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Press F to pay respect
Press S to spit
Press W to "literally who?"

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How is it dead

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>most succesful small corpo right now

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They're doing fine. What are you talking about?

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I like Tsunderia though, I also like Prism before someone starts trying to shitpost.

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Miori is going on a 6 months hiatus and probably thinks Tsunderia is only her

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>Miori is ENGen3

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Didn't they pop up before HoloEN? How the hell have they fallen below other startups?

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Gen 3 fucking bombed

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Because they are more boring than the other startups.

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They're cursed essentially. They had their members go into mental breakdowns, have their families die on them, almost freeze to death and more which forces them to stop streaming for months at a time with hiatus. Miori herself is carrying Tsunderia now but if the hiatus thing is right, Tsunderia will drop back down fast again.

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Shiny new thing that streams more consistently. Hopefully the new gen gives Tsunderia a chance at finding another star.

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You are confusing NijiEN3 Tsun3

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>community based only on discordfags
>hiring traitors
>Kana leaving due to forced collabs
>debuting new talent like gacha
>no clippers
>Tsunderia as a brand is never promoted
This is what happens when your PR team are discord mods

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I can't see Tsunderia doing worse than AmberGlow, MyHolo, Cyberlife and Phase Connect even with Miori on hiatus sorry

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The no clippers part is really deadly.

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Phase connect and cyberlive are the fastest growing companies though, they're doing extremely well on twitch.

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Wait AmberGlow is still going? Last I heard of them was that messy incident and then the threads dropped off the board completely.

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So basically the oppisite of hololive huh

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Rename Cyberlife Lumilife because thats a real 1 talent carrier company

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Prism, PhaCon and Cyberlive are all crushing them in growth.

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They got gen 2 coming too.

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NijiEN 3 is more successful than everyone in tsunderia.

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How did she know when to jump ship?

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Yuri has a bigger follow than lumi on both youtube and twitch despite flying under radars the one doing absolutely terrible is the spic only girl, latinos pay negative levels of money and needed a fulltime job so her streaming is getting hit badly

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>>debuting new talent like gacha
You you mixing up tsunderia and prism
Tsunderia has debuted 7 talents this year and prism has done 13.

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They will be fine without Miori. Calm down

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They are doing fine, the female talent is doing very well, (Nunkis subathon was very large in both subs and attendance) while the males are mostly sitting in obscurity. The green whore stuff ended up killing the AG threads but you dont need the 4chan audience to grow. Honestly probably better for them that they dont have to rely on /us/ considering the dead weight they cut hitched her horse completely to the idea of getting paypigs from 4chan while also exploiting the network of other vtubers who post as a clout leech, and ended up blacklisted by 90% of the vtubers while the viewers got bored of her and moved on to a new FOTM

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Not worried at all about Tsunderia as a whole.
Worried more about if Miori will be fine without her fans.

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>Yuri has a bigger follow on both youtube and twitch than lumi

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>13 in a year
Excuse me what the fuck? What the fuck is going on in these startups?

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They're doing fine, but they do experimental shit like hiring literal whos with little to no streaming experience. Worked out anyway.

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see >>13392976
Although Ironically she probably would've been better off toughing it out considering how she's doing now.

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Lumi has fucking exploded in the last 2-3 weeks holy shit

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Chinese money.

>> No.13393476

they have literal CCP money backening behind them

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She's gonna start grinding for twitch partner too so she's gonna stream way more soon.

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you can't just ignore this place though, only Hololive can afford to go /vt/ free

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Prism CEO sold a startup for like 10 million dollars so he's just playing around doing whatever he wants.

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She networks everywhere and makes friends with everyone.
/asp/: 1
/auds/: 0

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I really like some of the Prism girls but yeah some of them can end up falling to the side at times. Although some of them like Meno would make you question how they got in.

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I will save her

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Glad to hear they're keeping their heads up and moving along. The fact that I also heard nothing of Terumi after all of that also speaks for itself.

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This is objectively false

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Prism gen 1 and gen 2 ads were posted on facebook and was made with the most generic looking graphic design that people who saw it called the company a shady scam.
That's how meno got in.

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Terumi and moved in back to /wvt/ because she couldn't sustain a thread by herself anymore. She still does her zatsus and some of them are pretty interesting, but her menhera attack sure did burn all the bridges.

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wtf i dont remember writing this post

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I think you fail to realize their gen 1 talent who they produced either graduated or has failed to hit 10k in a year with established vtubers behind them (Kana/Char/Purin) and also being the first in the space. CyberLive and Phase Connect both have talent above 10k in 4-5 months in their first waves, unestablished.

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ITT Holofags seething because Indies don't work or set up 100% like how Hololive is

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The only reason /amberglow/ is dead now is just the menhera would barge in to shitpost it, fuck that bitch

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We need /vt/'s wannabe managers to put their heads together and figure out how to help the small corpos.

>> No.13393824

I don't like Orla, she is cringe

>> No.13393854

Go away. We're actually talking about small corpos here.

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/vt/ has very little influence in which vtubers are successful.
Consider how Pomu and Rosemi are by far the most popular NijiENs on /vt/ but collectively have the lowest sub growths in NijiEN.
Or how Pippa started her vtuber career by pandering directly to /vt/ and still actively does so yet her growth totally stagnated compared to her genmates. She went from being the most subbed to one of the least subbed Phase Connect girls due to basically 0 growth once she ran out of 4channers to groom.

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Char is a manager, she's doing useful work even when not streaming. The company is cursed and random things keep taking out the talent for months, but they've all said it's profitable atm.

The whales should probably be angel investing in the company rather than superchatting though.

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Tsunderia isn't bleeding money like a 12 year old who stole their mom's credit card either, they're going through natural growth and aren't gonna implode when the money runs out

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2021 alone
>7 tsunderia
>13 prism
>10 kawaii
>7 phase (2nd gen audition closed last month)
>5 cyberlive (gen 2 teased)
>8 amberglow
>3 myholotv
>3 heavenrend
>3 4vlive
I probably missed some not to mention 10 nijisanji and 6 holos this year.

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Viral marketing is really the best bet. If even Mori from Hololive admits that a majority of the Vtuber aspect revolves around luck and branding, then you know it's worth scratching your head over

That and leapfrog collabing

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In hindsight, it's probably that Amber Glow just became a literal who company after that yab episode as opposed to a group like MyHoloTV whose incident is all people know the group for.

>> No.13393986

I keep forgetting about Heavenrend. And what the fuck is vlive?

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vtubers are cheap to produce and none of these companies pay proper salaries except I think Phase Connect.

>> No.13393998

You need money to run a company and grow. You can't just give talents models and expect the best. You need assets, events, marketing, clips, and more that Tsunderia simply can't do and stagnates behinds those that do.

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No offense but Char is dogshit as a manager. She's a popular streamer though but Urara literally carried and fixed the whole company making it profitable compared to when Char was doing things. Urara even said she had to explain to Char on how to budget properly and to not straight up buy things. Urara says that Tsunderia is profitable but with half their talents going AWOL all the time I highly doubt it's sustainable in the long run.

>> No.13394023

Pippa actually could have worked out but she got scared and decided to do everything she could to pump the brakes on her growth, /vt/ curse can't be blamed for that one

>> No.13394044

Phase connect is also phasing out their salary system for gen 2 as well.

>> No.13394050

>Urara literally carried and fixed the whole company
God bless this slug. I love her.

>> No.13394054

Phase and CyberLive both have 10 more total chuubas coming if the rrats are true

>> No.13394064

>angel investing
You think anyone of them even knows what that is and how they would get about doing it

>> No.13394073

What do you mean? She still does the same content she did on debut minus overtly political stuff or things that can get her demonetized.

Really? How's that gonna work, Gen 1 still get a salary but Gen 2 don't? Or are they changing everyone's contracts?

