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General numberfag sites

Hololive sites

Nijisanji sites


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Nijisanji will win today. Haachama will not get above 25k

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Gura unarchive karaoke

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Why does Gura hate numbers?

She always does her buff streams on days with events that will take the gold.

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what's the gold contender today?

>> No.13178181

Hachaama 3d

>> No.13178182

Hachama 3d

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>meme karaoke only 20k
shes reclining...

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And? It's probably on a 30k stream.

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What Niji stream will be a Gold Contender? Any Events?

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How do we stop illegal view siphoning? Gura stole 25% of Fauna's viewers.

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Maybe she should stop being a failure, it's not that hard.

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>1200 is the 25% 9500

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>stole 12% of Fauna's viewers

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tell that to wave 3

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Its Fauna fault. She need a loyal fanbase, not holohomos.

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Alost 30k for shork
scuffed karaoke tough.

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mikomet minecraft right after Hachaama's 3D live

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>I do not know how to read the y axis
7500/9900 = 2500~
2500~ is 25%~ of 10000

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Those aren't failures, they are wastes of oxygen.

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If Cover were better at merchandising the would sell plushies of Dino-Gura and at least have them available to buy before Christmas

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30k getto

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Gura used to get 120k for karaoke
Now she's barely getting 30k
Goomba is reclining...

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until they find a warehouse or a geekjack in the west shit aint gonna happen logistically for christmas

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A big % of saplings are also chumbuds right?

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It is good for dino gura (forma de susan)

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If they kill all the reupload channel then her unarchive karaoke will have better number.

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Here's some reasons:
1)The fad is over.
2)That was one her very first karaokes, at the height of her popularity
3)CCV borked since December
4)That one karaoke was scheduled on youtube 24 hours in advance. People really really really understimate this, most of the audience doesn't check twitter schedules.
5)This one was announced like, 4 hours ago. You had that timeframe to find out and tune in.

But 30k-40k has been her karaoke normal numbers for almost a year now, what is the point of bringing this shit up all the time?

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>doing karaoke with that faggy VR shit
How badly does she want a real 3D model? It is starting to seem like she wants to put on a live. Could another company lure her away with the promise of a 3D model? Asking for a friend.

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Nigga dont respond to bait

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yep she reclined

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>what is the point of bringing this shit up all the time?
it's called bait

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This is a big one. Like holy cow there are so goddamn many clip channels of Gura's unarchived Karaoke, even members shit. Why bother catching it live when you can just watch the clips at a later date?
Instead, she gets inflated sub counts.

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Why did you respond to the stupid post? You think that anon doesn't know this?
Everyone in /#/ knows, especially since it gets repeated every time Gura does a karaoke that doesn't reach 100k.

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The only stream scheduled for now that maybe will be big it's this one


>Shill stream tho

>> No.13180690

>How badly does she want a real 3D model?
Not much, she doesn't wanna live in Japan

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No Tsunderia manager, you can't poach Gura

>> No.13180742

No idea what Ahamo is, but a brief google search shows it's a phone plan company like Verizon/AT&T?
They're pretty big tho, seeing as they sponsored this Yoasobi song.
Not sure how you shill a phone plan company, unless it's Niji phones or something.

>> No.13180768

Once they're fitted with the model they can use it at home like Miko does.

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I mean, Fauna herself is a chumbud.

>> No.13180950

>unescheduled karaoke
>scuffed as fuck
is pretty good clip material tough

>> No.13181431

Gura no.1 today???

>> No.13181477

Haachama 3D

>> No.13181487

Haachama 3D is a thing

>> No.13181549

Hachama is going to get 40k solo and 60k if she has guests for her 3D, so no.
This is one of Gura's weakest karaokes so far too, since she clearly doesn't give a fuck and is using her VR mic.

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>30-40k is good
Lmao faggot. That's just 0.01% of her subs. That's not good

>> No.13181902

Yeah right. Percentages again huh

>> No.13181918

nice math

>> No.13182066

The entire thing's an excuse to use her dino3d without having to play a game, since that fucks her up too much.
Weakest was the bardcore imo, that was one where she truly didn't give any fucks. >13181698
Please don't be dumbasses and respond to the obvious bait.

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>The entire thing's an excuse to use her dino3d without having to play a game, since that fucks her up too much.

She's preparing for the inevitable 3D stream in Japan

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makes me mad she didnt schedule this karaoke since it still rising slowly.

>> No.13182646

Do we even know if Gura wants that?

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I'm kinda sad that vtuber is dying in the West and a lot of EN startups are too stupid to realize that. Heck, even JP companies aren't going to give their EN branches that much support anymore.

>> No.13182981

No she doesn't. She is being forced to by her groomer.

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Queen Usada has more than double amount of Golds than the silverboy.

Also, can somebody do the comparison Pekora with other Holomems? There is something I want to confirm.

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>and kornii smash

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Views right after the stream ends

>> No.13183810

It must be sad being a Gura numberfag. She will never ever make an effort to boost numbers. Compare this to say, Miko, who chases buff games.

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this doesn't count as illegal view funneling

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Just returning what was borrowed.

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this does

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She is giving up now. Taking too many days off, no schedule whatsoever, her stream is losing viewers, sub growth going down, people unsubbing, I feel like ever since the MC arc, she is never trying anymore. I hope managemej realize this and do something about it.

>> No.13184077

It's sad to be HoloEN numberfag in general

>> No.13184154

And going fast as well, I've not seen something this fast since Kizuna Ai's clones arc. Is EN even worth it at this point?

>> No.13184274

All of the attention is shifting towards HoloJP. And it makes sense, they work hard, they stream a lot, they are inspirational. All of these aspects make them popular. HoloEN, on the other hand, has been coasting on the success of their seniors. That's it. That's why you can see the result of their laziness now.

>> No.13184367

Oof, that's quite a big drop from last karaoke. I understand why people don't watch anymore.

>> No.13184447

She just doesn't care anymore I guess. I think the news of 3D being delayed somewhat further pushed her into depression.

>> No.13184454

this schizo is seething and coping, kek

>> No.13184479

that's a lot of samefagging

>> No.13184541

nah is just after august vod queueus have been extra slow
so any numbers she got this stream would never reflect after stream ends. This is true for most streams and you cane easily check by seeing how after some hours stream vod views start increasing in a set quantity every 5 minutes.

>> No.13184556

When numbers are this small, is it even worth seething? I don't like to play with midgets kek

>> No.13184562

holy shit my man is creating a whole conversation by himself that impressive if not sad

>> No.13184580

Holy fucking samefagging.
This is why we need thread IDs.

>> No.13184610

bros the day is no over yet, nijisanji still has a chance

>> No.13184658

mumei really doesn't want to read superchats kek

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>> No.13184737

First CCV cull, then this VOD bullshit, you EN goslings are good at coming up with unproven conspiracy. YT is a big ass companu, do you really think they do all of that just to mess with streams? News flash, they don't.

>> No.13184797

Pls understand, anon is just a lonely faggot and following /vt/ tradition, isn't watching streams

>> No.13184815

I think 30k to 40k viewers is impressive nonetheless regardless of whoever it is

>> No.13184819

Unless you actually enjoy the interactions and talking for hours without actually saying anything, SC reading is nothing but a bother for most of them.

>> No.13184863

The dedication to reply on cooldown, LMAO

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Seems like this is Moona's range for rebroadcasts. Still pretty good all things considered

>> No.13184933

Faggot, Gura is the "most popular" Vtuber with 3.58 mil subs yet gets mogged constantly by Pekora and Kuzuha.
Twitch Streamers also get 100k CCV at any given time.

30-40k is not "impressive"

>> No.13184975

Exquisite bait

>> No.13185014

>all these baits and samefagging
jesas, what did goomba do to make the last samurai faggot coping this hard?

