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This is the writing thread, for all of your fanfiction needs and desires. Check the archives below for everything the thread has put out so far, ranging from SFW to NSFW, fluff to tragedy, small literary works and shitposts alike!

Collective works so far are available in the archive:

>Isn't this just you fuckers writing fanfiction, eh?
Previous thread:>>13394357

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Do you have a story like you'd like to see written? Reply to this post with it! Try to be as clear and concise as possible; the better you describe your idea, the more likely it is to be picked up!

Consider forwarding your prompt to the prompt archive to keep your idea safe and alive forever! No information is gathered - it's all completely anonymous. Use the form below:

Curious to see the prompt archive? Check it out here if you need a little more inspiration!

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All the women in Vshojo grow massive floppy horse cocks and take turns fecundating Nuxtaku while making fun of his baby dick.

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A story where Matsuri, in one of her menhera episodes, rapes her little brother by threatening suicide.

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Chapter 5 of ShadowLive. A bit shorter than the last one even though I knew where I wanted to take the story, I felt like it was a reasonable time to end. I pumped this out entirely tonight somehow so apologies if I'm missing a mistake or two. I did read over its entirety since it's small and didn't find much to correct so I think it's fine. Not much to say about this one, or maybe there is, idk I just woke up and it's 5AM Im not thinking right.


Tags: SFW, post-apocalyptic, Kanata, Coco, Towa, chuuba abusing you (whatever the name of this tag is)

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Hopefully soon, someone will write this.

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Hopefully never.

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It's on my to do list

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Whenever I read shadowlive chapters, I can never really find much to say. It's certainly not bad, but it's not great either. It honestly just feels a little plain, but I have no idea why. The setting is interesting and I'm curious as to what you have planned for later chapters, but it's missing something to make it stand out and be interesting to read. All I can suggest is try making your chapters longer before releasing them because that way more would have happened in the story and there would be more I could comment on.

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I did have some spicier stuff already planned but I thought it would take too long to release a new chapter if I waited to write it because I write in bouts of 2-3K words once every like 2 weeks. I'll try to make the next chapter longer, perhaps long enough to reach a resolution to this town's situation, 6K to 10K words probably. That's definitely going to take a while though.

As per it being plain, I don't really know what I could to do change that? Hmm... there's no combat or badass moments because I'm going for a more realistic MC who can't fight a group of thugs for example, which I guess can be a bit boring given that it is a self insert. I haven't read the other series to know what makes them stand out, I know the dice rolls are interesting in HoloFantasy but that's about it, probably not even the main charm. I don't want to be writing and constantly wondering if I'm copying someone else's series by accident so I prefer not to read them, but that can be a weakness in of itself. Romance may be planned but it isn't my strength so one shouldn't expect much of it. Hmm... maybe that's the problem. My strength is in smut so I dunno if any of my SFW skills stand out.

Thanks for reading I suppose.

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Honestly I think I may have found what >>13546153 was talking about in regards to what they thought was missing. I think you may have forgotten the adage of 'show don't tell', the realization Anon comes in regards to Ayame comes about because the narration tells us what he thinks rather than showing the slow process of Anon coming to terms that he's using Ayame as a way to have a bond and cope with the loneliness. With the rest of the action sequence kind of also showing this telling about gunshots and explosions, rather than 'showing' the sound of gunfire or describing the explosion.
That's pretty much the main issue I can see. Cause otherwise you have a great setting and plot with potential for interesting stuff to occur.

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>there's no combat or badass moments because I'm going for a more realistic MC who can't fight a group of thugs
Already better than Miss Sakura

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Damn you really hate that story huh? How did the author hurt you?

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I had the realization scene put in due to confusion as to why the MC cared about her at all. It was something I had planned to write in but I went way too hard on it all in one go. I paused, I looked at what I wrote, I considered erasing it multiple times. I probably should have maybe just hinted to confusion rather than explaining why the confusion was happening as well. I'll trust my guts next time. I was just worried about the reoccurring confusion of some anons for how the world looks like and for anon's relationship with Ayame and it mudied my view.

The explosion was non descript though, I'll admit. The gunfire wasn't even mentioned after the explosion either. I'll go back and change these things as they are small and unimportant but add detail, dunno if I should but I could take it a bit easier on the realization though I don't like changing something big like that, I'll look into it.

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Pull it if your feelings are getting hurt.

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I'd recommend reading the series' of the archive, or just reading more in general. I've found that reading more helps make my writing style better and increase my vocabulary, and most of the series' are all at least decent enough to enjoy. I wouldn't worry about plagiarism, because as long as you don't consciously plagiarize your ideas are always going to be very different from someone else's.

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I'm not the author, I'm just wondering why you have a grudge against that story specifically and bring it up whenever you can. Genuine curiosity here.

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It's a bit off-topic, but OP picture makes me really wish for Elira to get her 3D and have a live concert.

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Now you're implying that only one person dislikes that story, which just makes me think you're the author offended. Again, pull it if your feelings are hurt.

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NTA, But why do you dislike the story?

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NTA but iirc Miss Sakura's anon was supposed to be an ordinary dude yet beat up a gang of thugs right at the start, which would explain why he linked it to Shadowlive

Not shitting on the story but that bit always rubbed me the wrong way

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Protagonist is a Mary Sue.

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I thought the exact same thing, but I just adjusted my mindset to enjoy it.

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File: 184 KB, 850x1608, __murasaki_shion_hololive_drawn_by_frikulu__sample-85f1aca802152be1f67425dbe7e577b2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

After sex scene with Shion where it's just you cuddling with her after a vigorous session of sex. No actual smut, just comfy bed talk and sweaty cuddling.

Last time I'll post this prompt in the hopes that it gets written.

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Like I said, not the author, just enjoyed the story and you remind me of the guy who kept brining up pekofag in unrelated discussions for no reason. Also you say that it's more than one person, but you said the exact same thing >>13547938 last time as well.

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Not going to dignify this with a proper response. Take your meds schizo

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>dislikes people bringing up pekofag for no reason
>brings up pekofag for no reason to illustrate this
Anon just stop. Sounds like you're looking for a fight anyway

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I agree with you in terms of the protagonist (although I liked the story overall) but as >>13547559 said why do you keep bringing it up in unrelated discussions? I’ve never seen someone bring up a fic so often just because they didn’t like it

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I've brought it up twice, you special needs child. Never before have I seen an author so assblasted - apart from that other faggot.

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>apart from that other faggot

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Of the cosplaying variety.

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Who the fuck is who at this point, holy shit. Can you retards tripfag so I can enjoy the drama without engaging my brain?

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Don't encourage them, they might really do it

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You think everyone's the author yet you tell other people to take their meds? Ironic.
>I've brought it up twice
Both times in unrelated discussions to shit up the thread. Why?

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Okay, it's clear to me at this point that continuing to talk to you might carry a genuine risk of permanent cognitive damage.
If you can't stand criticism don't bother publishing anything, you freak.

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They really did it

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I'm not going to give you a (You) but I have to say, this is probably the most original trolling I've seen in this thread since the rulespost.

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I reckon if all SEA countries were rangebanned 4chan'd be way better

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Aaaand another schizo here to shit up the threads. Fantastic.

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What a waste of digits like seriously

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Unfathomably based

>> No.13549560

I'm deerlionfag. I missed the last few threads, gomenasai.

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Anon, choose a trip...

>> No.13549756

so close

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I unironically hate to pile on the criticism when others have already pointed out some flaws, but I think maybe my two cents can help you.
I feel that after leaving Ayame, the most interesting character so far, the story has gotten somewhat directionless. Right now, Anon got caught trying to blow up Coco's base after being forced into it when he got caught walking by Risu's base because he's just looking for supplies for Ayame? This plot is losing it a bit, you know? There isn't a focus and a clear understanding of what's happening next, and that makes me lose my investment. It also makes Anon a very reactive protagonist, he can't demonstrate any urgency when he's not doing what he's set out to do.
I also think you're introducing new characters way too fast after chapter 4. Okayu gets two third a chapter to herself, which is nice. Then the Indonesians come in, derails Anon's goal, and now the gen 4s shows up to push Anon further away from where he's going. It feels like you're rushing through this arc that only started abruptly last chapter. I know there's more to see for all of them, but they're introduced at such a pace that I don't feel interested in learning more about them, unlike Ayame. Other SFW series like HF, HC, GB Waston all dedicates plenty of paragraphs to a chuuba in focus, which I think is a better way than throwing them out and developing them later.
Sorry for rambling so much, I think this story have good potential and don't want you to be discouraged. Right now it's a good idea to grasp where you want the story to go. Who are the main characters? What is the main theme? What is the ending? And how are they getting there? If you know all those things, then you should have the characters going in that direction, even if they themselves don't know it yet.
Of course, all of this is my opinion. I might be way off mark and just don't get your vision, how to write the story is still down to you. I hope you'll do a good job regardless of how you write it.

