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I fucking love Stack, bros.

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doki doki

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waku waku

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Now that Mumei and Bae are here

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>ever streaming again

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Suisei is done for divegrass models. and gloves confirmed working.

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How much black magic is the new way of doing thing?

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its a lot of manually bending and moving fingers into place. Very tedious. takes like, 5~10 minutes a finger so far, although chances are I'll speed up once I get more practice.
also, blender 2.79 hate. I really love 2.93 but the pes export tool is designed for 2.79 so unless I want to switch between the two constantly, I have to stick with 2.79.
Anyway, since we started, found a couple of shortcuts so model making got cut down a lot. But fingers added back the time it took initially so we're back at how loong it took in the first place.
Suisei has long sleeves, so its going to be difficult to notice, but I fear the ones that dont have sleeves... cant hide the wrist jank then.

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shut up
I believe

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I fucking love Stack, overflows

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>Rushia will never cover Necromantic
>HoloDeath will never do a group cover of it, either

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I swear to fucking god if OP doesn't stream this week I'm going to go to her house and rape her senseless.

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PSA: Stack and Stack bros are two entirely different people. See https://twitter.com/stack_bros and https://twitter.com/Stack_Akatsuki . If you say you fucking love Stack, bros, then you're telling your peers that you love Stack, the vocalist. If you say you fucking love Stack bros, then you're telling people that you love the instrumentalist that Stack sings to.

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OP pulling an ayame on us again did he?

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Is there never an actual art archive for all the stuff people draw? Not just takobro of course.

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i rememeber reading there's supposed to be a HFZ booru to archive all the OC's, but i dunno what happened to it.

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OP is making a hissy fit and goes on an extended hiatus after losing to Towa TWICE in a row. What a whore.

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I don't get it

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Thanks for the reminder anon, I got to try it before I go to bed

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On the website, no?

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I’ll have to pay him (her) a visit and calm him down. There’s a show to be had, after all.

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Post match ideas

Since the game can't handle 5v5, who should be in the myth vs. council match?

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4v4s between the lieutenants and 1v1 between the captains. Perhaps have Mori and Kronii be the latter since Death vs Time is a dimes concept.

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There shouldn't be any EN match at all

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Ina is the obvious choice to leave out of myth, it's hard to call for council without them having had a chance to establish power levels yet

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First blood Rrat vs. Clock
Tag team squash Ina and Sana vs Gura and Ame
Ladder match with council (& irys), storyline that the briefcase has Ina's OGEY RRAT LEGENDS sponsorship money in it
Three way Mumei - Kronii - Fauna custody battle
Towa with Calli as a manager vs. Watamage in Hell, the king is back in town

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So for the remaining debuts, what are some kino ideas, I'm hoping for Mumei coming for revenge on Gura and Haachama trying to make Kronii her wife. Haven't really seen any strong on screen rivalries outside of her genmates with fauna yet

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Green Lamy vs Blue lamy

>> No.13100666

>remaining debuts

>> No.13100737

you cant give up! BELIEVE!

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She deserves a do over, we can forgor it ever happened

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But she won against Ame

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finished the last 8 entrants for the 3rd holofc tournament
just need to set their music then I can run it whenever I find a decent time

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stream during a reasonable (read:american) time onegai

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>Her entire performance until one fall
Imagine of Mori actually knew how to pin.

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She actually tried to pin very early in the match with Towa (also attempted two sumbmissions). Mori just got too overconfident from her 99% effort.

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I’m sure Darkchama will get the ball rolling soon. Or else Brad will have to save him...

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>HFZ wants a Taiwan yab of its own
Kaichou's legacy lives on.