>> No.13185028

i mean just watch any stream and follow the vod counts
for anyone that doesnt know vod queues are super slow after summer. Hence why you see final vod number being lower than early this year even with similar ccv or more even but then you will see vods increasing 50% to 100% of their views in the next hours after a stream ends.

>> No.13185046

Miko doesn't just chase buff games but she also creates entire buff events. That is why I'm ok with her only being close to Pekora due to the sports fest buff. A lot of people were trying to discredit her amazing performance this month in comparison to Pekora due to that event, but.....she created the damn thing, lol. She knows what she is doing.

>> No.13185089

It's pretty good, I'm not sure if they genuinely believe YT cares about all but a very select few when it does these changes or if hes just taking the piss.

>> No.13185176

Holy shit lmao

>> No.13185226

Whenever I see Twitcg, I feel impressed with their numbers. Liek, seriously, even Twitch vtubers are getting good numbers there as well. And then YT is just slowly slacking behind. These vtuber companies are too stupid to realize where they should focus on. YT viewers don't like to watch streams compared to Twitch viewers. And that embarrassing sub coubt is further proof that YT streamers are botting while Twitch follower count shows a more accurate number.

>> No.13185251

Maybe before Mumei and Kronii showed up, those 2 can come close to 30k on their guerilla unarchived karaokes.

>> No.13185299

Still higher than NijiEN, damn. You guys think Millie regrets joining Nijisanji now?

>> No.13185336

>Gura is the "most popular" Vtuber with 3.58 mil subs
I thought Nijifags believes that subs don't matter? I guess you can use it in your advantage this time so it matters again
>gets mogged constantly by Pekora and Kuzuha
Miko and Marine also gets higher ccv than her (sometimes even Subaru) and it's not news anymore.
What do you expect? Get Jun's numbers? (with that lazy attidtude? hell no)
>30-40k is not "impressive"
It is still impressive (it's not Debut, 3D Debut, 3D Celebration or Mega Collab) plus it was sudden.
>Twitch Streamers also get 100k CCV at any given time.
I don't want to start another timeloop on YT vs Twitch again. But atleast compare her with fellow vtubers.

>> No.13185343

Karaoke buff cannot even save the downfall of HoloEN. That's maybe why Cover decided to just delay (corporate speak for "scratch" the 3D.

>> No.13185354

Mumei always has hated simping and simps. In her PL she was very clear about that. I think she genuinely doesn't like her fans, she just seems happy to be part of hololive as a part time job. I don't think any of this is bad, personally. Makes me wonder why she doesn't keep SCs off.

>> No.13185428

you will never be japanese.

>> No.13185474

>Makes me wonder why she doesn't keep SCs off.
Why should she?
Extra money + You can always setup a SC catch up in case you can't think of anything to do for the day

>> No.13185526

She hates SCs but forces herself to read them. She is by far the worst at zatsudan in HoloEN.

>> No.13185548

HoloCN is long gone let it go already

>> No.13185573

SC is not just for her, it helps out Cover even if its just a bit. Ame's just a really rare case scenario where she feels bad for her viewers who send it.

>> No.13185650

chink no matter what you do they will not bring back your chinktuber

>> No.13185664

Anonchama, isn't even noon yet

>> No.13185731

>I thought Nijifags said subs don't matter
Not a Nijifag, but you faggots keep touting how amazing your memeshart is because of her subs. Looks her like subs means nothing since not even half of those would watch her streams rumao

>Other chuubas get more CCV
And that's why she's a fucking disappointment and is just leeching off Cover's branding and resources that could be used to actual talented chuubas with drive like Kiara.

>b-but it's still impressive though
No. As you said, other streamers get more. Stop lowering the bar for the supposed "most popular Vtuber". If anyhing, we should shit on her for not getting more

>Youtube and Twitch noombers are different
Cope faggot. Numbers are numbers; and Twitch streamers get more CCV than Gura will ever have.

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File: 1.79 MB, 3000x2000, 200514_china.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13185784

Mumei felt bad for the people sending her SCs if they want a GF or friend simulator in her PL. She shouldn't force fan interactions and if she wants to take them for a ride she should just do it. I would prefer her to be an earner since I'm pretty sure she can catch some SCs. I guess Sana and Ina can do what they want since they provide artistic services for Cover.

>> No.13185791

I bet she's cursing her manager at least

>> No.13185793

Way to out that you're a schizo, LMAO

>> No.13185796

I suggest we post Lulu paizuri arts whenever EN schizo appears

>> No.13185826

Can't shitpost with Silverboy anymore so it's back to EN doomposting.

If you're gonna doompost an EN branch, at least use NijiEN who actually has midget numbers.

>> No.13185866

the good hlg way, who's the sacrifice?

>> No.13185870

Got a sample?

>> No.13185879

Did the big NijiEN collab happen yet?

Did they break 10k ccv total from all the POVs at least?

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>> No.13185918

What is Nijisanji thinking when they created the EN branch? They don't even get 10k ccv total. They should just graduate and focus their resourrces on VirtuaReal.

>> No.13185924

>Mumei always has hated simping and simps
She deleted all old tweets trash talking simps

>> No.13185936

>NijiEN collab happen yet?
no think it is on sunday. But it is on the official channel so no multi-pov

>> No.13185938

It's been a while since I saw someone in the same boat as me. You are doing a good job againts these blind sheeples.

>> No.13185965

When was the last time Silverboy got the gold?

>> No.13185997

That project got cancelled right? It performed too low LMAO

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Moona just saved HoloID's numbers for November with a simple Karaoke

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Me too! I'm in the same boat as you friend!!

>> No.13186022

>on the official channel

Wtf. Why is Nijisanji like this? They're focusing the growth of the brand instead of the growth of the individual liver.

Unironically a black company.

>> No.13186060

Okay, since I feel like we're too early to enter yet another EN timeloop:

How will Twitch average number as a whole change if we excludes e-Sport events (Like tournaments and stuffs), since I feel like those are the outliner that skewed Twitch number way too hard? Also, if I remember correctly, most e-Sport nowadays are stream on Twitch only, right?

>> No.13186080

So 10k is impossible. They should just graduate the entire branch.

>> No.13186089

Mostly because she hated the SEA raids happening all the time. Remember, there was a reason she was crying after her first collab and it was because of SEAnigger doxcorders.

>> No.13186114

You've got your projects mixed up. You're thinking of the 1:1 VR thing that got shut down dummy. Virtuareal is NijiCHINK

>> No.13186148


A rebroadcast can get better numbers than anyone from NijiEN. What a failure.

>> No.13186162

Wtf? They'll play a racing game right?
So it's like watching horse racing on television.

But atleast since it's on the main channel then 15k is assured

>> No.13186163

Trickle down economy pleas andastand

>> No.13186175

ogey rrat

>> No.13186193

They can't even break the 7-8k ceiling. Asking for them to break 10k is too much.

>> No.13186249

>can't even break the 7-8k ceiling
Why is Ethyria such a failure? I thought these were supposed to be Gura killers?

>> No.13186299

Even if both EN branches loses to the JP branch, HoloEN at least is capable of putting up a fight.

NijiEN is just sad.

>> No.13186310

Didn't they say they will have an announcement when the tourney ends?

>> No.13186336

They're thinking:
1)They want a slice of that pie
2)Outside of skewed holo numbers, these are good new branch numbers

The real question is why the fuck are they killing NijiEN with new vtuber wave spam.

>> No.13186340

It's just Wave 4. If the male wave can't bring the ceiling to 10k, they should just scrap the branch entirely.

>> No.13186365


>> No.13186395

>fastest group to get 100k subs until Edengumi
>Several members consistently in the top SC earners
Fuck off Holobrony. Mad that NijiEN is mogging your EN shitters in every possible metric? Rumao

>> No.13186410

Remember how much Hoshikawa put into the first EN wave? Remember how she dropped them right away? The JPs were expecting big things.

Anycolor's problem is they put all their eggs in the "Elira's clique" basket.

