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Previously on numbers

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ccv + sc



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OP is a faggot

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well even marine is beating lize+mito+kenmoci
so i guess it all depends on miko totsu and kuu b4b to see who takes the day.

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Yesterday's views

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Kanata and Towa 3D stream on Kanata's channel

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And SCs
Was a very elite day for a certain shrine maiden

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OP you are a faggot

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>a thread about a topic that's inherently shitposting
>that OP

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Seems accurate, great job OP.

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and this is why we need that OP

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Marine going strong.

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OP hasn’t been the same since some one hurt xer feelings a few weeks ago. Xhe had a mental breakdown and committed to making every OP image something Xhe pulled from r/mangaoutofcontext or Marvel comic books(xhe would rather post Spider-Man pages than something actually relevant/convenient to his autistic as fuck vtuber number threads). What a they

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Vshojo has this thing where they are really well known within certain circles but practically unknown outside of it, so when you see comments on youtube you're basically seeing their equivalent of evangelists with all that that implies

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wait am I a “xhe” or a male?

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31k for marine and 27k for Lize

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You’re a faggot

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King will take the day!

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technically all vtuber fanbase looks like evangelist on the outsider perspective. That's why other boards hate the stealth vtuber threads.

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read the sign. go shit post some where else. abayo :)

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No, this is why numbers threads needed to be banned months ago instead of being allowed to fester in a "containment" general that doesn't stop crossposting anyway.

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That's a fair take, it's also probably really annoying for some rando to get recommended a vtuber related video, watch it out of curiosity, and then get their recommends flooded with vtuber shit when they don't want it.
Also, OP, you really shouldn't go with such overt images, all its gonna do is provoke the opposite reaction...

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What's the matter, getting butthurt over numbers?

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the fact that you think that this thread is for shitposting is why we need that OP

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marine got over the kanatowa vr collab

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Covid vaccines cause autism in children

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I read the sign as in this place is reserved for shitposting.

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Who pissed in the resident troll's balut this morning?

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You ruined the numbers thread good job OP.

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Just some schizo finally realizing where the number thread is and is sperging out because he was tricked for the past weeks.

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You ruined the numbers thread good job OP. Covid vaccines cause autism in children

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I wanted to point and laugh at Lize's numbers for not beating Kanata/Towa horror despite being praised of top notch 3D and a cast of popular livers the likes of Mito, Lize, Toya and peanut-kun but it's too pitiful.

Even ROFMAO got like around ~23k the other day.on a premiere

Hololive is currently pacing behind them with the tech and viewers, they can't be losing now!

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That's to be expected, this post will play out for real. >>12661592

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go shit post some where else

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judging by the shitty porn probably a /qa/ nigger still loose

Anyway marine aproaching 35k.
depedning onmiko totsu or kuzuha b4b it has the gold medal for now

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>Marine getting 35k and beating the Niji quiz with Toya Mito and Lize.
Box pushing.

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>top notch 3d
eeehhh doesnt seem that different form kanatowa

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>male idols
my bois are doing great, this is what nijisanji trying to compete?

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I'll say it simpler then, all numberfagging is shitposting. Subs, live views, superchat rankings, all of it.

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>still 1.5 hours away
>already almost at 6k in the waiting room
Looks like it's gonna be miko's win again today

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You can can't find a thread that has no shitposting or dramafagging in this general anyway so a numbers thread is in perfectly good company.

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no, the true numberfagging requires intelligence. Braincells are required to understand why certain stream has higher numbers, the audience distribution, content, time zone....all of that
99% of the tourists here don't even watch streams

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I mean, this is a proper 'epilogue' to the Sportsfes, yesterday's stream is 'after the battle' talk, so to speak. Now its time to head back to town and have everyone congratulate the hero for their grand success, and to talk about the event together. I predict ez 40k+ again.

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number threads is the only thing keeping this board from going full schizo. Because numbers can't be bent by shizo theories and rrats(mostly).

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It needs Pekora to appear or 45k will be long shot.

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Anon, you post in the numbers thread, the thread that routinely bends numbers to statistics to push whatever retarded biases the poster is trying to push. What the hell are you even talking about

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theyre really making the most of the buff kek but hey the better for numberfags

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It can, to their favor. Just that anyone with some braincells would be able to tell what is actually true and what is not because all the data are there.

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It's better than rrats based on unfounded rumors lol.

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>number threads is the only thing keeping this board from going full schizo
Imagine writing this unironically

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"There are lies, Damned lies, and Statistics"
The true value in the numbers thread are the tools in the OP and the occasional well-put together graph that has solid data backing it. Outside of that, this thread acts more as a 'general big happenings' thread for Niji, Holo and whatever happens to grab the attention of anons here due to big numbers. Ever since Vnuma died...

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The real battle is clearly going to be Miko Minecraft Totsu vs dokuzuhonsha b4b, any other streams before them are just the chaser

>> No.12664968

i dunno 36k for marine is dam impressive.
Can kuzu get 40k with b4b alone?

>> No.12664973

>inb4 b4b num should be combined

>> No.12664980

Marine!! When Miko starts her stream, wait 20-25mins then end it.

Oh yeah, don't forget to talk about it before you end and say you'll call on the it.

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>the thread that routinely bends numbers
That would be a neat trick, if threads were people. They aren’t and, at very least, most people in this thread ask for “raw numbers or gtfo” and laugh at convoluted attempts to perform exoteric calculations to prove a smaller number is actually better than a bigger one.

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Nah the OP is still on point, what happens is more like people grab a pic from here to make their own shitposting threads.

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How that's going to influence today's top over 10k in any way?

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Nijifags still coping i see.
I hope you're just coping becasue if you really still can't understand then i feel sorry for you guys.

Here are your (you)s

>> No.12665040

even with Doku buff, It will take a lot for Kuzuha to get 36k on Back for Blood.

>> No.12665044

>you'll call on the it
Are you from Indonesia?

>> No.12665045

Did you miss the whole running argument about combining views yesterday?

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This “radio station” thing is the new FOTM, isn’t it?
Gotta give it to Marine, her audience is huge

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Nope just holofags pretending to be retarded as usual (hope you're not replying to your own posts btw)

>> No.12665064

Seems like the Lize/natori quiz is two hours long so that might steal numbers from the b4b collab

>> No.12665084

All me btw

>> No.12665088

It's a newly released chilla arts game, and I swear the dude is like Yagoo's nephew or something because the moment the release a new game every holo plays it for the next two weeks

>> No.12665089

These are the same people that run the goalposts from subs to live views to vod views to superchats, freely switching between totals and averages, depending on what they need to do to keep Pekora on top of Gura

>> No.12665094

Don't think his fanbase is watching it, maybe using it as a waiting room at best.

>> No.12665096

I didn’t. It was dumb and people called it dumb and only dumb people continued entertaining the idea.

Combining views serves as a rough proxy to estimate the size of the audience interested in some event but it has ZERO comparative value.
People comparing two sums of audience will always be dumb and never not be dumb.

>> No.12665106

i dont think there is abig overlap between those 2 groups.

Anyway bakatera mario party also starting so marine migght lose a few thousand too.

>> No.12665107

Most people here have wised up by now and know that comparing EN to JP is pointless when they're in the same branch lol.

It's like Comparing Selen to Kuzuha.

>> No.12665116

Why would you compare a midget to kuzuha though?

>> No.12665155

Every vtuber plays it, it's just a staple in Japan.

>> No.12665182

Where's the waiting room for B4B collab?

