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>Get to collab with a Hololive member
>Say how great it is that Coco left Hololive and she has a lot of new opportunities and hope that more big Vtubers follow suit
>Get to collab with Hololive again

why are they like this

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do they watch vtubers?

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Sinister timestamp, forgot to include the part where they were talking about how graduation is a thing in Nijisanji.

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Everything they know is from Calli DMs

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they have a weird hate boner for hololive. calli probably thinks that if she goes on their podcast enough, they'll change their minds. meanwhile they probably feel like calli is a dumb bitch that will happily go on their show no matter how much shit they talk about hololive.

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I don't know what more en management had to do or not do to prove they don't give a shit. Sign a statement that explicitly says it with witnesses present?

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Nobody cares about Morie's IRL fuck buddies.

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which part

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Joey watches Nijisanji's Japanese branch exclusively, Gigguk is literally engaged to a chuuba that streams so little she makes Ayame look like Watame.

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>perfectly valid points worth discussing

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Few seconds before
>recently theres been a couple bigger Nijisanji vtubers as well who have left on their own accord
>I feel like it's slowly starting to become a thing

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Important disclaimer is that Garnt is married to a Vshojo member, so his comments on any agency should be taken into context.

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but it's in the timestamp

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>meanwhile they probably feel like calli is a dumb bitch that will happily go on their show no matter how much shit they talk about hololive.
Are they wrong?

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Hololive is the patriarchy, real queens don't do as they're told to please men

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>calli probably thinks that if she goes on their podcast enough, they'll change their minds
The fact that this happened at all after Joey going on a rant about Nene is proof if needed that neither Mori nor anyone else in Hololive have a clue how TT really feel about Hololive. I think as far as Mori and EN management are concerned, everyone opposed to this collab is a derranged unicorn schizo, and the general behavior of containment-breaking anons does not help that perception. I do think it's rather unfortunate that this was allowed to go ahead but the Kiara-Pomu collab was canned though.

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Cover doesn't care, they want that sweet tasty kadokawa connection.

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I suppose that does make sense now you mention it.

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I still feel like hime hajime is a joke vtuber, her model is so fucking ridiculous looking and she steams like once a month. sometimes it seems to me like she only exists to reinforce trash taste's belief that a vtuber can find success even if they suck shit by hitching themselves up to a big brand and just coasting along

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They have connections to Kadokawa?

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these are consistently the most retarded threads
it's amazing

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Calli and the holo EN management keep sucking the dick of anitubers who hate them and meanwhile Kiara can't collab with Pomu

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>Trash Taste, launched in June 2020, is an ongoing podcast series hosted by The Anime Man (Joey Bizinger), Gigguk (Garnt Maneetapho) and CDawgVA (Connor Colquhoun), anime YouTube influencers affiliated with GeeXPlus note (a web-based arm of Bookwalker, itself a subsidiary of media conglomerate Kadokawa Corporation ).
0.61 seconds in google

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the way calli and en management look the other way on all the shit TT says, makes me think there are some personal connections there. maybe some relationship or sexual history. I wonder if hololive Japan is just blissfully unaware of it all because no one has brought it to their attention.

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what the fuck are these surnames

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Not everything is about sex, believe it or not. I think >>13104353 is on to something. Also I heard that it's possible that someone helped someone else out with visa issues at some point.

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Apologies for my ignorance. I was never into their type of content.

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What did this Joey fag say about Nene?

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I just realised how bullshit that is. Mori is allowed to collab with real males who shit on other Hololive talent, but Kiara can't collab with a fellow female vtuber. Where's the fucking logic in that?

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if Connor is involved then sex is involved. He's clearly not in Japan because he likes the culture. He's there to fuck everything he can

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whore was featured in playboy

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Literally one day before he called in on Ollie's birthday.

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Joey's name is Hungarian apparently and he's the sixth Joseph Bizinger. Garnt is Thai and Connor's is Welsh.

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it's no bullshit, Mori or any holomember have nothing to say if the overlord demands or block collab with anyone, Mori collabing with TT was just networking, getting Kadokawa connections.
Why holofags have hard time to understand that their oshi is in fact corpo employee, contracted to act like "idol"

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She has high numbers in Hololive she can do anything. Meanwhile they run announcements on Kiara's birthday

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If I wanted to shitpost I might say something like:
>Suck Omega's dick = get whatever collabs you want
>Shit on Omega publically in several streams = no outside collabs allowed
But IIRC it didn't come from EN management side.

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I almost feel like it's the Japanese cultural norm of giving people more leeway if they meet and do things in person rather than over the phone or email. Mori's the only one in Japan now and it's always appeared as though management favors her. IRyS is similar and Kiara complained about that as well publicly. As long as she's lived in Japan you'd think Kiara would get that nips don't like it when you drag stuff into public view.

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Daily reminder that these faggots literally ran 2 scams and ran with the money twice with no repercussions.
It's ironic that they keep shitting on companies seeing how they're scam artists and corporate shills.

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>if Connor is involved then sex is involved. He's clearly not in Japan because he likes the culture. He's there to fuck everything he can
Chad bong BLEACHING the nips

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what scam

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give the details of anon. even if its true nobody can be bothered to look that shit up themselves

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>these faggots literally ran 2 scams and ran with the money twice with no repercussions.
....go on.....

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>Say how great it is that Coco left Hololive
technically correct
>hope that more big Vtubers follow suit
ruined it

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Is there Japanese translated clip of this? Joey is fluent in nip but he's smart enough to shit on Hololive only in English.

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You seem too obsessed with Connor's cock, why?

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No he don't. He's still spewing bullshit about Kuzuha and Kanae. Heck, he even misunderstand Nene's jokes on those Playboy magazine.
Those TT fags only care about and watched EN vtuber scene, no matter if they says otherwise.

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Here are the details about one of them. I'm trying to remember what the second one was called.

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being mad about it is 3dpd cope

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I call her a whore because she was featured among 3dp whores

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he didn't know about mito's idol activities at all he just watches EN clips even though he knows Japanese

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Because if Connor becomes patient zero for a massive new wave of sexually transmitted infections that sweeps the Japanese voice acting scene, the vtubers and anime series I watch will be affected

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They probably know very little about the inner workings of Hololive as Calli is under an NDA herself as well as the TT guys. I think they were pissed off they couldn't talk shop with Mori about the company and employees and have a continuous beef with Cover.

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What did he say about Nene? I couldn't listen because he says too much filler shit.

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basically called my oshi a whore

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Mori hates hololive, she's the reason why they hate hololive too.

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>feeling they pushed for too many anime series to be produced, most of which are unnecessary and are a component contributing to the grueling work conditions Japanese animators face daily

Do weebs know there used to be more anime episodes produced in 80s and le poor animators use to work much more?(since there was so few digital tools)

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I watched it all and oh my god what a fucking fag he is, does he even have a brain? Is he really that stupid? I can't believe it.