>> No.13186414
File: 71 KB, 827x743, 83467235723463.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

medal count till vnuma rip

>> No.13186417

>15k is assured
You are delusional

>> No.13186418

They should build up the numbers for the livers first before they start building up brand recognition.

>> No.13186423

HoloEN can't put up a fight anymore, they're round upper low-tier Holo at this point kek.

>> No.13186440

>It's just Wave 4.
Jesus christ, somebody fucking stop them. They're destroying themselves

>> No.13186445

Enfags copes more than nijiniggers

>> No.13186463

>Mumei actively asking for less superchats
Half-jokingly but still, it hurts me so much

>> No.13186469

None of them get above 10k ccv. They should all graduate.

Their unarchived karaokes can't even get 5k.

>> No.13186474

>upper low tier
Round these parts we call them losers. Either you're #1 or you should graduate

>> No.13186505

Top SC earners? Show proof

>> No.13186557

That's right. NijiEN isn't even the top 2 EN vtuber branch. They should graduate already.

They will get mogged by Tsunderia soon. They made a mistake of not debuting a male in their first wave, and it shows in their numbers.

>> No.13186591

I don't even know why she even applied.

>> No.13186604

NijiEN fags cope more than HoloENfags.

But they should just accept that Vshojo is inclining and about to take the top 1 spot.

>> No.13186610

Not even silver or bronze king.

Jesus Pekora wants all the medal.

>> No.13186613

What makes you say Tsunderia? If any of the small EN groups is going to incline to that level I would think it would be PRISM.

>> No.13186652

>1:1 VR thing that got shut down
Why are all of Anycolor's projects such failures.

NijiJP only succeeded due to 1st mover advantage, but even they're losing to HoloJP.

Why is Anycolor so incompetent? They can't even provide merch for their foreign branches.

>> No.13186655


>> No.13186691

I get it, she's probably already making a good amount of money from other revenue streams offered by Hololive, plus going by last week she does actually enjoy streaming to some extent. Not every holo wants to be a SC monster

>> No.13186697

Males are unironically more entertaining than females.

By having the first mover advantage for a corpo backed male chhuba, their incline is all but guaranteed.

>> No.13186743
File: 5 KB, 141x80, 9235783846.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>15k is assured

>> No.13186748

Sundays are typically slow days. What are your bets for their numbers?

>> No.13186769
File: 559 KB, 971x1000, 1616937362556.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Will this Gura Karaoke even hit the podium? Haachama and MiComet will get more views for sure, if Pekora decides to read the survey results that will probably seal the top 3.

>> No.13186798

Even before Ethyria debuted, they were already at the 7-8k ceiling. Why haven't Ethyria managed to expand these numbers?

They have a spic, a russian, and a flip. They should have been able to draw new audiences to NijiEN.

>> No.13186804

Kek what is that

>> No.13186811

The thread is shit, i wonder why?
>Hololive 13 Gold while Niji only have 4
>Haachama have a decent chance of winning Gold tonight
>Greedysanji will have the anticipated Mega Collab on their main channel
>Gura got 35k in Unarchive Karaoke (Nijifags really have the audacity to attack this? when their EN Branch can't even break 10k on Total ccv in collabs)

>> No.13186840

>Males are unironically more entertaining than females.
Then why is Kuzuha only a silverboy?

>> No.13186850

Yeah, but that's mostly 1 (One) guy

>> No.13186882

Hoshikawa is confirmed a leech. Matsuri should stay away from her.
Kuzuha can't even be called a silverboy anymore.

>> No.13186889
File: 262 KB, 1080x770, Screenshot_20211118-001422.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13186907

She can enjoy streaming but she doesn't seem to want to give people the hololive experience and she doesn't like the sort of person attracted to hololive. I am a big hololive fan and I wish her the best but if her heart isn't in it I hope something else is out there for her. I think she'd be at home in NijiEN since she doesn't care about numbers.

>> No.13186908
File: 207 KB, 1142x537, vtubers list 11-17-21.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>4 of the 5 vtubers that have grown the most on youtube today are ES vtubers.

chuymine has several days in the first position outside of the japanese vtubers and the holoEN vtubers, the ESvtubers are the ones that continue to grow after the vtuber hype

>> No.13186928

Two guys.

One is the typical EN schizo, and the other is samefagging and is a NijiEN Schizo.

>> No.13186964

Not even silver king anon. Look at the medal count above between pekora and kuzuha.

>> No.13186977

Anon, Mumei is playing up the retard autist angle. That's a good fit for Hololive.

>> No.13186980

you are more than welcome to post lewd Lulu arts to make the thread more bearable until we have actual discussions

>> No.13187003

don't forget some faggots coping that anykara closed yumenographia since it end up being a shit failure

>> No.13187033

>silver at golds
>silver at silvers
>silver at bronzes
You literally can't get more silver king than that

>> No.13187034
File: 3.59 MB, 334x298, confused fubuki.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone here know what the limits/ratelimit on scraping youtube is?

>> No.13187035

If NijiEN somehow releases 4th Wave (Males this time) in December.
>Assuming they have a decent singer, decent gamer, decent Apex gamer

Is it possible for them to get 30k on their debut?
>It's NijiEN very first male gen
>Christmas Season buff

>> No.13187051

Half of NijiEN act like they're fucking retarded so it'd fit in there. I'm just saying if she doesn't like money or numbers then her Holo spot could have been given to someone else and she'd be happier in NijiEN.
Dude, it was just a MacGuffin, no one cared a lick about that shit.

>> No.13187070

niji bootlickers clearly did

>> No.13187093

Floor is 8k and cap is 15k.
You have to convince me NijiEN can get something more than 15k for me to believe even 20k is possible.

>> No.13187111

Depend on, and I hate to say this since it sounds like tribalfagging, what Hololive does
If for some god forsaken reason Japan opening up its border again, expect some serious mogging

>> No.13187123

>Is it possible for them to get 30k on their debut?

>> No.13187125

If Mumei didn't like the Hololive experience, she wouldn't have applied to HoloEN.

If she liked Nijisanji, she would have auditioned and be accepted on the spot, since her PL is bigger than any NijiEN chuuba rn.

>> No.13187153

after the chinks, the spics are the race with more weebs

>> No.13187160

You know Ina also doesn't care much about money and numbers right? Since when did caring about those things mean you do or don't deserve a spot?

>> No.13187212

But the NijiEN cares a lot about numbers. Some of them whistle their fans every week to give them more numbers, so they can quit their jobs. The new gen is doing a sub count race, and other number related streams.

>> No.13187290

no way, not even close. It will probably get the same numbers as the meltdown collab. I would say it would get slightly more, but one of the hosts has pronounced accent and that will be shit for numbers

>> No.13187293

I don’t care about the EN scene numbers. Im now Japanese

>> No.13187299

She may like to take it but that doesn't mean she wants to give it.

>If she applied to NijiEN she'd be in for sure!
She wasn't Nova's friend iirc so I doubt it. NijiEN is too big to have someone walk in and dictate terms.

Which is very funny on a spiritual level that doesn't mean I'm not wrong if NijiEN is for people who don't care about numbers and money.

>> No.13187326

This rank is dumb

>> No.13187359


>> No.13187361

their last "big collab"´s announcement was voice packs for obsydia. This will probably be voicepacks for ethyria. Maybe something else too, but not sure that it is wave 4 yet. Think Wave 4 is coming in december

>> No.13187402

>30k debut

What's wrong with Nijifags tonight?

>> No.13187413

>She wasn't Nova's friend iirc so I doubt it. NijiEN is too big to have someone walk in and dictate terms.

Do you really think that NijiEN wouldn't accept her PL if she applied? We may joke about NijiEN being all nepotism hires, but they would be seriously dumb to reject her.

It would be like rejecting Senzawa.

