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ccv + sc



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bigger booba = bigger number

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200M VOD mile stone :
1. Mori 422 days (9/12/2020-11/7/2021)
2. Pekora 705 days (7/17/2019-6/21/2021)
3. Marine 714 days (8/11/2019-7/25/2021)
4. FBK 1249 days (6/1/2018-10/23/2021)
5. Hololive 1812 days (3/3/2016-2/17/2021) (creation date)
How about Niji and others ? (non convert)

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cute but no

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Unfortunate that a lot of vod numbers were cut off because of holocaust

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gimme those winners of the day/ daily ranks please it is past midnight jst

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Alas, too big, too fast. Not enough competent staff on board to realize just how fucked they could get. They went from a small startup that could act like indies to shooting up to the top of chubba foodchain, and it attracted a lot of attention and ire.
Ha....a bloody shame, all those vods, lost because there weren't enough archive anons and data hoarders in the holofandom back then...

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Why isn't her boobs bouncing? Forgot to pay for 3D assistants fee?

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This is hololive without Coco Gonzalez. Watching a hololive that doesn't have Coco Gonzalez is like eating tacos without using any tortillas. Completely baseless. No different from pathetic Nijisanji dogs who eat off the floor.

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Nijis can ask for boob physics or ask for it to be lessened which is why Dola's flop everywhere like antigrav, and Aizonos are tastefully bouncy.

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Ah I missed you coco ritual poster. It's been a while since you've made your way over here.
Ah, that makes sense. Alas, the bounciness to size is mismatched here...
Counterpoint : Pekora

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I wanna use my teeth to scrape off and eat all the delectable calluses underneath Coco's feet. Slurp on her very soft toes. Then deepthroat her ENTIRE 21cm foot. Anons here know me as a feet faggot but I am in actuality a Feet Enjoyer, No no no, A feet GOD.

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There's some data on Playboard

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>Holo would have won with Kana and Towa 3D regardless of Marine or the after party festival.

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Miko gathered a total of 567k hours watched live over 9.3 hours of 3 sportsfes streams.
averaging at a high number of ~61k ccv for those 9.3 hours of MC content.
For comparison, Pekora's Jump King nets about 750k hours watched live over 28.9 hours between 4 streams with an average about 25.9k ccv.

Miko usually clocks about 1m to 1.5m of hours watched live a month, let's see if she can finally clear the 2m line this month. a feat only Pekora can regularly achieve in hololive (she does about 2.5m to 3m)

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Gura starting off the month with a debuff game. DMC4 and Metroid to come too. It's gonna be a rough month for her numbers.

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Oh. Oh boy.
At least she's finishing super Metroid? I hope. She's really bad at 'finishing' games unless they're resident evil, of which she has actually finished the main stories of every one she's played on stream.

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Any chance these gain traction?

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Here it goes
>69,669: Miko (Hololive)
>36,533: Marine (Hololive)
>31,871: Kanata (Hololive)
>29,137: Lize (Nijisanji)
>27,910: Kuzuha (Nijisanji)
>26,414: Pekora (Hololive)
>25,170: Fubuki (Hololive)
>24,444: Kiara (Hololive)
>16,811: Shibuya Hal (merise)
>15,526: Subaru (Hololive)
>14,531: Okayu (Hololive)
>13,824: Lauren (Nijisanji)
>13,655: Botan (Hololive)
>12,292: Kanae (Nijisanji)
>11,584: Flare (Hololive)
>10,924: Kizuku (Nijisanji)
>10,427: IRyS (Hololive)

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I genuinely don't think so. Your posting it here will likely represent about some 5% more views, which doesn't body well for them

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>3 (three) radio station playthroughs in a day

>> No.12675980

Hololive 11
Nijisanji 6

Kina a typical day. At least Kuzuha got the non-collab gold.

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At least Hologra isn't popular in the west since they don't sub it so there is an opportunity.

>> No.12676092

11 Hololive
5 Nijisanji
1 Merise
Top 1-3 all Hololive. Not even a silver or bronze as consolation prizes...

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>At least Hologra isn't popular in the west
>since they don't sub it

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>At least Kuzuha got the non-collab gold.
Anon, I...

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Excuse me, all Hologra are fucking subbed in EN, ES, ID and JP

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You misspoke right?

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>At least Hologra isn't popular in the west since they don't sub
Anon, I...

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I was just pretending to be the guy who declares every indie as Nijisanji.

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I'm certain he was shitposting. There is no way that statement was made seriously. I refuse to believe that they could be that dumb and not have it be on purpose.

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btw, if they EVER add Korean subs to their Hologra... you're gonna see some serious shit.

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How many of these are non-collabs?

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Pekora, for starters.

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I do not watch hologra and I never saw subs in screen shots. All views of whatever Nijisanji EN are doing are foreign, we don't know how many of hologra's viewers are foreign.

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>and I never saw subs in screen shots
The english subtitles are as wacky as the anime itself, they're an attraction by themselves apart from the episode

>> No.12676408

Yeah, because the subs are done through the CC option, not baked into the video itself. Which would be dumb because of the number of options they want to provide.

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There is no vtuber market in Korea. They have a plethora of streamers and their celebrity culture is too different.

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Marine, Pekora, Subaru, Okayu, Botan, Kanae and Flare (Some started streaming solo but someone joined the stream later)

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* NijiEN so far *
Nina bounced back up from 3 digits and now is consistent around the 1k line. Pomu is reading SC and 3 digits for her there is expected.

Now Reimu, this one has a real problem.
Millie managed to grab a share of the audience, Nina likewise but Reimu is stuck in 3 digits no matter what she does.
She will seriously have to find a talent (like Petra piano) to climb out of it or things will get even more dire with Wave 4 lands

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9k views in a day isn’t great. But what’s a good comparison? Lemme check out the latest Hologra… 550k in 9 hours? Minimally animated absurdist humor shorts? Tons of these are over 1M views. Why?! Some are pretty good tbf but that’s a lot of views for what seem like petty low effort

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THIS! But the west and 3 years ago

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With that said they are truly risking a fate similar to NijiKR
>one breakout streamer pulling numbers comparable to the main branch
>all of the rest languishing on some sort of purgatory

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The animators for Hologra do a great job , the models don't feel 'stiff' and generally they're hilariously ansurd in one way or another. That one completely silent one (that was totally a homage to Tom and Jerry shenanigans, sleeping dog and all) was a great way to mix things up as well.

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Japanese really like "lol random" humor and they're short enough to easily watch whenever they come out.

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Selen’s Apex/FPS fanbase barely cares about her own non Apex streams. They aren’t going to cross over to the others in her branch. A FPS fanbase doesn’t crossover as well as say singing, drawing, and general cute anime girl content. Mori can collab with other Holos who’s main content isn’t music, or write lyrics for a collab song. Selen making her branch mates look like newbs playing an FPS doesn’t benefit anyone but herself.

>> No.12676794

>Selen making her branch mates look like newbs playing an FPS doesn’t benefit anyone but herself.

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No. NijiEN is a success by my and Anycolor's standard. NijiEN has a very even viewer distribution and all their livers are getting more views than ever. You can get a good living with those numbers.

>> No.12676963

She was about 5k behind, all MC boost?

>> No.12677026

At least for the day of sportsfes, Bae gained 5k compare to Fauna's 2k

>> No.12677057

>NijiEN is a success by my and Anycolor's standard
Rikun, you're drunk, go to sleep!

>> No.12677059

Yea, being the cameraman for the SportsFes really pushed up her subs.
Inb4 4 more waves in 2022 (not including wave 5 which will be this year).

>> No.12677095

Sana's 1k from tying Roberu. After that....1M.

>> No.12677485

>Yea, being the cameraman for the SportsFes really pushed up her subs
It was not just that.
>she opened a stream 30 min before the “sportsfes practice” day with the heavy hitters and got to present herself for a full 30 min while being the “waiting room” stream for the big ones
>along with Haachama “3 points”, she had the landmark solo moment of the event by being a rat and stealing the full contents of the chest of the opponent team, undetected

This, plus being a fixture of the JP primetime, helped her to grow her JP audience even further

>> No.12677617

NijiEN is cooling it on waves. The male wave will be the last for a while unless they blow up in a big way.
How are they not a success? They surpassed all expectations and got a big following with little market presence.

>> No.12677862

What standards of success are you using?? Is it Tsunderia level, v-shojo level, NijiIN or NijiID.

>> No.12677940

>They surpassed all expectations
I genuinely doubt their expectations for their EN branch would be
>to trail HoloID in every metric

>> No.12678062

>v-shojo level
nijien would still be failures then

>> No.12678120

Makes back the investment, establishes Nijisanji in the west, and is self sustaining. They've done all of this. Foreign interest in NijiJP is on the rise. I don't think it is right to compare them to other businesses due to their circumstances. It was a good business decision based on returns from investment. Anycolor has plenty of money to invest, they don't stick it back in their pockets like some companies.
Anycolor didn't expect something like the success other companies fell into due to their lack of foreign presence. Anycolor had no illusions, they have the channel analytics. None of the fans and none of the other members of other branches did.

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This is a decent number for twitch indie, right?

>> No.12678210

Those are good numbers.

>> No.12678257

>Anycolor didn't expect…
> Anycolor had no illusions…
You surely are talking a lot in their name. Again: go away, Rikkun, you’re clearly drunk.

Here is a final thought: if they EVER said what you just said, but in an official character
>we’re opening a branch but our expectations is to go head to head with HoloID Anya’s numbers and beat her with a couple of members

They would receive ZERO serious applications

>> No.12678334

>They would receive ZERO serious applications
Are you high? do you know how many indies are NEETs wallowing in 2view hell?

>You surely are talking a lot in their name.
They have the real numbers, they knew how well their foreign presence is. They don't have to make shit up to cope like with trends or someshit. They wouldn't have any illusions they could just throw out a few livers and get a bunch of 10k+ livers.

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File: 458 KB, 576x687, 20AD5C81-F142-42CE-B095-52A2EA501D34.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Put her ahead of all but two of the currently streaming Nijis, and puts her close to the current numbers Ollie is pulling on the Holo side.

Very good numbers

>> No.12678429

>do you know how many indies are NEETs wallowing in 2view hell?
That’s most certainly not the case of the ones they accepted, specially Mille whose performance was clearly very close to what she’s getting right now
>except that, as an indie, she had a lot of doors open to her that are now are closed

>> No.12678516

If Miko keeps grinding and doesn't take a break after the sports fest festivities this is probably the best shot any Holo has of snapping Pekora's streak at #1 (I think its like 19 months in a row of #1?).

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Kiara getting decent numbers with this game. Did she just broke out of her own debuff zone?

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Speaking of Kiara
>Kanata posted screenshots of every EN girl participation on SportsFes to Reddit, in separated posts per girl
>Kiara’s got the least amount of upvotes
or at least it’s what the numbers show, I don’t know how they calculate it.