>> No.12665215

>i-it's pointless to compare
Sounds like an excuse to stop people from realizing that holoEN by itself is already the most successful group in vtubing history

>> No.12665218

Yes. In fact,it really only works on YT and primarily because of YT implementing its 'spam viewer' filter that the combined total viewers even has a shred of merit. Even then its very rough and is at best used to compare the same event YoY. Comparing sportsfes ->Sportsfes is fine, and gives us info that, even with the change, Hololive has managed to grow its audience, and that's always good news. Same with Nijisanji, even if their daily numbers might be worse due to assorted factors (December update, talent losses,etc) they too are slowly increasing their reach YoY.

>> No.12665232

illegal view funneling

>> No.12665255

kuzuha wont have one until like 5 min before it start.
You can see yashiros one.

>> No.12665258

It's like comparing your left tit to your right tit

>> No.12665287

>the dude is like Yagoo's nephew or something
more like chilla was one of the few that supported hololive before the big boom

>> No.12665301

Their reach does not go outside Japan though.

>> No.12665325

Here is Kuzuha stream

>> No.12665327


>> No.12665336

damn botan at 9.7k on cod while overlapping with marine horror + bakatare collab is really impressive she hasn't started yet though

>> No.12665344

What a retarded analogy, you might as well say you shouldn't compare any numbers at all because all vtubers are part of the same industry. Funny how people will go so far to sweep the fact that HoloEN is doing amazingly better than the supposed main branch under the rug.

>> No.12665355

botan fps is ALMOST alwasy a guaranted 10k+
15k+ 5min in lets see how much it can get.

>> No.12665362

she performed better than emperor HAL on the same game, i'm impressed.

>> No.12665375

>first stream after the sport festival
she obviously would want to talk about it a lot

>> No.12665379

Went through this before, numbers or get out

>> No.12665394

>holoEN by itself is already the most successful group in vtubing history
When one person carrys the whole branch I wouldn't say thats the most successful group

>> No.12665395

They were one of the like three companies that gave hololive full permissions immediately after the holocaust, alongside the getting over it guy and that one part game that I can't remember right now

>> No.12665397

I swear the Gura bad guy cover is in my recommended videos constantly. I’ve already watched it multiple times yt you can stop suggesting it. Is this the algorithm or an unjust noticing it more because of the cute thumbnail.

>> No.12665420

Name any other group with its members all having more than 1 million subs.

>> No.12665453

It's the rare time where Nijisanji has two 20k streams at the same time.

>> No.12665461

In CCV; yes Gura alone carries (Kronii and Ina aren't that bad tho)
But In SC; Kronii, Sana and Kiara are powerhouses even more so than Gura.
Not to mention Mori's music is the biggest in Hololive (yeah bigger than Suisei's)

>> No.12665463


>> No.12665469

Top 10 niji domination

>> No.12665477

Lol JPfags can't even count.

>> No.12665486

As someone who supports competition and all the benefits that it brings, this saddens me greatly. HoloEN and NijiEN, if they were more even, would likely be more likely to collab and the vtuber scene would be healthier for it. However, Cover was ultimately smarter and luckier than Niji on the EN front, and they reap the rewards for that move to this day, while Niji is forced to play a very, very painful game of catchup.
As a Holofag though, the market domination gladdens me. Its kinda annoying holding these conflicting views.
HAL has the market cornered on Indie Apex vtubing, but outside of that, he's very much 'only' a strong indie vtuber.
Tied recommends. Holo fans are watching it, so it keeps getting recommended to you.

>> No.12665489


>> No.12665501

Seeing as most of EN hardly hit 10k live viewers most streams when the same amount of girls on the JP side do. I'd say that your statement is heavily siding on subs and Gura alone. Don't forget EN including Council and they aren't pulling in big numbers.
Their good but not great and definitely not the all time most successful group of vtubers in all of history from now and beyond.

>> No.12665507

Korone's horror game comes out tomorrow, can't wait to see which one will play it first and if they get the same buff

>> No.12665521

>CCV cope
That's on Susan for cutting EN numbers, they were regularly pulling in 20k every stream before December 2020.

>> No.12665531

i'm more interested of the steam sales and reviews (if it's not immediately get spammed by zhangs).

>> No.12665556

Mori gets the most SC in all of EN fyi.
But still the JP girls are always topping them more then EN do
Still I wouldn't say they are the MOST successful vtuder group. Unless they had the most SC, CCV and subs but they lose out on two of those to the JP's

>> No.12665557

>SC; Kronii, Sana and Kiara are powerhouses even more so than Gura.
You forgot Mori for SC's. But on that same note, I don't think Kronii and Sana are in the same tier as Kiara and Mori in that respect, Kronii was incredibly strong in her first 2 months but her SC numbers have already considerably slowed down, they're still really good, much better than Ame, Ina, Irys or the rest of council, but not quite Kiara/Mori level. (Can't say anything about Sana because she hasn't streamed)

>> No.12665560

we look at their vod views not broken ccv

>> No.12665562

>ultimately smarter and luckier
Or more like just faster (IN->EN->IN doesn't count)

>> No.12665570

No single group beats HoloEN when you look at the average of all those factors, they're the best all-around and that's what makes them the most successful vtubing group in history.

>> No.12665576

mikomio totsu waiting room at 8.8k

>> No.12665582
File: 135 KB, 487x248, image_2021-11-07_193404.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this boomer is so powerful

>> No.12665590

Niji was in a bad spot with EN. Their most EOP friendly talents burned their bridges with the EN audience for reasons that still aren’t clear to me. They needed to build up a fan base ideally before starting an EN branch. But then Cover debuted Myth which became the default EN vtubers. Hololive is big enough and talented/entertaining enough they have a fucking death grip on YT. To grow the EN scene it would require a platform change and/or different content. vshojo basically is slut vtubers on Twitch. Maybe Niji could try to capture the more traditional vtuber audience on Twitch? But for it to work a few real talents are needed: an artist of Ina’s tier, a musician who produces tracks at Mori’s pace, a voice actor with a decent following. Don’t know if they are up for grabs when they could just hold out for the next Cover audition.

>> No.12665592

Being the first to market doesn't neccesarily translate into success, remember they were first to market in KR, ID and IN too and they are all subpar performances

>> No.12665603

Yeah because alot more people were at home watching dumbarse.
Saying CCV cope when they still lose out on SC too. Fucking Sub Cope much faggot

>> No.12665604
File: 486 KB, 840x1216, 1610045562638.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.12665609

Imagine being the two dev working behind chilla's games and get your shitty games promoted to thousands of people for free when a single sponsored stream from a popular holo could go up from 5k to 20k per hour.

>> No.12665615

27k for kuzuha 20min in.
doesnt look like it will reach marine peak
but yes everything looks like mio/miko totsu will take the cake.

>> No.12665626

>Niji losing
>JP vs EN time loop
every fucking time without fail.

>> No.12665630

They should've done the same thing they did with their other branches and had a mixed gender debut, instead they debuted three straight waves of all girls and got seen as being low quality knock off hololive.

>> No.12665634

Anon. You are talking in riddles. Are you referring to units or whole branch??? Because Unit wise Gen3 is still more powerful than Myth CCV, SC and Vod wise. Only Mori and Gura are actually contributing to the vod numbers. Collectively. HoloJP is far more successful overall as a unit with collected CCV, SC, Vod views and Spons.

>> No.12665640

I think 40k might actually be doable

I don't think Kuzuha can beat Marine's 36k

>> No.12665641

this nijidude's male demo is 70% https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qlsCGHatHAk seems like

>> No.12665642

They already were first to (worldwide) market before EN debut though.

>> No.12665643

Botan with 13k talking about the sport festival, yeah, Mio and Miko stream is going to be big

>> No.12665657

>coping so hard they collectively use the entire JP branch of 30+ streamers against EN
If you look at the average numbers EN has better SC, better VODs and are almost equal in CCVs even with the handicap of Susan crippling their live views.