>> No.13187432

Ina seems to like being in hololive and she likes SOME of her fans. I don't think Mumei likes hers, that could just be the quality of her fans.
>Since when did caring about those things mean you do or don't deserve a spot?
Ina and Sana have world class art. Mumei has doodles and B- singing. Mumei is not a fucking earner, she is a space filler. The least she could do is take her gachi to the ringer.

>> No.13187442

You will never be japanese

>> No.13187501

Mumei does well in collabs. She's a good hire.

Also, even if she underperforms, hiring her also means that other companies can't get her. Which is still good. Don't give other companies potentially good talent.

>> No.13187525

Okay, so you're just being schizo.

>> No.13187595

I think Sana is going to get 99k CCV on her next stream

>> No.13187621

>Seething holobrony coping at the fact NijiEN has more SOVL and Unity while their Holowhores are awkward with each other despite having been together for a year
Don't worry Holobrony. One day Yagoo will finally hire a Holo that isn't a cringe memelord

>> No.13187637

>99k CCV

What's wrong with Holofags tonight?

>> No.13187650

I don't get how I am being a schizo? She has a talent to exploit but she doesn't do it. Her other talents get mogged hard by everyone else.
>Do you really think that NijiEN wouldn't accept her PL if she applied?
She did like some NijiEN stuff when they debuted so maybe she did apply to NijiEN and got turned down.

>> No.13187657

The phrases “Mumei shouldn’t be in Hololive” and “Mumei should have joined NijiEN” should have been clear signs.

>> No.13187730

cam on irys get that 6k i guess

>> No.13187738

Don't be a samefag

>> No.13187766

A good hire? Maybe. The best hire? Not by a long shot.
>does well in collabs
That's literally the only things she has going for her, she makes so much clip bait and the vultures take it every time. Clips don't put food on the table though.
>hiring her also means that other companies can't get her.
Still a wasted slot.

>> No.13187806

lel, 4k seems too mundane for IRyS now, outside of spamming subnautica in crowded slots.

>> No.13187818

Mentioning SOVL because their numbers is shit in a numbers thread discussion, nijikek mentality everyone

>> No.13187846

Not everyone applies just to earn more money anon, literally Ina did it to have fun and make friends.

>> No.13187872

I was making fun of the stupid
>make insane prediction
>mock it when it doesnt come even close
that is like a third of all posts every numbers thread

>> No.13187903
File: 61 KB, 633x758, 12623127983.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>This rank is dumb

Did your ass burn ENfag? maybe their coins are shit but
in numbers the latinx are beginning to be seen.

It is only a matter of time for us to see several ES vtubers in the first numbers

>> No.13187906

>Clips don't put food on the table though.
Man, I wonder why Hololive got such a strong grip on YT ...

>> No.13187964
File: 1.08 MB, 1677x3285, 1636736277080.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> be happier
> spiritually
> space filler
This is the number thread. Go make your own thread if you want to gossip. Mumei already contributed plenty.

>> No.13187974

Sounds like a cope

>> No.13188003

Yesterday, it's Fauna. Today, it's Mumei. So tomorrow, Kronii or Bae?

>> No.13188009

Shouldn't we numberfag ES vtubers instead? They're the only ones who are propping up vtubing on an international scale. EN vtubing is declining while ES vtubing is thriving.

>> No.13188030

Mumnei is obligated to at least entertain people who want to tune in. It'd be nice if she actually cared about being a team player and earning. It'd be nice if she at least pretended to like her fans for an extra 20-30 minutes a stream. Hololive is such a shitty place mostly because once you're in you're set no matter how much or how little you put in.

>> No.13188068

>Not even bronze

Kuzubros ...

>> No.13188079

probably Sana considering she has the worse number out of council

>> No.13188138

Fuck Hololive and their spoiled brats.

>> No.13188151

So there's a mumeischizo now?

>> No.13188177

she had her incline i guess, and she dropped subnautica months ago

>> No.13188182

Anon Mumei right now is arguably the 3rd in HoloEN ranking. If you wanna complain about wasted slots, you have to complain about everyone else bellow her.

>> No.13188228

Mumei knows what's she doing. Trust in Luthor;s master plan.

>> No.13188257

Rushia just need 3 to 4 stream to pass coco

>> No.13188280

Mumei can't be a gachikoi farmer like Kronii, IRyS, Mori and Kiara

>> No.13188287

They’ve been bouncing around since before debut. Looks like no one’s taking the bait anywhere else now, so one of them is settling here.

>> No.13188304

Samefag or falseflagger. Basically a Nijinigger

>> No.13188353


Are we sure this is not the Faunaschizo with a new skin?

>> No.13188395

I'm not an anti, I am a holofan and I like most of the livers in the EN branch.

My disappointment with Mumei is like when your bright daughter has a C on his report card instead of an A you know she could get. Just because she has an A- in another subject should I ignore the C she got in one subject? Mumei doesn't put in the hours and if she isn't using the opportunities hololive offers then it's disappointing.

>> No.13188454

Yeah she can, most of her gachi still refuse to see the obvious.

>> No.13188488

> Why can't everyone be like Rushia?
> Why can't everyone be like Pekora?
Your smile is showing. Here's some more (You) to fill up your dopamine.

(You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You)

>> No.13188489

>I am a holofan


>> No.13188514

This thread bites bait more than KFP so they just end up settling here.

>> No.13188557

>> Why can't everyone be like Rushia?
>> Why can't everyone be like Pekora?
This but unironically. Replace every single holomember with someone who gets SCs like Rushia and views like Pekora and they'd be doing amazing. Why won't Cover just do this? Why hasn't Anycolor thought of it either?

>> No.13188567

This rank doesn't work because YouTube's subscriber counter isn't precise. If you want to analyze the growth of subscribers you will need to compare at least the last 30 days.

>> No.13188622

It’s the suggestion that she should have joined NijiEN. Doxxers guessed wrong about Petra’s roommate and started seething when they fucked up.

>> No.13188696

Not a troll, serious question for your opinions: If somehow Calli or Gura were to graduate, how would this affect HoloEN, and Hololive as a whole?

These two are pretty the two pillars that led Hololive to a wider audience, what will you think happen if one of these two decides to leave?

For me, I think it might seriously put a big brake to the momentum. Sure, Hololive's big hitters like Pekora, Miko and Marine might prevent some slow down, but overall, this is seriously going to be not good for Hololive brand globally.

>> No.13188739

Coco's graduation proved Hololive isn't on the shoulders of a select few

>> No.13188752

livers is such a disgusting term, i will never forgive the nijis for inventing such a shit term for chuubas

>> No.13188766

Hololive would be dead if their two biggest chuubas left, no one would have any confidence in them being able to keep on going after a hit like that.

>> No.13188885

Not a troll, serious question for your opinions. If somehow Kuzuha or Mito were to graduate, how would this affect NijiJP, and Nijisanji as a whole?

These two are pretty the two pillars that led Nijisanji to a wider audience, what will you think happen if one of these two decides to leave.

For me, I think it might seriously put a big brake to the momentum, Sure, Nijisanji's big hitters like Kenmochi, Lize, and Kanae might prevent some slowdown, but overall, this is seriously going to be not good for Nijisanji brand globally.

>> No.13188926


>> No.13188935

Depends on the reasons why.
If they graduate due to circumstances beyond their control like family issues, then Hololive takes a bit but keeps moving.
If they graduate due to management yabs? Big trouble.

>> No.13188946
File: 65 KB, 740x342, 1611981382104.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

use this picture next time

>> No.13188977

Depends on the reasons why.
If they graduate due to circumstances beyond their control like family issues, then Hololive takes a bit but keeps moving.
If they graduate due to management yabs? Big trouble.
Sorry, I couldn't help myself.

>> No.13189044

Nijisanji would be dead if their two biggest chuubas left, no one would have any confidence in them being able to keep on going after a hit like that.

>> No.13189077

Not a troll, serious question for your opinions. If somehow Kuzuhafag or EN schizo were to graduate, how would this affect /#/, and /vt/ as a whole?

