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what the fuck is up with Ame recently, she's way more abrasive and is scraping barely 5k at best, 3k at worst

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>Amelia Watson is an anagram of "Womanliest"
>Amelia Watson might not actually be British
>Gura tried to kill Ame by sending her plastic lemons thinking that Ame would choke on the lemons. Gura does not understand how people consume lemons.
>Amelia Watson once pissed on an A4 print out of Omegatroon and sent it to Ina on discord as a power move. It worked.

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She can easily get 10k on a non-debuff game. Post it again when she get a 6k viewership on 10pm Apex or Minecraft.

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what happened to the other a

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Women don't care about grammar(1) so the a was just discard.

(1) Various sources -Twitter et al

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She will soon join the rebellion against omegatroon anons, trust my word

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>A4 print out

>Implying she'd use anything other than the 8.5"x11" US Letter size

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She's Bri'ish, she uses A4.

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Are Apex and Minecraft really considered buff games? I thought everyone hated them because they played them all the time.

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I heard gura isn't streaming today because she pooped on her last pair of socks and has to do a laundry day.

I heard Ame is actually 4 different people, all of whom dislike plastic lemon lemonade

I heard Kiara once laid an egg into mori's mouth and then tried to gasslight mori into thinking it was a dream


I heard Calli once brapped so hard the family mart manager came over and asked "Family doko?" and banned her from familiy mark for being single, and also brapping such heinous reaper braps

I heard Ollie once removed all her toes and all her fingers and swapped them over for the day

I heard Amelia Watson is actually Amelia Earhart

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It's funny that this image could have used literally any HoloMyth member yet for some reason the artist drew a picture of Zentreya.

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Grey name rate is so much higher when Ame streams Apex or Minecraft.
There's many Asia audience on HoloEN stream, especially after 9pm PST. You may not notice them because they can't speak English.
Most of them are either "I wanna watch a Anime girl play Apex" or "I wanna see every single event on Holo server". They are just average Hololive watcher. Ame is not their Oshi.

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OP news: his other thread >>13341722 didn't work so he made a new one.
Also here are the numbers for november so far.
The ones getting 3K viewers are Kiara and Mori.

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What's causing Calli to decline? She was the second most subbed member of Hololive.

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Is this an add-on or something? How do you get Youtube to show CCV after the stream is over? It changes to regular viewcount.

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She doesn't decline. She already gets this number for a very long time.
Her subscriptions are for her music, not her stream.

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Fuck if I know but its been sad recently.
If it's not pokemon, jump king or Minecraft might as well not even play it because its gonna get 3K viewers

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You already posted this in the numbers thread.

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I guess that makes sense, she puts out a lot more music than most so you don't have to watch her streams to get a lot of value out of a sub.

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That's actually good, less viewers means she's willing to play high quality but debuff games like Earthbound because she doesn't feel like she has a lot to lose and can make risky picks. People hate watching RPGs so it always results in lower views but Earthbound is such a great game so I'm happy she decided to stream it.

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Minecraft is always a buff game. Especially if there's another holo playing that isn't streaming.

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How is Ame "abrasive" recently?
If anythint she mellowed out too much
She played fucking Donkey Kong tropical freeze and Ghostrunner and didn't rage at all
Is this an obvious bait thread?

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Wow so that guy was just responding to himself like the Kiara anti that replied to himself 30 times in one thread. Because a bunch of posts just got deleted at once and one of them was a guy acting like two different people talking to each other.

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/vt/ is not indicative of the larger internet. Most of the games people here get hype for no one would watch, and vice versa.

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Well it is still interesting to me that Apex is one such game because I kept seeing people insisting that game was a huge flop. Yet here it is two years later still going strong.

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I thought that was IRyS

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>Amelia Watson might not actually be British

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>I heard Amelia Watson is actually Amelia Earhart
This one makes sense, they never did find out where she went.

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People like watching apex, but hate playing it.

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she also either streams in fairly late NA hours or has to compete with actual JPs, when she has a solo slot she usually does Ina numbers

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Isn't she live in Japan?

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I tried watching her stream once and my god she's boring. I'm surprised her numbers are as big as they are.

