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Last Prism girl of gen 4! Yes her name is really Anon. Don't you all want an EN Polka?

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clown poosey

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>polka knockoff reeeeeeeeeeee

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Is she /here/ or not?
Make your bets

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I will breed this rabbit

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Miori and Urara from Tsunderia are cheering in the chat.

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here but she knows how to be subtle

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budget Polkda lets gooooooooooooo

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I'm gonna be honest bros I'm worried. I don't want another schizo rabbit

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i WILL fuck this bunny

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Reminder Polka liked her tweet

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What do you mean?

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imagine polka shows up during the debut

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last minute change of schedule screenshot this

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>611 waiting
not bad

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100% chance she's late on purpose

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Pippa from phase connect is turbo menhera

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Almost 700 waiting. Did she get a lot of twitter attention or something?

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>There's a possibility that Polka might be watching this

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>cap is /here/
no wonder he's a fag

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Bros…? Incline already?

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>Cap is /here/
>not her
well shit.

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One short meme clip she posted got like 126k views

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Her pre-debut video helped.

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Polka liked ohoohoho short vid on twitter

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it was all me shilling her everywhere

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Same with the one she collab with

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She did an ara ara that went viral.

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It's gonna drop, always does. First debut showed 500 then went live and hit 100-200 until it climbed

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Polka liked her tweet but even Before that her Oujo thing got a lot of traction.

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Maybe because Polka liked her video and followed her on twitter

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At least we can schizo post about her and be as mean as possible knowing she won't read it.

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>"mommy? sorry" transition

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sumi was so nervous

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Banger song alert

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I'd prefer schizo posting and being mean to someone who is /here/ because she'd be better able to take the criticism.
Even if she's not /here/ Shiki and Luto and Nia certainly are and would feel bad for their co-worker if she's being shit on.

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>that voice

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Two tranny debuts in a row hell yeah

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Kino animation

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>that voice
holy fuck my dick

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Naw, they can take it. Non can to.

Oh, it seems like she is good at manipulating her voice.

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>"At least spit in my mouth"

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>in horny jail already
She's perfect

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nice design

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how does this prove he's here?

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>love hotel

>> No.12998684

>steals Polka's design
>steals Pekora's jail stream
wow, the shamelessness is off the charts this time around huh

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>Tranny seanigger voice

>> No.12998690

>that accent
sounds like Reine and Moona...

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>from mom voice to this

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>Prison Project
Black company confirmed. Non, I have heard your plea for help

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She is also Viet but not as ESL as Naki

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>he thinks Reine and Moona are trannies

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Don't you know prism and captain only have original ideas, what are you trying to say anon

>> No.12998763

that would explain their closeness?

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When is her debut?

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>moona voice

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Are you guys still seething?

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I think the two sisters idea is really cool actually but none of that is apparent in the design... it's just Polka.
I feel bad cause it's probably all the management's fault for being unoriginal, not her. I'm sure she thought of the lore herself. I just wish it wasn't an afterthought

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Anon is a Viet, anon.

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>non, luto, and shiki all have a :3 mouth that works fine
does naki just not open her mouth when she speaks?

>> No.12998890

Jerkin it now, typing one handed

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>Nasal throatfucking

>> No.12998912

her accent sounds worse than Naki right now. are you sure about that?

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Dialating your mum (dad)

>> No.12998922

not seething but I'm not stupid enough to think prism is the big brains they portray themselves as

>> No.12998934

archive reps

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Damn, shouldve debuted a few days ago for vieterans day

>> No.12998971

Sounds like a seethe but I’ll take your word for it.

>> No.12998995

Sara redebut please....

>> No.12998998

I really don't like her so far. Her voice and laugh are so annoying and I really didn't even mind Naki.

>> No.12999001

It's 100% management's fault as talent doesn't pick or make their models. Captain wanted a budget Finana and Polka and he made them kek

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Hololive should take notes from Prism after rhomboid shark happenned

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non speaks like the sassy bitches that does my nails at the mall

>> No.12999102

nta but when a chuubas name is Anon it can be hard to search archives unless u give a keyword hint

>> No.12999109

as somebody said in the other thread, the biggest critic of prism is a prism fan. I want them to do good but instead, we get knock-off models, shit merch, and 30k sub membership gates.