These two are pretty the two pillars that led /#/ to a wider audience, what will you think happen if one of these two decides to leave.

For me, I think it might seriously put a big brake to the momentum, Sure, /#/'s big hitters like chart anon, Gurafag, and NijiEN schizo might prevent some slowdown, but overall, this is seriously going to be not good for /#/ brand globally.

>> No.13189120

/#/ would be dead if their two biggest schizos left, no one would have any confidence in them being able to keep on going after a hit like that.

>> No.13189136

Silverboy is popular but he's not really a pillar for Nijisanji. He doesn't add value to collabs and couldn't prop up his coworkers like Coco does.

>> No.13189138

Imagine getting baited by some false flaggers this easily.

>> No.13189170

7 hours left before the gold contender. You guys can keep timelooping. I'll head to bed instead.

>> No.13189213
File: 15 KB, 492x334, images (2).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I am a fan

>> No.13189340

Shit, is this a nee copypasta?

>> No.13189344

Hey, he can prop up Kanae at least.

>> No.13189404

Who do you think the pillars are then?

>> No.13189509

No joke that single kuzuha faggot is the only thing that makes this shit more interesting and we get additional niji insight too. Total Holo dominance is boring

>> No.13189535

So...anyone knows who Kkatamina is?
Lately I've seeing her pulling really good numbers for a female streamer and it seems she is new.
I'm asking because it seems Pekora's chance to reign as the top female streamer for the last quarter of the year maybe in danger due her.
I swear, from time to time there is a female streamer of the season, last time was Amourant, before her was Valky and before was Poki

>> No.13189575

I'm fine with Kuzufag and the occasional nijifan that throws corrections out.
EnSchizo can rope himself though, the goddamn bug.

>> No.13189983

13k CCV average (inclining), long streaming hours. Is friends with OTV crew and is basically part of their, to borrow a term from the Mori general, extended universe.

>> No.13190029
File: 121 KB, 602x879, 349867283587346.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.13190060
File: 305 KB, 789x786, Screenshot_20211118-012552_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

(You) # (You) # (You) # (You) # (You) # (You) # (You) # (You) # (You) # (You) # (You) # (You) # (You) # (You) # (You) # (You) #

That's how you do it

>> No.13190071

irys and her SEAnigger timeslot...

>> No.13190075

Her numbers are inflated right now because she's doing a subathon and she's part of "OfflineTV and friends" so any viewers in that sphere will chill in her channel and she'll catch every raid when people go to sleep.

Could knock Pekora down a spot if it keeps going for a while which it looks like it might.

>> No.13190092

from checking twitter and sullygnome. seems to be someone from the otv&friends group. probably not. amouranth is probably going to take the top again.

>> No.13190138

Hey you faggot, don't lump the west coast in with those fuckers.

>> No.13190231
File: 102 KB, 463x454, 1635006060104.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13190292 [DELETED] 

Kkatamina is a dude right? Currently streaming right now.

>> No.13190390

I wonder why OTV never reaches out to say, Pekora, Marine or Miko. It would be funny to see them do it y'know.

>> No.13190464
File: 29 KB, 364x244, selen numbs.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She's starting to get hololive tier numbers

>> No.13190469

I have this weird sense of nostalgia when Gura did her 3D karaole earlier. It reminds me of a more sane blue anime girl streamer. Key word: More sane.

>> No.13190477

No Kkatamina is a girl doing a subathon and has been "streaming" for 9 days straight. She must be taking a break and having her friends entertain the stream for her, it was the same yesterday.

>> No.13190494

I'm certain that JP management is blocking that possibility, HoloEN like Mori might be the first to collab with them since she is the one that always try to reach out

>> No.13190509

With like 1/100th of the subs. If this doesn't tell us that Hololive sub bots, then I don't know what will.

>> No.13190525

>4 persona collab with uto
and those would be SC reading numebrs for holo

>> No.13190565

But it would be funny if they succeeded. Can you fucking imagine Michael Reeves and Pekora in a stream together?

>> No.13190616

It's a collab nijinigger, this is why your company is dying, you don't watch streams, Kek

>> No.13190626

neck yourself twitchnigger go back to your lsf shithole

>> No.13190743

It's a collab but with 4 PoVs. 3.5k is not a bad number for a NijiEN liver. Stop being so sensitive.

>> No.13190801

That's only like 50k gap between Sana though.

>> No.13190868

Sana get's like twice the views Selen does. Selen has more dead subs than Sana.

>> No.13190909

3 to 4k IS selene regular numbers during collbas or events with phasmo or apex.
it isn't a surprise is just selene regualr moggin of her own friends since she syphons most viewers during collabs.
is far from holos numbers

>> No.13190929

Selen - 3.7k
Petra - 1k
Uto - 2k
Chigusa - 1.3k
Total - 8k

>> No.13190930

> 1/100th of the subs
The absolute state of Nijifags in this thread

>> No.13190968

>Uto buff

>> No.13190994

Lmao faggot EOP clipwatcher, they could graduate tomorrow and no one would fucking care

>> No.13191015

Leeching off a leech.

>> No.13191062

Stop samefagging you nijiloser

>> No.13191129

Oh the EN schizo is back, Guess it's SEA hours for a while huh?

>> No.13191262

>Not a troll, serious question for your opinions: If somehow kuzushit were to graduate, how would this affect nijisanji as a whole?
He's pretty much the pillar that led nijisanji to a wider audience, what will you think happen if he decides to leave?
For me, I think it might seriously put a big brake to the momentum.

>> No.13191320

The difference is that nijisanji is not a numberfagging audience. Hololive is filled with numberfags who will legitimately evaporate if the numbers start dropping

>> No.13191323

This used to be the best thread on this board. What happened?

>> No.13191347

You could die tomorrow and no one would fucking care because you are a fucking chink loser
This is the truth

>> No.13191387

>Used to be the best thread
Never ever

>> No.13191409


>The difference is that nijisanji is not a numberfagging audience

How naive........

>> No.13191429

Depends on what you need. They give some amount of API points but the day limit is rather tiny. You can request more but be prepared to have your project reviewed by Indians for weeks and you’ll need to describe everything in detail.

>> No.13191497

Daily quota is 10,000

>> No.13191562

that never happened but a lot of people found out about this thread's existence as a free for all shitposting zone

>> No.13191570

They should just make Youtube open source. That would solve everything.

>> No.13191612

/qa/ died

>> No.13191666
File: 65 KB, 175x143, tot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The difference is that nijisanji is not a numberfagging audience

>> No.13191712

Yep, the telltale sign he is a false flagging Nijinigger.

>> No.13191753

Now, for an effort to bring the threat back to talk about number


7k for APEX, tho this is because she canceled an Avenger stream earlier

It's about the same amount as IRyS, but IRyS has been at it for about an hr +:

>> No.13191757

It isn't 2019 anymore, numberfags moved on from Nijisanji. No one in any Nijisanji thread here cares about numbers.

>> No.13191766

>Ame is building new PC
>FPS is back on menu
What should Selen do?

>> No.13191806

is guerrilla also so it can rise to 10k as more poeple get notified

>> No.13191847

she reinstalled phasmo for a reason

>> No.13191912


She's ending now so nope

>> No.13191937

So IRyS' little mishap with leaving her heart monitor on when she went to the bathroom the other day may have turned into a meme goldmine. She heart rate increased to 116 when she was going to the bathroom. She went to the bathroom today and superchats started pouring in referencing that meme. Most of them were for $1.16 but there were also some for $11.60 and even one for $116.00. Would be interesting if it turns into a smaller version of the Coco superchat spam when she went to the bathroom. Should be interesting to see if it remains a thing or if its a one time thing only.

>> No.13191942

dam shame

>> No.13192053

Don't all the girls get blue spacha spam during idol meetings?

