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its over. black company btfo

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Nothing's going to actually happen but I hope the girls get out unscathed. Fuck Twitter.

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>A storm is coming
Go the fuck back, now.

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We already have 5 threads about this in the catalog, at least.

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I hope he destroys vshitshow, would unironically be more based than when JP Keemstar BTFO anycolor

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>siding with an attention whore zoomer anituber jew

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Wh-whats he planning vwhorejo bros?

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Here's hoping.

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winter is coming bros

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I feel bad for Mel and Ironmouse though.

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I dont
vshitshow employs anitubers

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No my chuubas don't get blacked.

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I am hoping for mutal destruction with a huge shitstorm

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Try fifty, and that's just in the last two days

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I hope everyone involved graduates, would be the optimal outcome

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Has he posted anything after Veibae BTFO'd him with that 10 second video cut that proved he lied in his twitlonger?

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>A storm is coming
Can confirm. He's on his way as we speak.

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asking nux to post actual receipts isn't something anyone siding with nux would do

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meidos hates vshojo
as long as they can keep holofags and nijifags from tearing each other apart then everything's okay

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>siding with a corporation with pimped out whores

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So basically everything Vshojo put in the reddit post was a lie
Big shocker. Hardly surprising that nyanners turns out to be a lying piece of shit yet again

With any luck vshojo finally fucks off from vtubing

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Try sticking out your head out of this retard zone for a change, see what's actually happening

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This meme is not funny anymore.

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ey buddy ya got the wrong website twitch is a few blocks down that way, besides ya gotta be 18 to be here anyways

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Anon, I'm sure you're proud of the 20 threads you've made in the past 2 days but it doesn't really seem to be taking Vshojo down.

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it really is because it fits in a retarded way.
no one would send a DM to destroy an attack then delete it.
he's sending a message, its not about receipts.

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you also need to be 18 to use chaturbate

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Trust the plan, N has the receipts on the Galileo satellite. Him and Bob Seger are about to blow this wide open, the US Marshalls will bring the entire conspiracy down. Just two more weeks.

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do you think ironmouse and veibae ever wonder when exactly nyanners is going to stab in the back?

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>besides ya gotta be 18 to be here anyways
I can almost guarantee you that a significant portion of this board is either underage or retarded enough to pass off as underage.

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epic rebuttal, you're still on the wrong website by the way

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is it really vshitjo's job to make sure idiotic indie zoomers read the sender's email address?

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Contrary to all the shitposting on /vt/ it currently looks like he's getting destroyed instead.

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>heh, I'll whip up this epic image in photoshop and post it everywhere on this taiwanese theatre forum, this will be the key to taking vshojo down
Truly the #nyannersracism of our time

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would you second guess a email from [email protected] when vshojo never said anywhere what their official email is?
they also never warned anybody that they are being impersonated

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oh so now the normal people are at fault for getting killed by serial killers?
thats a good development

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The email address was vshojo.com, it looked legit.

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probably because he hasn't done anything that benefits anyone other than himself

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they did though

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nope and no amount of your simpery to corpos is changing that.

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then how did 12 people(and an unknown number more that didnt come out yet) get doxxed if they warned them

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I dont care if he gets dumpstered I just hope he takes as many of them as possible to hell with him

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I hope this kike goes kamikaze on these hoes, I'll make it my christmas present.

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>this co-ordination

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>no u
Anon, you should've picked a better platform for your astroturfing campaign. /vt/'s opinion is irrelevant.

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how did half a million people died of covid in the us if they warned them?

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Well you're a faggot, because I said you're a faggot and I don't need proof that you're a faggot

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>vtubers = politics
why do I even bother arguing with paid shills

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2 people out of thousands of applicants fell for it, not 12

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When the email is coming from vshojo.org and looks official then yes.

The first fuck up was VShojo not buying vshojo.org. The second fuck up was VShojo not alerting the public when attackers took control of vshojo.org.