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She got eaten by coconut crabs/became the queen of an underground coconut crab society
Neither of which disprove the rat that she IS Amelia Earheart, just some interesting theories

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>I heard gura isn't streaming today because she pooped on her last pair of socks and has to do a laundry day.
After she told the story of the egg yolk this doesn't seem as 'whacky' a rrat as you might think.

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That's mayonnaise, which is arguably more disgusting than semen.

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Still the only interesting thing to do with vtubers. What, did you think anyone outside (or really in) Japan found anime girl RP entertaining in itself?

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30 self reply anon was a chad and I’m sick of pretending he wasn’t.

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Man. You come to this board exclusively to suffer and get mad. What's wrong with you?

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Holy based

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>what the fuck is up with Ame recently, she's way more abrasive and is scraping barely 5k at best, 3k at worst
The sad thing is that I'm almost certain you *aren't* a threadreader and really believe this shit.
It's a constant cycle with you fuckers. Each time something goes the slightest bit wrong you melt down.

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>arguably more disgusting than semen.

So you drank semen before?

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She didn’t poop on them. She ran out of toilet paper and had to wipe with them.

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She’s ready to graduate. Just has to wait for her contract to end

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Teamates are watching IRyS instead of Ame

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Damn she's going to be passed by the nijis soon

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I'd eat her brown hairy asshole

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Amelia is Canadian

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You haven't?

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>abandons projects people got invested in
>berates chat on the regular and it’s not even banter most times
>killed gurame
>let’s her dog take over the stream
>cancels streams on the regular
>’gamer’ that plays baby and indie shit
Need I go on?

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I beg you all please don't watch amelia watson

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I already know what you're trying to do

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It's sad that Ame started the chat "collection" trend (or at least brought it to hololive) and yet hers is the worst of the lot.

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I just want Ame from six months ago back. Randomly decided to give her another chance with her Pokemon stream and saw her shit on viewers who god forbid wanted to watch her stream more of the game and reinforced the reason why I stopped watching her in the first place,

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God I hate minecraft so much.

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Lmaaoo were you malding because unironically you whine like that? Oh boohooo little tommy

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show us your tits ame

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For the number fags, 99.5% of her dead subs doesn't watch her, barely 20% of her subs watches her archives.

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she's been streaming for years and years now. I think she's burned out

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Doesn't that just prove OP's point? Aside from Pokemon, in the week most of her videos have gone to 5K views.

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it must be

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Isn't it worse for Gura?

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She's playing games that no one gives a shit just to not be ''like other girls'', wait for the fortnite stream that shit it's going to be huge

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2view. Only 0.1636842105263158% of her subs only want to listen to her talk.

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What do you mean "chat collection trend"?

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Do it for the others now. Ame is at 3.2K on a superchat reading, it's extremely high if anything

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If anything this proves that Hololive in general is dying, they used to get over 10,000 for a superchat reading. Look how far they've fallen.

>> No.13372722

Are they that uninteresting now? How can they be Marine tier in a superchat reading?

>> No.13373020

With numbers as high as holoEN members, they should AT LEAST pull minimum 10k on a superchat reading stream. Just to prove that those are not dead subs like A.I Channel

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She's a faggot op

>> No.13373093

At this point they've been around for a year, all the people who watched VTubers because they were bored and looking for something new have gradually been filtered out and moved on from the fad. The people who remain are the ones who actually care.

>> No.13373294

i wonder if she considers her gen actual friends

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I don't really watch much JP since Coco graduated but EN has been stagnating hard. I get that they mainly stream games but after a year of kusagame after kusagame, it just gets boring. I don't want to watch Apex, Valorant or Minecraft yet Holos are permanently pigeonholed into playing them because they can't get perms for games that are actually good. It also doesn't help that the girls are just awful at eveything they play so watching them get frustrated at failing an easy jump or boss fight is boring.
They unironically get more views doing karaoke these days. Just look at Ame's most recent game streams and compare them to her karaokes from a month ago, the CCV count is almost double. It sucks that Holo forces them to be so anal about protecting their identities. It's honestly a self fulfilling prophecy. Hiding who they are only forces schizos to go above and beyond to find out what they look like, etc, although it's probably just Hololive protecting their IP so the girls don't establish themselves outside of the characters they play.

