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How do we go about saving Matsuri and Haachama, /vt/? Haatons refuse to see the bigger picture about Haachama in that her menhera has been going out of control. Her increased hiatuses already proves she doesn’t want to do this anymore yet are in denial about it. So much so, that Haachama has to force herself to stream. Matsurisu are worse, in that they refuse to see far Matsuri has fallen. She’s washed up. She’s no longer among the bigger holos. Her gachickois left her, her apex addiction keep driving away the few that remain, she longs for companionship, but keeps driving away the few people who try to befriend her.

Is there any hope of saving them?

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At this point both Haatons and Matsurisu (Me) should just be prepared to face the end of their oshi, not a Haato watcher but from what her fans are saying it seems that they have it rough as well.

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No, >we dont. The reason OP framed it the way he did is because hes a retarded anti mad she didnt graduate over her reflection. So fuck OP, and youd be wise not to bump this shit thread either.

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You actually made that thread. I remember you.

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I didn’t know it was bad for the both of them. Is there any way we can help them?

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Why is Haachama added?

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not enough matsuri rrats so they expanded to hachama as well

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how do we save them bro?

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Matsuri doesn't need to be saved.
Haato doesn't deserve to be saved.

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Haachama is prone to having menhera episodes and despite what some haatos say, Haachama is a nervous wreck and she has been having ups and downs lately, she might actually be bipolar or manic depressive. She needs our help.

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Should just rename this general to /Saving Matsuri + Ame general/ instead.

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Any proof for those last two statements?

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Haachama doesn't need saving faggot, she's not in trouble. She might graduate but if she does, it will be to become a functioning normal member of society. Wanting to retire from streaming is not a mental disease in the same way as mats' apex addiction is and manic depres

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Source: my ass
You are a massive retard, some months ago maybe I would have agreed with you in some points but now I just have something to say:

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>haatons still in denial

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Can't believe this fag actually made the thread, I understand that haachama is a yab machine and probably has more rrats about her than festival... Probably is one of the top 5 when it comes to rrats on this shitty board actually but come on now

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It's always a joke "lol haachama went crazy" because it looked like an act but what if she really is broken? How do we save her?

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I don't care about this nonsense but it's interesting how Haachama is clearly more depressed than girls like Shion.
Maybe it's the fans. Other girls have convinced themselves their fans are worth their love but haachama could have attracted a lot of weirdos with the weird cooking videos, the schizo videos, the feet clip etc.

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>mfw Chammers has been much more mentally stable over the past few months than during Spring and Summer but retards decide to make stupid threads

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i dont know bro but how do we save them ?

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Haachama doesn't really need saving. She's still pretty immature (which definitely wasn't helped by having few friends in Australia & now Covid) but she's seemingly made friends IRL since the March hiatus & has seemed happier when she has been streaming outside of around when Coco left & a handful of member's streams, and she even took the yab in stride.
The only thing that needs saving is her eigo abilities. IIRC she said she started studying it again recently, but man she sounds more & more ESL every time she streams in English.

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nice thread. I've no opinion for you though so will a bump do?

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>Saving Matsuri
>Saving Haachama
At this rate just make a general for saving Gen 1
>Saving Aki
>Saving Mel
>Saving Fubuki

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Fubuki's only problem is getting too many ARS supachats, making her lose money

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Is there a point to this rambling mess? Because there doesn't seem to be one.

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please save chammers

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chammers is fine. matsuri needs help.

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The only thing Fubuki needs saving from is getting badly characterized in the fanfics from /wg/

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Chammers was saved few months ago.
No need for it now

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They're fine most of the time
>Matsuri and Fubuki walked further down the hall and when they reached the door, Fubuki slid it open with a soft よいしょ.
>They reached the elevator and Fubuki pressed one of the buttons with a soft よいしょ.
>She stepped into the elevator with a soft よいしょ and pressed one of the buttons with a soft よいしょ. Fubuki let out a soft よいしょ as the elevator doors closed

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How do we save them?

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Matsuri just posted a 10000¥ post on Fanbox. The other posts are either 500 or 1000¥ which are just pictures of herself with sometime a little cleavage or her thighs.

This 10000¥ must be something really juicy, does somebody have it ?

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hi how are you?

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I honestly haven't seen any leaks from her fanbox at all anywhere

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Someone posted them in this thread a while ago. Let’s hope they’ll provide us with the new one.

