because nijiniggers gotta nijinig
I refuse to believe that. Most of the nijifans I have met outside of this thread and /jp/ have been pretty chill and only focussed on what they know and like.

>> No.12660954

Have you met any japanese nijifags?

>> No.12660958

Yeah if there's one thing the other channel does better, it's the "if the song does not have at least 5(?) days of release in the period mentioned in the title, it will be saved for next week with the first 7 days views total".
Flare's Colorful only ranked 35 in this video while it's top 10 for the other one because the first 7 days views were not cut into 2 weeks.

>> No.12660962

He probably means the JP Nijifags.

>> No.12661005

You may be right, but you also may be wrong. One of the other channel's highest viewed weekly videos is this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o7bXklbKOTs and this was before the incline recline arrows were removed.

>> No.12661127

>Most of the nijifans I have met outside of this thread and /jp/ have been pretty chill and only focussed on what they know and like
lol when someone asks about niji the most likely answer you'd get is how better they are than holos every single time. this is very prevalent on sg/my forum communities and most of the sea facebook groups.

>> No.12661141

Youtube trending doesn't make any sense.

>> No.12661146

I don't know how the YT algo works for Japan, but from what I notice Niji clips in JP can get hundreds thousands of views within 24 hours for popular ones like Kuzuha/Mito, so it can't be that hard for Niji clippers to get good numbers.

>> No.12661209

SEAnijifags are terrible they give the nips a run for their money. They're elitist and are stupid enough to believe and spread rrats wherever they can, also they don't take Niji losing very well.

>> No.12661240

I don't really leave 4chan. I refuse to believe 4chan has the nicest anything for any fanbase.

>> No.12661268

>Bae is even forgotten about when it comes to music rankings
You can't make this stuff up, lol

>> No.12661287

One channel puts talents above numbers. The other one puts numbers above talents. If you ask the fans to watch both analytics, they'll stick with the one that promotes the talents better. If your oshi is a digit, then you stick with the accurate representation. But why stick with ant-sized digits when other fandoms (kpop) bring more digits.

>> No.12661309

Have you never been to jp?

>> No.12661331

Not since 2015.
Is this why I see the desperation in trying to make it look like Nijisanji is big in SEA? I truly doubt any of them have stocks in either company so I think it is silly to numberfag beyond the joy of numberfagging.

>> No.12661337

You speak like there's any difference between what's going on here and those places.
The thing I've noticed about the two fanbases is that the hololive fanbase is extremely widely spread out with multiple bubbles that rarely interact with each other, whereas the venn diagram of Nijifags and nijifags who browse 4chan might as well be a circle

>> No.12661344

Are there any big streams today?
I wonder who'll win?

>> No.12661349

That's JP only, and the number still is dwarfed against Holo's massive global clipping scene.

>> No.12661350

Pretty much but one doesn't have to replace the other. I just like to see the other channel have more views for their detailed work that pleases the numberfagging mass.

>> No.12661353

SEA hours are known as the worst hours on the board for a reason (not to say burger hours are the greatest, but...)

>> No.12661368

I think she's fine but she has the wrong lore and model. She'd have more impact with Mumei's character design.

>> No.12661377

Well, Flare making today's list alongside IRyS due to Radio Station (10.2k rn)

>> No.12661390

For Hololive

Can these two beat Pekora's 24k? Will Kuzuha stream today?

>> No.12661404

Kanata & towa collab or marine radio station stream are the only stream that can bring numbers.

>> No.12661414

It's gonna be dokuzusha anyway in the end. Top 2-9 Hololive again.

>> No.12661426


Miko sportfes closing party totsu at 22 JST.

>> No.12661431

-is the most orderly of Council as per their own admissions
-is really a sweet girl who works well in collabs and not very chaotic at all
-memester at heart and flips into 'dark and scary' at a moment's notice to then back without issue
Yea, if they swapped models and lore it would be a better fit...OH WELL.

>> No.12661449

Omegatroon is a blight.

>> No.12661462

Damn!! Miko really plans to squeeze out every juice on this event huh?
Can she get to 30k+ I wonder? It would be really funny if she wins again today.

>> No.12661467

their voice matches with the model though.

>> No.12661493

Most likely. Some members would come there if im not mistaken.

>> No.12661519

Bae gives out the Brat energy that is asking to be bullied. (I don't know if it's intentional but she always gets ignored and despite being Council's Leader, she's just a follower in collabs)

Mumei sounds like a sweet girl but is good at playing yandere and DUMB (is she even acting or its real? lmao)

I think they're fine with their designated models

>> No.12661558
File: 161 KB, 1142x535, 578247862836347.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

not that big compared to hololive.

