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how to make her popular again?

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Sex with BBC live on Chaturbate

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don't care I don't watch or support anyone who collabs with vshojo

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this but unironically

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I remember her normal streams (outside review and karaokes) were already hitting these kind of numbers.

>> No.13191688

Collab with ADV Podcasts for maximum chink seething

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She chose to be irrelevant, forget about her.

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>1 million subs
>Diehard simps
>Nonstop collabs
Sure zhang

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She doesn't need people to actually watch her streams as long as she can keep convincing a handful of dedicated simps that giving her superchats is somehow fighting back against China.

>> No.13191889

She has ~700k dead subs just from the graduation buff

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1m subs means literally nothing these days, every channel has 1m subs
When 0.02% of your audience is all that can be fucked showing up to your streams you're clearly on the decline

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step 1. dont try to bring back the ark arc.
step 2. collab with holomem roommates

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What's the average on a non-ARK stream?

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needs to show her butthole

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You don't. Don't pity her she IS A FUCKING MILLIONAIRE already. She can just fuck off and nobody would really be at much of a loss besides Stockholm-syndrome ex-tatsunoko/redditors who get to bear witness to the 'creative differences' being 'I can't show my bare ass on stream and collab with dudes and shojo boohoo ;(((" - basically that Batman quote of "you either die a hero or live long enough to become the villain" applies here; if she just quit vtubing she would have been sanctified by now but no we see she is way more of a normalfag basic bitch than Coco let on.

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Anon, is this "vshojo" in this room with us right now?

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Collab with Hololive

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This is the equivalent of about 5000 viewers as a holomem due to the removal of the covercorp cut from her income. That's not a bad amount.
Also, remember that the vast majority of viewers on a live stream cycle in and out of viewing, they don't all stick around the whole time, so what really matters is how much conversion she does from the viewers into superchats & memberships.
How many memberships is she estimated to have?

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kson ONAIR? more like deadsubs ONAIR

>> No.13192482

Dignity OFFAIR

>> No.13192514

fuckin kek

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These lists what I had in mind
>Regain connections from popular vtubers (or their "rommates" if corpo vtuber) once again
>More connections
>Larger video game pool, buff games, avoiding kusogames (ark, Minecraft[?], apex[?]), dungeon-crawler (DS, Sekiro, Bloodborne)
>Vtuber Rigging BTS streams

But honestly, why would she make that effort again compared to her being coco in hololive? she's a success now, corpo/cover cut gone so more money, she has loyal tatsunokos who was with her up until now during her days as coco...

and check out these fellow anons said:

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Pewdiepie has 100mill+ subs and gets like 20k livestream views on a good day.

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>I'm going to support her even if she's on her other account!
>2k viewers per stream

>> No.13192651

>leave hololive
>needs to go clout chasing holos
nice creative freedom

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It was this bad only during SC readings.

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>What's Kson doing?
>Oh another ARK stream
>Guess I'll watch someone else

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People go to work and school. Live viewership is irrelevant. Literally the only thing that matters is the like button and VOD views. That's why numberfagging live viewers, while it acts as cheap and easy bait, is totally pointless

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I think there's a difference between one whose a dedicated streamer versus one who isn't. Pewdiepie is more known for his edited videos than his streaming. kson is suppose to be the more dedicated streamer but it seems her audience doesn't show up unless it's a major event or something.

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minecraft is a buff game but I'm not sure how much that translates to an indie, does she even play it?

>> No.13193209

She never got a lot into it until her last yearish, I mean she was like the primary ARK player along with Aki for a while and so doing MC was like surrendering that avenue as dead, hence she didn't touch it for a while.

No surprise she is just going with ark again because it's her personal preference, MC is a buff game for Holos because there are so many members that it's really really common for MC streams to become impromptu collabs.