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is the drama over already? i've been staying awake in bed refreshing the page because this is like reality tv except good

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No, I have principles.

>> No.13551369

Anon, this is a thread for writing fanfiction about real people hiding behind anime avatars. I dunno how much 'principle' you can have, but suit yourself.

>> No.13551563

I'm a sapling, I need the last few principles I can find.

>> No.13551885

Jokes on you I've deluded myself into believing that vtubers are real. Did you know that fubuki is an 18 year old high school student? That's 108 in fox years.

>> No.13552287

What's the dumbest premise that actually turned out to be really good?

>> No.13552441

vtubers in general

>> No.13552471

look in the mirror

>> No.13553624

That's... a compliment

>> No.13554126

Damn, I just wanted to write about making Migo straight. Didn’t think my story would cause so much trouble

>> No.13554225

It's just the schizo using your story as an excuse to shit up the place, don't worry about it.

>> No.13554582

They have to be horse cocks.

They have to be big and floppy.


>> No.13554726

Horses are overrated. I want to see long, thin bulls or stags every once in a while.

>> No.13554750

Why is first person point of view the brainless point of view?

>> No.13554840

anything but third person is brainless

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File: 650 KB, 850x1202, __kson_and_souchou_indie_virtual_youtuber_drawn_by_nanoless__553b3cc28d4af6d3bb12772d4c2b2aeb.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Get beaten up and raped in an alley by kson because she heard you have a girlfriend

>> No.13559232

Okay, so I've had more time to write again as of late, but after spending the last few weeks or so reading, studying, and gaming, I've got more ideas and I'm stuck in some sort of dilemma regarding where to take my story.

I basically have two options. Option A: I could continue on with the original idea and make it a slice of life story about Anon helping out Mori with her gig as a livestreamer and his various interactions with other holos, which is initially what I requested and ended up wanting to write out as a way to broaden my writing skills for a genre I'm not particularly familiar with. However, I feel that it could end up being boring, but who knows, you guys might like that.

Option B: I make it a mystery/urban fantasy story where Anon assists Mori into investigating paranormal shit with the rest of Myth, which would be more along the lines of what I usually write and hopefully it would be as kino as some of the stories in the same genre that have already been posted.

Of course, I could always take a third option and try to blend the two ideas together to an extent (I think I could pull it off pretty well), but it'd be hard to keep a balance between the two. In any case, I plan to make it an Anon/Mori story, so one of the main plot points will involve the two of them developing feelings for each other (not sure if I'll include actual smut though, never wrote that kind of stuff before), so I gotta take that into account as well.

My first chapter got well-received and people said that my story looked promising, so I don't want to fuck this up, you know ?

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File: 94 KB, 850x605, __takanashi_kiara_and_pomu_rainpuff_hololive_and_3_more_drawn_by_dakuma__sample-738a647338c5547996e44f96b4cebf33.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Threesome with Pomu and Kiara after you all meet at an idol concert

>> No.13560363

What's your first chapter called

>> No.13561036

Diary of a New Life Ch. 1: Rebirth. People really liked it, despite the dogshit formatting (I'm working on that, by the way) so I've started writing the second chapter and now here I am.

>> No.13562512

Give me something to write about. I don't feel like working on any of my WIPs rn and I feel insanely unproductive if I don't write each day

>> No.13562637

I'm not gonna make it anon. Take over for me, only you can write about Miko putting her sexbomb of a body to good use and abusing her tits and especially her asshole. You must. I'm counting on you.

>> No.13562647

I think you should go with B with A as a subplot. The larger cast just seems like it'll be more fun.

>> No.13562736

Yeah, that's what I've been considering too. I guess I'll go with that, then.

>> No.13562798

Looking forward to it Anon.

>> No.13562881

I was hoping for something a little more complex that generic smut

>> No.13562989

It was all a disinformation from some class (coworker?) Stacies to humiliate you and she acted on it without checking
Kson feels guilty for overpowering you and wants to make it worth your while

>> No.13563107

Thanks. I hope It'll be up to the expectations I set with my previous chapter.

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>Page 10 after 20 minutes
Alright what the fuck is going on

>> No.13564310

Finding out about Ame's time travelling via the extensive notes she's kept to groom you throughout the timeline.

>> No.13564852

Well, sorry - should have specified it, then. I am a terminal coomer after all.

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File: 516 KB, 1805x2257, 3rd_Gen_Combat_Mode.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A fight to the death against Gen 3

>> No.13565665

This but it ends with Gen 3 holding down and fucking you.

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File: 597 KB, 696x612, 1634600211916.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I miss this bitch...

>> No.13565831

this but it ends with you holding down and fucking gen 3

>> No.13565940

This but it's the original idea presented as is with no intervention from SNL rejects

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it's just not the same anymore...

>> No.13567013

doing lines of coke off Fubuki’s ass

>> No.13567141
File: 677 KB, 849x604, FubukiDrug.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13567328

Having a heart attack while cumming deep inside your friend.

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File: 422 KB, 854x700, FubukiAngrySex.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Fubuki keeps riding you into oblivion, not noticing you're dying
That's what you get for getting laser eye surgery

>> No.13569667

Getting resurrected thanks to friend's connections but finding that you have a new pair of nearsighted eyes.

>> No.13570670

Taking Inuyama Tamaki home under the pretense that he's a woman, finding out he's a he and then making rough hate sex too him while denying it as being gay since he looks feminine. Also a lot of cock sucking.

>> No.13570828

this but you don't care he's a dude since he's cute enough that it doesn't matter

>> No.13570909

This but you DO care he's a dude and you beat the ever-loving shit out of him for tricking you.

>> No.13571226

That's called trans panic and it's not funny. Please don't joke about that.

>> No.13571520

oh nyo someone said something mean on 4chan

>> No.13571631

Of COURSE pekofag would show up when someone badmouths tranoids.

>> No.13571774

Teaming up with Tamaki to spitroast Rushia

>> No.13573069

Man, I'd like to write this but don't want the stigma of being the gaylord who wrote the story. 2D traps are a guilty pleasure of mine and it doesn't help that Tamaki's artist/roommate is who she is. I-it's just like fucking a girl, r-right?

>> No.13573229

It wouldn't even be in the top 10 for gayest things that have happened in these threads. Go for it.

>> No.13574568

>i'd like to write this but I don't like the stigma of people thinking I like writing about traps, which is what I want to write about

>> No.13574813

Cooking Thanksgiving dinner with a gen of your choice.

>> No.13575040

Can people recognize the author solely by the way they write? Asking for a friend

>> No.13575243

If they have a certain style and it's something you're looking for, yes.

>> No.13575255

I can pick out foxfriend's writer pretty well but that's about it.

>> No.13575356

When I was back in my problematic days, I utilized several different styles of writing to not be recognized. Sometimes that still carries over when I want to ask something that I'd rather people not know about. People can pick me out when I write normally like this so in my experience the answer is yes, even if a lot of times they are wrong.

>> No.13575722

There was a correct guess several threads back iirc so I guess it depends on the writing style.

>> No.13575749

Alright I'll just go ahead and write the Tamaki story instead. Question though:

Do we want hate fuck ending or abuse ending? Perhaps both?

>> No.13575798

Hatefuck him and threaten to beat him if he cums

>> No.13575902

Beat him to death after it's revealed it's a guy to piss off >>13571226

>> No.13576240

Kneel and suck his cock to show acceptance, then continue to fuck him

>> No.13576334

Not really... Unless they're using really similar formatting styles like the anon that posts the entire story chapter by chapter in one document and the one that uses rentry then it's kind of really easy.

