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Her roommate becomes 2 feet taller, permanently.
All proportions are kept intact - she just grows bigger.

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the nigger of nippon

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Imagine a 6'4" tall gura.

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A Risu thread almost died for this shit...

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but why

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Ko... Kowaii

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Baffling thread but somehow better than the bait and spam.

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Get off 4chan Ame, it's not good for you.

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Callie. Imagine how the Japanese around her she has to interact with each day would react. It'd be hilarious.

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Mori. Imagine how the Japanese around her she has to interact with each day would react. It'd be hilarious.

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Mori, because then loads of men would be shorter than her, and she would be happy about that. Also her breasts scaling proportionally would be "imagine" tier.

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i just want to lay my head between amazon mori's breasts have have them swallow it entirely

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I assume her roomate is 175 cm (5'9"). After enlargement, she will be 236 cm (7'9").
Average japanese male height is 170 cm.


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I choose Coco Kiryu. Now her roommate Kanata won't be such a womanlet!

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How tall is her roomie.

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I think the point here that big character should be matched by big roommate.

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>Now her roommate Kanata
That got a chuckle out of me.
On the other hand, Kson might not be a bad call, because we would occasionally get to see her.

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tfw she is shorter than you even after you buffed her height

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what an oddly specific thread. Who could be behind it, I wonder.

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Now all men can be shorter than her, and satisfy her fetish. That's very kind of you, anon.

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first choice Lulu
second choice Kiara

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she's 4'7 currently so she would be 6'7 could get jacked if she tries

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why would you want to enlarge chikmn?

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are u sure you want to do that

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2 feet taller, not 2 hundred

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I don't know haachama's roommate height, but I'd fucking love it if she was like a foot taller than me

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This one. Because the only thing better than a shortstack is a big shortstack

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What if they took those 2 feet from someone else.

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just imagine being a small nippon running into her in a dark alley and having to stare vertically upward just to see her face

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Im very turned on by the thought of a big rapey matsuri.

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Japanese seems to be pretty short so maybe Chammers is like 4.9~5, but increasing 2 feet is way too much height to add on anybody

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>Mori becomes an actual 7'6 amazon

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I feel like that'd somehow make her even more awkward.
She'd be the size of Andre the Giant, while being in japan.

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wouldn't this mean she'd move her manlet lover goalpost?

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I dunno.
I can't tell if Mori just wants to be the tall one or if she has a bit of a savior mentality towards manlets that have a harder time because of their height.

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