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El trinidad creatividad...

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>Not pomu
Come on

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get your disgusting purple 2view away from my oshi

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>Not Haneru
Garbage thread

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I'm a Selenfag, but she doesn't really do gimmick streams or anything like that.
Yes, I know it's just a bait thread.

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THIS is creatividad

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Get these Niji failures away from Hololive.

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>In the same picture as Amelia and Class Rep

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ITT: OP tries yet again to make a good thread without actually watching streams

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You made me a little mad putting Selen there, good bait anon

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>no Gwelu
>no Noraneko
>Selen in there.
How to spot retard who never watch any vtubers.

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Kerin doko

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everyone talking about selen, yet no one points out ame's """"""creativity""""""" has been greatly exaggerated by teacucks to where tourists and clipniggers think it's somehow just accepted as universally true.

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you're entitled to your opinions anon, but I believe it looks a bit more like this

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I thought Ame being a hack went without saying? Unless people think reading wiki articles and stealing ideas are creative now?

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inside nijiEN, Pomu Millie and Rosemi are more deserving of "la creatividad" than Selen.

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You forgot about her genmates. Ina has said that Ame is her definition of creative and Kiara has called Ame the leader of their gen. Mori has called Amelia the "protagonist" by saying the rest of EN is just her harem, and Gura doesn't need explaining. I don't know how she does it, but Amelia has quite literally mindbroken everyone around her.

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i have no idea who that blonde one is, but replace her with pomu

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You disgust me.

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I love Pomu, but she struggles with committing to the bit. The date stream was perfect, but everything since has been just ok. That said, the places her brain goes when she gets pouty (spidersman comes to mind recently) are pure kino.

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Haven't watched pomu but I agree about ame and pink cat
A year and a half ago I would've said coco, how the industry changes

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I feel the same. It feels like my oshi only does creative bits when she's fully certain it's good and reserves all the ideas she's less confident about for members streams, sadly. She can still make me laugh even without pre-planned bits though.
Also, I need to watch more Pomu. Any streams you wanna recommend?

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The date stream is the only essential one I can think of. I don't catch a lot of streams, and I'm awful with vod reps, but I can recommend a few fun ones. The "elira please play minecraft with me" bit became a whole copypasta even though the bit was cut short in the actual stream. Then there's the shower stream, where she had a bunch of creatividad prepared, but ended up committing to none of it. Other than that, her recent collabs from the last couple of weeks have been wild since her office job has been giving her hell, and she's been pouty. Pouty Pomu is fun Pomu despite what the bait threads tell you.

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>How to spot EOP the thread

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gwelu doko?
sayo doko?
noraneko doko?
mito can stay tho

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I love Selen, but she doesn't belong here, anon.

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LOL even Rosemi is better than that garbage

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>pink cat
I see, you're a master baiter.

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Mito - actual creatividad
Selen - not a creatividad, just has a wide variety of content
Ame - not a creatividad, just copying other ideas

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>The first real vtuber that started everything
>Amelia "lazy ass" Watson that can't commit to anything
>The REAL reddshit dragon, with reddshit level humour
Yeah no, you only guessed 1 out of the 3

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two en sharts and a legend. nice op

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>Not even Pomu, Rosemi or Millie
Are you serious nigger?

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Time glove.

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How the hell is Selen creative? Even as a bait it doesn't make any sense.

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