>> No.13576847

Hatefuck. Pound that boypussy raw

>> No.13576911

There’s one really easy way to pick out a lot of writers, and it’s what they use for line breaks/time skips/next portion of the story, whatever you call it. Some anons use ———— while others use *** and so on

>> No.13577249

Not to mention - some anons speak like this. I think that using the "-" to separate words is a more advanced form of writing that most beginners don't get a handle on. I have a general idea on how to use it but I don't in case I'm wrong.

>> No.13577553

No hatefuck, just angry confused pounding and fucking the smug out of him with a cuddle ending with forcing him to lick his own ass off your dick. Wrapping a leash around his neck and making him into the woman he should have been.

Seems like I won't have to do it this time around since another anon is picking up the mantle. I don't want to write about traps, just this confusing doggy twink.

>> No.13577622

example? i dont see how its that advanced.

>> No.13578074

> ass to mouth
Fucking disgusting

>> No.13578143

I dunno I just see it used a lot in more professional writing and not in mediocre to beginner level. It's something you probably have to actively search how to use like ";"

>> No.13578327

I mean you don't even need to use commas and if the writing is good enough it could be seen as professional.

>> No.13579743

From the thumbnail it looks like F!Robin from Awakening.

>> No.13580762

Okay semicolons ';' I can understand never using, but commas ',' are absolutely useful for fucking any kind of writing; especially for writing dialogue.

>> No.13581945
File: 850 KB, 1000x1415, __inuyama_tamaki_noripro_and_1_more_drawn_by_tsukudani_norio__45d522480283fc78523655ed00d3ce71.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Forgive me if it's too short. This is the Tamaki fic I promised.

>> No.13582578

Was this supposed to be a comedy? Because With a twitch of his penis, he departed from this world, forever had me laughing my ass off.

>> No.13582919

That's pretty gay, dude.

>> No.13583351

>You couldn’t let him tell anyone about this, not because you were worried about an assault and rape charge, but because you may be seen as gay.
lmao based

>> No.13584171

It's only gay if you make it gay anon.

>> No.13587595


>> No.13587681

Honestly, this is really good... kind of want some more detail in the sex and the beating tamaki to death part but overall it's really good given how fast it came out.

>> No.13588123
File: 1.81 MB, 2897x4096, Gen6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Uh oh, Gen 6 is here! This thread is probably gonna be fighting for it's life against being archived

>> No.13588307

Was just about to mention this.
I wanna fuck the one in the domino mask.

>> No.13588406
File: 1.32 MB, 1200x2074, Gen6BIrd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Need new bird cloaca

>> No.13588724

From what I understand, semicolons are just halfway between a full stop and comma. So a comma is a break in a sentence and a full stop completes the sentence to start a new one. Semicolon is like a strong break

>> No.13588813

Seriously though, I feel like some of the designs are really ripped off existing ones, especially the bottom 2

>> No.13588921
File: 3.17 MB, 3000x1443, Gen6Full.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ehh, the line between rip-off and just unoriginal is very blurry. Nothing new under the sun and all that.

>> No.13588926

The cunny in the middle is even smaller than Luna.
> imagine
She has built in handlebars

She's the only design I care about. When ID gen 2 was announced I put my faith in Ollie. When gen 5 was announced it was Polka. Polka didn't disappoint, Ollie is... eh. Hopefully this cunny won't disappoint.

>> No.13589167

I usually hate anything loli but the demon one is pretty decent. The other designs range from bland to downright bad. Nothing Niji-ID tier though.

>> No.13589702

They look like Nijisanji quality. Hololive fell off.

>> No.13590043

I want to fuck the pink cat

>> No.13592166

It's much more complicated than that... but genuinely you can get by 99% of writing anything without using a semicolon unless you're writing code. It has its uses but can just get by with periods, and commas for most purposes.

>> No.13594399

>Pg. 9

>> No.13594599

Hoe-Looks got the board bumpin

Though, I do like the idea of them being an incompetent evil organization.

>> No.13595575

Why are you surprised? It's fresh rrat and bait season.

>> No.13595868 [SPOILER] 
File: 57 KB, 620x775, Holden_John_D_Salvador.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nothing personal kid

>> No.13596417

Reminds me of that time in these threadswhere someone asked for Blood Meridian starring Gura, and when people reacted accordingly some schizo contrarion was like "I don't know what that is, but if it makes vanillafags seethe I want it". Safe to say he got real quiet when outed as a retard

>> No.13597025

t. "seething vanillafag"

>> No.13598026
File: 434 KB, 712x800, 1635883987940.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Completely forgot to answer to this, whoops. I think the story got directionless because I'm writing it in a way meant for introducing certain characters that I want to introduce, not for the plot itself. I really wanted to introduce Okayu, and that may have worked because I gave her a bigger chunk of a chapter, but the character I wanted to introduce now is only coming up in the next chapter so this was kind of a soulless in between. The MC is kind of a pushover after he met Ayame, I understand that the plot has been pushing him around even though he is technically being threatened into it, I'm the one who wrote it that way so it's still my fault.

There's only going to be one more character introduced in the next 10K words which I hope I can do it justice because it is the one I wanted to write about, besides maybe one or two of the leftover Indonesians which won't get much screen time.

The story is already set for the next 4-5 chapters or so at least, very very vaguely of course. Originally the idea for this series was to have anon being with multiple partners, not to have a main "heroine" of sorts, but that idea clearly has been abandoned, though it still lingers in my stories in the manner of me wanting to introduce characters. I'll try to not go into "telling outside of the story" territory but the MC does have a goal and a reason for taking it slow, but one can definitely see that it may seem like that's not the case.

Writing this series has been pretty overwhelming so far. I like it and I want to keep going, I will keep going, but every chapter it is just me trying to catch up to doubts people have about the setting or its characters. I take 2 chapters to finally clarify something and by then there's 3 new problems to fix. I don't know if it's because I write short chapters so the only thing one can talk about it is criticism but what I mostly get from my readers is confusion and not the good kind. Hopefully one day I can finally manage to stop trying to catch up and actually give the readers a clear picture, but who knows when that will happen? 10 chapters in? 20? Most people will have left by then. It's overwhelming, but it does make me want to, or forces me I suppose, to try harder every single time. I'm glad it's not the same criticism as last times at the very least, surely that means I'm doing something right, even if it's all still going wrong. Hopefully this series doesn't crash and burn from too many plotholes and lack of explanation.

>> No.13598765

I think that prompt was a joke based on gura like little girls. But yeah that contrarian was a complete retard.

>> No.13601462

Hey man, writing can be hard, especially if you're going for a series instead of oneshot. I know the feeling of discourage when people criticize your work, but I don't think anyone here means it maliciously. Nobody gains anything from you not improving your writing, so keep going and don't feel too bad. The most important thing is knowing what you want to write, and having fun doing it. If you have a clear vision that you can execute in your work, then don't worry when people don't get the full picture when it's not even done yet. There will always be an audience as long as this broad doesn't burn, and most people who read don't say anything anyway. As long as you know what you're doing, keep doing it.

>> No.13602668

> most people who read don't say anything anyway
To the author they may as well not exist then, no? They'll never know their work is being read, even if it is.

>> No.13603558

>/∞/ already put out a Laplus x Chloe x reader assisted rape fic

>> No.13603848

I mean in theory you can embed a poll into your story in order to get feedback without having to get a comment... or post to ao3.

>> No.13604057

Literally the best way to illustrate the difference between them and "us". They haven't even debuted yet.

>> No.13605448

L-Link please?

>> No.13605492

Brat Laplus and kuudere/emotionless Chloe

>> No.13605493

I'm assuming they're talking about this one.

>> No.13605572

Kronies are fucking built different, man...

>> No.13607488


>> No.13610994

I admire their horniness, but despise the concept of making chuuba fic predebut.

>> No.13612156

I mean, some guy from our thread did this before with kronii

>> No.13612495

A story is a story, Anon.

>> No.13612797

Maybe you should be dumpster diving over there, then.

>> No.13613240

I am. Some of their stuff is actually quite good.

>> No.13613362

who'dya think posted it lol

>> No.13613441

Yeah, it's disrespectful. And very fucking cringe

>> No.13613482

oh shut the fuck up you retarded faggot, holy shit you're so fucking stupid. have this same sort of energy about making fubuki shit in someone's mouth or be silent, you don't give a flying fuck about "respecting" anyone

>> No.13613554

That statement implies I don't dislike that kronii fic just because it was here. I also didn't like that one.