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Someone needs to sub this in Japanese.
That clip of Veibae relentlessly shitting on holos getting subbed got her banned from ever getting involved with hololive. I'm sure that if this gets subbed JP antis will instantly be on these faggots as soon as they tweet at a vtuber.

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cool, thank u. please read everyone

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they believe their ignorance is cool. their extremely limited understanding of vtubing is normal and good. anyone who knows more than them is an obsessed weirdo. look at all these obsessed weirdos who *actually* unironically watch vtubers start coming out of the woodwork to try and correct them. holy shit, they are so fucking weird

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As outlined in >>13105010, he's a straight-up grifter. I already thought his Nene video was the most obviously sensationalist bullshit bad-faith faux-feminist take anyone could possibly have on what is obviously an ageing publication attempting to reference contemporary pop culture in a bid to look relevant and sell a few extra copies to curious holofans, but I had no idea bout this whole flying colors shit.

>> No.13105256

Basically says Japan is becoming dystopian for allowing a 2d fake anime character that doesn't exist on Playboy - even though he doesn't even know all the others influencers. Also says how Nene specifically has purposely built a fanbase of simps that really love her manipulating them and her presence on Playboy must be because someone there is seriously in love with her.

>> No.13105266

Nah just translate it for the 2ch bois and let it pick up steam there. You know the JP gachis hang out there

>> No.13105271

Cover made all of them including Calli sign NDAs so either she's dumb as bricks and still said shit to them privately or they are being disingenuous with how much they know goes on at Cover. Both could be true.

>> No.13105313

Agreed but also get it on 5ch so actual Holomem might see it.

>> No.13105327

>care about EN scene
Its an overstatement, they are superficial as fuck. You would think they would do some search on their guest to ask something interesting, but they only asked Mori generic vtuber questions that can be answered by anyone familiar with the scene. They haven't even asked her a single question about her music that she repeatedly stated as her passion and probably don't even know about something apart from RIP.

Maybe they somewhat care about VShoujo circles, I don't watch these fags, but not the "EN scene"

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If I had the money I'd commission a translator to sub it into Japanese. Nothing would please me more than for TT to lose its access to HoloLive. All their collaborations with vtubers have been in bad faith.

>> No.13105386

Wow, what a triple nigger.

>> No.13105413

I think the two most significant takeaways of the vid are:
1) Seperation of Nene the character / model and Nene the real person, which he then uses to justify that Japanese society has gotten to such a dehumanizing level for women that they are expected to be able to behave on the level of a fictional character.
2) Wilful misinterpretation of the "Nene husbands" joke to project an image of Nene as a willing, manipulative grifter.

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Why bother, EN vtuber sphere and TT fanbase deserve each other.

>> No.13105465

dont forget the undertone,

the SIMPS are retarded

>> No.13105468

some english speaking people on this godless web site actually enjoy watching vtubers anon

>> No.13105493

They're far too busy discussing shitting, chicken tendies, and politics to actually pay attention to their guests. These guys need to actually listen to their own episodes and realize how often they ramble and leave guests in the dark.
Also Joey fails to mention that US Playboy has done similar in the past and had cartoon characters like Marge Simpson featured in the magazine. He's pretending to be a clueless normie because his analytics show him that his demographic for his second channel aren't weebs.

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stop posting pictures of real people on my anime wife board. if i wanted to see real people i would leave my apartment, which i dont

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Are you implying that they knew that it was a scam? Don't attribute to malice what can be explained by incompetence.

>> No.13105660

t. connor

>> No.13105851

How much is it to commission someone to TL this vid? Might consider if it's not too expensive.

>> No.13106165

So... We're going to have to expect a collab with these to two parties every year now?

>> No.13106239

Why bother commissioning when people like OtakMori would probably do it for free? Or just tag those Narukami like YouTube channels

>> No.13108550

can someone do it then?
t. EOP

>> No.13109546

what you are suggesting is in bad faith

>> No.13109602

>Say how great it is that Coco left Hololive and she has a lot of new opportunities and hope that more big Vtubers follow suit
fuck corpos

>> No.13109780

You're delusional, no one will care, it's literally nothing, Veibea was much more direct and easy to use but that? It's dust in the wind and you'll just get laughed at.

>> No.13110074

This shit is why Islam whacks people who insult Allah. TT doesn't just want collabs to leech, they're out to get Hololive.

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Funnily enough, Pink Cat and Mousey care more about Hololive than these stooges.

>> No.13110557

Playboy isnt even popular there and its not like . Amerimutts are so fucking dumb they only care about their garbage even in foreign country.

Hilariously enough, Amerimutt Playboy is a woke as fuck gay magazine but ofc those Mutt insects never mention it. Typical Anglos fucking stupid double standards.


>> No.13110606

im not watching some nerd podcast

>> No.13110615

> Coco left it's great
> It's a catch 22, lots of Holos are known only for their Holo character so they'd be making it harder on themselves if they left.
They literally didn't say anything wrong.

>> No.13110630

I can't wait for the next time they show up with a hololive member(s)

>> No.13110687

Yes, they have some good takes here and there but it's nothing the average schizo on this board wouldn't say.

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>Mori is up for it because they're her behind the scenes expat drinking buddy clique and she can let off steam with them how "totally cringe all that stupid idol shit really is, my dawg" (which then gets fed back as the misinformed retard takes the TT crew lets slip out on their podcast from time to time, see thread)

>Cover is up for it because, despite us seeing that the TT crew doesn't treat Hololive or vtubing/idol culture right and fairly, the only thing that matters for Cover is that it brings new eyeballs of the favorite target demographic (impressionable normie weebs) onto their product, so it's basically just an advertising exercise for them (in contrast, that's also why they block NijiEN collabs, because all NijiEN viewers already know Hololive, so there's nothing to gain, and much to lose, as you'd expose your insular audience to your competitor). Also Cover gets to deepen ties with another japanese multimedia conglomerate, Kadokawa, which they can leverage into future business opportunities for things like sponsorships, promotions, collaborations and so on.

>The TT guys are obviously up for it because Hololive is a hot commodity at the moment, and they can leech some of their clout and worm their way into having a direct relationship with the top of the scene, which both gets them the attention and eyeballs of the massive Hololive fanbase and lets them feedback influence another aspect of japanese media with their western bullshit.

>> No.13110907

Better try than nothing

>> No.13110943

>Also Cover gets to deepen ties with another japanese multimedia conglomerate, Kadokawa, which they can leverage into future business opportunities for things like sponsorships, promotions, collaborations and so on.
Kadokawa is pandering heavilly to chinks that will never happen.