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It's a post probably informing of what exactly the 10000¥ is going to be about.
Matsuri is really good at monetizing her content, if you want to follow everything you have to pay at least 3 times.

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I am interested in this too
last maid pics were cute

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There was nothing in the archive, why do you lie to me?

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I am 100% certain someone uploaded her thigh pics in one of these threads. Look harder.

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I can't decide who needs saving more. Matsuri or Haachama. imo they're both on thin ice rn

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nigger dont bring haachama into this. Obviously you faggot aren't watching her streams

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Please don't taint her with this crap

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give them a lengthy vacation

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Gen 1 is really the most depressing generation in Hololive

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worry about saving yourself OP, because I'm driving to your slavic apartment block right now so i can kill and eat you.

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There you go.

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Does anyone else get the feeling management has an unfair bias for Matsuri? I legit don't understand why Matsuri gets away with all this menhera shit and faces no punishment from her manager meanwhile Haachama was forced into taking haitus because of some creepypasta larp video

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Yeah, she should have graduated along with Coco. That fucking whore.

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Maybe because Matsuri had better numbers? Or because she isn't young?

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Clearly no one here watches Haachama. She took the hiatus and got her arc canceled because Youtube striked one of her streams for breaking ToS (No, not the decapitation one, this one was just +18, the one deleted is that stream when she played that creepy game with self insert from the author)

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because Haachama messed with China once.
the rest of the world should've understood by now nobody messes with China. not even once

I'd say we can't save Haachama from that one.
I'm surprised that she's still around unlike a certain dragon

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>Youtube striked one of her streams
clearly its you who doesn't watch haachama, because it wasn't a stream, it was a *frame* that was struck and she went on to stream normally multiple times after that until management fucked things up

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>All these white knight Haatons in this thread
Didn't Haato take not 1 but 2 long breaks because she felt mentally unwell? Meanwhile Matsuri maturely handled a EOP fan dying on her. If anything Matsuri is more stable than Haato, even if it is by a slight margin.

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I remember it was that stream which got deleted. I remember it because was the day restrictions got lifted in my city

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that's what you do when you're feeling unwell fag.
the breaks she took obviously benefitted her in more ways than a shitty fag like you who doesn't watch streams could imagine, the fact that festival had to power through and force herself to stream through everything IS the reason why she's so mentally unstable and prone to emotional collapse.

>> No.12911445

this was the red heart debut stream and I honestly don't remember why it got privated...did she sing in it? or did she show/ save some unfavorable things?

>> No.12911462

>EOP fan dying on her
What does this mean?

>> No.12911520

no, she either forgot to unprivate those vids or there was content in them that cover didn't like/ thought yt would strike

>> No.12911528

I'm watching an archive and it seems she sang some songs. Also I was looking and I was wrong, the stream who got ToS wasn't the one with her playing that game (Since the original stream was still there in her channel).

>> No.12911568

Look at the firs comment

>> No.12911599

I didn't want to say this because I have no source but I heard it got privated because she said something about cannibalism or something like that, I do remember catching it live but for some reason I don't remember exactly what happened.
It's either that or it's something that had to do with EN maybe?

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Squirrels, I thought we were done being enemies. Yet you continue to drag haachama. Take a lesson from your oshi and accept the peace offering.

>> No.12911721

Holy fucking shit, I just noticed the second comment and maybe it's a coincidence but it was when ZA HANDO happened...

>> No.12911733

Yeah i don't get it. He killed himself or died or what

>> No.12911742

>Matsuri Channel 夏色まつり
>I wish I had met you earlier in my life.

>I was inspired by your words.
>I can never thank you enough.
>I hope that this feeling reaches you.

>May he rest in peace.
>Love you.
How do we save Matsuri?

>> No.12911760

He had a terminal illness

>> No.12911787

Ah. Poor guy.

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File: 410 KB, 692x692, 1612055604514.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looking through his channel is depressing, but noticing that Matsuri still used his video to stay strong after the hand yab is even more depressing...

>> No.12912847

It's true though.

>> No.12913737

I'm pretty sure the people who still have the "saving Matsuri" mentality unironically aren't squirrels but pretty much falseflaggers fellow haaton, don't stress it out too much

>> No.12913872

Speak for yourself, I want to save Matsuri.

>> No.12915795

But we do.