>> No.13613939

lololololol, their model is 90% of their personality

Shion and Gura aren't really that different from say, Aqua and Ame, but because they're short and flat everyone screams UOOOOOOHHHHH

>> No.13614204

t. has never watched gura or ame

>> No.13614272

ok you're right because Ame is actually more of a fucking brat than Gura

>> No.13614579

speaking as someone who has, in fact, watched both of them - he's better for it

and you can't refute that because none of you actually watch any streams, you're all clipfags

>> No.13614799

Speaking in absolutes makes you an absolute retard.

>> No.13614877
File: 77 KB, 1280x545, 1635883985840.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Only a fucking retard deals in absolutes.

>> No.13614915

eat, sleep, seethe, repeat

>> No.13615069

Shit dude, now you admit it isn't even immediately obvious that there's any difference between the two from watching a few clips?

This is too easy.

>> No.13615630

Stop replying to bad faith shit stirring.

>> No.13615824

He's right, though. Most people here are clipfags.

>> No.13616359

La+ has a hidden shackle, right on her cock.
She's been pent up for ages, and upon seeing [insert chuuba here], she becomes so aroused that her dick manages to break free and become huge.

>> No.13618835


>> No.13618847


>> No.13619214

Is the anon that did those holofuta cock descriptions still here? Pretty sure their last update was when ID2 came out.

>> No.13621435
File: 174 KB, 1200x2000, where_were_you_looking.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Shits still zooming

>> No.13622980

>Koro-San will never give you this look, then whip out her puffy fortune cookie and force you to lick it
Why bros?

>> No.13623565

They didn't really hang out at /wg/, I had to ask them to post here which they promptly responded "once I'm done with all of them I'll go there". So you'd have to catch them in a rare futa thread.

>> No.13623708

thank goodness for that

>> No.13624065

Agreed. Even more fucking scat would be better than futa.

>> No.13624395


>> No.13627119

My lovely wife...

>> No.13627380

So the cunny's personality is basically the same as Jahy-Sama. Shouldn't be too hard to replicate.

>> No.13628585

Just as I feared. Adding her to the anti list.

>> No.13630659

Kinda wanna write some greentext footjob about her but I think I don't have a good handle on mesugaki dialogue

>> No.13632968

Is the writeanon that was writing Odds and Ends still working on that?

>> No.13635070

She's perfect

>> No.13636314
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Sitting on her throne, she stares at you from above.
> Huahuahua! Tremble before the might of a true demon! Are you scared? You should be!
> Do you know why I called you here?
> It's no, my dark! Got it?!
"Yes... my dark."
> Ahem, I called you here because I finally figured something out, something very special, yes!
> These shackles that bind my body and prevent me from unleashing my full power are truly troublesome!
She tugs at the shackle around her neck to demonstrate.
> No matter how much I tried, I couldn't get them off, especially with this annoying bird on my head trying to stop me for some reason...
> But!
She raises her finger up into the air. You already know something bad is coming.
> I received information from an anonymous source, a very valuable source indeed! They told me exactly what I need to do to get these off!
> And do you know what that is?
"No, my dark... "
> Of course you don't, the plan is too genius for someone so simple minded like you to understand!
> But since I'm such a benevolent demon, I'll tell you!
> From what I heard, I need to extract a special concoction, an elixir of sorts. And that elixir is to be extracted from a human, no less!
> All I have to do is get that elixir from you and I can finally unbind myself from these shackles and rule the world! Huahuahua! If I knew it was that easy I would have done it ages ago!
> Now, first I... uhh...
She grabs a crumpled up piece of paper from her pocket and reads it for a moment.
> Right! "Step one! First, you must capture a hu-" yeah yeah.
> "Second! You must make sure it is a human MALE", hm... are you a human male?
You nod.
> Great! Already two steps down!
> "Step three! You must lower their pants and get a hold of their penis!", well, get to it. Come on now, lower your pants and reveal your...pines? Pinas? "Penis", right! Go on!
You comply, lowering your pants and unraveling your cock, fully erect just from looking at her tiny little tight body.
> Alright! Now... "Step four, you must stroke their penis and get them to ejaculate semen. That semen is the elixir that will free you from your shackles"... and that's all she wrote!
She steps down from throne, standing right in front of you. She is so small that her eyes line up with your belly button. Your cock throbs as your imagination begins to run amok.
> Hmm... now, how do I do this exactly? Do you know how I am to extract this... semen... of yours?
You nod, grabbing her hand and guiding it to your cock. It is small and soft, your cock begins to grow even larger and stiffer.
> W-what is this? It's so... hot and hard...
She grabs it a bit, examining it with her fingers curiously. She traces her finger from your balls all the way to your head. Some precum begun to drizzle out.
> Ew... It's sticky... wait! Is this the elixir?!
You shake your head and tell her that it's only one of ingredients of the elixir and that she has to shake it to prepare the brew.
> So I just have to do it like this?
She grabs your cock with both hands and stands rubbing it up and down. Needless to say she wasn't doing great. You grab her hand again and begin correcting her technique.
> L-like this? I got it? Huahuahua! Of course I do! I'm a genius! There's nothing I can't do! Now, come on!
She begins to stroke it faster and faster just like you taught her. Her small curious hands feel amazing, inexperienced as they may be. She is giving it her all, stroking your cock up and down over and over again clueless as to what it really is. But then you get an idea.
> H-huh? This isn't enough? I have to do it with my mouth? Okay...
She places her nose against your cock, her hot breath hits you again and again as she stares at the meaty rod right in front of her face, almost as big as her forearm.
> Do I have to... lwike twis?
She puts the tip of your cock inside her tiny little mouth, you can feel how warm and wet it is. She continues speaking with your cock still in her mouth.
> Nwow whwat?
You grab her by the horns.
> H-hey, whwat are ywu dwoing? Don't touch my-
Then you ram your cock deep into her tight throat all in one go. She immediately begins to gag and choke on it, but you do not care. You then begin utilizing her horns as handlebars to support your hard thrusting, pounding away at her mouth again and again. Her throat is so tight, it feels like bliss. You couldn't help but speed up, your hips now smacking against her face with a wet slap from her saliva drooling out of her mouth. She tries to stop you, pushing away at your thighs with her hands, but she was too weak to do anything. Eventually, you got close.
"I'm cumming, my dark."
You could see her thinking "cumming? What is going to come?" before her questions were immediately answered as you began to flood her little mouth with your hot seed. You grasp her horns even harder and slam your hip against her face making your cock go all the way inside her. Your sticky cum was being shot directly in her throat.

>> No.13636769
File: 431 KB, 2480x3508, 1637963175132.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

- so deep in fact that it was being poured directly into her stomach. She finally stops fighting back, her little arms go limp as she continues to take your hot load. As you were done, you pulled out your sloppy wet cock from inside her. She falls to the ground immediately, coughing and gasping for air. After a bit of this, she regained her composure and got up looking very pissed off.
> W-w-what the hell was that! You could have killed me! B-besides, nowhere in the pap- in my intel did it say I was to take it in my mouth!
She holds in a burp, her stomach was bloated with your cum. She puts a hand to her stomach, feeling how full it was of your seed.
> W-what was that stuff anyway? Is this... is this the elixir?!
You nod. Her face immediately lightens up and she begins to jump in joy.
> Huahuahua! I've done it! I drank the elixir and now I shall unleash my TRUE power! Tremble before me! Tremble before my... my...
She looks down at her still shackled body.
> W-wha- Why didn't it work? Did I do something wrong? No! That can't be, I... I...
You tell her to calm down. That that was only the first dose and she would have to extract many more before she could go free. That she would have to take it in every single part of her body over and over again for the shackles to come off.
> I see... maybe you're not such a fool as I thought after all! Of course, you still can't compare to my true intelect, but not bad! > Well then, let's get to it! What do I do next, tell me! Do I have to do it with my mouth again? Bleh, but that sucked...
> Huh? My feet? I-if you say so! I shall extract the elixir as many times as needed, just you wait! This world will soon be mine! Huahuahua!


>> No.13637427

She got this sort of art pretty quick.