>> No.13111013

Definitely not. Probably all they watch is just the most clickbaity clips

>> No.13111015

It's true, and painful. Kiara pls if you are reading this kill omega (or at least make cover fire him) not only for your own good, but for both fans and talents.

>> No.13111179

All believable except for the fanfic here
>Mori is up for it because they're her behind the scenes expat drinking buddy clique and she can let off steam with them how "totally cringe all that stupid idol shit really is, my dawg" (which then gets fed back as the misinformed retard takes the TT crew lets slip out on their podcast from time to time, see thread)

>> No.13111607

>Literally nothing
For those who won't/didn't watch the video someone already transcribed a whole bunch of the crap he says in there

Numberfagging right from the start making it all about profiteering?
>They've been making pretty much big bank banking off the whole virtual youtuber trend that has been happening

Portraying Nene as a shrewd manipulator using her feminine wiles to rear her 'simps' like a herd of pigs?
>Dare I say a band of simps have formed under her belt and, uh, she definitely has a very good grasp on her male audience who not only like her for her but also just like her for, you know, other more romantic and sexual ways

Customary instigation of moral panic?
>When you see a page like this, you can't help but think "great photoshop , dude" (giggle), it is just so hilarious. This is a real page in a real magazine. It is truly terrifying that this has become a reality...

Sensationalist, bizarre blame targeted at anime aesthetics for raising "beauty standards"?
>Have we really gotten to that stage where we can't distinguish the difference between reality and fiction? Like it really is starting to turn into some like post-apocalyptic shit, like this is some "I am Robot" shit dude where like we are really just blurring the lines between what is considered a real woman or a real standard of beauty

>But for fuck's sake man like can you really just not distinguish the difference between a fucking 2d character and a 3d character anymore have we really gotten to that point in Japan that the anime simps are just like taking over this landscape and that we can't just appreciate real Japanese women's standards of beauty to the point where we have to throw in a fucking virtual youtuber

Outright disdain towards what he claims is an "accomplishment"?
>Amazing accomplishment, as I said before, amazing accomplishment, this is just fucking hilarious, I'm sure she's going to remember this for the rest of her life, you know it really is just painting a little bit of a bleak picture when it comes to the future of how standards of beauty are going to be perceived in Japan

Holding up a few schizos as examples of the fandom, then expressing that he would rather those schizos stalk the roommate instead of being deluded by the live2D?
>I mean, god forbid if you'll ever find yourself in that situation because who the fuck buys magazines nowadays and you opened up this page you would think that the world was coming to an end. You think, oh my god we've really gotten to the point now where people legitimately want to wife a 2D character, like, unironically. We say we call them waifus but no, some people are like legit about that shit. Some people are like no, no, she ain't my waifu she's my fucking wife all right, I'm going to wife her eventually, not the person inside who is voice acting and acting as this character, no, the character itself

How much more do you need? This actually isn't just insulting to vtuber watchers, he's basically reducing a large part of the systemic problems plaguing Japan's falling birthrate to "too high standards".

>I mean the Asian standards of beauty especially in Japan are already so insanely high...that's, I would say, is one of the very big reasons as to why there are a lot of single, you know, not looking-for-a-relationship-type of women and men in Japan because a lot of them unfortunately have this just insanely high standard in terms of looks, in terms of personality, in terms of the type of partner they are looking for that can't have any flaws in them whatsoever otherwise they are not waifu and husbando material, and again, I feel that's one very big factor that is leading towards this rapid decline in population when it comes to young people not getting married, not being in relationships, not even looking for relationships, and it's become this like really strange-like platonic landscape that has very simply undertones.


Anyone can tell you how unbelievable that sounds right off-the-bat especially from the male end.

>> No.13111759

Next time, can you guys please create this thread in /tv/ instead?
I can't stand looking at 3D ugly mutt guys in the catalogue everytime I visit /vt/.
Please, I beg you.

>> No.13111864

>Mori is up for it because they're her behind the scenes expat drinking buddy clique and she can let off steam with them how "totally cringe all that stupid idol shit really is, my dawg"
Anon, come on. Now you are trying to say Mori is behind their bad opinions and not just them being idiots?

>> No.13111888

nice try Joey

>> No.13111893

You wasted your time and effort on this schizopost

>> No.13112068

>he doesn't know about Youtube's transcript function

>> No.13112115

I mean, both angles are true (Mori does hang out with the TT clique offstream occasionally, and the TT's do have indeed some garbage takes about Hololive and idol/vtubing culture), it's only that connecting those two facts into "Mori is actually the one feeding them those retard opinions to repeat" (or if you prefer the weaker version, "she vents only privately, but they think they are taking it up on her behalf by making it public" (also tracks neatly with their general western crusader mentality of wanting to "improve" japanese culture) is a conjecture, so far.

>> No.13112181

Blame Cover then.
They have decided for the Hololive audience that these people are relevant and need to be given attention (collabs), because apparently corporate thinks (you) lovelovelove the TTfags and can't get enough of them.

>> No.13112300

I actually watched the podcast, it provides good insight of the behind the scenes.

What struck out was when Calli discussed the interview process, where one of the questions the staff asked Calli was "You are going to get hate for no reason, are you okay with that?"

They are truly prepared to handle /vt/ schizos

>> No.13112374

The people here never make up the majority of the hololive fanbase. The majority are ironic weebs that are on twitter, reddit and discord. This place will always be a place for the loud minority whose only job is to repeat lies and overblow any drama.

>> No.13112376

What a giant faggot. And people were telling me "He's the good one unlike Connor because he knows Japanese and isn't clueless"

>> No.13112416

>Mori is actually the one feeding them those retard opinions to repeat
>she vents only privately, but they think they are taking it up on her behalf by making it public
What are the basis of these?

>> No.13112452

>Next hololive TT x Collab would be IRyS.
Thanks Mori!

>> No.13112540
File: 1017 KB, 930x529, 437634.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I mean the Asian standards of beauty especially in Japan are already so insanely high.

If you date a fat la cretura anyone else's beauty standards will sound insanely high to you

>> No.13112750

She could be so cute if she just lost weight, I feel bad for Joey. Not really tho.

>> No.13112868

He seems to really hate simps. What is it about male streamers that makes them seethe so much about simps? I feel like these guys are basically out to end women's careers because they feel insecure about their ability to compete with them. They have some schizo belief that viewers will all start simping female streamers.

>> No.13112953

If Vtuber trend was kickstarted from US people like him would constantly talk about how revolutionary it is because "women are being judged by their personality instead of their looks like on Twitch"

>> No.13113006

Low confidence men will always seek out people that they perceive as socially inferior to them in an attempt to make themselves feel better.

Be it weebs, furries, simps, vtuber fans, whatever.