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polka herself is already budget polka for not being a real clown girl, at least this has other shit going on.

>> No.12999111

My autistic fish daughterwife can't be this based

>> No.12999118

Management doesn't design them they just give the artists a concept and let them do what they want with it. Cap doesn't give that much of a shit to personally design the girls.

>> No.12999122

Hololive is like Apple. Quality doesn't matter to their fans, so they don't put effort into it.

>> No.12999125

Incredibly specific and yet still relatable.

>> No.12999149

Thats a really nice hand

>> No.12999178

Is Papi fuckable?

>> No.12999213

management still has the final word to OK a model or not, when you see a Polka rip-off being presented and you say OK it's as much your fault as the artist.

>> No.12999219

fuck around and find out anon

>> No.12999228

>being swole
He'll fuck (You)

>> No.12999240

>Yeah fuck that kid
Yeah, fuck Timmy.

>> No.12999242

anything is if you truly believe

>> No.12999245

I have a theory she's SEA.

>> No.12999246

All the mascots are.

>> No.12999249

the voice... it's luto in a different model isn't it

>> No.12999258

polka ripoff? you mean polka upgrade

>> No.12999270

fuck timmy

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>> No.12999289

thank you for the insight naki

>> No.12999300

I like not polka rabbit. she is very cute.

>> No.12999301

Something about this horny bunny makes my dick shrivel. The fish was so much hotter.

>> No.12999313

sounds more like shiki to me

>> No.12999314

If you’re deaf maybe.

>> No.12999327

I agree nonon looks better than Polka but being a rip-off is still a fact.

>> No.12999329

I actually like this better than Polka. This is clearly inspired by Alice in Wonderland, Polka is just an overly busy mishmash of random shit.

>> No.12999333

She swears as much as Nia

>> No.12999334

who is timmy?

>> No.12999369

her boyfriend, aka me

>> No.12999373

>Pippa in chat
Phaseconnect bros I thought you guys had her on a leash?

>> No.12999374

Shes a Viet. PL is slimysei who actually used her real name for her art portfolios.

>> No.12999375

Papi is fuckin stoned

>> No.12999376

Non Anon anti name

>> No.12999386

reps anon
pl dox’d viet

>> No.12999395

>better than Polka
yeah, not a very high bar

>> No.12999403

>kanata tier nasal voice
>horrible reverse sounding bgm
>probably in spaghetti mode right now
g-give her a try next stream...

>> No.12999413

The little fucker who lives across the street. Damnit anon(ymous) are you even paying attention?!

>> No.12999435

holofags are still gonna see it and think "wow a polka clone".
it's a net negative for the company in the long-term no matter how you look at it

>> No.12999442

Who also drew most of NijiEn.

Etheria reject?

>> No.12999472

if she was an white bunny all this polka ripoff bullshit wouldn't have happened
this shows how much of child brain people have
"look at the yellow clown, is like the other yellow clown"

>> No.12999475

Well I didn't say it was my favorite design ever. I like the Egyptian girl best from this group. Fish the least.

>> No.12999482

>are you even paying attention?!
... no... I'm too burnt out on debuts and Sumi just fucked me over, I want to go home already :c

>> No.12999486

her flower armbands r an eyesore, right up there with sana's hair beads. id remove them if she could.

>> No.12999514

Oh god anon, I'm not sure if I can.

>> No.12999517


>> No.12999518

No homo?
So she's obviously /here/ right?

>> No.12999530

The joke is from Genshin Impact. "Fuck Timmy" and his pigeons.

>> No.12999535

another fact indeed. Hololive doesn't try anymore with their models half the time which makes small corpos and indies stand out so much more as being better.

>> No.12999538

Yeah it would be nice if those were removeable. Outfit is good otherwise.

>> No.12999540


>> No.12999552

Yes Anon 4Chan definitely created that

>> No.12999564

Non if you're reading this let me break your hymen

>> No.12999573

Honestly I don't really feel it for this one. She already slurs in her debut.

>> No.12999574

>Sumi just fucked me over
How, it was great. Pure soul.

