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Confess your sins to Father Rikka and you shall find salvation.

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I fapped to Sumi's ass.

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Father Rikka, I don't think I can sit through any of my oshi's Pokemon VODs. The franchise turned me off after SwSh and seeing people trying so hard to defend that game and the remakes for some reason only soured me further. Watching Pokemon is also boring unless someone is purposely doing something challening. Thank you father, I love your covers.

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I was apathetic to Coco when she was in Hololive, then I started to dislike her after she left because her fans were so mopey and sentimental, and now I sort of like Kson because /vt/ turned on her for dropping the lesbian idol shtick

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Forgive me Father Rikka for I've thought about Astel being getting drugged and raped.

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Forgive me father for I regularly think about ravaging Izuru's bussy

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Father, I shipped you with my oshi then abandoned her

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Ah, you are a man of culture I see.

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Forgive me father for I've become a gosling for one of your fellow gen mates and his roommate and I'm sure I won't stop feeling this way any time soon.

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I made several posts saying that deadbeats couldn't handle Mori this week and then feel alseep to her most recent Earthbound stream. I've become what I hate.

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Come on now, he looks like an average nerd.

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I was trying to give some nijikr vtuber view during their stream in hope cheering them up but alas I forgot to turn off my ad block..

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I accidentely clicked on a 0view stream, but I wanted to look at someone else, so I just leave without saying anything.

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Father Rikka, when you use your latest outfit I start thinking about you getting viruses downloaded onto you that makes you incredibly horny and sex-seeking, and then ojisans purchase you from a sex bot vending machine and using you like a toy with their hands around your neck and fucking Rikka silly.
I was one of the anons who said Rikka was not for sex until then. Forgive me for I have sinned.

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Who was your oshi? You have another oshi now?

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I wish I could agree with you, anon. But I can't do anything about it.

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I used to shitpost about NijiEN and their fanbase with humour and no ill towards them, but little by little my shitposting have been turning more mean spirited and anger infused, it's something that honestly worries me a bit and that has been getting worse and worse.

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Afraid you are too far gone anon, good luck.

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I think I've turned into an unironic schizo for my oshi. Not in the sense that I want her to only stick to a certain group of people and would seethe otherwise but in the sense that I become irrationally mad whenever someone makes the slightest remark of disinterest in her/compares her to all of her friends and ranks her below them
I know people are allowed to have their own opinions but is it wrong for me to want all of the world to give her the love, attention, and affection I believe she deserves?

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I used to find gosling posters funny, until I spent too much time around certain fanbases that had some really obnoxiouss goslings that seriously grinded my gears and made me hate gosling posting.

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No, didn't hang around Holo's fanbases much (thankfully).

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Forgive me Father Rikka for liking Temma since he's struggling alot, along with Miyabi.

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She's a menhera, father. I felt bad for dumping her

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At least you are aware anon.

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Why is that a sin. Unless you're pity liking them which yeah that is a sin just leave them be and watch something you actually like.

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>confessions thread finally got it right and put a male to hear confessions on the OP

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I sometimes wish that the chuubas I like that only do this thing as a hobby were worse off in life and had to depend on Vtubing so that they won't graduate anytime soon

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I think I'm pretty burned out on female chuubas, there's still some I like and continue to watch but trying to get into more is basically impossible for me, as I often see them falling back into several tropes, so to speak, that I'm frankly tired of, yuribait, gfe, parasocial bullshit, etc, etc.
It doesn't help that they also tend to attract insuferable fans that grind my gears whenever I cross paths with them.

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Forgot to mention, but one of the main contributors for that was NijiEN and their fans.

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Which are the same people as Hololive fans but they think they're being hipster when they're consuming the same stuff.

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Father, I have urges sometimes looking at Miyabi and Izuru, especially Izuru, he tempts me so. But my wife forbids me from cheating. I had went to watching the Stars in the first place to avoid straying off course by watching other women and stay true in my love for Rushia. Yet these urges consume me like hellfire. I've not succumbed but I am scared Father, I am scared.

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Rushia would allow it as long as it isn't with another woman because then, she would stay the sole woman you're sexually attracted to. She'd want to be the only woman in the world who turns you on. It's not like she's a man.

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Thank you father. I see now I had nothing to fear. And, Miyabi is by god one of the cutest things on this planet (second to my one true love of course), watching his 3D was unfair amounts of cute. I hope Molcar gets another season so we get more morning watchalongs with this precious flower boy again. Looking forward to the live.