>> No.12661570
File: 83 KB, 1379x435, tsunderiagen3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone else want to numberfag midget numbers?
Boy vs Girl analysis for Tsunderia's 3rd gen.

CCV were 380~ for the boy and 360~ for the girl
Identical VOD views for debuts
Girl has more subs
Girl has more likes and less dilikes but both have a massive like to dislike ratio

I am thinking the same group of people watched both rather than expanding their market. The boy has a chance to expand but it will take more time to tell. There is a none zero chance that Nijimales will not bomb or blow up, they may just keep the same course as everyone else, at least at first.

>> No.12661592

kanatowaVR>>Marine>>Sportsfes Toutsu
Miko will win today thanks to [ILLEGAL VIEW FUNNELING]

>> No.12661604

Fair points, though I wonder how much of that is them becoming more comfortable with their characters...

>> No.12661607

Ehhh no

>> No.12661639

If Cover produced an anime for Hololive, which is a better platform, TV or YT? Traditionally, animes were always aired on TV coupled with ads and what not because the reason for an anime is to earn money from people buying the source manga, LN etc. So what if, Hololive made an Anime and put it on YT? Maybe, put it behind a paywall or something using memberships in the main Hololive Channel. The trailer of every episode can be made public. Would it be worth to put it on YT?

>> No.12661676

Anime is very expensive. Not worth it.

>> No.12661702

Hologra is fine. Anime is a mistake in CURRENT YEAR

Yeah, Mito and LIze do well in collabs and heAyame does bring in a fresh audience. No amount of illegal view funneling is gonna takes this. We should declare the winner early without any stress.

>> No.12661732

>i forget hakos song im really sorry about it gonna make it in next week!

>> No.12661735

a game would be a better idea than an anime

>> No.12661737

Oh yeah, she is more than fine and is actually inclining at a decent rate. I just mentioned being forgotten since that seems to be a developing meme with her and we saw two examples of it just in the last day or so. Obviously the song list which doesn't directly involve her, but also in the sports fest. People were literally walking right past her as she was looting Red teams treasure in the PvP game.

I think its overall a good thing as its giving her character added dimensions. She is the avatar of Chaos but deep down she is just a sweetheart who doesn't want to cause trouble and wants to make friends. Her character arc is happening right in front of us.

>> No.12661751

They are going to be against miko totsu
I dont think their collab will be be beyond 40k

>> No.12661778

Yeah, that is a massive buff not to mention the sports fest closing ceremony buff. This is going to win the day.

>> No.12661823

Only kuzu b4b has a chance

>> No.12661826

I'll need to see it to believe it.

>> No.12661862

Oh, it's a TOTSU. Yeeeeaaaaaaa that's gonna be hard for the collab to beat them, but ya never know...

>> No.12661904

>Yeah, Mito and LIze do well in collabs and heAyame does bring in a fresh audience. No amount of illegal view funneling is gonna takes this. We should declare the winner early without any stress.

It does not slip!!

>> No.12661915

*S L A P*
You spoke the ACCURSED WORDS. You've doomed us all and we're gonna be stuck in even MORE timeloops than usual next thread!

>> No.12661923

It's like what happened with Towa. If more people catch on to the irony, it will be good for her.

>> No.12661973

I like Civilization having a dark side and being murdery.

>> No.12662010

IMO, they've done a good job putting their own brand on the lore so its less 'chunni powerlevel bullshit' and more 'oh, yea sure that makes sense'. Of course that was probably the intention in the first place, or at least I HOPE it was.

>> No.12662045

They probably want lore for HoloAlt.

There just happens to be other pros to lore as well.

Easier inspiration for fan content.
Something to fall back on if you run out of material.

>> No.12662066


I don't know how legit this is but if its indeed the one who work for AESPA characters then this huge since they have connections with SM company

>> No.12662085
File: 242 KB, 791x426, sadfg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In any case, it's better than fairy tale lore from nijiEN or the next prism debutees. Prism one had a little red riding hood, little mermaid, one thousand and one nights and alice in wonderland.

The one thousand and one nights one is pure sexxx

>> No.12662104

Dark skin done right

>> No.12662107
File: 460 KB, 355x719, human eyesore.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Makes me wonder if there is a vtuber who benefits from being overdesigned. It always seem like the ones with simpler designs works more.
>Pic not related

>> No.12662182

Not exactly dislike Towa but personally I think they don't have very good synergy in collabs and have much better collabs with others.