As a result Sakii got doxxed and swatted, and Nux almost got doxxed and swatted. Both of them could have been killed.

>inb4 private investigation
They were never going to prosecute a bunch of 14 year olds in a third-world shithole like Brazil for US cybercrimes.

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Literally go on twitter and check for yourself. There's pretty much nothing but support under the girl's posts and even his own fans are telling him that he's full of shit and should apologize under his own posts. Vei also posted a clip of him where he contradicts the things he wrote in his own twitlonger on the situation, which makes him look even worse.

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Based Nux. He is like Bane with the body of CIA.

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>viruses are politics

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>corona is equal to serial killers
wow, I knew vtroons were retarded but this is amazing

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>serial killers
meds fast

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Inhale that copium. Breath deep

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>12 year olds trolling are serial killers now
nuxsimps are braindead

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12 people got doxxed
only 2 do they claim responsibility and the other 10 they claim are "completely unrelated that they got doxxed because of us (but they did confirm they got doxxed)"
Vshojo is lying to preserve their public image, its what companies do in a scandal. They lie.

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Nux is like connor with the body of gura

>> No.13563611

nuxsisters we're getting shit on in this thread too... is it really over for us? op please delete and make a new one

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>Nux almost got doxxed and swatted.
So close!

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>There's pretty much nothing but support under the girl's posts
of course, why do you think the joker label fits with him? society will always side with pussy no matter the reason. he was right, he doxxed the attacker, protected the indies.
yet, due to this, vshojo and the whores are shown in a bad light because they didnt notify indies. so he will be shamed by society, even though he did the right thing.

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Do jews give out a pheromone that makes their fans more retarded. This shit is wild.

>> No.13563629

>seeing the obvious blatant truth
>"Damn it's like we're being raided"
Keep huffing that copium

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i'd imagine from someone named "covfefe" and associating with nux that she's on his side.

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atleast post the 2nd part where she said she never clicked send on her messages

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Great minds think alike

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Post the up to date tweet where nux gets cucked and un-retweets it

>> No.13563687

you should post the tweet she made after that when she said she was being emotional and assumed the worst and vshojo did get in contact with her

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>muh discord messages
also this https://twitter.com/sakiinightshade/status/1463776054510641155?s=21

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Only two of the cases used Vshojo email addresses for phishing though, and they took the domain down
The rest had nothing to do with them

>Nux almost got doxxed and swatted
Case in point, Nux didn't audition and still got targeted

>> No.13563695

what does that have to do with getting doxxed and vshojo not notifying them?

>> No.13563709

This is the best timeline

>> No.13563711

trust the plan!

>> No.13563713

>Calling out the jew to post the receipts is siding with him

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the only lasting effect i'm seeing so far is nux being locked out of the vshojo sphere. He never had access to the Holosphere, and most certainly won't now, and likewise for the nijisphere because they have managers too, so he's essentailly relegated to indie tier vtubers. I expect he's gonna move on from it altogether for the most part, or do an absolute full heel turn and eventually get his account struck and deleted like Narukami.

Honestly I'm just laughing on the sidelines. This sorta shit is precisely what We've warned about with anitubers and Vshojo. You know Connor is gonna go the same route, so sure of his own righteousness all along.

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because she never said she was doxxed to anyone and the others haave nothing to do with vshojo

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>makes drama tweet to get attention
>gets called out
>flips the script and acts like a poor traumatized victim who made an innocent mistake
>everyone sides with her and she gets all the vshojos showing her support in her replies
This random 2view is the smartest person in this entire shitstorm

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Repost from last thread, as a third party:
Based on what i've been reading in this thread,
vshojo is in the right and nux's reasoning is obviously bullshit since he did the video mostly for fame while helping a couple of indies are just secondary

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Everyone gets doxxed in the process, and hopefully nux gets shit kicked out of him by some vshojo fans

>> No.13563765

>pink cat is on an anti-anituber crusade
kinda based not going to lie

>> No.13563769

which domain do we buy lads?