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>dropping the lesbian idol shtick
>lebian shtick

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Forgive me Father for I have impure thoughts about taking Aruran's dick into my body and riding him.

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Father, I came to a Niji boy's ass and not yours

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Anon, how are you this fucking impressionable?

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You have to say which one and provide sauce or your sin doesn't get forgiven.

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Is this a confession thread?

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Yes, got anything to confess anon?

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There's finally a male Reverend in the OP so yes.

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I cancelled my months long memberships to blow my load on fat porn commissions.

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I don't give a shit where they come from or if they were fans of something previously or whatever, all I know is that they are insufferable as all fucking hell, only reason why I continue being in the EN threads is because I still have a silver of interest in the NijiEN girls and especially because I'm waiting for the males to see if they interest me or not and how the girls and fanbase treat them.
If they end up not interesting me I will just leave and ignore NijiEN and their bootlickers' existence, and, going from the main candidate, it sure is looking like they won't call me at fucking all (yeah, I have zero hope or faith in all this shit).

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It was for a good cause at least.

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Forgive me father, I daily think about kidnapping Oga and fuckng his brains out.

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Yea, I don't take my meds when my oshi is streaming. I want to feel that ludicrous obsession over her for a couple of hours. It makes me feel alive. Can father forgive me?

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Forgive me father rikka, for I had unsavory thoughts about roberu, homsexuality is a sin and roberu is a brother in arm, I will repeat 20 hail Marys to repent

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forgive me father rikka… for I love roberu and I want to edge him until he cries… I just want to see his tears… his embarrassment…

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Father, I've sent menhera marshmallows to my oshi.
Lately I've been mentally unwell. I bought my first house and it turns things aren't as easy as I would like them to be.
Between the bureaucracy and learning how to deal with water damaged walls, it feels like I'm one rainy day away from doing an hero. And the price of double-glazed windows...
I wasn't equipped to deal with this. I just want to jerk off to anime girls.
But I shouldn't have taken it out on my oshi.

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>he fell for it when she actively likes men

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I am thinking about killing myself

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Thing are going bad I imagine.

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Father Rikka I have sinned. I wasn't horny for my oshi but I memed myself into it and now the irony is gone. Mine is a tragic fate.

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I am not homo

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Hope things get better anon.

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That's why you don't jinx yourself.

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pokemon is worse than miinecraft

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I wanna piss in his ass

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fellow NEET bros, what do I do?

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You need to be thankful that your dad is not only willing to talk to you, but texted you a message, I assume he knows you didn't want to be confronted verbally. He cares about you, go fucking talk to him and fix whatever problem you're having, not many people's fathers would extend that kind of kindness and forgiveness.

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I'm a regular at /asp/ but don't really watch vtubers, though with that I mean that I don't watch any vtuber's stream to completion.
I couldn't even pull this off with my oshi.
I guess it doesn't help that most of the vtubers I watch are weirdo indies that often have low energy but I wasn't a stream watcher before. I watch a lot of youtube, mind you, but it's normal videos and mostly videos about self-improvement, story-telling, and politics. Not normal entertainment videos.
Makes me feel kind of guilty that I'm planning to become a vtuber when I'm like this.

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>You can safely remove Rikka's limbs and turn him into the onahole he is
Just stuff me into the booth with this guy

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I came here to get my sins forgiven not gain new ones...

>> No.13436254

A fucking japanese furry manga made me erect, may the Lord forgive me

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Kill yourself so you stop hurting your family

>> No.13440260

Get a job at Amazon or something, they literally don't care about previous jobs, do it anon, research before you waste your and your family's life and time any further. I've been there just get out and get money to support yourself.

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Father, forgive me for I have sinned. I used to say I was bisexual but little by little, my attraction for men has overshadowed what I felt for women. I feel as if loving and lusting for men is something more pure whereas having those feelings for women makes me feel bad about myself, as if were doing something wrong. At this pace I will only feel disgust toward women kind and become truly gay.

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I love Noel, despite me knowing she's a manipulative menhera.