>> No.13394094

Gen 2 gets no basic salary according to their social media posts when they were running their auditions. So gen 1 has a salary while Gen 2 wont I think.

>> No.13394127

Probably for the best. It'll sound shitty but unless the owner does it out of their pocket there's no point in paying salaries.

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4vlive is only known for 2 things.
a) Debuting the same weekend as cyberlive and niji EN 2
b) Being the black company that Terumi Koizumi talked about in her stream

>> No.13394146

The problem with small corpos is that they follow the route of the big companies. Imagine if Anycolor decided to go the Kizuna Ai route and just made scripted videos. They got to do something original to capture a large audience. Coco's Asacoco and meme review combined the live stream and scripted videos format. They need to do something unique to stand out. I want a company that makes their vtubers compete with each other via rankings like JUMP. That should drive insane numbers.

>> No.13394177

Wonder if they are going to have new Japanese only members?

>> No.13394178

Compared to the other start ups, Tsunderia does fucking nothing to make themselves visible to new viewers. They really hope YT's algorithm will just randomly one day bless them. There is no effort to get eyes on them beyond just streaming and short covers.

>> No.13394198

I mean, Terumi talks shit about a lot of things. Amberglow and Cyberlive included.

>> No.13394229

Cyberlive has a inhouse 3D modeler and animator and they're gonna have 3D models for all their members and gonna start making animations for them too for something like Hologra it seems.

>> No.13394237

>Like JUMP
Jump is a nightmare hellhole where people constantly copy each other nowadays, because trying anything new most of the times leads to the axe. Almost everything leads to the axe really

>> No.13394239

Tsunderia fucked up and lost the grip they had. They were first onto a scene and didn't brand the company or market their talents well at all. They didn't even have an operating website until a year later months after Kana left.

They had 3 very good talents at the start, showed so much promise. Gen 1 quality was awful model and asset-wise except for Ria. Kana and everyone, in general, did little to nothing to even suggest they are corpo to grow. Ria and Kana, their best talents model wise left. Hell on the marketing note again they branded themself as a group for MONTHS before finally changing it to say agency. Then they went months after gen 1 without any new events and released their two-member gen 2 that performed poorly and to this day almost five months later neither have even 4k subs. Even the smallest and newest corpo, Cyberlive, all of their talents far surpassed that number on their FIRST gen.

All of the "medium" corpos (Phase, Prism, Kawaii Cyber) managed to surpass their growth speed in less than half a year starting from square 1. They had everything they needed to be huge, but they fucked it up.

>> No.13394277

In general I think Phase Connect is profitable if you only care about their EN talents and the bilingual JP's. The girls make more money than they're paid in salaries so if anything they probably figure they don't have to offer salaries anymore as an established group that can guarantee you paypigs compared to when they were just starting out and had no idea how it'd go.

The JOP girls are probably gonna be graduated though, I can't imagine them sticking around when they make zero money and have had very little growth since debut.

Fuck no lol, that experiment flopped hard. The ESL JP girls are pretty successful though, they'll probably get a few of those.

>> No.13394295

Theres no companies big enough to do that kind of internal ranking yet. You really dont want females competing against each other, you will turn them all menhera

>> No.13394359

The amount of rants and sidetracks have greatly increased despite having dedicated lolcow streams for ranting, and she's pivoted back to putting a lot of effort into roommate work

>> No.13394367

Tsunderia has been growing and continues to grow, it's just not run by millionaire chinks willing to set a money bonfire to pretend to be an idol manager

>> No.13394368

I am not a fan of CL but they are the ones doing the most to be different from the model due to some oil baron CEO. They said today they got an in-house 3D modeler and animators which really increases the small corpo production quality. If their gen 2 coming in a few weeks performs well, they have the ability to at least grow to nijien level.

>> No.13394395

Are Cyberlive the only ones that rolled out a new outfit for a member?

>> No.13394403

tenma is a special kind of breed
you wont be able to get many of them

>> No.13394416

If NijiEN continues their trend of debuting talent, they could probably achieve that in a year. Hope they do this. Menhera vtubers are the most entertaining ones.

>> No.13394420

Tsunderia gen 0 and 1 have all gotten new outfits.

>> No.13394437

There's still hope since they're not actively failing, and they did pivot from being not-Hololive. Purin used to be literally Korone with literally Shion's opening video, even though the content was nothing alike.

Really late to merch and other revenue streams though.

>> No.13394441

Tsunderia did, after six months to a year depending on who.

>> No.13394445

Tsunderia has two outfits for everyone in Gen 0 and Gen 1.

>> No.13394467

The fact that this tweets weren't translated makes me feel they will get more JP girls

>> No.13394497

The other minor agencies seem to be following the niji strategy, new outfits are generally a waste of resources unless the original design is garbage anyway

>> No.13394502

Seems like a terrible idea, but good for the girls currently in I guess

>> No.13394506

I asked about alternative revenue streams in their AMA and they didn't understand the question. Also said merch is too much overhead for too little profit.

>> No.13394507

Menhera females + internal competition system = The lowest ones just crying on stream after spending 3 weeks near the bottom. It won't be the entertaining kind of menhera.

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File: 1.05 MB, 1106x1260, 1617185622633.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The JOP girls are probably gonna be graduated though, I can't imagine them sticking around when they make zero money and have had very little growth since debut.
No...! I can save them all! I will shill them in every stream and we can have our happy endings!

>> No.13394598

Anyone have that tweet from Michiru where she "joked" that no one would show up to her birthday last week?

Merch is irrelevant for a company that averages double digit viewers on all their talents except two. They should be focusing on spending money promoting their talents instead of pandering to the existing fans that are already trapped in the parasocial hole.

>> No.13394641

Damn they got Shion's and Pekora's designers. That's pretty cool.

>> No.13394656

debut cyberlife was a black company

>> No.13394687

Pandora had a new outfit a week after debut
Lumi got one after 5 months
Yuri has a outfit in the works right now

Hylo and Seina probably have one in the works too. It's smarter for them to give them outfits since it isnt expensive, brings more eyes to them and how gating behind outfits on subscription count or viewer count is just really unfair to the talents. Kawaii and Prism talked about how they need to meet some goal just to get an alternate outfit made for them while Cyberlive just has nonstop outfits made for everyone without any requirements.

>> No.13394694

Prism got Kagura Nana for their latest gen and it hasn't helped their numbers at all really.
I mean they're doing fine but Naki's design is wasted on a hard ESL, as much as I like her.

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>> No.13394738

Can we stop calling everything a black company the word basically means nothing now

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Cyberlive regularly releases new merch every month to celebrate events and stuff. Another differentiator. Prism has been putting out merch too regularly after finding out that merch makes a good alternate revenue stream compared to just donations.

>> No.13394780

>Prism talked about how they need to meet some goal just to get an alternate outfit
As much as I shit on prism's management, i dont remember this part being true, I know a proper 3d is a sub goal and there is a membership gate that thankfully got lowered, but I never heard anything about alt outfits being gated by subs

>> No.13394798

Shit I forgot to buy Yuri's pin

>> No.13394802

In the case of Cyberlife it was true, the current Cyberlife has a different management

>> No.13394814

man I want to love the JP phacons but you can only take so much of not understanding what the fuck someone is saying without tuning out. I know Iori at least knows english, should just call the mixed language plan a failure and let them connect with the main audience

>> No.13394815

Pretty sure the paid discord dates thing was just Hylo's dumb fuck idea that management didn't have the foresight to realize was a mistake. They act pretty professional these days.

>> No.13394839

I was talking about Kawaii and lumped Prism in. It's my bad. Charzu talked about how she has to get like 50k subs for a new outfit and 100k for 3D. Also they have to get above 300 viewers regularly too for some other stuff.