>> No.12665663

>Hallo! I'm Japanese and studying English!
I am making Vtuber translation video
My English is poor so I make many mistakes sorry...
>also a bait channel
to the trash it goes

>> No.12665667
File: 178 KB, 828x438, D766E66F-6ECE-48A4-903C-288A0251E178.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

WHO WOULD WIN, etc etc, king and queen, etc etc, humble princess etc etc

>> No.12665686

I don't know the full context of how the Sports Fest started and who contibuted the most.

But isn't Miko being a little bit greedy?
She got the Main POV then 2 more sports fest related streams are on her channel.
Not to mention those numerous MC Stream she did before the festival.
Mio is too generous.
(Not a Miko Anti btw, i actually love watching her)

>> No.12665691

>using 30+ streamers
That's putting EN at an advantage though you retard

>> No.12665692

So you're blaming the boogeyman just to cope? Average wise doesn't prove your point as numbers were already out. I don't see all EN in the top 11. I think only Gura actually topped in the top 10 for CCV for Oct. SCs are average.

>> No.12665693

Yeah that what I don't get are theu talking about the whole branch or just the gens alot of cherry picking I see just so they can try and claim
>Gura best vtuber of all time no dead subs!
Gen 3 has better numbers its only Flare that falls flat abit, unlike Myth who has all but Gura fluctuate, hell I won't even go into Council

>> No.12665704

They were first in the EN market too kek
HoloEN debuted around September

>> No.12665715

You may be lost anon, this is the numbers thread and your post only has one (1) mention of a number

>> No.12665719

>when there's a main nijisanji channel hogging all the views for koshien

>> No.12665723

Numbers don't lie and the numbers show that EN CCVs were halved ever since December 2020, any of their current live views should be doubled to get the correct figure.

>> No.12665725
File: 27 KB, 911x505, 1634382495291.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12665738

Nobody wants to manage the fest.
Marine even refused to be the cameraman of red b

>> No.12665739

>the numbers show
show it then.

>> No.12665744

the official subtitles on the original video literally shows 7割くらいは男性 retard

>> No.12665747

Anon. Everyone's numbers were affected and yet JPs still performed with a handicap. EN is not special.

>> No.12665748
File: 129 KB, 1920x991, 1630170927854.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dead subs thats why.

>> No.12665749

2M in 2 months.

>> No.12665750

Fuck this faggot's channel
People tell him to stop because his translations suck ass, he baits like crazy, and his clips led to misunderstandings, but he doesn't give a fuck

>> No.12665757

>Nijisanji english channel

The fuck is this?

Hologra uploaded 3 hours ago got 300k views already compared to that

>> No.12665763


This was few days after they made the EN channel.

>> No.12665770

It is connected to numbers tho.
Miko got tons of SCs and her freaking VOD are stacked.
In CCV, she got a freaking 36k Peak Average.

Mio however...
She barely got anything
(Again, i'm no Miko Anti fgs)

>> No.12665775

JPs saw a very minor drop, ENs were halved, stop trying to retcon what actually happened.

>> No.12665781
File: 74 KB, 828x204, 2F13905D-F289-4824-A15C-C2D0A6DA193A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Where did this stream come from? Too strong and I didn’t even know it would happen

>> No.12665785

Prove it, with numbers, as you said.

>> No.12665788

You don't really know what goes behind the scenes. You don't know if they are actually splitting the SCs for this streams. What I know is that Korone once asked her Manager to buy Risu her miniature. Shion asked her manager to buy her Disney Tickets for her. So you can imagine that the management are able to move funds from one hand to another.

>> No.12665791

$1/ccv per hour is very rough guideline though Hololive has engagement metrics that are insane so they could probably get more. Hell they have a fanbase that will buy shitty merch they have to wait a year for. So Pekora/Gura/Marine would cost even more than that!

>> No.12665794

guerrilla mario party

>> No.12665801

Why is there a sudden JP-EN baits? Falseflaggets hiding that nijikeks might lose again today?

>> No.12665808

Mio don’t really care about numbers in that sense while Miko does, I can easily see Mio yielding to Miko to boost her.
About SC tho, there is no telling how they split it on the backstage.

>> No.12665812

It's called bakatare circus Mario Party collab...
At least click on the link if you don't know what's happening.
Not hard to understand why a 4-person Mario party collab would get these numbers.

>> No.12665814

too few overlaps happening guarantees good numbers for everyone
marine has 32k
botan has 13.5k
collab has 24.5k

>> No.12665815

Yeah we were too focused on Miko and Marine lmao

Miko/Mio is gonna be strong but it will face lots of overlaps. 40k might be very hard

>> No.12665831

My surprise was more on the scheduling, was it announced previously?

>> No.12665836

It was cut in half because EN didn't really stream as much as they should half way. They also chose to play debuffing games. Gura for one never did a karaoke in public consistently. There were significant gaps thus the lower Averages.

>> No.12665848

holos are constantly getting collabs with literally every jp conbini kek

>> No.12665863

forgot to link https://twitter.com/shirakamifubuki/status/1457326718792966147

>> No.12665868

That's just the way Mio is dude. I'm certain that if Mio wanted to be more prominent in the whole thing and asked, Miko would likely have no real issue. Also, consider that Miko also takes the brunt of any criticism if anything goes south. Those who are willing to put themselves out there and take on more risk are rewarded with mroe Reward. Mio's always been more of a 'support' type, and it's an invaluable thing to have in any org.
That's just Bakatare Circus, a group of 4 hags enjoying themselves playing games together.

>> No.12665869
File: 684 KB, 2400x1440, 1635708492124.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Keep coping JPfag

>> No.12665874

>But In SC; Kronii, Sana and Kiara are powerhouses even more so than Gura.
It's waaaay too early to say that, maybe for Kronii but Sana we don't have nearly enough data for, Gura's low superchats were a bit of a meme before but she's really grown in that regard and isn't that far behind Kiara for the year

>> No.12665875

All it takes is one retard saying something stupid like "____ is the strongest vtuber gen ever" to get anons cherrypicking numbers from both sides and arguing over semantics.
I've learned to just ignore it and let the retards fight it out.
They're called timeloops for a reason.

>> No.12665878

The sportsfes was her idea and she worked on the sportsfes the most, she deserves it.

>> No.12665879

They have been collabing with Lawson for quite awhile now.

>> No.12665882

This proves nothing though retard

>> No.12665899

You can't even follow the colored lines and see how much more EN dropped huh retard

>> No.12665917

they pay per unique viewers, not ccv

>> No.12665919

Lawson loves collabing with vtubers man. They've collabed with NijiJP as well.
On the talk of merch collabs...
Those plushies though....fuck me I have to wait until April, but Suisei...Aqua...you WILL be MINE. Gods, could you imagine how much of an issue a Gura plushie would cause?

>> No.12665921

And this is supposed to prove that Susan culled half of EN's CCV how?
Go rope yourself.

>> No.12665923

This timeloop of JP-EN is hilarious kek, did any corpos underperform today, that make flase flaggers seethe?

>> No.12665938

I see bot views and dead subs cumbucket

>> No.12665939

>a group of 4 hags
You mean Watame is a hag? Damn i love her even more.
I'll forgive her for cockblocking Pekora on winning top1 the other day

>> No.12665942

Dokuhonsha B4B numbers 1 hour in:
Kuzuha: 28k
Yashiro: 10k
Honma: 5k
Dola: 2.7k
Total: 45k which is around what a single POV would've gotten for a neutral game like B4B.