>> No.12999578

no one cares about your sidekick. move on

>> No.12999591


>> No.12999592

okay, the party poppers are fucking unique.

>> No.12999617

why even try when just having the artist's name attached makes the rig worth 10 times more

>> No.12999634

She's not as cringy as Naki but she's not really doing it for me either. Sara had the best debut imo

>> No.12999635

don't lie to a tired anonchama..

>> No.12999643

Would she lose the nasal tone if that was done? Because if so, please rape her ASAP anon.

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Rabbits UNITE

>> No.12999651

Its okay buddy, a good step is to try not to be too invested to reduce the impact of being dissapointed. Now go watch one of your oshis videos to perk you up

>> No.12999663

polka not being a clown girl proper is just. what the fuck were they thinking?

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Would you eat her?

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>they actually WERE worse than the originals
Saviorfags BTFO'd yet again

>> No.12999719

I'd suck her ass dry

>> No.12999727

t. KFP

>> No.12999729

I'm genuinely not lying, I loved every second of it. Girls spilling their spaghetti is adorable.

>> No.12999730

Based barefoot fetishist

>> No.12999731

Where's Peko?

>> No.12999740

She sounds like Dumplingshiara

>> No.12999742

>realizes the original was already shit

>> No.12999747

Cap please get that away from the girls

>> No.12999764

>third leg
Pack up

>> No.12999768

Oh look the leech who is declining is DESPERATE for attention

>> No.12999774


>> No.12999776

muh dick

>> No.12999783

She's a Ringmaster, technically. Very few of the other Holos seem to even know this and just think she's a clown.

>> No.12999817

Finana's debut was worse than Sumi's, she recovered well but even after failing to debut the first time she just rambled and got bonked by manager mid-debut for talking about pirating anime.

>> No.12999825

Only her toes

>> No.12999829

Don’t ever call me KFP you think I can listen to more than 5 seconds of Kiara?

>> No.12999847

>same color hair
>same color eyes
>hearts in eyes
>playing card motifs under the eyes
>black accents in the hair
>ears with white fluff in them
yeah anon she's just a yellow clown, those are the only similarities h-haha

>> No.12999850

her model is really fucking beautiful and I actually like the random fuck timmys.. agreed that the roses are too much

>> No.12999854

i see. i'll concede that, but i won't accept that this outcome is better than being a clown girl

>> No.12999905

>doesnt eat her own shit

>> No.12999912

Pretty sure this is gonna make Kiki obsolete. Why would you watch Kiki over Non Anon?

>> No.12999914

Pippa do you eat your own shit?

>> No.12999917


>> No.12999940

That's how all asian americans sound like

>> No.12999953

What did he mean by this?

>> No.12999954

This kinda proves just how important it is to have a noticeable model. Even if she looks like Polka it still got her the highest views on debut.

>> No.12999966

Yesterday an anon called it that gen4 was poop gen since gen3 was the piss one

>> No.12999970

Kiki's voice is slightly more SEX

>> No.12999986

if this kiki sounds worse than this clown, i doubt anyone watches her to begin with.

>> No.12999989

Doesn't she have a big announcement coming

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>> No.13000017

Kiki's audience is mostly /pol/tards, being /here/ isn't enough to pull those schizos since every other /here/tuber avoids them.

>> No.13000034

>extra orifice

>> No.13000052


>> No.13000054


>> No.13000069

Shut up, she's been following her on Twitter for a while now.

>> No.13000070

Pippa breeds like a rabbit

>> No.13000087

You will never be a real woman

>> No.13000092


>> No.13000112

Kiki's threads are a shitposting goldmine and she responds to your bait ON STREAM.

>> No.13000122

Far more sex.

>> No.13000124

0/4 susuga prism.

>> No.13000133

You will never have sex

>> No.13000141

Luto and Nia collabs with Anon are going to be something else

>> No.13000165


>> No.13000170

T. Kawaii Kope

>> No.13000207

wait i recognize those numbers!

>> No.13000212

>Female (?)

>> No.13000215

Being honest Prism's debuts are the weakest so far.

