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>sign a contract to work for a company in exchange for payment
>break that contract by going against company rules
>get punished

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you ogey?

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Rent free

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I like her pepoloni. Can I get more?

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That's the thing, chang. She didn't break Cover's rules. In fact, she can't break Cover's rules by uploading shit because it has to go through management in the first place.
She broke a "rule" put out by YouTube who is infamous for enforcing those rules arbitrarily.

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Post proof she broke rules.

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Anon, Coco said the rule was new.

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> She broke a "rule" put out by YouTube who is infamous for enforcing those rules arbitrarily.
Is there any evidence that Youtube has already started whining instead of Cover just being cautious? It doesn't take a genius to understand that Haachama's yabai content could cause controversy some point down the line. And with all the controversies Cover's had it isn't a reach to say they want to limit any further risk.

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>She broke a "rule" put out by YouTube who is infamous for enforcing those rules arbitrarily.
This was already deboonked by reddit of all places, whoever did the translations for the Coco clip fucked up. Of course none of the so-called """"JP speakers"""" on here noticed.

It really was just Cover not wanting to harm their image because of dark and edgy content.

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It's 'panished' you uncultured fuck

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>Otakmori badly translated a sensitive subject and caused a rrat to spread through the EOP

I'm shocked, anon

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Cover most likely doesn't have any contract with Haato and Shion because they're still under 20 and Japan doesn't allow contracts with anyone below 20. Even if there was any contract, it's void.

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>you WILL play minecraft
>you WILL play apex
>you WILL play undertale
>and you WILL be happy

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Haato has always played minecraft.

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all I see is pepeloni

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Haato is a genius and will not be stopped.

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Management is intensely biased, abusing girls that are disfavored.
The girls with more attractive roommates get favorable treatment

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Zhang narrative using the redd1t strategy, if it's long it must be true

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where did you find this?

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>company makes new rule
>panishes you retroactively for violating it
>idiot on the internet says she shouldn’t have violated a rule that hadn’t been made yet
Can you explain to me how Coco can do something both “accidentally” and “deliberately”, Chang?

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read the japanese part, not the shitty translation lmao

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Corporate bootlickers like you deserve the fucking rope.

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zhangs sure have a lot of free time

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Could have at least let her finish the series on 3/3.

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When's she coming back bros....

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>Peko was forced to eat insect food as punishment.
Zhang projects his sub human country's practice into others.

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prime japanese rrat!

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None. youtube doesn't whine or warn it just acts. Redit tards going on as if youtube sent cover a polite letter letting them know that shit was on thin ice lmao. This is cover wanting to water down their product to appeal to the mass market audience of 9yr olds left with their parent's ipad unattended.
Nothing haato put out in the schizo saga violated any youtube guidelines but the consoooomer fags here will want you to believe otherwise so that cover isn't put into any shade whatsoever because yagoo best gril! amirite based!
clap clap

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She isn't. Official graduation announcement next monday. Covers trying to get her to see the light but shes that heartbroken.

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Creative writing class

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looking into it further, its a traitor nip anti who either shared his work with the chinks, who gave it the likes.

He might actually be open to legal action for his slander.

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Is this a Magnet thread?

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What did she eat?

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Why do holos play so much apex instead of the superior warzone if they want to play a BR game? I don't get it

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Do they have licensing for warzone?

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If it was all in Japanese it wouldn't have been an issue. Shit like that is everywhere in anime manga games and light novels and even 13 yo students consume them normally.

Its all about eop pandering and globohomo stupidity. It was eop garbage and "harmful" to "western values" and your fragile Amerimutt "sensitivities".

You fucking dumb Amerimutts can't handle a content like this. That's why, eop pandering cause all these problems.

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>anime manga games and light novels
Not YouTube though

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Eurofags are so fucking stupid.

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Youtube cant handle it if its in English and for westerners. So its not a Covers issue. Again what Akai did is a normal content in Japan.

When a content became in English it recognised as "western stuff" and Amerimutt puritans start to treat them under their "western/Amerimutt sensitivities".

Every Japanese game, manga, anime get censored like that when its localised. Like some rapey anime is always censored or banned cuz its "harmful" to your white roasties or fat children.

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If they don't then they should considering it consistently gets more views than Apex.

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You just dont wanna talk about and face your modern SJW/Woke norms. Mutts here keep ignoring their own SJW problems.

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hololive is indeed declining
hope it doesn't become kizuna ai 2.0

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>The girls with more attractive roommates get favorable treatment
That's just good business sense.
Once this vtuber fad is over, they can transition their talents into a more normal idol gig as long as they don't look like goblinas.

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What in the unholy fuck of a rrat is this? This is literally fanfiction.