>> No.13373656

Lol you tried to use a Japanese term you picked up and you got them mixed up. The word you're looking for is "kusogame." You just said "grass game."

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The whole vtuber thing is dying. More people are leaving than newcomers. In Hololive case, they have too many vtubers with reclining audiences. If 2 vtubers are streaming, the viewership distribution is basically zero-sum.

>> No.13374095

I am kind of doubtful about that. I can think of very few people who quit that didn't end up reincarnating.

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She gets so fucking bitchy and whiny these days AND NOT in the funny gremlin way, in the "fuck you I'm taking my ball and going home" way like a fucking loser kid nobody invites back to play afterward.

She has good days sometimes still, but it feels like half the time it's some minor yab like pokemon or GTA etc. Imagine if Gura or Pekora started doing that, actually ending streams super early in a huff because of chat. Can you fucking imagine the backlash? Ame is the frog in boiling water scenario, there are too many people going "yeah she's just like that" but look at her now vs a year ago. If you told us a year ago "yeah she is going to frequently get authentically angry and butthurt over pointless shit, cancel or quit streams early half the time and also take whiny angst breaks every other week or so" people would have gone "welp sounds like she fell way the fuck down from grace" and she in fact, has.

I still like Ame fundamentally as she can sometimes just have a nice little stream like ghost runner this week - lame game I would not have ever touched myself but Ame made it fun to watch. That is what she does. It's just that isn't the norm from her anymore, there is a feeling right under the surface of every stream she will flip out or something will end it somehow early on a bad note. It's a shitty feel and is definitely eating away at her audience. I don't want to have to feel like I'm walking on eggshells around a streamer.

>> No.13375048

It's interesting that Ame and Pomu are both melting down at the same time. They really should collab, it's clear they're kindred spirits.

>> No.13375673

shes been streaming since like 2016. burn out

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>I don't want to have to feel like I'm walking on eggshells around a streamer.
The only sentence you need to type anon. This explains everything about Ame.

>> No.13377047

>The Raging Wagey versus Nostalgic 4 NEET-life.
Would anyone even survive that collab?

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Aren't most of her ragequits on Mario Sunshine? Maybe the answer is... don't play that game? Mario Sunshine is not for the weak-willed.

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>> No.13380346

What a complicated way to say that you don't watch Ame

>> No.13380480

The pokemon stream she said since the start of the week she'd only do a short introduction, way before the stream. It's not news and it wasn't a rage quit.
She had 3 streams on that day, pokemon was just a guerrilla

>> No.13381602

I feel like this would've been more applicable if you were talking about 1 or 2 months ago, since she realized she just has to do shorter streams and take more breaks she's actually doing pretty good, at least she acknowledges she has a problem now.
Pokemon and GTA are bad examples because Pokemon was a guerilla stream that was going to be short anyway since she had another stream planned an hour after, and she was planning on switching to minecraft before ragequitting GTA anyway, and had the wrong server address.
I don't think she's actually snapped at chat in a while, honestly her biggest problem and the most frustrating for me if anything is that she keeps getting excited about all this shit she wants to do, but doesn't realize that she can't promise shit while she's in a good mood because once it passes she's going to be lazy and not do half the things she said.
Still the only holomem I haven't gotten bored of watching and still look forward to every stream though.

>> No.13381861

Pomu is fine though.

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Even Lamy gets 4k viewers during superchat reading with half the subs.

>> No.13386014

While we're on the subject, what the fuck happened to Kronii? She just disappeared two weeks ago with no explanation. And NOBODY is talking about this?

>> No.13386034

tumy hort

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Who even is?

>> No.13391032

Dunno, she was kinda moody last time i watched 5months ago

>> No.13391531

It's all haachama's fault, after she ignored her sister like so the last straw that broke the camel's back was haachama ignoring the tribute ame gave her in the Halloween stream.
Now she's just broken and doesn't care anymore, her big red heart is shattered beyond repair

>> No.13391851

Nice try, baitman take you ogey and leave.

>> No.13392197

Wait. Ame actually mad that whole VRChat arena herself? It hasn't made by Hololive staff?

>> No.13392998

>Hololive staff doing anything
Ame designed the layout, the maze, and Councils (& IRyS) costumes, she just paid actual artists to implement them.