The poor girl is genuinely cursed with poor metrics, she must have been born over an Indian cemetery or something.

Gura OTOH has almost double of the rest of the girls

>> No.12678771

Kiara gets 6-7 for most games, 8-10 for Minecraft and 3-4 for part 8 of random JRPG. Her median ccv is almost entirely dependent on her game choice.

>> No.12678830

>Reddit mods actively try to suppress threads about Gura
>Can't delete a holo's post about Gura
>It gets more engagement than all the others
Gura is too strong

>> No.12678836

Weekly reminder that Anycolor changed their name from いちから to ANYCOLOR the same day LazuLight had their debuts.

>> No.12679262

>Reddit mods actively try to suppress threads about Gura
literally in what universe?

>> No.12679366

They tend to lock the entire subreddit when Gura does anything special, they also celebrate every milestone except for Guras'

>> No.12679439

the reddit would be 80% gura if they didnt.
is a good measure in my opinion.

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File: 330 KB, 1000x750, 1617697355953.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>They tend to lock the entire subreddit when Gura does anything special,
This is true, mainly because they'd get abosolutely flooded with gura threads if they don't so they tend to create megathreads to funnel the discussion to
>they also celebrate every milestone except for Guras'
This is not

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>unironic reddit discussion
>people who actually know what happens in reddit
Fucking kill yourselves, each and every one of you.

>> No.12679746

Correct. The HoloStatistics reddit actually has a great month by month breakdown of this stuff (inb4 reddit).

The closest Pekora came to losing her streak at #1 was Gura's debut month when Gura almost beat her.

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File: 678 KB, 2747x1090, 1634854325622.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is the official tiktok account really helping ID that much?

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Surprisingly Kiara wasn't the one with the most dislike
Post number fags we're fucking desperate here

>> No.12679957

>tiny sloppy red writing against a dark background with stripes


>> No.12679979


Not counting the super early days when Hololive was only Sora, only 5 Holos have ever achieved #1 on that hours watched chart that comes out. Pekora (obviously), Aqua, Fubuki, Coco, and Miko. Marine, Gura, and Korone have never gotten #1.

>> No.12680261

>Aqua, Fubuki, Coco, and Miko
Which months

>> No.12680330

This is the numbers thread, not your secret club, fuck off if you don't like talking about numbers

>> No.12680443

>This is the numbers thread, not your secret club
Actually, based on the lengths OP (all of them) make to make this thread less appealing, it might as well be

>> No.12680556

Coco - Jan. 2020
Miko - Feb. 2020
Aqua - Mar. 2020 (last time it wasn't Pekora) and most of 2019.
Fubuki - Jan, Feb, Mar, Sept 2019

>> No.12680620

Can you tell me how to calculate hours watched?

>> No.12680687

I'm curious where the data is collected or it's just an estimation based on whatever metrics the post on reddit feels right

>> No.12680752

Add all the streams "average ccv x stream time" you get total watch time and total stream hours. "total watch time / total stream hours" you get monthly average ccv.

correct me if i'm wrong.

>> No.12680808

if you mean hours watched 'live' then its avg ccv * stream length. you can also calculate the area of the ccv by time graph/function by using derivatives to get similar results

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More indie number

>> No.12681548

>Can you tell me how to calculate hours watched?
SUM(Average CCV of a stream * stream

>> No.12681679

>correct me if i'm wrong.
You’re not, that’s it

>> No.12681744

>I'm curious where the data is collected
There are several entities (Holostats, Piyo, StreamHatchet, Playboard, among others) collecting the raw data through YouTube API and doing the calculation.
Given that there are independent measurements you can always cross check to weed out any mistake or malicious manipulation

>> No.12681778

There's not much number to talk until the end of the month or until there's an event.
- Splatoon tournament is in two weeks, and Kuzuha can't reach 30k anymore.
- If EN wants to release their new outfits, they need to do it in the upcoming week or a week after that before overlapping with gen 3.
- ID1 might have a chance to debut their 3d this December since travel restrictions have been relaxed, but December might be packed with Christmas party.
- EN1 wanted to debut their 3d this year, and fan artists have been hired to do "some big projects", so their models are done, and it's more of an issue of scheduling.

>> No.12681823

nah, clearly is getting shit views

>> No.12681866

I think at this point Cover has shown they're willing to pack the schedule and do big events right next to each other, with IRyS debut, EN anniversaries, and Council debut so close. Wouldn't rule out EN outfits just being whenever they get done, without any special consideration for what else is going on around it.

>> No.12681896

shit numbers as always

>> No.12681918

I get the feeling from what the girls have said that the outfits have been done for months but Omega is dragging his heels on when to debut them.

>> No.12681923

>- ID1 might have a chance to debut their 3d this December since travel restrictions have been relaxed, but December might be packed with Christmas party.
I can see them doing it the week before Christmas, and ID girls spending Christmas in Japan for some off collabs (Iofi-Sora, Risu-Okayu-Korone, Moona-Pekora-Subaru)

>> No.12682034

I'm really curious about this.
Do you guys think the average age of your audience affects your views? (in youtube at least)
Is it possible that because it's less probable children use adblock or listen to streams in a secondary tab you have more views counted if your audience consists mostly of children?

>> No.12682072

something that i notice with twitch is they get their average but barely get any boost.
Mousey got a new 3d model and didnt pass 12k. Nyanners vr chat collabs also only amount 12K.

>> No.12682104

And what's wrong if it's only about Gura?
They realize Gura is the one that make them famous, right? So of course they will only want to talk about Gura. Not her fault the others are mediocre compared to her.

>> No.12682221

>Is it possible that because it's less probable children use adblock or listen to streams in a secondary tab you have more views counted if your audience consists mostly of children?
Short answer is
Long answer is
>NO, and this conjecture is so dumb it should be laughed off this thread so hard one’s penis would fall and become a feminine penis

>> No.12682254

But what about data from 2018 and 2019? Vnuma only collects peak ccv. Big thumbs up if there is anyone out there already collect the average ccv for the girls in the early days.

>> No.12682322

For Youtube? Yes, younger generations prefer to use phones/tablets rather than PCs. They are less likely to get filtered as spam views.
But it doesn't matter for Twitch since everyone is counted there.
Being family-friendly means that families will watch you on smart TV, so this is a plus for Youtube, a non-factor for Twitch.

>> No.12682330

always glad Cover didn't ignore ID's 3D wishes

>> No.12682370

*Bites the bait
You fucking nigger pedophile, from that 80% only 2% will be genuine chumbuds or holofans the rest will be clout chasers who do not care about Hololive but getting updoots and awards.
T. I was there when the holo sub and the virtual youtubers sub got bombarded by a lots of Gura's 1 million subs posts that made the Holo one go on lockdown for hours to clean up.

>> No.12682382
File: 798 KB, 1324x681, 1615055693072.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

speaking of animations, some stuff from across the pond

>> No.12682414

Live views? well, young people have more free time after all

>> No.12682512

Can you give me the link? I wanna subscribe to him/her

>> No.12682524


>> No.12682613
File: 28 KB, 1357x204, VNthing.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This was the same view count it had last week. How do we meme it into success?

>> No.12682681

that shit is boring

>> No.12682692
File: 771 KB, 828x1474, 210F2238-625F-4B8D-A576-291F80D6E4DD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>One notable event from this Anime NYC which Tatara thinks could be a highlight is a hololive event featuring five VTubers.
>“I’m so excited to do that,” he says. “It’s never been done before and it’s a new type of content.”
I have to say this was cringe as fuck and pretty much detrimental to the Hololive brand.
If I were on management I would be vetting these appearances better so my talent wouldn’t lend their credibility to these plebeian events


>> No.12682708

And? This is /numbers/ not /qualitycontent/

>> No.12682732

Pomu putting on a SC baiting masterclass on how to punch above your weight.

>> No.12682733

no good content, no numbers

>> No.12682792

post it on /pol/ and claims they reference the jews in relation to forced vaccine mandates somewhere in the video

>> No.12682828

And this is why cover doesn't take business advice from you

>> No.12682857

Get better writers.
The whole thing was just an NTR joke.

>> No.12682868

> VNthing
Niji intern-kun, just because you don't mind working for free doesn't mean others would do it pro bono. Do your own market research.

>> No.12682874

Thank You!

>> No.12682878

They should.

>> No.12682882

Saruei is kind of like Nabi where she is already a well known artist and became known to hololive fans by drawing official art for Mori.
She then unveiled a SEX design with incredible rigging and transitioned into being a vtuber that stands everyday.
Kind of a perfect storm honestly.

>> No.12682883

The EN version of this channel. The link that anon gave is the original JP version of the animations. I think this guy first uploads them in JP with no subtitles and then to the other channel. Good numberfagging I will say.

>> No.12682909

> minorities are pushed to be majorities
NY is shit.

>> No.12682922

She also draws much lewder content than most vtuber artists. If Ina crossed that line she’d be a monster.

>> No.12682942

Lame as Hell

Well Said

Even Great Writers won't shake tribalist dude. Not Hololive = Not Interesting

>> No.12682956


>> No.12682993

Honestly he should've just used the same channel and made use of the multi language option in youtube. It's what people like that hololive song clip channel do and that does far better

>> No.12683042

As a Lazulight fan, I don't even want that to be popular. It's so bad it's barely even funny.

>> No.12683047

i'm still wondering why does Council Members kinda shuns SC baiting in general? don't get me wrong, i like it, but it's just interesting, is the hololive salary good enough for them?

>> No.12683068

Yeah... She's mega horny and she likes retweeting art of her avatar getting boned.
While she draws a shitton of holo art and is a big fan, her style is closer to Vshojo's, except she talks about sex and shit even more than them.

>> No.12683089

It was a shitpost and didn't cost much. It's not bad trying to catch a meme. Other companies do this shit all the time, even you precious Hololive does it.

>> No.12683106

Nice, thank you
I wonder why did this channel recommended to me yet.
My subscriptions are all Hololive and Holo-Only Clippers and animators
I also watch Museasia and Ani-one Asia but am not subscribed.

>> No.12683187

Because reading SCs are a pain for them.
And some feels obligated to bring in 200% Effort if too much SCs are donated to them.

>> No.12683197

At a certain point, you're rich enough that SCs are unnecessary for your livelihood so they probably just stop caring much about squeezing out every penny and focus more on content.
If they're in for the long haul, they know they'll make a lot anyways.
No offense, I like the JP girls, but some of them bait SCs like vtubing is going to end in 2 weeks.

>> No.12683201

I wonder if these meme animation channels steal the algorithm. How much would it cost to grab a few? We have to keep costs low but it might be worth it.

>> No.12683226

If you have to ask you can't afford it.

