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Unity this unity that,where's nijien & holoen collab then? explain

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Omega hates unity

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Are NijiID and NijiJP as yab as their EN branch?

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Omega managment, prease understand

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Niji ID probably the best management team in the vtuber industry worldwide. Even arguably better than Niji JP.

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NijiEN girls are saints compared to Utako.

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And gundou.

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Really man who is blocking the Pomu Kiara collab that has been in the hot, steamy air for months?

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Why are you people keep on begging for HoloEN collab? Are NijiJP chuubas too expensive? Then go tell your girls to grind more voice packs.

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Ask Kiara, she's the one who keeps on going on and on about wanting to collab with Pomu.

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JP Unity
EN whores not included

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There is clearly a force from keeping Niji EN away from all Holo branches. Otherwise I'm pretty sure we'd have a collab with Ollie (and probably Selen) by now.

Maybe someday.

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Dream collabs

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Nijien blocks collabs with HoloEN and HoloID

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I want my oshi to collab with anyone from HoloJP (rabbit, pirate) so she could get better numbers

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>Collabing with anyone not in EN or RBC

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>Source: My ass

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I'd swap Gura-Elira and Mori-Finana. Can't really see Feesh and Mori work well together

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It's because Gura and Elira are both good singers

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Gotta go through Omega, bro.

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Still live

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>Gura - Elira
They're both talkative so I can see it work very well. However, they're both a little touch and go at first, so I'd expect maybe 45 mins of awkwardness, they get comfortable around each other, and then we might get gold, or something close to it at least. Second collab would be the better one.
>Mori - Feesh
I would be surprised if a conversation between these two lasted more than 2 minutes. They have no common ground at all.
>Kiara - Pomu
Idol talk, Pomu showering the chimkin with love and Kiara loving it and being dangerously flirty with Pomu.
>Ina - Rosemi
I really, really want this one to happen. Rosemi is my oshi and I love her, but for this to be a blast, I think Ina needs to be in charge of the conversation so Rosemi little by little just give away pieces of why she's so unique/naive/innocent. And Ina's puns flying over her head as she laughs and then tries to explain the joke to Wosemi. Wosemi then tries to Deez Nutz her but fails.
>Ame - Selen
Just another business as usual collab for Selen, I don't see her creaming her self over Ame, but she'll have fun. On the other hand, I think Ame would love the collab because she finally gets a good APEX partner.
>IrYs - Petra
Another really weird one. Petra is sweet but her personality is kinda all over the place, which makes me think Mori and IrYs switching Niji livers for the collab is better. I can see Petra and Mori having more to talk about than Finana and Mori, and Finana and IrYs have very similar vibes.

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Not anymore. Not even Utako had the guts to roleplay having sex with faceless men on the beach in the Nijisanji main channel

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You're such a fucking faggot anon, lmao
here's your (You)

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I just want horny unity.

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Nothing Kiara can do when NijiEN livers couldn't even mention HoloEN members without pondering "Is this okay?".

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>dangerously flirty with Pomu.
When would the Nijisanji OL vent her frustrations upon the Chicken?

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Omega is afraid of losing audience due to collabs with nijien. When the holoen loses even more viewers, then collabs with other agencies will begin.

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But NijiEN is blocking those collabs. We already got confirmation from both Pomu and Kiara where have you been the past few weeks

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>NijiEN is blocking those collabs

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Neither of them said which side it was, but one side historically has made collabs difficult, while the other side has collabs with other agencies and indies every other day.

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>They have no common ground at all.
Mori is a white girl that pretends to be black and Finana is an asian girl that pretends to be black

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Festival mogged by chammers

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Then explain HoloID not being able to do collabs with them? ID mangers don’t care who they collab with.

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Never. Only good thing about Omefaggot.

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Omegatranny probably telling HoloID to ban collabs with NijiEN

>> No.13209705

>but one side historically has made collabs difficult

>> No.13209730

NijiEN also blocked Millie's planned collab.