>> No.13563773

How does discord not send the messages? Was she offline or too retarded to press enter or did she send it to the wrong user? What kind of clarification is that? It creates more questions than it answers.

>> No.13563783

wait, why do you think I'll believe a prostitution ring's statements?

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have you seen what happened to JP Keemstar? the world is not a kind place to the batman with the personality of the joker but they serve a necessary purpose

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Nice, so why is vshojo lying that 10 doxxings that coincidentally were all vshojo auditioners got doxxed is not because of them? They already confirmed it themselves that this has been going on for months and not 1 week after they got caught lying again

>> No.13563795

Discord shits the bed and kills your messages from time to time (or nearly all the time if you have shit internet).

>> No.13563800

it means vshojo offered her something and they knew her price.

>> No.13563806

what was his plan to "help" anyone after posting the video anyway

>> No.13563810

How would vshojo know that she got doxxed by the doxxer if she doesn't tell?
Vshojo took down the fake site, but obviously wouldn't know who got doxxed until the doxxed ones contact them.

>> No.13563829

Stop posting you already got busted for samefagging and falseflagging

>> No.13563832

Finally someone without bias.
Thanks, holo friend

>> No.13563836

/vt/ speedrunning to bothsiderisms and enlightened centrist viewpoints because ||they know Nux's position cannot be defended publicly||

>> No.13563843

Because the alternative would be you making up shit in your head, which would obviously make your posts worthless.

What went on for months is their harassment of Vshojo chuubas, the phishing thing went on for less than a week. You're really banking on people not reading anything but your schizoposts here.

>> No.13563848

>since he did the video mostly for fame
And to set himself up as the big hero, despite doing almost none of the work

>> No.13563850

Literally burning bridges for the attention he so desperately craves.

>> No.13563851

>10 doxxings that coincidentally were all vshojo auditioners

>> No.13563852

I go out for a jog, I get killed by a serial killer.
you colossal retard

>> No.13563862

They truly are the worst when it comes to stuff like this. At best they're absolutely incompetent when it comes to people, and at worst they're a bunch of psychopaths. Either way they can't be trusted with stuff like this. The retards who support them will unironically demonize corpo Vtubers while blaming all the damage their Oshis cause for the indie scene on whoever they're told to blame. I have no symmpathy for the clout chaser either, but you can't defend how frivolously Vshojo threw small indies under the bus.
Drama like this always reminds me why I prefer corpos over indies. It's insufferable enough to read about it all the time.

>> No.13563864

The girls have been dealing with doxxfags for months, the e-mail shit is the thing that only lasted one week.
>10 doxxings that coincidentally were all vshojo auditioners
We don't know the identity of any of the victims other than Nux and that 2view girl.

>> No.13563866

read this to begin with

>> No.13563869

absolutely delusional
your precious canadian jew is a grifter that dinally is getting his ass ripped apart, and there's nothing you can do about it
Vshojo wins
/vt/ schizos lose
Nux commits suicide
end of story

>> No.13563871

idk probably give money or something

>> No.13563872

nux is obviously a clout chasing faggot the point is vshitshow did nothing to help the people victimized and even covered it up
and now nyanners is using her backstabbing tactics to divert the attention to said faggot to distract from vshitshows crimes
its really quite ironic, the clout chasing jew got out-jew'd

>> No.13563874

honestly I just hope that they tear each others throats out and actual good indies/agencies are allowed to flourish

>> No.13563875

you havent provided proof that vshojo were investigating in the first place.
do that and then you'll be taken seriously on /vt/

>> No.13563879

Is this really true? Wow, what a great app. How did this shit become so popular?

>> No.13563891

Has Nux posted the receipts yet or has he chickened out?