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Fucking talk to your father retard, he actually cares

>> No.13448511

Go watch Gura's GTA5 stream, should brighten your day up

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My sin is I can't stop internet stalking my oshi's gachikois. I am not jealous, I am not upset, I genuienly like hearing him get praised that much and wish they'd do it more and even send a maro (on very rare occassions) saying I agree. I almost started archiving accounts but I had to stop myself. I am a little obsessed. Sorry. Father forgive me.

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>only ever have bad things to say about her
>love her
Everyone can see through yur falseflag

>> No.13453476

I think you need to take a break from anything your oshi related.

>> No.13458503

good police work

>> No.13462604

thats the best part!

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People fawn and love even more Selen after she drops her tomboy facade and reveal her "gap moe" but it honestly just killed a good chunk of my interest in her, doesn't help that Dragoons are constantly circle jerking it any chance they get.

>> No.13465399

Dragoons are the worst fanbase on this site, change my mind you can't.

>> No.13465505

counterpoint: chumbuds

>> No.13465512

Nor I'm gonna try, nothing against Selen, but man are her fans annoying, those guys ruined goslingposters for me.
Tough I'm not sure if I can actually call them "The Worst".

>> No.13465610

are a scapegoat more than anything else, there are literally more posts complaining about chumbuds (Mainly going into threads with gura as the op and seething that Gura is in the op) than there are actual posts by chumbuds

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Father I spent days stalking my oshi's old r**mmate twitter account, I read nearly every one of the almost 100k tweets she made over 10 years and now I know pretty much everything about her, including some things that are worrying to be still on the internet for anyone to see if they look hard enough. Of course I will take all personal information to the grave with me, but if anyone knew I did that they'd likely be horrified, especially her.

>> No.13468125

Jesus anon, you are way too far gone, nothing can save you at this point.

>> No.13468238

Based anon, you have to know the rrats before they are even created. I wouldn't want to break your trust tho.

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I wish I could do the same, but it's not as easy for indies.
I think I might have a lead. While collaborating with vtuber A, she mentioned that she was a fan since A's twitter days and watched her debut live.
That was before my oshi became a vtuber, so if I look up the accounts of everyone who commented...maybe...
But it's a slime chance, my oshi should know better about internet safety.

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I did but absence makes the heart fonder is right because I came back more obsessed.

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Do you share my pain? I know rrats about my oshi that are so far hidden not even the Japanese know them. I have no-one to talk to them about. Just let it sit silently inside me. It feels like a fever dream sometimes, or the one Madoka Magica quote about being in a different world, because no-one else knows. All I have left to do is take it to my grave and pray, pray no-one else finds out.

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I want to be highly intelligent yet I am mentally disabled

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Well, in that case there's nothing to do for you, have fun in that hole you have fallen into.

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My jouney with Vtubers started with girls with Hololive, and almost ended with them too until I decided to watch Holostars who motivated me to branch out and continue this journey with indies, Nijisanji and smaller corpos.
Fast forward to now and my journey was nearing it's end again because of NijiEN (not helped by Holostars streaming less due to other dutiess), but some indie vtubers and ones from smaller corpos are saving it and, funnily enough, some of the ones to help the most with that are male ones.

>> No.13479567

>quitting chuubas because NijiEN
Lol. I get what you mean though, but only a little because there are just so, so many more vtubers to watch. At this point I don't know why anons think large corpo EN vtubers are ever going to do anything cool or groundbreaking that indies aren't already doing, they live in the West but work under a Japanese company so it's not like they can use studio resources which indies can't use (sometimes)

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Father Rikka,
I watch mostly NijiEN nowadays and not much else because I was so happy when Pomu returned to be a part of them. She quickly became my oshi. However, I knew that she would lust for maids and idols and girls because that's what Pomu does, yk? Her becoming a huge bitch lately and being so aggressively lesbian is just so off-putting that I started to enjoy Rosemi-sama much more than her. Not only that, I checked out the new wave 3 girls for the first time very recently and there is 1 funny and cute birb that is as aggressively heterosexual as Pomu is lesbian and she talks about babies and she quickly becomes a new favourite. I didn't even watch my oshi's stream today because Enna was streaming at the same time.