>> No.13113018

Sydsnap will never be a chuuba

>> No.13113086
File: 8 KB, 272x262, 7CF778B7-5BF0-4530-BBB9-16FC437088C2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Look at these faggots on here. These are the kind of kids I would have bullied in high school

>> No.13113175

So he's like /vt/.

>> No.13113256

Nah, they'd just continue to rage about simps and probably call it white supremacy as well.

>> No.13113259

And now they are in a position of influence, out go ruin and control your favorite hobbies and interests. The thought of being able to dictate what's good or bad in such an industry like anime must give them rock hard boners

>> No.13113306

that only happens if you don't toe the line. No one wants to cancel Vshojo since they pay the occasional lip service

>> No.13113428
File: 42 KB, 500x437, 8F342E1E-B7AB-4719-A800-04D9F9AC489D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What. These faggots? You’re fucking joking right? Ha

>> No.13113518

I generally don't mind Joey and have no strong opinion of Garnt.
But Connor gives off uncomfortable levels of "clingy nice guy" energy.

>> No.13113692

You assume these faggots have way more influence than than they actually do. For one, the Japanese don't fucking listen to anything they have to say and the majority of anime is still made with the domestic audience in mind.

>> No.13113801

>t. connor
I wish. He's getting all the Japanese pussy he wants.

>> No.13114152

Wow, I did not know that Rimuru Tempest's Japanese voice actress is a whore...

>> No.13114256

>Bookwalker sponsored manga read-a-longs
>publishing of marine fanbook in collaboration with Kadokawa announced like day or two ago
It already happened.

>> No.13114467

He also omits to mention that Weekly Playboy is not the regional version of the US Playboy, since that was Monthly Playboy, which got cancelled in 2009

>> No.13114495

>Cover won't do shit to TT trashtalking them because the latter have Kadokawa backing
Whelp it's over. Enjoy your JP getting touched by those guys eventually.

>> No.13114715

You know they all are friends because being s foreigner in Japan is a tight knit group right

>> No.13114751

Wich Chuuba is he engaged too?

>> No.13114809

He can't keep getting away with it.

>> No.13114875

Joke Vtuber, Vshojo member Hime Hajime. Streams maybe once every 3 months.

>> No.13115145

What a faggot. Based of nene to trigger him by simply existing though

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File: 642 KB, 536x670, Mousey.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Have a you just because anime dude is the biggest wannabe hipster contrarian faggot that exists on this planet.
Anime zone man doesnt know what wine is made out of or what raisins are.
Connor is cool.

>> No.13115555

Did you just have a stroke?

>> No.13115614

Im sorry anime man, Connor is cooler than (you)

>> No.13115748

No, I agree, I was just having issues parsing what your first sentence meant. I see now that you just forgot a comma in the 'Have a you, just'
I enjoy Connor much more. Especially his chemistry during mouse streams.

>> No.13115912

Is this why Joey loves Shinobu Oshino, because she is thin and cute, and he can groom her into how he wants her to be, which he cannot with Aki?

>> No.13115956

ESL plese andastand. Also Connor is a dumb extrovert zoomer, but His collabs with Mouse are 5/5 entertainment. Even if i dont really watch his solo streams.

>> No.13116639

You know, in a sense I'm thankful to the EN branches, regardless if it's hololive or niji. They gave me a reality check on how women will always be... women.

Looking back at everything, the HoloJP managed to kept me dreaming with their anime peko act or how much of a fucking wreck the girls are, like Rushia or Matsuri. Sometimes you get a bit of hypocrisy surfacing up, particularly from girls like Marine or Noel, but the chat is usually quick at correcting them. Best example to date is still Pekora getting scolded by her chat for mocking people working as janitors.
The bottom line is, JP girls are somehow serious, Ayame excluded, at their idol job. And whenever they act too bitchy the chat scold them.

And then, the cancer that is EN has descended upon us. Even ignoring the fact that those bitches all miraculously have some higher being being higher than u lore, you really can't see them as anything else than twitch thots extensions. Not only those girls will openly mock their fanbase, but the fanbase itself actually encourages the girls to be as bitchy and controversial as possible.

>> No.13116721

And that's a good thing.

>> No.13116990

His takes are so retarded that this video made me dislike him and I used to like him alot.

>> No.13117036

this but unironically

>> No.13117164

I think I'm starting to understand what /a/nons meant by calling people ironic weebs.
Seeing his plain to see contempt for Vtubing and it's fans while trying to act like he is one is infuriating

>> No.13117321

>being a foreigner in Japan is a tight knit group right
Even if you're just talking about western foreigners, there's so many of them in Tokyo, Yokohama, Okinawa and Osaka at the very least these days that it isn't the case. Maybe if you're in the countryside or a small city.

Even if we're talking about succesful western youtubers in Tokyo, its impossible these days for someone to everyone else. There are simply too many.

>> No.13117338

I don't know what you count as twitch thot but i would not count most of them like that.
>Not only those girls will openly mock their fanbase
Hey, if you are being a asshat then you should be mocked doesn't matter if you are a fan.
>controversial as possible
What controversies? Most of them are nothingburgers that /vt/ overblows.

>> No.13117445

Yes, instead of just farming for (you)s, he's making money off the back of this.

>> No.13117536

>3 ecelebs and 1 wigger
literally who cares. get this normalnigger shit off my board. do your job, janny

>> No.13118352

What goes around comes around

>> No.13118461

they're unironically right though

>> No.13118662

I'm starting to believe that these fags glow in the sark

>> No.13118948

this is based and i will screencap this but, jesus the autism to even bat an eyelid on these schizos.

>> No.13119615
File: 130 KB, 463x453, e77914b0842da878e85aac85179c00956a01e04e33e2aebee5b0f1bbfee84608.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Open a random spot in the video
>He's talking about Japans fucking declining birth rates
Its like satire, our wife Nene exterminating the Nippon race with her cuteness!

>> No.13119983


You can clearly see the unconformity in Connors face when mori spells the e-celeb she goes wet for and it isnt him

I just cant forget this shit, maybe if mori said connor was his favorite instead of some critikal connor wouldnt have settled for vshoujo whores nor started taking shits at hololive

Just reiterating the dissapointment in his face when mori rooted for a succesfull e-celeb that wasnt him was clear as crystalline water, it just doesnt ceases to be funny, and then after this incident he continued to pursue vtubers, but this time having 0 respect for hololive AND hanging around e-whore vtubers

Its like a man losing all faith after hes been rejected by the woman he had hopes for, and then just having to settle for cheap prostitutes and having a deranged doomer vision of things, who knows what would have happened if mori had said his name instead, you can see his life taking a totally different direction

>> No.13120058


>> No.13120163

>You can clearly see the unconformity in Connors face
How does one convey "unconformity" in a facial expression, ESLchamma?

>> No.13120341

Holy shit the dude is the only one that is frozen into place and has no reaction at all. I love Mori now.

