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I've never really cared that much for normal irl idols but I love virtual idols and cheer them on while crying. Anyone else feel the same? Or are there some people here who like both, or got into the former through the latter?

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Virtual Idols are just reject failures who couldn't hack it as real idols.

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3dpd cope

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Suisei doesn't browse /vt/, so I don't know why you bother posting that here.

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I have a friend in irl idol industry and theres a lot of fishy sides going on with it

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I am an anime loving weeb so I much prefer virtual idols, and they also seem more genuine to me, maybe because they stream so much, we can peer more into their life and thoughts they share with us. I have a friend who is into irl idol groups, I make him watch vtuber idol concerts and he makes me watch Tokisen idol concerts.
And yeah, I understand that feeling of cheering them on while crying, call me a fag but following the hard work they do till they can stand on stage and give it their all makes me so happy.

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Whats the difference between idol and a whore?

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There is no such thing as a virtual idol anon. It is a marketing gimmick to make hags seem more appealing to weebs. The most successful vtuber singer right now, Suisei, calls herself an idol too but definitely is not one, she's a music artist and performer. She has more in common with Inui Toko, her best friend, who doesn't call herself an idol because her company doesn't use that marketing gimmick.

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anonchama the OP pic is a nijisanji idol...

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woah kiara calm down

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Never cared about irl idols because the music that i normaly listen to and culture surrounding it is completely removed from that world. So by default, I care even less about virtual idols and see it more as a meme than a real thing.

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but nene is a real aidoru
the unit just flopped with the game that's all

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They make way more money than that vast majority of "successful" idols too.

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Mito is the OP and that is her SECOND 3D idol outfit.

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plus, do you know five idols from small companies? If those rejected idols weren't rejected, they would've been in a much smaller place

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>but nene is a real aidoru

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I don't want to calm down, I want to enjoy vtubers and have fun and watch things that make me happy. Call me schizo, but these simple things make me happy and I want to hang onto that feeling until the end. I watch these concerts and see people from all ages and professions, men and women, coming to watch the same vtubers I watch, we're all passionate, why take the alternative route and act cool for the sake of people who don't even know you? I don't want to be bitter and cynical all the time.

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>didn't deny being Kiara
Wtf KFPbros she's /here/

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Same, watching vtubers in general made me realize what it's like when people idolize real life singers. You just want to root them on

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i'll watch your streams now

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I didn't mean it like that but if Kiara is the idol you follow then watch her, and if you're a passionate fan then don't feel the need to hide it, people use this board to be proud about shitposts so feel free to oshipost.

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Anon they're calling you Kiara because Kiara is also an idolfag

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And so do Kiara and Moona which also can be considered as a failed idol too which is a good thing since idol scene is just too cutthroat for a pure soul like them 2bh. What's your point?

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2D surpasses 3D

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2D > 3DPD
Simple as

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