Doesn't seem like Kuzuha is beating Marine or Kanata today, let alone Miko's totsu.

>> No.12665950

Cuz Miko Totsu is looking to win the day even with anniversary collab buff for Nijisanji.

>> No.12665954

They didn't magically drop in December for no reason you fucking retard, but keep coping, anyone with more than a single braincell will know to double HoloEN live views to get the accurate figure.

>> No.12665959

Every contract is different. Some are structured in views, some on ccv, some on unique views. Botan mentioned after the ccv cut one of her sponsors restructured an incentive for her since that was one of their metrics

>> No.12665963



>> No.12665967

Not double. But about 1.3x seems fair.

>> No.12665968

I heard shes mid 30's I was surprised and harden when I found out

>> No.12665971

>dead subs cope
t. seething Nijinigger.

>> No.12665976

>definitely Susan's culling
Take a look in the mirror.

>> No.12666010

stop replying to the schizo

>> No.12666013

I don’t know what exactly you’re trying to prove but that chart shows three things happening prior to the CCV cut

1) the peak of Hololive popularity and name recognition due to a series of factors
>Coco becoming #1 most superchatted
>Miko return
>PekoMoona MC arc / PekoMom arc
>Gen5 and EN debut
2) the duration and the end of HoloEN “debut buff”, which was already showing signs of abatement
3) the change in the algorithm

I can make that same chart per week instead of per month and you would see a recline on the EN side starting mid November, which explains why the drop from EN was, at face value, larger than for JP.

>> No.12666030

totsu 22k waiting

>> No.12666045
File: 9 KB, 246x250, mikoglass.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Miko 22k waiting 22:00 jst

>> No.12666048

Isn't it still an hour away?

>> No.12666066
File: 33 KB, 838x214, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.12666073

No its supposed to start now.

>> No.12666074

holy shit, 30k waiting.

>> No.12666081

Holy shit. Uhhh. May have underestimated this one.

>> No.12666100

And Marine just finished the game. I think it''s time for some illegal view funneling.

>> No.12666105

Unfortunately for Botan, she started her stream early and holostats didn't adjust in time so her peak was missed (13k).

People are leaving now since they wanted to hear her talk about the MC Sports Fes more than watching her play COD Vanguard.
Holostat's peak is 11k, which isn't too far from the actual peak tho.

>> No.12666107

>niji 3D mogged again

>> No.12666113
File: 591 KB, 1416x1526, spamviewers.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

do your reps next time

>> No.12666125

Miko mogging Niji on a "sure win" yet again.

Someone stop this baby.

>> No.12666142

Miko was actually looking for someone to host the Sports Fest this year because she wanted to participate. No one wanted the job so she ended up hosting again. She asked Mio to help her out this year and Mio agreed. Subaru is rarely mention but she contributed a lot as well.

>> No.12666166

damn 31k 5 minutes in

>> No.12666176

Everyone predicted Miko was winning today once we learned it was a Minecraft Totsu.

>> No.12666197

can Miko get the overall #1 in jp streams for the second time in a row? jun is at 70k

>> No.12666200

I hope Hololive gets a talent that's more willing to host this super large events.

The downside of hiring the kinds of Hololive hire is that a lot of them are too autistic to handle this much responsibility.

>> No.12666213

That explains the EN schizo.

>> No.12666214

Holo strong today.

>> No.12666215

stop shilling shit channels retard

>> No.12666233

was it because their trash POV number that holoENfags starting to shit on JP holos?
or coping nijinigger?

>> No.12666236

Hey you want to tard wrangle like 40-50 women some of whom can’t speak JP across like six time zones of varying levels of mental illness? And deal with their psychos fanbases? Or do you want to just goof off and play Minecraft with your friends?

>> No.12666239

I don't know exactly what you are trying to say here but it seems to agree with what I perceived
>in different % for each channel
is a correct statement. Trying to extrapolate that to
>EN was double the effect of other branches
based on that chart at >>12665869 is what I disagree because that chart does not show that.

>> No.12666241

I wasn't expecting the quiz stream to go for this long.

>> No.12666247

41k and going. it's a rap ya all. Go to bed nijifucks.

>> No.12666266

when in doubt it's a nijinigger

>> No.12666273

Have nijis killed your parents or something?

>> No.12666283

>He says to the non-existent Nijifans in the thread

>> No.12666297
File: 395 KB, 925x748, 9173537282.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.12666299

>47k and on her way to kill sutopuri male idols too

>> No.12666300

Hololive fanbase is a hugbox allergic to comparisons. It's likely a Nijinigger.

>> No.12666328

the latter

>> No.12666334

Keep trying my dude I'm sure if you gaslight hard enough people might actually believe it

>> No.12666337

>blame the falseflaggers boogeyman

>> No.12666358

king what about your silver today

>> No.12666364

holy fuck 50k

>> No.12666369

Miko stop, you'll even kill the faggot princes at this rate.

>> No.12666377

Marine game ends, viewer funneling

>> No.12666378
File: 12 KB, 571x141, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The Korean invasion's effect on full display. Mori just throw them a bone with a Duolingo stream and it's finished.

>> No.12666379

The same fanbase that rushed Fubuki's chat to inform her that Gura just beat her to 1 million subs?

>> No.12666393

youve been saying that for 20 minutes, yet shes still live

>> No.12666395

I kneel holobros

>> No.12666401

Not really ive seen alot of hololive fans(EN/JP) who argue about this on YT comments or in Reddit.

>> No.12666406

So you're assuming those "nijiniggers" keep creating retarded and bait holo threads in catalogue too? Just acknowledge that your fanbase have cancerous fans as well.

>> No.12666415

Sure whatever you say nijinigger

>> No.12666423

Did Marine finish the game yet? She reading SC now

>> No.12666428

Kek, are you going to post about Iofi and amogus now? That poor rrat is so old and abused now, please let it rest.

>> No.12666432

I accept your concession

>> No.12666433

Lol, you guys think Pekora is seething at Miko's Numbers?

>> No.12666434

Miko nearing 60k

>> No.12666443

One day, you'll learn you don't need to be a nijinigger to be a holo anti looking to stir shit
Nijifags aren't hanging out in /#/ on a day they're getting their shit kicked in.

>> No.12666450
File: 183 KB, 1200x957, 1625731727445.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Seeing how many comments on the clips from the latest Kanata and Towa collab are about Irys being their kid, just makes me wonder how much numbers it would happen if they finally get a collab with her and lean into that as lore instead of denying it.

>> No.12666457

game to zatsu, and i don't know about your boogeyman

>> No.12666463

Not really.

>> No.12666471

>let's pretend it never happened and blame it all on nijinigs
Okay man

>> No.12666474

Your thinking too small. A collab stream with either Ina or Kronii leaning Korean so you have someone bilingual to interact with chat and make fun of the learner. Mori would be good but Gura or Ame arguably better. Kiara already has a bizarrely large Korean following I think because she can read and speak some very basic Korean combined with her Superchat sucking aura.

>> No.12666491

nah, she's ok

>> No.12666495

No. They made up now and she also probably will call in to this totsu

>> No.12666500

Okay nijinigger

>> No.12666512

>male (female) idols

>> No.12666518

can't wait for lolirys

>> No.12666522

>So you're assuming those "nijiniggers" keep creating retarded and bait holo threads in catalogue too?
Yes, unlike holofans who are spread all over the place Nijiniggers are pretty much all here

>> No.12666527

this, I hate anykara but I'm not a holofag myself

>> No.12666535

That Holostars plushies exist but no EN or at least Myth plushies exist is a crime. Gura plushies would sell like crazy.

>> No.12666573

Don't worry, nijiniggers that live in your head rent free won't hurt you.

