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Is your oshi a virgin?

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She's waiting till I marry her

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coco fucks her every day

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based purityfag kanatach
I love her a lot

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I don't think he/it/she has the right holes to begin with.

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No because I fuck her every day.

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Kanata is probably the best kayfabe vtuber of all time and nobody realizes it, writing her off as too vanilla and therefore boring. She very believably sells herself as being naïve and innocent when she lives with Coco of all people. Incredible performer.

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Of course

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coco is pure and innocent you fuckin misogynist

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When there is a woman, there will always be a man to call her a whore, even if she is a virgin

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>he fell for it

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Cocofags really are Redditors.

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HAHAHAHAHAHA they are virgins HAHAHA, Yeah right... Keep being hopeful /vt/...

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Unfortunately my oshi is a three times divorcee with kids....
Ayamecucks are delusional

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My oshi was partying while I was a kid playing in the woods.

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I don't remember writing this

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>thread for doxxfags
Disgusting, just nuke this shit

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Is Marine a virgin?

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Ina's probably had a boyfriend during her school years, so probably not. I doubt she has one now since she barely leaves the house, is constantly busy with contract art, helping her coworkers behind the scenes, streaming and watching anime, and sleeps at bizarre hours. No way she wouldn't be neglecting her boyfriend with a schedule like that, and Ina cares too much about her loved ones to treat them that way.
In fact, she seems content to be a single hikki weeb, living with her parents on a terrible diet and no sleep schedule for the rest of her life. I must save her from comfy oblivion.

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She's lying to you anons, she's actually been married to me.

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Yes, which is why she's constantly horny.

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Kanata lies just as much as Subaru does.

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Not for long

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Is Subaru a virgin?

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Kanata is an idol otaku, she knows exactly what her audience wants to hear. This is why she is so successful.

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Noel made sure her virginity wasn't canon anymore

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Hologra, noel put her mace way up their where the sun don't shine, Subaru said it was a very yabai episode

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Talking about this episode

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No women are virgins past the age of 18 except by choice. The “oh god I’m so shy around boys” routine is an act if your oshi is old enough to vote.

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>is your oshi a virgin?
not for long...!

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I choose to beleb

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Not after cocock pierced her

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Doesnt mean they dated boys

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99.999% no.

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imagine being a c*ckoid and not hitting that. they are like friends of traps/twinks who don't realize their friend is available until it's too late.

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Of all the Hololive chuubas, I actually believe Kanatan to be a virgin.

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There's not a chance in hell Mori is a virgin. I love this woman but realistically she probably has one of the highest body counts in Hololive, given her past

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she's a major incel which is why shes so horny all the time and spends so much money on bl manga
several holos are unable to talk to a man without spilling spaghetti everywhere, and marine is included

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but Kanatan eats Cocock everyday

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>several holos are unable to talk to a man without spilling spaghetti everywhere
Irrelevant. Men do all the legwork. Women just have to nod and open their legs if they want dick.

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Yes, my oshi is Ame.

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What's a lie Subaru has told?
I don't recall her ever mentioning not having boyfriends, for example. Unlike other Holos that are clearly autistic and fucked in the head she is a total normie.
It's highly unlikely for her to not have dated (including fucking) before. Anyone thinking otherwise must be kidding themselves.

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>His oshi is Mori, but he doesn't know anything about her
You can stop falseflagging, retard

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Kill yourself chink

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>he doesn't know
anon, I...

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If Mori were a man she would 100% be a virgin, but she's a hot woman so she can get laid while having 0 game.

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I don't watch holoID, is there any chance that some of them are actually virgins since they live in a muslim country?

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Tell us anon, is that “Cocofag” in your room right now? What is he telling you?
I ask because you gave me a (You) and i’m not a cocofag.
Are you one of those famous underaged artiafags that i keep hearing about?

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Anon... Keep that thought.

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i’ve been called a cocofag a couple of times too and I don’t even watch her
the coco schizo is unironically retarded

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Anon she looks better than 90% of the women I know, and she's also a go getter enterpreneurial woman chasing her dreams instead of some vapid woman that cares only about her looks. Yes, she's hot.

