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Pippa, I can't and won't make this any simpler for you.

You failed at life. You failed. When one thinks of what a VTuber is capable of, pushing herself to the limits physically, mentally and emotionally to achieve heights of success never before mentioned, your name will not be whispered in the same, reverent fashion that others have.

Nobody will remember Pipkin Pippa. You aren't even a header or a footer in the career of someone else. You are nobody. Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

In short, you are an enormous failure.

Pippa, being that you're a 3view and your brain has probably hard-wired itself to accept such failures by now and write off such criticism by being "flippant", really suggests that you've passed beyond the proverbial breaking-point. There's no turning back. This is your career, this is what defines you and this is what you'll defend to the end.

The abhorrent failure that is Phase-Connect, Pipkin Pippa, that is your legacy.

Maybe I'm over-reaching, however. Who knows? People CAN change. Maybe you'll read this, Pippa, and think long and hard about what a wasteful life you've led. Maybe you'll think, "wow. It's incredible just how abysmal and pathetic I really AM!" Maybe you'll leave Kiwifarms. Maybe you'll stop self-posting on /vt/.

Maybe in a couple of years, Pippa, you'll have learned from this failure. I doubt it, though.

I genuinely doubt it.

Now excuse me, I have to work on SPARKS 2. My manager estimates over sixty million dollars in ad revenue.

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>SPARKS 2 because my imagination is stunted and puerile.

Why are falseflaggers like this?

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Holy based.

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You do not have 57 ogeys.

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based KFP dabbing on the /here/tubers

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Let's make Pippa see this

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Holy fuck, dude. You must be telling this to yourself in the mirror every day

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Jesus who even is this? 15k subs? 1.5k views? Is this the equivalent of a SoundCloud rapper dissing an actual rapper on their mix tape they give away in the cash4gold parking lot? Holy fucking pathetic

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Go to sleep, Pippa.

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>soundcloud rapper
you just hit the nail on the head for indies and vtweeters

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Correct. I have 156 Ogeys.

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What's up with Pippa and Kiara? I keep seeing this type of posts.

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Kiarafags seething, coping and dilating because Pippa mentioned Kiara's wrestling video in a tweet without even mentioning Kiara's name.

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KFP doxxing Kiara after Pippa mentioned something vague.

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The retard picked a fight with a hololive chuuba and now she's facing the consequences of her actions.

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This shits such a nothingburger holy shit

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So she didn't mention any name but KFP attacked her? Seems like they're the one that doxxed Kiara.

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To the point she had to turn off her marshmallows and delete the tweet.

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The more I look into this shit the more autistic it gets. She literally has a KF account and posts there? Why would you openly flaunt that around? Ngmi

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Not Kiara or Pippa have a KF FYI for those scrolling.

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you...you can literally see that we are 2 seperate IPs...

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It's literally easy to know how this site works and how to get around that. Nice try bub.

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This was the tweet she made immediately after the original, plus her fanbase naming Kiara directly.

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This was after the several threads people made on the situation. It wasn't immediately after the original.

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You know all of this just proves how fucking rent free Kiara is living in her head right?
Decided to take a totally innocuous question about wrestling and used it to try to hit someone way bigger than her below the belt

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That's the worst part. It was supposed to be a holofightz reference and her brain immediately went to doxxfag shit.

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holy KEK

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This Streisand Effect shit has to be on purpose, right? Do KFPs secretly hate their chimkin this much?

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>attack kiara known for her hostile fanbase
>you get posted absolutely everywhere
win scenario still

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Genuinely didn't even hear about this drama till retards started screaming NO KFP SEETHING HOW DARE THEY. Like no one is even talking about it in the general, but people are making screenshots of threads that failed to hit bump as if it exploded.

Some 2view who feeds on here references and drama shot her foot off. And is shocked her fanbase made it into drama.

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They like the attention she gives them. As she grows, it becomes harder and harder for KFP to be noticed. So what's the solution? Push others away until they are all that she has. KFP doesn't want newcomers, one example of that is that Kiara wanted to make more karaoke endurance streams to grow faster, but they complained that after 1m she could only do for each 0.25m increase.

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>just found out this bitch is part of an agency
why do these even exist? do they have real staff? does it bring any cash at all? it just seems like a huge LARP. reminds me of when everyone and their dog was trying to have their own Machinima to be "affiliated" with on Youtube

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>Literal who doxxbaits
This drama is a nothingburger. It will last like two days at most.

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Haven't heard that word in years

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At least you can count on someone accusing someone of being KFP meaning neither are KFP.

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I'm not sure why they're blaming you guys anyways. It really comes off as unhinged. Like >>12799770 is some straight schizo rambling.

I'm not a KFP so I don't give a shit what happens to Kiara (no offense), but I think that Pippa consistently does nasty shit like this just to pander to /here/fags and deserves to be called out for once. She's a literal fucking Kiwifarmfag for fucks sake. That's as low as you can go.

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Reminder that KFP is fucking based

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imagine havin a wrestler oshi

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>> No.12800220

mb longer if Pippa will be desperate for shizo's attention

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Did Kiara publicly apologize for the reprehensible behaviour of her employees?

>> No.12800255

Nah they didn't even see it, her mods deleted it. Its forever in the VOD though

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You know that is an egg right?

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Schizo thread

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Actually Kiara roommate used to do softcore pron, the one with uncensored manko but censored face

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Spinning drama out of nothing is this board's raison d'etre

>> No.12800757

you know this is a bait, right?

>> No.12801063

It is funny how this place shits on KF but for some reason pippa gets a pass? just another reason to hate /here/fags

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>inb4suspension that kills her barely existent channel growth

>> No.12802169

Kfpfaggots are annoying, sure. But weaponizing their autism is a sight for sore eyes. Instant entertainment for days. This is the type of "drama" I wanna see. Also
>literally who 2view jabs at a hololive member with 10x the sub count as her and who has thousands upon thousands of rabid fans
Thats like if a kid on a scooter races on NASCAR

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I remember that, anon. Good times.