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Attention all Hololive Watchers:
Matree is a danger to herself and she needs your help to wipe out the antis and yuhgoo himself.
To do this she's going to need a membership and a couple of akasupas.
All she needs is your credit card number, the three digits on the back, the expiration date, and the year.
But be quick, she's about to stream Apex.

>> No.12916487

I’ll do it. I’ll do anything to make Matsuri happy. I love her so much.

>> No.12919990

Are they even talking to one anither? Didn’t both of them had some sort of fight a while back?

>> No.12920229

They are, and I'm pretty sure there were no hard feelings, Matsuri being the menhera she is just went on a rant as usual.
But I'm fairly certain haachama doesn't hate her or anything like that, though publicly I haven't really heard chammers talk about her except once during a superchat reading for one of her unarchived streams, and simply agreed to the fact that calling festival a lolicon is pretty accurate.
Though that was quite some months ago, also Matsuri tweeted out a convo she had with haachama after she got jabbed.
So yes I'm fairly certain there's no hard feelings involved.

>> No.12924779

You hate to see it.

>> No.12928462

Yeah, it was Haachama’s fault for ghosting Matsuri.

>> No.12932457

festival retweeted chama's merch crane thing yesterday, I'm sure they're on good terms

>> No.12932758

Why would I want to save Matsuri
>nothing but apex shit
>collabs with men all the time
>menhera and not the good and desirable kind like Rushia

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>> No.12933221

You really used this picture for the thread. Nice.

>> No.12934032

Because she needs our help.

>> No.12937467

will Haachama stop being a menhera if a white baby gets put into her?

>> No.12938255

Don't Menhera become worst when they become mothers?

>> No.12938911

I'll remind you that this exists.

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>> No.12940613

How do we save Haachama?

>> No.12945818

Who wrote this?

>> No.12945948

Ogey rrat

>> No.12950426

Is he wrong though?

>> No.12952172

Matsuri was in the right and Haachama was wrong.

>> No.12952652

Matsuri is improving. She has more than 1k views. She can be saved.

>> No.12954996

The max was 2k views. It’s a good step in the right direction.

>> No.12955713

Fuck me if I know, someone posted it on /hw/ a good while ago and said he saw it on /wg/
Very very very wrong.

>> No.12955761

Hopefully Japan's open enough in spring that college campuses are open and visiting international students start arriving. That being around native speakers and ESLs always turbocharges eigo learn.

>> No.12957168

but won't she get pregnant by the white foreigners?

>> No.12959990

It's for the best. No Japanese male will ever touch a menhera.

>> No.12960674

>Haachama is going to ride the cock carousel.
Why could t we save her?

>> No.12961188

>Very very very wrong.
Explain how’s he’s wrong it’s your words against his.

>> No.12961292

haato doesnt have any issue now. she just enjoys her school life instead of vtubing.

>> No.12961925

You think she has a boyfriend?

>> No.12962231

im not interested in that at all. she said she wants to enjoy her new school life while vtubing, in some zatsu after coming back. at least she doesnt have any mental issue now.

subaru is the opposite to haachama. she is a univ student too i suppose but shes dedicated herself to vtubing so hard. so she doesnt have any good new friends irl unlike haachama.

>> No.12962339

i'm sick of haachama. i want haato back

>> No.12962612

she also tweets shit about luna that goes unnoticed

>> No.12962773

why add chammers to this, she's just busy with college

>> No.12963006

oh boy another "sickness" arc.

>> No.12965751

>she's just busy with college
thats why she was added, we need to save her from college

>> No.12967151

To save her

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>> No.12970789

They both have reprobate minds. With Matsuri it was always apparent and with Haachama it slowly became apparent. The only way you can help them see the error of their ways is to just leave them. They won't get better if everyone continues to give them views and comments.

>> No.12971643

What if we married them?

>> No.12973411

menhera chama

>> No.12975528

menhera bump

>> No.12975631

I need to impregnate Haachama.

>> No.12977294

Because she’s much of a menhera like matsuri.

>> No.12979497

Unironically, Matsuri needs an architect in her life. I mean when she was happier and more promising when she was still an architectural structure in the past. As for chammers, she's fine and doesn't any concernfags imho

>> No.12979696

Is there any way we can actually save them? Like do we have a plan or something?

>> No.12984609

>As for chammers, she's fine and doesn't any concernfags imho
Don’t be in denial, she needs just as much help as Matsuri.

