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"an important announcement"

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The only thing she streams are announcements, who cares. probably her 3D live

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Oh fuck what now?

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Fucking haachama not again.

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I feel like a Haachama announcement could be pretty much anything.

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>大 is the second character
>the :D
It's gonna be a good announcement, probably her 3D Live.

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This format is so melodramatic
Unless you're graduating it's just pretentious

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> :D
She killed herself and is streaming her hanging corpse

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This style should not be a bad announcement.
I guess it's an announcement of the postponed 3D live.

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graduation in 11 hours

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How many times has Haachama baited her graduation at this point? 25?

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looks like Sony is making their move

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Even as a fellow Haaton it'd be such fucking irony if Holobronies got what was coming to them after the shitshow they pulled yesterday.
Don't want it to be Haato though...why can't it be literally anyone else...

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she reached her goal of 1300000 subs, now she can graduate in peace... I think it's time to archive everything she did because that one might want to just nuke everything with no warning.

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I know this is a bait thread but to the people falling for it, isn't it exhausting being a doomer? Worry less, enjoy more, stop being a dramatic woman.

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i think it's lame to use your fan's fears of your graduation as a way to drum up anticipation and buzz for something totally unrelated. but whatever, it's haachama, the crazy bitch character. at least she's doing less of the weird dual personality horror shit, that arc was unwatchable

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Nope, as a borafag I don't want anyone else to feel like that, and anyway hasn't Haachama taken breaks for uni in the past? She is fine, she is not in Korean university, also as anon said it's a positive announcement.

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It literally says it's a good announcement. How is she baiting? It would be like plastering
"Happy news" on a black rectangle.

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She's baiting EOP faggots who can't read moonrunes. The fact that she even has :D as the title just for them though, well if someone decides to act like an idiot doomer after that? That's on them.

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No, it literally says 重大告知, important announcement. The smiley face gives away the intent, though.

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pls....not my Haachama..

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重大告知 pretty much always means good news, 大事なお知らせ is the one that means bad news. People should know by now.

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that cold got to her

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"pretty much always" isn't always. We've only ever had one proper graduation announcement via stream, it isn't as if there's a pattern.
Not that I actually think she's graduating though. She's just baiting again for views like usual.

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You can relaxchama. That's the new song/promotion/event/something nice "announcement" along with 重大発表. The "leaving and never coming back" announcement is usually 大事なお知らせ or 大切なお知らせ.

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>after the shitshow they pulled yesterday.
care to cum in my face with that info? i'm ootl

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She'll probably change the thumbnail later. Mel also did the same when she announced her 3D Live, the thumbnail was the exact same as she current Haachama one but before the stream she changed it to something more normal. But this is haachama we are talking about so who knows.

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This, people have done announcement streams all the time and the black bg white text with someone appearing in a suit and bowing profusely is a Japanese meme anyway. Kizuna Ai did the same thing and people thought she was making fun of Coco, it's a sad state of affairs on this board.

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Bora announced graduation and people were "celebrating" as Holofags while also flat out lying in the thread. Shitposting is shitposting but it's obvious where it's coming from.

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it's ok. I hope Haachaama goes to Todai.

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Holy shit, 重大 has 100% of being good news out of 181 instances; that's practically confirmation.

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She's graduating. Who do you think is next? The dominoes are gonna start falling eventually.

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I actually hope she graduates so she can stop baiting us

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You had to translate that?

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I forget /vt/ its all me

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>Kizuna Ai did the same thing and people thought she was making fun of Coco, it's a sad state of affairs on this board.
It was a pretty unfortunate timing, Lulu and Coco's announcements left a bad taste in people who was coping with the bad news. It wasn't surprising that some of them were mad at AI-chan.

Also another thing, people are that scared with Chama because she almost left everything when Coco decided to graduate. People don't forget that easily what happened

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This is an English speaking board. No one here knows Japanese.

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Learn Japanese EOPtard.

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That's not to say you can't announce bad news using it, but it would be rude as shit for something serious. Like saying "Big news! My beloved dog just died, let's gooooooo!" 大事なお知らせ is more like "I have something very important to tell you."

Here's to hoping chammers makes it all the way until she graduates from college so she can announce her "graduation" stream.

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>why can't it be literally anyone else
bruh... at this point you make me think that the management pulling a russian roulette on those girls and make them pull the graduation trigger
you can be right tho but still...

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Where is the normal Haachama thread?
I don't want to sit in the same thread as the EOP baiters

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Poor EOP can't even read this simple Japanese term. Your bait is literally debunked in the post above yours. Why are you such a pathetic existence?

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Ah yes, the omega sisters. Not that any filthy EOP that only onboarded this year (the majority of this board) would know about them or this specific stream though.

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>重大告知 pretty much always means good news, 大事なお知らせ is the one that means bad news.
Source: My ass. I would rather trust DeepL. She's graduating, get over it.

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No one is baiting you, you're just a worthless EOP and a drama fag

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Wait 8hr
Suck my dick EOP

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>Also another thing, people are that scared with Chama because she almost left everything when Coco decided to graduate. People don't forget that easily what happened
Nah, there's two types of people freaking out (and posting about it) people trying to fan the flames for drama (like women) and people who want sympathy cause "they're just so sad and scared and actually have genuine ptsd" (like women)

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Cope harder EOP

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At least antichama knows japanese... Where is him now?