>> No.12666576

Quite a number of them could lead the event but they probably wanted to participate more. A-chan could have done it if she wasn't busy I guess... maybe Omega could if they know japanese and finally shows up.

>> No.12666577


>> No.12666590


>> No.12666597
File: 271 KB, 981x668, 1609625646331.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12666625
File: 188 KB, 773x794, 1635908582206.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The temgura or the dinosaur Gura plushies would sold out in a flash

>> No.12666655

I think with Miko, sort of like Haachama, she’s such a dork you forget she’s one of the OG Holos and is actually senior to almost everyone. Some newcomer is going to have a hard time approaching and engaging all the talents. Going from indie, to Holo, then trying to rope Ayame, Aqua, etc into a mega collab? Kiara’s about the only other Holo who has a prayer of doing something like that after a year of building connections. I feel like Aqua would literally run away if she met the 5’7” Amazon in person

>> No.12666666

Pack your silly collab nijibro, and enjoy silver king again

>> No.12666667

nijitrash status?

>> No.12666684
File: 209 KB, 1920x1080, 1614655243255.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

At least they got the mascots... and Ina had to design them.

>> No.12666687


>> No.12666703

65k. It's still rising. Maybe it will spike if Pekora shows up

>> No.12666705


>> No.12666721
File: 101 KB, 810x450, 1616118493598.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Based digits.

>> No.12666723

Man, these are cute and all, but its just...not the same as a plush of the actual talent.
Also, MIKO PLS. This mogging is too brutal.

>> No.12666736

saw 66k for a bit, but it suddenly drops to 65k

>> No.12666758

Cumbuckets aren't hololive fans.
They dont watch another stream not even collab stream with Gura
Their faggot pedo burgers.

>> No.12666760

Hmm. I actually like the mascot plushies you could argue testing the water with these before making a big push with vtuber plushies makes sense. I’ll say it again, Guras simple kid friendly design is perfect for merch. You could give a kid a Dino Gura or Gura tempura and it would just be a cute doll, it would totally hide your power level

>> No.12666763

Thank Ollie

>> No.12666772

NijiEN fags should never be considered to be Niji fans. they are mostly holobronies tourist/migrants that are completely ignorant about the main branch or any other branches for that matter.
They are a fan of Niji as much as a crackers teaching English in Japan is a Japanese. that is, not at all

>> No.12666819

that niji 3d collab couldn't beat KanaTowa, they've fallen

>> No.12666833

And nijiniggers prove they are niggers yet again

>> No.12666841


>> No.12666846

should be fine, Marine and Fubuki are still online, they can bump 10k

>> No.12666858

Can it be considered koshien-number levels if somehow Holofest 3 made an hour long free part for their numbers?

>> No.12666869

66k now.

>> No.12666870

This amount of trashtalking reminds me of the time where OP pic was still numbers related.
Good times. not.

>> No.12666875

Imagine if Marine and FBK end their streams now if these numbers are not crazy enough

>> No.12666886

IF,and big IF, there's a Coco Cameo-return for it, and that part is in the free part, yes.

>> No.12666893

pekora won't, she went to sleep
mario party collab ending soon so number can still go up

>> No.12666928

that shit did happen and is a reason why i hate globalfags to this day
you are welcome to become less new but sadly your faggotry is terminal

>> No.12666939

Why are Nijiniggers mad?

>> No.12666974

OP pic still has a big influence on what kind of posters that drop by on the thread, its why you have people take the pics here and make their own threads about it instead of keeping the discussion here.

>> No.12666988

Anon? Nobody ever denied that some seaniggers spammed Fubuki. Hell, they still do it to this day for other reasons.

>> No.12666995
File: 17 KB, 710x156, 1629327573456.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12667007

Hololive, i want a JP6 please, i want to see more stars created in their respective gen. I'm so excited what JP6 might bring, please Hololive, do it after you create ID3 and HoloEN3

>> No.12667034

>if it's on twitch, she'd be the highest CCV'ed streamer at the moment

>> No.12667037

Their huge 3D collab got BTFO by Marine and now gets mogged by Miko totsu

>> No.12667040

those were nijiniggers

>> No.12667061

This but unironically

>> No.12667064

>Following Gibara's new Vtuber channel
>She starts doing face cam stuff

Well, at least she looks good

>> No.12667072

They thought they had a win for sure today , with a big collab in 3D and a dokuzuhonsha collab on their 3rd anniversary but now they are not even getting the bronze.

>> No.12667074
File: 269 KB, 968x669, 1620911345957.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>call ends just before 70K

>> No.12667088

they probably were seaniggers.
dosen't change the fact that they also were shitty chumbuds

>> No.12667092

Sadge I didn't save the link to her channel and it's all moon runes so its impossible to type

>> No.12667094

So why did she and Lulu leave nijisanji again?

>> No.12667102

The link, brother. I forgot the name.

If it wasn't a split pov, they would've won. But b4b is good on split.

>> No.12667112

decreased a bit after anya joined vc

>> No.12667117

Marine or someone please join, now it's dropped to 67k, because some SEAtrash joined the totsu

>> No.12667122

Look at this grumpy face nijinigger oh nyo

>> No.12667135

Okay? Are you going to point out every seanigger who is also a fan of other ENs like the doxxbeats to prove some kind of point?

>> No.12667142

>3D collab on their ccv queen Lize channel
>star collab partner such as the great Chin man and Poop lady Moto
Mogged by humble pink woman

>> No.12667146

They saw Manjisanji and got out while they can.

>> No.12667168

>they would've won.
Naw, even adding all the POVs together, it's not close to Miko's totsu. Their current numbers are lower than this post now.

>> No.12667169

to be fair the biggest twitch streamers are all western and asleep right now

>> No.12667172
File: 1.22 MB, 1920x1080, FDl-k3RUUAYc4Mi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Blue archive
>Yostar & Nexon
It's a good thing Blue archive isn't under a chink publisher or something or they wouldn't get the permissions for the game. It's sponsored too.

>> No.12667174

Niji is unironically a black company. Why do you think bullying is prevalent?

>> No.12667176

>If it wasn't a split pov, they would've won.
What a cope and you know Miko is getting almost 70k.

>> No.12667181

they should know their place, killed the mood

>> No.12667198

oh nyo the nijinigger is trying to pit JP vs EN/ID again

>> No.12667200

Lulu's reason for leaving are clear, and its that she didn't want to be forced to take a break every fucking time some stalker bullshit came up. Niji rightfully wanted the police and courts to take that sorta shit seriously, and as part of that they request livers be on leave to indicate to the police that 'hey, this person's work is being affected by this shit, please deal with it seriously'.
Lulu didn't want to have to keep taking breaks, so she graduated over it.
GIb, claims to have left for VA opportunities. Don't know if they've panned out or not or if she's just in-between jobs right now, but she's back and got 'hate' over coming back the way she did (EOP, I don't know specifics beyond this).

>> No.12667203
File: 47 KB, 386x326, 1635779850079.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12667214

Baelz is chink tho so if anyone could do it she can

>> No.12667216

Even adding them all it won't beat Miko's numbers.

>> No.12667225

global one is handled by nexon kr directly, yostar only published jp one

>> No.12667228

wrong kind of chink anon

>> No.12667236

>studying korean
it's over...

>> No.12667253

Baelz is actually (here).

>> No.12667262

Yostar is alright, but my god their ads are fucking cancer (WTF are those Azur Lane commercials bro?)
Oh, Korean studying stream? Gonna keep an eye on that one for KR SC numbers. 2 standard break days + One recording day. Lighter schedule this week for Bae.