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Pedogroomers love it

>> No.13563904

nothing is happening. he already did more in protecting indies by talking about than vshojo who do "super secret very very private investimgations for months"

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Vshojo is lying to preserve their public image
I'm not going to trust a company ANYTHING they spew out of their shitholes and I'll trust pisscat even less what she spews out either
>i dont care about the people that got doxxed

>> No.13563911

>ask for proof of an a completely unfounded claim
>"well you need to prove this other completely unrelated thing first"

>> No.13563943

No one has posted shit yet. This is like those gay high school fights where two kids circle each other going "I'm gonna fuck you up, bro" but no one ever throws a fucking punch.

>> No.13563944
File: 655 KB, 1200x1162, __usada_pekora_and_don_chan_hololive_drawn_by_abara_heiki__9924d72d749b7f8971ac8b5c9a379f5a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i agree with this anon. unity love!

>> No.13563951

so instead you're going to suck some curcumsized jewish cock from someone that deleted his tweet and untweeted something and has 0 proof on anything other than bro trust me

>> No.13563955

Good, since he is fucked eitherway might as well release all the DMs
I bet they are all beautiful people inside

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Theres nothing wrong on rooting both sides who are shit to crash and burn.

>> No.13563965

>get doxxed because you applied for a company
>turns out 11 other people also got doxxed
>sue them
>"lol you cant sue us we put this imaginary 1 week period where you can sue us"
Vshojo isnt sending their brightest

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File: 3.35 MB, 638x596, cope.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Two of the biggest tumors on Vtubing having an ugly kamikaze pissing match where they'll both lose a chunk of reputation (not that they had much to begin with, aside from attracting retarded fruit fly subhumans)
Happy Thanksgiving!!!

>> No.13563969

What a stupid comparison. In case of a murder someone would find your corpse or a family member or friend would notice that you're missing.
In case of a doxxing this shit isn't obvious and even if it was made obvious that someone was doxxed, nobody would know how the doxxing happened until the doxxed person shares information.

>> No.13563972

>rargh I hate pink cat I must shitpost about Vshojo to destroy them
Absolutely rent-free

>> No.13563979

Wtf is this essay about?

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he posted this

>> No.13563994

cant you read?
it says that the 10 others had nothing to do with phising or vshojo

>> No.13563997

Fuckin' hell. At least with Arcanum there was a shit ton of docs dropped of his weird e-manipulation and his sperging out to the vshojo D&D group before everything came to a head.

>> No.13564000

vshojo name got tainted while nux is eating his own shit
everybody wins

>> No.13564003

>b...believe us, we're telling the truth

>> No.13564006

Read faggot

>> No.13564009

This is just Nux using 110% of his power and making a giant show for our entertainment, proving that he can't get canceled. Vshojo and the indies are all in on this.

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Good luck both sides, I'm rooting for you all!

>> No.13564027

The alternative, of course, is believing a clout-chasing anituber hated by literally everyone and people who have lost their minds due to a chronic pink cat infestation in their brains.

>> No.13564032

you cant ask for dox proof if you do not actually prove the investigation is underway
now get to it

>> No.13564037

>Nyanners lies about the situation
>Downplays the security breach
>"fuck the indies that got doxxed I've been doxxed for a year"
>Lies that they didnt hide the issue for months

>> No.13564052

>vsimps utterly malding at this pic

>> No.13564056

>initial post on march 4
>attempts to contact her again 3 fucking months later
>she finally responds
Yeah, getting ghosted by her for 3 months sure makes it seem like she wasn't offended by his bullshit.

>> No.13564061

Yeah but that shit has nothing to do with this, it's about some months-old drama that Snuffy resurfaced to shit on the guy.
Everyone is claiming one thing or another but I have yet to see a single screenshoot showing the conversations they supposedly had.