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>unable to talk to a man without spilling spaghetti everywhere
Marine has boasted about how she flirted with her bosses on numerous occasions.

>> No.12759447

Her whole backstory, including 'no experience at vtubing'

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Stop lying Zhang

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She's either the least virgin, or the most virgin in HoloEN. She used to be friends with a bench.

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In the butt, so it doesn't count.

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Well, as is well known, Suisei was completely enamored with this NND utaite with whom she exchanged some very affectionate Tweets and probably met up IRL, so...

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Yep. especially being western. Hard to know if she's getting dick now considering it's japan. But she's a woman so there's gotta be at least someone every once in a while if she tries hard enough

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friends with a what?

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I doubt that she even likes guys to begin with, she never showed any interest in them ever since she was a teenager, I've been listeing to her life stories for longer than an year already, unless she carefully crafted a very well elaborated fake life story, it all checks out.

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People always reply to this as if the hand from 10 years old ago and being married in ffxiv means anything at all

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A bench

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Losing your anal virginity doesn't make you a non-virgin, you can ask any doctor.

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Are YOU a virgin? Lol

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my sides

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Do you fucking live in Africa?

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You can always have sex, but once you lose your virginity, it is gone forever.
Don't give it away to some one-night stand whore, anon!

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Ina had a boyfriend before. The artist name is @minsgraph. It's known back then when they attend artist alley together and mentioned it in a few Tumblr asks before it was wiped.

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Is there supposed to be some other (sexual?) meaning or context "friends with a bench" has? If so I think I'm missing it.

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>he never listened to Satansquares songs
Who the fuck is falseflagging here, faggot?
>All the dudes I wanna screw are into 2D and that's OK, cuz if I had a dick I would stick it in something moe
>Asian men get me higher than American drugs
She was aggressively horny. And aggressively horny women get dick. Its how the world works. Call me a doxxfag, I dont care.

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No, she had sex with her boyfriend (not me) years ago. We are looking into hymen regrowth technology.

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Sorry, I should have called you a retard instead

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I mean, it is of course possible that as a reward for doing illustrations and MVs free of charge Suisei got to meet her idol for a cup of tea and spirited conversation and nothing else. And then proceed to exchange tweets with kissing emoji and calling each other "my honey" (but only ironically, mind you).

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>Women don't lie
>Idols don't lie

>> No.12760165

She talked to a bench since she had nobody to talk to.

>> No.12760168

A doxxfag and a moron. Who'd have seen that combination coming?

>> No.12760187

no chance.

>> No.12760248

No no, literally a bench...

>> No.12760264

The mental gymnastics in these kinds of threads are very funny to see kek. Just don't spend any money on them and you won't care, simply watch and enjoy for free and don't get invested beyond that

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Keep living in denial then. Virginity is highly overrated regardless. If a woman is a virgin by her mid-twenties, there's probably a good reason and you shouldn't touch her with a 10-foot pole.
Not to mention shes not some pure idol, she was an American woman in the underground rap scene, known for its promiscuity.

>> No.12760358

She could be a virgin and never had liked anyone like she said , I am just saying she knows what she is doing. She had a notification go off on phone during a stream and instead of just moving on she made sure to show her audience it was a notification for a gacha game and not a message from someone. She is serious about this.

>> No.12760383

do you really care about their relationships? how faggy are you?

>> No.12760391

She is probably a dyke too but she would never admit it because it would turn off a selection of her unicorns. She is working hard on being everyone's idol.

>> No.12760440

hmm? source?

>> No.12760506

For sure, she is very devoted to the idol culture, that includes being an unicorn. I'd say she is the biggest idol-otaku of all Hololive.

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Small retired indie with a very similar voice, it was either the duck or her actual sister.
That being said it started after Subaru's debut so anon is being retarded, either way she wasn't lying about not having prior experience.

>> No.12760669

I'm not one for going around and calling all hololive members lesbians but kanata though... Maybe she really is a cock gobbling harpy, but from everything I've seen she seems pretty gay. Not that she want's to admit it.

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The vtuber I like the most is confirmed a virgin, yeah.

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Just cause she's horny doesn't mean she gets any. She's never even sucked a dick.

