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Zathurnalina has died a day before her anniversary stream, she was also going to open voice chat so she could chat with her fans directly
You oshi could be next

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Is this some overly dramatic graduation or did the roommate off herself?

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Car accident lol

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>could be next
My oshi can't drive...
Still sad to hear this

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Sorry, the image makes it almost comedic...

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Pronouns and fag rainbow in Twitter bio.

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Rest in peace.
Here lies the first death in EN vtuber world and your name will be remembered when someone asked again for any death in vtubers.

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Sana's dog is peanut compared to this.

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fuck you op

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Dead and still a 2view.

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Numberfagging a dead person. Truly Chumbuds know no shame.

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>You oshi could be next

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she got into a car accident

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Oh no! Now cancer will never be cured!

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Proof that EN vtubing is dieing.

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I know this thread is made with sincere heart but OP could've used a better pic than that.

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Can't wait for some autists to dox her and the entire company just by a death report somewhere.

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they unironically used that pic on the official announcement

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man, my oshi is going to die someday too... why is life like this, bros?

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They are literally a small indie company, please undere

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Their next uber eats will come crashing through their wall.

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There's been like 20 billion dead people so far at least, ill number fag it all I want

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Why would you make a thread knowing vt would only make fun of her death?

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>inb4 a chuuni lore prank from her group

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this was such an awful image to use, it almost seems like a joke.

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How do you even continue when someone in your group just dies? I'll follow them a bit to see how they do that.

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That's actually really sad. Regardless how big they were it sounds like they had friends who enjoyed their companionship and a sudden death like this is always hard on any group.
Hopefully this never happens to any other vtuber group.

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May she rest in peace.

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To me the idea of a vtuber dying like this always made me really sad, especially if it was someone that just did it for fun despite of their views.
Of course people die everyday but man, is more sad considering how recent her streams were and hear her having fun too. This being 4chan of course you will get your common edgy comment here but I sincerely condolences, especially to her family, friends and fans.

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that's what she gets for driving a car
Ban cars

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Yeah, I didn't know her but just seeing that she had all these new goals and ideas and milestones really gets to me.

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I always get a "Aw, that sucks" when I hear someone I don't know dies. This particular case REALLY gets to me probably because I am familiar with vtubers and I know a lot of people do it just to have fun and connect with people and I am sure with her that wasn't an exception.

Her last post before passing away is so heart breaking to me, I just hope the best for her family and anyone that was close to her, is such an unfortunate thing to happen.

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I did not really knew Zathumalia but few friends apparently liked watching her stuff and she seemed quite a good person.
It sucks, man. And makes me realize how fragile is human life and how thanks to internet we all are affected in smaller or bigger way by death of people that we may never meet.

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Probably because you read her ambitions and goals and now know that potential got snuffed out by an accident, of all things.
I then think, what if that happened to my oshi, I'd be devastated. It's not like one life is worth more than the other but it's a more emotional feeling when it's someone who was publically looking forwards to each day and can never look forwards to that again

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Women shouldn't be allowed to drive, or even go outside without male supervision. She only had to listen.

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>No chuuba is an island,
>Entire of itself
>Each is a piece of the continent,
>A part of the main.
>If a clod be washed away by the sea,
>YouTube is the less.
>As well as if a promontory were.
>As well as if an oshii of thine own
>Or of thine friend's were.
>Each chubba's graduation diminishes me,
>For I am involved in /vt/.
>Therefore, send not to know
>For whom the bell tolls,
>It tolls for thee.

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is this a joke or are OP and first replies scumbags shitposting on people dying?

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Rest in peace. It really goes to show you never know when your time comes. I'd never heard of her before this but seeing her goals and new things she had planned right before is really tragic for me.

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Rest in peace

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>Pronouns and fag rainbow in Twitter bio.
If this is true then nothing of value was lost

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>Here lies the first death in EN vtuber world

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>Pronouns and fag rainbow in Twitter bio.
Kek every time.

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This is why you do everything to get your oshi's attention right now.

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FaeLIVE is not even a company, it's just a 6 (now 5) vtuber group, nothing more than that
no manager no nothing

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One of them is streaming rn, doing karaoke while crying (?) or just not that best singer

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>doing karaoke while crying (?) or just not that best singer


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>tfw I've been cyberstalking zathy since she was 16 and uploading belly button and feet fetish pics to Instagram

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Never seen a VTuber die before, interesting.

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Which Hololive menhera will be the first to off herself?

>> No.13363825

You mean deadbeats.

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>baka another covid death

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treasure your time with your oshi

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Rest in peace unknown fairy

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I mean everyone has been saying its car crash so

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This is why women shouldn't drive

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Look at where you are

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>nobody seems to genuinely give a shit

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There are a good amount of retards that never grew out of their 2004 edgy /b/ phase.

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Right there with you bro, it’s sad to see people go at such a young age

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Yeah, it hits pretty hard since we have the context, like the other Anon says. Might be a 2view, but is still slightly less of a stranger than some random person in a newspaper. One day before her anniversary too... May she Rest In Peace.

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I hope I never have to go through the pain of losing an oshi, rest in peace, I hope your fans treasure the little time they got to spend with you

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she actually used the same name for her fetish shit as she did for her kid-friendly vtubing wtf

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Women are fucking stupid. More at 11.

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So the average woman on Twitter.

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I could have saved her

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Nature is healing!

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literally who cares if you dox a dead girl? wtf are you gonna do? send them a pizza in hell?

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I feel very paranoid now

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The fuck?

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How do you know that?

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>Rosemi picture

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Harass her family, I guess.