>> No.13480682

I'm going through a similar thing, except that my nip isn't good enough to read the tweets without DeepL. Months ago I found a side account made by a chuuba's roommate that, after checking with every past life site I could find, hasn't been found by anyone else (and if it has been found, at least they had the decency to not tip those websites), as proven by how little followers it has and how none of them have oshi marks on their display names, post chuuba content, or are overseas fans, like how you'd usually see if you checked the likes/retweets/followers of a well-known chuuba roommate account. There is solid evidence of this account being owned by them which includes pictures of their face and videos with their voice. I will never tell another soul about the existence of that account, lest I start seeing the follower count rise all of a sudden after waking up one day.
I've also done enough stalking of another chuuba's roommate account to find more pictures of them that aren't in any past life sites either, all of them posted by actual real life friends of said chuuba. Very old pictures too, I'm talking 2013-2014. I gotta admit that I feel guilty sometimes, but possibly being the only one with this information fills me with adrenaline.

>> No.13480826

>>13480682 (Me)
This was meant for >>13472659 too, not 13469705. I apologize.

>> No.13481678

Sometimes I'm so thankful that the Nips antis for Vtubers aren't actually intelligent in their autism. You have people that can identify idols from their eyeball reflections but can't even find information like this through basic tech literacy when us who aren't even Japanese native speakers can.

>> No.13485403

All it takes is some N5 Japanese and like you said, basic tech literacy. I'll never understand retards wanting to be spoonfed. Of course it's laziness from their part, but it's genuinely not that hard.

>> No.13485431

Sorta, I started to lose interest in vtubing due to several favorites starting to stream less, but NijiEN helped retain my interest, until they started to fall into "tropes" I'm pretty sick of and their fans, who I'm in too much contact with unfortunately, becoming too obnoxious.
Thankfully several other vtubers have been popping up that are helping keep my interest afloat and some of my fav vtubers are also starting to stream more again.

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I've been a saviorfag and usually gravitate towards chuubas who have shit lives. I met a girl this past weekend at an anime con who is pretty much archetypical saviorfag bait (slightly chubby asian girl, very few friends, super low skilled part time job that pays like shit, no actual interests and just fills her life playing shitty Korean MMOs) and after soending s good amount of time talking to her I thought she seemed boring & needy. I am not cut out to be a true saviorfag.

>> No.13485857

Every corpo girl will fall into tropes, that is how corporations are. People can point out some stand-outs in a company but that doesn't mean the rest of them aren't following tropes. People can bet on the males being different but it's better to not have any expectations.

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Young Shirou, you have done well to come this far. At the end, your ideal was empty. You must cast aside that hollow ideal of another which possesses you, and find your own answer for yourself. Human's have both good and evil, and it is up to you to find which is which. There is no clear answer; we have no absolute truth from the very beginning. Cast aside your false ideals of being a "hero" which has haunted you, and find the true answer for yourself.

>> No.13487434

Yeah, that's one of the reasons why NijiEN helped in me losing my interest in vtubing, they made me even more aware of those tropes and made me even more tired of them, didn't help that those tropes in particular are hyper common among female vtubers, and since I mostly watch/watched female ones, well...
And yeah, I would like to think the males will be different, but I have no hope or expectations for them, not at this point (my loss of interest in the branch helps with that), and I wouldn't be surprised if they ended the same in many ways.

>> No.13487543

Not that I don't watch girls because I do, but it's why I prefer to watch guys, as they can't just fall back onto cute noises and blatant pandering to keep viewers.

>> No.13488446

Yeah, same, I still watch some females, though I have been having difficulty getting into new ones due to the reasons expressed before, but, as time has passed, I have begun to gravitate towards males more and more (in fact, one of the reasons why I keep around NijiEN still, is because I want to see the males they get), so yeah.

>> No.13488487

Why would I confess to a man? I am unfortunately not gay.

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Pretty understandable anon, it's fine if you were turned off by that kind of things, sometimes it's better to just keep away than put up with stuff you aren't liking (though I find it a bit funny that you went after Enna, who yuribaits quite a bit with Millie, and not Nina, who's easily the most aggressively straight person in NijiEN, though I also get it desu).

>> No.13493561 [DELETED] 

That's only a problem if you confession is romantic anon.

>> No.13496224 [DELETED] 

Sometimes I still watch clips of other chuubas or lurk in a stream other than my oshi

>> No.13496325 [DELETED] 

Who is the one that talks about babies?

>> No.13499266 [DELETED] 


>> No.13499628 [DELETED] 

Father, I feel really guilty..? Anxious..? For following my oshi’s roommate account(and my other oshis too) but I didn’t know it was them until I stumbled across JP articles about roommates..
As in, I followed them many years before I got into Vtubers. And I only have 1 Twitter account which embodies all my interests since I don’t like having more accounts. So now I can’t interact with my oshi’s roommate account much without feeling anxiety of getting possibly angry DMs from fans or making my oshi feel creeped out by me.