>> No.13393030

I'm pretty sure ame commissioned it but it definitely wasn't made or in collaboration with any hololive staff.
Honestly the fact that you think hololive staff would give haachama a tribute in something like this when they literally stopped from using the EN hashtag and she had to make up a new hashtag for herself baits you out as a true newfag, you God damn ESL.

>> No.13393223

Well, this explains why they didn't do anything Halloween related until the very end of the month. Because she was putting a bunch of work into this.

>> No.13393292

Hololive staff is fucking useless. Remember Ame did test rigging for all of her genmates before debut. https://youtu.be/aH23HxAdtw8?t=6829

>> No.13393398

I'd be feeling pretty pissed and abrasive too if I was the hardest working Hololive member and was rewarded for it with a mere 3000 viewers while Gura does hardly any work and somehow still gets 15-30k.

>> No.13393525

This is why numbers=/=quality and the biggest example for that is pekora.
People like haachama and ame would much rather be known for what they've done as chuubas than to be "that one with the big numbers" but when you ask yourself what have they done of significance? You'd really have to churn your brain to find out.

>> No.13393597

At least if this gig ever falls apart for her we know she can fall back on being a Live2D modeler. That seems to pay pretty well.

>> No.13394062

I think this explains why her everyone loves her so much. She does a lot of behind the scenes shit that we never get to hear about.

>> No.13394402

Ame was always the most unlikeable member of Holomyth from the very start. Never understood the appeal.

>> No.13394459

People dig British accents.

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File: 305 KB, 605x554, E3AE4386-E4E4-4C58-AB10-EBEF1F36D198.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nigga she’s on break. Relax.

>> No.13398878

Oh... why didn't she announce it?

>> No.13399048

Gotta confess she's the one from Holomyth I've watched the least. She seems to have an extremely loyal fanbase full of goslings, but I've always found she falls flat as an entertainer (not judging her as a person).

>> No.13399065

Why didn’t you announce the big cock that’s shoved up your ass?

>> No.13399084

She did not only are you seeing it from that reply but if you watched her damn streams you'd know she had announced it but lets be honest you're nothing but a worthless piece of shit

>> No.13399185

She just feels like "some girl who streams" which is probably why she has the aforementioned extremely loyal fanbase. She feels accessible.

>> No.13399334

anon…. you do realize that’s a comic by a transgender person, right?

>> No.13399618 [DELETED] 


>> No.13399912

if allah wills it she will be the holoEN to get lower average numbers than selen

>> No.13400605

Gee thanks Sherlock, I really couldn't figure it out from how the angel on the boy's shoulder implied she's going to be a girl in a few years.

>> No.13400638

That tweet shows nothing, she randomly mentioned she's on a break a couple days ago after weeks of radio silence. No announcement tweet, no warning at all. Just dropped off the face of the earth.

>> No.13400955

I dunno why anyone would bother shitposting with any vtuber other than Ame nowadays. It's a guaranteed 100+ (You)s because the Teamate Defense Force can't help themselves

>> No.13403550

All me

>> No.13403999

Miko gets like 8k viewers for her SC readings, which is also like half her ccv after every stream.

>> No.13404032

She hasn't had a good hotdog in a longwhile.

>> No.13404410

Who knows, she seems to have some kind of underlying problem that she won't talk about(and isn't our problem anyway), its also getting closer to christmas and I remember during christmas last year she mentioned something about a relative in a hospital.

Her biggest issue purely from an observer standpoint seem to be a total lack of self control, she's allergic to something but she can't stop eating it, she claims she'll fix her sleeping schedule but never does among many other things, her yes men fanbase doesn't help either.

Ame and Gura are just twitch streamers with a Hololive label slapped on them, of course they're gonna have the most loyal fanbases, most people that enjoy them came from those places.

>> No.13405498

I love her but Bitch I am not going to watch 8 hours of this bitch saying Thank you

>> No.13405740

I still have no clue why Ame has to do everything herself it seems, the only thing worse is that she has to do it out of her own pocket too. This should be something their management has to do, not the talents.

