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what's her endgame?

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Joining Kson

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she wants everyone to love her, we already do but the more the merrier

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>having an endgame

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Graduate...from collage.

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To become voice actress.

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Pretty sure she's trying to suck my cock.

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Sucking and fucking white cock

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to solidify herself in the chuuba archives.
which she already has desu, among EOPs her and coco and I think peko and fbk are the most well known from JP as far as knowledge goes

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She came into Hololive as a teenager, so I hope she gets a career in voice acting or as a singer soon after she graduates from college. Seriously, someone with that good of a voice deserves better than streaming behind a computer.

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Spider stuffed crust plain cheese pizza?

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Having sex with me

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her only goal is the peppeloni and the elimination of the peppeloni

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You have no game :D

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Take the Kson route

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Graduate once she's done with the University life.

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akai haato turned into a degenelate so she can relate to us.

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seiyuu for sure

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> Someone with that good of a voice
You know it takes to become a VA than talking in a high pitched voice right? Any woman can do it.

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she wants to make an anime at some point

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she wants to make people happy anon, have you read her comment on red heart? that's her end goal

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being a world wide idol is her endgame

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You could, she's not really pretty, white chads in japan are getting way hotter girls.

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Infinite schizo works

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what the fuck is her problem?!

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>You know it takes to become a VA than talking in a high pitched voice right?
Speak English

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>You know it takes more to become a VA than talking in a high pitched voice right?
you're welcome

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Trolling you dumb gullible faggots

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Reps faggots
Kson is reason why Haachama is still in Hololive

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who knows

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Reps faggot, that's not how the story goes.

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Found the clipnigger.
Fuck off with your EOP ass, haachama has NEVER contemplated graduation during that period.

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You're assuming anon is a chad.

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chama chama

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Getting fired

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the total destruction of HoloLive English

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To make a lot of money from man babies

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having my baby

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Ain't no game, son.

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She's pretty pretty.

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Anon isnt any better either. So it's a match

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to be the strongest idol

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I hope it involves film school. She’s the interstice of Ernie Kovacs and David Lynch. That potential ought to be fully realized.

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How does stuff like royalties work for the roommates? Like nene getting that voice acting job in that anime AS "nene"

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So who going to post her dox

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Return to Australia

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She is.

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MAdness to in gulf the world

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Nene probably has some split with Cover in that anime. She's not big enough as her roommate so might as well "build" Nene portfolio first.

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long, chill vacations

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