>> No.12683233

Yeah that seems like a good idea as well. More views on a single channel rather than spread over 2 channels will be better.
No idea. I also didn't get this channel recommended until very recently even though the videos on the channel have been doing good for quite a while. YouTube works in weird ways.

>> No.12683279

Most vtubers are too self-conscious by default to really do it. Same reason a lot of them won't do serious ASMR.

>> No.12683347

SCs are important for audience engagement and keeping the audience watching them and not watching other things or playing games. It isn't about the money the idiots throw at you, it's about keeping them thinking about you and the brand. Let them feel like they're investing into it, you will get an emotional commitment with the money too. Their lack of hustle bothers me because it is hurting the game.

>JP girls
They know what it is like not being some of the most famous vtubers in the world starting. You just can't get the hustle out of your blood.

>> No.12683358
File: 72 KB, 500x500, 1636084267349.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12683370
File: 161 KB, 1300x1755, F2B1D05B-8ABA-4C69-A9CD-D3161AF85D91.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rigged as fuck! STOP THE COUNT!

>> No.12683387

>How much would it cost to grab a few?
Nothing can buy passion and love for talents , especially in things like this.
Now if you really want to think about the cost. Each of these videos will cost atleast in the mid 5 figures. Looking at the channel I see 3 videos in October. So that leads us to 6 figures just for 3 animations a month which may or may not go viral. So in the end it's not worth the money.

>> No.12683399

i still don't get how does muse asia get their profits and how are they allowed to upload anime episodes for free on youtube. The Adsense money can't even cover the licensing for these episodes.

>> No.12683400

Not even the NijiEN girls liked it, they were shitting on it.

>> No.12683406

time traveler-chama?

>> No.12683451

>How much would it cost to grab a few?
You can’t buy what’s given for free. That should be the ultimate rule of anything internet related

>> No.12683455

Coma chama...

>> No.12683477

Would you mind elaborating, anon? Maybe I'm missing something since I've never gone to any con or anime / manga related events in the US in general, but I'm not seeing how the two quote lines
>One notable event from this Anime NYC which Tatara thinks could be a highlight is a hololive event featuring five VTubers.
>“I’m so excited to do that,” he says. “It’s never been done before and it’s a new type of content.”
are cringy. What's so bad about them?

>> No.12683485

It's a Twitch thing the one who came watches the event probably just her regular
>Shitty discoverability
>No susan recommended RNG boost
>No custom thumbnail

>> No.12683490

They're not being team players. Nijification my ass, I'd have them graduate.

>> No.12683510

>SCs are important for audience engagement
nope, memberships are. And they are swimming on them.

>> No.12683518


>> No.12683565

Hakos didn't even get 1k for her members only unarchived karaoke. That just doesn't cut it. Kronii gets members, everyone else doesn't.

>> No.12683598

They just don't bait to get it. They still do hours of SC Reading.
Plus it's funnier to tease them since they "don't like it". Kronii always gets teased with Funds.

They are aware that the anime will be pirated so why not do it on YT for extra cash. I guess that's their mindset.

>> No.12683639

>ID girls spending Christmas in Japan for some off collabs
>Implying iofi and risu would spend Christmas with holojp instead of Oga
ngmi anon

>> No.12683754
File: 379 KB, 2500x2500, solo podria ser nimu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

meanwhile Nimu, on twitch, jumped from 10k to 50k on her outfit reveal. Coma mierda gringos.

>> No.12683786

the vshoujokiller

>> No.12683850
File: 165 KB, 828x381, 9CE5C9FF-D64B-4BD1-9681-18F1610D942C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>What's so bad about them?
Hatsune Miku (a proto Vtuber by any interpretation) was packing 5k people in concerts in Los Angeles all the way back in 2011.
Any convention organizer thinking vtubers are any novelty in 2021 is a complete retard and whatever convention he’s organizing isn’t up to the standards for Hololive, Nijisanji, VShojo or even fucking VSPO because he clearly doesn’t know his trade and is in to suck in sweet otaku money

>> No.12683974

If Hololive held an EN concert in the US in a modest venue they would easily sell it out and sell a ton of online tickets. They need to get EN 3D ASAP.

>> No.12684020

i thought animeNYC is one of the biggest anime convention, just like anime expo?

>> No.12684051

or hes just trying to sell his product better. Calm down takeshi

>> No.12684063

King lost his silver medal?!!
Kanae apex beaten by red kuzuha? What a weird day

>> No.12684080

animeNYC is the second largest con now iirc.
Its been almost doubling in size every year.

>> No.12684119

can she speak english?

>> No.12684238

They're not idols anon unironically, at best we're getting Calli concert

>> No.12684278
File: 87 KB, 900x900, NimuPortrait3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12684452

la creatura

>> No.12684503

No she's mexican

>> No.12684511

Careful now, whenever I post that HoloEN aren't idols, won't put on lives, and don't want to do anything of the sort people crucify me on hlgg.

Madison Square Garden isn't that big. It'd probably cost more than Cover is worth to have a concert though.

>> No.12684707

I have both Hakos and Gawr memberships, and other EN, JP and ID.
Hakos has at least 20% of Gura's number, and slightly below IRyS (~-10%).
Safe to say that Hakos has at least 3k members. That's like $15k / month or $5k / month after Youtube and Cover cuts.
Not a superstar number, but it's a livable earning (not including other earning sources). She's set to do this full time.
Your cry for milkers is unwarranted when EN2 successfully filtered the gold-diggers.

>> No.12684790

have they ever collab?

>> No.12684918

I WANT gold-diggers. I want money and hustle. I want drive. I want 5 top picks, not 4 'intangibles' picks and a reluctant star.

She's only making $5.25k from memberships and barely $17k take home in SCs in 2 months. She's only making $13k a month and probably doesn't get much more from VODs. The convention probably doesn't pay that well for her and tonight's sponsorship is probably only a few thousand. She needs to make more money.

>> No.12684923

I didn't realize that Myth or treat was at 1.6 million already

>> No.12685097

Yeah, but Hololive never shitposts with Hetero NTR.

>> No.12685215


>Kanae apex beaten by red kuzuha? What a weird day

Not really surprising when you notice that his stream was a Mario Party + Totsumachi. And well, the people who answered were the other members of EdenGumi (Only Lain was not there)

>> No.12685308

Yeah i noticed it was totsu but only endengumi showed up
wonder how well they are with the other niji memebers. Now that i think about it, petra could have go there if she knew.

>> No.12685344

ironmouse is really missing out by not tapping more into the spanish market

>> No.12685362

I believe in you anon. One day you will get to manage some idol chuubas

>> No.12685378

not worth it

>> No.12685382

>i want
ill let you sit on that for a while.

>> No.12685547

Ayame has a lot of threads today in the catalogue.

>> No.12685638

Speaking of Totsumachi, have NijiEN done any?

What were their numbers?

>> No.12685763

>have NijiEN done any?
only on birthday streams

>> No.12685789

I want someone to pursue numbers with their power. I hate how Council has no ambition. I want them to make a lot of money. I want them on charts. I want them to get good viewership. I bothers me who they are. These threads are free of 'morals' and there is no reason to pretend that shameless numberfagging is taboo.

>Only Lain was not there
Kinda sad. I know she's a numberlet but let her participate.

>> No.12685895

EdenGumi unity is dead

>> No.12685942

Elira´s birthday stream 5.5k
Rosemi´s birthday stream 2.7k
Reimu´s birthday stream 3.2k
those are the only totsumachi I think

>> No.12686013

I know they are different plattaforms...but considering the worst peforming NijiEN rn is the spic one, I think Nimu just became the Gura of spics on twitch.

>> No.12686164

> Hololive
> "Be a whore! Pursue those numbers! Eat anything you can reach!"

> Nijisanji
> "Help each other out. Don't leave anyone behind. Be a family."

And they say Nijiniggers don't post in /#/.

>> No.12686433

Ironic considering Wave 3 has 3 Numberfags

>> No.12686458

>reimu is more popular than rosemi
rosebud kept on losing...

>> No.12686576

I never said Hololive shouldn't be family, I am just saying earn and hustle. Love your family but work for them.

>> No.12686579

Mio 10k get!

>> No.12686591

Whatever happened to that sub race Millie and Nina were having

>> No.12686646

prediction on Gura Animal crossing? 20k clear? also what is that baelz and kronii game?

>> No.12686750

>20k for animal crossing
lol no

>> No.12686782

sub 20K, game is pretty shit, especially as a stream game

>> No.12686845
File: 332 KB, 1018x1770, 843673246236.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.12686957

It must be a grating existence. I don't think their numbers are bad in the grand scheme of things, I mean they are in the top percentile of vtubers, but I'm sure they want more.
It's actually a close race. Not as much of a mogging as people make it out to be. Hololive has a lot of members though and many Nijis don't stream much. Also that doesn't account for unique viewers.

>> No.12686968

14k. Just like her DMC stream.

> Eternal Return
I played it on steams. It's a Crafting Battle Royale from Korea. You just gather mats, craft and hide to climb the ranking.
Fun at first, but it gets stale pretty fast if you don't play with friends.

>> No.12686971

Normally, she'll be lucky to get 16k on this game.
But she does have the buff of being absent for a week so chumbuds who misses her might tune in.

>> No.12687031

So, the Korone game launch in some hours and that looks to be the next trend? We already have two streams scheduled for it (Okayu and Miko)



Mio also said in her Asamio just now that she will play it in the next days.

>> No.12687042
File: 76 KB, 685x635, E4G6YoqXMAcMIuC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Prediction on when Gura ill hit 4M?

>> No.12687060

>not as much of a mogging
Niji absolutely demolished Holo in October though?

>> No.12687092

Before Kizuna Ai hits 3m.

>> No.12687097


>> No.12687136

In what? Silver medals?

>> No.12687168

287,150,000 is bigger than 208,970,000 by 80 million.

>> No.12687276
File: 57 KB, 852x480, laughing oiran.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>anon in charge of knowing how to read counters
Remedial class?

>> No.12687278

You should probably read it again.

>> No.12687289

your chink reps...

>> No.12687376

I bet everyone is going to play it, even the EN and ID girls

>> No.12687379

Dropped out to be a professional 4chan poster.

>> No.12687472

Your number reps retard…

>> No.12687473

You make a good point, but consider the following
-Omega is likely Japanese, or someone who's worked with Cover for a long time and so holds some of their values
-More than anything, valuing stability, unity and other collectivist ideals
-Likely rejected several candidates that were more talented than the current Council, but were unabashedly gold diggers/overly ambitious to the point that it could cause problems
There was almost no chance that someone with the mindset of 'I will wring every last goddamn penny I can out of my audience and maximize every single bit of numberfaggotry I can' would ever have made it past the interviews stage, because that sort of naked ambition would've been sniffed out and rejected immediately. It also very, very, very easily leads to drama.
I mean, Yes from a pure numberfag perspective I too would love someone who would go 1000% all in on trying to maximize every metric to the point that it would make Pekora blush, but that's very much not on 'brand' for Hololive, even if Council could do with just a little bit more ambition on the making of more superchat bucks.