>> No.13192150

>No one in any Nijisanji thread here cares about numbers.
There's less than 30 IPs for the actual Nijisanji thread and barely more than 100 for the NijiEN thread.
/vt/ is definitely representative of the entire Nijisanji fanbase.

>> No.13192216

not anymore i think. It only happens on the first months i think, when the meme's still fresh.

>> No.13192221

*entire nijien fanbase

>> No.13192226

Nah it's just faunaschizo having same tell about muh not deserved spot should let me get the spot cope

>> No.13192241

You don't see raging NijiJP fans seething at Holo golds across the pond.

>> No.13192264

So that's why they're all schizos.

>> No.13192292

I think top SC earners have audience like that, Mori, Irys, Kiara and even JP top earners experience it, I think it's a meme to Hololive already

>> No.13192316

>You don't see raging NijiJP fans seething at Holo golds across the pond.

>> No.13192328

There's currently 11 mentions of Hololive in the NijiEN thread and back and forth discussion about how much Hololive sucks.
2 in /hlgg/, one of them being an anon literally just typing "Nijisanji" and nothing else.

>> No.13192338
File: 1.22 MB, 1028x1414, 1629613033161.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>He doesn't know about the legendary Nijinumberfag, that created the title "Nijikiller" to Agua that ultimately became a Vtuber-anti because of Hololive's rise

>> No.13192444

>There's currently 11 mentions of Hololive in the NijiEN thread and back and forth discussion about how much Hololive sucks.
Hololive really live rent free in their heads lmao.

>> No.13192478

No. 1 VTUBER, beaten by scuffed pekora Mario dx stream

>> No.13192664

Pekora has more gold than Kuzuha has medals, how will niji ever recover?

>> No.13192737
File: 643 KB, 1536x1063, 84682783526.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

dont forget this

>> No.13192738
File: 391 KB, 1321x241, image_2021-11-18_122730.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

clips number

>> No.13192745

Any chance you have the results for some of the other Holo heavy hitters like Miko or Marine?

>> No.13192826

Looking at the current landing page for Nijisanji, it seems pretty useless.
Just has debut banners and Obsydia voice packs merch banner.
Hololive one has current streams, newest videos, latest news and sponsorships, upcoming events and the talent list at the end all on one page. Not personally a fan of the giant video taking up so much space though.

>> No.13192894

Is the clipper meta spamming a few 1 minute clips a day and hoping one turns into a 6 figure or better algorithm rider?
Maybe they didn't like the optics of numberfagging so hard? I don't see Cover numberfag on their website so the meta may have changed.

>> No.13192929

Why isn't Niji boasting about how they're the number 1 anymore? I thought they were more popular domestically?

>> No.13192996

Both are top superchat earners in their respective branches and both had something in common

>> No.13193001

They understood that it’s better to be humble.

>> No.13193037

>Maybe they didn't like the optics of numberfagging so
Something very similar is there in the nijicope list kek.

>> No.13193038

It looks bad optics to be braggarts so they shifted the strategy. Also boasting about numbers openly normalizes poor behavior where you get people numberfagging in chat.

>> No.13193042

how many hours of content has pekora created for other holomem with her various traps/attractions in block game??

feels like every time she does something theres just a full week of clips of just that one thing

>> No.13193056

Can someone post the list? I think it needs a few updates after the last few threads.

>> No.13193093

Don't kid yourself anon, if they were still kings of the vtuber scene they would be bragging. NijiJP fans are huge numberfags, which must hurt seeing how Hololive has been dominating.

>> No.13193100

That's a little bit too late, huh? Cover didn't numberfag their numbers on their site even after being the top vtuber in the world nor did they put Coco/Gura's numbers or Suisei/Mori's numbers on their site.

>> No.13193130

I wonder how they feel about Gura, she has more subs than the bottom 30% of the company combined or something like that.

>> No.13193201
File: 584 KB, 3836x1080, 8436713572367357235.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.13193216

>looking attractive for investors is bad
And you can see the ones who offered to invest. Cover only has $8.1m in investments and Anycolor has over $20m.

>> No.13193280

Great until LazuLight wasn't a second coming.

>> No.13193317

there's more to come. pesuke isn't finish yet I think

>> No.13193321

I wonder where it all go? Kek, seems like they wasted it

>> No.13193376

That's between Sony and Anycolor. I'm sure Sony feels fine with it since the ties are as strong as ever.

>> No.13193550

>NijiJP fans are huge numberfags
wonder if they also larping as holofan to feels a little bit better after losing almost every single day

>> No.13193565

People who like nijisani are on /jp/ not on /vt/.

>> No.13193594

Imagine investing on this supposed to become a big thing, only for a competitor rise up, becoming a world sensation. First they took your home-audience, then your friends in business, Indonesia. then they take the crown in the West, and now they're winding up to overtake your Korean market.

How bad would it be for Nijisanji's rep, if Hololive managed to take away almost everything from them?

>> No.13193654

Fine enough to launch their own vtuber group.
What I never understood is, if Sony invested 15-20m into Nijisanji, why didn't they sign them to any of their record labels?
For the most part Nijisanji members are signed to Universal Music Group labels instead.

>> No.13193660

>x wins
Bro, numbers don't matter, get over yourself.
>y wins

>> No.13193814

Nijisanji is still doing very well. This isn't a zero sum game, what they have is objectively successful and if it grows some more it's all the better. Cover is still worth less than Anycolor even if Nijisanji isn't as popular as Hololive in many markets.

Queer, I guess. I don't know everything. They are trying to re-enter the vtubing market.

>> No.13193921

Thats rather sad. Some nobody literally took all hold of markets, while you, a Sony backed company, that gained a big BIG headstart, yer managed to get overtaken by a nobody.

Sad, that's sad.

>> No.13193937
File: 20 KB, 1131x170, 348968723875346.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

its 4 companies, not just Sony.

>> No.13193938

Lack of confidence or more control over the persona rather than picking up people with baggage.

>> No.13193941

>Nijisanji is still doing very well.
Niji went from 14 chuubas with 10k median CCV to only 4 in the span of a year, doing fine my left nut.

>> No.13193955

if anyone wants to see how both cover and anycolor numberfags

anycolor: https://speakerdeck.com/anycolor/anycolor-introduction

kinda sad to see yumenographia there now with what happened

>> No.13194014


>> No.13194033

The fuck, holo got pokemon permission?

>> No.13194069

meh its nnd stream

>> No.13194078


>> No.13194088

GG nijiniggers

>> No.13194105

Oh, they actually got pokemon permissions? Of are these """permissions""" ie one stream on who gives a fuck's channel?

>> No.13194117

cmon cover just numberfag your concerts fuck paywall. https://project.nikkeibp.co.jp/ent/monthly/2021/05/

>> No.13194143
File: 155 KB, 953x519, WERTYUI.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Funniest graph ngl. From ping pong to largest vtuber company in the world

>> No.13194163

Looks like NND shit

>> No.13194210

it is. This is the first holo poke cup https://prtimes.jp/main/html/rd/p/000000384.000030268.html

>> No.13194240

Wow, it's fucking nothing.

>> No.13194595

If Niji got this, i bet you will be posting
>Oh No No No Holobros, how come Nijis was chosen? The decline is real, Holobubble is about to burst

>> No.13194634

Rent free

>> No.13194667

So it seems that the rrats that COVER is trying to butter up relations with the government is true. The animeNYC is actually a collaboration with the Consulate General of Japan.

>> No.13194707

Now all they need to do is report Nijisanji for not adhering to social distancing.

>> No.13194714

*animeNYC appearance, i should say.

>> No.13194733

So, what's the long term goal/benefits for Hololive "buttering up" with the government? I'm not too good thinking about this stuff because I don't really care about politics or the news.

>> No.13194747

the Abe meme actually worked...
what fuck is Cover's black magic

>> No.13194752

It's not "getting something" it is just another holo pokemon tourny. Fucking nothing, it isn't perms or a sponsorship.