>> No.13000216

she's futa

>> No.13000232


>> No.13000234

Futa polka is all we need

>> No.13000243

>INT 177013

>> No.13000244

>Ideal Collab
Anon Luto
Anon Lia
Pippa Anon
Pippa Nia

>> No.13000250

Massive carrot

>> No.13000254


>> No.13000259


>> No.13000266

Futa Non x Pippa breeding like rabbits fanart when?

>> No.13000278

Snek was a total win and even you faggots cannot deny it.

>> No.13000296


>> No.13000298

First confirmed GILF Vtuber?

>> No.13000299

>>Ideal Collab
>Anon Luto
>Anon Lia
>Pippa Anon
Yes, i'd like to collab with them

>> No.13000303

T. Kawaii Kope 2

>> No.13000306

male pregancy... sugoi...

>> No.13000308

What? Girl I do love that.

>> No.13000313
File: 588 KB, 1984x2019, 62984aa18950b492e248f5bb95e5d7cd11d61a1a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

do you think I wanted to?

>> No.13000314

Snake is still weak compared to all the other startups.

>> No.13000317

Is this an attempt to ripoff Mori's dad meme?

>> No.13000319

she's a fucking genius

>> No.13000335


>> No.13000344

Drawfriend if you're here I need you to make Nonon x Pippa futa porn

>> No.13000351

are her stats nhentai numbers......

>> No.13000360

Pretty sure those stats she listed were nhentai numbers

>> No.13000368

Yeah you know that famous dad meme that was so funny.

>> No.13000381
File: 51 KB, 800x450, hmg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Those numbers

>> No.13000396


>> No.13000398

She has a lot of DeviantArt-tier fetishes

>> No.13000403

>ShindoL danganronpa
>Ox King x Goku
>old scat doujin
her taste is kinda questionable.

>> No.13000433

Holy shit Non....

>> No.13000434
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>> No.13000457

2/4 for me. Sumi and Sara were great but Naki was meh and this rabbit feels like nails on chalk.

>> No.13000461

No. Gods no...

>> No.13000467

do you think she will stream Rance?

>> No.13000468
File: 4 KB, 76x47, rance.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13000476

Pippa will love her

>> No.13000479

Pray to Nonon and she'll do it herself.

>> No.13000484


>> No.13000485

those are A LOT of mmorpg

>> No.13000486

Is being chinese so bad that they need to cope with escapist fantasies revolving about self insert protagonists getting transported into another worlds?

>> No.13000492

>meme games from early lets play youtube
I didn't think I'd see hatoful and octodad in this decade

>> No.13000504 [SPOILER] 
File: 1020 KB, 401x847, 1611435421122.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This entire debut

>> No.13000505
File: 29 KB, 668x255, 143135132.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13000520

holy shit. sure miss back when that game was actually fun (not good, it always squandered most of its potential, just fun and mechanically unique)

>> No.13000522

>rune's pharmacy
kek, that's a shitty rpgmaker eroge
so prism finana/vshojo reject

>> No.13000529


>> No.13000530

>Meno 3D Cunny?
But also Prism Gen 1 hasn’t even gotten new outfits.

>> No.13000531
File: 162 KB, 344x427, 1618496351917.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is the first debut that has actually made me exhausted

>> No.13000533
File: 47 KB, 152x165, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13000535

I love her already

>> No.13000536

questionable selection

>> No.13000554
File: 196 KB, 538x351, 9fV5eYV.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.13000571


>> No.13000580

everyone pretty much likes isekai and does need to cope with escapist fantasies. you are here anon, stop coping.

>> No.13000594

>boku no pico

>> No.13000595

>Age of Tentacles
>Minerva's adventure
>My lovely daughter
What's going to happen to her

>> No.13000609

she can draw too you guys

>> No.13000615

>boku no pico

>> No.13000616

>Wants to make game?
Helltaker Prism edition

>> No.13000635

Alice in Wonderland is the original isekai. she's just staying true to her kayfabe.

>> No.13000653

I need to play Rance again.

