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This thread is about vtubers that play a lot of FPS and/or compete in FPS tournaments (Vspo, Merise, etc.).
Anything goes, even if it's not related to an FPS stream.
Collabs with non-v are common so posting about the typical collab partners (CR, KNR, 芸人旅団, etc.) is also on topic.

Upcoming events:
11/22 - 11/25 Valorant Girls Party Scrims
11/26 Main Event

11/27 VSpo! Remote Cooking Showdown

11/28 VGGC - Virtual Girl Gamers' Convention (unofficial VSpo! only convention)

Previous thread: >>13346217

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bora sex

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selly sex

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Who is going to get food poisoning from their cooking? Any bets?

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They eat raw beef, egg and fish almost everyday. Asians are pretty tolerant to food poisoning.

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so hendy is going to tell them what to do? man if only it weren't on nnd

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Those are actually fine as long as you don't eat raw chicken

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The opposite. The girls are going to tell Hendy what to do.

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So is it behind paywall or not?

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Let's see... From what I know, Hinano and Qpi can cook so they will know what to do. It seems Nazuna also cooks but she always make weird dishes and combinations. I don't knoe about the others.

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From what I understand, the one behind paywall is just the member-only stuffs. Seems like there will be footages that can only be accessed by members and other benefits as well.

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Met screams and panting:

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> Vspo, Valorant, Ark, and other FPS tubers
Apex is kill.

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I remember the recent CR cup where they had to cook, some guy cooked an abomination of omelette and dandelions and got food poisoning from it

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how new

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Why doesn't Noah have friends.

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noah is so fucking cute

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Looks like it's fine now though.

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Hope he learned his lesson, if Twitter thinks you're evading something they can just terminate all accounts on your IP

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what happened

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He was changing the birthday year on his account and Twitter does not like that. It assumes you're under 13 and evading rules so they locked his account but he got it back. But termination can happen to even checkmarks so people should be careful.

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>CR cup christmas is real
What about everyone's romantic outings? Oh wait...

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Just have a date in the morning

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Having sex before a match leads to poor performance

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let's see how sumire does after we just had sex

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ema's playing on my dick

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Do they not want to spend time with family?

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Christmas is not a family holiday in japland.
It's time for couples to fuck.

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christmas is a romantic holiday in japan where people order cakes and eat a ton of KFC
I didn't make any of this up, pic related is their santa

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I knew about the Colonel Sander's santa but didn't realise it was void of family time...

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I am demanding UruRei, NiruMafu, and Oreapo on christmas CR cup and next year's CR valentines too.

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Family time would be on New Year.

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CR Cup for duos? Or, wouldn't that be the same as that teetee cup?

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Reid is playing Valorant with Sumire and Qpi

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As long as they're together I don't mind who the 3rd wheel is

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Watch misao!

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deep inside me i really want ema to main wattson... but she keeps giving up on wacchan because she doesnt know how to play her... can anyone teach her how to put down silly fences...

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Met's on Valo with ras and 'cisco

>> No.13494407

And Arisaka

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So Nazuna gets to join for New Years CR Cup, nice

>> No.13494457

I meant Arisaka not ras. oops

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Sumire is having so much fun voice chatting in valorant.
Reid is there too and he's cringing at her.

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I will need clips on it later.
Matsuri also had a lot of chatting in her Valorant stream

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Selly on his way to kill the people who were trying to revive Overwatch

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Runa could take Bora's place in that team and they wouldn't even have to change the name of it

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Selly needs to go kill more contestants in ALGS before worrying about that

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While Noah plays alone.....

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Are Sumire and Reid playing in wood league? Everyone seems pretty bad.