>> No.13637457

Anon watching over a very mentally damaged Mumei, who can't talk- only babble, can't eat by herself, and can't use the bathroom by herself too. She eventually passes away.

>> No.13639232

I can pick that up again. I completely forgot about it honestly. I'll see if I can write a chapter or two later today.

>> No.13641971 [SPOILER] 
File: 571 KB, 700x980, 1637719789296.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13642218

She should get that checked out. It looks like a nasty rash in her armpit. Maybe some antiperspirant will help reduce moisture in the area?

>> No.13642438

I have that red on my dick. It's not fun. She should get some antibacterial cream and try to keep it more dry by cleaning it with a towel and wearing sleeveless shirts. Given the nature of the place some baby powder might be useful.

>> No.13644555

Oh no, no pressure anon, I was just checking in. You can write at your own leisure.

>> No.13644569

why are japs all into sweat?

>> No.13645041

They're based.

>> No.13645237
File: 153 KB, 800x1294, 268d96e317a52a529370da63cc0b67f6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"Oi, Sara, are you sure about this?"

"You're asking me now? A bit too late to back out isn't it?" The blonde replies back with a grin as the two of you divert your eyes forward.

What you find is Natsuiro Matsuri - gagged and with her wrists and ankles tied to a chair. Her eyes a mixture of fear and confusion as tears pool in her sockets whilst she switches between leering at you and Sara. It's been no more than two minutes since she woke up, so her reaction is more than natural given her circumstances.

"Matsuri-chan, good morning..." Sara approaches her friend then pets her head; the brunette tries to dodge, but that doesn't quite work given her restraints. "Shh, I'm not going to hurt you."

Tears roll down her cheeks, but her breathing seems to stabilize. Her eyes lock onto you and she looks up and down, her cheeks blushing from what she sees; you're only in your underwear, after all, and Sara's earlier groping and teasing of your cock meant displaying a clear imprint of your erection on the fabric.

"Look, Matsuri-chan... I've tried everything but... you won't leave me alone." Sara cups her friend's cheek while her other hand begins to undo the knot in front of her top, untying it loose. "So I hope you get this message okay?"

She takes a step back then straightens up. Quickly, Sara removes her crop top and tosses it aside. The blush in Matsuri's face grows deeper as her confused eyes lock onto the large pair of half-exposed breasts in front of her. Teasingly, the blonde pushes them together with her her shoulders, making them nearly pop out of her bra with a smug expression.

Running her fingers down her flat stomach she traces her curves until her thumbs meet her shorts and with a one-two shake of her hips, she wastes no time in dropping them to the floor. Teasingly, her hands caress her own meaty thighs until she stands upright once again.

Looking to you, she winks before bending over using Matsuri's knees for support.

>> No.13645631

i wonder if the NTR schizo will freak out over this too

probably not because it's not (You) getting cucked

>> No.13645753

>Someone finally writing (You) driving the point home to Matsuri that Sara is not interested
Hell yes

>> No.13645887

I think it has to be (You) or at least the PoV getting cucked if it wants to be NTR. Otherwise it's not really NTR in its impact

>> No.13646036

You give the two women a good look. If Matsuri goes to the cops about how you and Sara drugged and kidnapped her, your life's basically over. So... you may as well enjoy this while you can.

Doing as you had agreed to, you position yourself behind the blonde, docking your hips with her ass and shoving her slightly forward.

"Hehe... Do you know what's gonna happen, Matsuri-chan?" Sara's half-closed eyes and flustered face hover only inches away from her friend's. For her part, the brunette freezes in place, slowly shaking her head negatively.

"Go on, anon... Show her how we do it." Sara rubs her sizeable ass against your crotch, applying plenty of pressure against your dick.

You exhale and without being told twice, slap both of your hands against her cheeks. Sara yelps then giggles as the imprint of your palms forms against her white skin. Then, you grab onto her thong and as punishment for getting you in this mess, you pull up - digging the fabric deep into Sara's already dripping cunt, grinding it against her sensitive insides.

She moans and tumbles forward, resting her chin on Matsuri's shoulder, who gives you a look of disapproval. You simply smirk back at her while removing your underwear, finally letting your prick free. You rest its underside above Sara's ass, giving your prisoner a clear view of how deep you reach inside her friend. She locks eyes with your cock, mesmerized.

"Come on... stop teasing and show Matsuri what real fucking is like." The blonde says out loud and Matsuri gets to hear the lewd begging right into her ear.

With one swift motion of your hand, Hoshikawa's thong is halfway down her thighs, exposing her glistening lips and pink, twitching asshole that winks in anticipation.

"You asked for it." You retreat your hips and allow your cock to slide between her thighs. Pushing upwards, your shaft docks with her incredibly warm gash and rubbing back and forth, it's soon nice and lubed up.

>> No.13646738
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Now that I think about it, this thread has never really shown interest over cunny. I guess there's no point in asking if I should write more.

>> No.13647066

i feel like the appeal of cunny doesn't carry over into writing very well.

>> No.13647473

Grinding your glans against her sensitive clitoris elicits an occasional high pitched moan out of your girlfriend, her muscles contracting as jolts of pleasure hit her senses.

Pulling away with your genitals connected by thin strands of her love juices until they snap one by one, you again grab hold of her asscheeks and begin to spread them apart with your thumbs. Hoshikawa's sensitive but well-trained ring responds similarly, and soon a small gape forms from which you can see the pink insides of her rectum. Sara giggles softly as you manhandle her behind, though she shuts up as soon as your glans lines up with her entrance.

"Wah... He's so big, Matsuri-chan..." Sara continues her teasing as the other girl begins to drool through her gag, making pathetic grunts and sounds while she observes your rod planted squarely into her friend's cleft.

"It's so goo-! Eeek!"

You thrust forward, and with very little resistance your glans has broken past Hoshikawa's sphincter, which now spasms and contracts against the intruder, squeezing you with amazing force.

"Ehehehe, that feels greeeeat."

Quickly, you extract your cock from Sara's asshole, your corona stretching her nice and wide until you're free with a wet popping sound.

"Nngh! I love that! More!"

She shoves her hips back, blindly searching for your cock with her behind. You oblige - plunging into her once again and grinding further inside her until you find yourself about halfway inside then quickly pull out once again.

"Kyah! Yes! More, more!"

Matsuri's eyes can't quite decide where to focus - you or the side of her slutty friend's head, though it's obvious from the blush in her cheeks she's getting aroused herself.

Once more thrust forward and Sara's asshole has stretched enough to let you hilt yourself in one go - shoving her even further and forcing Sara's tits to squish against her friend's much smaller bosom. A happy, lewd yelp leaves Sara's lips.


>> No.13647686

>Never really shown interest
>People have been waiting for Omarun pt. 2 for ages

>> No.13647719

Lot of interest over the new demon cunny.

>> No.13648905

You quickly pull out halfway, then just as quickly shove yourself back in balls deep - your testicles slapping against Sara's dripping pussy and gaining a light glazing of her clear juices.

She screams out in a mixture of pleasure and pain, but gyrates her hips to massage your cock with her insides. Seeing that she's more than ready, you begin a slow piston motion, using deep strokes to force her tight ring of muscle to massage your shaft from the base all the way to the head. Whenever you hilt yourself, you slap your hips against her ass, forcing her to buck against Matsuri and moan.

"Haahn. Matsuri-chan, you have no idea what you're missing out on."

Sara finally pushes herself off from her friend's shoulder and now faces Matsuri head-on, their noses mere inches away.

"You couldn't-"

Slap. You bottom out and her eyes nearly cross over.

"Satisfy me like this, y'know? I'm sorry it's just- AH!"


"Dicks are so good, why would I want to be with a girl when I can- NNGH!"

You grab Sara's hips and shove her back with force, squishing her cheeks against your pelvis - your glans reaching the deepest point of her rectum and facing a bit of resistance to keep going. Sara's nails dig deep into Matsuri's skin as she writhes and shivers from head to toe.

"When I can get dicked like this... hah..."

Matsuri's look is one of shock as she gets to see Hoshikawa's face melting from pleasure from so close, her bratty friend's chin dripping with drool.

"So I'm sorry, okay? Forgive meeeeeeeeeeh!"