>> No.13089155

>trusting DeepL over an image of literal native Japanese speakers that was just posted
Come on now

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So /vt/sisters, then.

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I accept your concession. Imagine needing DeepL to read Japanese. Stay inferior, EOPtard.

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Atlantis, under the sea

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Fans of female vtubers act like women here despite being men. Never see any mental breakdown posts from fans of guy vtubers.

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No way! Antichama is now a chumbuddy!?

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I know omesis, they're still kino, last bastion of non-streams.

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"I'm not here because of you, EOP. Don't get ahead of yourself. You're an inferior subhuman just like him."

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Now that he has an image looks cute kek

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When will managers actually slap these girls in the head to stop making every single news soo dramatic?

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chama chama

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Why are you like this? You should still be on /jp/ crying about how Ray got knocked up and betrayed you

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And you stay as moronic as Haachama herself.

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>Haato baiting graduation again

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I REALLY hope its a graduation but I know it won't be.

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Only one hololive announcement warranted the black screen with ominous, vague white text. Anyone who uses it gets off on the thought of the audience worrying about graduation. Fuck all of them.

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Man genuinely fuck all of you. I still love Haachama. She never even did anything drastically wrong, she just gets shit on by hololive fans because hololive fans are about as sensitive as a 60 year old church going white mom. She's a nice girl and i still love her. I hope this isn't a graduation and even if it is, i hope she finds happiness. She deserves better than this "fanbase" that seems to constantly hope for fuck ups and for the talent to fail. You're no better than nijiniggers, you know.

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graduation in 6 hours

>> No.13098991

What are you graduating from Anon? Elementary school?

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Its most definitely an announcement about a 3D concert she postponed months ago

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what is this bullshit even allowed?
setting a 12h long stream slot with prechat open is ultra retarded, people are going full schizo there for something that migh be some stupid joke like most of the times, anybody willing to make their viewers worried on pourpose should just fucking graduate already.

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ahh the clickbait, clickbait. you know the clickbait? the announcement one. i always, i always schedule the, the stream. stream announcement and without announcement. i always schedule the clickbait and without announcement. announcement! i like announcement, yeah. i always, i always schedule the, the - clickbait thumbnail. ahh how can i explain? i can explain by my drawing! i always schedule like the clickbait thumbnail that it has announcement on here, this part, the title. title of video. and then, i sched- wh- when i schedule clickbait, the title- it always have a clickbait on h- on a top, but i pick up these... away! cause i don't tell it. and then i tell the clickbait announcement stream. okay? you understand? understandable! clickbait! yes.

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They have no idea who she even is.

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fucking retard

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I'd hardly call N99 knowing japanese

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That's not true, I can find a few 重大告知 notices for graduations for indies and other smaller vtubers

>> No.13100372

Holy shit this is actually a really good tactic, I mean the last time she did an announcement like that her peak ccv was 70k lmao for like 5 minutes.
Haachama I kneel, and I can't wait to watch you in 3D you gorgeous sexy thing

>> No.13100605

This, one of her announcements before was her crying about how her feet stinks and the EOPs in chat all were worried why she was crying.

>> No.13100688

Do you remember when she announced she was graduating from the holoEN server too? She literally put something about graduation in the title too, bait queen deserves a kneel in unison

>> No.13102339

If you don't think that those were falseflaggers that just wait for situations like those to shitpost with impunity you have not been on 4chan enough, some of them probably cosplayed as Nijifans when Coco graduated

>> No.13102404

Fuck you hachama this isn't funny when you do it for the 10th time

>> No.13102490

> It's finally time

>> No.13102593

What happened yesterday exactly? I don't get on this board that much when chammers isn't streaming

>> No.13102811

Biggest NijiKR girl announced her graduation.

>> No.13102968

Everything is fine. She just felt a bit low on cash and decided to milk some superchats.

>> No.13103113

I see a pattern:
1. One of the biggest NijiKR chuuba gets new outfit with cat ears. Shortly after that she announces graduation.
2. Holo shitposter chuuba announces graduation.
3. One of the biggest NijiJP announces graduation on her birthday stream.

This cycle happened on June. We are possibly on step 2 of second cycle right now. Which major NijiJP has birthday on the end of November?

>> No.13103307

Oh no, I just noticed that Aiba Uiha has a birthday on 22'th of November. She is possibly the second most "Idol" Niji after... Lulu... who graduated in the end of June. The pattern is even stronger now.

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Hiatus soon

>> No.13106741

Stop being stupid. Do your reps
> :D

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You retards need to learn that most of these shitposters/baitposters are tourists and funposters trying to rile people up. They falseflag as holoflags to paint you all as retards and to get nijifags to start shit with holofags and cause further chaos here. They do the same thing with falseflagging as nijifags to further divide the board and cause even more chaos.

>> No.13107265

Would there really be much people within Hololive that'd be affected? Her and Matsuri would have a couple of Holos say their thanks and goodbyes but there won't be much waterworks.

>> No.13109383

When will you retards ever learn?

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