>> No.12687583

This is JP only. Add their foreign branches and these numbers aren’t even vaguely close

>> No.12687646

Anon, as much as others have ragged on you for this, here's another (you) for being moon-rune illiterate AND number-blind.

>> No.12687671

It was 4.2K earlier

>> No.12687700

I am pushing back. I thought the same thing because I read the numbers 897 being bigger than 871 but I didn't notice the orders of magnitude.

>> No.12687722

She's been in collabs and other streams, so it's not like she's gone for an entire week.

>> No.12687754

Why do Nijiniggers always embarrass themselves?

>> No.12687798

JP vs JP

>> No.12687830

Ya done goof'd and need to read yer numbers more carefully.

>> No.12687891

> 7k waiting (1 minute before starting)
Yea, this is a 14k stream.

>> No.12687900

>Hololive has a lot of members though
Are you on drugs?
>and many Nijis don't stream much
There's a reason their monthly median keeps declining; more streams, low ccv
>Also that doesn't account for unique viewers

>> No.12687952

I think it can reach 20k+ based on the current waiting room number

>> No.12688071

As a holofan who understands numbers well I feel that top 10 Nijisanji JP vs top 10 Hololive JP is the fairest comparisons.

>> No.12688324
File: 562 KB, 1164x1093, 1635721944456.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12688386

Come on dude, we have the numbers and charts, that's not even fucking close. The only one on Niji who even stands close to Pekora is Kuzuha, and after that you have Toya with the rarity buff (which falls off a fucking cliff when he collabs/plays games instead of doing zatsudans). After that, NO ONE in Niji even breaks into the top 12? 15? combined Niji/JP.
Like c'mon dude.

>> No.12688392

Holo still wins lmao. Kuzuha is the only liver thats not shit in Niji. Heck, even he-ayame doesn’t deserve to be called that with his recent shit numbers

>> No.12688469

The only way to win is comparing kuzuha and holostars

>> No.12688488

nijikek, no holofans call themselves holofans here

>> No.12688510

I mean, Coco wasn't THAT bad

>> No.12688734

Who's top 10 of niji jp?
Kuzuha #1-#10?

>> No.12688798

Coco is kinda special in that she maximized interacting with her chat in various ways without it coming across as too crass, or at least that's the feeling I got.
One-of-a-kind, we'll probably never see someone like her ever again/in a long time in corpo vtubing.

>> No.12688804

Since Niji have a truck load of streamers and their ace streams 6+ hours every day, maybe daily/monthly hours watched live is a more 'competitive' metric to compare between Niji/Holo.
Do we have avg ccv data for Niji streams?

>> No.12688836

With his recent lower numbers and slight increase in number of streams we can no longer call him He-Ayame. Toya is now He-Shion.

>> No.12689221

Those other dudes were stalking his stream. It wasn't a planned collab.

>> No.12689595
File: 355 KB, 999x4681, Median peakavg comparison.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Grabbed this from a few threads back, list of Median peak averages FOR OCTOBER
1. Kuzuha (26589)
2. Nijisanji Main (19122)
3. Kenmochi (15699)
4. Kanae (11525)
5. Lize (10859)
6. Fuwa (9411)
7. Mito (8545)
8. Ange (8479)
9. Yashiro (8013)
10. Ibrahim (7016)

In comparison, the top 10 Holos
1. Pekora (27098)
2. Gura (22336)
3. Miko (19231)
4. Subaru (17496)
5. Aqua (16257)
6. Rushia (15418)
7. Shion (14331)
8. Suisei (13060)
9. Korone (12981)
10. Kanata (12828)

Listed without further comment

>> No.12689668

>why are cumbuds like this
>do chumkeks really
>Shrimp worst fanbase
shitspoting aside, I wasn't there for the shitstorm. Please share screenshots.

>> No.12689920

>SEAnig woke up
>Thread collective IQ went down
I know this is bait but if you want fair it's better just to separate them it reduces the shitflinging at the very least

>> No.12689977

Including the main channel in these rankings always feels weird. I always have to do a double take and see who is surging up the ranks. It would be like including Hololive’s main channel in view rankings.

>> No.12690111

>Yeah... She's mega horny and she likes retweeting art of her avatar getting boned.
Thanks for this crucial information anon might follow her later

>> No.12690132

>only has 3 niji female on the top 10

>> No.12690215

Gura almost getting 20k with AC.
I kneeeeeeel

>> No.12690242

Gura slowly climbing...c'mon Gura, at least start the month with a 20k Peak...even if it is just with Animal Crossing DLC.

>> No.12690249

she's a frog though

>> No.12690381


Toko not in the Niji top 10, oof. Still, Sanbaka continues to be really important for them. Even more considering that Mito is not even close to her peak from years ago..

>> No.12690468

Kanata would legit be the top female Chuuba in Nijisanji with her numbers. Also, is it just me or has goritenshi started to step into the leadership vacuum that Coco left in Gen 4?

>> No.12690473

Honest question:

With the current rate of growth and overall viewership of Council when directly compared with Myth's first months, and in comparison to past gens for JP, when would we reasonably begin to expect a potential EN gen 3?

>> No.12690512

So basically, Gura fucking mogged. Know your place memeshart

>> No.12690559

15 months.

>> No.12690562

Cover is conservative and JP6 and ID3 seem like they would come first. I wouldn’t expect it before q3 of next year

>> No.12690570


>> No.12690584

God I hate nijiniggers so fucking much

>> No.12690625

>almost 20k
>not even 20k yet
Weak. Kneel for actual numbers.

>> No.12690707

It's not a nijinigger, the dude is anti-gura Schizo and takes every chance he gets to call gura -shart.
I really don't know what she did to him, did she piss in his cheerios? Who knows.

>> No.12690744
File: 41 KB, 836x598, vod views.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ok so I was curious about the vod views, not the livestream numbers. Because I think it can be used as a proxy for the channel popularity.

So I got graphs of all the vod views of very single english channel, and then took averages of the latest 50 videos (15 for the recently-debuted channels). These are dumb averages, they don't remove superchat readings, or off-streams or membership vods. It's just a dumb average. But I think they will correlate strongly with the general popularity of the channel.

Pic related is the result.
We have two big outliers here. Gura, and Selen. They are both dragging up the average of their group drastically.

But them aside, we can say that in general, hololive is getting.....about 8 times the vod views as nijisanji. Somewhere around there.

>> No.12690762

Probably the same schizo banned from multiple vtuber subreddits for the same behavior lol.

>> No.12690786

July 2022

>> No.12690936
File: 27 KB, 766x448, relative deviation.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

One thing I noticed is the views on certain hololive channels seem very inconsistent. They will have one big stream where all their millions of subs tune in, and that drives a huge viewership. But most of their streams are much lower. So this is a measurement of the relative standard deviation. It's taken at the same interval as the means. 50 for the older channels, 15 for the more recent channels.

This is an indicator of how much a channel might be underperforming their potential. How many people know about them, but never usually tune in except for the big moments. This number will also be higher for channels in decline, such as Reimu and Enna, who are falling off from their debut high right now.

A relative deviation is the percentage that a distribution deviates in proportion to the mean. It's basically a standardized measure of the width of your distribution in relative terms.

>> No.12690942

Damn, Ethyria have half as much as the other 2 Niji waves.

>> No.12690989

Gura distorts that graph so much Selen doesn’t actually look that impressive. She’s just a massive outlier.

>> No.12691093

Side by Side with HoloEN makes them look like real midgets lmao

How could she be impressive if she can't even beat Sana (the lowest-performing HoloEN)

>> No.12691118
File: 23 KB, 605x340, gura rolling average.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I also have graphs for everyone.
Rolling averages, but also just normal graphs

>> No.12691194

HoloID tier lmao

>> No.12691198

Oh and one more note. This is not done by "day" but rather by "video".
The units on the bottom are # of videos published.

These is "dumb data", it's not taking into account things that lower viewership, like watchalongs and superchat streams and scuffed streams.....etc. It's just getting you a general idea of the state of the channel without being too specific

>> No.12691287

>Anti-Gura schizo
I'm membered to her for 13 months anon-chama, I must be retarded to pay her for 13 months straights just to be an anti

I'm a number faggot first and foremost, before I am a Gura fan, and I'm going to take every chance I get to shit on Gura's subs and you retards that jack off to it. Gura contributes NOTHING to Hololive outside of her subs - and her subs don't even translate to CCV or Super for herself or other members of the Holo community. Outside of her over inflated subs (which she only got because she was at the right place at the right time) she's really just an average middle of the pack Vtuber

>> No.12691363

HoloEN vs NijiEN gap is too much.... can you make NijiEN vs HoloID?

>> No.12691409

proof next thread?

>> No.12691425

>I must be retarded
This is your life man?

>> No.12691444

Yeah but look, the holocouncil is also about 1/2 the holomyth

So something happened between the debut of Obsydia, and the debut of holocouncil, that changed the algorithm so these new waves are getting about 1/2 the exposure that the old waves got

>> No.12691458

Council fans are very stable and seem loyal.

>> No.12691511

You'd be surprised at how autistic people are in terms of hating someone. You being a member doesn't change that. After all, love and hate are just two sides of the same retarded coin.

>> No.12691605

>Yeah but look, the holocouncil is also about 1/2 the holomyth
Without Gura, this isn't really true. Look at how every Council member save Sana is averaging higher than Kiara, and three of them are averaging above IRyS as well. Both Bae and Mumei are around par with Ina, and Kronii only falls below Gura and Mori.

>> No.12691640

No songs, and also gura is a monster

>> No.12691693

If it will be as bad as Council, then never. All of them suck, they had a potential to reach Gura’s numbers but they failed.

>> No.12691714

The only sensible thing in your post is that Gura's subs are a result of her being in the right place at the right time. Outside of that...schizo. Definitely schizo, at least anti-(Gura's representation in #)schizo, but gods that's a mouthful.

>> No.12691747

Eh this is catching the end of Kiara’s Tales of Arise arc which was numbers poison, she’s coming back to her baseline lately. Limitations of a crude data analysis

>> No.12691905

The point being, Council is (broadly speaking) pulling in very similar numbers to the mid-tier of Myth. The outliers for both gens are Gura, Mori, and Kronii, and Gura and Mori are significantly more extreme outliers in that regard than Kronii is.

Meanwhile, not a single member of Ethyria appears to be averaging above a single member of either Lazulight or Obydia.

>> No.12692048

Isn't /pol/ lowkey on Hololive's side due to the Taiwan thing? I thought /pol/ has a hate boner against China?

