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There is always HOPE Oh wait, she's not on the team

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Yeah, we just need /r9k/ to beat /sp/ by too few goals and to actually win ourselves. What a likely occurrence.

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you need to believe

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That is all we have left


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I know about Divegrass before Christmas but where's the Boards with v in them tourney being held?

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Weekly Divegrass, you mean? It's a few games a week.

Please watch it as this is the only way you'll ever get to see the really nice Selen model

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Also, adding that the scenario to promotion isn't that dire. /r9k/ just needs to salvage a single point from /sp/, then /vt/ needs to win, possibly by 2 depending on the score of the /sp/-/r9k/ game.

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She isn't playing for knee gee san gee in the /vt/ league?

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>Meiro enjoyer

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We could be the first new team through.
/pw/ doesn't count. They were /asp/ as /xs/ was something fully new

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She has a new fancy full-body model that the team aesthetics guy worked on.

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stop letting the thread die, we have a game tomorrow.

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Well we might be dead before the match even begins!!

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if we're dead on a /sp/ win

I will do my best to make the following match very fun. /f/ is a fun team to play.

t. manager

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BTW has BECOME LAMY played yet? I know it's probably gonna be a last showing since well /become/ is hibernating now.

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I think Pedomee and Become Lamy still need to play, along with Smol Ame possibly

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I guess if we're dead before we even play they could start as an "Empty the Bench"

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>Lumi isn't on the commentator list
Did her management actually watch that /vt/ - /tv/ match and pulled her out?

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More like she decided against it. I wish she would have at least came back for one last match so it didn't look like the big bad 4chin people scared her off, but whatever.

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last weekend they said she has not oficially bailed, so she may or may not come back.
Also lumi said in the /tv/ match that they would have more opportunities for her to say nigger (kek), so unless she changed her mind or management slapped her she may come back

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Her last real chance to commentate is tomorrow and she's not on the sheet for either of the /lit/ or the /vt/ game.

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Does anyone blame her?

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Some questions for /vt/

>/f/ or /tv/, if you had to choose one

>lose in a fun way OR win/draw in a boring way

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>lose in a fun way
Like a 3-3 score only to blow a 90+ in the end?


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ganbare to /vt/

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Who got the commentators this time?

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No one special, not even SDA.

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This rabbit needs to score some goals

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/sp/ will lose so be prepared to win tomorrow.

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those champioships still being done on cytube?

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More than 1/4 chance to advance, odds are good

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yes we play tomorrow

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Fuck beatani

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fuck YOU

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I wish I could

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Sports Bump before a mimir

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Isn't PWJP one of us, or am I thinking of another anon?

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Let me suck on your toes TWAIN

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Where is the sheet?

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I would join in and get hyped with whatever this is because it seems interesting, but I don’t what any of this means or what this is.

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Hi newfag, you should lurk for at least 2 years before posting on 4chan.


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Not gonna lie to you, bros. I don't care about the /vt/ team anymore all I want to see is VT League again. Shit was kino

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vt league was funner

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I have been informed that we can't realistically do /vt/ League 2 until after Winter 4CC. We're looking somewhere like late Feb or early March.

6 /vt/L teams will be playing in Divegrass Before Christmas 3, so you can watch that, if you want in December.

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Whatever happens, I can say it's been fun, although I really am hoping for a miracle

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>trying to let the thread die to make a new one
>you bump it from page 9
why are you like this

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move her for today's matchday thread

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Why do you need another one though?
Why not just use this one?

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Because people can't find it because retards don't put a good title. Go look at last week's thread.

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>Also lumi said in the /tv/ match that they would have more opportunities for her to say nigger (kek),
That was quite obviously her trying to placate and get them to stop pushing her to say it. If you think there's any chance of her doing another 4cc after that shitshow, I want what you're smoking.
She might come back for /vt/ league though, at least there, given the crowd, the understanding exists that you don't scream 'nigger' ad nauseum around vtubers, much less corpos, or pressure them into saying it for half a stream.
If I was a betting man, I'd say she probably just doesn't do divegrass ever again, though

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I miss the /vt/-league so much anons.
It was so fun and comfy. Even though my team lost in the end I still watched it all the way through.
Also loosing to a fellow /vt/-team didn't feel as bad as loosing to the other boards' teams.