Finally you grab your girlfriend by the back of her knees and with a bit of effort, lift her straight off her feet to rest her back against your chest, keeping her knees beside her breasts and exposing your connection point to the poor bound girl just below. From over Sara's shoulder, you see Matsuri's eyes focused intently on your cock and how it spreads and widens the blonde's hole, and just how wet her folds had become.

>> No.13649142

Taking care of Mumei because she forgor skull emoji. Why is it raining?

Tags: Mumei, SFW, Tragedy


>> No.13650497

Tears pool in her eyes once again, but she doesn't dare take her eyes off. And just like that, with Sara suspended in your grip, you begin to wholly use and abuse of her.

"NNhgh! Ah, too intense!"

Her free hands quickly reach for her pussy, shoving two fingers inside herself, pumping in and out with no rhyme or reason while the other gets busy rubbing and pinching her clitoris.

For your part, you too decide to use Sara's body the way it was built to be used - as a meaty and eager fuckdoll. Dropping and lifting her off your lap, you pound and pound her asshole with abandon, hips moving frenetically to keep up the pace. Her insides coil around you tightly, but her sphincter clings onto your shaft like a vice, each time you poke and prod her insides forcing the muscle to clamp down on you. The smoothness of her lining feels great to rub against, your frenulum constantly teased by her flesh whenever you bottom out. And the heat is intense, her intestines nearly cooking your fuckstick.

You take two more steps forward now, suspending Sara right over Matsuri. With the blonde now completely lost to pleasure, eyes nearly rolling into their sockets and tongue lolling out, flopping up and down with each stroke, she has no room to protest when her hips are hovering just ahead of her friend's chest - and being so close, Matsuri's upper body is quickly peppered by droplets and strands of stray love juices that not only Hoshikawa extracts herself but that are catapulted by your testicles slapping upward.

Stray tears run down the brunette's flushed cheeks, oftentimes disappearing in the minefield of grool on her face, though her jaw munches and bites against the gag, her knees trembling in her own excitement.

"Hah! Hah! Hoshikawa's gonna cum!"

Sara picks up the pace, index and middle finger twisting her nub while each breath has turned into a moan of its own.

You begin to feel pressure building in our testicles, also getting close.

>> No.13651921

Well. It made me tear up, so you won, I suppose. I'm terrified of this occurring, so maybe that has something to do with it. I'm unsure of how to word this terrible feeling brewing in my chest, but it's there.

>> No.13652215

"Nngh! Hah! Hah! Look at me, Matsuri-chan. Look at how a cock can make me cum harder than you ever could!"

You feel an intense pressure around your shaft as Sara's orgasm finally hits, nearly stopping you in your tracks with how hard her muscles spasm. Her toes curl inward and her head shoots back over your shoulder as she releases a piercing howl, hips shaking and trembling as she orgasms.

She finally breaks you, and you feel you can't hold back any longer either. Shoving your cock as deep as possible you finally let loose - shooting your cum as far up her insides as it will go, painting her intestines white. You can't help but grunt and moan yourself with how intense the sensation is - destroying your girlfriend right in front of her friend who has a deep, deep crush on her and reaffirming your position as victor.

You extract your cock about halfway, giving Matsuri a full view of how your shaft contracts and expands as the cum travels up your urethra to plaster Sara's insides, your next few shots flooding her with more cum than you ever thought possible. After a few more pumps, even some dry and painful ones, you finally settle down, knees beginning to buckle despite your shaft remaining hard as a rock.

After about a minute of rest to catch her breath, Sara finally looks back down, removing her fingers from her pussy and using them to caress her friend's face.

"Hah... You understand now, right?"

Sara seems to notice something, then chuckles softly. "Haah, Matsuri-chan... you soiled yourself!"

Finally, you lower her back onto the ground, your cock plopping free of her asshole with a loud smacking sound, Hoshikawa quickly moving in to plug herself with two of her fingers. "Hnngh..."

"Here... I'll let you have a taste."

She grins perversely while pushing back on her friend's shoulder, tipping the chair backwards. Matsuri grunts as she hits the ground, then grunts frenetically in protest as Sara straddles her face.

>> No.13652267

i only like futa lolis, and judging by that pic I guess you're a fan?

>> No.13653880

You walk around the back to see this first hand, not daring ask if this wasn't too much. But you can't quite deny it was quite the show.

Matsuri's eyes go wide as she realizes what's next, Sara grabbing hold of her face as she lines her butt with her friend's mouth.

"Let me know how it tastes." With a perverse smile, Hoshikawa removes her fingers and allows all your cum to seep out of her - first a couple of droplets, but then a long stream of thick white goo that splatter all around the captive's mouth and lips until Sara finds the correct angle to discharge it right above the ball gag instead.

Matsuri grunts and pleads wordlessly, her body shaking and thrashing against the ropes, but she can hardly prevent her tongue and throat from getting a second-hand taste of your sperm. She coughs and hacks, but eventually settles down after being given no other choice but to swallow. She sobs quietly, and Sara takes piety on her.

"You're so cute when you're like this, you know?" She caresses her friend's cheek before calling you over and patting the ground just behind her head. "Here... I'll get this off, okay?"

She reaches in, finally undoing the gag and giving Matsuri's jaw much needed rest. Doing as you were told, you kneel just above the girl, and see her eyes focus on your cock which dangles above her forehead.


"Now you'll have to thank him for showing you how it's done, okay? You can do that, right?"

Matsuri attempts to say something back, but Sara's thumbs hook onto her lips and cheeks, and she spreads her friend's mouth open.

"Nuh-huh, you need to know your place, okay?" She turns to you. "Come on, the way is clear." Sara winks.

You swallow hard - this now taking an unexpected turn of events. But seeing Matsuri's fiery eyes and wet tongue gets the best of your reason and you reach closer, lining your glans with her lips from above, her breath tickling your underside.

>> No.13654624

Reverse isekai story in which one of the more fantastical Holo's appears in your room and you need to hide her and help her adjust to the mundane world around her. Maybe include some stuff where other fantasy esque things happen and she needs to protect you/ the greater area around you. I'm thinking similar to the Digimon Adventure short film.

>> No.13654744

I used to actively search for loli & futa, nowadays I'm just a passive consumer of it, but yeah. The idea of loli futa trying to femdon a grown man can be charming.

>> No.13655105

A touch clinical at times, but overall very sombre. Well done.

sex sex sex sEX SEX SEX SEX

>> No.13655163

With your cock right in between her eyes, Matsuri's orbs go from looking at it, then at your face. The blush in her cheeks is deep now but she stops fighting, resigning herself to being Hoshikawa's plaything.

"Here goes, Matsuri." You give her a heads up, and the girl responds by sticking out her tongue. Sara giggles, then gives her friend some verbal encouragement just as your throbbing tip makes contact with the wet and hot muscle.

All on her own, the defeated slut tentatively laps and licks your cock - slowly but surely cleaning all the remaining cum coating your shaft. You can see her knees trembling with excitement and smirk. You pull up for a moment, just long enough to shift your hips so you can line your cock with better, and shove forward, sending half of your member into her waiting mouth.

"MMfh!" She gags a bit when you press against her tongue, and Sara finally lets go of her lips so they can close nice and tight around your girth.

"Hahaha... Matsuri-chan you're something else." Sara pets and combs through her friend's hair, helping her relax. "But that's too weak. You'll never make him cum at this rate, you know?"

Her free hand then tightly grips the base of your shaft, and with little warning, she pulls you into Matsuri, forcing your cock down the girl's throat. She fights against her restraints, but surprisingly keeps herself from biting down until Sara allows you to pull back and let her breathe.

"Cough, cough! Ugh... Hoshikawa please, n-!"

Once again, Sara forces you to bottom out inside, a small bulge appearing in the girl's neck just below her chin. Matsuri's exhales tickle the underside of your testicles, and with each breath she gets a direct injection of your musk. Her throat spasms and constricts against your shaft, and her spit coats you uniformly - thick and gooey.

"Come on now, you know what to do. You do it to me all the time." She caresses your stomach, and you give Matsuri a final chance to breathe.

>> No.13655256

Christ. Use google docs, ghostbin or something.

>> No.13655506

Christ. Fuck off.

>> No.13655794

You press onward, your pelvis making contact with Matsuri's shriveled face as you bottom out inside her throat, then pull out to let her breathe. Her wrists look red and chafed from fighting her restraints so much, but she has no hope of escaping.