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The whole culture of pretending vtubers aren't real people is so weird and one dying proves that

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it's in the news

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>check profile

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Is she really dead or just retired?

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her dedication for a new body is astonishing

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she's really dead but this board won't let you provide source

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That's hilarious when you think about it. Imagine if someone like Gura went and died, but jannies would then immediately delete any kind of proof we have despite the girl being dead. There's no girl to protect here, she's already fucking dead.

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As somone who knew her irl it has been one of the most weird and surreal things ever to read this thread.

>> No.13391959

Which parts in particular?

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Well obviously the more crude and edgy comments are pretty sad to read just knowing that there's this weird like disconnect between this weird culture that has cultivated to make them comment about them as a vtuber like that vs my lived experiences with them irl.

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Kill yourself

>> No.13393314

you holding up alright anon? even though i never knew of them its pretty saddening

>> No.13393572

This screams “14 year old girl wants to make a new profile so they said they died”

>> No.13393682

I'm holding up fine I suppose. Lot of people are not though which I guess for me personally has always been the hardest part of losing somone. Seeing my friends hurt always gets me.

I will say on the flipside of the weirdness of reading the more fucked comments the nice comments I have been seeing are a pleasant kind of weird which are very heartwarming.

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(You)r oshi

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I'd imagine cover would put out some statement breaking the act to say the real human "gura" is dead let's gooooo, so there could be something backing it up

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go back

>> No.13396542

nobody cares about your trannytuber. it was good that he finally offed himself

>> No.13396839

Do your reps, she was an old lady who used to lead a spanking cult.

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Just use /trash/

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They can't reveal who the person was because then that's also revealing who their family members and friends are. All in all, if a member of Hololive died it would become immediately obvious that that was the case so the company wouldn't really need to actually say anything about it publicly. She would probably be quietly graduated and there would be a company-wide hiatus of operations for a week or two.

>> No.13397424

Then the schizos will come out in full force

>> No.13397544

oh god they'd track down their families and pester them with unwanted condolences or flowers or shit
the worst frothing retards would attempt to crash the funeral, and leddit would hold their own cringe funeral for the character

>> No.13398571

They don't need to reveal shit, all they have to do is make an announcement saying that the actor of Gura passed away, where is the personal information in that?

>> No.13400643

the personal information would be that the actor of gura passed away

>> No.13401621

Cover made an announcement about Iofi getting the coof, so I assume a holo death will have the same notice too.
...or they could go the Monoe route and put an announcement that the holo is fired for "undisclosed reasons", and watch Cover burn to the ground for causing the Final Yab.

>> No.13401673

internet forensic experts can look for online obituaries and conflate information based on that.

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What was your opinion on her feet irl

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>Pronouns and fag rainbow in Twitter bio.

>> No.13408000

Lets be honest most of the people here are edgy just to be edgy, and I'll bet you a good number of the posters here thought this was one big shitpost and was playing along

>> No.13408279

>not only the quote
>linking the post

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What really gets me is her last tweet. All those plans, all that happiness, all that anticipation cut short by a tragedy.
I hope she didn't suffer. Rest in peace.

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>> No.13411573

Why are numbersagis like this?

>> No.13412546

Truck-kun arriving fast and striking true as always.

>> No.13414096

Maybe it was a good thing

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>car accident
Lucky she didn't die yesterday otherwise the board would go full /pol/ lol, not that I think that wouldn't be funny.

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Very sad, this really sucks. Should not have put it on 4chan though that was kind of a mistake.

captcha: AAAHR

>> No.13416438

Death isn’t all that scary. Dying is more scary

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How so

She had cute feet

>> No.13420485

OH, WELL. Lest move on with our lives.

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check the archive of this thread

>> No.13424638

oh boy, another 41%er?

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>> No.13433071

Nope, apparently this cuuba didn't reach that threshold before truck-kun came.

>> No.13433594

Jesas thats awful

>> No.13437121 [DELETED] 

Big F for him

>> No.13437185 [DELETED] 

Sayonara to her and this thread

>> No.13437217 [DELETED] 

wait nvm, didn't think it would get bumped

>> No.13437276 [DELETED] 

Howdo you know it was a traffic accident?

>> No.13437683 [DELETED] 

>korone prepping her audience for her marriage

>> No.13440423 [DELETED] 


just curious, was this woman (?) at a christmas parade in Wisconsin on Monday by any chance?

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>Pronouns and fag rainbow in Twitter bio.

>> No.13442057 [DELETED] 

why the hell is this so small? dont tell me its a discord emote

>> No.13442257 [DELETED] 

Was she the girl who died from a car accident because she didn't put her seat belt on?

>> No.13445926 [DELETED] 


>> No.13445940 [DELETED] 

why are you keeping this thread alive if you have literally nothing to say

>> No.13446864 [DELETED] 

what happened to her?

>> No.13447135 [DELETED] 

died of old age

>> No.13448236 [DELETED] 

Define going full /pol/

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Vtubing is inherently a type of content that touches the hearts of people. And I guess even those who didn’t know her can feel that. I’m sorry for your loss, anon. I hope you and your pals who know her are doing well.

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thanks for the heads up, i almost felt bad for op

>> No.13450790

Calling normal fucking girl a he or (?) just because she put her pronouns in bio
Absolutely autism
At least check voice

>> No.13450989

I know this is a pretty somber topic but I can't help but laugh a bit at how this memorial pic reminds me a bit too much of Floyd. Especially the hoodie and the camera angle.

>> No.13451031

4choon moment

>> No.13451432

condolences to her family, friends and fans.

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