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BONUS sunday, still working on season 3 stuff. Just have less free time overall at the moment
last night i finally started the script for the season recaps so expect that sometime in the near future as well

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Following the logical 1v1s
-Rrat vs Gura
-Kroni vs Ame
-Mumei vs Kiara
-Fauna vs Mori
-Sana vs Ina
I feel like you can have Ina as the 1v1
As for other match ideas
-Bae vs IrYs
-Fauna vs Kroni
-Fauna vs Lamy

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10 man rumble, winner faces ina for her cope belt

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My Oshi can beat up your Oshi.

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Has Lamy fought since OP's apparent return?

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Was nice of Reine to let Towa win. She probably knew she'd lose to the pure dex wrestlers remaining in the tournament, so she shattered the table with her considerable ass.

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Just fuck my shit up Ame. Guess I'll start after her members stream.

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>> No.13112119

Months until OP streams again

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Only Polka showed up in the King of the Ring tournament among Gen 5.

>> No.13115176

So when will the top finalists form a four heavenly kings group, ayame especially needs some narrative purpose

>> No.13115824

Takobro's stuff is on holobooru, but nothing else has been archived there yet. Feel free to use it

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what’s hfz watame’s stream channel?

>> No.13116304

What's his endgame?

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Let Me Carve your Way works so well for Mumei.

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I love fucking Stack, bros

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waku waku doki doki

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I fucking stack love, bros

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Where are the dirtsheets /pw/bros, I need my dose of backstage gossip.

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Towa made a Dark Contract to be king

>> No.13123248

>The Reine/Towa match was supposed to be rigged, but the switch that controlled the table breaking was in Reine's back pocket
>Mori was almost 90 days sober from reaperjuana but got nervous after winning so much and relapsed
>None of the mid or high card wrestlers were told it was a shoot tournament to level the playing field in the first round
>There was a wrestler's court trial over the matter, but it didn't go anywhere because gura couldn't stop saying "oh nyo" every 3 minutes

>> No.13123340

Risu injured herself botching her finisher on Ollie, so the zombie pinned her right there so they can get her backstage ASAP.

>> No.13123393

>gura couldn't stop saying "oh nyo" every 3 minutes
Through a face that resembled bread dough with grape jelly no less

>> No.13123401

Risu actually DOES want to do karaoke, but every time she gets close to winning she starts thinking about her setlist and gets distracted.

>> No.13125009

Sora is given a set list of wrestlers management want to go over. She make sure to only lose to them (and, if management allows, in a unconvincing manner) in order to remain strong.

>> No.13125351

Mikoler is straight

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Actual Gameplay
>Blazing fast
>Clearly had thought put into it
>Could use better roster diversity but it's forgiveable
>Molasses is faster
>Even looking at a button prompts a loading screen
>In the time it takes you to open the game, check the cafe, do your Lessons, and go to an actual mission, you could fucking get a degree, an overseas job, a qt nip waifu, have 2.5 children, become an expat, send your kids to college, and come back just in time to see "NOW LOADING" flicker before coming right back.
>"Shortcuts" are not actually shortcuts, but take you to the general menu that you can find the desired content in, rarely saving you more than 1-2 screens of loading.
Where the fuck is the data install? What 3-fingered, one-handed monkey coded this shit?

>> No.13125989

Is 2k20 that bad?

>> No.13126034

2K is worse, but that post was about another game. Typed in the wrong tab.

>> No.13128822

Nene is putting on a show of pretending that wrestling is real.

>> No.13128936

she just wanted the #4 place
countering Mace with Chokeslam into that entire combo was the hypest moment of the tournament for me, even hyper than beating Suzy in a runback

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why should idols fight?

>> No.13131211

They're not idols they're vrumblers.

>> No.13131497

Can you link me the take your supplements song, I can't find it

>> No.13134109

they sure shouldn't after losing to Mori

>> No.13134511

Ame seems to be winding down on the zatsudan, when shes done I will stream Fallout.

>> No.13134761

Alright, gunna get some water, make a coffee, go to a wrestlers meeting, and then I'll stream.

>> No.13135300

Going live now.