>> No.13120443

Reminder ame immediately blocked these faggots and hasn't followed or been refollowed to this day

>> No.13120654


>> No.13120658

She only blocked Gigguk or at least joked about doing so with a screencap of her about to block him.

>> No.13120773

I heard Gigguk confirmed the block.

>> No.13120791

>they have a weird hate boner for hololive. calli probably thinks that if she goes on their podcast enough, they'll change their minds. meanwhile they probably feel like calli is a dumb bitch that will happily go on their show no matter how much shit they talk about hololive.
Every group of people Mori tries to join does this to her. Fortunately for Mori, she'll never find out.

>> No.13120804

>Trash Taste

Trash podcast, too. Fitting.

>> No.13120822

You "HEARD"? Or just making shit up to prove a narrative?

>> No.13120870

you don't understand1! is le ironic!!!!!1

>> No.13121023

>I do think it's rather unfortunate that this was allowed to go ahead but the Kiara-Pomu collab was canned though.
You can blame NijiEN management for that one

>> No.13121109

I wish I watched Mori before this so I could drop her.

>> No.13121316

>neither Mori nor anyone else in Hololive have a clue how TT really feel about Hololive
They likely do but don't care that much. As shitty and cowardly as it says, they're allowed to have an opinion even if it's negative. Cover cutting ties with TT over an opinion is retarded and childish.

>> No.13121367

>I do think it's rather unfortunate that this was allowed to go ahead but the Kiara-Pomu collab was canned though.

This kind of shit is what makes me angry.

>> No.13121465

>NijiEN, smaller company chuubas, or Indies can't Collab with EN
>Vwhorejo and Niggertaste can
So this is due to omega tranny's obsession with numbers right?

>> No.13121610

>Cover cutting ties with TT over an opinion is retarded and childish.
You have no clue what you are talking about and companies will regularly cut ties with people if they think they'll give them bad PR.

>> No.13121654

Basically this. Cover isnt petty enough to block them over some small negative comment here and there. And holofags arent that dumb to believe in their opinion either. Most people just dont care what these fags said, heck nobody who watches anituber cares about their opinion aside from anime related stuff. But god i hope they say some shit about nijisanji and got TL'd into japanese. Nijifags will hunt them down if it ever happen

>> No.13121717
File: 4 KB, 228x218, 1496032794190.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Ollie and Mouse interview where both parties are on their best behavior is okay
>Kiara and Nyanners collab where Nyanners basically neutered her behavior and acted autistic through and through.
Gee I wonder why Nijis, VOMs, and Vshojo get along much more. Surely it can't be because of Cover's idolfaggotry holding them back. And you niggers wonder why Coco left.

>> No.13121832

>No wonder Coco left
>Coco is basically a vwhore now

>> No.13121839

you are the smartest man on this board

>> No.13121964

More power to her I guess. She wanted to collab with Melody for a long time and she got her wish.

>> No.13122044

>>Cover cutting ties with TT over an opinion is retarded and childish.
They've done it a bunch of other times.

>> No.13122074

Are you talking about the chinese shit?

>> No.13125984

Reminder that Milky Queen collabed with Calli and she is still a 2view

>> No.13126112

TT is owned by the same company as fromsoft, and mori wants those fromsoft permissions.

>> No.13126214

Smells like a tourist here. By the way, do you use Twitter and/or Reddit?

>> No.13126218

She's got three streams scheduled this week.

I hope she doesn't at least cancel the friday stream. (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ

>> No.13126751

Coco left because she willingly took a bullet that wasn't intended for her and paid the price.

>> No.13127437

Why didn't she do that from the start then? She decided to stay and soon the Chinese grew tired and fucked off. That was the end of it.

>> No.13127502

They are talking about copying but they are a podcast

>> No.13127847

So she didn't have to pay another middle man for her cash?

>> No.13131283
File: 1.36 MB, 1200x1212, f4d8ooxm5y271.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>connor wasnt involved
once again cdawgva is proven to be the best anituber

>> No.13131447

This guy is the living example of "i've fucked you're oshi"

>> No.13131767
File: 475 KB, 900x900, 1622856494161.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Isn't this a vtuber board, not an "an*tuber" board? Why is some podcast being shilled here?

>> No.13131922
File: 167 KB, 1000x830, 1633567237802.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

S-she's gonna start taking it seriously now, I swear...

>> No.13132326

only if your oshi is Ironmouse.

>> No.13132564

I love Mori

>> No.13132638

My Oshi is Milky Queen, so I think that anon was correct.

>> No.13133086

Ironmouse seems to still be alive so I dont think anyone fucked her yet

>> No.13133172

Based Hime spending quality time with her grandfather.

>> No.13134949
File: 87 KB, 956x956, kek.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

are you kidding me?

>> No.13135490


It's not difficult to check

>> No.13135954

Sadly Calli isn't Ina to put her friend in Council.

>> No.13136117

Anon.....no one's told you yet?

>> No.13136148 [DELETED] 


>> No.13136221

Only a TT Fag could look at Connor and find beauty. His voice sells a package his face does not produce. He's Wayfair: The human

>> No.13136247

I don't get your post. That site agrees that she blocked him.

>> No.13136297

She unironically makes me have zero respect for Vshojo

>> No.13136300

....Alright fine I'll take an L on that because I have no idea how that website functions. I just saw it for like 5 seconds and assumed shit.

>> No.13136313

>You have the power to curse 1 TT member, bless 1 TT member, and leave 1 TT member alone

Who gets what anons?

>> No.13136603

>I feel like it's slowly starting to become a thing
Not @ them believing Coco invented graduation rumao

>> No.13136743

Anon, as someone who used to watch Connor before TT
...neither japanese girls wants him.

>> No.13137162

Does this dude not know that video game characters have featured in Playboy before? Or that the main character of Spirits Within was on the cover of Maxim? This guy acts like this is the first time a magazine like this has shown a fictitious woman.

>> No.13137366
File: 16 KB, 447x329, 1595521617492.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So let me get this straight. You fags think Connor wants to groom Ollie or Mori, fly out to the countries they're at, fuck their brains out, and start a relationship with either of them despite the fact that they're IDOLS that signed a contract with Cover.

How.. fucking mentally challenged do you have to be to think for one second that this could happen? Connor seems like the last kind of person that'd want to get in any kind of hot water regarding Cover.

>> No.13137418

You do know Mori is in Japan, and she's literally there in the studio when they did the interview right?

>> No.13137532

And? Like I said, Connor isn't fucking stupid enough to put his career at risk to try and fuck hololive roommates.

>> No.13137566

can someone post this on reddit? i want them to get banned from collabing with holos

>> No.13137925

Didn't one of these people say Holomems didn't need to be talented and got exposure purely from brand affiliation during a call with Ironmouse?