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if nijien collabs with holoen ill call them leeches

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Holoen collaboration history with other corpos

>> No.13209817

With Reza? She still had a restriction on collaboration with other branches at that time.

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i dont understand why both EN branches cant have amazing pairings like suisei toko and chaamers with hoshikawa

pomu kiara would be a powerful combo

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This, all the rrats in the world cannot deny the facts.

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except EN has done collabs outside of Hololive. Its not like no one in Myth has never done a collab with someone outside of Hololive. Its just that only Calli (and sometimes Kiara) actually care enough to collab outside of the Coversphere

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HoloEN collabs are very few and far between because of strict management controls and approvals. They would most definitely block collabs with their direct competition on Youtube.

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Finana is hood adjacent. Mori grew up upper middle class in the burbs.

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In what world does unity apply to your shitty nijis?
I only care about Hololive, I don't want to see your inferior talents
Enna is ok though

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In what world does unity apply to your shitty holos?
I only care about Nijisanji, I don't want to see your inferior talents
Kiara is ok though

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Ina has collabed outside of Cover. Pochi-sensei come to mind?

>> No.13210590

We're in agreement then, screw this cross-company unity meme

>> No.13210591

A Hololive girl collabed with a Hololive Mama? Never would have seen that one coming.

>> No.13210622

as with everything else, the problem is with management (specifically EN's)

>> No.13210669

some western dick size comparing happening in EN companies.

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>another beggar thread

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Fuck Hololive and Fuck holofags

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Holoen collabs for a whole Year : Pikamee, Nabi, Pochi, Nyanners(Collaboration was on the verge of cancellation, collaboration with Vei was banned), Milky, Tamaki.
As a result, we have: 2 of them made models for hololive, 1 is Mori's close friend. Mori also had joint songs with friends.

An amazing result in a year!
Nijien has done more collabs in less than 6 months, especially Selen.

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Because both those JP pairs you mention were friends before becoming vtubers, while the ens were not. Meanwhile Mori and milky were friends before and guess what - they collabed.

>> No.13210915

I don't think Polka and Hima were friends before, but they still collabed fine, so a pre-vtuber relationship doesn't seem to matter.

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>collabs with garbage males and other twitch shit
don't count

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>nijifags disguising as unityfags but acting like desperate leeches instead
more at 11

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When did HoloEN collab with Tamaki? Also you forgot Mousey

>> No.13211015

Kiara collabed with them like in may or something

>> No.13211031

>Also you forgot Mousey
Link stream please? I don't remember this

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then holo fans tell them to fuck off and that dont want holos to start collabing with shit like shojos or scarra or w/e and niji fans go "oh yeah too bad I hope they will, fuck idols"
every time the same story

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It was a h*lo who came to a NijiEN to beg for a collab tho

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Nijisanji often collabs with Indies. One of the best things about them honestly, supporting indies is big virtue points. But so far as I know they don't collab too much with other corpos.


>> No.13211313

NijiEN has collabed with Vshojo, Prism, Re:Act, Wactor, VOMS, and OTV so far. Plus mentioned girls from Cyberlive and Tsunderia on stream.

>> No.13211326

Sure, the chicken
The same chicken that badly wanted to collab with Vei and then the shitcat
What does that say about her taste?

>> No.13211398

I heard that Elira also mentioned Nene from kawaii production.

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It says that she is a slut who wants to collab with any girl she finds cute. I don't want this chicken close to my favorite pure NijiEN girls, fuck off chicken.

>> No.13211518

NijiEn has collabed with Vshojo multiple times, they both lost that status a while ago

>> No.13211538

i hate the chimkin too, nijinigger
looks like we're not so different after all

>> No.13211553

Only the whores in Lazulight and Selen, not my pure Rosemi

>> No.13211601

I wanna see a dbd collab with gura chasing finana

>> No.13211669

As a holochad I would only accept Enna and maybe Millie, Elira, Pomu or Rosemi.
The others can stay out of here.