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The only reason she won't admit to being a lesbian is because that would imply that she openly fucks other women, that's a big no-no for a pure idol.
But she is very likely one.

>> No.12760762

>I'm probably the best kayfabe professional of all time and nobody realizes it, writing me off as too health based and therefore not machinery based. I very believably sell myself as being a dentist and not good with machinery when I live with an engineer of all people. Incredible performer, I am.

>> No.12760792

I agree, she is kind of a porn addict and a coomer but she immediately gets uncontrollably flustered when people come with obvious inuendo towards her.

>> No.12760806

>If a woman is a virgin by her mid-twenties, there's probably a good reason and you shouldn't touch her with a 10-foot pole

Look, there’s “something wrong” with most of us here. Why would I mind that?

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Honestly I can believe that she lied, I mean her story sounds like an anime, if her house were burnt I'm sure it would have been on the news

>> No.12760957

Probably not, but she unironically hates males due to her daddy issues or some past relationship, so it's a win a win I would say. However, at times I feel bad for her, because she clearly needs a significant one who is trying to substitute with her cats.

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Who is this? Choco?

>> No.12761061

>Virginity is highly overrated regardless. If a woman is a virgin by her mid-twenties, there's probably a good reason and you shouldn't touch her with a 10-foot pole
I'm new to this thread but I'd like to Christen my presence here by confirmed that the other anons are right, you are definitely one massive fucking retard. So retarded that you don't even know what fucking board you're on.

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Imagine Irys moaning nonstop during sex

>> No.12761108

Every woman defaults to being in or having been in a relationship until proven otherwise. It's just not realistic to assume the opposite.

>> No.12761140

The chicken, and it isn't a schizo rrat, she is clearly substituting human love with cat love

>> No.12761178

Sounds like Kiara.

>> No.12761204

Because religion? No. Because they're a bunch of social recluses? Yes.

>> No.12761219

Have you ever had sex with a virgin? With someone who had absolutely no fucking clue what they were doing? Its not some magical experience, thats for sure. God forgive for going against the board culture of "UOOOOHHHH VIRGIN PURE IDOL CUNNY".

>> No.12761253

Am stupid, meant to reply to

>> No.12761267

Sometimes I wonder about how happy Reine is in Indonesia, since she is into girls I mean. How much stigma does have to be homosexual in Indonesia? SEAniggers assemble

>> No.12761280

Women are actually very selective with who they mate, unless they are whores, but that is a mental disorder and only a minority has this condition.
Same goes for "chads" aka manwhores, males are genetically meant to be monogamous, so even that popular "BUT MULTIPLE WOMEN WILL FUCK THE TOP% OF MEN" fallacy is also bullshit, because for both genders, that top% is almost always already taken.

Single women in their 20s and over is about as common as a single man in their 20s and over, which is, not common at all, but there are many such cases.

>> No.12761284

>Have you ever had sex
What fucking board do you think you are on?
This thread exists precisely because the answer is “no”.

>> No.12761298

it's mostly true but you need to do your roommate reps. Most of it was in the old Twitter account of Suisei but it was all deleted once people found out about her old account.

>> No.12761308

I doubt virgin status but somebody who could sleep in a catpiss mattress for a week isn't currently getting any for sure.

I see this argument all the time and it's utterly retarded.
>oh no I have to have sex with this virgin a few times till she becomes better in bed
I'd take a few poor fucks over the baggage from ex's any day, I swear this is a poor cope from used up whores.

>> No.12761331

>nerdy asian manlet
Does that even count as a boyfriend? She probably still has her hymen.

>> No.12761340

>missing the point

>> No.12761437

Reading all of this I am growing confident about having sex with a chuuba. Some of them clearly need a boyfriend, and I would make a great one for sure. Should I go to Japan and start fucking japanese women? Maybe If I have some luck I will fuck a chuuba who needs it (except for Matsuri, that would be game over)

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I know bro
That's what makes it all the more sad

>> No.12761455

I personally don’t know how it works in Indonesia, but living in a SEAnig religious country, right now being homosexual is not as taboo anymore. Of course, there are still people who are disgusted and stuff but it is much more accepted now more than ever

>> No.12761478

Your mind is ruined by sex and porn. Wanting a virgin wife has nothing to do with having good sex, you shouldn't have sex for pleasure anyway. There's a reason why the number of happy relationships in the west is decreasing.