>> No.13138001

that completely true statement? yeah i think that was connor who said it.

>> No.13138055


You aren't getting any (You)'s, fella.

>> No.13138222

i'll give you one out of courtesy. acting like the size of an audience as a vtuber is purely merit-driven is fucking laughable and you're stupid for even entertaining the very idea.

if you are in hololive, you are guaranteed to be successful as a youtuber. period. it doesn't matter who you are or how you act.

>> No.13138293


>> No.13138301


>> No.13138370

if you consider any of these people unsuccessful you have a massively distorted and frankly naive understanding of what qualifies as success on the platform.

>> No.13138477

They are unsuccessful by hololive standards. They're belong in nijis.

>> No.13138532 [DELETED] 

why don't they invite vshojo? views not guaranteed?

>> No.13138539

I don't see where the thousands of holodrones consuming everything related to hololive that you talk about watching them though, shouldn't they have 10k watching them since their skills and personality is not important and the only thing they need is the holo brand?

>> No.13138637

why don't they invite vshojo? they've been streaming togther for months

>> No.13138732

i think the fact that you made this exact post after listing people you feel are not automatically superstars in spite of the hololive buff indicates that you know that i'm right about this.

do you think that it's at all possible that the audience these people have in the first place is in part a result of being a part of hololive, sharing space with and cross pollenating with other members in the org? you are misunderstanding if you think that i, or the quote being discussed, ever claimed that being in hololive guarantees anything close to equal degrees of success. just that it is an immediate free audience. pre-debut sub numbers do a lot of talking, here.

>> No.13138836

I used to have such a big crush on Sydnsnap, do all white girls age this badly?

>> No.13138996

That's every single company, vshojo does this too, it's part of the brand benefits and yes connor is right about that, but his comment about being able to do whatever and your personality not mattering is clearly wrong when anya and iofi are sub 500 viewers nearly all the time

>> No.13139011

And now you see why Ironmouse shut him up, because the same thing applies for Vshojo and NijiEN, even Tsunderia, Phase Connect and the other smaller ones. That's the whole point - maybe the only point - of joining a company with other streamers. If it didn't offer this people would leave. Everything else - scheduling, management, easier collabs - is a means to that end.

>> No.13139137

and both of them are successful vtubers by any reasonable metric.

it's weird that you phrase your post like you don't agree with me when you're making my argument. well, i'd say it's weird but it's clear you're clip-only.

>> No.13139293

For one you're making a different argument than connor's, and no one says he's wrong about that it's just that he's hypocritical and telling it to another person in a company that will do the same with new members

>> No.13139419

>acting like the size of an audience as a vtuber is purely merit-driven is fucking laughable and you're stupid for even entertaining the very idea.
The boring holos like iofi and roboco get small audiences while the most entertaining ones get a bigger audience, how isn't the size of an audience driven by merit?

>> No.13139475
File: 23 KB, 359x347, 1521693847132.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Cover doesn't care, they want that sweet tasty kadokawa connection.
It's super obvious as well because every time Mori goes on their podcast Kadokawa does a favor for Cover
After the first podcast was uploaded they got sponsored by Bookwalker (another company owned by Kadokawa)
The 2nd time she went on the podcast
Kadokawa announced they're publishing a manga about Marine
>calli probably thinks that if she goes on their podcast enough, they'll change their minds. meanwhile they probably feel like calli is a dumb bitch that will happily go on their show no matter how much shit they talk about hololive.
This reads like some gay ass fanfic were you think some loser Mori groveling for their approval despite the fact she's bigger than them, that management organized her first appearance and they invited by her for a 2nd appearance based of the popularity of the 1st one, and despite the fact that they don't really interact outside of these recording windows

>> No.13140776

Holo is unironically leeching off of them, so they can say whatever.

>> No.13141345

Nothing is wrong with his argument, in the same way that it's not wrong to say "most Americans are incredibly rich even though they haven't done anything to deserve it."
..What? If you have more than 93k to your name you're richer than 90% of people across the world. Can you really say that sitting on your ass pushing buttons on a computer in an air-conditioned office is worth all that wealth?

It is insinuating that whatever they do is of no substance and they don't deserve the position, regardless of whatever they put out, solely because they're in a position where their success happens to be so disproportionate to their efforts.

The only reason he gets to waffle about it is because you can't objectively assess a streamer's entertainment value. If a fruit picker in the US picked 15 bins a day and a picker in Argentina did 7, Connor would still be implying the American is lazy and lower-skilled because the American earns for a single bin what the Argentine earns in a month.

>> No.13141386

trash t and its audience are narcistic

>> No.13143346

Connor has done literally nothing wrong except being british.

>> No.13143400

>Thread almost 1 day old
When are we renamed to /incel/ - Internet Celeb ?

>> No.13144760

We should be named /connor/ since every thread just devolve into giving that faggot's opinion far too much importance

>> No.13145055

Can you explain the Shadowverse arc? I fucking hate that trashy card game so much.

>> No.13145646

I only know these faggots because of abroad in japan

>> No.13146589

Ok femanon, you can stop being jealous of you don’t watch him anymore.

>> No.13146650


don't even get me started, abroad in japan was one of my favorite youtube channels but lately chris keeps putting fucking connor in his videos and my interest level is fucking plummeting. connor isn't worth the fucking dirt under natsuki or ryotaro's toenails

>> No.13146674

TRASH TASTE IS BASED & VALID. Why do you not like them?

>> No.13146779

Theyre fucking faggots and cringe

>> No.13146818

why do you think so? can you give examples?

>> No.13146932

There you go you illiterate faggot

>> No.13146951

literally nothing wrong with it. How is this cringe or faggy?

>> No.13147583

I bet you cant, edgelord

>> No.13147773

idk man if somebody putting their friends in their youtube videos is ruining your life just because they have committed imaginary wrongs against your precious vtubers maybe you should get some fucking therapy in the time you're no longer spending watching abroad in japan videos

>> No.13147776

idk about Joey

Garnt was into vtubers for like a month when he made a video about them but don't think he kept watching

Connor has a harem of vtubers

>> No.13147793

based and agreed

>> No.13147801

They are actually friends with Calli irl and hang out

>> No.13147829

best boy gig is still very much into vtubers, so is joey. connor collabs with ironmouse on the regular. they seem like a pretty cool gang imo

>> No.13147835

Maybe you should buy a fucking gun and shoot yourself in the neck, Connor.

>> No.13147927

why do people here hate connor so much? what did he do?

>> No.13147941

sorry, i'm too busy stuffing your oshi's neck if you know what i mean

>> No.13147980

They will have Mouse on TT After Dark when they figure out how, they only recently got their own stream setup in the new studio

>> No.13148063

and connor being the host that time would be awesome

>> No.13148186

Read the thread faggot, all 3 of them are scammers and all 3 have said retarded borderline insulting shit about vtubers.
Shouldn't be surprising that a board about vtubers hates people that talk shit about vtubers.