>> No.13000662


>> No.13000677

>Bible black

>> No.13000682

i didn't have a word for it. thanks.
good numbers at least. hopefully it somehow positively influences Sara

>> No.13000685

stop projecting

>> No.13000690

meh she is decent, I like her type of humour, dumb, lewd and very internet like... her voice is not the best not the worst, her model is just GORGEOUS in every aspect. might tune in from time to time, see how she is doing

>> No.13000699

>lewd artist leak was real

>> No.13000708

someone suggest “vietcongs” as the fan name please

>> No.13000721

>Swindling Seiso
She knows the rule of the land. Nonon is the most seiso of them all.

>> No.13000723

Isn't that obvious?

>> No.13000729

>Boku no Pico
>Junji Ito
Yeah, she may or may not be /here/, but has at least spent time on 4chan.

>> No.13000731

100k + subs ultra kek

>> No.13000732

Yep, she’s definitely /here/. Not a rrat.

>> No.13000733

>a decent Nsfw artist in a startup

>> No.13000749

interesting.. was she good with lewds?

>> No.13000757

Based thanks anon

>> No.13000765


>> No.13000773

that meme is anituber territory since ages ago

>> No.13000776

I'm here anon, but I think I will be passing on the rabbit, she does literally nothing for me.

>> No.13000803

Im partial to NonCons personally

>> No.13000807

What are your thoughts on Luto and Nia?

>> No.13000809

Top down

>> No.13000812

>euphoria, boku no pico, bible black, emergence

>> No.13000817

my fucking sides

>> No.13000826


>> No.13000835

be sure to dance anlong

>> No.13000838

What the fuck is an anituber? Is that some form of mutated nigger?

>> No.13000839


>> No.13000852

I know of these and knew which to never watch long before coming here.

>> No.13000856

I'm fucking dead.

>> No.13000865

You guys are kidding right?
Boku no Pico was a well known meme
Emergence is a well known meme
Junji Ito is known by any weeb. It's the only horror mangaka anyone can name. He even got a fucking anime

>> No.13000879

ngl I really like her autism, hope she filters people hard

>> No.13000883

anime youtuber. So yeah, you are pretty much right

>> No.13000884

>I can't sing I scammed my way into prism
holy kek

>> No.13000887

>Sara Nagare: She can’t keep getting away this
we have made a major misjudgement in who was here

>> No.13000889

>She can't keep getting away with this
what did Sara mean by this?

>> No.13000896
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>> No.13000903

I'm new, tsundream actually made me want to watch some start ups and here I am. I will actually go watch Kawaii debut vods since I wasn't aware they were happening

>> No.13000920

>rune's pharmacy https://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ139385.html/
>minerva's adventure https://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ163414.html
holy shit /hgg2d/ bros we won, actually subbed.

>> No.13000925

Yeah this is easily the best debut out of any start up.

>> No.13000975

this is the best of PRISM, not of all startups.

>> No.13000987

both of these are me. she is /r/4chan

>> No.13000989

oh fuck

>> No.13000993

Yeah, I think I'll keep watching Non and Sara

>> No.13000995

Hey Non Anon if you read this you did great kiddo.

>> No.13001013

Thanks Anon for not singing when you know you can't sing and instead made something fun for the public, really based, play to your strenghts

>> No.13001037

I'll go wash my eyes with holy water and get some lube.

>> No.13001056

It's debut day anon let him gloat for a bit

>> No.13001061

>tea mates
>looks like polka

>> No.13001075

Nope all start ups fuck production snooze.

>> No.13001084


>> No.13001086
File: 30 KB, 323x72, 1624211421860.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.13001088

have you seen phacon's debuts? tenma and uruka easily beat this

>> No.13001093

shuddup >:c

>> No.13001094
File: 27 KB, 234x108, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13001103


>> No.13001116

Anon is going to be the top Prisms in no time if her quality remains this high

>> No.13001129

nonone sounds cute desu

>> No.13001136

Alright she's my oshi now.

>> No.13001137

Let me breed you Non Anon

>> No.13001148

Yeah this is easily the worst debut out of any start up.

>> No.13001153
File: 2.26 MB, 1479x834, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oh nonono teakeks we got too cocky!

>> No.13001157

Someone suggest CunnyBunny

>> No.13001196

Yeah this is easily one of the debuts of any startup

>> No.13001199

Tomi and Non Anon in the same room...