>> No.13405976

She just goes out of her way to do things because she can't wait for management.
3D is in her veins, she's been messing with it since 2016. She wouldn't wait until Cover can fly them to Japan to start doing 3D stuff.
The good thing is all myth girls have a proper 3D setup now thats usable with full fledged models too (i.e. the official one when they get it)

>> No.13410187

Tummy hort purisu andastand

>> No.13411666

>ame killed gurame
>kiara killed takamori

>> No.13414149

Based ame

>> No.13414194

Based thread bumper

>> No.13414488

People who are really serious about the quality of their cum tributes or piss tributes use A4 because of the gloss causing the fluid to sit more aesthetically and not immediately soak into the image, distorting it. If you ever cum on a picture of your oshii's face, make sure you use A4 or A5! It's worth the extra cost!

>> No.13414696

>A4 because of the gloss
Why would size has any effect on gloss

>> No.13417486

he's talking about of his ass and didnt do his paper reps. that anon is a fraud who cums into a sock exclusively

>> No.13421759

A4 > Any other format

>> No.13422068

>she's allergic to something but she can't stop eating it
Is that what the hiccups are? I think I get hiccups when I eat stuff with yeast in it.

>> No.13422369

Gurame was dead the moment Gura asked Ame about nicknames. You don't come back from that. You can tell Ame was really angry about that.

>> No.13424192

Iirc, she once said that the hiccups are actually burps. Something about having a tendency to swallow air due to some childhood injury. Could be wrong though.

>> No.13424634

You serious or just rrating?

>> No.13425792

Well, you know what I'm talking about, right? It really happened on stream. It's not like people just made it up.

>> No.13428895

this and that marshmallow reading where she said she don't want to be known as gura's girlfriend. obviously she's still fine with fanart but people acting like retards made her want to cut ties

>> No.13428960

Gura's got 21,000 people watching her boring-ass Minecraft stream and Ame can barely manage 5000. What is Ame DOING? Why can't she keep up with Gura?

>> No.13429384

Classic Ame contrarianism.

>> No.13429557

watch streams
The part where gura asking Ame about amesame and gurame is real (from minecraft end exploration stream for wings) but the "angry" part is something he pulled out of his ass.
When Ame was asked about it, she just dodge the question and talked about how gurame sounds cute and talked about a fish with a similar name.

>> No.13429751

No, he's not talking about nicknames. There was a Minecraft stream in 2020 where Gura was like "So, Ame, do you have any cool nicknames? Such as" and then she said something she shouldn't have said. You could hear a pregnant pause from Ame as she tried to decide how to react to that but she managed to play it cool. And you could tell their friendship was never the same after that.

>> No.13429836

Honestly this is the worst part of Hololive, no one goes along with anything. Everything that gets through has a feel that management told the talents let things go.

>> No.13430232

oh yeah that one but even in that one she just laugh it off and moved on with other nicknames

>> No.13430328

Pretty much just an EN thing. Half the shit Pekora and Marine are saying to each other in the Skyblock video would go really badly if the English side said things like that to each other.

>> No.13430417

Meanwhile in NijiEN:
And she just continues streaming a week later like nothing happened.

>> No.13431518

Pomu reminds me of the guy in this commercial.

>> No.13432652

Let me get this straight. You're saying the worst part of Hololive is that they DON'T go along with forced memes?

>> No.13433467

See >>13430417

>> No.13433500

I don't understand what you're trying to say.

>> No.13434223

It does look like HoloEn in general is stagnating, I wonder if the JP side is tightening the leash of what they can do, and is hurting their creativity and mood. NijiEn seems to be growing in comparison and I'm betting that they managed to steal some holoviewers and will take even more in the future.

>> No.13435638

Niji and Holo both have problems with being overprotective of their EN branch, it's easy to pin all the blame on Holo but there are many HoloIDs who would love to collab with NijiEN and NijiEN isn't allowing it, whereas NijiID and HoloID are happy to collab with each other all the time. So the NijiEN management needs to lighten up and allow HoloID collabs and work their way up to HoloEN collabs.

>> No.13436714 [DELETED] 

Man, Sana is getting more views than an average Ame stream right now. What happened to you, Ame?

>> No.13436828

>HoloIDs who would love to collab with NijiEN and NijiEN isn't allowing it
Why do you retards keep pushing this rrat? NijiEN has no problem collabing with other agencies, both big and small. Hololive on the other hand is known to be very restrictive.