>> No.13499921 [DELETED] 

As much as I bitch about how I will never be able to find a gf because I'm bald and I've been told how I'd be hot if I had a full head of hair, deep down I know that most of my issues are a combination of having too high standards and being so terrified of rejection or making people uncomfortable that I just refuse to speak to anyone in real life unless I've been spoken to first or if it's an immediate need.

>> No.13502190 [DELETED] 


>> No.13502316 [DELETED] 

If you're following someone whose roommate account is linked to their past / other life as an entertainer and may as well be public knowledge at this point (Noel, Matsuri etc.) nobody fucking cares.

>> No.13505199

That's Enna, it's kind of become a joke among fans that she has the babies rabies.

>> No.13506839

I used to find Lazu's "unity" endearing and a point of appeal for them, but as tme has gone by and seeing fans constantly circle jerk around it, trying to force that on subsequent waves and shit, it's become a point of annoyance and dislike towards them.

>> No.13506888

She has a dire for breeding? I'm on my way.

>> No.13506941

Completely understandable considering the only members of NijiEN who are actually friends with each other are Elira, Pomu, Enna and Millie. Their unity was wildly overblown from the start. Elira and Pomu knowing each other and Finana being the good kind of socially autistic made people go crazy for some reason when multiple Vtubers from multiple groups have shown closer bonds than that on multiple occasions.

>> No.13509684

Good luck anon.

>> No.13513318

Yeah, like it was nice to see them get along so well, especially with Finana since she was the outsider in Lazulight, but it's honestly become grating just how much asskissing and circlejerking fans of them are with that aspect of them, even more so when they use it to say shit like they were the absolute perfect choices for starting NijiEN, that there was no one else that could do a better job, that they were a blessing from the skies and scouters definitely knew they were all super especial and that's why they were choosen and shit like that, basically worshipping and putting them on a pedestal, which another thing that annoys me to no end about them.

>> No.13516311


>> No.13518736

Guess people got all their confession off their chest already, huh? Good, Father Rikka can rest for now then.

>> No.13518918

I confess that I'd let Father Rikka rest with his head between my legs servicing my nether regions

>> No.13519352

Even though i've been watching chuubas for about a year now. I've never had the kind of obssesion people here seem to jave with their Oshis.

I like watching Mori, but i've never felt any real attraction to her whatsoever, i feel like i've been lunged into an asylum ever time i visit her general here.

Should i be happy that i'm "Normal" or worried that i'm missing out on something important to the Chuuba experience ?

>> No.13520130

I get you anon, been watching several vtubers for quite a while yet there's been no one I can call my oshi, sure I have my favorites but none are to the point people seem to take their oshis, and frankly? I'm happy with that, and you I think you should too, seeing how downright obsessive, fanboy/girl-ish, bootlicking and overall obnoxious plenty of people are with their oshis, I'm more than happy to not be part of that.
Don't think you have to worry about "missing" that part of vtuber culture, think it will be best for you in the long run.

>> No.13520370

Sorry Father Rikka.
I came when I was listening to Oga's ASMR.
And I'm straight as hell.

>> No.13523613

Are you that one Omaesan from the jp thread?

>> No.13524257

I feel genuine guilt and sadness when I miss streams of any of the 3 vtubers I watch regularly. Last week I was busy and missed 4 or 5 streams and am feeling guilt over how I will always be behind & never catch up because I struggle to find the time to watch vods (+ I feel like the experience is different)

>> No.13525081

Father, I confess that I have an anime nun fetish and it's the main reason why I'm interested in Sister Claire. I also like to ship chuubas.

>> No.13527024

I attempted suicide an hour ago

>> No.13527279

Want to talk about it?

>> No.13529669

I think I may be cognitively impaired

>> No.13530046

I failed to go through with hanging myself

>> No.13531839

What makes you think that?
Sounds rough, what led you to that point?

>> No.13532471

anniversary of what

>> No.13532773

All I'll say is a certain disorder has caused me to exacerbate my reaction towards something minor, and that the ruminating thoughts have led me to my decision. I will not tell my family what I have done tonight nor do I wish to tell more of my condition. I'm going to bed and hoping that things get better for me

>> No.13537089


>> No.13539278

Super late, but hope things get better for you anon, try to seek some proffesional help or someone you can talk to with full confidence that helps a lot for these things.