>> No.13212489

Elira did? When?
I know Pomu briefly talked about Isla from kawaii one time they were friends in their PL

>> No.13212552

Rosemi did worse, she collabed with literal twitch guys

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based pentomo

>> No.13213742

>He lacks critical information

>> No.13213767

>HoloEN collabs with someone outside the company? Doesnt count it HAS to be NijiEN collab
Why do nijiggers so desperately want to collab with the group they supposedly hate?

>> No.13213843

And now that supposed imaginary "collab ban" (only applies to NijiEN generation 3) is gone, so where is it?

>> No.13213892

Omega forbade them from mentioning Coco, forced them to ghost her, expelled Haachama from MC EN server and you really believe it's the Niji management? kek

>> No.13213918

Where's what? Millie has collabed with ID a couple of times already.

>> No.13213924

HoloEN management need to be lined up and shot.

>> No.13213965

Niji management in general are pretty damn great. They made Bobon and Selen happen.

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No no no no no. Switch Elira and Rosemi. Also switch Feesh with Pomu.

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I can believe NijiID having good management, but if you think Niji JP or the company as a whole is top-tier you need to watch more small corpos.

>> No.13214181

>collaboration with Vei was banned
Incorrect. Vei backed out on her own to duck controversy.

>> No.13214195

NijiJP is a yab machine both good and bad ones.

>> No.13214301

If NijiID have good management, then why is everyone failing?

>> No.13214345

I'm not the one claiming they have good management so idk. I was just responding that Niji (and Holo for that matter) both have kinda shit management. Prism & Kawaii are both way worse, but one thing I've realized by watching small corpos is that western agencies are WAY better at treating their talents like not-garbage.

>> No.13214349

VSPO has now caught up with the Niji girls. You probably meant mismanagement, anon.

>> No.13214402

Incorrect again

>> No.13214418

It's MANsanji anon. The girls are just accessories. So who cares?

>> No.13214424

>western agencies are WAY better at treating their talents like not-garbage
Care to give examples?

>> No.13214463

>golden goose Gura has been allowed a single 1 on 1 collab with hololive's own japanese branch in one year
>Coco not even allowed to be mentioned by name until she agreed to graduate
>Haachama straight up evicted from any EN interaction for months when she started getting too popular with the western viewers
>Korone/Mori follow up collab never ever, other high tier EN friendly chuubas like Fubuki not even mentioned
EN management has a lot of issues to work out before niji even comes close to a inter agency collab

>> No.13214470

Wow it's almost as if Hololive and Nijisanji are corporations competing for the top spot as the vtuber agency (and Hololive is winning). Next you'll ask why Sony and Microsoft don't allow crossplay.

>> No.13214496

Hololive focuses more on quality rather than quantity.
I notice NijiEN try to pad their collabs to hide the fact that the management failed their jobs at scouting talents.

>> No.13214528

>Source: my ass

>> No.13214531

>hololive please collab with my irrelevant vtubers

>> No.13214534

Phase-Connect, Tsunderia, and CyberLive all give their talents much more freedom. None of them have to worry about getting game permissions because they're not subject to Japanese copyright laws. CyberLive is giving their talents Home 3D & Merch support super early on, along with a much more generous cut of donations(only taking 25%). Tsunderia gave a middle-finger to idolfags and has a mixed male/female gen. All 3 agencies are free to stream on Twitch and have much more open interactions with fans. It's fucking great.

>> No.13214539

What does VSPO being ssuccessful have to do with the quality of the niji management? Not to mention that the anon was presumably talking about EN management(which I don't think is that great)

>> No.13214540

Then why does Hololive allow collabs with NijiJP and NijiID?

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>quality rather than quantity.

>> No.13214576

I see I'm not the only one that noticed this shit. Fucking EN management trying to "build it's own brand" is/was killing them.