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>Kinako being interviewed for Tiktok "gaming"
what the fuck is wrong with Japan I saw Nijisanji even shows concerts on Tiktok

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I started playing as a Watt main but gravitated away. There is a very low chance that JPs will ever play Wattson because of her passive-reactive playstyle compared to Caustic and even Rampart who can push and play aggressive.
It's similar to Gibraltar where competitive teams use Gib as a means to traverse into final rounds, Wattson can possibly entrench a final ring's spot very well but it's a matter of getting to final rounds and having open areas = stuck with the Pylon while the fences are just to "dissuade" aping if you can even set up a perimeter without taking unnecessary damage.
The shield regen passive and pylon shield regen make are obvious thoughtful features that allow her to make risky fences in the open but it's still an unattractive playstyle that takes time to set up.
The same meme players have about Caustic applies to Wattson where "just set shit up, never shoot gun" is more apparent especially during hotdrops, if you set up fences you are not looting fast enough to defend yourself from a nearby squad, if you loot and shoot you're just relying on the shield regen which might not really be a factor depending on how active the fight is.

It's hard to discern growth as a Watt player because it's less about people getting hit by fences and more how many pushes were stopped by fences, how many times you were able to do that trick where one node indoors, one node outside the door to break and zap someone holding or trapping a team inside a house(which still doesn't provide an immediately tangible benefit that grenades wouldn't replicate).
It is fun to play aggressive with Watt and just play on her passive and pylon shield regen doing hit and run + lowered downtime on using cells but it is just all in all hard to make the character's kit shine without a coordinated team.

Feels bad but I'd rather watch streamers play Crypto over Wattson unless they have their APM augmented by several gallons of energy drinks and can fence+shoot immediately.

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poor managersan, hinano has been going crazy about pokemon permissions for the last few days

>> No.13497103 [DELETED] 

Literally every other chuuba in existence: Happily playing Pokemon
Meanwhile Hinano just begging to play the game.

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Just realized with Christmas Raccoon Cup they're going to do scrims and practice all through the holiday break wtf. I'm expecting a lot of scrim replacements.

>> No.13497122 [DELETED] 

She'll just have to play it on Kamito's stream

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>I'm expecting a lot of scrim replacements.
You will know who fucks and who not.
Thank you Xmas Raccoon

>> No.13497352 [DELETED] 

What if Hinano and Kamito are absent on different days?

>> No.13498398 [DELETED] 

That can't be possible.

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Every day until you subscribe

I like that Nose was the only one here to sprinkle in some encouragement in the middle of her bullying.

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Noah needs to dashes more playing jet. She uses it about once every 3 matches, which is pretty damn bad. When she runs out of knives, she doesn't immediately dash as a natural reaction, but stand there and switch to guns in front of enemy.... Or when enemy gets first shot on her, she stands there and exchange instead of dash away. Xqq emphasize on movement in the coaching, but Noah uses none of it, zero confidence.

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Sometimes Beni sounds like she's about to cry, but then I remember that's what she sounds like all the time.
>captcha:N SAY W

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It's more of a gut reaction. Her instinct is "if you punch me, I'll punch you and lets see who's still standing" instead of preserving health.
She always preferred offensive grapple onto flanks with Pathfinder instead of saving it for an out. Might be better off playing Reyna really.

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I am surprised there isn't any beni sex viper fanart since she's been playing viper.

>> No.13500067 [DELETED] 

The more I listen to Mabo, the more she sounds like Beni if she were a few years older and a few thousand packets of cigs in.

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She sounds so cute when she's getting complimented.

>> No.13500139 [DELETED] 

The more I listen to Mabo, the more I want to have sex with her voice.

>> No.13500379 [DELETED] 

last minute collab with chiichan

>> No.13500616 [DELETED] 

she's a lot more vocal today - guess she got comfortable with the other members

>> No.13500966

I didn't realise nazutako continued together afterwards

>> No.13501090 [DELETED] 

still real nervous it seems though

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idk why but japs speaking engrish will never stop being funny to me

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i hope they play again, they were doing valo last time, probably because of the buispo event, but I hope they go back to sv when it's over.

>> No.13501623

noah valo
kanon apex
ema ark

>> No.13501635

Nazuna is too cute.

>> No.13501842

Sakusan's so cute

>> No.13502821

Her 3d was holding her cuteness back

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File: 1.31 MB, 1341x1092, BeniSEX.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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ras couldn't save his lover

>> No.13505980

He'll have to graduate to save face

>> No.13507521

Just 1 more week...

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hal and reid joining noah

>> No.13509065

Finally, some friends

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hopefully it continues.

>> No.13514989

Of course it got clipped

>> No.13518041

With me to be clear.

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