>> No.13194831

I wouldn't say so much buttering up with the gov as much as they've come to a point where they're basically a cultural ambassador for Japan. Probably the same kind of thing that Kizuna Ai went through way back when. They're big at home and abroad and they represent a section of Japanese culture. I do wonder who approached who here though.

>> No.13194855

Can I get this straight? Anykara has a huge building for themselves, and Cover is using a floor for their company?

>> No.13194859

Inherit Ai's Tourism Ambassador position for maximum chinks sperg out

>> No.13194861

One of the best endgame holo could get is to replace Kizuna ai as the tourism ambassador with their holo

>> No.13194893

Cover was unironically just a small indie company when they blew up in popularity.

>> No.13194928


>> No.13194968

tweet deleted?

>> No.13194983

kek, wrong link.

>> No.13195002


>> No.13195016


>> No.13195048
File: 38 KB, 128x128, a10.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Nijisanji is bigger than Hololive in Japan

>> No.13195143

So assuming that the Jap gov decide to give Holo the cultural ambassadorship rep. Which Holo do you think is the best choice? Fubuki? Sora? Aqua? Suisei? Miko? Pekora? Someone else?

>> No.13195171

not Council.

>> No.13195218
File: 174 KB, 463x453, 1637138113839.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13195222

aqua, its always aqua
otherwise sora or fubuki

>> No.13195226

Not Myth either. Actually, what is the use of HoloEN anyway?

>> No.13195227

Fubuki and Aqua for the most chink seethe.

>> No.13195238

It must be Fubuki or Marine.

Pekora, Aqua, Rushia are top holos but can't handle that responsibility

>> No.13195249

Fubuki since she's probably the most professional of the group. Either her or Sora.

>> No.13195252

You're fucking retarded mate. They don't have their 3Ds yet because their talents can't get into Japan legally. Not committing a literal immigration crime on stream isn't buttering up to the government. It's not getting deported.
FBK or Soda, FBK has been the face of Hololive for a long time and she's got the know how for it. She's probably best suited for the task. Sora would be the other choice since she's Daisenpai, but without the same experience as FBK has had I don't know if she's well suited. FBK is also pretty EOP friendly so she's a good choice there. Probably nobody from HoloEN since they can't speak JP and, not being from Japan, can't really best perform the cultural ambassadorship role, even someone like IRyS who can speak JP isn't the best choice here.

>> No.13195269

to make Chinks seethe uncontrollably, of course.

>> No.13195291

To make chinks like you seethe.

>> No.13195312

Fubuki or Sora. Let Aqua and Suisei continue their Idol route, and Miko and Pekora continue as Gaming Streamers.

>> No.13195360

Leaving China was the best and beneficial decision hololive ever made.

>> No.13195371

new tweet

>> No.13195408


>> No.13195431

Would cozying up to the Japanese government help Myth get accepted to Japan much sooner?

>> No.13195441

Chinks get triggered when they here the word HoloEN, like you

>> No.13195445

hell no

>> No.13195459

>Look at Japan NYC consulate Twitter

>> No.13195489

kek, at least they have an interesting guy at the helm

>> No.13195501

I wonder, if Cover applied HoloMyth and ID1 as "foreign contracted workers", will they get permission to travel to Japan? I mean, the article only said tourists and not workers so I'm not sure if this applies.

>> No.13195510

What else, to make Chinks like you seethe. Did you know HoloEN's success managed to dumpster the great Chink arc? Like when Myth dropped, it's almost as if the Chink arc never happened? HoloEN's number 1 rapper entered with something so Unique, and then the former memelord, accelerated Hololive to stardom with her Ride on Time, and her lovely voice doing Karaoke's.

How does being a Chink feel? 1 word and all of you go ballistic, and will forever be remembered as the most sensitive race on Earth.

Another thing to note is that Hololive's detective, Amelia Watson, became a sensation to Koreans, and will probably be the reason why HoloKR will be created. Oh and there's also a Korean startup that overtook NijiKR, that company has Hololive as their inspiration in their portfolio, who do you think made them? That's right. HoloEN.

>> No.13195519

I... I kneel...

>> No.13195545

>best decision Holo has ever made
>is bleeding viewerships and profit

>> No.13195558

Wish I had a grandpa like that

>> No.13195564


>> No.13195575

I wish this thread was always numbers.

>> No.13195588

obvious bait, please try again with something more subtle
Holo is bigger than they ever were and holy fucking shit were the chinks poor.

>> No.13195592

Korea will soon be under China's rule anyway kek

>> No.13195619

IS this anon exposing himself that he is a chink? He's too proud that CN made Holo popular, Kek

>> No.13195639

They're so afraid of it coming outside that they feature clips from concerts on tv.

>> No.13195707

Probably a Holo that is comfortable with more traditional old-school media. Sora is a pretty good candidate, they like to drag her out for TV/magazine material anyways. She's also a frequent sight on Japanese cultural events anyways with several appearances on NHK and an appearance in the Tokyo International Music Market (the only chuuba there too!). Zero yabs and no shotacon/lolicon tendencies is also a bonus.

>> No.13195733

The Enschizo exposed himself as a chink when he used chink terminology a few threads back. The equiv. pol term is spelled slightly differently, so that got ruled out.

>> No.13195746

anon don't blame hololive if you are unable to breakeven with your chink investment on nijicn

>> No.13195806

The board is full of seething 2views, what's new?

>> No.13195916

So Council has to be it's best behavior.
>oh, this is a sponsorship at the diplomatic level, be sure to make us look good
I don't think this is what they signed up for.

>> No.13195940

kek, this is obviously impossible but imagine if they were informed basically just now by the tweet

>> No.13196116

That'd be funny. Imagine if Sana was preparing an elaborate shitpost. At least they'll know beforehand.

>> No.13196130
File: 2.00 MB, 1280x768, 1627582577662.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They just moved their office. And now they use Bushiroad's studio that's why the 3D live got a lot better.

>> No.13196237
File: 92 KB, 1130x833, dfghjkw.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Amazing, what text AI can do

>> No.13196256
File: 1.96 MB, 972x805, asedrtyu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's big.

>> No.13196264

What the fuck, how can this be this accurate? Is this black magic?

>> No.13196286

But if your office is a small part of this building, is it really worth it?

>> No.13196330
File: 225 KB, 875x1310, 1117.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yesterday's superchats

>> No.13196346
File: 2.08 MB, 1012x766, aqwertyu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, I don't know. Rental fees would be low if they want to rent a floor for themselves but benefit from using the studios in their HQ.

In comparison to Anykara's HQ. I'm not sure if they rent a floor or the building themselves, but being side by side with a mall and a 5 star hotel. I'm sure the rent would be huge.

>> No.13196373

>renting out more space than you need
You mean adding unnecessary overhead? No company would do that unless they had a need for the image boost and even then it'd be after they're well established and can spare the cash.

>> No.13196388

Damn, AnyColor is fucking loaded, and this is without even the help of global recognition. If they had that, I don't think Cover would survive.

>> No.13196419

Rushia I kneel.

>> No.13196424

cover is pretty loaded too, they had 15m$ of sweet hard profit on their last financial report.
speaking of financial reports, anycolor should be releasing their next one soon right? anyone know when?

>> No.13196444
File: 30 KB, 1260x239, Lain.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What went wrong?

>> No.13196477

Any guesses for what Bora's graduation stream will get?

>> No.13196480

I don't know if this is related, but thinking about Rushia being one of the biggest money maker in hololive can experience trouble to get a credit card from the bank because they sees them as people with unstable income, I think it's hard for ID1 and Myth.