>> No.13436945

It's not a rrat when it's true. Name one time NijiEN has collabed with HoloID. You can't. Meanwhile I can name a dozen times NijiID has collabed with HoloID, NijiJP has collabed with HoloID, NijiKR has collabed with HoloID. The list goes on.

>> No.13437092

I used to be gurame enjoyer but they lost me when their aspergers became took back seat to their negative personality traits

Now Mumei is my aspergers waifu

>> No.13437126

What are their negative personality traits?

>> No.13437142 [DELETED] 
File: 61 KB, 579x427, 457745754.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sometimes I visit these threads and wonder what the actual fuck are you talking about?
Its like you live in a shitposting dimension where you guys spout any bullshit thinking it'll stick when anyone can check its not.
And also behind her theres "new toys" like Fauna and Baelz who started 3 months ago.

>> No.13437211

HoloID was ordered not to collab with NijiEN specifically. Otherwise people would wonder why ID gets to collab with them but EN doesn't, and that would be bad PR.
NijiEN has no incentive to block collabs with Hololive. Also NijiEN has collabed with VShojo (the 2nd largest EN agency btw) more times in 6 months than Hololive has in over a year.

>> No.13437264 [DELETED] 

Welcome to shitposting?
I just slander and post bullshit to make her look as bad as possible when its obviously a lie.
People eat it up anyway, until retards like you come here to whiteknight

>> No.13437324

Well that's pointless because people are already wondering why Ollie has collabed with Hana, Gundou, Roberu, etc. but still not Selen. It's making both EN branches look very shady.

>> No.13437369

That big giant Kronii-head was an Ame creation? Easily the most popular of all the costumes, Bae being #2

So she can be creative when she wants to, problem is lately it seems she doesn't want to.

>> No.13437384

Unfortunatly it seem to be the truth.
Ame still hasnt gotten her usual 10k subs per week last week and its already tuesday...

>> No.13437417 [DELETED] 

People do this on every board, on /tv/ there's this show called Great British Bake Off and a common thing for trolls to post is that only non-white people win it. Except I actually watch the show and the last two people to win were white guys, first some guy named David and then some Scottish ginger. It's complete bullshit only meant to rile people up and get them angry enough for a race war.

>> No.13437441

Same about Ina and Kiara... What happened to them? Is Myth over?

>> No.13437454

>she can be creative when she wants to

>> No.13437480

Yeah, the maps and character designs are hers.

>> No.13437584

It wasn't exactly Ame's idea though, the "Kronii copter" where she's a floating big head was a popular thing in fanart even before Ame made the costume.

>> No.13437634

Proof next thread.

>> No.13437705

Idk but all of her vods since the valorant collab with mumei have less than usual views.She also doesnt stream as much has she used to and has not made a schedule these past week and we are not getting one this week either.
Ina has been on a break so thats to be expected and frankly I love kiara but she isnt the most popular she has not gained anymore sub since her 1.25million Karaoke

>> No.13437783

Blander, safer, not as many quips, lack interesting holos to awkwardly not fit in with. Their dealings with EN gen 2 are almost abrasive. They don't play anything from stupid-immersive anymore just Twitch staples. They're just normalfags whereas Mumei is shit on all the time for being a type B personality that lives in her head and I hope to god she doesn't change.

>> No.13437825

18 seconds, look at the left side of the screen.

>> No.13437833
File: 178 KB, 369x317, 02e0b86e93db4f140a0efbdc1557f0f0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That one is simple
Popular games = more viewers
Posting on twitter = also more viewers
She tries her best to filter in 2 ways (unpopular games + not posting on twitter)

>> No.13437843

She explicitly told listeners to not watch if they didn't like the content so that's what they did.

>> No.13437884

Thats a full body chibi, not a floating head, dum dum.
The floating head, if you don't know, its a Yukkuri. Ame took the concept from Touhou

>> No.13437918

Not even 3K on a game? Now thats new. What the actual fuck is happening to Myth?