All the while, Sara returns to fingering herself just above the two of you, her juices drooling and dripping onto Matsuri's face, neck and chest.

"Come on, pick up the pace. Teach her what it takes!" The sex-drunk blonde continues to egg you on, and it's not long before your lust overcomes your reason and you do just as she says - beginning to fuck Matsuri's tight and inexperienced mouth in earnest.

With each of your long and deep thrusts the chair rocks up and down, creaking and knocking against the ground. Besides the sound of your heavy breaths, Sara's schlicking and Matsuri's gagging the room is completely silent, and the smell of sex permeates the air.

Before you can notice, the feeling of orgasm is there again, though you fight to keep it at bay. Hoshikawa on the other hand lurches forward to wrap her lips against yours, stuffing her tongue past your lips to give you a deep and desperate kiss.

"Hnngh, Hoshikawa's gonna... again!" She bites your lower lip, her hands a blur all around her sex. Hoping to finish together, you pick up the pace as well, feeling the tightness at the end of Matsuri's gullet around your glans.

"Ugh... Me too!" You pant and breathe heavy while pistoning, feeling the first rope rushing up your canal, shoving your hips down and sending it directly into Matsuri's stomach. Pulling back out for the second shot, your tip finally pops free of her lips and you put some distance between you - your cock plastering her pale face in rope after rope of jizz - dripping down her nose, cheeks, chin and forehead and finally watch as it drips onto her hair.

"Cumming! Haah!"

Sara explodes into her own orgasm as well, showering Matsuri in her discharge.

>> No.13655953

literally kill yourself

>> No.13656089

Nah, you guys can go fuck yourselves. He’s right. There’s no reason why he shouldn’t be using those.

>> No.13656126

There's no reason why you both shouldn't fuck off.

>> No.13656136


>> No.13656237

Holy shit, this so much.

>> No.13656625

The two of you take a minute to catch your breaths and you, exhausted, fall on your ass.

Sara finally jumps off, kneeling next to Matsuri who now simply stares blanly at the ceiling in a daze, mouth gaping open as her chest heaves up and down to catch her breath. She looks a bit panicked as Hoshikawa's own face reaches close, hovering inches from her own with her tongue out.

Before long, the blonde is lapping up all your semen off her friend's face, suckling it between her lips and leaving her skin gleaming with a thin coating of fluids. Confused but aroused, Matsuri attempts to say something again, only for her lips to be sealed shut by Sara's own as she delivers all your cum straight back where it should have gone in the first place.

Without hesitation, the brunette swallows, eager to taste her crush's lips despite the extra sauce, but is left wanting once she has cleaned the metaphorical plate and Sara pulls away. The show, of course, jumpstarts your bloodflow again and you begin to get erect once again.

"So, Matsuri-chan... do you understand it now? There's no substitute for dick."

"Y-yeah... I understand..." The dazed girl responds weakly. "Hoshikawa, it hurts... I won't go anywhere so please..." She whimpers, fighting back against the restraints once again.

Sara looks at her lovingly. "Okay, I get it... But."


Sara smirks, then looks at you, winking before she crawls and straddles Matsuri's face again - this time, facing away from you.

"Eh? Hoshikawa?!"

Sara leans forward, sticking her ass out to you once again. Her hands reach back, and she spreads her cheeks all on her own, inviting you for round two.

"After we're done, okay?" She giggles.

You sigh. This will be a while.

Might as well enjoy it.

So you get up, line your cock with her abused anus, then shove it back inside to the sound of Hoshikawa's giggles and moans.

It was a long night, but Matsuri learned her lesson.

>> No.13656658

Story would have been better on google docs.

>> No.13656731

And my dick would've been better in your whore of an oshi's mouth but I'll just have to settle for yours in the meantime while she gussies herself up for our date.

>> No.13656827

Yep that was my bad. I didn't plan on this being longer than three posts or so but the ideas kept flowing so it felt weird to break the format halfway.

Maybe I oughta stop writing these when I don't have a clear outline to follow.


Driving the point home.

Tags: Hoshikawa Sara, Natsuiro Matsuri, NSFW, noncon, NTR(?)

>> No.13657930

it's one single shitposter samefagging to stir up shit, ignore him

>> No.13658105

AA did say not to do it though

>> No.13658496

I mean, the archive just says how to post fics, not how you SHOULD post fics and they almost always get compiled anyway.

>> No.13658562

Point where he said that out?

>> No.13658755

When that futa gura story was posted

>> No.13658955

Is foobs more of a lolicon or shotacon?

>> No.13659288

I have no idea what you're referring to. I never said anything about people not posting their stories piecemeal in the thread.

>> No.13660201


>> No.13660364

I can't look back at the thread now but you said it would've been better to slap it on google docs since it was long

>> No.13660693

No, someone else said that, asked if it was me, I said it wasn't but I'd answer their question anyway. Turns out, there wasn't a question.
>No there's no favor I just wanted to see if it was you actively flinging shit. I'm relieved.
Only for some other dickhead to try and make it sound as though I said 'just use G. Docs' anyway after the fact. Stories used to be posted piecemeal all the fucking time back in the day. Shit, I did it myself. I personally don't give a fuck as long as it's within reason, 'within reason' being 'as long as you don't post an entire book character limit at a time'.

>> No.13663226

Lolicon, never saw her say much about shotacon but could be wrong

>> No.13664688

Is it plausible for Aqua to wet the bed?

>> No.13664851

I highly doubt it.

>> No.13664892

I don't doubt it.

>> No.13664919

Why does this sound so appealing? Can we please have a story about Aqua wetting the bed?

>> No.13664939

Only if she's playing Apex in bed.

>> No.13665389

Hitting up the bar with your Homostar bros then smashing the local strip club and casually beating the shit out of Shartia.

>> No.13665484

Good idols don't have toilets.

>> No.13666053

Read as it was being posted and I couldn't help but nut at the second to last chapter. Good shit anon.

>> No.13666107

I posted this request ages ago. I'm so fucking glad someone finally got around to it; you did it justice. Thank you, Anon.

>> No.13666724

I’m not even into water sports, but the thought of watching Aqua sit there in shame and embarrassment as you clean up her mess... NOW we’re talking

>> No.13672414

>Cleaning up a maid's mess
Should make her lick it up.

>> No.13673210

Okay, she honestly talks more about lolis than shotas, but she's been incredibly clear that she likes both. I guess she doesn't talk about shotas that much because she was reprimanded for it by Coco, Ayame and Marine during the haiku stream.
But she clearly likes both. It's difficult (at least for me) to tell which she likes more.

>> No.13674149

Well, I knew what I was gonna get from the beginning. I knew I was gonna feel like shit reading this, yet I still read it.
I'm crying. Such a scenario absolutely terrifies me. It's a complete nightmare to imagine and I hope no one ever has to go through it.
Regarding the story - you did good. I can't really critique your writing style, grammar or the like, mainly because I don't write stories and I'm an ESL. So yeah, good job with the story. It did make me cry, it did make me feel miserable and the ending just fucked me up with its bittersweetness.
Overall, good job Anon. You made me sad, but that's on me as well.

>> No.13676262

This vaguely hits close to home because of some stuff I went through as a kid. Thanks for the sadness, I enjoyed it.
I think an alternate sad ending could be having (You) die out there one day and never return home, causing Mumei to be alone and unable to move, constantly wondering why you never came back and if it was because you got sick of her

>> No.13676544

I'm thinking about writing something short and feelsy. So here's a question:

Do you want to take care of Roboco or do you want Roboco to take care of you?

>> No.13677752

I'd prefer having Roboco taking care of me personally. Please and thank you.

>> No.13678204

Neither. I want Roboco to stay far away from me, in the bargain bin with the rest of the nobodies.

>> No.13678527

that's fine, that's fine. But you should also kill yourself because Roboco is precious and cute.

>> No.13679043

How about Roboco taking care of an older (you)? Roboco taking care of you during your last years while she never ages because she's a robot.

>> No.13679207

>Roboco taking care of you during your last years while she never ages because she's a robot.

I wasn't considering that but that's a good idea for what I have in mind. If I can find a way to add that I will.

>> No.13679556

Roboco taking care of you after truck-kun slammed into you.

>> No.13681467

Taking care of Roboco's funeral after truck-kun slams into her.