>> No.13135391

bros... why did watamage take a break just a few weeks after debuting?

>> No.13135554

Ah, the BSOD...The daily one..

>> No.13135567

>BSOD already

>> No.13135970


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I love both Stack and the whole of Stack, you pissy ass. How about that? The bird on my head who refuses to leave there supports my statement and these rad new heart shaped shades I got the other day.

>> No.13136329

I've been wanting a Polka vs Botan match with hardbass and Finnish Polka as the music for a long time. Säkkijärven Polka in particular

>> No.13136331

This is dimes as all kino. I support.

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time to purify the wasteland

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>Watching the first half o the stream that I missed
>That ending of the match with Libera me from HELL NA
god DAMN

>> No.13138265

>unarmed build
hell yeah brother, Fist of the North Star playthroughs are the best

>> No.13138341

I'll save him...

>> No.13138533

It isn't too late to make art of it takobro

>> No.13138728

Stack bros love fucking, I.

>> No.13139509

>just watched how much Suisei HATES stack

>> No.13140178

This is why she will always be SuiSHIT

>> No.13140585

Explains why she lost to a jobber.

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>> No.13144108

Magic isn't real. Wata"mage" has just been using theatrics to do her magic. Drugging wrestlers to make them think shit was weird, paying off staff to turn off the lights or do stage effects, or even using tiny bombs.

Now if you'll excuse me, my uber sheep is here.

>> No.13145520


>> No.13146277

I can’t believe anon committed suicide by two fluffy rounds to the back of the head.

>> No.13149927

>2 for 5 of debuts
OP will be back right?

>> No.13149979

>next stream will be council debut only before OP fucks off again

>> No.13150691

Next stream is just OP playing the council entrances and then no stream for the next 18 months.

>> No.13151115

Goddamn we'd have 18 Ayame streams by the time OP comes back.

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>> No.13151825

can someone please explain ayamephoneposting?

>> No.13153590

It's pretty self-explanatory. She hasn't streamed in X days, the image is meant to be a gossiping vtsister using a phone.

>> No.13155277

Your oshi is a whore

>> No.13155569

She is known for typing xenophobic comments towards Koreans on her phone

>> No.13155964


>> No.13157141

HFZ on the telly!

>> No.13157336

Probably she hasn't seen the coexist promo yet, I think the first one was on twitter

>> No.13157393

she probably won't acknowledge it if it uses a song that's a copyright yab.

>> No.13159846

When will we get some Mask vs Mask kino?

>> No.13159953
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and her guardian spirit

>> No.13160059 [DELETED] 

It was because of small bombs on Reine's ass

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>Crashes your game

>> No.13161336

>out of memory

>> No.13161348

>*Out of Moomery

>> No.13161766


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>> No.13163341

I can't belib her own fanbase is Ayame's boyfriend

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any suggestion on how to make a logo? I have my promo ready except for that, and the ones I have made doesn't look right...

>> No.13164951

just subvert expectations by using an already existing logo

>> No.13165874

>find anime logo style you like
>make it HFZ

>> No.13166440

Just literally write "NEW LOGO" instead of actual HFZ logo

>> No.13166678

>Hooman enters rumbles naked
Will Mumei also forgor her clothes in rumbles?

>> No.13166687

Newfag you have to go back

>> No.13166746


>> No.13166883

I can't belib this rrat that the owl would be so impure as to willingly wrestle naked in front of a live audience.

>> No.13167212

Table-kun congratulated Reine's ass after the match and called it "a worthy opponent"

>> No.13167889

Mumei still hasn't discovered there's a paper bag over her face.
Bae insists her win with IRyS was the product of an elaborate ruse.

>> No.13168926

make the logo big

>> No.13169681

Write “HoloFightZ” in Neue Haas Grotesk.

>> No.13173238

I fucking love Stack Bros, bros.