>> No.12692070

Would be funny if wave 4 is what leads to NijiEN turning into Mansanji as well.
I don't think it will but just something I thought about.

>> No.12692164

Yeah I guess you're right about that. But their average is still higher.

Also look at how selen, the top performing niji, is about 1/2 the viewership of Sana, the lowest performing hololiver. In general niji is about 1/8th the views of hololive. I don't have data on the live viewers, but this seems about right for the live viewers as well. Nijisanji gets around 1k - 2k, and hololive generally gets from 8k - 15k or so. So hololive is about 8x the live viewers of nijisanji as well. Although they have these super high peaks that nijisanji just doesn't have. Like they'll get streams with 60k viewers, the nijisanji live viewers don't have peaks like that....ever.

This is underperforming their 4chan popularity, because the niji thread is about 1/3 the speed of the hololive thread, and even surpasses them pretty regularly. So the nijis have a much higher proportion of 4channers, less exposure to the general public. It probably means their advertisement is just not as good. Or they need to do more outreach or something.

>> No.12692287
File: 20 KB, 1071x174, 1604990270040.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>20K with animal crossing
I kneel.

>> No.12692389
File: 19 KB, 554x554, images.jpeg-2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Back to 19k almost immediately

>> No.12692479

Skyrim vr probably too but if she doesn't end early because motion sickness

>> No.12692550

>It probably means their advertisement is just not as good. Or they need to do more outreach or something.
I don't think this is the case. The overwhelming strength of Hololive in the west, to this point, has been centered around its early successes in the clipping scene and how that's created a robust, vibrant clipping community for Hololive that simply does not exist for Nijisanji, which just about everybody has spoken to death about. Pair that with the once-in-a-lifetime timing of the debut of Myth at a point culturally and socially where it could see the explosive growth it did, and you're never going to be able to attribute it to marketing or advertising when the success of Hololive EN (and "failure" of Nijisanji EN in comparison) has been entirely grassroots at its core.

Beyond that, the gap that currently exists only makes it more difficult to get people invested as one of the core strengths of corporate chuubas is the fact that they create a somewhat insular environment where they boost one another through regular interaction and collabs. If you're already a regular casual viewer of Gura and, say, watch Bae for the first time when she has the POV stream for Gura for the sports festival. you're regularly being exposed to and becoming invested in other streamers within the company. I would be more likely, as a casual viewer, to begin watching another streamer who regularly interacts with the one I currently watch than to watch a streamer I'm otherwise completely unfamiliar with interacting with other streamers I'm unfamiliar with.

Which, I know all of that is extremely basic and obvious information, but it still bears repeating.

>> No.12692599
File: 21 KB, 1077x174, 1633414091321.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oh nyo

>> No.12692714

Jesas is this like comparing holojp against holostars? exposing midget like this.. Beautiful

>> No.12692743

It's not just the clipping community. The fan animators are a big boost as well, especially since those are more likely to become viral and popular outside the vtuber ecosystem.

Niji just can't compete with that kind of passion.

>> No.12692815

You dare doubt the power of cunny?

>> No.12692839

What NijiEN really needs is to somehow get a collab with HoloEN.

Tweets just aren't the exposure you're looking for if you want the YT audience.

>> No.12692873

rate watchmojo numberfagging best vtuber moments

>> No.12692880

Hololive got that first move advantage that Nijisanji JP had.

>> No.12692911

>What NijiEN really needs is to somehow get a collab with HoloEN.
And now you understand exactly why Cover management has been actively blocking Kiara from doing this despite the fact that it's clear she wants to.

It's not a bad business decision whatsoever. If I were Cover, I'd gladly take a small amount of flak from one of my talents for the opportunity to officially kill my largest competitor's overseas venture in the cradle.

>> No.12693011

few EN medians are lower here. e.g. Ame should be 7k median

>> No.12693051

Hololive managed to overturn NijiJP's first mover advantage.

It can't just be first mover advantage alone. There must be something that can inspire the kind of passion that fans have in Hololive that isn't quite there with Niji.

JP also does fan animations too. See


Does Niji have any equivalent to this? Even Hologra has amazing views.

>> No.12693062

>Selen will do an apex on twitch this weekend
that will be fun to number fag, she plans to do one stream weekly.

>> No.12693110

>finally admits losing on YT and start transitioning to twitch

>> No.12693138

>There must be something that can inspire the kind of passion that fans have in Hololive that isn't quite there with Niji.
Very simply put, the Nijisanji approach of putting more talents into the market results in less individual focus and support for all save their top talents.

>> No.12693142

As always, Selen is the smartest in NijiEN.

>> No.12693150

*this monday i meant

>> No.12693173

That sounds really sound. EN apex community is more on Twitch than YT.

>> No.12693179

oh boy can't wait for her to get a big raid that skews her peak followed by endless shitposting about her insane numbers

>> No.12693196

>a collab with HoloEN
One collab would not mean anything. Say Kiara collabs with Pomu, sure Pomu maybe gets 1-2k new subs from that and a hundred new viewers on her next stream, but it wouldnt move the needle in any real way. NijiEN would probably have to do like a month full of collabs with holoEN for it to really matter. A single collab wouldnt do anything at all

>> No.12693197

Inb4 someone will argue on why companies with less members than Holo doesn't have the same kind of support

>> No.12693212

Twitch CCV vs. Youtube CCV alone will make any attempt at numberfagging a complete shitshow.

>> No.12693242

In Hololive, every talent matters and each will get their chance to shine.
Nijisanji has so many members that this is impossible.
Hologra basically scratches that itch of "I just want something random and fun", the Nijisanji one takes itself too seriously sometimes.

>> No.12693244
File: 491 KB, 936x1449, 597823784683463.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

her median would be 5949 if its 21 streams but she had 22 streams.

sorted by lowest to highest

5,949 <- median if 21 streams

22 streams total. median should be between 5,949 and 8,058

>> No.12693258

if she moves her apex to twitch she will kil lher youtube channel reach and gain little on twitch.

i recall one indie talking about it, the ogre guy, about how he streamed on twitch but it costed like 30% of his youtube interactions.

>> No.12693272

Depends on the collab.

A Kiara and Pomu collab probably wouldn't boost Pomu that much since Kiara gets low numbers comparatively and a lot of their audience overlap already.

But a Gura collab that's kino and gets memed to hell and back has a very real chance of inclining one of the NijiEN girls.

>> No.12693336

She is not a leader. Also gen 4 really doesn't really feel like a unity gen. Coco-kanata-sheep was strong but you have towa-luna getting left out.

>> No.12693375


>> No.12693386

She seems to be smart, though. She is just streaming on Twitch once a week, so it shouldn’t be that different from Miko’s monthly watchalongs (slightly more frequently). As long as she doesn’t stream APEX exclusively on Twitch, it should be fine (I think?)

>> No.12693419

yeah I guess that is true. A Gura collab that gets a lot of clips and maybe some fan animations would change things for the collabee a ton

>> No.12693429

That Ogre guy has some interesting perspectives, I saw the one where he said you have to impress someone 3 times in a row to really get them to give you a chance.
It wouldn't do much because Kiara already told her fans to watch Pomu multiple times.

>> No.12693501

No way in hell. Management wouldn't allow it and if it ever happen.
Tribalists will go ballistic and make sure Management and Kiara regret collabing with leeches.
Ever wonder why Mori stopped collabing with E-Celebs?

>> No.12693573

Mori is collabing with indies outside of Hololive just fine.

TrashTaste burned their own bridges with Hololive.

>> No.12693624

It's fine tho
Towa is friends with FPS streamers and have PekoTowaBotan
Luna have ChocoLunaShuba

>> No.12693691

nice metric medianfags

>> No.12693699

Without Coco, Kanata somehow feels isolated.

Does she at least regularly collab with Watame?

>> No.12693704

Usually the most dedicated antis are ones who used to love the chuuba you know, having access to members content so you can shit on her also counts. Also you can just look at chinks to see those kinds of dedicated antis in action.

>> No.12693750

Kanata is closer to Towa than Watame. Watame is close with Fubuki, Flare, and Polka. Luna is close to Subaru, Choco, and Botan. Towa is close with gen 5.

>> No.12693834

I think that Niji viewers only watch one main Niji and either don't have second and third choice or their second and third choice are from other companies like Hololive. So if their main choice doesn't stream, they either watch nothing or watch other companies vtubers and there is a chance that they will convert another vtuber into their main choice.

Holo viewers on the other side usually have Holo as their second and third choice. At worst, if they change their main vtuber choice, it will still be a Holo.

>> No.12693898

Gura Poll:
~1 minute, nearly 7k votes, 19.8k viewers
Would've been longer, but Gura cut it short.

>> No.12693941

Who is this ogre guy?

>> No.12693970

She'll disable raid, RIGHT?

>> No.12694076

This guy

>> No.12694147

not really. I've seen alot of nijifags with multiple emojis on Twitter. Pics with multiple niji memberships aswell. A clique in Nijisanji exists too so a Kuzuha main has Kanae/Ibrahim/Dokuhonsha as their 2nd,3rd,4th choice.

>> No.12694150

Why would she?

>> No.12694334

I can see it now. Ironmouse raids her and she picks up 10k viewers for like 5 minutes, lol.

>> No.12694373

> Manjisanji

>> No.12694378

Do puchisanji count?

>> No.12694394

>Mori is collabing with indies outside of Hololive just fine.
To be fair, Cover fully understands that this form of networking is exactly how you scout and potentially poach future talent once you've established a few gens in a given branch.

>> No.12694429

I don't want to give WatchMojo a view - How many in the Top 10 are Holo clips? Have a breakdown for each company/indie?

>> No.12694435

Ironmouse takes mondays off. Streaming at 10pm pt I don't know who could raid her.

>> No.12694451

Yeah, the only Holo I won't watch is Ayame.

>> No.12694471

Sure.That's the official one right? Let's compare it to Hologra. What's their views?

What about fan animations for Niji though?

>> No.12694512

Next round of auditions will be interesting to see which small corpo vtubers get picked up by Hololive if any.

>> No.12694571

Mori collabs with indies because those indies son't have the resources to compete with Hololive. You lose nothing by collabing with them and you gain good will with the indie community and the vtuber fanbase by doing it. Nijisanji absolutely has the resources to compete with Hololive. You stand to lose a lot giving them free exposure.

>> No.12694576

Gura is ending, expect Mori's number to go up

>> No.12694587

maybe vei?

>> No.12694590

Thinking they do that kind of in-depth psychological profiling during the interviews rather just most people who choose to making a living streaming on the internet are pretty lazy in the first place.

>> No.12694623

I genuinely wonder if there would ever be the potential for a NijiEN talent to jump to HoloEN if the current trends in channel growth/viewership continue up to a gen 3 audition announcement. Less out of wanting to see that to happen and more out of actual curiosity.