>> No.12667276

based queen of rats

>> No.12667299

totsu ccv dropping now, its boring as shit they shouldve just done a normal totsu that wouldve kept climbing

>> No.12667321

Why does everyone here think that having a little bit of Korean clips means they are popular in Korea? News flash, no one cares.

>> No.12667347

Because the same thing happened with EN?

>> No.12667348

I'm still not convinced that lulu graduated because of breaks, that's fucking weak for an excuse. Even if she can't stream she can still pump out voicepacks, or continuing her radio show with lize.

>> No.12667361

>a little bit
It's okay anon, i'm sure NijiKR will take off someday.

>> No.12667369


>> No.12667371

It's more to do with the quality of the guests dropping by.

>> No.12667376


>> No.12667403

man when will these indo trash leave the call

>> No.12667419

nah its more because theyre just fucking around without any idea what theyre gonna do for the stream kek

>> No.12667423

Don't ask me, that's all she was willing to say and I'm not one to go off spinning new rrats off of ill-conceived notions that have little to no basis on reality. She stated her reasons, and if people want to not believe them, well, what can one do? To be fair we don't know the full specifics of what those 'breaks' entailed. If they were full cessation of ANY activity, then that's pretty harsh and would cause her to be unable to do voice packs OR the radio show in the meantime.

>> No.12667430

>GIb, claims to have left for VA opportunities.
but that's retarded, if she could stream right now while persuing them she could've done the same while working for nijisanji, hell there are nijis that haven't streamed in months, and she herself wasn't exactly active before her graduation either.

>> No.12667436

Add this to the nijicope list.

>> No.12667455

And how's that different from your regular totsu where people just call in and chat about random stuff? The numbers are dropping because the guests aren't a big draw, that's it.

>> No.12667457


1) Marine (Hololive) - 34.7k - Karaoke
2) Pekora (Hololive) - 42.5 - Minecraft (Sport fest prep)
3) Chronoir (Nijisanji) - 48.9k - Announcement
4) Pekora (Hololive) - 36.4k - Rhythm Heaven
5) Luis Cammy (Nijisanji) - 39.4k - 3D Debut
6) Miko (Hololive) - 81.5k - Minecraft Sports Fest
7) Miko (Hololive) - 69.7k - Sport Fest Totsu

>> No.12667459

man I hate nijiniggers so much

>> No.12667484

Nah totsu like this usually rely on guest more than what they are doing.

>> No.12667489

Holy cope

>> No.12667499

Ironically, Hololive has better career options in being a VA because of their upcoming game and hologra

>> No.12667515

no support from the company to actually do what she wants, streaming

>> No.12667528

>5) Luis Cammy (Nijisanji) - 39.4k - 3D Debut
Beatable day. Hololive why

>> No.12667561

The management did good not to make it on a sunday instead or they'll meet with another miko totsu

>> No.12667571

>but she's back and got 'hate' over coming back the way she did
man I hate bootlickers so much

>> No.12667572

stop defending low quality members even if you are the same indo

no one is interested in ollie, she's trash

>> No.12667592

Miko can recover from the ID debuff when they leaves the VC, don't stop the count!!!

>> No.12667657

The numbers say otherwise

>> No.12667662

how is nijiID doing nijinigger?

>> No.12667664
File: 2.64 MB, 780x540, video4.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

can't beat the 3D tits

>> No.12667694

IRyS and Soda to the rescue!!
I can see IRyS would be the only EN on call..

>> No.12667706

Indeed, ccv drops whenever she joins JP vc

>> No.12667747
File: 14 KB, 552x95, 1608777721604.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Speaking of which...

>> No.12667755

I'm really interested in what Cover will do next year. Obviously there will be a new gen next yeat, and probably a non-JP 3D debut if we're lucky. There might be some new news regarding their "game". As of right now, I feel like Cover is in a possition to keep a lot of their hype going if they play it right next year.

>> No.12667801

>retard didn't know Miko hit 69k after Ollie called in

>> No.12667833

>faggot indo not watching stream

>> No.12667842
File: 297 KB, 987x919, stacked day.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What a stacked couple of days

>> No.12667843

>ID/EN trash calls in
>5k viewership drop
>Sora calls in
>2k and growing
couldn't be more obvious

>> No.12667875

If you were watching, then you'll know I'm right nigger.
Check the archive later and cope, retard

>> No.12667897

>ENvsJP didn't work
>let's try IDvsJP
It's too obvious.

>> No.12667924

>63388 now
>literally lower now than when Ollie and Anya were speaking
Retards like you shouldn't be allowed to post

>> No.12667946

I hate last samurais so fucking much

>> No.12667962

I'm watching retarded indo trash

>> No.12667991

What if Pomu, Elira & Finana joined nijiEN in the hopes for a collab with HoloJP or HoloEN? How do they feel being cockblocked by omegatranny?

>> No.12667996

So you're either fucking blind or fucking retarded.
Likely both.
Check the archive later and cope faggot.

>> No.12668002

>a little bit

>> No.12668032

Kuzukek's Vampire cover

1st hour: 145k
2nd hour: 245k (+100k)
3rd hour: 515k (+270k)
4th hour: 647k (+132k)
5th hour: 740k (+93k)
6th hour: 822k (+82k)
7th hour: 890k (+68k)
8th hour: 936k (+46k)
8h20m: 948k (+12k) (600 views/min; -21%)
8h40m: 957k (+9k) (450 views/min; -25%)
9h00m: 964k (+7k) (350 views/min; -22%)
9h20m: 970k (+6k) (300 views/min; -14%)
9h40m: 976.9k (+6.9k) (345 views/min; +15%)
10h00m: 981.1k (+4.2k) (210 views/min;-39%)
10h20m: 984.5k (+3.4k) (170 views/min;-19%)
10h40m: 987.6k (+3.1k) (155 views/min;-9%)
11h00m: 990.9k (+3.3k) (165 views/min;+3%)
11h20m: 994.9k (+4.0k) (200 views/min;+17%)
11h30m: 997.0k (+2.1k) (210 views/min;+5%)

Hours to 1 million views

Kuzuha - Vampire -> 11h44hm @ 210 view/minute

Gura - Reflect -> 10h29min
Caligula -> King 11h36m

>> No.12668046


This channel, is one of the many KR Hololive clippers out there, that's right, a peek of Hololive's potential.

>> No.12668048

agree, most likely EN/ID's debut will happen next year

>> No.12668057

>ccv keeps falling even now
stop coping, your indo blood is trash

>> No.12668061
File: 13 KB, 495x151, Trash without tourney.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.12668090

The only HoloEN who even notices them is Kiara lol.

They never had a chance for a collab in the first place unless management forces the girls to collab with them.

>> No.12668098
File: 1.44 MB, 1897x1158, niji decline.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.12668136

Mori actually responded to Eli and Fina before
she tends to like their replies to her tweets too
she also followed some of the PLs, like Pomu and Enna

>> No.12668139

how did the recent chronoir one do?

>> No.12668141

>doing way better than Botan
Looks like a win for the King

>> No.12668151

>inferior foreign branch
>hopes for a collab with HoloJP

>> No.12668153

Wrong continent kek, but that doesn't change the FACT that Miko hit her peak after the IDs joined.
So you're retarded and wrong.

>> No.12668154


EN vs JP bait stops working.

Proceeds to ID vs JP bait instead.

>> No.12668175

Too pathetic to post

>> No.12668187

back to 2019 levels
>niji male
back to pre-koshien 2020
>niji women
all-time low

>> No.12668204
File: 66 KB, 641x181, 54564154.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.12668210

200k in a day

>> No.12668250

Worse than Yoi Yoi no Yoi and heading towards the route of Contrail. If this too fails to get 1m views in a month, nijiniggers can never post anything music related again since their king cannot get views if it's not a meme cover.