>> No.13174873 [SPOILER] 
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>> No.13175311


>> No.13176107


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>> No.13182502

First blood Polka vs. Bae with World Revolving to start the match

>> No.13185939

Music playlist updated with last stream's songs

>> No.13189568

great taste rushia

>> No.13189977
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Even Oga of all people wants to summon OP back.

>> No.13190779

Oga...the titties...

>> No.13190813

I just had an idea is Animal Crossing HFZ possible?

>> No.13190863

Elaborate on that?

>> No.13191257


>> No.13191582

you know, just like HFZ, but done on Animal Crossing instead?

>> No.13191630

Animal Crossing doesn't have any combat.

>> No.13194289
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Would you anons get upset if OP migrated to the less jank 2k19 game?

>> No.13194371

What if 2k22?

>> No.13194404

But why

>> No.13194528

I mean, if somehow the jank is a major factor in OP’s inability to stream, that’d be a compromise I’d say is fair. Sure, some SOVL would be lost, but there’s seemingly more flexibility in 2k19 for funky stuff. Unless I’m mistaken, of course.

>> No.13194635

I wouldn't mind, even if the jank is part of the charm. What I'd like to see is HFZ recreated in games fron older gen consoles, though I guess it would be more difficult given the limitations in the CAW engines.

>> No.13196577

>female announcer
She sounds like an airport intercom worker.

>> No.13196602

PLAY APEX has been tested and is now a player on the divegrass team.

>> No.13196625

2K22 is gonna be hell if not only for the massive amount of effort the devs put into making the roster only for the WWE to fire half of them

>> No.13196642

for instance, Keith Lee was fired, so no more FOR HE IS LIMITLESS

>> No.13196691


>> No.13196778

Literally SSR tier. Only available on the 2020 banner

>> No.13196779


Keith Lee vs Alton, never ever
It’s over...

>> No.13197037

Can't Dark OP still use him?

>> No.13197286

Yeah, he can. There can be only one true LIMITED

>> No.13197416

Limitless wouldn't have gotten into 2k22 anyway. He got a new theme (two, actually, i think) and gimmick change before they fired him. they sucked

>> No.13197691

It's not the same without the glitches and the looming threat of the crash.

>> No.13197788
File: 1.98 MB, 1316x736, when a vidya rumble doesn't have battler yet.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

2k19 can get a little weird too.

>> No.13197899

Anything like what Watamage did to Towa's spine in those two hell in a cell(?) matches or when two holostars got sent to hell?

>> No.13197932

>Artia and Rratler somehow spawning in the latter match
Shit was wild.

>> No.13198011

>youtube finally decided to work again so I could post a link to what I was talking about

>what anon is talking about
Also I don't remember Hoshiyomi being there. Is it just me?

>the start for completeness sake

>> No.13198046
File: 26 KB, 759x249, hfz rrat.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13198069

Kek, it reads like the culmination of madness that occurred not long ago.

>> No.13198085

Just replace fighters with promobros

>> No.13198092

Which? It happens a lot.

>> No.13198103

Is this it? The ultimate schizo move? Honestly if this somehow becomes real Yagoo might just show up at OP's door and make him Omegae 2.0 less cringe edition.

>> No.13198105

>four guys
full council and omega confirmed

>> No.13198158

I just hope they take better care of themselves, ELFS has already had 2 hospital stays already- One time from botching a move in rehearsal and another from randomly tearing his quads.

>> No.13198159

The day Watamage possessed Archiveanon and started streaming. It was just the beginning.

>> No.13198322
File: 16 KB, 753x221, The numbers.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I can't think of any good starters, anybody want to give it a try?

>> No.13198375
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>> No.13198414
File: 22 KB, 737x311, Screenshot 2021-11-18 at 10-13-31 Text Synth.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.13198424

OA I kneel

>> No.13198429

>Good fightan game from Cover
I don't belieb

>> No.13198430

Gen 5 vs Gamers 4v4, or OP can do Polka vs Fubuki, ShishiLamy vs OkaKoro and Nene vs Mio

>> No.13198458
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What did Watamage mean by this?