>> No.13394840

Slugma did mention that they're hiring now...

>> No.13394866

Same Michiru seems fun and her voice is not what I was expecting with that design, but I don't like watching things when I have no idea what is happening

>> No.13394867

Iori lives in america and is fluent in english. She just managed to get a japanese sex cult so she doesn't pander to english speakers.

>> No.13394873

Thank God they recovered from that.

>> No.13394896

I thought they just wanted mods, did she say they were hiring normal staff?

>> No.13394905

You can actually see Hylo planning it in their public d*scord. I love her as a streamer but holy crap does she not understand social norms at all. Rest of the talents seem fine.

>> No.13394910

Does the phascon general have any clue why the mixed language thing didn't work? Is it that hard to break through on the JP side?

>> No.13394911

hylo's yabs...

>> No.13394928

Prism actually gets 1 holomama each generation
Iku shares one with Moona (they have collabed)
Lutos shares one with Gura
Yura shares one with Coco
Naki shares one with Ayame
I don't know if it has worked out like they wanted but it is an interesting approach.

>> No.13394932

>the phascon general
it's all schizos in there
mostly about pippa
t. /pcg/

>> No.13394959

JP's aren't interested in a company that splits their pandering between JP and EN fanbases when there's literally a hundred JP-exclusive companies.
Especially when the girls they hired are both pretty shy and don't reach out for collabs with other JP vtubers so the company has no exposure in the JP vtubing scene.

>> No.13394970

Don't forget Lisa and Tenma!

>> No.13394981

I think their issues came from being too lax since they have the most freedoms seemingly of any small corpo. Misaki probably reigned her in from all of her yabs. As far as I am aware, except for schizos on the threads company has had no issues since debut.

>> No.13394983

They get that JP in general is saturated, and the girls stick to their "assigned" languages so the don't get a debuff from flipping back and forth. That said I think Iori could do better by alternating days of english and japanese streams to grow her sex cult

>> No.13394994

Her stream today, she said they would be talking about hiring another manager "Soon. In a week. Months. Whatever."

>> No.13395000

Well, it IS Pippa Connect.

>> No.13395001

I also noticed a nijimama, they're getting some recognizable artists for sure.

>> No.13395011

I said mostly
but yeah

>> No.13395015

They said on the S-Train AMA a year ago they were going to open staff applications soon and never did kek

>> No.13395017

I don't think it's a strategic move, Cap is just a Holofag that decides all their artists, designs, and names himself.
Non was even complaining that she didn't like how her model turned out because it's too similar to Polka when she wanted to be a gothloli when they told her she'd be a wonderland rabbit.

>> No.13395032

I was more of making fun of all the recent schizo posting involves those two more often now then Pippa

>> No.13395042

Hylo is like what? just 18?

>> No.13395044

she did say that gen 3 is her last gen
she wont/cant manage anymore without breaking down so they gonna need a new manager
whether or not they gonna put out application is a different story tho

>> No.13395062

>Goth Loli non as second outfit.
I can deal with that.

>> No.13395066

Doubt it, they watched Toonami as a kid

>> No.13395071

last 2 threads was about pipper's pl

>> No.13395075
File: 126 KB, 900x900, gpRaWHIA_vqZtG3GLf_mOLG80u8n9-cDff5W4oRSjkg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13395077

Who is even qualified to take the load off Urara?

>> No.13395092

Her roommate said she was 18 and had a reddit leak where she talked about being 17 posted a year ago. She is 18.

>> No.13395093

Why are you posting Suzy?

>> No.13395096

Guess things went back to normal then. I stopped going to the general, because I got tired of it the schizos

>> No.13395113

What are you talking about?
Lia only gets low tier cuckposting that's easily filtered and Tenma only triggered the anti-twitchfags

>> No.13395117

Call me when Shiki gets another outfit.

>> No.13395135

Being bad at your job but making it just long enough is a normal part of startups too. The trick is to replace yourself when you can.

>> No.13395138

Still dominated multiple threads for a couple of days

>> No.13395139

especially bad considering they had literally schizos buying the dates like the the guy who was trying to doxx nijien

>> No.13395151

Absolutely hillarious that she crawled back into a thread where the vast majority of the posters despise her. Talk about sad desperation

>> No.13395164

Considering Prism don't have any alt outfits and Cap subscribes to pretty archaic rules inspired by Nijisanji/Hololive when it comes to outfits/memberships/3D/etc it's unlikely she'll ever get an alt outfit that she didn't design herself.
She might just do it though and clip it to her model in vtube studio because she hates looking like a clown that much.

>> No.13395192

Yeah Cap is a Holofag who made it rich off his tech startup and made Prism by copying every aspect of Hololive without changing things to fit the current market nor considering the size of their company and is pretty much coasting until he gets enough complaints to change how things work.

>> No.13395194

Yuri I could believe being 18, not so much Hylo

>> No.13395213

The 'date' ended up being Hylo playing apex in a public discord call for an hour. Unsure if this was management request or not though.

>> No.13395237

holy shit is that really what happened
did she at least play with her paypigs or was she just playing pubs solo while pretending to converse with them?

>> No.13395252

Nyondere was Hylos roommate. If you do your archive reps you'll see on Nyondere's reddit she posted she was 18 and minutes later the reddit was deleted after someone said it was Hylo. Nyondere on twitch tracker also shows Hylo graduated early June.

>> No.13395259

The other threads weren't /pcg/ though

>> No.13395282

I don't know I didn't join. I just saw it on their server. It was never e-sex like the threads got shit up to be just apex which arguably may be worse

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Tsunderia should just make some kuso 3D, actually everyone without Cover Anycolor Vshojo resource should make kuso 3D, it's literally better than nothing, pay itself, offer more content idea.
Even indies makes kuso 3Ds but lot of these small corpo, nope.

>> No.13395316

Purin and Yuuna do have VRChat aka shitty 3D. But all their talents are Asian women so everything gives them motion sickness.

>> No.13395317

Whatever that is I'm going to have sex with it.

>> No.13395333

Doesn't Holo/Niji have outfits with more talent input to them though? I mean, Myth and ID2 handpicked their own designs for their second outfits.

>> No.13395338

Yuri 3D doesn't look bad at all compared to her model. It is 1 for 1 so far. Hers is done by a new in-house 3D modeler they talked about today.

>> No.13395345

3D is actually a good idea because it expands the type of content you can do. Yuri apparently is a great dancer so she can probably show off her moves once she gets her 3D in. Pandora is also trained in dancing and she can do hiphop moves too.

>> No.13395379

>Non was even complaining that she didn't like how her model turned out because it's too similar to Polka when she wanted to be a gothloli when they told her she'd be a wonderland rabbit.
Wow even the talent felt the chara was hella sus, idk what the mama was thinking when designing that chara

>> No.13395386

Doesn't help that their members are constantly going on break too, which is well known to kill growth.

>> No.13395388

>That small and pudgy figure dancing
Oh boy

>> No.13395431

Pippa is trying to make her genmates on VRoid but mostly so the fans can make MMD like stuff

>> No.13395434

PRISM management motto is basicallty "We will be Cover lite".
They even go through Cover permissions loops

>> No.13395435

Presumably if Prism ever got alt outfits they'd get to pick them since they would've "earned it" unlike their base outfits.
That's Cap's entire philosophy he just wants to make the girls work for it.

I just meant Cap/Prism wouldn't pay for alt outfits before they reached some arbitrary milestone so Non would have to make her own. She's knowledgeable in Live2D rigging and is a professional illustrator that studied game design/animation/art in school. She even said she wants to be a mama for a future Prism gen if they'd let her.

>> No.13395437

They mostly get ignored most of the time. Sometimes her fans go into game of thrones spergfests by anonymously namedropping and calling out each other, but hey at least they're actually talking something vtuber related! While the rest of the thread goes into another bitchfight about whatever the fuck.