>> No.13564066

>b...believe me, i managed to stop the doxxer ignore the part where i said i was allowed to post the video then in the video i say i wasnt allowed to post

>> No.13564073
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>> No.13564074

did you know that vshojo actually doxxed 6 million people through their own negliance? proof? you want proof? well prove to me that man landed on the moon first, then I'll take you seriously

>> No.13564076

>argument is so bad you have to set impossible conditions to defend it
kek, thanks for the win

>> No.13564082

this just proves he's right.
snuffy not only accepted the apology then but then turns around and misrepresents after taking back the apology.
what a whore

>> No.13564083
File: 173 KB, 1533x891, 1622140997876.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13564086

>it currently looks like he's getting destroyed instead
More like he hasn't actually done anything yet
We just want the fucking receipts

>> No.13564091

he also unposted that soon after

>> No.13564093

Mel let too many people mooch off her to begin with. Ironmouse deserved the break she got though.

>> No.13564098

>I've been doxxed for a year
more like years

>> No.13564102

You just want the world to burn fuck you.

>> No.13564103

>as a third party
you mean how you claimed it was your first post without a new ip?

>> No.13564105

Arcadum's shit wasn't even about vshojo. He got canceled by other players for shit he did to other players. Vshojo was just kinda caught in the crossfire because he was DM'ing their campaign at the time. He didn't actually do anything to the vshojo girls and they weren't among the girls that posted allegations against him on twitter.

>> No.13564112

>Nothing's going to actually happen but I hope the girls get out unscathed.
Nah, that pink cat deserves to get fucked

>> No.13564114

if there's a choice, i'll go with a side that isnt a corporation filled with blown out vaginas. but I'm fine in the middle, thank you

>> No.13564121

>Thanks for the win

What did you win on this nothing corner of a board arguing about money hungry dykes and a lying jew

>> No.13564135

Post image of nyanners saying don't make me shit myself meme.

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File: 2.32 MB, 590x654, [sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2Fphixnp.webm].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I genuinely hope everyone wins

>> No.13564142

Are you in all the threads posting this pol shit?

>> No.13564146

>all this time to self-reflect, grow, mature and hopefully not make the same self-centered spergout rants you made years ago
>still makes self-centered spergout rants
It's true, some people never change, especially pink cat

>> No.13564156

not same guy, but at some point you have to realize the people making anti-opinions might just be literal shit eaters and actually have terrible takes.

>> No.13564160

>He didn't actually do anything to the vshojo girls
IIRC he sent some spergs to raid nyanner's discord because she mocked some boss fight he DM'd for them but yeah, pretty fucking minor compared to the other stuff

>> No.13564162

>impossible conditions
asking for investigation proof that vshojo is claiming is impossible conditions?

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Yes and everything is going great so far

>> No.13564170

The app literally tells you when the messages fail to send, you can literally make a burner account and try to send a random message while killing your internet connection to check. Don't believe her lies.

>> No.13564173

she really is one of us, i wonder if she will ever accept it

>> No.13564183

is he legitimately jewish? If true, then that makes the grifter part even funnier.

>> No.13564188

>all these antis desperately trying to spin it so Vshojo is at fault
Lmao get a life

>> No.13564201


>> No.13564207
File: 32 KB, 792x410, Screen_Shot_2020-07-24_at_11.33.38_AM.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>bluhbluhbluh he said that she said that he was lying about lying about what she said and

How do people get invested in this shit?

>> No.13564216

Nux is Hololive+ (Ollie follows him) so if he’s against Vshojo, so am I! Fuck that pink cat

>> No.13564220

That's the hilariously insane thing about it, but hey, /vt/ is gonna /vt/. There's a reason we're one of the shittiest boards.

>> No.13564227

i hate both anitubers and vshojo, but i think that i hate vshojo slightly more.

>> No.13564228

What the hell are you talking about? We're in the Winter long ago, since February 2018. With the arrival of Nijisanji.

>> No.13564239

nobody tell him

>> No.13564247

Granted. The point being there was something of substance with the Arcadum debacle. Everything with Cux is dull.