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should hopefully be back in a little bit. i enjoyed it a lot too, even if it feels bad losing to other teams, it helps stirs more interest in /vt/ league where we can have our comfy board competition.

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Won't be able to watch live since I have a formal dinner tonight but good luck lads.

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I welcome the extra prep time

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Who's not on the team?

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How hard are you planning to cope, bros?

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i guess this is the thread now

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Moona woke up with the right foot, had her cheesburgers and discord sex with pekor

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I count this as the first group stage loss. I give him a mulligan from WC since he's a new manager
I can't fucking tell the /vg/ tab from the /vt/ tab.

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>people still go on /mlb/
do they still have that faggot posting bocchis of the mets?

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Dang, should have just kept /f/'s anthem as a joint one. Ah well.

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Idk, I haven't been there in ages. I usually lurk game threads. Last time I was there they were shilling some random minor leaguer

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We gotta kick Pekora out next roster vote

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They win when it's useless

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where was this against /tv/?

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Even more of a case to get her out if she could fucking score and didn't do it when we needed it.

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moonabros, the commentator is complimenting our girl

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/vt/ pushes where there. But Jar Jar happened

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Why do we keep pregnant Towa on the team again?

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she is not real...

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Man, /f/ are great. Almost feel like we should throw it on purpose so they can go through. Almost.

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Like the goddamn jobber she is, she's been shit all cup and only showed up when it no longer mattered

>> No.12927040

it's over

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She's also weighing down our fucking goalkeeper, what a top notch jobber.

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What was the source of that video during halftime?

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It was a 2ch thread. The entire song was conceptualized, written, and sung in one thread

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Found it

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/u/ former manager here, just saying that your rabbit killed XIV JP servers. You are paying for her sins.

On a serious note, I hope that this team gets going, always nice to see good support from fans and good aesthetics and such.

>> No.12927263

The title was at the beginning, RAINBOW GIRL. It's a really old video. Which reminded me how I just went back to it

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I thought threads were only allowed on /vg/ and /mlp/ or do mods just not give a shit any more?

>> No.12927296

go back pastanigger

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>/u/ former manager here
not that hard to deduce

>> No.12927426

They're allowed on /vg/, /mlp/, and /sp/. But just because they're banned elsewhere doesn't mean that enforcement is quick or consistent.

>> No.12927452

And /sp/, but more active boards tend to have a thread when their team is playing anyways. Mods seem to have realized trying to delete it is pretty futile.

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ain't that hard to tell

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>i dont like kiara

>> No.12927597

Maybe it's because we're playing today, I wouldn't expect any more of these til spring

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We are going to the next round

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Selen X Pekora best ship

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Selen please strangle Pekora dead

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what the fuck we can't even job properly
the one time where we need to lose is when we start winning

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I am ashamed

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he has a job to care about

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thak kiara

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This fucking rabbit, if she played half as well in other matches we'd have qualified...

>> No.12927980

>/tv/ game killed us

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Yeah, to advance, and where are we on that?
Otherwise it's just for fun and 9 niggas forward +2 is fun

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Non-/vt/ fag here, tell me more about the rabbit, I like her goalhorn

>> No.12928097

shit is rigged fr fr

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We were suppose to spite /tv/. What the fuck, TriangleMA.

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She was good only because NENE was under target

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The one takeaway from this cup.

/vt/ is a dangerous team.

>> No.12928214

dangerously bad

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>Hates gays
>Hates gaijin
>Plays minecraft
>Talks shit online
>Autistic IRL
>Lives with her mom
>Best friend is indonesian minecraft autist

>> No.12928230

So what happens to us now?

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/vt/ will be in an elite soon

just don't do wingforwards again triangle

>> No.12928260

It's the generic goalhorn, not hers peko.