>> No.12694645
File: 20 KB, 1072x238, 564.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12694660

I think Hololive likes to pick up some promising 2views just so that the indie and small corpo vtuber scene isn't completely bitter towards them.

Also, the former 2views might turn out to be the hardest workers. See Baelz.

>> No.12694703

If she uses default streamlabs setting she could get raided by literal who with 1 viewer for funny maymay notification

>> No.12694712

who is >schalke of vtubing?

>> No.12694727

Hime Hajime streaming for VShojo for the first time in over a month
1.5k watching just now but she forgot to tweet she was starting, she also forgot about daylight savings and showed up an hour early so it'll probably go up

>> No.12694731

Rosemi will, she has done it before and will do it again in holoEN 4

>> No.12694755

There are four Holo, three Vshojo, two Niji and Pikamee at number ome

>> No.12694776

I recalled mori said that she hesitated collabing with indies cuz it can affect their audition results if they decides to apply to hololive.

>> No.12694783

I'm assuming Pika's is kill da ho?

>> No.12694785

Unlikely. 10pt is 6am for vei. Nyanners might stream til then but would probably raid a japanese cat cafe over someone she's never talked to.

>> No.12694829

They won't unless they desperately need money or want to quit their jobs like Pomu I guess.

Even if they don't earn figures as big as Holos, $500 per day just for streaming 2-3 hours is good

>> No.12694832

Mind elaborating on that a bit?

>> No.12694863

Nah, don't think so. She already lost some goodwill by leaving her former company the way she did.

Pomu has a better chance of getting into HoloEN. Might actually make Kiara happier.

>> No.12694867

Now that'd be funny but it's easy enough to set a raid minimum. I'm sure someone from niji will remind her. Probably.

>> No.12694931

Year and a half maybe. Maybe sooner if one the existing girls (Sana?) graduate or a few of them start streaming very sporadically.

>> No.12694943

Yeah but why would Cover would even want Rosemi lol. Selen would honestly be a great pick, beyond her being the best number wise there's no one in EN who's as good and dedicated a gamer as she is, especially in Apex which allows her to collab with Towa and the likes as well.

>> No.12694972

It's her jump king

>> No.12695029


>> No.12695034

Selen or Pomu has the best chance of getting into Holo from Niji.

Though I don't think Selen will make the jump, since she said she wants to make NijiEN as a whole grow..

>> No.12695075

idk she's asked about it and she just said that i think early this year? back then the rrat is pointing to milky trying to apply in the 2nd gen auditions.

>> No.12695103

NTA but basically she talked about holding off collabing with Milky Queen until Vsinger and EN2 were chosen. This might have been in a members stream

>> No.12695217

It was in a members only stream. It was one of the few that never got made free iirc.

>> No.12695294

Huh, interesting. I guess she wasn't specifically concerned about WHAT the specific effect of her doing a collab would be, more that it would have some kind of effect period? That she didn't want to be the reason that an indie friend either did or didn't get in through the audition process?

Or was there an actual specific concern she had? I'd struggle to think of what it would be if there was one.

>> No.12695298

Can't imagine the shitshow from NijiEN to HoloEN.

>> No.12695354

Board would fucking be a mess for weeks, filled with even more bait, even more allegations of black company, etc etc etc etc.

>> No.12695417

I don't think she elaborated further but the prevalent opinion at that time was OPSEC if they collabed and Milky got in.

>> No.12695423

Brand new fan animation for Council.
Same guy did that Shaggy/Kronii one.

>> No.12695500

>Pikamee at #1
Huh. Based.
Probably chose Pikamee to make sure there won't be a shit show in the comments section?

>> No.12695502

Winner for tomorrow?
Huge announcement, 3D live.

>> No.12695505

I wanna compare stream times also. i will do it in a moment

On other news. Guerrila 3D LIVE with an anoucnemnt for Aqua

Such a short notice i dont expect a lot of numbers probably 30k

>> No.12695580

That's a rather guerilla 3DLive in place of her usual night singing stream.

>> No.12695602

even if its a short anoucne of a strem
it have the word ANOUNCEMENT brings people so maybe number 1 for tomorrow.
Anything from niji saide?

>> No.12695711

Rosemi is hard to understand between her semi-ESLness and speech impediment. I would think Cover would get a clue between Kiara and Sana being the last of their gens and hire someone who doesn't filter people on their voice alone. Also she's just not that impressive as a streamer and hasn't shown much in the 3 chances she's got so far.

>> No.12695743


>> No.12695842

Oh no i'm worried. She's gonna graduate, isn't she? She's not in a good mental state this past few weeks. hope i'm just being a schizo though.

>> No.12695949

Maybe Mori's self-conscious of it potentially looking bad on her showing favoritism if Milky made it.

>> No.12695958

>that huge as logo and smile
no way is anything about graduation

>> No.12695995


>> No.12696027

>maybe Gura will roast us again
based shark

>> No.12696040

It has guests. Depending on who the guests are , its anywhere from 55k - 80k.

>> No.12696125

There's no smile.

>> No.12696126

Guaranteed 40k (if she has unusual guest then guaranteed 50k)
Her Birthday is on December 1. She even has it on her twitter name

>> No.12696149

Subaru, Okayu, Shion, Marine and Mio are the most likely

>> No.12696265

Hololive gamers gen 2

>> No.12696473

Im gonna say its gonna be her confirming the gen 2 concert has been greenlit.

>> No.12696648


>> No.12696773

What smile?

>> No.12696789

Milky has a very distinct way of speaking. If she collabed with Mori then joined Hololive as a different character a few months later as the Vsinger it would be sort of obvious. Better to wait and just see how that played out. Once IRyS got the spot it was fine. I think if they do another Vsinger it doesn't really hurt Milky's chances Mori was just being extra cautious.

>> No.12696800

Gura was just talking about her sports festival experiences during a super chat reading. Gura is strong as fuck but she isn't very good at min/maxing. She should have set up a sports fest zatsu as a separate stream where she talks about the festival. That would have brought big numbers.

>> No.12696828

talking about events

>> No.12696880

Gura hates big numbers.

>> No.12696938

It's almost as if you all care more about numbers than the talents do or something

>> No.12696951

What will they be playing?

>> No.12697005

She should learn more from Ina, I really wished Milky made it in as she sings really well and is a fun experienced streamer too. I never had any problems with Mori but damn now I realize what people mean when they say chemistry just from that one off collab alone.

>> No.12697027


>> No.12697054

Milky is never getting into Hololive.

8k max.

>> No.12697067

Would be funny if Gura does a karaoke or they do some big collab opposite of this. There's already a non-zero chance of that happening purely by coincidence since it's at 9 PM EST.

>> No.12697072

Mario Kart collab?

>> No.12697101

They should hire us numberchads as managers or at least consultants. We will show them how to properly bring the big numbers.

>> No.12697135

if its mario kart then no as it will be multiple povs

>> No.12697164

Outfit reveal confirmed.

You know that Omega is just saving it to bury a big NijiEN collab.

>> No.12697226

What I like about the numbers thread is all the manager roleplaying going on.

>> No.12697228

Even though Ina has talked about Sana before on stream (the "thongs" anecdote about her Australian friend) she's been absolutely discreet in showing any indication they knew each other before, and you'd have to already be a doxxfag to pick up anything.

>> No.12697263

>I really wished Milky made it in
>Milky is never getting into Hololive.
Maybe vshojo? Collabed with ironmouse and raided her last week

>> No.12697277

That would be cold blooded.............I love it, lol.

>> No.12697283
File: 10 KB, 584x94, 5434.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Numbers for the latest snack time (their Hologra equivalent)

>> No.12697315

10k what? Total Views or CCV for one of them?
>Total Views
Possible, It's a hyped-up event announced 2weeks ahead. It might even get 15k-20k Total which is the Ceiling of Debut. BUT they should choose a very interesting game.
>CCV for one of them
Impossible since they'll surely have multiple POV

>> No.12697321

I will kneel and I'm gonna suck Omegay's throbbing dick so hard if that's what gonna happen, no joke.

>> No.12697353

Milky is in a legit company. I highly doubt she'll leave anytime soon considering Japanese culture when it comes to work/employment

>> No.12697360

Ah shit I didn't think of that. That's entirely possible, and not even on purpose. I doubt they'd alter their entire release schedule to shave off 2-3k from a Niji event but if they're debuting the outfits around that time *anyway* it couldn't hurt to drop it right on their head.

>> No.12697366

that would be fucking cruel BUT if it actually happens then rrats about omega hurting nijien might be true

>> No.12697418

Omega you can do it, I believe in you

>> No.12697426

>It might even get 15k-20k Total

>> No.12697433

This would unironically make me an Omega fan, paired with the previous Niji overlaps.

>> No.12697449

Omega I KNEEL!!
Make sure to mog Nijimidgets!!
Don't do something dumb as finishing the relay before the NijiCollab happens

>> No.12697474

anon pls...

>> No.12697528

>You know that Omega is just saving it to bury a big NijiEN collab.
is omega really calculating and coldblooded like that?

>> No.12697575

Just being optimistic
> It's a big event announced 2 weeks ahead
>They can get 15k on debut + 4k on Debut Watchalong so i just stated their Total Absolute Celing.

>> No.12697599

To be honest yeah, it's fun figuring out which games or streams are buffs or debuffs (as some might work better or worse depending on timing and the streamer) as well as what they could do to increase numbers. I don't particularly care about the biggest number comparing contest, not just because it always lead to shitflinging but also because it's more fun to speculate what small number can do to boost themselves.

>> No.12697619

Selen- 5k
The other 7 get 1.2

They'll probably eat into each other too much for it to happen but it's not impossible.

>> No.12697698

What's the biggest numbers NijiEN Collab got?
Can you guys state the biggest collab in single channel and multi-pov collab?

>> No.12697720

Finally 10k post debut stream baby!!

>> No.12697745

i think the one where they anounced ethyria was 8k

>> No.12697821

>other7 with 1k
that to much anon

>> No.12697834

It's amogus

>> No.12697892

Just few thread ago nijinigger scream doesn't count etc, now..

>> No.12697928

niji meltdown 7.3k

>> No.12697938

>biggest NijiEN Collab
Koshien of course. 200k CCV

>> No.12697943

If it's a well known game (Apex, Among Us, or MK)
Selen = 3k (5k if it's FPS, but others will get lower)
Elira/Pomu = ranging 1k-1.5k
Others: 400-900

>> No.12698055

We're having proper posts here, don't start shit koshienfag
Yeah bro, i think that's too much.
The others will probably get only below 900
Total will probably be around 9k-13k

>> No.12698161

>asks for NijiEN collabs
>Koshien is a collab among all Niji talents, which includes NijiEN
>hurr durr, doesn't count
Don't be that faggot. It counts

>> No.12698162

I've said it before, but it really does feel like the Venn diagram of nijien fans and people who browse /vt/ is a circle. Alot of the stuff that gets stated here gets parroted around in other places where niji discussion is happening, most notably twitter and discord, and unlike hololive three really doesn't seem to be another hub of niji discussion.