>> No.13682552

Taking care of Roboco and her boyfriend in a jealous fit by slamming into them with a truck.

>> No.13682608

The difference between Roboco and other chuubas is that Roboco can be rebuilt. Chances are, she'll destroy truck-kun with her indestructible steel body instead.

>> No.13682854

yeah well, chance failed and now she's high-spec salvage, all you can do is use her disembodied arms to wank yourself off with n pretend she's doing it

>> No.13683121

Were you one of those kids on the playground who would pull out the everything-proof shield?

>> No.13684236

NTA but it's not his fault you didn't think it through properly. For example, If I were to choose a superpower, I'd choose to be able to transform myself into literally anything. Then I'd become a version of myself who can grant omnipotent wishes, then I'd set down some rules like "my consciousness will always be present no matter, including all my 5 senses, even if the thing I transform into does not have them", then, something like " Whatever I transform into, my consciousness can handle it, I will not go mad from it or endure any physical, psychological or metaphysical damage. " "I can only transform into something when I really mean it, not by accident." and from then on I'd just grant myself shit like permanent immortality unless I really mean to change it back, invulnerability, the power to conjure someone who I will love unconditionally and they will do the same, the power to teleport anywhere anytime, anything I want. You just need to think outside the box. Maybe that's why you'll never be able to date your oshi or be Japanese, it's because you're just another gear in the machine. You choose "super strength" while I choose the power to become the god of gods.

>> No.13684685

(You) are an Amazon truck driver, leading miserable existence for minimal wage. It's the end of the shift, your eyes are bloodshot and your attention is slipping from the road. Just in time for you to miss a teenage girl running across the road. In the briefest of moments you pray for her to not get hurt.
Unexpectedly, (you) wake up in the hospital instead, with broken bones, burns and a serious concussion. The same girl is taking care of you, leaving you really confused. Who has hurt who exactly?
As it turns out, Roboco is an android, and just so happens to be equipped with the state of the art "threat resolution system". It had recognized your truck as a threat and deployed an equal and opposite reaction, obliterating it.
(You) feel guilty that you had resigned to hitting her. You know you could do anything else: hit the breaks, turn into a wall, turn the other way off the cliff - but you just froze up and let the fate take its course. All the more you are ashamed of the victim taking care of you.
Roboco feels guilty about not being able to stop the system that has been protecting her at the expense of others' safety. Her being a high-spec android, time from the moment of the truck slamming into an invisible wall, to (you) waking up, felt like eternity of straight torture.

>> No.13685203

So now Robocco has gone crazy and to repay you for what she's done, or rather to repent, given how obsessed she was about, she would ensure that your bloodline would survive at all costs. At first, it would be unnoticeable. Robocco would sometimes show up in the middle of the night and jerk you off, collecting your seed into her onahole wrist. Eventually, she stops doing it for one reason or another. After you're healed, Robocco sticks with you as your wife, taking care of you at all times. Something that was odd about her was that whenever you got hurt or sick, she would act... differently. She would become obsessed with protecting you would do anything for you to not leave her side, including strapping you up in bed and fucking the soul out of you until you pass out from exhaustion. At your deathbed, Robocco finally reveals her grand plan to repent to her sins. She was cultivating your seed in her facility's laboratory. Hundreds upon hundreds of your children being grown in septic tanks. You die of shock upon realizing what she had done. A heart attack if you will. Robocco did not compute this, in her mind, you could not die, not as long as she was there. At first, she asks her kouhai Rushia to help her, but she says she can't help humans like that. Robocco flips out and ends up killing her and taking her brain to find out how to revive you. She fails. Her programs were now short circuiting, she could not understand what was wrong, only that you needed her help. So she begins dismantling your body piece by piece and turning it into robot parts. You were back! You could talk to her, she could care for you, even if... it wasn't the same. Deep down she knew it wasn't you, but her program could not acknowledge that. She begins to care for your children along with your robotic self, generations upon generations, countless facilities filled with nothing but your descendants. When the government finds out about this and tries to shut it down, she has no choice but to fight back. They did not stand a chance when she hijacked all the world's nuclear weapons and turned them against their countries. Now the world was a desolate place and the only things that mattered to her were right there. An empty husk of your former self, hundreds upon hundreds of silent children in septic tanks and dozens of facilities, several kilometers deep underground. It went on like this for millenia until finally... she broke down.

>> No.13685413

Out of every superpower, you just had to choose super faggotry.

>> No.13685450

Hotel vibes.

>> No.13686077

Thank god, I wasn’t the only one who thought of it.

>> No.13686129

I'd transform into a version of myself who could roast you back and then you'd be the one crying on the ground.

>> No.13686438

Why are you like this?

>> No.13686457

I choose the superpower to be happy and make others happy that transcends laws, societal norms, common sense and laws of the Universe, even God, if it exists. Not at the expense of others, without any horrible consequences. Happiness for everyone, for free, and let no be forgotten

>> No.13686856

So, you want to be a Gary Stu?

>> No.13687041

This isn’t a prompt but an outline of a story.

>> No.13687114

Not like it’s the first we’ve had

>> No.13687229

I still remember the love triangle one that will never be written.

>> No.13687276

This is great. We need more menhera fics.

>> No.13687298

I just wanted to let you know I appreciate the reference.

>> No.13687417

That was a reference? To what series?

>> No.13687496

Based DragonBreakchama

>> No.13687589

>To what series?

>> No.13687602

Roadside Picnic.

>> No.13687674

Are you fucking with me? Because I only played the game.

>> No.13687764

I know they’ve just debut, but I would love to have a story about the new Hololive generation.

>> No.13687778

"Happiness, free, for everyone, and let no one be forgotten!" is the final line in the book, at least in the most popular translation.

>> No.13687822

Alright, I’ll trust you. It seems interesting, so I’ll buy the novel.

>> No.13687878

>Do you want to take care of Roboco
Seems like an obvious choice. She will need someone to maintain her.

>> No.13687958

Fucked up. My bad.

>> No.13688030

>Driving the point home.
My only complaint I have is that there’s no meat in the story. And this is something I notice on the posts you made.

>> No.13688201

>there’s no meat in the story
Just going to clarify on this for a bit, but like the first two post of the story can be fused together and still have less than a five thousand word count. Just my two cents. Ignore it if you will.

>> No.13688325

I just realize that every single myth has a Yandere story, except for Gura. Why? She should be easy writing a Yandere fic.

>> No.13688409

Kind of hard to take a womanlet seriously.

>> No.13688432

Uh, I think I'll need you to expand on that a little more because the explanation made me even more confused.

The entire story is around 3500 words long. Each post is 1950-1990 characters long which is the max character limit per post.

When you said "no meat" I took that to mean it lacks description which I can kind of agree with, it's definitely less than my long form works, but then the clarification makes me think it's less about the story content and more about the word density of each post?

>> No.13688460

Not to mention hard to picture her as a Yandere. I don’t think she’s even clingy unlike the others. Even Fauna, has more yandere potential than her.

>> No.13688521

>Each post is 1950-1990 characters long which is the max character limit per post.
Nah, you can actually put the first two post together and you won’t hit the character limit.

>> No.13688553

based taste

>> No.13688644

>Even Fauna, has more yandere potential than her.
Kid of unfair. She did that yandere ASMR. Which was Kino as fuck.

>> No.13688666

I know it's late in the thread to make requests
I would like to re-request (you) ending up as a zombie and having to be manager/kouhai for Ollie, subtly directing her fires of passion so that she won't burn out and end up as a consciousness in an unmoving object

>> No.13688701

She’s a zombie, how can she burn out?

>> No.13688782

>Each post is 1950-1990 characters long which is the max character limit per post.
It’s 5k though?

>> No.13688959

To become a zombie, surely you must have a will to live past death, and even stronger will to move a dead body around
Then, to lose that will, even for a day, would be disastrous. Your body would simply not follow your commands with you still trapped inside.

>> No.13688985

I'll post my sad Polka fic in the next thread. Good night folks.

>> No.13688989

New thread

>> No.13689021

Oh what the fuck, you guys are right. I got used to the post limit on /biz/ and never actually broke the habit or tried to push past that. All the damn stories I posted ad-hoc on these threads could have been way better.

Thanks for opening my eyes fellas.

>> No.13690913
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Stay motivated.

>> No.13691384


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