>> No.13198480

Archive anon should stream some turn-based strategy

>> No.13198515
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>> No.13198544
File: 23 KB, 735x327, featuring oscar wilde.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.13198565
File: 76 KB, 639x881, reine_doritos.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>even bigger appetite

>> No.13198570

Think Reine would read that it it was real?

>> No.13198575
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>> No.13198586

F-Fanfiction is literature!

>> No.13198633

Lots of the logos we've seen so far are just riffs on the visual style of existing logos for other games

>> No.13198683
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>> No.13198722

>Units can

>> No.13198868


>> No.13198998
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>> No.13199463

Have you started testing tactics yet or is it still aesthetics time?

>> No.13199536
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>> No.13199569
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>> No.13199796


>> No.13201016

Coexist joins the King of the Ring!

>> No.13201531

Are you all watching OP's birthday live?

>> No.13201743

What does happen if, god forbid, another holo makes a KING cover? Do they get to challenge Towa?

>> No.13203414

Just force OP to do another tourney every time there’s another official cover. He’s sure to love that request.

>> No.13204724


>> No.13206312

I wasn't aware Fubuki's birthday was today

>> No.13207958


new 2k22 trailer

>> No.13208174
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book it OP

>> No.13208374

Does the game even have enough flippy shit for a proper mask battle?
tfw lucha underground vidja never ever

>> No.13208697

Suisei vs Pekora to settle the PekoMiko and MiComet debate once and for all. Make it a custody for Miko ladder match.

>> No.13209427

> https://streamable.com/drq1f0
Update on the AZKi promo

>> No.13209470

KING of the ring every 6 months with whatever meme song is popular at the time seems like a decent gap

>> No.13209628

Throw Moona in there and make it a 3-way Ladder Match.

>> No.13210024
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It's me, maskler!

>> No.13210650

It actually looks kinda good, lets just hope they gave us more options for Universe mode. I still remember when there were cutscenes we could use for our own shows. We could had soooo much more kino potential with that shit.

>> No.13211134

ame has also had her eyes on miko, something haachama didn't take to well on her EN server visit

>> No.13211647
File: 1.19 MB, 200x200, 1615749615920.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

When's the next stream?

>> No.13211704

You could probably have a full royal rumble with the amount of people that want a piece of haachama, even she would be in it

>> No.13211766

might as well call the next tournament shipping wars and have all the matches be based on the spider web of holos going gay for each other

>> No.13211782

I like the addition of the Error overlay. Whenever you get it finished, make sure you post it to Twitter under her art tag. She gets so few things that she'll 100% see it and likely respond, since she gets a kick out of dumb memes.

>> No.13212754
File: 62 KB, 297x961, Towa....jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Uncle Fred...

>> No.13212783


>> No.13213600

Tom and Jerry...

>> No.13213882

>unwanted alien baby
It knows

>> No.13213933

>300% more support
>60% of the bugs
I would love it

>> No.13214113
File: 60 KB, 751x1063, tokoyami_towa_by_a022412_deazqzf-pre.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Turbo submarine...

>> No.13214173

>didn't hear about this
>google it
>71 people fired
what the fuck Vince, everyone being stuck at home should have made you a killing on payperview specials

>> No.13214698

Allegedly, that's exactly what happened, but viewership is still in decline anyway according to /pw/?
I don't claim to understand what's going on, but it sounds like somebody's downsizing.

>> No.13214794
File: 132 KB, 558x720, 1619288537486.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I will try to make my 1st promo, any requests on who?

>> No.13215289


>> No.13215511

give it to Ayame, she's earned one at this point

>> No.13215775

Ricochet doesn't wear a mask but he's more than flippy enough, then you have Rey Mysterio, Sin Cara and the entire Lucha House Party, there are plenty of animations to make the acrobat, flier or luchador of your dreams in WWE 2k20.