>> No.12928278

Dead. We're not playing anymore.

>> No.12928288

>hates gaijin
>best friend is a gaijin

>> No.12928308

Selen saved this team, we need her more

>> No.12928316

When's the roster vote?

>> No.12928317

No that distinction goes to /a/

>> No.12928341

Pekora is half indonesian.

>> No.12928342

>just want to have fun
>4chan commentators more interested in getting her to scream nigger than to commentate on the match
>she quits because it's a bad look for her as a small corpo because it might harm collabs with other companies

Makes sense

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Her last best friend raped her, so she decided to have a best friend who was outside rape distance

>> No.12928484

Just wanna say to Triangle hold your head high, we got knocked out but we also played spoiler, dust yourself off and get ready for spring

>> No.12928508

can someone explain why /r9k/ losing means we don't get through even though we won? I'm not much of a divesportsgrassball fan usually so this seems like bullshit

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Anyway, who's ready for WeeD and DBC3?

>> No.12928572

Couldnt beat the points of /sp/ or /tv/ with the /sp/ win

>> No.12928574

/sp/ had 5 points. they got 8 in the end, /tv/ was on 7. max amount we could get was 6. we were dead because of that. basic maths

>> No.12928611

/sp/ has 8 points
/tv/ has 7
We have 6

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it's simple group stage math, watch more sports

>> No.12928667

based victory song pick Triangle

>> No.12928669

Triangle my m8, good job on the cup. Shame you got PES'd against /tv/. Anyways, shit looks promising for spring. Keep it up.

>> No.12928672

so basically us not going through was completely out of our control? what's the fun in that? no I will not watch sports unless my oshi is in it.

>> No.12928688

Towa have your baby already so that your fat ass can actually accomplish something on the field

>> No.12928700


>> No.12928757

thats always sports. trust me i know that pain a ton

>needing the pens to win and they lose to toronto. i'm still mad at 2017 ffs

>> No.12928809

honestly if only we didn't get pes'd against tv...
thems the breaks, better luck next time

>> No.12928830

Pekora like numbers

>> No.12928848

Only because of our performance in earlier matches. If we'd won or even just drawn against /tv/ for example we'd have more points than them.
It's the cumulative effect of each team playing four matches (once against every other team), and half the time that means teams going through or not is decided before the final match.

>> No.12928858

Good attempt though
We did not get destroyed even once.

>> No.12928881

Our matches were our in control and we lost those, that's why we're in this spot.

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Too bad, you're going to see my voluptuous stomach in DBC.

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But yeah, we're done here. Didn't make it to Winter, so /vt/ will next play in Spring Babby 2022.

Thank you all for the wonderful campaign this time. I was scared a lot, personally, but I feel like /vt/ is a much stronger team than in the World Cup.

If you all would have me, I would love to return for Spring.

>> No.12929055 [SPOILER] 
File: 1.16 MB, 1096x720, holiday [sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2Fsrmi7g.ogg].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>losing to fucking TORONTO
Well that's laughable but it could be worse. Pic related...

>> No.12929127

that is only because we played like shit in some of the previous matches.

>> No.12929132

I would love to watch more matches of /vt/ playing and more spots for newer players. Thank you Triangle! Was really fun.

>> No.12929147

You definitely deserve it, there were no blowouts like with /gd/ in the WC and the only reason were out is that we had to rely on /r9k/ not dropping their spaghetti

>> No.12929181
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I have no idea what those things are but what you just said seems even more rigged than hololive sportsfes. why can't we just call it a draw and let everyone go through?

>Only because of our performance in earlier matches.
I guess... still feels disappointing

>> No.12929192

Do it, keep it up anon

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Thanks for managing, TriangleMA. Should've gone 9 niggas forward though

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hey, it was fun all around. as long as you keep learning the ropes, you'll be fine. just don't do WF's like that again because you'll basically leave the attack on an island as seen with nene. that hat trick did her no good in the end lel

>> No.12929256

Keep it up, man.