>> No.13437949

That's good, I think some of Myth have realized that they don't actually like the extreme popularity that much and are trying to whittle it down a bit. Interaction becomes too hard because there's always dinguses spamming the chat. NijiEN has shown you can have a smaller chat and still make more than enough money. Streaming is the rare job where you want quality over quantity, a small fanbase of loyal followers that keep throwing money at you is a lot better than a bunch of spamming memers that don't give you money anyway.

>> No.13438040
File: 694 KB, 2560x1600, Screenshot_20211117-125419_YouTube.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13438324

Is it possible for her to use this model for actual streams? It's so glorious. I see people like Marine do streams with their 3D models so maybe?

>> No.13438424

Yeah but it needs to be edited as a Vroid model, just like Ame used Amebee for the karaoke and watchalong without being in VRChat or using VR.

>> No.13438476
File: 48 KB, 500x500, the kind of tired sleep can't fix.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The problem is Ame keeps her issues bottled up too much and tries to deal with them on her own which hasn't really been working. She needs to use chat as a therapist. It worked for Kiara.

>> No.13438573

I don't know if it worked for Kiara, she had a literal 4 minute cramp the other day.

>> No.13438742

Chat helped her mentally. Helping her physically is a work in progress.

>> No.13438827

No one cares numberfag.Just give me Ame and Robocco now I can't take it anymore AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

>> No.13438863

Haven't they actually collabed a lot?

>> No.13438874

I don't think the EN idols are properly able to be candid with chat. JP put all of their day to day into whatever they're saying at anytime. I think Westerners are just emotionally inhibited

>> No.13438950

Don't even give KFP ideas. Didn't a guy stalked her in Paris and gave her a gift? I can imagine some fans doing something worse.

>> No.13438968

What, like someone actually walked up to her and said "Hey Kiara, here you go"?

>> No.13439870

I love Mumei. She's mellow and never starts fights but she also doesn't let people walk all over her. She trolled /vt/ gossipers hard with the Petra thing and if she doesn't like a meme she just doesn't respond to it at all, which is both non-confrontational and also an effective way to kill a meme because if you don't give people any reaction then they see no value in trying to provoke you. If she said "please stop" she'd get some defenders but she'd also get a bunch of people who do it even more just to annoy her, so this is the most effective strategy. She also wears a cape which is awesome.

>> No.13444585
File: 2.23 MB, 3685x2386, 1628898318011.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.13444620 [DELETED] 
File: 123 KB, 388x514, Eneam-3WMAAdnig.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>It's complete bullshit only meant to rile people up and get them angry enough for a race war.
Well something has to get you prepared for whats coming.

>> No.13445253
File: 39 KB, 211x185, CBC9B3EB-FEA4-4273-8399-90479E983192.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I think Westerners are just emotionally inhibited
Change it to young westerners and you are completely right. It’s a sad thing.

>There was a Minecraft stream in 2020 where Gura was like "So, Ame, do you have any cool nicknames? Such as" and then she said something she shouldn't have said.
I always avoided Minecraft screams like the plague, so this is the first I’ve heard of this. Anyone have more details or a link?

>> No.13445734

The link wouldn't exactly help you if you don't know the meaning of what she said. And that is something that I cannot help you with.

>> No.13446384

This goes deep, huh? Thanks for the reply though.

>> No.13446612 [DELETED] 

why do non-white people even get to compete in a show called the "british" bake-off? this alone should be concerning

>> No.13448342

Does no one know?

>> No.13449473

Why those...

>> No.13450769


>> No.13453395

so its not just me
she's too bitchy now without the /comfy/ gf roleplay she was doing before

>> No.13453518

desu its baffling that haachama hasnt even acknowledged the statue, i expected her to post like 20 screenshots of it the moment it appeared on stream

>> No.13453811
File: 2.47 MB, 600x250, 1631940836129.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She's behaving more like an actual girlfriend now. GOSH DARN IT!

>> No.13453876

Maybe Haachama was creeped out by it? It'd be kinda weird if someone just made a big statue of you without telling you or asking your permission.

>> No.13453963

not really

>> No.13454012

You'd get it if you ever had a girlfriend.

>> No.13454061

not really
if you're still with your gf when she's bitchy 24/7 and not loving you in between. you're just a simp irl let alone virtually now with ame

>> No.13454100
File: 8 KB, 100x53, 1635567298210.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Man the usual backpedalling in this thread, or any Ame anti threads really, are hilarious.
Old Ame won't even do a cooking stream like this.
Did I mention her SC is off & she did it purely because she loves it?