>> No.12698192

It's just basic competition. If there are only so many slices of a pie you're going to limit the chances you can lose them. No reason to let people get some algo advantage.

>> No.12698294

People that like Niji EN and other small company vtubers are really deep into the weeds of the general vtuber ecosystem. It's not surprising they would have a higher overlap with vt posters and less strictly casual fans. Also I've heard people say the Niji reddit is basically a ghost town so where else would they talk about them?

>> No.12698366

Pretty sure people who frequent 4chan rather kill themselves before using Reddit, so that isn't actually an apt comparison

>> No.12698409

That means there are hundreds of thousands of us. We encompass every forum with vtuber in it. We are in legions.

>> No.12698491

There's a huge overlap, people take memes from here and spread them to discord/reddit/twitter.

>> No.12698509

How come Niji animation stuff is not as popular as HoloGra? Like even in Japan where Niji regularly trends, HoloGra is still dwarfing Niji animation.

>> No.12698536


Kronii and Bae Shill Collab will start in 25mins. Any Number Predictions?
(Mori Minecraft will overlap with them, also Gura SC Reading)

>> No.12698572

JPs don't really like/share/subs vs EOPs
So blame EOPs and their crippling addiction to social media

>> No.12698630

5k for bae
maybe 8k for kronii
not sure i dont think people know about that game.
However if they are facing each other then it might actually rise.

>> No.12698648


~Nijisanji EN
Elira: 1721/2224
Pomu: 1710/1841
Finana: 1314/1472
AVERAGE: 1582/1846

Selen: 2682/3001
Rosemi: 1324/1467
Petra: 1286/1217
AVERAGE: 1764/1895

Millie: 1411/1928
Enna: 979/1680
Reimu: 850/1464
Nina: 981/1604
AVERAGE: 1055/1669

~Hololive EN
Gura: 22336/22174
Ina: 9565/11036
Irys: 9159/10164
Mori: 8323/8845
Kiara: 6553/7635
Ame: 5949/7810
AVERAGE: 10314/11277

Mumei: 7842/9566
Kronii: 11421/12239
Fauna: 7595/8131
Baelz: 6607/8743
Sana: 3752/4980
AVERAGE: 7443/8732


-- Holomyth is about 6x of Lazulight and Obsidia.
-- Council is about 6x of Ethyria

So the general conclusion is that in terms of live viewers, for a typical stream, holomyth is about 6x greater than Nijisanji. Although this is peak viewers, not average viewers.

>> No.12698651

10k Kronii 5k Bae

I'm not really familiar with the game tho.

>> No.12698679

Despite vocally stating otherwise there's a significant overlap between this place and reddit. I guarantee you if 4chan went down for a day or two the niji subreddit would see a burst of activity

>> No.12698695

Nobody here has ever talked abput how HoloGra is such a goddamn fantastic tool to spead Hololive contents and increase algo favoritism. The series is literally gaining arpund 800k-1M each and every single week without fail. It's rather rare to see a series that has been going on for over a year that continues to maintains its popularity like that on YT.

>> No.12698717

Remove Gura and watch as the HoloEN average falls and crumbles.

>> No.12698718

Here's a scarier thought. What would happen if reddit went down?

>> No.12698834

So, one of the start ups had a new gen. They all got almost the same CCV on all their debuts. Are small scale coporate vtubers all eating from the same bowl? Do they share the bowl with NijiEN or HoloEN? Any vshojo overlap? I find startups fascinating. If I was less lazy I'd try to set up tools to numberfag them but that would probably invite cancer.

>> No.12698848

Why are the Japanese like that anyway? Is it thay waste of a time to not like, share or sub? I feel like Japan is the only place with the worst engagement ever.

>> No.12698906

Remove Selen and watch as NijiEN sink even further

>> No.12698908

NijiEN had jack and shit to do with Koshien. Take your meds schizo.

>> No.12698911

The only information left is about superchats. What proportion of superchats does nijisanji EN get compared to Hololive EN?

>> No.12698933

Any chance this can beat the holo sportfes?

>> No.12698940

>Are small scale coporate vtubers all eating from the same bowl?
Is hard to tell but most would agree unless they have a big breaktrough

>> No.12698967

Are you serious?

>> No.12698983

Guarenteed. Miko should just graduate because her sports fest got mogged by NijiEN.

>> No.12699033

Remove selen and and and and

>> No.12699047

HoloEN attracts a lot of tourist. I mean I doubt NijiEN can get 1/6th of any of the HoloEN outfit reveals.

>> No.12699050

because is shit hell their new channel ROF-MAO dwarf that series lmao.

>> No.12699072

It's hard to tell with audiences that small. Holo EN seems likely and Niji a maybe, Vshoujo only if they stream on Twitch also.

>> No.12699129

100% chance

>> No.12699136

Didn't Pomu win the whole thing?

>> No.12699201

Woah there champ.
Let them break 10k Total Views first.

It's like asking if an average policeman can defeat Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet

>> No.12699202

No, literally one of the players in the game was based on her.

>> No.12699209

penalized for being otaku
otakus don't have friends

>> No.12699231

Damn. Those are decent numbers all things considered. I only like hologra more since I'm a holofan but it's obvious the numbers don't favor the main channel animations. Maybe this shit has better writers?

>> No.12699456

Lots of the start up threads claim to hate hololive but use hlgg memes all the same. Honestly I think people who yell how loudly the hate something are in a vocal minority and most don't really care.

I think all the debuts having the same CCV and the debut threads having the same IP count implies something.

It will happen. This does not slip.

>> No.12699475
File: 103 KB, 1628x713, 1635812950941.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12699513

You literally have people in this thread openly admitting that they browse reddit. You would be told to fuck off ten times if you said it even just a year ago.

>> No.12699550

Myths average should be 10,546/11277.
Councils avg 7,579/8732

>> No.12699578

Stop thinking every board is /v/ and /pol/

>> No.12699605

HoloGra has a few upvoted Spanish comments. Is this series popular with SOP?

>> No.12699681

or maybe nijifans dont like animation. Their other series are getting good views.

>> No.12699798

>69 videos, 4.2 million views
>20 videos, 1.2 million views
>good views
Kek, Hologra gets more than 1 million views per episode.

>> No.12699807

Ok so this says that lazulight/obsydia are getting about 1/6 the superchat of holomyth. Which corresponds to the proportion of live viewers. We don't have enough time to establish the Ethyria but we can probably expect them to be about 1/6.

>> No.12699811

Some of them do go viral but yeah.

>> No.12699877

Reddit is hated on every board. I hate how accepted it is here. I hate you fags so much.
I don't think that is the total view count. Most of them have 900k views.

>> No.12699915

as a spic I can confirm this, also personally I think the spanish subs are more accurate

>> No.12699980

well.. hololive have this

>> No.12699995

Throw ES or KR a bone and they eat out of your hand.

>> No.12700074

ENs were the same way before they had their own branches. Predictable behavior.

>> No.12700156

It's closer than 1/6.

Sept LazuObs: $78,442
Sept Myth: $228,383
Myth/LazuObs = ~3

October looks to be an off-month for Myth, but:
Oct LazuObs: $91,626
Oct Myth: $138,213
Myth/LazuObs = 1.5

>> No.12700362

I guess you're right, I shouldn't have looked at the long term averages

>> No.12700378

I think you need to redo your math

>> No.12700386

Kronii is playing a Korean MOBA. fuck me NijiKR can't be saved now.
If anyone here knows KR culture, they FUCKING love MOBA. Her stream right now is peppered with KR comments.

>> No.12700418
File: 392 KB, 1080x690, Screenshot_20211108-011215_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For the first time Council is getting paid to convince people to play a shitty game (aka sponsorship)

>> No.12700466
File: 578 KB, 659x593, 293645282.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12700514

oh that's why, I was wondering why the gooks are more active all of sudden

>> No.12700534

It seems HoloEN shorts are already getting good views and comments. These shorts might not get millions yet but a majority of them still have over 50k views.

>> No.12700583

Is that game popular in Korea?

>> No.12700657

Who knows, but if it's MOBA, Koreans will flock to it.

>> No.12700660

Gotta build up that shorts algorithm momentum.

>> No.12700710
File: 81 KB, 553x785, 496837848723.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12700715

once again stop thinking that every board is /v/ and /pol/ and that 4chan is a hivemind, you god damn election tourist

>> No.12700717

they are going pretty safe with the clips

>> No.12700781

Huh, around Apex level popularity in Korea. Interesting.

>> No.12700824

finally some gameplay and the views are rising

>> No.12700827

It's like HoloEN is priming up both Kronii and Bae to be their spearheads for the KR market. Or is it that the sponsors chose them because they are somewhat popular with Koreans?

>> No.12700950

Gura having superchats that low, it basically proves that casual viewers are worth very little

>> No.12700984

Wow HoloEN are getting sponsorships from huge companies! Just at the level of this girl.

>> No.12701009

How do you get dedicated viewers if you can't attract casual viewers?

>> No.12701038

> 20 Warcraft III
> 21 Apex
Is that right?

>> No.12701053

not him but reddit is hated throughout the 4chan. Reddit hate is probably older than /pol/ as a board

>> No.12701059

Gura SC timeloop kek at least its a different flavor of shit

>> No.12701096

Fauna's is the best so far, I haven't encountered such compilation of hers yet

>> No.12701102

Cookie run also Korean owned, so I think it's more HoloEN's rising popularity with Kr means some of the marketing people on charge of their international marketing were able to convince sole higher ups to allocate funds to their ideas.

>> No.12701127

Koreans have different tastes, more news at 9.

>> No.12701148

Doesn't Twitch have some sort of sponsorship pool that any Twitch partner can grab hold of? I remember someone talking about it when Nyanners got "sponsored" for Cookie Run Kingdom

>> No.12701163

honestly I think the popularity on 4chan is going to be proportional to the popularity of superchats. I think most of the donors are from 4chan community.
Because nijisanji has about 1/3 the popularity of hololive on 4chan, and they have about 1/3 of the superchats. Is that really a coincidence?

>> No.12701213

Kronii's sponsor stream is getting almost 10k people watching and Gurame had like 15k watching. I think these companies made a good decision targeting vtuber crowd.

>> No.12701272

Twitch has a bounty system for sponsorships.