>> No.13196507

Also to add into this, how the hell did anykara got these good of a location spot?
>5 star hotel
>A mall
>2 Parks
>A roof garden beside their building
>2 Train stations
>A Medical building
>A nearby police station
>The national art centre, tokyo
>A daycare centre and few schools all around

>> No.13196535
File: 2.28 MB, 1024x1259, kokugikan.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looking at this slide I've realized why their 2019 live in Ryogoku Kokugikan filled only half of capacity (5500 visitors). The thing is that the venue is mainly used for sumo wrestling tournaments and obviously you can look at it from any angle. Now when it comes to watching a performance on a big screen of course the people behind stage won't be able to watch it so only the only useable seats are those that give let you look at the screen. I guess Pmaru-sama's live will also be set in this way unless she actually decides to use her physical form (which is highly unlikely).

>> No.13196554

I will never understand nip autism about credit cards. For fucks sake if the bank looks at her assets she's probably loaded as hell. Why the fuck would the be worried about a credit card.
Not just that, supposedly the office has tons of fun stuff in it. At least according to their chuubas. Their offices are probably really high quality.

>> No.13196633

Japan has tons of autism to this sort of thing, when you rent a place you might be expected to put a deposit with something like 6 months of rent in advance for example, and even then if you are a streamer they might still refuse you, it's crazy.

>> No.13196640

its in March next year

>> No.13196644

Japanese banks haven't figured out that you give credit cards to the dumbest people with the lowest income possible and make them pay the minimum until they're dead you make the biggest profit.

>> No.13196659

Yes? You don't seem to aware that a lot of companies only occupied several floors of a building. Cover is not a company with thousand of employess.

>> No.13196708

I was comparing the numbers and the employee numbers (社 員 数) just doesn't add up. Cover have 170 (page 4) and Anycolor have 155 (page 5). I seriously don't think Cover will have more employees.

As for capital funds (資 本 金/資本⾦等), the gap is quite large with Cover having 452,808,545 yen and Anycolor having 2,650,154,764 yen respectively. Probably the difference is in the investors. There is a list of investors in Cover's presentation and as far as I can comprehend, the more prominent names are funds from 2 large banks (Mizuho/SMBC) and the Taiwan tech company HTC's VR branch. I can't find any investors list on Anycolor's but maybe that's just me not doing enough JP reps.

>> No.13196713

>ミッドタウン・イースト - 地上25階・地下4階、114.1m
>2021年4月より11階にいちから(現:ANYCOLOR)が入居[2]、同11 - 12月にインフォコム[3]、2022年2月に5・6階にコロプラが入居予定[4]。
>地下1階 - 11階は、コナミホールディングスを始め、コナミグループ(コナミデジタルエンタテインメント・コナミスポーツ&ライフなど)の本社などが入居していた[1][注釈 1]。

>> No.13196754
File: 2.01 MB, 1116x713, ewrftgyu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I didn't know the weight of their office spot until I realized they are a few minutes away from Tokyo tower and the station.

>地下1階 - 11階は、コナミホールディングスを始め、コナミグループ(コナミデジタルエンタテインメント・コナミスポーツ&ライフなど)の本社などが入居していた[1][注釈 1]
Oh I see now

>> No.13196801

RIP those narrative that Anykara owned the whole building

>> No.13196823

so that's why they can get konami permissions.

>> No.13196828

Capital funds is just money that was invested into the company the last time the company held a capital raise. It will stay like that until the company holds another capital raise. We won't know how much money they actually do have if their financial report isn't publicly posted. But Cover essentially bridged the gap in about a year, so we can assume that they may end up being ahead in the next financial report.

>> No.13196837


kek, this is amazing

>> No.13196846

Forgot to add that Cover doesn't explain their employee numbers composition. Anycolor counts both full-time and contract employees (正社員・契約社員合計).

>> No.13196897

JFC the top 2/3rds of this thread is just bait and people responding to bait. What happened? Is it always like that with Gura karaoke?

>> No.13196899

If they owned something like that why would they care much about this whole vtuber thing?

>> No.13196912

Cover also didn't really fill any info about their offices (only pics)

>> No.13196928

>kinda sad to see yumenographia there now with what happened
Aren't those things just sale pitches? Maybe Anycolor was just trying to make their portfolio look as diverse as possible so they look attractive to investors.

>> No.13196933

these guys have to problem filling up the place tho

>> No.13196967
File: 9 KB, 256x44, page5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

EOP narratives. They clearly state the floor they occupy on the fifth page.

>> No.13196988

It was last updated in June this year. Yumenographia will be removed in the next version probably.

>> No.13196990

>they may end up being ahead in the next financial report
I can see that due to their 3D debuts and concerts being their best money makers in this year, but I'm not sure how far ahead that may be. They can show it to potential investors that they're doing great this year, but those are one time things. In the future, it won't be so great anymore.

>> No.13197007

Don't think superchats give you as much money as actual events (and goods you sell for them).
Especially since you need to give 30% to youtube.

>> No.13197014

>call out the inconsistencies between Gura's inflated sub count vs her low CCV considering Karaoke is her "buff"
>N-n-no, you're just a schizo, stop talking shit
Fucking Holobronies, I swear. You faggots are the ones shitting up this thread and this whole board.

>> No.13197022

apex plus female in niji

>> No.13197062

It was a big chunk of the presentation. It looked too dingy to be bleeding money.

>> No.13197069

Being a female in Manjisanji

>> No.13197087

the hidden black magic room

>> No.13197097

Anycolor has had way more concerts this year since Cover is too afraid of them getting cancelled. I think Anycolor has gone further than you guys think.

>> No.13197155

Numberfags pretty hard and it looks impressive
Just briefly mentions subcount and goes into corporate speak

How do we fix Cover?

>> No.13197161

I guess so. It'd be illogical to not assume them getting a large buck from all the things they did this year. But, it won't be the kind of a stellar performance of a report from Cover where they still had $15m left and closed the gap between themselves.

>> No.13197187

office coverage

>> No.13197261

Gura karaoke followed by Mumei SC reading. The shark and owl are juicy shitposting targets, but it’s failing to catch on in the rest of the board, so they’re testing the waters here.

>> No.13197262

Honestly I don't think it was because they were hemorrhaging money. They can't have had that much overhead, and the Yumenographia girls probably weren't on a salary but rather a profit sharing contract. The only real overhead would be the staff, the servers, the payment services, etc. and I'd think they'd be able to at least sustain that since the staff is probably the same technical staff that works on Niji and that'd be the biggest chunk of their overhead. The way I see it, Anykara probably just saw it as a dead end product and it just wasn't turning a profit compared to if that money were shoved into Niji or something.

>> No.13197295

Yagoo is a humble man and likes to be the underdog

>> No.13197310
File: 84 KB, 1138x748, DFGH.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Slow and steady

>> No.13197321

Why her manager?

>> No.13197336

Haachama's announcement had the potential of hitting 20-25k but she finished in like 5 minutes .
Is it because people thought it was a hiatus announcement? She rarely breaks 10k peak ccv nowadays but the difference between her peak and her average is really low, how much are we anticipating today given that the guests MIGHT be Kanata, watame, flare and HSKW

>> No.13197347

Kek. Slow and steady indeed

>> No.13197373

I doubt anyone thought it was graduation since she's baited people with ominous "announcements" like 6 times now.

>> No.13197378

What's with Cover and Bushiroad?

>> No.13197386

wait, what if that Kuzuha fag is actually Riku himself?

>> No.13197394

>You guys think Millie regrets joining Nijisanji now?
It's only been a month, she might still be in the honeymoon phase and think it's worth it or that things will improve at any moment. Give it two or three and I'm pretty sure she will start to regret it pretty hard.

>> No.13197415

Partners or friends? Not sure. Konami is best friends with Anykara, that's for sure. To the point of blocking all perms for their games to Hololive.

>> No.13197422

I don't think Holo birthday 3Ds ever featured anyone outside the company.

>> No.13197437
File: 149 KB, 1105x435, 1636460311631.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anon if you're going to post this at least update it.

>> No.13197472

Didn't holos play bomberman online game which is under konami already?

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