>> No.13395438

I believe so, in Niji's case you can see that almost every member of Selejo with a new outfit has opted for a completely different look compared to their uniforms.

>> No.13395439

All female chuubas are menhera tho.
It's pretty hard to find one that isn't so.

>> No.13395485
File: 325 KB, 3977x2527, E92fWeBVgAEyQFc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Petra from NijiEN is completely mentally stable and has a safe living situation and enjoys her life.
No wonder she lags behind...

>> No.13395520
File: 79 KB, 320x293, 1607955310626.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Petra is refreshing exactly because she's very normal compared to the rest of freaks. She has talent too.

>> No.13395536

Any chuuba with a consistent stream schedule is not menhera

>> No.13395544

I opened one of the recent debuts from ___ and it was someone I know IRL doing a "sexy" voice. Too embarrassing to watch unless they rebrand but well, at least they're stable.

>> No.13395545

I think it’s a factor of gradient. Sure, chuubas in general are highly likely to be a bit menhera in the first place, but it’s generally manageable enough. Just don’t be a full-blown schizo and you should be alright.

>> No.13395564

Looking at this it seems the two best plans are to either put out five people at around every six months or release three people every three to four months. I think it is important to get around ten streamers so you can keep the people watching your company. Obviously you can't just release ten right away, that's way too many at once.

>> No.13395585

/pcg/ is probably the worst general on the board, and I say that as someone who watches phase connect a lot more than any of the other small corpos except maybe VOMS.

>> No.13395629

As a corpo with a lot of money, debuting new talents don't cost much and yet brings a lot of returns from donations from debuts and interest in the entire company. Not to mention more talents giving the corpo a cut of their earnings means the company makes more the more talents they debut.

Of course if they debut too much too fast, it would drown out some of their earlier talents which is what we see for Prism and NijiEN.

>> No.13395680

Eh, Lazulight are doing fine.

>> No.13395682

Yeah, Petra and, funnily enough, Nina are the ones even the NijiEN thread agrees are pretty much the most stable ones of the entire group (funny how they are also the most openly straight too, especially Nina).

>> No.13395707

>Of course if they debut too much too fast, it would drown out some of their earlier talents which is what we see for Prism and NijiEN.
That's the opposite of what happened in NijiEN. Their new gen is stagnating while the old gens are as consistent as ever. They'll probably reassess their speed of debuts but Lazulight/Obsydia didn't really suffer from Ethyria at all.

>> No.13395708

they're doing fine but you can see the debut fatigue just wearing everyone out and making them worry about their place.

>> No.13395722

even the "gay" ones are also straight
Millie and Enna lived with each other but they dont even see the other's underwear much less naked

>> No.13395759

They talked about kiss-raping a drunk Elira at a party once.
Maybe it's just that Elira is so sexy and her tits are so massive that they make straight women gay.

>> No.13395789

I think Pomu is fatigued for a variety of reasons, and although I don't watch Elira and Finana as much, when I do check them out every now and again they seem fine. Consistent, even.

>> No.13395791

Because Kana bailed, the rrat backstabbed them, and now Miori is going on extended break

>> No.13395870

I am biased but I would say Kawaii spaced their gens out the best. 6 months both allows the old talents to establish themselves as well to cast a wider net for potential talents to join.

>> No.13395873

Lazulight and to an extent Obsydia is, but wave three debuted at least a month too early with one too many people. You can see leaders in all of generations, Elira, Selen, Nina, but the first two generations often had the other two talents with similar viewership like Finana/Pomu and Rosemi/Petra. In wave three of course Nina leads, then you have the other two Millie/Enna, and then Reimu really lagging behind everyone else, often getting half the views of what Millie/Enna get. Possibly with the intervals that Niji EN is debuting talents it shows that four or more within those intervals is too much.

>> No.13395874

I feel like it's a case by case thing. You can debut 5 in a generation but if 4 months later they've seen absolutely zero growth should you really wait another 2 and risk slipping into irrelevance?

>> No.13395884

True, minus Nina funnily enough, she's the most suucesful of Ethyria by a good margin, which is funny since she's one of the outsiders that had no prior connection to the existing talents and also actually tries some stuff that wasn't really seen in NijiEN that much (like using languajes other than english and japanese and being genuinely invested, knowleadgeable and skilled in the games she likes).

>> No.13395907

Yeah that anon doesn't seem to watch stream much. Pomu is fatigued from her work and just vented one time about how the pace of NijiEN's growth slightly overwhelms her. If anything she isn't unhappy about being left behind, she stated she kinda likes how things are currently and doesn't wanna grow too fast to the point she can't be parasocial with here chat anymore.

>> No.13396020

That's actually what you'd expect and why it's surprising NijiEN is so safe and "anime" when they should've tried more. Well, they're about to push out boys way too fast on the next wave…

A lot of them don't like growing. Hana hates that she's the most popular ID member and has no idea what to do about it.

>> No.13396032

Pomu's problem is that she's going/has gone through a ton of stuff that has placed some seious stress on her, the most recent one being her job and her trying to leave it, doesn't help that she genuinely seems to want to make vtubing her full time job, which only adds to her stress, even more so since her growth has stagnated considerably and is being surpassed by half of LazuObsy in subs which only adds to her insecurities (even though she still is the most total superchatted member), which is even futher worsened by her refusal to actually take a proper rest, which leds to shit like her breaking down on stream during some of her recent streams.

>> No.13396042

Kana abandoned her youtube channel and never told her members she was switching to twitch full time kek

>> No.13396082

Yeah, the difference is that Petra and Nina don't tend to do shit like yuribait or hide their attraction towards males outside bursts of, often times, fujo and fangirls behavior, which Nina and Petra don't really do, Nina in particular is very open towards how much she likes dick.

>> No.13396121

I don't think boys have the oversaturation issue when there's so few male EN vtubers. People will tune in just to see if Nijisanji managed to scrape up some diamonds in the rough from the shitpile that is the indie scene.
If anything they should've debuted the male wave in Ethyria's place and then debuted Ethyria afterwards so waifufags wouldn't feel overwhelmed.

>> No.13396164

I'm still lowkey simmering that NijiEN was too safe when the company has a history of picking up literal whos off the street and have them start streaming. There are plenty of nonvtuber talents with potential out there.

>> No.13396165

It's funny to see Yagoo seethe while his precious holomamas continue to accept contracts from other companies anyways. They don't give a fuck about Hololive and I'm all for it

>> No.13396196

>you'll see on Nyondere's reddit
She deleted it the second /clg/ pointed out its existence.

>> No.13396212

The bigger problem is that EN's hyper-saturated with male facecamers and good luck pulling them off them in numbers.

>> No.13396215

I don’t think he’s seething about anything, kek.

>> No.13396246

Yagoo is the happiest man on earth, he has a pizza oven. Gura/Kana's mama refuses to talk to Kana since she quit Tsunderia though.

>> No.13396259

>precious Holomamas
Good thing he knows that design is not the most important thing for a vtuber. He proved that even a hack like Redjuice can't stop a talent's personality

>> No.13396262

I think they're more cautious with EN because making a new overseas branch costs a lot more money and they don't have a lot of experience in that territory. They would rather play it safe than potentially bomb hard and lose on their investment.
Hololive kind of did the same thing by picking professional content creators for gen 1

>> No.13396283

Wait, isn't she Bae's friend? I was hoping they'd collab...

>> No.13396304

Oof that'd be a stretch.

>> No.13396324

She sure suffered with subs though. She'd be well over 1M if she had Guchico make her model instead

>> No.13396344
File: 582 KB, 700x386, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

maybe this

>> No.13396366

I'll always believe that a majority of nonvtuber talents aren't going to suddenly want to become vtubers when the path for 3D streamers/content creators is much more certain over here. Maybe in a year or so things will change.