>> No.12984942

Tp save Matsuri, Hololive, and vtubers from destroying their voices in general you all must give up on the cunny. It is the only way if you actually care about their health. This obsession with Japanese women sounding like little girls is taking a ton of vtubers out of commission for months at a time. It doesn't help either when people like Fubuki tell Matsuri she sounds like a man when not doing a loli voice. The Japanese language makes girls sound deeper than they do speaking English, so it is something you just need to get used to.

>> No.12987586

I mean she was far more happier and more promising*
Save from what? From trying to be a normalfag ,something that we given up on many years ago? If anything, she just like that freshman who fascinated by the college life that she hasn't ever experience before

>> No.12989353

>the rest of the world should've understood by now nobody messes with China. not even once
This. Chink meltdown means bots attack, even Youtube kneel.

>> No.12989788

Nothing.He dead

>> No.12992649

She won't come back. Haato was her past, even she said it's cringe

>> No.12993330

>Matsuri's little brother calls her onee-chan
>Matsuri says she feels hot afterwards.
The rrats about her molesting her little brother is true, isn’t it?

>> No.12997508

matsuri is still young

>> No.12997711

They should have at the very least punished her for staining Rushia's anniversary with her twitter menhera fit. It was supposed to be a joyous occasion and a happy day for Rushia, but Matsuri had to go and fucking ruin it by making Rushia feel like shit because Haachama was in her anniversary but not Matsuri's.
I don't give a shit if Matsuri said it had nothing to do with Rushia, because in the end Rushia was dragged into it regardless. She should have dealt with it privately if she had any decency. Rushia's not even my oshi, but I'll never forgive that menhera bitch for that because it was just a shitty and deplorable thing to do in general.

>> No.13001961
File: 265 KB, 1280x2178, Matsuri on desk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why are you blaming Matsuri? Blame Haachama for making a promise she couldn't keep. Christ, why do so many people whitewashing Haachama's action.

>> No.13006447

Lots of haatons are in denial.

>> No.13006894

Nene is new victim so probably true.

>> No.13009710

I genuinely feel she will be punish for this one day.

>> No.13010054

The fact that squirrels are trying so hard to relate to another fanbase is just sad, "haatons in denial" is literally what everyone else said to you fags once Matsuri started spiraling down.
Its just really really sad

>> No.13010219

The circumstances on her Hiatus almost drove her to a graduating from Hololive and yet you are still blaming her for being offline to everyone? Nobody really talked about that but the real problem was Matsuri wanting haachama to be there in Live, not prerecorded even knowing about the hiatus, she had a lot of time for at least thinking about the possibility of Haachama not coming like it happened in the end.

>> No.13011728

>Matsuri might have actually cross the line with her little brother.
Is this still being part of a menhera or is this something more? I don’t think even menheras would cross the the line on incest.

>> No.13013471

She already did this before to haachama among others no? I'm pretty sure the whole reason chammers started avoiding her is because she sexually harassed her on multiple occasions

>> No.13013711

She also did it with Pekora and Pekora was really uncomfortable.

>> No.13014193

She did that to haachama when she was still underage too right? Back when even marine was asking whether it's okay or not to use haachama as a ref to her art

>> No.13017569


>> No.13018108

stop bumping this shit thread fag

>> No.13018766

Kek speak for (you)rself

>> No.13018816 [DELETED] 
File: 49 KB, 680x510, c5f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>She did that to haachama when she was still underage too right? Back when even marine was asking whether it's okay or not to use haachama as a ref to her art

>> No.13019450

So, why does she enjoy sexually molesting people she knows.

>> No.13021445

chammers needs to be saved because she's still sick/got sick again. we need to save her before she dies

>> No.13023102

sick chams

>> No.13023837

How do we save her?

>> No.13025075
File: 1.64 MB, 1168x1843, __natsuiro_matsuri_and_ebi_frion_hololive_drawn_by_tatedano_kabae__d339a0f88be897c9ded873abc101b805.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

These people have made a nice sum of money during their career. They haven't exposed their real faces or names, since the VTuber business provides a veil of anonymity. When they're fed up, they can quit, get a real job, and probably have had enough money to buy a house and not pay interest on mortgage. Theoretically the more popular ones could have made enough investments to have a stable capital income (I'd imagine both Haachama and Matsuri are popular enough for this).