>> No.13214599

>Council happened
Get the fuck out retard.

>> No.13214614


>> No.13214621

Retarded nijiniggers needs like 6 months before they realized their management imposed a ban to their own EN branch and somehow they think they know the ban is on omegatranny side.

>> No.13214648

Hololive basically introduced Vtubers to the west. I don't know if that achievement can be topped by any agencies.

>> No.13214676

>somehow they think they know the ban is on omegatranny side
Are you new or did you selectively forget all the times Mori and Kiara wanted to collab with others for it to get shot down by management? Or when Suisei said she'd have to go through EN management to collab with Mori so it couldn't happen?

>> No.13214689

Omegatroon killed unity
You gotta wait until he ACKs first

>> No.13214703

It wasn't Hololive that did that. It was chink translators and clippers at the start. Which then got passed on to SEA ones.

>> No.13214728

imagine liking the neutered soulless version of a tuber after reincarnating.

>> No.13214735

Cause it shows that Niji management is incompetent or are you just being intentionally obtuse now?

>> No.13214739

From Vei's own mouth:
>she wants to collab with me, and the only reason I'm not saying yes to it is because I don't want to, like, create unnecessary drama

It wasn't on cover's side.

>> No.13214748

Besides game perms which are outside of Niji hands, literally all of those are things that NijiJP does, even more so than the orgs you mentioned. Mixed gender gens and cross platform streaming were literally pioneered by Niji when it comes to vtubing.

>> No.13214764

>Indie friends
Yes, I remember that they approve all those but not niji EN so maybe it's you who is new retard.

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>you give nijiniggers an inch (hoshikawa in haachama's stream) and they'll take a mile.
stop begging for collabs it's too pathetic and disgusting.
you have hundreds of chuuba in your own company, why don't you nag them instead?

>> No.13214784

Why would you come to that conclusion instead of thinking that VSPO must be managed very well?

>> No.13214800

>Girls that are actually talented at popular FPS games gain popularity
>Standard Japanese vtubers that play Mahjong or whatever
That isn't a management thing you idiot.

>> No.13214820

>everyone failing
They didn't fail. They work for the domestic market, Indonesian is the main language, other languages are used much less often. If they all worked like a HoloID (Less Indonesian, more English), they could get more viewers. As a result of their work on the domestic market, they are more actively receiving advertising contracts and inviting more indonesian guests to their streams.
Hana, Bobon, Taka have more viewers because they speak English more often

>> No.13214822

Because the Holos wanted to? Are you retarded? Hololive management doesn't interfere with their talents on these unlike in Nijisanji wherein they force their talents to participate in tournaments even though they don't want to.

>> No.13214827

So why didn't the chink translators and clippers introduce Nijisanji instead?

>> No.13214830

After how fucking long? Like a year or so.

>> No.13214849

okay retardchama, let's ignore what Kiara said about her management compared to what Pomu said about her management when both were ranting about the collab that didn't happen.
Oh right, you don't watch Pomu. Fuck you.

>> No.13214875

Hololive plays into the gfe and "fantasy" anime girl rp more than Niji does by a mile. So it appeals to them (nerds) more.

>> No.13214893
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Retard newfags

>> No.13214897

Council has been performing really well. What are you on about? Jelly your Petra's roommate turned out to be a chink lol?

>> No.13214899

something something sports festival something another draw something something unity

>> No.13214908

>On the other hand, I think Ame would love the collab because she finally gets a good APEX partner.

But Ame doesn't even like Apex. Selen and Ame just don't pair well.

>> No.13214911

>Mad at the truth
Pomu said management for her to stream a collab game and you retards fellate the management so much they can get away with imposing a ban without you knowing.

>> No.13214927

NijiJP doesn't provide shit for their chuubas at all. Their talents are all on a long-ass waitlist for any sort of 3D and other types of support is non-existent. All you can really say is that they let their talents curse a lot if they want and don't afraid of males at times.