>> No.13216119


>> No.13216716

>chat is shipping Mikoler's double with his brother

>> No.13222673

What do you think OP will make Kronii look like on debut?

>> No.13224147

I can't think of a gimmick

>> No.13224671

Rows upon rows of wristwatches.

>> No.13228166

So whats the upcoming streams?

>> No.13228299

Bae blackmailed Mumei into throwing the match because she knows where the bodies are buried.
The audience won’t be live once Blood Money Mumei ends her rampage.

>> No.13228318

Anon it's been almost a week, you have to let it go

>> No.13228608

Towa baby

>> No.13228674

>Not Towa Baby

>> No.13229405

>upcoming streams

>> No.13230523
File: 3.80 MB, 357x512, agni laugh.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>upcoming streams

>> No.13232573

Did OP really fade back into the void?

>> No.13232947

> into the void?
OP made a Dark Contract...

>> No.13233817

>Shinove lends OP the power to escape the wage cage through the DARKER CONTRACT
>OP didn’t read the fine print
>He’s now forced to reenact every single bout of HFZ as Octavius Powers to gain his freedom back

>> No.13233964

Bros, is there a Rock and Mankind equivalent in the HFZ roster?

>> No.13234315

Mankind is obviously Haachama

>> No.13234364

OP baby...

>> No.13234953

the gigakwab....

>> No.13237711

Can you trow people from the cell in 2k20?

>> No.13239506

>He still thinks there's gonna be a stream this week

>> No.13239705

As long as Irys wins, hope will still win. I still hope that OP will stream this week.

>> No.13241274


>> No.13241355

It's been a week. You have to let go.

>> No.13241421

>just did two streams in a weird timeslot
>not even a mention of "I'll stream again when I can"
>no "Keep an eye out on this twitter for any announcements"
It's over, isn't it?

>> No.13243062

>the reason OP showed promos with sideshow footage was because he’s abandoning the business

>> No.13244253

>Polka got completely shit on in KOTR
Towa challenging Polka for the HFZ belt when?
>inb4 Towa vs Nene to prove herself worthy

>> No.13245197


>> No.13245221


>> No.13245273

Twappi Baby...

>> No.13245629

>wwe fired even more people
2k22 is going to have zero dimes

>> No.13245823

kinda related, but >>13245487
most of the good cover clips comes from that channel so it's a bummer for those requestfags or videoanons.

>> No.13245897

Oh shit, time to mass download my favorite covers.

>> No.13246021

Yes but the AI will never do it.

>> No.13246049

>monetizing channel using other people's content
idiot got what she deserved 2bh

>> No.13246906

Well, the archives are always at risk of being DMCA'd thanks to random requests, just look at the red bars on Twitch VODs and that one video Archiveanon had a hard time with thanks to Content ID. Hell, even streaming a WWE game would've been risky a few years ago.

>> No.13247416

I just hope their animations stay.

>> No.13247548

>2k22 requires you to actually design, program, model and animate your own wrestlers because WWE fired it's entire roster
>the shitposts about promofags renting a studio and doing 3D live wrestling streams become true

>> No.13247557

Shit ain't monetized so we're in the clear.

>> No.13247586

Stop exposing the business anon

>> No.13247631

inb4 HoloFightZ moving to AEW too

>> No.13247662

Omega will feel right at home

>> No.13248129

Towa will have to beat the rest of gen5 first, including Aloe in HFZ Dark.

>> No.13248161

>consoles only

>> No.13248190

You're giving the 2k22 team way too much credit. They'll just keep the fired wrestlers' data as bloat and have them be inaccessible in game. By then it's just a matter of having modders put them back in.

>> No.13248255

>having modders put them back in.
not if the files are encrypted like in 2K20 (which is also why modding in 2K20 is so fucking shit and barebones)

>> No.13248354

2k20 hell forever...