>> No.13001200


>> No.13001209

It’s just fun baiting you guys you guys get so mad over anything Prism related it its fucking easy. While in a prism thread shit is hilarious.

>> No.13001213

She not cunny tho

>> No.13001238

>Baby food tier list
Oh good we're getting someone throwing up not even a week in

>> No.13001254

Nah. Maybe she'll do it herself.

>> No.13001262

The triality of man.

>> No.13001263

Yes Anon I’m definitely talking about those and not the new ones.
You have to be joking

>> No.13001287

>There is no game
I really liked the game, watched Bae's playthrough, but I hope she actually breezes through it because I don't want to sit through another 5 hours of it

>> No.13001292

>these schedule times
well looks like I'll never watch her streams

>> No.13001305

Uruka had to redebut her first debut went so poorly.

>> No.13001311

>baby food review
Uhh bros…?

>> No.13001324

Cope, seethe, dilate, Prism Pilled.

>> No.13001338

>i was baiting the whole time
i like prism my copekek, you don't need to be this mad over some banter

>> No.13001340

1am is fine for me but I have no life.

>> No.13001350

Shes an artist and neckdown doesnt have rigging she can build it, we have the technology

>> No.13001362

she wants to groom and fuck us

>> No.13001366

I think she's the only one I'll sub to out of these 4.
Might still watch the others but she's the only one that had a good enough debut to interest me in future content already.

>> No.13001376

DDLG Bunny confirmed

>> No.13001377

stop false flagging my trash bear oshi faggot

>> No.13001379

I watched both Bae and IRyS
might make it 3 out of 3

>> No.13001426


>> No.13001435

Yea that's how we kept our thread alive, it's free (You)s. Stop by sometimes to help us bump it

>> No.13001437

heh I like your attitude, good luck.

>> No.13001440

SEA won....

>> No.13001468

How long until she is poached? I say 8 months.

>> No.13001472

holy shit it already ended
this shit was gold

>> No.13001484
File: 193 KB, 680x440, 1620926074849.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I'm sharing this board with people this new

>> No.13001494

That ending screen is pretty hot.

>> No.13001496

>Looks like Polka
wow captain, much original, so brainy

>> No.13001502
File: 93 KB, 217x271, 1628472940238.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm... very tired after all that

>> No.13001504

“I was only pretending to seethe” I do love seeing you guys gather around prism to cry about every they do tho.

>> No.13001507

I'm sorry my Oshi I have found another

>> No.13001514

NijiEN gen 5 for sure along with Shiki and hopefully Amiya from Tsunderia.

>> No.13001518

>Can do pure sex voice
>Uses a shitty nasal ball wrenching voice instead
I'm filtered.

>> No.13001533

I see no downside with that.

>> No.13001549

I got a "makes you cringe but you can't turn away reaction from this stream, like ame's debut. Which is cute since I can tell she's being genuine 10/10 debut

>> No.13001557


>> No.13001573

get out

>> No.13001574

I don’t even have to try that hard desu just say “Prism” and ”best” and they’ll start bitching up a storm.

>> No.13001575

good, actually the least used timeslots
thought Council with Sana and Bae would utilized that but nah they just compete with the JP anyways

>> No.13001576

Shiki graduating her current model would such a waste

>> No.13001577 [DELETED] 

fever dream/10

>> No.13001589

She’s based as fuck. I haven’t watched Prism in a while but this new gen is looking promising.

>> No.13001603

>she will stream at 1am my time
Fuck my life. I actually liked her. Oh well, it seems I'm leaving PRISM empty handed.

>> No.13001607

10/10 they somehow managed to find a bigger shitposter than Luto and she has good taste in porn games too.

>> No.13001615

>you guys
copekek, who is this boogeyman you are fighting? i liked the debut.

>> No.13001627

I got filtered hard, will not be watching outside of collabs / 10

>> No.13001637

Knew her strengths and played it to. Very high potential.

>> No.13001638

10/10 best debut out of all the new gens that came out. I actually didn’t sleep through this one.

>> No.13001643

Company unity love!