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I think the real question is, how many people realized it's the same channel they never tuned into unless it was a collab but with less interesting people to collab with
Her Ark shit was also a hard filter, EOPs don't wanna listen to her JP zatsudays and they didn't when she was Coco anyways
Right now i think her best content is her gunpla building

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I mean, kinda? Barely anyone donates to a stream that isn't live

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>1m subs
>100k VOD views
rumao roru roru

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Come on anon, we all know she was canned, nobody believes the creative freedom bullshit. Not even blackrooming her worked so Cover told her to fuck off already and when she did the big sponsors came back since all big companies bow down to chinks.

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She has put way more effort into the Coco character than the Kson one, and it's reflected in the aub count.

Rrat time! She is bored of vtubing, and left Cover because of that. Continuing as Kson is something she is doing purely for her fans. If you are her fan, you are the cancer, you are forcing her to continue this zombie of a career when she wants to die in peace.

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This is really good for an independent vtuber. I don't know what OP is on about.

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I would be inclined to believe this if chama had been fired as well

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>1m subs.
>not popular

>> No.13193759

>999,998 of her fans don't think shes worth watching

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I've switched to nijisanji since I can't go back to hololive after what they did to coco but I can't stomach kson either

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Chammers hate was minimal, even the Hololive clip channel who turned against Coco and Haachama's suspensions literally said it was too harsh on chammers and too light on coco.

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>how to make her popular again?
Your brain has been utterly warped or you're baiting.
2,2k viewers is a lot.

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shut up you fucking nitwit, ARK has been and always will be a no view game that no one wants to watch. she still regularly hits 7-8k on streams that aren't ARK. go read your CCP litany and pray to mao or whatever you do.

>> No.13193897

That's barely HoloID views

>> No.13193906

it's seriously not anon, please stop coping

>> No.13193925

2k viewers is okay.

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only 100k views, poor kson she's probably starving right now...

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That's better than Holo ID unless it is some sort of event/singing.

>> No.13194097

I don't even watch her. OP is just a retard if he thinks this isn't much.

>> No.13194232

>unironically believe what hololive moments said.

it’s strategy to create disunity between their fanbase

never read suntzu’s “art of war strategies?”

>> No.13194286

>Cannot get 1% of total subs as live viewers

>> No.13194523

That’s literally everyone in hololive.

>> No.13195813

Gura, it's time for you to sleep

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>less popular than Selen

>> No.13196048

50 sec to answer itself.
pathetic LMAO

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People fear the man with principles

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For an indie that's really good numbers. What I want to see her fall more and suffer immensely not because of the bugmen seethe but because I just simply hate

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Don't play Ark.

>> No.13196965

It's fucking ARK, her superchat readings get better numbers than this shit.

>> No.13197040

Not streaming ark at weird hours

>> No.13197314

This is going to sound stupid but I set a reminder on my phone to check kson's channel one month after debut to see if my ksonOFFAIR assumption was right. I was kek. I predicted her design still wouldn't be enough to carry the talentless whore and I got so much shit for it in that thread.

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You are stupid and pathetic, now fuck off

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Oh shit, she's gonna starve to death.

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You will never get your cash cow back cover drone/chink.

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>2,2k viewers is a lot.
Damn that’s crazy when NijiEN does it You guys sing a different tune.

>> No.13198352

>implying I'm not a Unitychad

>> No.13198358

You can't count Pity sub from holobrony

>> No.13198786

>you guys
Do you really beleeb it is the same people? Do you really beleeb that /vt/ is a hive mind?

>> No.13198852

It is. The more Kson succeeds the more are the chinks reminded of their own failures. Expecially that it was THEY themselves who made her so invincible in the first place.

>> No.13198973

She almost fired along with Coco

>> No.13199023

No one really cares about girls in nijisanji huh

>> No.13199046

>Do you really beleeb that /vt/ is a hive mind?
Is it not?

>> No.13199056

This is chink strategy anon.
They want to kill Haachama but they change traget because Coco is bigger fish for them.

"Coco took bullet for Haachama" rrat came from Chink NGA. They trageted Haachama first in that fateful night

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>> No.13199592

I assure you it is not.
I almost never agree with any of you assholes.