>> No.13540927

I don't really know how spooning and hugging in bed works, so I struggle to fantasize about my oshi being next to me when I'm trying to fall asleep.

>> No.13541330

Google exists

>> No.13541605
File: 9 KB, 1068x114, rtret.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Father, I have reached a new low...

>> No.13541863

>not buying a body pillow, putting on your oshi's asmr, and cuddling the pillow to sleep
THAT is a low.

>> No.13542738

Don't give him ideas.

>> No.13542835

I certainly won't give the idea of slipping a semi-warm hot water pack in the cover of the body pillow, spooning it so the heat rests right against your chest, and putting on heart bear asmr and closing your eyes and getting immersed in the fantasy

>> No.13550949


>> No.13551409
File: 1.09 MB, 2808x3900, Elegant gosling.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looks like you need to get better goslings in your life

>> No.13553990

fancy nigga

>> No.13554220

Ever since news of that one vtuber who died in a car crash on the day of her anniversary, I've been periodically stuck by fear of my oshi dying in a similar way out of the blue.

>> No.13555554

No thanks, I'm too sick of them to give them another chance.

>> No.13557182

she doesn't mind

>> No.13557189

That's sad

>> No.13560620

carry on

>> No.13563039


>> No.13563077

My oshi is terrible at Pokemon and I didn't think that was possible.

>> No.13563744

I'm having stronger delusions about becoming a vtuber whose character is stalking his oshi and trying to get closer to her with the end goal of marrying her.
It's actually getting to the point where it's starting to sound like a good idea. But I'm still mentally sound enough to know that I'm ill.

>> No.13563802

Baelz was just some girl that loved Mr.R, her past life's lore was just "She's in love with Mr.R", and now she's there collabing with him. Dreams can become real, Anon, just try.

>> No.13564504


>> No.13566627

have to be a girl

>> No.13568173

That guy >>13566627 has it right, it's cute when it's a girl, you ought to call the cops when it's a male stalker.
I might actually go through with it, I just have to settle some real life stuff first. At least she's a less than 1k sub indie.

>> No.13570688

I don't want to save Matsuri.

>> No.13571287

Good, that's just a hopeless endeavor.

>> No.13571321

I know, but I still love her.

>> No.13572975

Ah, a loving fool's erand, a tale as old as time.

>> No.13576192

Good luck.

>> No.13580602

You must

>> No.13585995


>> No.13588815
File: 349 KB, 281x281, 1629184740202.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am not in love with my oshi or any vtuber, but if I met a girl like them in real life I'd probably fall in love with her super easily. I'm pretty hideous though & hate myself even though I've tried -maxxing so I know any girl I met like a vtuber that I like could do better. The fact that I'm still a failure after over a decade of this self improvement shit makes me sad & wish I was just dead to escape this because I can't even remember the nost recent time I was genuinely happy.

>> No.13589961
File: 28 KB, 473x473, 1634875584942.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't know if I even like vtubers or if I just use them to fill the void left open by my inability to make friends & fear of rejection that prevents me from even trying to make new ones since I don't even know how one is supposed to make friends in their mid 20's. I am mildly professionally successful, but have never met a friend through work & that seems to be the most common way by far.

>> No.13593775
File: 115 KB, 674x940, 1626686713960.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I really wish Ame would have more confidence in her voice. If I'm being honest, the gremlin voice gets annoying when she uses it too much and a lot of people agree she sounded better with her old mic that exentuated her deeper tones. Her voice is so hot when she is just speaking normally. Same goes for Ina, too. Whenever Ina tries to sound cute it doesn't sound nearly as cute or sexy as her normal voice. Obviously I won't stop watching their streams or anything but I really wish they'd just talk normally.

>> No.13594419

I tried looking beyond surface level doxfag details and I think it unironically gave me ptsd

>> No.13596002

I fucking hate Miko and all 35piss. I really don't like how Miko suddenly ghosted her male friends now that she found success. I really wish that Miko will have a yab so fucking huge that she will never recover and force her to graduate

>> No.13597905


>> No.13601166

I'm actually in love with anons who bump good threads

>> No.13604088

That would be funny to see.

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