Even if they'd be sick of their current work, they're pretty well off. How exactly would you "help" them?

>> No.13025315

> subaru is the opposite to haachama. she is a univ student too
Subaru has the kind of older lady voice I always thought she was way past university times.
Not that means anything. Spend some time working during studies and it's easy to be pushing late 20's before graduating. Did that myself.

>> No.13025844

>They haven't exposed their real faces or names
do your reps anon, chama has been doxxed since last year and matsuri's roommate account is relatively well known.
>they can quit, get a real job
why the fuck would you want a real job in japan? the place well known for how shit real jobs are to the point people are dying and killing themselves at insane numbers

>> No.13027724

>How exactly would you "help" them?
I’ll marry Matsuri and make her into a proper housewife.

>> No.13027997

You can't turn a menhera into a proper housewife, it's been tried and failed for millenia.

"Being the owner of menhera, to me a book on women discipline becomes a volume of inspired humor. Every sentence is a riot. Some day, if I ever get a chance, I shall write a book, or warning, on the character and temperament of the menhera and why she can't be trained and shouldn't be. I would rather train a striped zebra to balance an Indian club than induce a menhera to heed my slightest command. When I address Matsuri I never have to raise either my voice or my hopes. She even disobeys me when I instruct her in something she wants to do."

—E. B. White

>> No.13028089

You can't make a wife out of a hoe.

>> No.13028182

>She made another 10,000 yen post that might or might not finally be nudes
I can't deal with not knowing, someone tell me what it is. I don't want to waste money for more thigh pics

>> No.13029585

>You can't turn a menhera into a proper housewife, it's been tried and failed for millenia.
I can and I will. Matsuri has the chance to change for the better. I believe in her.

>> No.13031339

Letting her to get a real rest. If she is not streaming she is still doing recordings and college reps so she is not stopping at all...

>> No.13031512

>They haven't exposed their real faces or names
Anon, where have you been this months? Za Hando happened during a roommate stream, and Haachama face was literally leaked some days ago in one of her streams as a reflection. I felt a bit sad because some vtuber antis jumped to her saying she was ugly and she shouldn't have been born, but in the end it seems they she didn't care and is streaming normally after all.

>> No.13034633

sick chama pls don't die

>> No.13034963

Anon, you ain't her brother, she won't be interested in you.

>> No.13035778

By the looks of it she does get some passing interest in anyone who'd talk to her

>> No.13036263

The soul in this... Bros will we ever witness something like this again?

>> No.13036625

God, those days were so innocent. What happened to Matsuri?

>> No.13037891

Are you retarded or just shitposting?

>> No.13039154

I actually want to save them, anon. Why won’t you?

>> No.13039325

I dont give a shit

>> No.13041808

save them

>> No.13041876

>save them
But how?

>> No.13043171

I'll dick them

>> No.13043453

Abandoned Haato when she went full schizo, she was more entertaining before that crap.

>> No.13043511
File: 20 KB, 480x360, Drown in your ideals and die.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How can you save the menheras
when you can't even save yourself?

>> No.13044597

You shouldn’t have abandoned Haatonin her hour of need. She needs you.

>> No.13046321

I feel bad for her brother.

>> No.13046736
File: 480 KB, 2048x1152, Councilchama.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do we save Haachama's brother?

>> No.13047714

>chama doko
please save chammers

>> No.13049295

> no morning tweet from Haachama
chama doko....

>> No.13050648

sorry, she is at my place

>> No.13050987

Only those who seriously watch Matsuri knows about her menhera episodes while Haato makes an entire career out of it, even before her whole dr. jekell mr. hyde arc.

>> No.13051963

that would be true if SEAnigger dramafags didn't bury the board in it every time matsuri or notmatsuri did something

>> No.13055283

Haachama has a brother? I wonder if that's why she's such a schizo?

>> No.13057522

Every menhera has a brother.

>> No.13058900

>Is there any hope of saving them?
We get them pregnant. Once they’re pregnant their menheraness will go away.

>> No.13060295

Matsuri's grandma is a menhera that threatened her mom with a knife and then gave birth to Matsuri's mom, who is also a menhera and threatened her mom with a knife. Then Matsuri the menhera was born, and threatened her mom with a knife.
You do realize there's a pattern here, right?

>> No.13063136

We can break the cycle.