>> No.12701328

>bounty system for sponsorships

>> No.12701375


>> No.12701434

So basically the company didn't go directly to Nyanners to sponsor their game, unlike Gura/Ame? Explains why thr Cookie Run Kingdom Twitter account didn't advertise her "sponsorship" vs the Holo one

>> No.12701468

The Korean market will turn HoloEN. Warriors! We need to stop this. Let's send letter to Cover to plead for them to stop pandering to Korean people.

>> No.12701477

>Kronii 10k views gets
Good numbers for a shill stream

>> No.12701482

Basically you can request Twitch to find sponsorships for you, and they'll give you one. Payout is equal to CCV compared to actual sponsorships that give you money upfront

>> No.12701492

Does twitch take a cut of your payment for this "service"?

>> No.12701511

So for Twitch, it's just random while for YT, companies personally approach you? Damn, this proves how valuable HoloEN is compared to Vshojo.

>> No.12701514

Yeah, her sponsorship was through Twitch while Hololive had negotiations with the company itself.
Twitch is taking their cut and they’re showing you the amount you will be getting.

>> No.12701527

It is. Reddit hate existed as long as there has been a reddit.
>calling an election tourist for hating reddit
I've been on this miserable site for 14 years.

>> No.12701534

>10k for kronii & 6k for baelz
Abayo niji KR, nun bora join holo and get to gen 4 already, I know you want towa

>> No.12701538
File: 76 KB, 410x556, 84578346457458.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12701544

if you >combine it with bae they get more viewers than gurame.

>> No.12701549

and yet you post like an election tourist

>> No.12701617

I feel like bora collab more with towa than other niji.

>> No.12701621

Tbf, this is a multiplayer game vs Gura/Ame's single player game played by 2 people

>> No.12701627

How? By not wanting people from reddit to be here? You're fucking with me, how on earth could you be so new to think that reddit hate started in 2016~

>> No.12701667

It will be interesting to see what numbers and chat Bae will get for her KR study stream.

>> No.12701670
File: 638 KB, 854x482, 498413.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>come and get it

>> No.12701722

I think Gurame shill stream was at shit timeslot

>> No.12701812
File: 171 KB, 862x311, HUMU.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

More viewers than all Current Eternal Return stream on Twitch.

>> No.12701825

It was at an absolutely terrible time slot for Gura's channel. Had they held it at her usual time they would have easily gotten another 2-3k CCV minimum.

>> No.12701837


>> No.12701888

is Bora an honorary Holo like Kotone and Ui by associations?

>> No.12701901

next either council or myth need to do some Korean stream or Korean song cover/karaoke the amount of KR clips would be huge

>> No.12701924

A very good showing for Kronii and Bae with Korean crowd. Opening a KR market will be a much better choice for Cover than ES market since Korean are likely to spend than SOPs considering the lack of geographical & cultural differences. I think a 3-person team would be a good start, similar to HoloID. The less the members, the better the spread of audience.

>> No.12701930

2.6k of that is a watchalong in Korean...of these two idiots lel.

>> No.12701945

6k maybe?

>> No.12701962

Stop it. Korea doesn't need Hololive and vice versa. It's claimed.

>> No.12701979


>> No.12702071

This stream. I checked the comments on Google translate, they're all commenting on the match.

>> No.12702124

Honorary JP Niji.

>> No.12702128

More like Towa is an honorary Niji.
And since Holo is associated to Towa, that means all of Holo are honorary Nijis

>> No.12702376

Half of the chats in Kronii's stream are in Korean. That's really strong. If we shitpost, this might be the most watched Korean stream right now.

>> No.12702437

imagine if they played league kek

>> No.12702589
File: 226 KB, 875x1310, 1107.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Today's superchats

>> No.12702738

Are they really gonna steal the Korean audience? They did nothing for it. They didn't test the market, they just sat on their ass.

>> No.12702754

The second place is a 8k subs vtuber, impressive.

>> No.12702761

Is Pomu's fanbase filled with saviorfags?

>> No.12702813

No, her surgery was in July, and she hasn't brought it up on stream since August.

>> No.12702816

Steal from what? If there's ever gonna be a Korean vtuber audience they'll have cultivated it themselves via clips and sporadic interaction, in addition to hiring 2 Koreans.

>> No.12702818

Yagoo is cursed with good luck

>> No.12702819

More like NijiKR sat on their asses, they entered the market for a while but none of them made an impact.

>> No.12702833

SSS luck, you cant fight against tanigo

>> No.12702838

Did Pomu cut off her other breast or something

>> No.12702862

Some, but this was just standard "long SC reading stream + SC baiting gimmick" and nothing to do with her health.

>> No.12702873

steal from what? They popularized vtubing in South Korea.

>> No.12702877

lmao and best niji KR chat was like full on jop

>> No.12702886

Sounds like Cover's actual marketing strat - Do nothing, get rewarded

>> No.12702982

Hire talents that are appealing and mesh together.

>> No.12703043

Average value per SC
Kson $ 4.80
Hinano $ 22..00
Pomu $ 5.20
Mori $ 17.50
Marine $ 7.00


>> No.12703078

NijiEN should hire a Korean for wave 5.

>> No.12703099

Is there a website that shows the total streaming hours for each Hololive member?

>> No.12703123

>even Hakos' chat has Korean names
No. I hate how many Korean names are members too. Could HoloKR rival HoloID?

>> No.12703132

But cultivating genuine audience is niji thing
with slow and steady growth while throwing waves of livers

>> No.12703169

Holo_data on twitter have stream hours if i remember correctly.

>> No.12703182

October 2021 KR scene

Isegye idol
>Gosegu 2,635
>Jururu 2,389
>Ine 2,114
>Viichan 2,010
>Jingburger 1,847
>Lilpa 1,805

>ronarona 4,314
>gangG 1,792
>sea_vtuber 1,310

>Bora Nun 2,563
>Roha Lee 715
>Ban Hada 393
>Ray Akira 386
>Nagi So 340
>Nari Yang 325
>Seffyna 249
>Siu Lee 174
>Ha Yun 166
>Song Mia 161
>Suha Min 155
>Jiyu Oh 145
>Na Sera 141
>Ara Chae 134
>Ko Yami 119
>Lee On 118
>Hari Ryu 117
>Chiho Han 104
>Gaon 74
>Kiru Shin 57

Isegye idol https://namu.wiki/w/%EC%99%81%20%EC%97%94%ED%84%B0%ED%85%8C%EC%9D%B8%EB%A8%BC%ED%8A%B8?rev=59
>It is a group that began on June 22, 2021, when a notice of support for VR Chat cyber idols was posted.
>It said it started under the influence of HoloLive by Cover Co., Ltd., one of Japan's leading virtual YouTuber projects.

>> No.12703207

They tried their best. They even did something for the first time, got an existing vtuber group, a rather popular one too, to join them. Turned out the leader of that group was a famous bully (mainly IRL but also in the company) so she and many members of that group left. One of the popular member with 100k+ subs graduated later too.

>> No.12703208

The power of shitposting.

I salute the guy who shitposted with Ame.

>> No.12703247

Isegye Idol are honorary Holo.

>> No.12703288

Can Cover buy Isegye?

>> No.12703294

>>Gosegu 2,635
>>Jururu 2,389
>>Ine 2,114
>>Viichan 2,010
>>Jingburger 1,847
>>Lilpa 1,805
>>ronarona 4,314
>>gangG 1,792
>>sea_vtuber 1,310
Look at those noombas.

>inspired by Hololive
This kinda irks me. Has any non-Japanese vtuber company been inspired by Nijisanji?

>> No.12703299

This but unironically.

Niji has really bad luck regarding their foreign branches lol.

>> No.12703362


>> No.12703366


>> No.12703390


>> No.12703408


>> No.12703430

Wait, why are Bae and Kronii playing past the one hour mark? Are they getting paid extra?

>> No.12703447

Aren't they NijiCN?

>> No.12703464

d-did they also promote holo on their stream? any of them fans of holo member?

>> No.12703478

They seem genuinely like the game. Plus, they're playing PvP right now.

>> No.12703515

What is there to be inspired by?
Iirc there was a NijiKR who accidentally admitted to watching Hololive as well.

>> No.12703522

have nips not seen these yet? nips are incredibly autistic with these things like that ansta thing with suisei

>> No.12703586

Stop. The. Count.

Also those numbers are pretty god.

Maybe they are trying to show off their shill skills to get more sponsorships.

>> No.12703595

As long as they follow the guidelines it's fine. Also Ochame Kinou/Fukireta doesn't owned by Hololive.

>> No.12703614

The HoloJP fanbase is way, way, way hella different than the faggotry that the ansta schizos.

>> No.12703683

Funny how being inspired by Niji didn't do shit to them

>> No.12703747

This is free advertisment for Hololive.

>> No.12703769

Are the Holo JP fanbase a hugbox too?

>> No.12703773

What a crime, nobody did this before.

>> No.12703781

It’s a joke.
It’s the NijiCN branch but Bilibili owns it.

>> No.12703836

This is unfair. So unfair. They don't deserve this.

>> No.12703907

Speaking of hugbox, is it just me or like Hololive reddit is bleeding active users like crazy?

>> No.12703915

hololive has a deep repertoire of popular songs they could pick and cover. Suisei seem to be also well known

>> No.12703994

Stop changing the topic, we've had this days ago. The thread is still alive, go to it.

>> No.12704026

Someone a few thread before already pulled the statistic. Active users decreased but activities stay the same. Probably because there is no meme review any longer.

>> No.12704122


>> No.12704149

Speaking of Isegye, does Cover have anything to do with it? Kinda weird for a company to be open about "being inspired" by another company.

It's like saying that Samsung advertising itself as being "inspired" by Apple to go into the Smartphone market

>> No.12704223

Don't think so. Just fans and/or leeches.

>> No.12704230

Bad analogy since Samsung was already in phone business for longer than Apple.

>> No.12704231

>Gosegu 2,635
of course the one that has the highest ccv is the one who looks like gura kek

>> No.12704238

It's like an indie group making games based of a popular franchise. It helps as a free advertisement unless they start shitting on their "inspiration".

>> No.12704250

Cover can barely tie it's shies while chewing bubble gum, they don't have the bandwidth to care.

>> No.12704253

Isegye helps promotes Hololive for free and they also get to grow the scene instead of nijiKR. Why would they?

>> No.12704295

Will HoloEN's new found popularity with KR boost Isegye or will they kill their viewership. I wonder how this will end up. I personally doubt the KRs will watch streams in all English and I don't know if they'll stick around after this but at the same time the EOP audience has continued to enjoy the JPs regardless, even if it's not as many as it used to be.

>> No.12704307

They can also poach the best members when they open the Korean branch.

>> No.12704310

who knows, they seem very likeable, the voices matches the avatar, and has a familiar charm

>> No.12704330

She sounds like a kusogaki. I don't know zipperhead though.

>> No.12704432

When Hololive has a KR branch, might as well hire a failed Kpop idol to at least fill in the singer quota.

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