Compare this to CyberLive buying their talents VR kits for home 3D, letting them all run their own discord servers where they can interact with fans freely, dropping money for new outfits & early merch, and even getting Kaneko Lumi a brand new PC.

>> No.13214946

Collabs don't happen mostly because of scheduling conflicts. Why would they forbid their talents to collab with each other? Are you an idiot or something?

>> No.13214966

Then it has nothing to do with Hololive and Nijisanji competing with each other then, because NijiEN management would love to have the opportunity to leech from a HoloEN, and wouldn't block the opportunity to do so.

>> No.13214976

Nice gaslighting nigger

>> No.13214987

Link the specific stream I'm referring to or you're just BSing through this, no need to timestamp.

>> No.13215044

>Spoonfeed me anon waaaah
No wonder you retards act so surprised when you found out Niji always has a collab ban between braches.

>> No.13215066

Stop being such a fucking bitch Ame, jesus.

>> No.13215088

Anon they are literally running a free vtuber academy, allow people without equipment to stream in their studio (lots of people use thism Belmond is doing this rn for example since he moved and his new place doesn't have net yet), everyone who gets 3D also gets Home3D equipment, it's just not everyone is interested in using it still people like Ange, Mito, Gundou, Chima, Amamiya, Mashiro use it fairly often.

This is not a thing, it's a NijiEN thing, Ha Yun and Reza were collabing 5 days after debut you fucking retard

>> No.13215096

Good, your argument is now null and fuck you
I didn't ask you to provide proof for your claim, I asked you if you knew what stream I was talking about.

>> No.13215117

Because the ban wasn't in place for Waves 1 and 2. Both collabed with other branches before their first month. Wave 3's manager is trying too hard to imitate Hololive's management.

>> No.13215125

Through orange woman hate, unity.

>> No.13215127

Because if everyone outperforms you despite you having access to the best resources available, it no longer means they're doing extremely well but rather you performing poorly. And Nijisanji is just that. They have been declining steadily for around 2 years now.

>> No.13215151

>Watching inter branch and outsider collabs all week
>retard says this
Holy fuck, you really are a moron..

>> No.13215166

>Kson with indies
>Selen with Indies
>NijiID with HoloID
>NijiJP with HoloJP
>NijiCN with NijiEN

It is literally only HoloEN that somehow rarely has collabs outside that pool, sometimes having collabs with HoloJP but suspiciously absent from Haachama's return to EN Saba. Omegatranny RRATs may not be RRATs, that retard may unironically think 'shielding' HoloEN from NijiEN or indies is 'protecting their brand'.

>> No.13215187

>suspiciously absent from Haachama's return to EN Saba


>> No.13215195

They're the biggest company yet they can't even beat HoloID and Maha5? The competition isn't even close. Numbers would indicate that they're approaching NijiIN territory which got axed because of poor performance.

>> No.13215202
File: 183 KB, 325x321, 1622560823335.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Did someone say unity?

>> No.13215213

>best resources available

>> No.13215258

Timezones don't seem to be an issue for Bae to try riding Roberu's dick, nice try anyways.

>> No.13215297

So your specific complaint is that Bae wasn't there to greet Haachama when she went back to the EN server?

That's really the great content you think we missed out on because of some imaginary collab ban?

>> No.13215323

>Gura has been allowed a single 1 on 1 collab with hololive's own japanese branch in one year
It isn't a problem of not being allowed but the fact that she doesn't speak Japanese. Also, there have been two 1 on 1 collabs, albeit with the same person.

Really, you don't need to lie like this to make cover management look bad.

>> No.13215324

Lmao out of ammo now? Sports fest was organized by the talents hence all PoVs could be found on their respective channels.
Nijisanji on the other hand stole Kuzuha's bday event and streamed it on the main channel. If that isn't how a black company operates, then I don't know what is.

>> No.13215393

Cope, retarded nijiniggers who don't even know nijisanji always have a collab ban after kaida collab begging saga.