>> No.13064923

Now that council has cooled, everyone is going to come groveling back to her.

>> No.13066644

>Haachama is MIA
guys we need to save her

>> No.13069161

you sure about that?

>> No.13069984

Yes, I believe in us.

>> No.13070118

Chammers is sick bros... Someone post the Pic of haatons taking care of her.
Nip cold got her... She's probably dead asleep in her bed right now

>> No.13070987

No retard, he was talking about Matsuri's brother. Haachama has an older sister

>> No.13071951

not the deadly nip cold!!!!

>> No.13072209

Do you think Matsuri listens to goth music? And does anyone have Matsuri looking like a goth?

>> No.13072277

I gave up on Haachama a long time ago. She hasn't been good since February.

>> No.13075142


>> No.13076588

>Haachama has an older sister
Then why won't she save Haachama?

>> No.13078315

chama got her family doxxed thats why

>> No.13080463

Haachama needs to be saved

>> No.13081063

She used to appear sometimes in her streams like Anemachi, but her father fucked up everything trying to promote his company through Chama's channel, resulting in a doxing obviously. She won't appear again on her channel because that

>> No.13081524

chama chama

>> No.13082523

No wonder Haachama is such a menhera. Her father only cares about her to peddle his company.

>> No.13084556

>Her father only cares about her to peddle his company.
What is it with menheras and their poor relationship with their fathers?

>> No.13085092

because shockingly, fathers are important to the development of their children and shit/ absent fathers produce broken/dysfunctional people

>> No.13085163

Don't go around shitting on her father, despite being a simple pig farmer he still invested a lot of money to send her to study abroad, learn another language and get some life skills

>> No.13085274

anon he's not a pig farmer.... also she didn't get any life skills, she stayed in her fucking room the whole time

>> No.13085416

Her english skills are far above the japanese average, she was also free from Japan's terrible schooling system, he did his best in his own way and Haachama used what she was given in her own way

>> No.13086072

Matsuri is cute as fuck, she would be very successful if she went full-time indie and ditched the 2D.

>> No.13087162
File: 33 KB, 732x412, announcement.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13087324
File: 43 KB, 596x740, chamaD.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

nice job cutting off the :D face

>> No.13088984

Are we to late to save her?

>> No.13089314


>> No.13089756

It's the same with Noel. She has no father figure and she's a menhera, and she's rather clingy to her brother.

>> No.13090355
File: 17 KB, 411x411, 1625741877264.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not only an EOP, but also an actual retard. Even Chammers uses お知らせ for bad news, unless you've forgotten about her last major hiatus: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RGsmcgWw7Z8

>> No.13091136

announcement chama

>> No.13091303


>> No.13092691

Bros... we couldn't save her.

>> No.13092889

just checking in, any leak on the Matsuri fanbox?

>> No.13095401

You can’t save someone who doesn’t want to be saved. Haachama wants to go further down the menhera hole.

>> No.13096414

Aint nobody touching her with a 10ft pole. Maybe some desperate white dude with the lights off but, thats a big maybe

>> No.13098276

Heck no she'll have a double Eliot rodgers with her own crazy

>> No.13100448

That's why this general was made, so we can form a plan to save them.

>> No.13103282

I want to save Matsuri so badly. She deserves such an easy life with no struggles and endless praise.

>> No.13103787

anal will save Matuli

>> No.13104150

Matsuri is recovering. She has 5k viewers.

>> No.13106234

Her brother is her father figure.

>> No.13106357


>> No.13108656

> Not streaming APEX
> Instant 5k viewers

>> No.13108945
File: 1.52 MB, 1844x1844, 1624387839601.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

graduate on 18/11

>> No.13109462

I just hope Matsuri keeps at it.

>> No.13110699


>> No.13112438

guys chama face doxxed herself for the thumbnail, we need to saver her before she does anything more drastic

>> No.13114187


>> No.13116102

So it’s confirmed?

>> No.13117758


>> No.13118244

>She has a image where she self-harms
Why is Matsuri like this?

>> No.13120558

I wonder if she has cut herself.

>> No.13120615


Fuck off and die. Let these cunts suffer

>> No.13122432

No, we have a duty as men, to save them.

>> No.13124395

Maybe she has learned from her past mistakes?

