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>I wish they would stop doing Minecraft streams.

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And we're getting a shit ton of Pokemon instead

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You got what you fucking deserved.

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You don't know what a monkey's paw is?

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>does Ark streams

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i actually enjoy minecraft, ark, and apex streams...

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Thanks anon. We are getting Pokemon instead.
Next time don't use a fucking monkey's paw.

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Instead of minecraft, they'll all play FFXIV 24/7 instead

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you WILL watch Holo Ark

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your wish is granted

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(You) will watch your oshi phone it in to play the souless Pokémon remake and (You) will enjoy it, OP.

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please God i would take minecraft any day over this shit

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Pokemon is unironically too s*y for me
Lets go back to MC since I play it semiregularly with frens & can keep track of their builds while also it being a zatsudan
Pokemon makes them too focused so they cant zatsudan while also bot being able to relate to the game
Take me back

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Joke's on you, my oshi streams neither Minecraft nor Pokemon.
She doesn't stream at all...

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Faggots bitch about anything

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At least Pokemon is slightly better since I get to see what starters they picked and what teams they end up with.

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based AyameKEK

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90% of my vtuber media consumption is used as background noise. I cant even fathom caring what anyone is playing.

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>they'll do fortnite insted

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wish one of them would do a civilization stream. might be extremely boring game to stream but still im interested

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>why are they all playing the newly released game from a popular series?

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>I wish Gura was black

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I wish 7 Days to Die had spread beyond Coco. It's like an uglier, grittier Minecraft with actual combat, vehicles and horror elements.

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Granted your oshi next stream is her graduation

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Here, Callawr Mora

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Granted, she is also the biggest slut out of all the hololive girls, and even the entirety of vshojo

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Aloe fan I see

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