>> No.13396388

It'd be interesting if nothing else. Maybe it'd help her into hololive if she wanted in. She's very talented so NijiEN could be a landing spot if she graduated.

>> No.13396411

Why would he, his company has long since surpassed them and now it's Niji who copies ideas from Hololive to survive

>> No.13396415

I think it's more that EN market has already developed enough to the point Niji knew they can just scoop up whoever the most experienced in the signups as opposed to their previous branches, I'll assure you if they were going to let's say ES or RU instead of EN they'll pick their debuts like what we've seen in IN,ID and KR

>> No.13396422

I'd argue that her design filtering the most basic EOPs is a good thing for her since she does not have to deal with a toxic fanbase.

>> No.13396437

I wasn't talking about the voice packs or anything related to merch.

>> No.13396469

>gun autist
>literal horse fucker
You don't

>> No.13396491

>posts VPs
>it isn't about the VPs
then which is it?!

>> No.13396514

The exec who actually created Nijisanji quit anyway (because he got cancer.) It's not the same management anymore.

>> No.13396518

the artist for the image on the left

>> No.13396525

There is literally nothing to seethe about, it is an artist that is contracted to do work. It is expected they will pick up projects from various companies.
It is case by case. Niji EN needed to do three vtubers every three months because there were already plenty of companies before them in the EN market. I think it has its own benefit since debuts are events that draw eyes and getting such events every three months can be helpful, and with three vtubers it is small enough to focus on them more easily and they have less chances to over lap.
Yeah Kawaii did it well too. With so many you need time for viewers to get to know them, and then the second debut within six months you are able to get a full schedule of vtubers streaming well before the one year mark.

Tsunderia could have been in a different place if they didn't botch their second generation as hard as they did. I think Gen three is possibly getting near the success Gen two has or is even surpassing them in some respects.

>> No.13396556

True, and it's no surprise after three waves of pretty similar girls and content that those that offer something distinct stand out from the rest, and, I mean, it's understanble why they played so safe, but at the same time it's heavily dissapointing, especially with the whole leaving males out for three whole waves and half a year and leaving them for last and segregated (and so far it seems like they will also play safe with the males, since the the most suspected candidate seem to be more of the same as the girls but as a male) and that safe aproach is starting to show it's negatives as the growth of the girls has slowed considerably for several of them, with Ethyria doing pretty bad in comparison to LazuObsy.

>> No.13396578

>literal horse fucker
Cyberlive bros...

>> No.13396615

Selen is unironically a furfag and look where she is now.

>> No.13396618

In my opinion they should have debuted males from the start, waiting so long isn't gonna do nothing but make things much harder for them, more than they would be already.

>> No.13396650

Anon you know the artists are contractors and not paid employees right?

>> No.13396673

They had auditions open for males in the first wave, I think they just didn't get any good applicants. It makes me question if they were any more successful getting applicants for a male-specific audition that probably got more eyes from male vtubers. Back in November/December 2020 when they held auditions there weren't even any male EN vtubers worth watching.

>> No.13396692

Nagu is a professional illustrator that takes jobs from big companies, and has done art of Niji livers in the past. Why wouldn't she take this job?

>> No.13396698

fuck off falseflag nigger

>> No.13396740

Explain how, please, when they have much more viewers and superchat.

>> No.13396782

People think that professional artists pick sides like fat menially ill basement dwellers on 4chan do. Protip: Mito's mama has drawn Marine and liked tweets with Mori fanart.

>> No.13396785

Anon, IRyStocrats are literally the worst fanbase in Hololive.

>> No.13396802

Sorry if it wasn't clear I was joking about the idea of Yagoo secretly seething over his girls working for "the enemy" because that's how the most rabid Hololive fans characterize things on here. Obviously there's nothing wrong with it and even if she were disallowed from doing so that illustration is from 2019, they're just being rereleased to international buyers.

>> No.13396817

Then why didn't they hire professional content creators isn't of just another streamer?

>> No.13396820

Currently out of the startup agencies I like Cyberlive the most, and would rather they didn't even debut a new gen yet (seems too late for that really) - you run the real risk of diluting out the user pool too fast and making things akward when you roll out new talents at lightspeed.

NijiEN dropped 10 in about half a year and they clearly hit a saturation point with Wave 3 yet already have a 4th wave in the works. I mean you can argue economics wise there is like no overhead to running these things if you are small and not trying to set up promos/live events etc like holo/niji do, so the more the merrier with talents and income. For individual talents however when they're just slivering up the income pool more and more that really sucks for them.

>> No.13396861

I love Cyberlive, but they really do need a second gen so they can get a second chance to get eyes on them again and more importantly they have more dead hours then active ones.
God all the girls seems to stream around the same time

>> No.13396876

I think Cyber needs the new attention since they moved past all the debut yabs. They also had a dead hours problem that a new gen can fix. After that the should slow down and focus on their strong suit which is talent support with 3d and outfits

>> No.13396895

True, but it still confuses me that they seemingly weren't able to find at least one male for the branch at the time, especially considering that from those auditions they got six members total.

>> No.13396910

How did we write the same thing kek

>> No.13396934

Less members can mean more dead hours, it's even worse when they overlap too.

>> No.13396962

I disagree. I think the smartest option would've been to switch wave 3 and wave 4 around.

>> No.13396963

I don't think it is so bad. As much as people hate on Hololive here Hololive released both gen 1 and 2 within 6 weeks of eachother. They went from 2 members to 12 members in the span of 2 months. 4 months later they added 3 more. That is very rapid and it worked out well for them.

>> No.13396982

>I was pretending to be retarded
>muh holofags
Go away if you have nothing to add.

>> No.13396984

NijiEN3 blows and I watch LazuLight and Obsydia exclusively

>> No.13397026

NijiEN's management seems pretty conservative compared to NijiJP in terms of hiring so they might have had some pretty high standards that no talented 2views could meet. The discussions about them playing it too safe with all 3 gens when JP hired actual nobodies off the street holds true. NijiJP weren't afraid of hiring people that might have yabs or graduate after a few months but EN seem to want full-time vtubers that commit to streaming almost every day. That's something most males can't do as men are still considered to be the breadwinners in the west and have much more social pressure to work their way up the corporate ladder or graduate university.

>> No.13397050

The chuuba market wasn't as saturated back then - for the time, rapid expansion was a smart move, the same way slowing things down and focusing on pre-debut hype for Council was also a smart move.

>> No.13397058

It literally is the same. Iwanaga was just one out of many.

>> No.13397065

I want to see this. I want a yab that rivals .LIVE.

>> No.13397071

Also the main talented 2views got scooped up by small corpo. Imagine Shiki or Yura in Niji.

>> No.13397101

Not meant for >>13394368

>> No.13397150

I don't want Yura or Shiki in Niji. Their own small corpos give them their own room to grow and network with each other.

>> No.13397154

Doesn't matter what you think about them, that's not the point of discussion. The point is that wave 3 has much more SC and views than them. Even Reimu who had 1k today with Apex, a number that no one in tsunderia ever did.

>> No.13397160

>full-time vtubers that commit to streaming almost every day.
Feel like some of stuff like that phrase above is due to how badly things went with NijiIN and AC wanting to prevent that from happenning again.

>> No.13397177

Only Rosemi was like that. None of the others were part of agencies when they were recruited after the audition.

>> No.13397193

That's like comparing HoloEN to NijiEN. Whole different ballgame, and scale.

>> No.13397226

Shiki applied to Nijisanji and got rejected according to her. Prism was her 3rd choice after both Hololive and Nijisanji rejected her.
Non also applied and got rejected and she's been outstanding so far in Prism. Like an even more degenerate Finana that actually wants to draw hentai of her genmates and goes on super weird sexual fetish tangents. Maybe even comparable to EN Utako or something.