>> No.12668253
File: 562 KB, 1164x1093, 1635721944456.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12668265
File: 43 KB, 992x91, 15112135.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.12668272

as usual, bat relies on already popular songs for views, that it doesn't work on originals

>> No.12668359

Slow and Steady anon doko ?

>> No.12668375
File: 12 KB, 687x102, 23.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In other news, Mori's new song with Boogey Voxx might hit 800k today at the 7 day mark.

>> No.12668388

Recent Kiara clip has more views than recent Kronii clip

>> No.12668391

>niji-female lower than their numbers at the start
Too many female deadweights

>> No.12668467

It's not that they added "female deadweight" as much as they cut out their female heavy hitters

>> No.12668479

Still good for her metrics right?
Still proves that collabing with someone that is not holo is a debuff

>> No.12668530

Oh yeah Lulu and gibara were two of their bigger hits

>> No.12668559

It will hit 1m views around or under 10 days, which is even better than Stellar Stellar at 12.5 days. Unless a song of her completely flops in some way, 10 days 1m views is her floor right now which is ridiculous by vtuber standard.

>> No.12668567
File: 11 KB, 581x101, 634.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, still pretty good.
Especially considering the song barely features Mori anyways.
Looks like it's more to showcase Boogey Voxx on her channel.
The song with Mori on their channel is one of their most viewed as well.
They were also two of the biggest EOP entry vtubers to Nijisanji.

>> No.12668616

Didn't this come out along with a bunch of Halloween themed music? How are all of those faring again?

>> No.12668691

Crown is doing very well >>12668567
The Baddest did worse than I thought, but it should hit 1m views in the time range of Moona's Villain which is 20 days
Myth or Treat is doing exceptionally well.
OKFAMS Monster is doing like expected for a high profile collab.

>> No.12668720
File: 36 KB, 685x399, 314.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here is EN's stats.

>> No.12668792

Hachaama made a yab in the form of a face leak. I wish I didn't see that one. She's cute though, but It broke my immersion of her being a cute sister to Ame.

>> No.12668869

>enter subaru
Miko is climbing again.

>> No.12668877

I have seen too many holo faces thanks to yt algo and the face in thumbnail

>> No.12668919

kek, if that's how you felt it was for your own good then.
Haachama is Haachama, whoever her VA is is whoever her VA is. They're a package deal (as upd8 learned the hard way) but it doesn't change the fact the cute big boobed blonde is one thing and whoever is behind the avatar is a different thing.

>> No.12668921

What's her number? Or are you in the wrong thread faggot

>> No.12668923
File: 785 KB, 820x1465, 1633539552427.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>flipchuuba very good
>She can sing, meme, 100k subs indie
>Very good catch by Niji
>She will be the Coco of NijiEN!!
>She will make NijiEN popular with memes!!!!

>> No.12669048 [DELETED] 
File: 7 KB, 54x132, 4651.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Must be a newfag

>> No.12669068

New Miko peak any moment now

>> No.12669075

Kiara has a decent Korean following, I remember a breakdown of anniversary stream superchats and Kiara had a ton of Korean SC's. (Don't have it on me though)

>> No.12669082

Thanks, numberbros.

>> No.12669089

Subaru joining has been bringing the numbers back to 69k, feels like it could break 70k any minute now.

>> No.12669192

marine please join

>> No.12669204

Based duck, breaking the ID debuff field

>> No.12669286

Whelp looks like they are ending and day is almost over, needs a last minute appearance of Pekora or Marine to bring it to 70k.

>> No.12669301

Why are holomen living rent-free in chinese heads?

>> No.12669309

Noooo they're ending. SEA trash joined in too early and that made the viewers dropped too early as well

>> No.12669319

thought the world will not progress without them

>> No.12669373

Because they live better than before without them

>> No.12669400

The ones running the spam bots are just a small group of chinks. Youtube just hasn't bothered to implement their anti-bot feature that Fubuki and Coco had globally.

>> No.12669447

desu they're so few nowadays its just that they use bots to make it look like they're still alot

>> No.12669468
File: 398 KB, 1012x718, 64.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

At least they got an Elite number.

>> No.12669491

The 10 retards that thinks that Fubuki actually "betrayed" them kek.

>> No.12669542
File: 41 KB, 965x290, 1623495235378.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mori broke the 200M views barrier. Gura to follow soon enough if she remembers to stream on her own channel for once (last stream was oct 30). Fubuki still has a very respectable view rate but will likely be overtaken soon.

>> No.12669543

Holobronies coping with their "daily wins" because their "biggest event of the year" can't beat Koshien's 200k CCV rumao rumao

>> No.12669546

That Onion ASS, was just exceptional, literally SSS-tier. It'd be living on my head rent free too if the West and Japan gets to hog that ASS for themselves.

>> No.12669570

I know this had been a topic for the billionth time, but what would happen to nijiEN wave 1-3 if the male wave drops? Take a look at one of the first male corpo chuuba's debut.

>> No.12669620

If Mori keeps releasing songs on her channel even the rabbit will fall some day in total VOD views seeing how she's at Pekora's level already. Counting topic views is an illegal boost for this comparison but I'll allow it.

>> No.12669629


nice try i guess?

>> No.12669647
File: 29 KB, 675x548, 4651.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

thanks for the last minute clutch, MioMiko

>> No.12669652

nijibros... sure...you win...
you need to see a doctor...

>> No.12669660

>biggest event of the year"
You mean Coco's graduation?

>> No.12669668


>> No.12669673

Heavily depends on how they interact and who they get for wave 4.
If they're pretty respectable friends and just that, shouldn't be an issue. If they're all flirty? 25/75 split on gachikoi abandonment/nothing happens.
I'd bet they didn't manage to land an S+ tier talent, that seems very unlikely so the wave will be okayish? but probably won't be anything groundbreaking.

>> No.12669717

Damn that's a nice achievement she got, Do they get any money from this though?

>> No.12669721

yes the onion is exceptional. my oshi for a reason. the problem is schizos who think she is against them when in reality she couldnt care less about politics

>> No.12669744

Maybe monitoring Tsunderia might be a good way to predict how an all male wave 4 joining NijiEn will affect the first 3 waves then?

>> No.12669748
File: 91 KB, 185x347, 9651.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pegora, I DARE YOU

>> No.12669766

One of them is a Tamaki situation and the other is gay (probably).
I don’t really think it’s a good comparison.

>> No.12669775

We already have an idea on one of the members and their most popular song covers have about 5 million views. Over 200k subs and they talk nijisanji en all the time of twitter.

>> No.12669780

okayu 13k right berfore 12 am

>> No.12669794

Oh shit Kuzuha might have competition then

>> No.12669797
File: 53 KB, 813x90, poi.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Okayu getting like 4k viewers right when Mikomio ends, nice. Botan peak in holostats is wrong tho, she got 13k early in the stream

>> No.12669808

I don't think so, Mori needs her songs just to keep up with the others on that list, she would need a couple of absolutely huge record breaking songs just to begin to close the gap with Pekora. Marine is also up there with Pekora, her monthly views right now are lower only because of her recent break.

>> No.12669843


>> No.12669844

I don't know about that. A male NijiEn will most likely answer what the fujofags in HoloStars have been clamoring about a HoloStarsEN. If however though they do not perform better than any girls or do worse then that only answers the running virtue signaling BS that they have been talking about.