>> No.13215397

Wait a minute, this is a numbernigger thread. What the hell?

>> No.13215401

Their influence within Indonesia is higher than that of holoID, thanks to their work on the domestic market. The majority of HoloID viewers are EOPs, but not Indonesians.
>Numbers would indicate
The numbers are kept at about the same level, sometimes they grow, but do not experience strong decreases

>> No.13215404

... You can't seriously be this retarded right? That was a fucking paid live concert, Kuzuha earned more money doing that than he probably did in months of streaming.

>> No.13215432

Stop larping and go watch Millie streams, thread reader.

>> No.13215447
File: 563 KB, 1235x699, 1637238813986.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Stop giving attention to these leeches.
At the end of the day whether by luck or skill, Hololive managed to surpass Nijisanji in terms of overall quality and performance.
They're the one who will benefit the most if both companies agreed for a collab between chuubas.

>> No.13215457 [DELETED] 

Kiara is generally awake during the times when Haachama was there and I was watching Ame's stream literally 8 hours earlier and she said she was going to sleep, so she easily could have slept 8 hours and woke up to hang out with Haachama. Also fucking IRyS lives in Japan but I guess she doesn't know Haachama that well.

>> No.13215477

You're a retard, you're aware of that right?

>> No.13215495

>vwhores gen 2 will collab with nijien gen 3 and holoen gen 2 and be UNIFIED
>connor will be there too and maybe also roberu

>> No.13215570

How a black company steals someone else's birthday
>Helped arrange a concert with a live audience
>Made a new 3D outfit
>Paid a performance fee
>Mini album announced

>> No.13215586

not me but >>13215457
Also Selen adjusting her schedule to hang with her zhang friends for Apex.
HoloEN specifically seems to avoid Haachama after the merge but logged in that server to farm accidental collabs with others a lot.

>> No.13215598
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>vshojo gen 2

>> No.13215625

What a weird comparison, not only is hololive bigger than nijisanji, Subaru is one of the biggest holos and has more subs than anyone on the right side of the pic. That's like making a meme about Pewdiepie having more views than CinnamonToastKen

>> No.13215656

Subuaru on average has more live views than anyone in EN. Sometimes even more than some of EN combined

>> No.13215679

>hololive bigger than nijisanji
nijinigger please... you have hundreds of chuuba in your arsenal stop being pathetic

>> No.13215681


You seem to be under the impression that inclining is the end goal of every liver, when most Niji livers are just doing this as a hobby. There's nothing greater Niji can provide to someone like Sayo and Noraneko than the ability to stream whenever the fuck they want and put on any sort of nonsense on stream they desire. And they get to put on big concerts and shows like Nijirock and Nijishowdown if they want. Pretty sweet gig all around.

>> No.13215685

You keep saying that but have no evidence. Interesting.

>> No.13215747

It was the coco drama that introduced vtubers to the west. And then hololive fired coco after abusing her for a year, and for some reason the fanbase never got the hint. Instead they're consuming this corporate propaganda about how bad of a person coco is. This is how they keep you on their plantation. They also refuse any collabs with outside companies, a policy that has been called a "walled garden". So you don't even know what you're missing.

>> No.13215754

I mean bigger in terms of popularity, Sankisei, Subaru and Miko are huge and more popular than most other Vtuber corpos combined

>> No.13215774

HoloEN had a collab with all the JP girls including Haachama. What the fuck are you on about?

>> No.13215786
File: 133 KB, 990x722, 1611336808343.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>It was the coco drama that introduced vtubers to the west
There are people who really think this?

>> No.13215797

Nice headcanon nijiniggers, Don't you have a former chuubas to stalk again?

>> No.13215828

It's not Subaru's manager's fault that she's been doing a great job at managing her talent. Precisely why Holo management is clearly better than Niji's.

>> No.13215853

>viewers incline wildly after the yab followed by the EN debut
>n-nice cope
tatsunoko are worse than the actual zhangs, I swear.