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ok zhang

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this shit is fucking cringe. literal wall of shame

eops have to take more effort. his japanese is google translator tier gibberish.

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Rrat and all, but it's true that Hololive is declining.

Drop in views is massive especially for the most popular ones like Coco and Gura.

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It's not a decline when things aren't skyrocketing, my boy.

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Popular nijis are raping Hololive numbers now. Decline is clear. And as chink crap gets more and more powerful Hololive will be struggling harder every year.

EN gets decent numbers still but they are declining fast.

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>chink crap gets more and more powerful

is that true, chink

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It is and you know it. Soon they will hold major shares in literally all big game companies.

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They have been showing off some pretty good 2.5D tech, amazing what you can do with the backing of the government

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>reads the first paragraph

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Didn't know it, chink bugmen

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Haachama will get a big fat raise after this. She's the most dangerously based hololive member right now and Cover knows she's a major asset for the company.

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lel who cares, enjoy the ride

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>Is there any evidence that Youtube
Susan Wojcicki early life section on wikipedia.

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Niggers really will call even the nips they worship "zhangs" and then suck their own EOPness

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Can't wait for new manager H-chan

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which is it?
zhang, eop or genuine jp?

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Real answer it's because the Japanese audience seems to love Apex.

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There wasnt a need of a translation, Coco said ir clearly on English before explaining it on jap

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Lol retards on this board accuse people who don't like Coco of being Redditors

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Explain the decline of Apex-chan though.

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Japan like to play apex because all their friend in japan play apex

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which is more popular in japan, warzone, apex or fortnite ?

wouldnt fortnite be better for the EoP audience it would also be really easy to get a hololive fortnite collab in the game

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>niggers worshipping nips
You're mistaking /vt/ with /jp/, retard

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botan plays normal cod MP and no wz. frankly wz is camping boring faggot shit and im glad no vtubers play it. not about to watch a mother fucker camp a roof for 10 minutes

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How can she break a rule that didn't exist

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fortnite. apex shit is only popular among jp vtubers

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The absolute SIZE of this rrat

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I have never seen a Vtuber playing fork knife

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Yes, Activision-Blizzard was one of the earlier companies that allowed them to play their games, even sponsored Botan right after the chinks decided to spam everyone related to Hololive

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both are garbage anyway.

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Creator is a real nip anti, or at least his japanese is fine, but the shit article was shared among nga and mass liked by them.

Jp guy wrote another note article that dug up the guy's history of trolling hololive streams/twitter (didn't look like he used unicycle), and his account has been suspended.

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his japnaese is partly awkward as hell. i stopped reading when i saw ”まず、改めて言うか" this has to be が and also this childish expression made me chuckle.

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Next time actually watch hololive before spouting bullshit you know nothing about.

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She didn't break any rules you double nigger, they established a new rule that ruined her entire month-long character arc right before its finale.

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where did you find this article?

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What evidence do you have for that??? If anything, American kids are the most into violence. Me and all my other friends played GTA since we were like 10 years old.
Are you that much of a cover dickrider that you are gonna blame America for cover’s stupid decisions??? Nobody in america complained, in fact most EOPs loved the series.
If anyone’s to blame, it’s the chinks. They are legitimately scared of fucking skeletons and ghosts. Some anti, chink schizo probably complained.

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Americans stopped giving a shit about flavor of the month battle royale. Pick up and move to whatever game streamers decide is cool next. (or whatever game they get paid to play)

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are you a mutt? you absolutely lack knowledge of amerimutt woke/sjw shit.

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>sign a payment to order a pepeloni pizza
>make it a cheese pan by away-ing the pepeloni
>because you don't eat it

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all the weird fujo gay shit and ships will drive people away i was watching the Welsh sheep and hearing a girl talk about wanting too fuck some anime guy is paint drying tier

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That's the thing, cham. She didn't make a cheese pan pizza. In fact, she can't make a cheese pan pizza because a pepeloni pizza with AWAY'd pepeloni is actually a cheese pan pizza with pepeloni residue.
She made a "cheese pan" by a classification made arbitrarily.

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i want to give her my sausage.

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>sign a contract to work for a company in exchange for payment
>break that contract by going against rules the company pulled out of nowhere and retroactively applied
>get punished

She wasn't. Sasuga kobba koaa.

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This. Always this.

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Roses are red,
you own the media,
your nose is revealed by the early life section on wikipedia

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Chink when will you get it through your antennae that no one will watch or support chinese vtubers outside of West Taiwan.

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id believe this is the one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=91046SRxvSY that did it and not her actual coexist stuff
that game broke her for real at points the fake crying gives out to real crying and everyone in both en and jp telling her to stop

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