>> No.13001649


>> No.13001653

I never said there was a downside go getting fucked by her

>> No.13001685
File: 1.54 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshotter--YouTube-DEBUTSTREAMITSTIMETOLOWERYOUREXPECTATIONSNONANONPRISMProjectGen4-49’06” (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13001697

10/10. One of the best debuts ive seen in a while.

>> No.13001752

0/10, can't stand her and was tempted to turn off the stream.

>> No.13001760

-2/10 got filtered hard by the voice + temperament alone. worried if her voice crowds out the others in collabs. cute shitposter all things regardless, wish her the best.

>> No.13001769

10/10, very yab tastes. Too bad I'll never watch her because of her schedule time

>> No.13001771

This reminds me of the tweet she put out when Obsydia debuted that conveniently left out Rosemi kek.

>> No.13001776

I can watch her before going to bed.

>> No.13001811

have to get used to the voice but I like her
a solid 7/10

>> No.13001870


>> No.13001873

honest might bother watching her because of this, nobody i currently watch streams in the middle of the night despite me being up half the time lol

>> No.13001931

She's the perfect vtuber that I don't want to fuck, the fact there's someone who'll openly talk about stuff like Loona and Black Souls as well as other Hgames is perfection. But I won't buy a single ASMR thing from her

>> No.13001941

Before I leave i just want to say thank you Kawaii Kope for watching every debut and getting progressively angrier with every stream. I didn’t start this battle but I definitely finished it I said prism was gonna mog they did get FUCKED! Love you.

>> No.13001948

Meno does you whorecahama :(

>> No.13001991

Didn’t she say “the penguin was cute” and that’s it? Or something like that?

>> No.13001996

what the fuck is a kawaii kope is that a nickname for calliope?

>> No.13002031

good night to you too copekek

>> No.13002066

Prism had 1/4 good debuts
Kawaii had 3/5
Tsunderia had 3/5

I'd say Prism did pretty poorly relative to the expectations but I really fucking love the rabbit.

No she said "Selen Tatsuki and Petra Gurin good. Send Tweet."

>> No.13002068

slugma does a little bit of trolling

>> No.13002074

it's what loser prism fags call kawaii idiots.
Not sure why people can't just enjoy what they enjoy and stfu.

>> No.13002112

She leans in too much on being yab. Kinda offputting, kinda cute. I'm sure she'll find balance in time as she improves.

>> No.13002127

All ya'll tribal fags probably watch 1-2 girls from each company anyway

>> No.13002137

Sumi 10/10
Non Anon 10/10
I'll watch the others later
Also it's fun to think that Sumi and Non have the same type of humor just that Sumi is too autistic to go off cuff as Non can going to look forward to them collabing

>> No.13002233

Premiering soon idk what the fuck this is

>> No.13002246
File: 33 KB, 680x763, 1636866676533.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13002315

I just want my zoomie cats to collab...
And i want to breed both of them..

>> No.13002324

Cap doesn't care enough to bonk her if she goes full degenerate. Luto is hardly ever censored even.

>> No.13002346

Is she intentionally streaming in 30fps

>> No.13002366

Is this the Dummy Thicc song in its full glory?

>> No.13002459

So when are we getting that futa porn?

>> No.13002472

we already saw this you dumb rabbit

>> No.13002504

>Having sex with Non means having a threesome

>> No.13002649

Not from me anon, you will probably be better off starting to ask in the drawthread or skeb it.

>> No.13002720

luto has been censored
the podcasts are boring because luto can’t go 100% to carry the show

>> No.13002768

Isn't that more because she tends to behave herself in collabs? Luto is a gremlin but she isn't autistic.

>> No.13002985

so she’s censored

>> No.13003048

Maybe but I was getting at the idea that it's not management censoring her but her being considerate of her co-workers to not drag them down to her level. Could be wrong though, I usually prefer to watch her solo.

>> No.13003187

probably missed her first business gig at the online convention stuff on twitch before they figured they needed to censor her

>> No.13003225

Nah I saw that one, it was idolcon or something like that right? She seemed wildly out of place I was surprised they didn't rehearse it beforehand.

>> No.13004921

Fuck yes, her streams start around the time I finish work. The hero of EN dead hours has arrived

>> No.13005957

holy based

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