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7.4k on a collab
10.4k on meme review
4.3k on a zatsudan
4.2k on a utawaku
5.2k while playing WoWs (Sponsored)

All of these from the last 7 days and yet OP looks for a fucking Hardcore solo ARK stream to make this thread.

What's the point of hating someone if you have to lie about that person constantly?
What's the point of doomposting someone if you have to ignore reality to do it?

Stop making threads about kson you freak, seek therapy.

>> No.13200482

Based watermelon poster

>> No.13200572

I only enjoy Ark when loli characters like Ars Armal are playing huge neanderthals.

>> No.13200854

>What's the point of hating someone if you have to lie about that person constantly?
She’s pretty much perfect and there’s nothing to criticize her for, this is why the Cocoson schizo always uses generic insults that mean nothing like “whore” or outright lies like “e-thot”, he has nothing to work with.
>What's the point of doomposting someone if you have to ignore reality to do it?
Chinese thought she would be gone forever after graduating, now she’s more successful than ever, it’s how they cope.

>> No.13200897

She streams as a hobby, go numberfag a tryhard holomen who only plays Minecraft you scum

>> No.13200911

>She’s pretty much perfect

>> No.13201057

You should have come earlier and fact check op, I'm so fucking tierd of bullshit, and this board isn't helping.

>> No.13201191

He will ignore your post and make another thread to samefag.

>> No.13201310

based, except I would kneel and support her (with my adblocked/pirated viewership) if she started 3DPD camwhoring

>> No.13201328

>What's the point of hating someone if you have to lie about that person constantly?
Typical Wumao Behaviour

>> No.13201414

Every single kson bait thread has the same post 50 seconds in and then OP replying to it himself over and over using his phone.
Literally every single time.
Do you think you're fooling anyone? it just makes you look desperate.

>> No.13201600

It’s cute that he tries so hard

>> No.13201622

That's wumaos for you. they keep running out of legitimate arguments so they just parrot the same debunked rrats over and over again

>> No.13201718

Stop posting in these bait threads without putting “Sage” in options before posting.

>> No.13201822

Big beautiful Chinatsu?

>> No.13201854

Kek, OP destroyed yet again.

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Got it.

>> No.13201935

10% retention rate on subs to active viewers is typical for youtube
the only ones this is different for are youtubers who only make highly edited videos every 6 months or so

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>> No.13202167

>made $150k in 1 month
and cope

>> No.13202250

Pretty sure she's doing just fine.

>> No.13202336

make her produce actual fappable content instead of doing whorebait

>> No.13202399

my indie oshi peaked 60 live viewers this month, i wish she was a failure like Kson. I hate holofags numberschizos so fucking much

>> No.13202478

You aren't special enough to be the only one on /vt/ capable of original thoughts, numbnuts.
In fact, sincerely believing in hive mind shit implies you don't do much independent thinking yourself there, bud.

>> No.13202532

OP status, BTFO like little bitch

>> No.13203478

She’s playing ark?
Guess I’ll now watch your whore, thanks for the heads up chink

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>Less views than Selen.

>> No.13203815

>muh creative freedom
>turns out all she wanted to do was chaturbate with melody or collab with men

I don't miss her

>> No.13203832

why is it our problem? She's fucking rich, she can do whatever she wants, not like i care to watch her grind a ARC

>> No.13203985

I didn't watch her ark streams before and not going to do it now
they where only fun during big hunts and raids with other people but now that's pretty difficult for her to set up

>> No.13204109

Those numbers really aren't that much worse than what she'd be getting these days playing ARK in her old job.

>> No.13204157

Do more porn streams, that should help.

>> No.13204216

coco come back...

>> No.13204237



>> No.13204515

Cope threads should be deleted, jannies are fucking useless. This place is filled with schizos who don’t want to admit Kson is successful and making bank so they have to make threads like these to jerk each other and make up lies and narratives to make themselves feel better. Kson is richer than (You) ever will be, if she keeps this pace for another few years she won’t have to work for the rest of her life and this unironically makes (You) seethe.