>> No.13128117

Doubt it. Menheras don’t learn

>> No.13128385
File: 168 KB, 375x375, 1406516256428.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>women learning anything ever

>> No.13132246
File: 3.69 MB, 1200x2136, __natsuiro_matsuri_hololive_drawn_by_thomas_8000__2c0b35b722842d056ca17626414a3b9f.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Uses this fan art
What did Matsuri mean by this?

>> No.13133467

Oh shit, she's going to do it

>> No.13136255

What does it mean?

>> No.13138675

she never learns

>> No.13141873

There's literally nothing wrong with what you listed.

>> No.13144356

Wrong! It’s why she’s losing viewers and dying. She was once the bigger holos.

>> No.13146566

>She was once the bigger holos.
Stop being a numberfag.

>> No.13150313

Why are you like this?

>> No.13152720

Maybe the one to save Matsuri was Astel all along. Despite how hard we try to reach her and save her, in reality we can't, but Astel can indeed.

Maybe he is the chosen one to save her from the hands of Za Hando, from her menhera attacks and, more importantly, from herself.

>> No.13152998

Matsuri has almost 5k viewers despite it being apex. She’s recovering.


>> No.13153083

>Moaning suggestively.
Is she in heat?

>> No.13153609

She’s totally into him.

>> No.13153801

>male voice in background = graduation
>streaming/flirting with male = fine

>> No.13153878

Obviously Matsuri wants the Astel dick, she can share her apex obsession with someone else and also because Astel grew his fanbase around apex

>> No.13153978

You dont have to try that hard with the title and OP.
Just call it
>Waiting for Matsuri to do JAV general

>> No.13154042

I sure hope that's soon, I'm bored of waiting and still nobody knows what the 10,000 posts are about

>> No.13154169

the 10k post was just her explaining what is she gonna do there.
Honestly a pretty genius yet disingenuous move
>Doesn't specify on the tier description intentionally to get gachis / coomers to sub into it
>Make a post saying what is the tier about
>There's probably a manipulation tactic of "keep it a secret between us" to avoid leaks
I saw a lot of OF whores and Patreon "cosplayers do that, that's why normally the +100 USD tiers rarely get leaked since it's a smaller community.

>> No.13154358

There's another 10k post with pictures that hasn't been leaked and might or might not finally be something good

>> No.13154431

As someone on the 10k tier I’m telling you all it’s not worth it. It’s just her gimmick and is no way as romantic or lewd as any of you think it is.

>> No.13154567

At the end, a menhera can only be saved by another menhera

>> No.13154889

>Sends eldest daughter to a top school in bongland.
>Sends Haato to some shithole in Australia where she gets bullied.
What did he mean by this?

>> No.13155057

haachama chose to go to australia because she thought the whole country was a giant nature reserve and that she would see kangaroos in center of the city, yes chama is that retarded

>> No.13155083

We're almost at the cosplay part. Going from cosplay to lewd cosplay to erotic cosplay is a slippery slope.

>> No.13155307

I wish this was true.

>> No.13155340

it is, chama said so herself

>> No.13155408

it is, she said it herself...I think in the kiara talk show maybe? I'm sure she said it before but my closest recollection of it was in that stream

>> No.13156051


>> No.13157337

Alcoholic chama.. pls save her

>> No.13159203

guys shes becoming an Alcoholic , we need to save her

>> No.13161564

save chama

>> No.13162584


>> No.13162997

Who? Matsuri?

>> No.13163926


>> No.13166330
File: 398 KB, 2000x1415, alcoholicchama5art.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

save her

>> No.13167301


>> No.13168287

She doesn’t want to be saved.

>> No.13169765

At least Haachama made friends.

>> No.13172389

I can’t believe Haato’s father doesn’t like her.

>> No.13173978

those are the ones that need saving the most

>> No.13174058

There are a couple of rrats about her family situation, something something divorced something something don't like each other... Etc

>> No.13176142


>> No.13176177

No wonder Haachama is such a menhera. She has such a dysfunctional home life.

>> No.13180044

shame the failure of her parents led her on a path to alcoholism

>> No.13185854

chama's 3d live is today, wonder what will happen

>> No.13186179

not to be a dick, but there's not a single post in this thread made by a mentally sound individual. you're the ones that need "saving" if anything.

>> No.13186660

>3 hour bump
stop it you nigger, this thread doesn't deserve bump limit

>> No.13186670

save them both

>> No.13188853

Don't say that. They deserve to be saved.