>> No.13148234

if you wouldn't allow your oshi a round with cdawg you don't really love her

>> No.13148251

none of them are scammers, they are employed by kadokawa, a major company.
> retarded borderline insulting shit about vtubers
maybe, but dont get angry if the shoe fits
>hates people that talk shit about vtubers
they have not said anything that is not true to at least some extent

>> No.13148367

if you are so frail that you cant handle even slight valid criticism you should seek professional help

>> No.13148441


They were involved in a crypto scam and another scam. There's copious amount of proof of this in the archives of other boards and on reddit.
They're fucking OBVIOUS grifters and are using the fact that Ollie's a naïve starstruck dumbass to ride on her coattails to grow their audience. They jumped on the vtuber bandwagon for clout and will pump and dump Ollie and move on to the next big weeb thing soon just like Connor did to Jojo.
Even ignoring all of this, it doesn't change the fact that they tricked their audience into investing into a scam and should be treated as the pieces of shit they are just for this fact alone. And you can't contradict this because it's well documented.

>> No.13148606

none of this stuff in the link really suggests anything resembling deliberate wrongdoing on their parts. i think you might just be grasping at new excuses to vaguely gesture at bad sounding things without having anything actually damning.

i'm sorry dude but the real world doesn't operate on /vt/ logic. connor is just friends with these people and no matter how much that eats at you inside, that pain is self inflicted. it's fake. you made it all up in your head to rationalize being retarded to yourself. the sooner you come to terms with that, the sooner you can start to really recover.

>> No.13148664
File: 9 KB, 225x225, rpr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

None of these faggots are close as rpr lmao

>> No.13148671

>none of this stuff in the link really suggests anything resembling deliberate wrongdoing on their parts.
I'm sorry I can't hear you over the sound of you sucking them off.

>> No.13148712

on the contrary, i think you rely heavily on people not actually reading things you link. if you think this is them "being involved in a scam" in any sense beyond basically falling for it you have brain damage.

get help.

>> No.13148751

>telling people to spend their money on an obvious crypto scam and then never apologizing for it while probably running off with parts of the profit is perfectly reasonable
t. anituber dicksuckers

>> No.13148780

Lol, they were not co-conspirators, they were just victims like everyone else. They were tricked by the scammers and only get shit for it because they are famous and fans followed them because of their popularity. Monekly see - monkey do, thats all there ever was. This is hardly something to grill them for.
The only real reason why vtubers are a thing is because it is apparently popular and more & more people are jumping on the wagon as a result, nothing wrong with it. Its just a gold rush nd a trend, nothing more. As you know trends come and go and the mania phase eventually ends

>> No.13148798

At this point I can only conclude you're one of them and desperately trying to stay out of jail.
I don't think a real person would gargle their cum this hard.

>> No.13148806

totally agree

>> No.13148848

like >>13148606
said, you are self-destructive, get professional level help

>> No.13148855

you have a severely broken brain if the conclusion you draw is that joey, garnt, or connor are /here/ defending themselves against completely inane cries for help on your part.


>> No.13148884


>> No.13148921

sadly, noone actually relevant will ever touch this place with a 10 ft poll because of schizzos like

>> No.13148945

does anytuber dick taste good?
"they seem like a pretty cool gang" lol

>> No.13149015

to be fair it's really, really easy to get replies from schizos if you describe these people in such a way that suggests that you sincerely enjoy them or their content.

i'll be sure to make an effort to do it in the future just for (You). signed, cdawgva i mean anonymous

>> No.13149035

youre just angry because you have no irl friends and girls dont like you because have severa mental health issues

>> No.13149057

why does everyone here have a proble with people liking anitubers and their content?

>> No.13149071

Are you drunk or jusr retarded?

>> No.13149164

no, but I think you just might be both, from birth (fetal alcohol syndrome)

>> No.13149175

some combination of sekrit club, y chromosomes nearer to hololive talent than anyone /here/, and them having opinions people blow out of proportion as part of their schizoid tendency to turn anything into a fiasco in their head.

if it weren't them, it would just be someone else that triggers a level 10 episode that drives them to post a thread like this every day.

>> No.13149232

finally, the mystery explained

>> No.13149247

why are anituberfags incapable of taking banter?

>> No.13149336


>> No.13149338

why are you a mentally ill societal reject that thinks "banter" is a never ending stream of insults, disrespecting other opinions and misrepresenting facts in order to deliberately paint someone you dont like for schizzo reasons in a negative light?

>> No.13149366

Cry me a river faggot


>> No.13149380

see you all in tomorrow's thread with the exact same thumbnail, exact same posts, and exact same schizos making them.

no matter how many times you make them, it won't change reality to match.


>> No.13149405

why bother, you do that yourself everyday before falling asleep

>> No.13149426


>> No.13149435

sadly, true. this place has the potential for greatness, why does it always devolve into this?

>> No.13149455

no, i got 5 (You)s.

>> No.13149456

oof scathing

>> No.13149486

a decent catch
I got 8 so far

>> No.13149529

get on my level 11 dudes

>> No.13149547

I am sorry 4channel chuds didn't live up to your expectations. Maybe you should go back to your reddit homeland where you belong?

>> No.13149607
File: 11 KB, 431x337, you.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

actually never been there. it might seem like a better place at first, but it has other issues I dont like

>> No.13149686

Lmao a subreddit is raiding this thread

>> No.13149687


>> No.13149701


>> No.13149723

I am a redditor and this >>13149686 is true

>> No.13149742

how did you gather that?

>> No.13149781

How the hell did you figure it out? The only place where this was ever mentioned was in the /r/virtualyoutubers discord. Do we have a snitch?

>> No.13149783

why not

>> No.13149787

oh, did not know that. why is this true?

>> No.13149818

because things generally need a reason?

>> No.13149882

Absolutely. We coordinate on our discord server.
There are plenty of TTfans among us and they are not happy about this thread.
There are at least 5 of us in this thread.

>> No.13149911

reason is a social construct

>> No.13150010

am also a fan, but not part of reddit or discord, who are "they"? I just want more discussions in /a/ and /vt/ (anitubers relating to vtubers) related to anitube because it is a big part of the anisphere

>> No.13150045

no it is not. the natural world is govern by physics laws which are not subject to societal whims

>> No.13150086

that's just your opinion

>> No.13150127

no it is not. explain how literally any physical phenomenon is happening without invoking causality if you want to prove me wrong

>> No.13150152

The TTfans like me on discord and reddit. This thread is an insult to TT and it's our duty to tell 4channers here that they are good for nothing losers and that their opinions don't matter.