>> No.13248397

So why did we even switch to 2k20? Better graphics?

>> No.13248417

it's probably the only copy OP owns, so yeah.

>> No.13248474

It was the will of Watamage.

>> No.13249128


>> No.13249396
File: 46 KB, 895x1057, 898915231.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah I think I will settle for Mori as my 1st promo, she did so well last time she deserves it

>> No.13249516

i've said it multiple times before, but both 2k19 and 2k20 have their pluses and minuses.
in doing work for DARK season 3, i've yet to have a single royal rumble finish in 2k19, with the last attempt freezing on literally the first grapple. the farthest i've gotten one to go is participant 8
with the 2k22 trailer that was released yesterday, i have a lot of hope for it. the only mod i need is the sound mod, so if that guy can manage to get that working again, i'll be set. ..assuming there are ample CAW slots, and that universe mode isnt a single player experience like it seems to be.. please 2k, don't fuck this up..

>> No.13252505

Wrestler under the suit of Kiara pls.

>> No.13252576

>i have a lot of hope for it.
>please 2k, don't fuck this up..
heh, smugholo.jpg

>> No.13252765

>less jank

>> No.13254307

I hope you aren't insinuating that I should break containment anonchama...

>> No.13254356

HFZ has already been in OP (haachama)'s stream multiple times now. The containment doesn't even exist anymore.

>> No.13254659

I’m just glad she very likely doesn’t know the true source of HFZ, likewise so for chat.
>see funny Twitch channel
>leave it at that

>> No.13255310

Aside from the issue of potential tourists, I still wouldn't want to post a promo to twitter unless it got the approval of OP and then chat as well. Only the best for my oshi.

>> No.13255393

All of you are now aware that r/holofightz exists

>> No.13255516

I'm not surprised that there are adult requests for hfz, especially since Mel exists

>> No.13255632

So if I go to /3/ and do my reps right NOW, how long would it take me to do stills then short porn loops of HFZ Mel?

>> No.13255636

>the containment after 2016 timeloop again
give your oshi the joy of hololive themed wrasslin anon, it was never about stopping good OC from getting shared anyway

>> No.13255650

Why are you niggas gay

>> No.13255703
File: 15 KB, 354x331, mel cool.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

in what universe is HFZ Mel gay?

>> No.13257794

In one that implies that all wrestlers are men - so some other one.
By the way, HFZ Suisei is so cute...she's pure sex. Just imagine her pinning you to bed...

>> No.13257931

Everytime Haachama streams, it torments OP to come back.

>> No.13258102

Except YAGOO and Cena, all wrestlers of HoloFightZ are canonically female. Also here's my top 3 SEEEEX wrestlers:

Mel >>> Reine > Suisei >>>> POWER GAP >>>> Everyone Else

>> No.13259654 [DELETED] 

Fuck 2k20, 2k19 and 2k22. We should just move to 2k14 to have this kind of kino https://youtu.be/RdWh8EeBm7g

>> No.13259681 [DELETED] 


>> No.13260044
File: 179 KB, 1080x1802, Screenshot_20211119-191134_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How will Elfs recover from this?

>> No.13260164

>Says real Holofightz fans don’t use reddit
>uses reddit

>> No.13260192

jesas is HFZ becoming normie every day?

>> No.13260676

Copium seller, I am going without OP. I need your strongest copium.

>> No.13262062


>> No.13262369

Damn...ELFS graduation incoming??

>> No.13262839

Everytime I see this image I'm always reminded of Phantom Blood Dio.

>> No.13263302

Ayame was a good heel for the KOTR arc

>> No.13263451


>> No.13263479

>not choco

>> No.13263633

'ate reddit
'ate elfs
luv me HFZ
simple as

>> No.13263705

Hype thread...

>> No.13263807

Why is HoSHITyomis like this?

>> No.13266192

They can’t stop jobbing, prease andastand

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