>> No.13215888

EN's audience is heterogenous. Do you even now what it means?

>> No.13215898

I can guarantee everyone will call it gen 2 because it's literally the industry standard to call them as being different generations, if they don't want it to be like that they should debut their girls one at a time instead.

>> No.13215913

Yes, but can you spell know?

>> No.13215921

Shuba is cute though.

>> No.13215923

>they should debut their girls one at a time instead
I mean, they might. Who knows

>> No.13215927

I don't understand what you're trying to say and why you're bringing up her manager?

>> No.13215954

Nijisanji EN has done collabs with basically everyone. Hololive EN does collabs with virtually nobody.
Hololive fans legitimately don't know what they're missing out on. They are actually in a walled garden where they don't know that people outside exist

>> No.13215992

If your chuuba is entertaining then they would retain viewers instead of switching to a more popular one.
Pekora despite her ear piercing voice second only to a banshee is one of the top vtuber.

>> No.13216018
File: 155 KB, 512x512, 1637253670182.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It seems like many people are just arguing for the sake of arguing here

>> No.13216034

Everyone including that anon already lost the plot of the thread.

>> No.13216051

How is your point at all related to what I said?

>> No.13216054

walled garden is good when there's hundreds of nijiniggers waiting outside.

>> No.13216061

>when most Niji livers are just doing this as a hobby
Lol no. Anyone with sane mind would make this a full time thing if they could make a living from it. Fact is, they can't even if they want to because Niji management don't pay their talents wages and they're incompetent. Perfectly explains why only their best performers could do this full time. There's just not enough money around to support all of them unlike in Hololive.

>> No.13216117

Do Hololive fans only know about Nijisanji? It seems like they aren't aware of any other companiesl...

>> No.13216126

Not their fault Cover and its talents are good at what they do. What's your point again?

>> No.13216163

Did you not read my post?

>> No.13216179
File: 1007 KB, 3086x3619, 1628874045806.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That much is obvious

>> No.13216181

Nah. If Ina debuted today she would probably be getting numbers lower than Sana. Timing was everything.

>> No.13216253

...you do realize that was the free portion of his paid concert he performed IRL right

>> No.13216291

Even some of the most popular Niji livers like Ago and Ange are doing this as a hobby. They earn a lot, but not everyone is build for or interested in the kind of daily streaming grind people like Kuzuha and Pekora have and just want to stream when they have something fun they want to share or do on stream instead.

>> No.13216304

>Hololive fans legitimately don't know what they're missing out on
oh no bros, how will we live without seeing our oshis help OTV's collab meta

>> No.13216306

>Nijisanji EN has done collabs with basically everyone
Give me the ratio of all the vtubers that Nijis had collab with with respect to the total vtubers on the market right now and I bet you they're practically the same with the Holos.

>> No.13216357

>I think Ina needs to be in charge of the conversation
Ina can do that just fine. The problem is that if a game preoccupies her mind, she's less likely to zatsu with her partner. Her collabs with Anya were mostly focused on the gameplay which is why they weren't too great.
Regardless, I think the only HoloENs to have acknowledged NijiEN's existence are Kiara and Mori, two of the busiest HoloENs. The chances of a HoloEN x NijiEN collab seem incredibly low at this point.

>> No.13216363

Based. Not everyone can be a machine and do only one thing forever for every waking hour of their life.

>> No.13216375

All branches or only EN branches? Depending on your choice it might hurt less...

>> No.13216393

People like Haruka and Hajime do it full time and they are "low performers" meanwhile people like Toya who can get 10k+ doing nothing, are just streaming whenever they want because of uni

>> No.13216400

Aren't HoloEN's only non-related EN collabs Pikamee, Ironmouse, Nyanners, and Milky? And three of those only happened once in the more than a year HoloEN's been around?

>> No.13216426

All the other companies and their fans know their place in the hierarchy.
It seems to me that nijiniggers still don't want to accept such truth hence they needed to be taught.