Maybe but I don't think IN failed due to lack of streams, they had no audience to begin with.

>> No.13397372

Holy shit, really? Damn did NijiEN missed out on then.
Also with that I meant that AC probably noticed several mistakes they did with IN and didn't want to repeat them with EN, like the livers not streaming much.

>> No.13397497

I wasn't saying they were. I was saying NIJI missed out on good picks that got taken by small corpo.

>> No.13397507

I think Yura applied to Nijisanji too. Both her and Non are bigger Nijifags than Holofags. Non even said yesterday she only really watches Nijisanji when she's not streaming.
They truly missed out but desu if you had to choose between Yura or Non who had 0 vtuber experience or Reimu and Petra who had tons of vtuber experience and all 4 are equally huge Nijisanji fans the choice is obvious even if it looks bad in hindsight.

>> No.13397559

The difference is that not only was the market not as saturated back then, hololive didn't know what they were doing either. They didn't really start inclining until gen 3 debuted, and back then the only instructions they gave to their talents is "here's your iphone. I don't know, stream or something."

>> No.13397579
File: 1.63 MB, 1749x981, middle manager tonegawa thumbs up.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>We need /vt/'s wannabe manager to help the small corpos
Sorry, but /vt/ ran out of free consultations and I don't work for free.

That's an incredibly low IQ take. It's like saying being successful is a good way to grow a channel. The devil's always in the details, and viral marketing can easily wind up backfiring if done improperly in a way that comes off as cringe and forced. Backlash is a thing in the social media sphere,especially nowadays.

I assume they'll want a woman for obvious reasons, so I'm sure that'll turn out well. She'll probably have her work cut out for her. Hopefully she can live up to the role and plot a course for growth by...eh, forget it. I'm sure a productive member of society will know better than a lowly NEET such as myself. I'm just here to kick back and watch some meta industry discussion for the lolz.

>> No.13397583

I agree. I was only correcting the anon who said that tsunderia is bigger than en3.
Is there any source for that statement about shiki anon? timestamp? I would like to hear it.
Also who's non
Yura and Non? wut? where they said they are niji fans? I don't watch them so can you point out?

>> No.13397684

Didn't Mori got Non deep into vtubers?

>> No.13397731

>hololive didn't know what they were doing either.
Let's be honest, do any of these start ups know what they're doing either? One of them can get a horseshoe up their ass too.

>> No.13397744

Honestly there are so many good talents in the small corpo realm that every company has girls that makes me wonder how they didn't get into the big leagues and how Council ended up being so milquetoast in comparison. I guess I'm just looking at it through rose-tinted glasses though and seeing only the Shikis, Mioris, and Nenes and not the company as a whole.

>> No.13397819 [SPOILER] 
File: 553 KB, 1004x529, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Non said it in her art stream yesterday but it's pretty long. Maybe there's a schizo timestamping everything in her comments idk.
She specifically said these things:
>When applying to be a vtuber she applied for literally every company she could find and did her reps improving her resume and her audition video.
>She mostly watches Nijisanji when not streaming but has watched Hololive clips and is a fan of Mori. She's done some Holo fanart in the past as well.
>She's a fan of Pomu and watches her a lot.
>Lamented the fact Prism won't let her have an official NSFW tag or draw porn on her official account and how it'd be possible if she was in Nijisanji instead.

also her pl drew this

>> No.13397880

Still hope Council will be good once they get over stage fright, which is reasonable when you start off with so many viewers. They are boring though, I don't know why Holos always cling to their lore at first when they're only good after dumping it.

>> No.13397892

To be fair, from an outside perspective it seems like there's obvious moves to be made and opportunities ripe for the picking. They just need driven, ambitious, outside the box thinkers who won't be secretly resenting/envying the talent for being popular and efamous while the managerial class thanklessly slaves away in the background.

I'd imagine startups would be best served by staff who like being staff and want to be the best corporate backbone they can be. But in a western culture where celebrity and fame is all the rage, I wonder how many people genuinely like that you can go down to the resume tree and pick up off the ground.

>> No.13397932 [SPOILER] 

Sometimes these girls are just a big fish in a little pond. I find it hard to believe Shiki would blow up in Hololive or Nijisanji when she has short streams and doesn't do any gaming content. Those are the opposite of what EN viewers are attracted to typically. It's just that there's enough people out there attracted to her content to make her stand above the rest of Prism.
Same for Nene, she's very GFE but then so is Rosemi or Pomu or Kiara, who needs more of that really?

>> No.13397971 [SPOILER] 

That basically describes Urara, Tsunderia's manager. She works very hard to make sure her girls are taken care of to the point it damages her health while most vtuber managers are lazy as shit.

>> No.13397979

The Council make good foils to Myth and Irys and are great collab partners all around. They make HoloEN and to a lesser extent HoloID more lively, but they don't really have much of an identity of their own. The ones who I initially percieved to be wallflowers ended up the solid solo streamers, with Bae's zatsus and Fauna in general. There's plenty of room to grow but eh.

>> No.13398008

>Loves Nijisanji
>Didn’t make it in
>Gets hired by sketchy small company instead
>Cursed with a Polka clone avatar and a holofag audience
I’m going cry bros

>> No.13398010

I find them less boring than Myth. Sana seems to know what to go for and Kronii has been gachi farming really hard and has good views. Mumei seems like a bust outside of collabs. I want better for Bae but she's a roster filler to make sure someone in the gen is productive. Fauna's fills a niche that HoloEN didn't have anyone for even if she's kinda a bust. The problem with Council is they have no Guras or Moris to expand the brand, they only have more Ames

>> No.13398028

Now you understand why Slugma gets praise.

>> No.13398056

Did she mention any other Niji liver thag she watches?

>> No.13398063

There are only so many slots opening in the big leagues.
And also Cover seems to recruit people by divining the stars or something instead of relying on mortal indicators like past experience or attitude so

>> No.13398065

PRISM management is gonna break her, the company literally wants to be Cover 2.0 and Hololive bootlickers.
A nijifag in such a place, ngmi

>> No.13398078

Why do you have "loves nijisanji" as a metric?

>> No.13398081

Could you go ahead and explain what you mean by "damages her health"? Thanks.

>> No.13398087

This thread was made by a holofag

>> No.13398133

>Cover seems to recruit people by divining the stars or something
Literally audition vids and referrals. NijiEN's application form is obssessed with numbers, HoloEN's is very straightforward.

>> No.13398143

>Cover 2.0
If you actually follow them they are pretty much Niji larper

>> No.13398162

I swear to god there are more retards in here trying to push their retarded anti-holo tribal war than there are actual holofags in the thread

>> No.13398164

That's completely wrong so stop thinking that immediately.

>> No.13398165

I believe Shiki or Nene absolutely would blow up in Hololive, or at the very least be as successful as any current Council member. If you ask me, Tenma Maemi would have been a perfect fit as Baelz. I know it's an unpopular opinion now but I definitely think there is a lot of branding power influencing Council's views.

>> No.13398178

Why do corporations try to be hololive ever? Hololive's success is purely outrageous and luck driven. It is not replicable.

>> No.13398192

please give me a hint on her pl i cant find it

>> No.13398193

I love it that holofags will go off about how talented their vtubers were in their PL yet simultaneously call every other company clout chasers for having soft requirements to applying to them.

>> No.13398194

Monkey see, monkey do

>> No.13398198

Imagine Shiki with the influence and money to actually do a collab song with Takayan. God, maybe someday.