>> No.12669865

Micra buff, guest buff. Couldn’t even reach 70k. hololive is reclining…

>> No.12669920


>> No.12669922


>> No.12669939

I think at most there will be 1 breakout in wave 4.
If the girls flirt with the guys it’s gonna most likely kill some of their gachis.
They tried the whole “tee tee yuri” shit early on to test the waters.

>> No.12669955

Slow and steady

to hell?

>> No.12669956

If they interact a lot there would be a serious case of abandonment

Every fucking time

>> No.12669969

Stop replying to schizo
Just post numbers and let them cope

>> No.12669998

Jesus they’re in free fall.
Kuzuha really was propping up Nijisanji.
Mito has been greatly underperforming on the female side as well.

>> No.12669999
File: 203 KB, 1672x424, 1621613005569.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The new king of holo fan animations.

>> No.12670008

Then they at least stand a fighting chance, but honest to gods what they need out of the male wave is to be interesting+entertaining. It's going to be hard, IMO in the west opting for a vtuber avatar over irl streaming is a debuff, so best of luck...

>> No.12670060

I don't know about that. I don't see any breakout star in wave 4.

>> No.12670085

*wave 3

>> No.12670136

And Nijisanji has to hold multiple tournaments and events to boost his numbers otherwise he might sub 20k.
He's a trash king without tourneys after all

>> No.12670138

>Just post numbers
but....his post is 100% numbers

>> No.12670148

I noticed that NijiEN is trying to turn Tazumi into a Yagoo like meme.
Wonder how that will work out, personally I always felt it was too forced since he tries to be cool/funny while Yagoo is just an old guy that people like.

>> No.12670154

Well that’s a waste of digits

>> No.12670189

Rikkun has always been a meme - even before Yagoo.

>> No.12670199

Sasuga Hololive Lite

>> No.12670249

now post hololive's graph too holobronies
they're most likely reclining as well

>> No.12670282

Disgusting Copycat

>> No.12670362

Sora is Ai's copycat anyway.

>> No.12670421

Perhaps, but not anywhere near to the extent 'Yagoo' ended up (and much of that is off the back of the talents, especailly Subaru), even more so in the eyes of the EN market.
To someone who isn't familiar with NijiJP, it just looks...forced? Desperate? Unseemly?
HoloJP dropped, but has stabilized.
HoloEN dropped as a whole, but the fact that they DOUBLED their roster means that the drop is made up by an overall increase. Still a drop, but one that is more than made up by the increase in ovearll CCV, unlike NijiEN who seems to have just shuffled the numbers around and kept around the same cap.

>> No.12670466

HoloJP and EN both inclined in September and October.

>> No.12670595

I remember more than a year ago some nijiniggers from reddit said he prefer Niji over Holo because it has no memes now it fucking filled with memes
Post the graph chud

>> No.12670630
File: 1.30 MB, 1200x800, 34DAB918-4B26-4696-9864-539AB129B2DD.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Imagine being a Nijisanji numberfag from the “Mito 20k” era, from the “we’re the #1 vtuber company and here are some of our numbers” official website era, having to ride that ride from that high water mark to now.

>> No.12670675

Wait, NijiEN is seriously trying to meme Rikkun to their EN fanbase? What the fuck?

This is....I can't even....What? Why?

>> No.12670678

They're doing it ass backwards, Yagoo wasn't deliberately turned into a meme, the fanbase latched onto him after several mentions by the holos and did most of the legwork for them. It's something they can't do easily with the niji fanbase because they for whatever reason don't have a common hub and so memes don't get created the same way for them.

>> No.12670769

I thought that's old news? i remember the petra niji CEO uncle shit being a thing.

>> No.12670816

That and bully culture are memes they’re trying to make a thing

>> No.12670892

HoloEN dropped, I just checked the graph that was posted earlier in the thread. It's not the BIGGEST drop, but it's a drop after August, where Council debuted and buffed up EN numbers.
Just scroll up, it's earlier in the thread faggot. If you can't do that much then fuck off. I'll admit that EN dropped heavily from debut, but there was no realistic way they were ever holding on to those numbers anyways, and the CCV hit that everyone took seems to have hit EN harder (speculated to be adblock related with EN having higher adblock adoption than JP but fuck if I know what the hack coders at YT consider a "spam viewer)

>> No.12670922

Oh that's what happened , Jesus Christ. I was wondering why Towa suddenly got a 1k+ of extra views out of nowhere. it was the crazy seeing it live without context.

>> No.12670923

Yagoo meme blew up because everyone from HoloJP disliked his midget pixel art in Minecraft a year ago. The way NijiEN is doing is pretty similar, but is kinda forced. They don't have a story to back it up like some of the clips that went viral from Holos blowing up Yagoo's face in the server.

>> No.12670946

anon, it was only the upper part of her face, really only her eyes and forehead. It isn't like it was a full face reveal. No she obviously isn't a big breasted blonde, but you wouldnt be able to pick her out in a crowd with that 'leak', and there are already more visible leaks out there.

>> No.12670988

oh yeah did anyone watched last year's real baseball tournament that sponsored niji? This year they sponsored hololive and YAGOO ends up doing the first pitch, but how about last year? Did Tazumi did the first pitch back then?

>> No.12671003 [DELETED] 

He was the meme from the interview clip saying Hololive is the Idol group

>> No.12671066

Ads are biggest revenue source for most YouTubers

>> No.12671083

who is that average PE teacher below Botan?

>> No.12671212

Fucking make me niggerfaggot
I thought Yagoo meme blew up because the idol thing

>> No.12671241

>memes of the company with the most EOP fans have more recognizable memes (in the West) than the ones that don't
No shit. That's like telling me that Chinese memes don't exist because you can't find it on Tiktok.

Mito was already turning Rikkun into a meme even before any of the Hololive girls were relevant. If anything, it was Coco forcing Yagoo as a meme in her Reddit reviews was cringe/desperate

>> No.12671248

it's more like their boss wanted to copy hololive, seeing as how Yagoo got to pitch on Pacific League

>> No.12671250

>bully culture
You mean these?
Im fairly sure these were from holofags making fun of niji than the other way around, especially with the Luna hint.

>> No.12671384

I don't remember Rikkun as meme. I remember Iwanaga as meme though

>> No.12671387

We got to hear Mori's voice in 4 songs released in 3 days and her own song got delayed several times through the day and was released almost at the same time as Ame's song.

Songs: Graveyard Shift, Myth or Treat, Crown and The Baddest

>> No.12671397
File: 103 KB, 907x718, 1615253770010.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12671435

>reddit reviews
Yagoo was a meme years before Coco did Meme review.

>> No.12671492

>Ame's song
which Mori wrote and Gura got the track for, kek

>> No.12671572

>especially with the Luna hint.
And Roa

>> No.12671870

why are we so dead

>> No.12671964

I am constantly amazed at how off putting that weird male elf in drag is. He must filter EOPs incredibly hard

>> No.12672027

Migrate when ready

>> No.12672069

He might, but at least when you see him it's immediately distinct from hololive. If NijiEN debuted a similar character in their EN wave maybe they wouldn't be stuck in Hololive's shadow

>> No.12672251

I guess boxpushing isn't a meme. I think it hurts the bottomline though, unique viewers make money, not holofans of all holos.

>> No.12672296


>> No.12672303


>> No.12672322

200M VOD mile stone :
1. Mori 422 days (9/12/2020-11/7/2021)
2. Pekora 705 days (7/17/2019-6/21/2021)
3. Marine 714 days (8/11/2019-7/25/2021)
4. FBK 1249 days (6/1/2018-10/23/2021)
5. Hololive 1812 days (3/3/2016-2/17/2021) (creation date)
How about Niji and others ? (non convert)

>> No.12672325
File: 543 KB, 1280x720, 1616957679408.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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