>> No.12929328

Thank (You) for managing, it was a pretty good effort overall.

>> No.12929391

Thanks for your service, Triangle.
It was a ton of fun. Sad we didn't advance, but it was great seeing all the support. Keep it up.

>> No.12929404

leak league 2 info now, thanks for your work

>> No.12929718

After Winter Elite is all I can tell you, unfortunately. Probably before Spring Babby, though. Getting aesthetics done is the big thing and our aesthetics helper has to do other things.

I would do it in January if I had the choice, but I've been advised that's not wise.

>> No.12929765

Simple math. Five teams in a group, each team plays every other team once. 3 points for a win, 1 for a draw, shame and scorn for a loss. We won twice and lost twice, /sp/ and /tv/ both won twice and got 2/1 draw(s) respectively. Both our losses were against /sp/ and /tv/ as well, if we'd just drawn on one of them we'd be at 7 and they'd be 6/5, putting us ahead. Honestly it's not a terrible result, we didn't go through to winter but we'll probably be ranked pretty high of those who didn't make it.

>why can't we just call it a draw and let everyone go through?
Only 16 teams can go through, gotta have some kind of tiebreaker somewhere.

>> No.12929929

>If you all would have me, I would love to return for Spring.

You're it till you get killed or there's someone better

>> No.12929975

>why can't we just call it a draw and let everyone go through?
This ain't the Hololive sports festival

>> No.12930091
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b-but muh unity... it would be better if all the boards went running to the finish line after trying their best and celebrate in friendship and fanfare and hug each other as SSS plays. trying your best is what counts r-right?

>> No.12930210

Nigga this is 4chan, we can have plenty of unity and friendship while still wanting to beat the shit out of each other.

>> No.12930632

I do hope that you've learned something from /vt/'s losses here. This was a tough, but winnable group and your export was not completely shit. You leaned too much into trying to make the export flexible instead of finding something that worked and going all in on it. Teams that win don't win because they can half-assedly run every formation under the sun, they win because they put their whole effort into doing one thing really well. You've got to design the export proactively, not with the intention of being reactive to whatever your opponent is doing.
You waited too long to make changes against /tv/ and made too many too early against /sp/ and in both matches you didn't change mentalities until like 88'. That's way, way too late to make any kind of difference in the match. The only time you should be doing a mentality change that late is to go +2 if you've got a corner late to try and find a goal. It's much too late to be going +1.

>> No.12930635

Yeah, looking at the results, of the 24 teams that didn't make it we're ranked 3rd. 19th out of 40. So at least we're in the top half. Not too shabby really, especially for our first (normal) cup.

/a/'s ranked dead last ;_;

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File: 1.17 MB, 1674x2137, 1613675454970.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I may have only learned how to get the streamer's immediate attention in IRC today

But yeah, I seem to be okay at making on-the-fly changes, I just need to get more used to figuring out what to do and when to do it.

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I heard about a dimeful 4cc wrasslin stream during the draw coming up, when does it start?

>> No.12931140

After the post-game show, First bait. It's roughly an hour show.

>> No.12931149

After the First Bait after show up right now on the cytube. Maybe 1 to 2 hours from now. ogey rrat is in the first match too.

>> No.12931208

who did the models? seems like a lot of effort went into them

>> No.12931254


You probably heard him on commentary during /vt/ League.

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>finished above /a/ and /jp/
eh not bad

>> No.12931793

wait, best of the 4 teams from the 9th? wow.

>> No.12931795
File: 271 KB, 1423x642, Empire of dust.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12931905

I still remember the glory days, when we were one of the big 3 everyone was terrified of and together forever was still a thing. Why did Summer '14 have to happen?

>> No.12932436

2015 was really the last year /a/ was considered to be good at all

>> No.12932472
File: 119 KB, 390x390, 1610797899647.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

When's the next roster poll manager san?