>> No.13150181

through your faggot ass

>> No.13150215

It's just fucking obvious. Thread was dead after a day and suddenly there's a barrage of posts. It's exactly like Kiara threads that you can tell when their discord finds the thread

>> No.13150335

Block all foreign IPs and require Americans to use their SS to register for a 4chan account (like korea does with mmos) because retards like this guy are so brain dead they can't confirm shit themselves. It's always the retards with the narrative/rrats angle too.

>> No.13150349

sure, many people here are wrong/msinformed/uninformed, but tht is a bit harsh. I am a 4channer and a TT fan, why cant I be both?

>> No.13150546

> Irony after a while becomes the sound of prisoners who enjoy their confinement. The song of a bird who enjoys being in the cage.
-Lewis Hyde
Get your head out of your ass. People have been pointing out the flaws of postmodern irony, irreverence, and cynicism since the west adopted it, 50 years ago. David foster Wallace said that it's critical and destructive, that it can point out problems, but offers no solution. I'm not here to preach about this, but everything being cringe and not worth anything is so tiresome.
I think that's why a lot of us found vtubers though. We post about sovl and menheras and rrats like gossiping girlfriends and spam threads during karaoke. It's dumb and sentimental, but that's the whole point. Antis call it gay and cringe and it is. They say it's pathetic that we're happy about Sana beating kirby. I'm sorry, but I like it better than a bunch whining faggots too afraid to like things unironically.

>> No.13150604

This is not allowed. 4chancels are not allowed to be part of the elite anituber club.

>> No.13150642

I just find anitubers entertaining, that is all. I like some vtuters too. I dont see what is wrong about making the voice of the community heard though critical videos

>> No.13150676

who tf decides what is allowed here, this is the internet?

>> No.13150712

Are there any anitubers who don't shit on vtubers and scam their fans?

>> No.13150759

I did. I am the Emperor of the Internet and I've declared that's not allowed. Comply or forever be a niggerfaggot.

>> No.13150821

nobody shits on anything nor scams anyone. the "shitting" you refer to is valid criticism you just cant stomach and the scamming is in your head

>> No.13150823

They only got to where they >are now solely because they all more or less originated from some sort of japanvlog/explore Japan/ >unique japanese video. The female jvloggers tried to ditch Japan for Korea as soon as they got enough numbers just to crash and burn because kpopfags don't give a fuck about some stupid hungarian cunts makeup routine and the males are trying to emulate regular podcast vibes and failing hard because they don't have the charisma or personality to match the source material. Anitubers are normalfag rejects who try to bank on the retardation of underaged wapanese retards like some of the autists in this thread.
G4 tv is more relevant despite it being an obsolete platform compared to anitubers who somehow manage to consistently piss off their niche market.

>> No.13150843

fuck you, I like what I like

>> No.13150900

if they were irrelevant, would they have been invited by kadokawa itself to work with them in japan?

>> No.13150934

Don't choke on all that anituber semen anisimp

>> No.13150973

why is it wrong to like anituber content?

>> No.13150978

Here we go
>valid criticism you just cant stomach
No one cares, nigger. Go have fun watching your whiny babies and go talk about them somewhere else.

>> No.13151101

I want to do that here. And if you cant stomach it and throw a fit every time it happens, that is your problem

>> No.13151132

>kadokawa itself
Lets not act like Kadokawa is Disney tier now, no matter how kiked the mouse is nowadays. Kadokawa is trying to break into the western market and took the easiest route possible: hire some weeaboos to gain access to their markershare.
Keeping weeaboos unchecked on 4chan was a mistake. Now we have unironic anituber defenders.

>> No.13151138

You can like whatever you want but don't expect people to join you in eating shit.
You can deny it all you want but trashtaste hosts have talked shit about holomems, holofans and vtubing as a whole. This is a vtuber board. I am sure you can see why they are disliked here.

>> No.13151180

its just business being business, nothing wrong with it

>> No.13151215

once again critisizing =/= talking shit

>> No.13151274

I wasn't condemning it, I was pointing out that TT having connections to Kadokawa =/= TT being quality. Fred had connections to Nickelodeon but people didn't praise him. I don't think he's been relevant for years now.

>> No.13151283

You are the one who can't stomach your anituber idols being exposed for being superficial ignorant faggots that they are.
>critisizing =/= talking shit
Trashtaste faggots should learn that

>> No.13151290

the scope of this board should be expanded to encompass not only vtubers, but also other people who discuss about vtubers. contrary to your wishes, they exist in the anisphere, not some separate bubble

>> No.13151320

having all those connections and financial backing makes it more quality than anything similar but indie and is currently pretty much the top of what is

>> No.13151344

what are you even on about?

>> No.13151346

You know this thread is for shitting on them right? Let's talk about the Nene video. Why is that guy such a smarmy faggot? Why is he such a queer? Why can't he just be a man and say what he means without talking out both sides of his fucking mouth? Is it because he gets paid to produce propaganda to stupid retards like you that are just as boneless and dickless as the deadbeats that still watch Mori?

>> No.13151360

>TT General
>A general for the shakespearian thespians themselves, Trash Taste and the members of their extended universe
>watch them here: youtube.com/Icantbelievetheseniggershaveanaudience
>don't forget to check out our beloved friends at Vshojo!

>> No.13151365

Why are anitubers fans so delusional and retarded?

>> No.13151401

great idea. u should make that anon.

>> No.13151405

and I am here to oppose the shiting because I like them

>> No.13151426

yes, but which board - here or /a/?

>> No.13151456

why not both?

>> No.13151463

No it doesn't lmao. My fucking sides are in orbit, you've won the "biggest retard on the internet" award, please enjoy it.

>> No.13151483

shit taste

>> No.13151518

Where the fuck did all these anitubers dicksuckers come from. I don't believe that retards that like these faggots would exist outside of reddit.

>> No.13151519

ok, then what does? do you think individual creators coud do better without company backing - getting connectons, getting access, getting financial backing?

>> No.13151535

Just show me that guy is funny or worthwhile. Defend him somehow. Clips maybe? Tell me a story about his early life trauma that made him like that, so it's ok and he's trying his best.

>> No.13151547

you have

>> No.13151587

what a witty comeback lmao
are you using your elementary school's wifi to browse here?

>> No.13151620

nope, I was always here

>> No.13151798

Quality entirely depends on the talent and effort of the creator, with timing also being a key factor. Company backing doesn't automatically mean better quality.

>> No.13151874

not, but they are also good content creators

>> No.13151899

no time now, lunchtime

>> No.13151933

Not, they not have good content.

>> No.13151952


>> No.13152069

go back

>> No.13152908

to doing your mother dirty? sure thing hoss

>> No.13152985

where did yall TT antis go? the fun was just getting started

>> No.13153322

bunch of frail sissy nigger-faggots

>> No.13154868

dont worry, I will be here till the very end

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