>> No.13564254
File: 237 KB, 264x365, 2018A47A.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I side with chaos and this time it's the joker of the batman of vtubers. Nothing personal kid.

>> No.13564256

There's literally no way to spin this as Vshojo being at fault without serious self-induced inability to read and understand things. If you're going to go with the "I hate Vshojo therefore Vshojo is in the wrong" thought process at least be honest about it instead of skipping meds and vomiting out worthless rrats that only exist in your head.

>> No.13564259


>> No.13564265

They are at fault for not warning people they are being impersonated and that people are being targeted by a cyber attack. Its the #1 thing you do at a security breach.

>> No.13564277

>There's literally no way to spin this as Vshojo being at fault
how do men come to this stage, lads?

>> No.13564290
File: 2.73 MB, 498x498, ohnonono.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This situation and the Vsimp defense force working overtime for free really put in perspective how many unironic Vshitshow fans there are on this board
Like how the fuck did you end up here lmao
Did you take a wrong turn from Twitch? Got lost? Couldn't find reddit?
The absolute endless river of seethencopen that has been going on for the past few days is incredible
>Y-y-y-y-y-you like blue sans!
I hope you both squirm for as long as possible
Happy holidays

>> No.13564292

There's literally no way to spin this as Nux being at fault without serious self-induced inability to read and understand things. If you're going to go with the "I hate Nux therefore Nux is in the wrong" thought process at least be honest about it instead of skipping meds and vomiting out worthless rrats that only exist in your head.

>> No.13564327

>Its the #1 thing you do at a security breach.
no its not you dumb fuck

>> No.13564330

didnt read, nux still lost

>> No.13564335

Always makes me laugh when people say "corporation" as if they're some holo-like faceless monolith and not three guys wrangling a bunch of girls

>> No.13564338

There's literally no way to spin this as the doxxers being at fault without serious self-induced inability to read and understand things. If you're going to go with the "I hate doxxers therefore doxxers are in the wrong" thought process at least be honest about it instead of skipping meds and vomiting out worthless rrats that only exist in your head.

>> No.13564354

i thought nyanners hated 4chan. why are so many of her fans here?

>> No.13564355

By cumming to this stage

>> No.13564368
File: 75 KB, 900x900, 03FE9A34-C7B8-45B7-9325-AEDDA5B91EB3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This situation and the anituber defense force working overtime for free really put in perspective how many unironic blue sans fans there are on this board
Like how the fuck did you end up here lmao
Did you take a wrong turn from Youtube? Got lost? Couldn't find reddit?
The absolute endless river of seethencopen that has been going on for the past few days is incredible
>Y-y-y-y-y-you like pink cat!
I hope you both squirm for as long as possible
Happy holidays

>> No.13564385


>> No.13564397

Because if you breathe the wrong way in her stream/discord you get banned

>> No.13564398

There's literally no way to spin this as Vshojo being at fault without serious self-induced inability to read and understand things. If you're going to go with the "I hate Vshojo therefore Vshojo is in the wrong" thought process at least be honest about it instead of skipping meds and vomiting out worthless rrats that only exist in your head.

>> No.13564404

>i thought nyanners hated 4chan.
She doesn't.
She still lurks and posts here.

>> No.13564410

People hate blue sans more. Could also be people raiding the board or just shitting it up in general. In other words, just another day on /vt/.

>> No.13564416

If it wasn't obvious by now, pink cat apologists aren't native to this site.

>> No.13564420

You took the time to write this.

>> No.13564430

Fucking google does it every time even the slightest security issue is found
You are a legitimate retard if you think saying "dont be a dumbass and go change your password" isnt the first thing being sent to people
How new are you to the internet?