>> No.12802440

>Thats like if a kid on a scooter races on NASCAR
in Reality this is Literally nothing, But This containment chamber is a different story.

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I'm sorry, for what my 3-year-old daughter said. She doesn't know any better yet. It's my fault: I should've taught her better. Please, forgive her.

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Anyone remembers when the shark saw the same wrestling video and tweeted "anyone knows how can i get into wrestling? Im feeling fighty!". Before they debuted.

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>eggs break out of the carton and falseflag a literal who to push their "kfp is le worst fanbase" meme
day of the omelette when

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>/vt/ pandering 2view makes tweet that barely gets any attention
>global silent
>kiara split talking about her karaoke
>dramafags spam threads talking about how everyone else is angry
Really we're just seeing if you make fans obsessed with drama, they'll drag you through the shit for fun. They'll be the ones ruining any breaks she gets.

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If this is what stirs up the entire board's eggs up, your really need to find someone else to anti against. This is getting petty to the extreme.
Kiara is too good at avoiding yabs. There are way easier targets out there.

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>we are getting schizo threads on /vt/
Phase Connect incline!

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too long didn't read
Grow a thicker skin you chicken fucker.

>> No.12804797

you shouldn't need to read to recognize this as pasta
this thread is full of newfags

>> No.12805367

Most eggs are retards from discord

>> No.12805404

This has got to be the most manufactured "drama" I've seen on this board and that's saying a lot

>> No.12806221

Who? Peppa Pig?

>> No.12807233

the fact this thread is still up speak a lot of the state of /vt/

>> No.12807573

>nooooo jannies help us the KFPchads are bullying our oshi

>> No.12811366

>months of Kiara hate threads
>all is fine
>1 day of some nothingburger shitshow

>> No.12811670

kek this is pure kino

>> No.12812154

>soundcloud rapper.
Hey. Don't diss on ourboi Mori. She's working hard.

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but anoooon its diiifferent !

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i want pippa to make me cum with her feet

>> No.12817920

Dramachads run this boarf

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>> No.12819538

>mutt in defense of germ mutt
you will always be fat

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Pippa the only thing that would redeem you is an oddkast collab

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Fucking Based KFP

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I want Kiara to look at me like this while she makes me cum with her feet. Imagine the pure look of utter distain, while she is secretly very much into it, giving into her sexual desire and furiously moving her slender, porcelain legs. You would be able to see a puddle of her lovely juices form beneath her all the while. I bet that her shoes hide two very beautiful, womanly feet and 10 little precious painted girly toes, ripe for a suckling. I want Kiara to lick her soles clean of my seed after the act is done. I want Kiara to make me cum with her feet...

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So when is your next wrestling match?


>> No.12825734

do NOT show this>>12796988 to Pippafags

>> No.12826285

why do ameritards measure everything in money and fame?

>> No.12826310

Pippa might kill herself after reading this

>> No.12826435

people tried to bring it up in /hlgg/ earlier today and got told to fuck off.

>> No.12826549

Because it's the most accurate way to measure relevancy SEAnigchama

>> No.12827371

relevancy is just another word for one of the things I've mentioned. Why does it matter to you if something is "relevant" to a bunch of other faggots? Hivemind much?

>> No.12827785

I love Pippa but my god is she stupid for doing this. Consequences of her own actions. Smacking the KFP hive unprompted with one of their biggest triggers.
And the shitty thing is this reflects badly on PhaseConnect in general for their networking.

>> No.12827988

Good thing they have trademark 2view stealth, so Cover probably did not even notice it

>> No.12827994

Kiara lives in Pippa's head rent free. Pippa mocks Kiara on stream, pretends to be kidding, and offers some half-heaarted compliments. Probably because Pippa is from Kiwi Farms and they have some serious schizophrenia regarding Kiara.

>> No.12828088

>Why does it matter to you if something is "relevant" to a bunch of other faggots?
Because it relates who matters and who doesn't
You don't give a shit what the schizophrenic homeless man has to say about the state your country do you? No you don't
Same way we don't give a shit what a literally who 2view has to say about the 16th most subbed vtuber in the world

>> No.12828136

>Kiara lives in Pippa's head absolutely rent free
>Kiara has no idea who "Pipkin Pippa" even is and doesn't care
Many such cases

>> No.12828186

Holo collabs were never gonna happen, but this could hurt small corpo collabs and Niji interaction

>> No.12828236

idk anything about this drama
but from what im seeing it appears that a ""femoid"" tried to fight a Sigma Female and is now eating shit for it.

>> No.12828818

making fun of kiara's short-lived wrestling career is based, and none of you retards can convince me otherwise.

>> No.12828948

The only people who are still trying to keep this going are the obsessed Kiara schizos who post about her every single day. Hopefully you learned your lesson, Pippa. These are the last types of nutjobs you want on your side.

>> No.12828956

>literal 2view
moving on

>> No.12832339

>You don't give a shit what the schizophrenic homeless man has to say about the state your country do you?
Exactly the same way I don't care what the president has to say about it. Both are amusing, but irrelevant to me.

We're not talking about cuntry matters though, we're talking about public clowns. They don't affect the environment you live in, they just make funny things for you to consume or not to. Do you enjoy things more when thousands of faggots tell you those things are good? Can you not enjoy things if no faggot talks about them?

>> No.12834221

>Do you enjoy things more when thousands of faggots tell you those things are good?
> Can you not enjoy things if no faggot talks about them?

>> No.12834403

Until her fanbase mass reports all her videos and her channel.

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