>> No.13398223

You want to dox her? there are too much private info in her PL

>> No.13398226

>I definitely think there is a lot of branding power influencing Council's views.
No shit. All of Council's members are top 50 vtubers in the world in terms of live viewers. Yes, even Sana. I'm not a holo anti in the least but the holo buff is massive. I will leave it to the tribal warriors to say if it is deserved but no one with a brain can ignore it.

>> No.13398228

I hate it when you faggots try go derail industry meta discussion with tribalfaggotry.

>> No.13398229

Just check the previous prism thread

>> No.13398230

Lack of successful examples from other agencies, also holomonopoly

>> No.13398234
File: 2.80 MB, 1517x952, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I can't remember, I know she mentioned some JP's but I don't remember who specifically.
Here's the stream if you wanna find it yourself.

I love Tenma but her English and her short temper would probably get her a lot of haters in HoloEN.

Check Obsydia's art tags.

>> No.13398243

>every other company
uh huh

>> No.13398294
File: 80 KB, 1280x720, jormungand-07-chang-angry-cigar-smoke-business-weapons_dealer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>most vtuber managers are lazy as shit
To be fair, I could probably outperform them despite having zero qualifications while still being a lazy as shit NEET through cultivating innovation and alternative revenue sources alone.

The real problem is probably that they're lazy for the sake of being lazy instead of lazy by virtue of minmaxing efficiency to the point of having everything running so smoothly the majority of actual work is mostly just sexually harrassing the chuba(s) and walking on over to pick up a paycheck.

Granted, Tsunderia might find more Allah tier managers who'll turn the company around. However, given their track record of easily avoidable missteps, unnecessary blunders, obvious strategic errors, and woefully underutilizing potential marketing and PR opportunities, it does call into question whether they'd even have decent enough judgment to pick a winner in the first place.

>> No.13398340

>I love Tenma but her English and her short temper would probably get her a lot of haters in HoloEN.
Perfect qualities to have as the avatar of chaos. Her English is just intelligible enough that you can understand it; the audience would eat it up 100%.

>> No.13398383

I'll say this much, most of the work management does is by definition invisible to the public so unless one of the chuubas explictly tell you how much work their manager is doing there is no way we can know how lazy they actually are.

>> No.13398384

>cultivating innovation and alternative revenue sources
Cyberlive let Lumi get crypto now more people should follow.
And even if they don't want to do that they should just shill brave and become an affiliate and get brave tokens from people who would not be able to normally donate

>> No.13398394

Tenma would probably have more luck as an EN-speak JP branch. That's probably going to be Cover's next move for Gen6, and I suspect gathering 5 JPs with passable English is a difficult effort to even construct another gen.

>> No.13398401

For the same reason every MMO was a WoWclone back in the day.

>> No.13398405

Alternative revenue streams doesn't mean pandering to glorified MLM's and other scams that will alienate viewers.

>> No.13398414

>Cyberlive let Lumi get crypto

>> No.13398442

You're thinking way too small, and simply pertains to hopping on a bandwagon that's already started taking off.

Honestly, this is why industry discussion on /vt/ bores me. It's all so conventional, and much of it rehashed what's already known instead of going in wild new experimental directions.

>> No.13398456

Despite Gen 5's eventual success, I honestly think the Aloe incident and more minor Gen 5 yabs combined with the lack of enthusiasm for the most recent JP Nijiwave have scared Cover off. There will probably be an EN Gen 3 before there's a Gen 6.

>> No.13398483

They have tons of sponsorships pilling up. They need more bodies.

>> No.13398485

>much of it rehashed what's already known instead of going in wild new experimental directions.
Instead of complaining, you could go ahead and get us started.

>> No.13398503

Somehow it reminds me of this.

>> No.13398512

Ok? What other forms of revenue exist besides sponsorships, merchandies, donations, memberships, concerts, expos, games, television, books, and magazines.
Brave is a great mobile browser and a good desktop one, also giving people more opportunities to give money especially an untapped market is always good

>> No.13398517

Unfortunately, they seem to be content working the bodies they already have into the ground.

>> No.13398548

Ogey brave shill. I'm a poorfag, how does it work?

>> No.13398550

Eh, Eden are doing better than Niji's previous JP waves in 2020. I don't think the reaction was poor, Nijisanji just has lower expectations for their talents. Hitting 2-3k consistent viewers is already the top 10% of Nijisanji.

>> No.13398551

You sound like a faggot, but a podcast or live radio show type show would be neat

>> No.13398574

Prism already did a podcast with Rita and Luto and it didn't really get them much exposure since only people who already care about Prism would listen to it.

>> No.13398584

bcuz there's this thing called being realistic anon, idk what are you up to but I can already guess you'd probably wanna do something too ahead from the time

>> No.13398634

I already said I don't work for free, and as a neckbeard I ain't getting hired any time soon. My complaints are simply a courtesy to try to nudge discussion along in the right direction, away from gazing at the past's navel and developing more of a vision for the future.

At the end of the day, the responsibility for developing actual business strategies ultimately lies with the gainfully employed individuals working for these companies.

This guy gets it. Instead of constantly comparing numbers to see who's doing better or worse than anyone else, brainstorming ideas for things chubas aren't currently doing is a better use of time.

>there's this thing called being realistic anon
That's just defeatist by any other name.

>> No.13398637
File: 6 KB, 208x243, download (18).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13398651

I'm keeping tabs on the small corpos and indies and plenty of them are trying new things. Most of those experiments don't work, but the ones that do will expand the hobby by the virtue of proliferating new ideas. Expansion shouldn't just come in the form of Gura and Mori being /v/ermin and their refusal to play archtypical holocore, but everyone else doing strange things.
Now if only we went back to the 3D meta...

>> No.13398655

You sound incredibly pretentious and exhausting to be around. The only chuuba you'd be fit to manage is nux.

>> No.13398682

In the past 4 days they've gotten collabs/sponsorships with Bushiroad, Bandai, Kodokawa, Lawsons, Family Mart, the Japanese Consulate, some new Switch VR game, TPC on NND, and village vanguard. Not to mention all the games they have to shill.

They need more people.

>> No.13398710

Where's my intercorpo ttrpg group? I know a few talents are interested and Slugma herself gave the green light and is just waiting for a GM.

>> No.13398731

Opt in to see pop up ads click on them to get BAT tokens. You also get some for browsing. They appear like notification at the bottom right and don't block anything.
Verified creators get a check on your search bar and you can just give them your BAT.
You can also use your BAT like normal crypto or redeem if for vouchers from amazon, netflix and other things

>> No.13398744

Retards don't know that Yagoo's a luckshitter carried by the talents. Hololive should have died in 2020 but instead after every yab they keep moving forward and their popularity extends to places it shouldn't ex. Korea.

>> No.13398785

You know, when you have to resort to petty insults, that's probably a pretty clear sign you're in the wrong. Honestly not sure if you're a chuba salty you can't get free pointers, or an uninspired manager who's ego is threatened by a pseudoanonymous shitposter on a Norwegian pretzel making enthusiast usenet mailing list.

Either way, I'm just here being a good samaritan because someone brought me up and I was hoping this thread would turn out more productive.

>> No.13398813

you can tell he's full of shit because the first thing he does is hide his "innovative" ideas behind excuses.

>> No.13398816

Sara Nagare from Prism said she plans to DM a TTRPG and Non really wants to play.
NijiEN also planned to do some TTRPG stuff sometime and Pomu/Rosemi did a game with ID a little while ago. They already broke the collab barrier with small corpos when Finana collabed with Shiki.

The question is if they could turn it into an inter-company thing but plenty of chuubas are talking about doing TTRPG's and someone just needs to sort out the details of bringing them together. I guess we'll see after Prism's collab ban if Sara can organize something since she likes to DM.

>> No.13398856

>Brave shills itt

>> No.13398872

>That's just defeatist by any other name.
What can I really say? It's a tough market to break especially for EN where the holofanatism is just insane. I do hope one day at least we can turn EN into duopoly but will it tho?