>> No.13204759

Based. Vshojoshitters BTFO

>> No.13204825

If mods did that there would be nothing but oshi threads left

>> No.13204834

Me, I don't hate Kson/Coco because she's successfull, that's rather cool actually. I hate her for pandering to Western schizos.

>> No.13204868

>This place is filled with schizos who don’t want to admit Kson is successful and making bank so they have to make threads like these to jerk each other and make up lies and narratives to make themselves feel better
That's a very long way to just say "Wumao"

>> No.13204895

>I hate her for pandering to Western schizos.
so, you

>> No.13204935


>> No.13205023

Kson is more japanese than you will ever be, she will not sit on you face. Stop coping.

>> No.13205046

You seem awfully frustrated, even more so than me

>> No.13205143

kson is much less western than coco. unlike coco, she barely speaks english on normal streams

>> No.13205228

how is the feeling of being inferior to a 22yo girl in every possible situation?

>> No.13205756


>> No.13206468

And 100kg less too

>> No.13206652


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Botan has pretty much the same number of subs btw

>> No.13207323

your point?

>> No.13207416

She's reclining?

>> No.13207421

>comparing corporate sluts to pure indies
geez, what a freak

>> No.13207451

After a post like this mods should have pity on OP and delete his thread

>> No.13208045

Wait, she declining? I thought you fucker love her

>> No.13208065


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Ride Rodeo Boy machine with a 9 inch black dildo up her ass until she gets hernia from it then beg for her fans for donations for her surgery

>> No.13208636

hot, she deserves more super chats.

>> No.13208934
File: 509 KB, 720x500, buttsecks.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Live stream her butt fisting sessions with the Gorilla

>> No.13209039

Sounds like you've already tried it

>> No.13209248

Nop, she has ~5k watching on regular streams.
Same numbers that Coco had

>> No.13211545

it's over for her

>> No.13211736

>Commenting desperately so that this cope thread doesn't die.
You are trying too hard kek

>> No.13211853
File: 1.33 MB, 1361x843, still love fbk though.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

most stream channels have very wide audiences, but relatively small active viewership. Which totally makes sense considering how much content there is, you wouldn't expect every casual fan to watch all the content

>> No.13212057

cucks btfo'd

>> No.13212154

You will never what? Jew?

>> No.13212173

But that's good numbers for ARK? Coco NEVER got good numbers to begin with, I remember one of her streams with just 1500 viewers, 2500 is for the least just as good as her previous life.

>> No.13212197

Put Hololive in her title

>> No.13215055

she already is

>> No.13215970

>not a member
every time

>> No.13216042

Holy shit that’s bad. She’s triggering my inner saviorfag.

>> No.13216188

>he posted it again today

>> No.13216239

I honestly agree.

>> No.13216475

>she's pretty much perfect
Not a Kson hater I still watch her Karaoke streams but perfect? That would imply that every Twitch streamer is perfect too since she's making the same content with Gumpla, meme reviews, using any excuse to show her tits and well Vshojo tier humour

>> No.13216682
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Don't really care about kson but Tatsunoko and Heimin are the eternal auld alliance so it's still nice to see her succeed.

>> No.13216694

I choose not to walk Kson because all she did was copy and paste the same shit she did with Coco at hololive.

A lot of the shit and stream ideas like shitpost review for example, should of stayed dead on Cocos channel. Bringing it back on Kson is pretty much just shitting on hololive and the memory of Coco.

>> No.13216812

it's not reddit shitpost rewiew, but meme review, know the difference chinkfriend.
and why wioud you want
>walk Kson?

>> No.13216969


>> No.13216977

This is the reason I stopped supporting Kiara, even though I was one of the few people who liked her when everybody else hated her.

>> No.13217433

Obviously meant to be 'watched' chink, just because I don't like Kson doesn't make me not white.