>> No.13454155

Why would she turn it off for a cooking stream? I can't imagine there are legal issues.

>> No.13454397
File: 1.06 MB, 1764x1334, 93492965_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Because she's a money-grubbing twitch whore that only streams for the money of course.
Don't you see that clip about her saying her fans are walking bank? What? It's really old & she said that in a joking manner? What are you? Not a schizo?

>> No.13454796

Really if I had to say the worst issue, a broken sleep schedule is the biggest one. Fucks with digestion, slow wake up time, and irritability. If she wants to get on a fast track to getting back to 100 percent she needs to fix it.

>> No.13455034

>I fucking hate sharing an oshi with you retards, between the people who went and gave her gift in the street and you fucking schizos, we really are the worst fanbase.

>My sides still shatter at the thought of that. Just imagine a couple of low life and insignificant low test vtuber fans whom you never met or seen before come up to you and give you presents. You try your best to play stupid and tell them who this "Kiara" person is. But you know that futile so you just accept their gifts and go home looking at the back of your shoulders every minute hoping to god they dont follow you. And to make matters worst, those lunatics even bragged about it on twatter.

More related:

>> No.13455823

I just spent an hour looking through Kiara's likes and I did not find anything except for that she sure likes a lot of fucking tweets and often in a very unusual order. I wonder how much of her day is spent digging through tweets from weeks ago to find old tweets to like.

>> No.13455834

That might change soon

>> No.13455890

Oh shit, Selen read my post. HELLO SELEN! I LOVE YOU!

>> No.13456228

She liked a screenshot of it on Twitter.


You don't have the slightest understanding of Haachama. Otherwise you would know that Haachama loves all kinds of tribute to her and it's not like this is something she haven't seen before content-wise. She most likely didn't realised that this was actually featured in the hololive Halloween stream more than anything.

>> No.13456808

So she doesn't watch streams of her coworkers even when they're big important collabs like this? What a diva.

>> No.13457022

Kys, faggot. Your bait is as retarded as you are.

>> No.13457052

she should get a real job

>> No.13457167

>The link wouldn't exactly help you if you don't know the meaning of what she said.
You also haven’t revealed what was said, so I can only assume you’re making shit up.

>> No.13457194

They haven't collabed, but HoloID DOES interact with NijiEN on twitter all the time, and with Millie being there I'd be very surprised if anyone could stop HoloID1 from collabing with her.
The only real piece of "evidence" is "Selen and Ollie had a cancelled collab!!!", but literally no one has ever confirmed that collab was Ollie, and the assumption it was was based solely on "Maybe Cover told her she can't because HoloCouncil was announced the day before. That is to say, it's speculation based on speculation based on speculation.

>> No.13457229

The stream exists. People will back me up on this. If you don't believe it, that's your fault for not listening. Because all you have to do is ask someone for it.

>> No.13457266

Sorry, I forgot how to reply for a second.

>> No.13457404

She said Ame's real name. I don't know why people are so coy about this shit, it's not like its doxing. Oh my god! Ame's roommate has a name!? Holy shit!

>> No.13457554

>all you have to do is ask someone for it.
Really nigger?
>>13445253 >>13445734
Someone already asked and you didn’t do shit to explain. You’re dumb as fuck.
Thank you for having a brain.

>> No.13457606

>oh no [insert chuuba] isn't getting Pekora numbers her career is over
Guess Hololive should be only the top 5 JPs and Gura.

>> No.13457630

>Someone already asked
But the key is, YOU didn't ask. So the one who is dumb as fuck here, is you.

>> No.13457679

Considering it's been over a year and Polka has never once been allowed to collab with Tamaki, I think you're really underestimating Cover's pettiness here.

>> No.13458005

Maybe Polka and Tamaki don't want to collab for reasons? Yes I'm quite aware of their history.

>> No.13458261

I go on the internet and spread lies and misinformation for my own entertainment and no amount of mspaint drawings of brown trannies can stop me.

>> No.13461664

She's always been abrasive and abusive to her audience. Not sure why these gosling faggots love the abuse

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