>> No.12932543

If I was to guess, probably early January

>> No.12932558
File: 791 KB, 800x1131, Aloehorn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

After Winter 4CC, not any time soon. Gotta get the most accurate and updated roster that we can.

>> No.12932675

>When's the next roster poll manager san?
Campaign season starts now.

We need HOPE on the team

>> No.12932678
File: 1.14 MB, 2000x2479, end_of_the_stream[sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2Fr4no9j.mp3].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thank you manager-san, you did a great job entertaining us with this divegrass cup, shame the ride had to end, let's just hope >we have better luck in Spring and look forward to the WeeD match and /vt/league 2.

If I had to complain anything about the team is the music. Maybe it's my taste but I'd rather hear something more chill, like /u/'s horns. Towa has a good horn but she never scored.

>> No.12933807

Peko should use Bun Bun Cha

>> No.12933823
File: 1.33 MB, 1111x1691, 1212121212.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gave my thoughts on First Bait if anyone cares, wrassling that includes ogey rrat soon-ish on that same cytube.

>> No.12933859
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>> No.12934084

I just wanna say it was fun. Good job triangle, no shame in being the best out of the new teams.

Now to what REALLY matters, VTL2. Fuck the cup

>> No.12934135

Did we at least get everyone on the field at least since the last game was meaningless

>> No.12934230

Yeah, everyone played at least once.

>> No.12934444
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No bench warmers allowed

>> No.12934618


Hearing this song brightens my day

>> No.12936008

4cc wresslin now

>> No.12937130


>> No.12937333

Oh man that peko, that's great

>> No.12945233
File: 1.97 MB, 828x1750, 1623877064701.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't know if that one dude who wanted /become/'s aesthetics to try and possibly revive in the future is here, but the wiki for /become/ should have the tactics and aesthetics if they wish to try and revive it.

t. /become/ former manager

In the league after this one, I may come back if the thread is off hiatus, still a bit ashamed from the failure I was

>> No.12951081
File: 1.54 MB, 1300x2400, 93256850_p0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I guess since /vt/ is out, what team(s) are you guys rooting for? For me it's /k/ and /pw/.
I wouldn't be so ashamed considering 3 other teams looked not in form as well. You just gotta brush off that first cup experience and try again using the lessons you learned.

>> No.12952059
File: 270 KB, 1015x508, 1636657755147.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

At this point I'm just hoping for a good final and looking forward to the offseason invitationals. /pw/ would be nice for the /hfz/bros

>> No.12952348

With /a/ sucking so much ass for a long long time, I find myself siding with the anime lesbians

>> No.12953852

/sp/, /u/ and /toy/

>> No.12956811

I only watched when /vt/ played. They don't play anymore so I don't give a shit, wake me up when /vt/ League 2 happens

>> No.12956866

/h/ of course

I have a soft spot for /tg/, /ck/ and /k/ too

>> No.12957932

/u/ and /pw/

>> No.12958027

I've been an /sp/ fag in my entire life. I did support /asp/ at one point and that's probably it.

>> No.12958601

January is way too early after DBC, if you wanna held it twice per year, just do it in spring and autumn

>> No.12959755

/pw/ /vr/ and /tg/
/pw/ for being cousins to /hfz/
/vr/ because they're an oddly chill group and nice fans
/tg/ because ORKS ORKS ORKS and I want to see Urbie finally score.

Old /sp/ I could support but this was close to half a decade ago at least but /sp/ ain't the /sp/ I knew it's pretty much become cancer outside maybe /hoc/?

I won't manage but I wanted them up there just for a future incarnation to not have to start from zero. Only reason I've not restarted /become/ is well no new content and it'd feel cheap to try and revive with nothing (which would only prove it's dead). Still BECOME LAMY was on a /vt/ team so that's more legacy
t. Not BossLamy

>> No.12960516

Anyone but /pol/

>> No.12962554

/pw/ and /vr/

>> No.12969020

/y/, because /cm/ isn't playing

>> No.12969421

I don't give a shit about babbies other than who qualifies. Waiting 6 months now

>> No.12973022


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