>> No.13564435

There's literally no way to spin this as 4chan being at fault without serious self-induced inability to read and understand things. If you're going to go with the "I hate 4chan therefore 4chan is in the wrong" thought process at least be honest about it instead of skipping meds and vomiting out worthless rrats that only exist in your head

>> No.13564437

There's a reason why this board is literally the only place where this is even "debated" (and I use that word very liberally here) and it's not because this board is known for its mentally well userbase that likes to take all sides into account and figure out the truth.

>> No.13564440

you got this from the same nyan anti image spammers that got booted by the mods?

>> No.13564441

The point was showing that he still had old DMs and that they deliberately trying to spin out old situations was gonna to backfire on them, see how they stopped publicly shitting on him the moment he posted (and deleted) it

>> No.13564454

Nyan is OG 4chan. Why would we hate her here

>> No.13564466

>Fucking google does it every time even the slightest security issue is found
Lmao this survivors bias
The vast majority of security issues that happen you NEVER hear about
You only hear about the ones they don't contain

>> No.13564470

As an outsider that always questioned how "little" of a company Vshojo is is quite surprised how quickly the beloved "free" and independent girls got labeled corpo girls when this shitstorm went down.

>> No.13564471

>trying to gaslight people this hard
It's literally the opposite
People hate blue jew but hate VNiggers even more

>> No.13564477

people love gossip.
im on the side of nux is like batman with the personality of joker.
though seriously, the vsimp side makes no sense and looks to be trying to obfuscate the situation. i expect the vsimp hearsay circlejerk will rapidly devolve into "nux tried to dox vshojo" over the next few days.
t. a resident schitzo

>> No.13564485

>Like how the fuck did you end up here lmao
Yes it's ridiculous to go on a vtuber board to talk about vtubers
The state of holofags

>> No.13564488
File: 2.58 MB, 342x498, puhuhu.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

20 second to write a post and you'll seethe for days
The best mindbroken Vsimps can do now is copy posts like leftists, maybe start spamming wojaks again

>> No.13564489

Good, I hope she understands no matter where she goes she will always be an unwelcomed presence that will attract hate to any group she becomes part of and should be better disappearing forever.

>> No.13564498

he only proved that he acted like a retard, said sorry and now he's acting like a retard again and he's still the same person as then and ddidnt give a shit back then and doesnt give a shit now

>> No.13564501

So what you are saying is that Vshojo did indeed hide about this security breach for months? Damn you shills arent the smartest are you

>> No.13564519
File: 111 KB, 194x272, OMGSWAG!!!!.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

im praying that both sides destroy each other.
its basically a cancer vs aids fight.

>> No.13564532

Based hag poster with double dubs

>> No.13564533

>One of the biggest corporations in the world, basically integrated into the fibre of the internet at this point, warns of slight security breaches.
R-really? Wow! Thank you Daddy Google!

>> No.13564534

I've been here since 2005 and I love pink cat (my oshi!)

Feel free to ask me anything since this thread doesn't seem to be reaching a conclusion any time soon

>> No.13564539

nux lost and vshojo already collabed with hololive. Also ollie unfollowed him

>> No.13564543

Yes, hiding security breaches is standard protocol absolutely everywhere, pretty sure they even say that in their post
You only make it public if it becomes a public threat

>> No.13564549

It sure gets my noggin joggin' for sure. Every member had a vid saying, "I'm part of this company but all they do is advertising! I'm still totally free." Then this happens. Would love to see what the contract looks like and see how much wiggle room a Vshojo member actually has.

>> No.13564561

>survivors bias
I'll be sure to relay this to all people who were killed by serial killers when they werent notified

>> No.13564568

No matter how this plays out, the vtuber scene is going to be nicer afterwards.

>> No.13564579
File: 14 KB, 487x129, 1621953904549.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

One day she will an hero because of this

>> No.13564581

Well if you ignore all the bias from both sides, Nux was way out of line for posting the video in the first place when he was asked not to

>> No.13564582

she shouldn't be following him in the first place, and there are at least 40 like him she's still thirsting for

>> No.13564590

>14 year old thirdworld doxxed is now on the same level as a serial killer

>> No.13564619

It's just one guy repeating himself with hollow statements.
Source: There is literally no way to spin this as one guy being more than one guy without serious self-induced inability to read and understand things.