>> No.13222836

what happened to her creative freedom

>> No.13223699

nobody cares about your shit thread stop bumping it when it's about to die

>> No.13225389

don't care, not watching, glad she's got creative freedom now

>> No.13226980

If you follow the advice and steps in this post, you will end up being very popular. I’m confident of that. If you want to be the most popular vtuber in the world, then read this article. You will be successful.
First of all, to be popular, you need to make friends. It doesn’t matter if you like them or not. But you must get to know them. If you make friends that are the opposite gender, you will be exposed to many more opportunities and things
You must become the ‘cool kid’. If you are cool, everyone will like you. By the way, you can become cool in different ways. That is why you must start by doing normal stuff. Once you know them, you will see what your friends are like. If they are cool, then you will be cooler. If they are not, then they will start hating you. It doesn’t matter if this happens.
There are also apps that you can use. The best way to use them is to join a group. You can join a group and start chatting with people. You can also chat with people that have the same interests. If you like someone in this group, you can send a direct message.
You must write about the topics that you have always liked. You can also write about the things that you don’t like.

>> No.13230014
File: 485 KB, 900x1251, 1636678550081.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Last week, Kson was the most Superchatted entity in the universe. Again. She's crested 1M subscribers and is growing fast.

Yes, a lot of her viewers pick her up for VOD rather than livestreams. They have *jobs* after all. Like Kson herself, her fans are wealthier, more generous, more intelligent and just better than normal humans. She has a wise business model, and it shows in the results she achieves.

>> No.13230112
File: 47 KB, 890x417, week11_8_through_11_14.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Of course, Rushia is cool, too.

>> No.13230701

Can you retarded faggots stop falling for chink bait. I swear op keeps making copium zhang threads like this everyday. Nobody higher than 10 iq actually believes kson isnt popular stop being mongoloids

>> No.13231227

>corporate sluts to pure indies
corporate sluts to actual sluts

>> No.13232780

>imagine defending someone who became a "corporate slut" just to fucking pump and dump people she called friends

>> No.13234327

I'm so glad tatsunoko are not part of Hololive anymore. This numberfaggotry is beyond comprehension.

>> No.13236484
File: 305 KB, 478x480, 1635915952383.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Enter numberfag thread
>Complain about numberfag posts
You're not very smart, are you?

>> No.13236986
File: 791 KB, 1170x761, 1616106667888.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do we save her bros?

>> No.13237193

>still plays like a Holo
Some things never change

>> No.13237321

I hate this streamer bait game. The least they could've done is make it a full game and not release it in episodes. . .

>> No.13241964

>1m subs means literally nothing these days, every channel has 1m subs
Bro we have nijiniggers on this board can’t you be a bit more considerate

>> No.13242444

Eh, I feel like what you're describing is more of a youtube phenomenon. Most big variety twitch streamers have a core base that always show up

>> No.13244610

What happened to the Manhattan Project, Zhang?
are you still sucking yamada's dick while inhaling copium?

>> No.13244660

You absolute niggers, Kson doesn't need any saving. If anything she IS the saviour.

>> No.13244702

i think you mean sex with fans. She would immediately get 5000 more live viewers

>> No.13244800
File: 1.09 MB, 939x745, Extermination.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>how to make her popular again?

>> No.13244974

like Doris and the rest of holoCN

>> No.13245905

Sure, it may be a bit different on twitch (although I think it's pretty rare for people to watch archived content), but it's pretty rare for youtube to not have "dead subs", unless it's a channel which doesn't put out tons of content, most subs are probably only checking out specific types of content from anyone. All I'm arguing is it's dumb to argue subs vs views in this case

>> No.13246552
File: 880 KB, 668x948, 1632633192623.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13246677

I hate simps so much

>> No.13246763

being a cuck should be a bannable offence

>> No.13247172
File: 15 KB, 90x54, nijimado.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holy shit her numbers are now worse than nijis

>> No.13247672

only the black ones

>> No.13247735

stop playing Ark.

>> No.13250791
File: 146 KB, 1080x810, week.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, it's terrible.
How is she ever going to recover?

>> No.13250847

sage... you fucking idiot

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