>> No.12761507

That's cool, are you from Philippines maybe? Honestly calling people faggot or tranny is funny, but it's quite sad that some people are that wary to homosexuals and trannies

>> No.12761516

>highschool story
They didn't know eachother on highschool

>> No.12761562

Yeah she needs to date me, a nerdy chink mutt lanklet

>> No.12761571

If you don't adjust your expectations to meet reality, you're just going to be disappointed with every woman you meet. I would be suprised if any Holo living in America didn't lose their virginities in high school.
But I guess I am retarded for forgetting that I share this board with actual underageb& and men who haven't spoken to a woman besides their mother in years.

>> No.12761572

>a single man in their 20s and over, which is, not common at all
It's actually extremely common now, regardless of what either of us choose to believe in. Not just in Japan, but in the US as well.

>> No.12761579

Considering how autistic Mori is this is unlikely.

>> No.12761587

Maybe I'm just schizo but you have to read between the lines.

>> No.12761598

Go try luck with Mori, she has yellow fever and is probably quite desperate for sex at this point

>> No.12761645 [DELETED] 


>> No.12761658

>If you don't adjust your expectations
All I said was that the argument against dating virgins due to no sexual experience is retarded, this a is a wholly different matter.
Acting like that makes somebody underage screams projection, you seem to be misunderstanding what everybody is actually saying to you.

>> No.12761664

90% not a virgin, but neither a lust demon as you are saying. She is more concerned about her wigger music than any superficial affair like sex

>> No.12761677

>you have to read between the lines
What scroll do I have to buy to learn this skill?

>> No.12761682

you are definitely a schizo

>> No.12761708

c'mon now anon, these are lore essentials

>> No.12761711

The scroll of not taking your meds, only from then on everything will make sense. That's how I discovered that Miko raped Pekora

>> No.12761728

EVEN if Ina had a boyfriend before, her Korean mind would choose to jump off a bridge over having premarital sex. Also, no Omegatroon is not her boyfriend fucking faggots. No couple can sustain with half the globe distance and no direct interaction for years.

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Source, census.gov
As you can see, there isn't a big difference in the % of single women and single men, which is the point I was trying to make.

>> No.12761755

Yeah, you are right, my apologies. ESL desu

>> No.12761802

have sex

>> No.12761804

Faggot mindset

>> No.12761816

Im only arguing against women who are, or claim to be, virgins after the age where that becomes a massive red flag. They're either lying to you, or come with a myriad of issues that prevented them from having a meaningful, intimate relationship

>> No.12761825

>An average woman
>On her twenties

>> No.12761850

Just like people in this board anon. People need 2nd opportunities

>> No.12761854

~7% is still a difference of millions of people, but I gotta admit that even women being at 30% is kinda alarming.

>> No.12761862

That's only for marriage though, and is kinda pointless to show, of course the numbers will be the same fags don't actually get married.

>> No.12761876

No, and neither is yours. And no, I don't mean "SHE TOOK THE COCOCK HAHAHA". No, your oshi has taken dick. She's been violated by another man that will NEVER be you. Accept it and send another akasupa piggy.

>> No.12761886

Nothing wrong with that

>> No.12761973

I have never once disagreed with that assumption, so I have no idea why you feel the need to reply to in a haughty tone and make accusations about a post on the unrelated matter about virgins sexual inexperience being irrelevant.
I have no idea why you are telling me about age and redflags, none of this effects the point I made.
Please read what you reply to.

>> No.12762201

Yeah mori I believe you . Sex haver

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Because that was the original point I was trying to make with my original post, I was simply replying in kind to being called retarded

>> No.12762373

I'm speaking from experience, the last woman I dated was a 20 year old virgin, and after a while yes the sex was great, but she was the biggest menhera I've ever had

>> No.12762528

For the last fucking time virgin girls over 16 do not exist in the 3 dimensional world.

>> No.12762576

Finally, someone with common sense

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