>> No.12662334

Would be funny if it mogs NijiKR.

>> No.12662448

>little red riding hood, little mermaid, one thousand and one nights and alice in wonderland
The concepts are okay. I prefer that to Council’s chuuniness. Like Kronii for instance, instead of Warden of Time, I would be happier if she was simply clock girl

>> No.12662571

I think I prefer Council lore.

At least it's mostly original, meaning there's no archetype to live up to. They can interpret Warden of Time whatever they want.

But Alice, Little Mermaid, and etc have more set in stone interpretations.

>> No.12662619

Will we hear anything about HoloAlt game?

>> No.12662636

It'll be stuck in development hell for about 3-5 years.

>> No.12662667

future vaporware

>> No.12662773

Retards used to post about the rankings on the livers channels.

>> No.12662875

There's one thing I find weird about Vshojo fans. In every comment section from videos that have Vshojo members in, these fans act like these girls are God's gifts to the world, that everyone and their mothers should know them already. I usually don't find this stuff happening with comment section with Hololive members.

>> No.12662927

Hololive vs Nijisanji vs Vshojo is just like LoL vs HoTS vs Dota 2.

>> No.12662999

So the current top is Pekora with 26.4k?
Can definitely be beaten by the niji-collabs assuming no multipov. Both Kanata's and marine's have a shot as well, novelty from kanata and just humor from marine since she seems very scared in general of horror. Can be a decent day.

>> No.12663095

I wonder how Towa can be so sexy! My dick is literally as hard as diamonds right now

>> No.12663181

>Improved tech
tick tock anykara

>> No.12663464

The new debutes at Stars are really good. Look at Shien's and Izuru's.

Yagoo sure loves his personal project huh

>> No.12663486

Kanata/Towa collab already at 28.5k in just 25mins.
Can it reach 35k i wonder?

>> No.12663505
File: 74 KB, 1092x200, 73756D9B-FE0D-44AF-AC21-B960223A6ACD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12663544
File: 199 KB, 501x322, swe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>split pov

>> No.12663558

Niji lost again today huh?

>> No.12663573

I hope so

>> No.12663601
File: 252 KB, 1280x720, D1881749-2F58-4943-B68C-8C0C11137F9C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sora on Himehina channel

>> No.12663605

Kuzuha should still get his 30k+ even with a split POV.

>> No.12663609

think the totsu will get higher than vr horror?

>> No.12663669

Depends though, is this a buff game for him and will the apex audience join?

>> No.12663687

Depends on who joins in.

>> No.12663723

Totsu usually does pretty well. I'm thinking 45k.

>> No.12663756

Oh, apparently its the 3rd anniversary of dokuzuhonsha. Wonder if that'll buff numbers.

>> No.12663760

I don't know about Kuzuha but Pekora only peaked at 24k during her collab with Towa and Botan.
But consider this.
>PekoTowaBotan doesn't really get high numbers
>Peko isn't known for FPS Games

>> No.12663789

Why do a collab of Nijis overlaps with a Niji Anniversary?

>> No.12663804

whose anni ?

>> No.12663814

Ichikara doesn't really do the timeslot thing that Cover does, especially when you have 150 people.

>> No.12663853

anon, the collab is the anniversary.

>> No.12663861

also that 24k collab was outside her Peko time.

>> No.12663863

recent holo totsus havent been doing well though the last 3 weren't able to break 10k, then again those were roboco, choco, and ollie
mio's last totsu two months ago had 18k

>> No.12663890

- Dokuhonsha is one of the biggest buffs possible for Nijisanji. It's about on par with HoloGen 3 full collab.
- 3rd year anniversary. Could be announcements or merch.
- Doens't need Apexfags to watch for big numbers

- Split POV, but we all know Kuzuha is getting the bulk of the viewers. 4 POVs still hurts peaks.
- B4B hasn't been a great CCV game for Nijis or Holos. Not a debuff tho.

>> No.12663940

Didn't know it was an anniversary. With that it should definitely get a boost. The current top from Kanata of 32k isn't unbeatable.

>> No.12663947

Didn't we have Pekora Totsu a while back that had high numbers.

>> No.12663949

It's a totsu in Minecraft so it's actually a minecraft collab with random holos joining in if they can.

>> No.12664071

Cover 3D today is good? Holy shit!

>> No.12664100

is marine seriously solo in this timeslot damn

>> No.12664136

wait, lize's stream is prerecorded?

>> No.12664142

it's been good ever since Shien's 3D debut

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