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Ummm IRyS where's the council???

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> Ummm IRyS where's the council???

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She murdered them all. Didn't you watch the Among Us collab?

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Right here


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god damn it

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Selen features her members on her channel as well as her clippers and every member of NijiEN. It’s pretty cool

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This is getting out of hand

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This fucking sex starved nephilim

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Now we just need a hentai animation for this audio

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someone wasted his time making this

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Why's this hag so horny?

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please make more of these i legit just drooled

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I love this naughty Nephilim!

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Now watch as this gets updated within a day to have Council in it, just coincidentally after being brought up here.

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Isn't it a manager's job to keep this shit up to date?

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Never mind IRyS, none of Holomyth listed council on thier channel with the exception of Ina.

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Most of the Myth girls still follow HoloCN on their twitters, obviously social media curation is not anyone's particular responsibility and only gets done if someone happens to randomly decide to do it.

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Was it rape?

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Nobody gets to dictate who you have to keep on your channels list

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im fapping to this rn

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Yeah, but Millie did it first.

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Shion still doesn't feature anyone that joined after Gen3 in 2019.
A lot of the JP girls don't show any channels at all because they got randomly removed by YouTube at one point and nobody cares about adding them again.

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I wanted to hate on Murasaki no Ryuu for seemingly acting like a sore loser, but she won me back over on her guerilla chat later

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This motivated me to check if the Hololive English official channel had finally added the council, and seems like Omega finally did it because his own channel is also there lmao.

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Millie is completely irrelevant like the rest of her wave. Tazumi-san will scrape below the bottom of the barrel with the Wave 4 males and then when they fail to take off the vtubing trend in the west will die forever. We got 1 quality gen and 3/5ths of another one before the quality tanked which is more than can be said about Cover/Hololive

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will put this as background audio with a generic irys x kronii fanart , then spam her hashtag and @tag until she sees it

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Holy fuck irys your pc room must be permanently flooded

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do people check the feature channel tab? just curious since jetri, holodex, other social media exists

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Well that explains Kronii but where's the rest of the council?

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Jesus dude reel the shit posting back.

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She only put the rest of Myth up there because she gave Mori a favor after taking advantage of her after karaoke

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Reminder that IRyS is /here/, she's probably masturbating to this right now

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>newfags are cumbrains and cuckolds
I want reddit to leave

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No one wants to marry a used up 5/10

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You type like a tranny. Shut up and nut to this hag or go someplace else

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You're either retarded or jewish

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>at one point and nobody cares about adding them again.
Isn't that your literal job? How difficult it is to add people in there?

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>Isn't that your literal job?
I don't think anyone has the job of "adding other Holos to your channel tab on youtube"

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Hello there newfags. I don't know if you realized, but /jp/ /hlg/ and thus, /vt/ by extension have always been full of coombrains and sexpostings

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How would you know? We're not Holos

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Was it rape...?

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/jp/ had some standards. They called out whores like Irys.

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Yeah. But no one has ever cared what /jp/ thinks they also smell bad.

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Newfags, cumbrains, reddit, Jewish. Pick a buzzword and stick with it, it'll help you blend in better, tourist

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Oh my god go back

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Oh no! Anyway...

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This cake is in desperate need

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Do it.

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Some Irystrocrat paid for this, madlad.
Fuck off I'm at work.

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>thread suddenly stopped getting replies

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>Thread stops getting bumped
>Less anons see it and slowly starts to fall through the pages
>Even less chances of anon seeing it now
It's literally how 4chan works. No one goes scavenging through pages +5 onwards unless they want to bump their own threads

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Well... It would be weird for Ina not to after getting Sana into Hololive, and probably scouted the rest of the girls too

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Where indeed

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