>> No.13191027

No, they deserve to be forgotten.

>> No.13195241

News: Matsuri is voicing a character in a game. https://youtu.be/TQ8u8qsQwXs

>> No.13197674

That’s good. She won’t have to resort to being a JAV actress.

>> No.13199266

Neat, that’s nice to hear. Hopefully she still has a future.

>> No.13199918

chama 3d live soon

>> No.13200086

She's a literal millionaire, all the soft porn jig is because she wants to do it

>> No.13200945

I will save them both you'll see

>> No.13202203

You’re wrong. Matsuri isn’t that type of woman.

>> No.13202444

I hope Matsuri is cool with all this. Maybe she was busy and couldn't join. I mean Haato and HSKW singing Turing Love together in a 3D live means nothing.

>> No.13202497

bros...forget everything I said before, chammers is obviously okay but festival...please comfort her after today's eternal mogging

>> No.13202799
File: 2.85 MB, 960x540, haachama hskw.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Saving Matuli...

>> No.13203411

Imagine falling for some listeners bs faking his own death

>> No.13203873

You're wrong, now Chammers is in danger more than before

>> No.13203983

I wish somebody is there for Matsuri right now....

>> No.13204105

Yeah but it's just either being a whore or an alcoholic. Eventho those are dangerous but only few girls I know who didn't enter that phase when they were in college and most are grow out of in near graduation
But Matsuri.... I'm afraid that she needs to be put on suicide watch for now...

>> No.13204155

Matsuri/Haato friendship is damaged beyond repair

>> No.13204172

Are grow out of it near their graduation*

>> No.13204607

You forgot to remove the "are", esl-kun

>> No.13204870

those guests were as expected though. haato doesnt have so many of her close friends in holo jp, surprisingly probably kanata is the closest to her, and matsuri isnt really close to haato.

>> No.13205156
File: 371 KB, 1920x1080, Haatokawa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Matuli in danger

>> No.13205255

Ah I see. Thanks for pointing it out, anon

>> No.13205363

Why didnt any of you guys call me and told me there was a 3d live :(

>> No.13205449

shes actually in danger. haato at least has kanata as her good friend/counselor and miko as her crazy fangirl, and shes very good at one on one collabing with anyone, but matsuri doesnt have any. she failed to build a good relationship with luna. she should stop playing apex trash at least and have more collabs with holo mems.

>> No.13205541

go watch the vod and witness the day matuli got absolutely obliterated

>> No.13207000

matsuri on suicide watch

>> No.13207201
File: 1.44 MB, 1314x564, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

well we can't save them together anymore that's for sure

>> No.13207616
File: 988 KB, 1590x2048, 1628428844306.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's the gist of every "failing" holo, not enough collabs.
Luna for instance is slow paced because her gimmick is a hard sell but the collabs market her well enough for stable growth and she's quite enjoyable in collabs. MonHun was also quite a buff game for her.
Matuli was one of the most successful holos back in the days, rivalling Choco and FBK. But nowadays, both her biggest selling points got mogged by others, and even her weird fetish shit is being easily overpowered by Haachama herself.
She was once the horny one and got fully replaced by Marine. She also was the best dancer and got absolutely mogged by Nenechi. She'd be invited to most Tamaki-Collabs, those don't happen much anymore due to management (although one seems to be in the works according to Miosha) as well as Tamaki being busy setting up her 2 gens of talents (even there, Milk already collabed with Noel, Warabe and Senchou collabed and know each other from before apparently etc.)
And then there's the sad tale of Fubuki, one of Matulis pillars. Suits told her to go make Bakatare to gather up the misfits with low numbers a bit, turns out Watame works best alone somehow and Flare just shits out Kino ever since Polka somehow got comfy with her in blockgame.
Which somehow brings me to the conclusion: If you want to save Matuli, tell her to drop the Apex and make her play block game more, best enjoyed with newer members.

>> No.13208192
File: 35 KB, 325x325, 1612261341685.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

After haachama's 3D stream i can safely say that, you niggers are the biggest schizos of this board atm, period.

>> No.13208198

the thread is now at the bump limit. good bye thread

>> No.13208854

good fucking riddance, keep trying to save matsuri.
alcoholchama doesn't need it.
and I completely agree with >>13208192 took the words right out of my mouth

>> No.13209492

>alcoholchama doesn't need it.
yes she does

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