>> No.13398887
File: 1014 KB, 1750x1650, 1637578508392.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13398897

Where's your Anya soundpost ttrpganon?

>> No.13398902
File: 165 KB, 452x332, Anya - Born Chaos(Everhood) [sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2Fnprzqs.mp3].gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Phase Connect



Kawaii Pro

/hunter myth/ must be resurrected. I will find exile-fa/tg/uys another home.

>> No.13398916
File: 315 KB, 2000x2000, 1634231801412.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is Cyberlife manager like Slugma?

>> No.13398990

No they still aren't on Holodex

>> No.13399038

They just need to hire this guy.


>> No.13399068

I think that is more on holodex then them as I applied awhile ago suggesting them and they weren't added. holodex got lazy lately in general.

>> No.13399074

Did Hololive's TTRPG attempt turn out successful? I only ask because it seems like it fizzled out due to real progression in TTRPGs requiring a fuckhuge time commitment, frequent sessions and participants who are willing to slog it out over months if not a year to get through a fruitful campaign.

Tough markets aren't impossible, and small corpos should presumably be flexible enough to outmaneuver industry leaders who're more set in their ways. It's ultimately a matter of whether the staff are talented and visionary enough to properly manage and network their harems. There's nothing /vt/ can do if the companies themselves are lacking in proper managerial and administrative direction, and that's ultimately what will make the most difference if your roster is comprised of generic vtubers who aren't superbly exceptional ebough at some craft or hobby to dominate a respective niche.

>> No.13399099

Hard to say since unlike tsunderia they have more than one manager (char doesn't count) so she isn't doing the entire heavy lifting. We also don't know as much unlike Tsun due to her not saying exactly every single thing she does like Slug kek

>> No.13399120

Getting more people won't solve the real issue which is the girls taking on more things than they can handle. The EN girls refuse shit all the time, to a harmful extent, while the JP girls refuse to turn down opportunities to the point of damaging their health.

>> No.13399336

This was actually incredibly interesting

>> No.13399482

isn't there one already with Hololive on youtube and Vshojo on twitch?

>> No.13399491

Vsho who?

>> No.13399683

I cringe at Vshoujo, but they found a niche and played it up the best they could instead of simply comparing themselves to Hololive or trying to be a knockoff of some other agency.

>> No.13399690

Hunter Myth was great exactly because she both introduces TTRPGs to vtuber fans and gives them a much better route of entry; not DnD, and expands the hobby by exposing ttrpg fans into vtubers. But they ran into two problems;
Varying degrees of interest
And these are problems that can be sidestepped by simply drafting a selection of vtubers that are already interested in ttrpgs, are on the same page on what kind of ttrpg they're going to play, and compatible scheduling that doesn't murder everyone's sleep.

>> No.13399696

Well that's 2 distinct markets, I only talk about holo dominated youtube here since that's where most of these startups compete

>> No.13399762

>holo dominated youtube
>that's where most of these startups compete
Think, anons...

>> No.13399778

Vshojo has actually been doing some outreach outside, and is mildly successful themselves. Their top talents, particularly Nyanners and Ironmouse are much more tolerable than what the clips suggest.

>> No.13399886

Sure, and many others are doing worse
>Phase connect
Good joke, their have their own issues but are so so well ahead than Tsunderia it's almost sad

Forgot PRISM which is kind of of middle ground I guess worse to work at but better money

>> No.13399915

Keeping S-train for sooo long was realy a bit mistake and the reason of many of the biggest issues

>> No.13399980

At a certain point you can't keep blaming past problems for current hardships if those problems have already been solved.

>> No.13400212
File: 65 KB, 257x196, br.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Many vtuber channels are growing well on Twitch recently, and more and more indies continue to make the switch
It's pretty obviouis with the end of Corono; the more casual/normie viewers return to their daily life and forgtet vtubers, and Youtube is the most entry-level site possible, 2nde to google searcH, everyone know about it and use it, though mostly to watch VODs.

Meanwhile Twitch has the enthusiasts, it's been the face of streaming for 7+ years and the audience there is dedicated, they spend more on average, they spend pend more time watching, more likely to buy merch, overall it's a growing audience sure it's a niche in itself, a lot of people never heard of twitch but wouldn't watch your stream even if they heard, what matters is that they reach audience who is interested in streams and willing to look at new streams if it's recommended to them via algo or raid or gift sub. I keep seeing people losing their mind about the VODs being kept a month or two by default, but that's exactly my point, it was never an issue for most viewers, because they're here for the live. Maybe check the one they just missed. But never to watch some obscure VOD from last year. If someone thinks it's important they can automate archiving on VODs site like Youtube.
Also the oh so evil "twitch culture" anons seems scared off, a stream's culture depends on the streamer not the plateform, big youtube streams also have a garbage and spammy chat. Many twitch indies have a perfectly good chat.

All in all especially at the moment any indie staying on Youtube is just sabotaging themselves, and most do this because Hololive being the biggest company people do just like them without understanding they're not at all in the same position.

>> No.13400279
File: 89 KB, 199x253, leaf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

After 70-100 "maybe" but that's like 0.1% of vtubers, and even then many corpos bigger than that have at least their manager regularly checking.
Hell even fucking Leaflit one of the biggest EN solo indie around often reaching 700 viewers, regularly post in /wvt/
Everytime it's brought up literally everyone has been lurking, Slugma (tsunderia manager) answered the marshmallow about 4cc divegrass and made references before, EVERYONE KNOWS, EVERYONE.

>> No.13400318

yeah gonna need some source for this, I can see some indies do thi, but Pippa is a corpo in a growing company, no way she's say that

>> No.13400378

PRISM is such a joke, there's worse but it's like Hololive-light, you get expensive models and a few high end stuff paid for you but anything else you have to pay yourself, they take 50% of revenues, bring decent exposure but like miles ahead of holo or even niji of courese, and you get JP game restrictions
What a scam unless you''e like <10 viewers

>> No.13400403

I mean this will sound arrogant but honestly I'm absolutely confident konwing more than quite a few people in those small corpos, not everyone, but damn the bar is low. Some investors with a vague understanding trying to win the lottery.

>> No.13400442

the only reason to get such an overpriced artist is the exposure but it barely work, it's just throwing money out the window

>> No.13400604
File: 349 KB, 281x281, 1600370092999.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Getting out of management and marketing school

>> No.13400659

I find it interesting how few euro vtubers are in the EN companies. It feels like almost everyone is from either America or the SEA region. Seems like it's kind of an untapped market.

>> No.13400734

Youtube is getting raids and gifted subs next year and the audience already uses youtube for other things so watching streams there won't be a problem

>> No.13400750

I'd say if we talk europe here the real deal would be in CIS instead of EU, just look at Mana and Nina. I wouldn't be shocked if one day Niji opened a RU branch and have like a kazakh or uzbek chuuba to expose themselves to those nations

>> No.13400881

But Nina is Dutch.

>> No.13400912

Yeah I do keep an eye on that, if it's as good as they pretend then it'll be much more balanced even if the streaming audience will take some time to equilibrate. Even if the audience "already uses youtube" (souce? Many people just watch their fav and their circle and if linked a youtube stream won't bother cause everything is on twitch for them)
Those features would be a big boost still, but that's only promises for now, there's no actual date or guarantee it will be well done, so we'l lsee

>> No.13400959

Which Nina do you mean? I was talking bout the NijiEN one and she's a leaf but boi she's huge on the RU scene

>> No.13400999

There's no source, i just can't imagine that there can be people that watch videos online without going to youtube if there are i'm really impressed

>> No.13401014

Latin America seems like the next market, they have some income, love anime, and have some super popular face streamers already.

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