>> No.13216428
File: 2.45 MB, 1299x1080, 1632989118061.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Hajime do it full time

>> No.13216436

Numberfags highly underestimate how much money streamers can make once they have a couple hundred views

>> No.13216457

Shibuya Hajime, I don't give a fuck about Trashtaste's wife.

>> No.13216531
File: 269 KB, 342x338, 1615035206420.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Mfw Nijisanji have a Haruka and a Hajime
Please understand my confusion

>> No.13216573

Can't argue with that but it needs to be said that it is to Cover's credit that they were patient with her. Ina was lagging behind early on but she's one of the top performing ENs now. Same thing can be said with Pekora, Marine, Subaru, Miko, etc. Cover knows how to develop talents well.

>> No.13216583

The convo was about Nijisanji... not my fault American/Canadian streamers are using common Japanese names.

>> No.13216588

What do you think of Mayuzumi Kai? He does not have a membership, and he rarely turns on SC

>> No.13216646

He is rich irl plus he makes huge bank with merch/VP. Before he even had this much merch, he paid 1 mil yen out of pocket for the prize pool of Niji janken tournament.

>> No.13216669

>nijibeggar thread
roru rumao

>> No.13216739

Only reason Ina isn't lagging behind and has stable viewer numbers now is because she has a consistent schedule. You can expect her to stream 4 to 5 times a week like a clockwork. But it's more that her viewership is loyal and never really left her because of said consistency and I would pin this on her and not her management.

>> No.13216852

You're absolutely right, but because this image has become the mascot of bait posts, I will respond to you by telling you to fuck off.

>> No.13217470

>Or when Suisei said she'd have to go through EN management to collab with Mori so it couldn't happen?
When the fuck did this happen?

>> No.13217585

It was during a minecraft stream from almost a year ago. Some guy clipped it. I don't remember much though.

>> No.13217629

>nijiniggers begging for collab
more at 11

>> No.13217796
File: 355 KB, 1920x1080, 1627365099635.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Niji (JP/KR/EN/ID) > EN unity (HoloEN/NijiEN)
when are we getting our international SC2 collab already? a couple EN, KR and IDs all expressed interest a few months ago when KR did theirs

>> No.13217808

The real unity is when all EN agencies but holoEN collabs, holoEN was never part of EN unity and never will

>> No.13217819
File: 109 KB, 579x819, __natsuiro_matsuri_and_akai_haato_hololive_drawn_by_tonarikeru__877b9c4fc0bfd6de4a32854721b743b3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What happened to them?

>> No.13217860

Blame Kiara for wanting the collab

>> No.13217866

Nice. Go discuss this back to your containment thread.

>> No.13217910

Rosemi wouldn't want to collab with Tsunderia tho.

>> No.13218543

There's no evidence she doesn't get along with the talent, but it might be another story when it comes to management.

>> No.13218887

Yuuna has already collabed with Seffyna from NijiKR. Unless you mean Slugma specifically has an issue with Rosemi, in which case why would she allow Miori to cover Rosemi's wave song?

>> No.13219051

Enna is the only good nijiEN
She should've been in Hololive instead of the niji slum

>> No.13219366

>in Hololive
Graduation after 1 stream

>> No.13219397

She literally talked about poop with Nina for 30 minutes yesterday.

>> No.13219640

Enna would not go through with debut unless Millie also got in.

>> No.13220118

I don't remember that clip nor stream

>> No.13220896

>several JP members have openly talked about wanting to collab with Gura
>even ones known not to be shy about asking for it and setting it up
>it just magically hasn't happened even when haachama was openly talking about organizing one, and blamed on "just didn't check my messages for 6 months lol"

>> No.13221162

I can buy that since haachama's been in a bit of a menhera arc for the better part of a year if you somehow haven't noticed.

>> No.13221188

Yami collabed with that pink tsungirl

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