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Are all of the Hololive members doomed to being hated post-graduation?
None of the current Hololive graduates have a good reputation on this board.
Hell, even the roommates of a lot of current talents don't have a good reputation.
No matter what they do, after the initial waterworks people will always look at them and say, "she left Hololive for THIS?"
So what do you think? Are they all screwed?

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It's your fault for taking this board seriously

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a vacation isn't a graduation anon..

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Yeah, it's sad really how badly Kson is tainting the Hololive brand even after leaving. The only vtuber that has done it right is Lulu. She just continues doing what she does best, playing games.

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The whole 2 hololive graduates one of which gets zero discussion negative or positive? By the way if you CN you count Holostars and their graduates only have good reputation left

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Chicks feelings should be ignored

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Nobody except chinks hate kson though

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Haachama sex

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What does Hachedman crotch smell like?

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my cum

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What do you consider graduate?

Because HoloCN existed.



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Stop listening to chinks

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Coco was terrible before as well, the hololive label just masked it

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>None of the current Hololive graduates have a good reputation on this board.
>on this board.
You have already given yourself the answer you seek.

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Hate? But I fucking love this bitch!

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no one watches them

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What threads are you hanging out? The shitposting threads? Geez that's bad for you brain.

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no, there's nothing but pity for triangle since her graduation

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>hololive started with Gen 5
Shut up, bitch

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that pretty much happens to every retiring chuuba ever. they're like your neighbors who will start bad rumors about someone who died because they know that person cannot fight back anymore, then it becomes the narrative.

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>people think Coco was more entertaining than Kson

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I knew tatsunokos were braindead cucks but not fucking cowards.
>she left Hololive for THIS
This only applies to the whore that you call oshi.

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Anon was so fucking right that looks like he came from the future

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Coco was forced to be more entertaining due to the medium and not being able to use her tits as a crutch.

Now she's just rehashing her old content over and over again to farm simps rather than getting experimental or trying to break new ground.

If she was a futurist she'd be utilizing vrchat and trying to get ahead of the meta. But why bother when you're already raking it in? This is why she's fallen out of favor among viewers. The prevailing sentiment is that kson peaked with Coco.

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Collabs with melody, which she wanted to do for a long time and what does she do? Another fucking meme review on Chaturbate instead of Youtube . Kson already dropped her claim to fame, asacoco/ Ame in the a.m., the Coco of 2020 will forever be unrivaled even by Coco/Kson herself.

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Do you think once haachama eventually graduates, whether that's tomorrow or 10 years from now... Would she be discussed in a negative manner? I honestly don't think she'll be doing anything of that sort related but still

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Oh, don't pretend like you care and this isn't just about wanting to shitpost. Every other stream she mentions how she has some sort of expensive large scale projects in the works that she wants to surprise her fans with.

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>on this board
Who cares lmao

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