>> No.13564642
File: 4.00 MB, 400x400, 1633819620113.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Yes, hiding security breaches is standard protocol absolutely everywhere

>> No.13564643

Nux is like the batman who laughs, he was cool but now hes overdone and should stop wanting him around because hes annoying and needs to be killed off already

>> No.13564653

Your local walmart is going to inform you if they got hacked or if scammers are trying to scam people
This is standard common practice across every single business on the internet, except for Vshojo it seems since they got a and excuse me for laughing AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA "cybersecurity expert team"

>> No.13564679

Did she actually post this? lol

>> No.13564681

are you comparing to some nerds being doxxed to serial killers? cringe
and yeah, when cops pick up on a serial killer they release as little public information as possible

>> No.13564691

There's literally no way to spin this as (you) being at fault without serious self-induced inability to read and understand things. If you're going to go with the "I hate (you) therefore (you) is in the wrong" thought process at least be honest about it instead of skipping meds and vomiting out worthless rrats that only exist in your head

>> No.13564699

A man can only hope. Of course she's aware, but she's probably too much of a cunt to care.

>> No.13564702

Not him, but if the security breach is leading to people outside the company getting doxxed isn't it a matter that affects the public?

>> No.13564705

A storm of niggers is coming for all of us.

>> No.13564706

>I'm still totally free.
What about this situation contradicts that?

>> No.13564708

>excuse me for laughing AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA "cybersecurity expert team"
Who writes posts like this? Nuxcord, please step up your camouflage game.

>> No.13564711

And Kiara is supposed to be the narcissist kek

>> No.13564712

Being impersonated is not a fucking security breach.

>> No.13564714

I have 100% had enough of twitter drama. Is this actually on topic? >>>trash

>> No.13564718

>pic related
I for sure would be more willing to support Vshojo if the pink cat wasn't there

>> No.13564729
File: 155 KB, 325x355, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>downplaying doxxing

>> No.13564733

grow up and get a job, you'll be amazed what happens that you don't know about

>> No.13564750

>everyone shits on Nux
>vshojo girls magically did nothing wrong all of a sudden
I don't care that much about that fag. However, I'm getting slightly pissed to see another guy getting mob hunted and cancelled. I'd at least expect to see the girls get under fire too, but it's obvious that it's not going to happen.
I fucking hate simps and whiteknights, holy shit.

>> No.13564757
File: 815 KB, 855x865, o'zapf is.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I drink to that brother.

>> No.13564772

The only "people" who care are on this board

>> No.13564776

it is when they got the companies tax signature which isnt public
also they got hold of a list of all the people that auditioned
is that public? why is a list of potential hires emails public?

>> No.13564777

I don't even like Vshojo but talk about rent fucking free. What a fucking falseflagging loser.

>> No.13564779
File: 34 KB, 1225x215, qrdonedrama.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nyanners is just mad at nux that the private hacker and hitman team she hired didn't get to kidnap a small braziilian boy and bring him to her torture dungeon. Indies were secondary to this primary plan.

>> No.13564788

>when cops pick up on a serial killer they release as little public information as possible
what leftist hellhole do you live where cops do this?

>> No.13564796

The "security breach" was the vshojo girls getting doxxed, the people doxxing the indies weren't using any private company information, they literally just bought a vshojo.org domain and used that to impersonate them.

>> No.13564800


>> No.13564814

In his defence, I also actually wrote like that when I was 13.

>> No.13564819

t.western world

>> No.13564832

no matter what, Nux already won because of all the attention over him and his channel.

>> No.13564860

There are niggers coming... a STORM of niggers...

>> No.13564863

lmao what's it got to do with politics
they do it in america, watch any one of your billion documentaries on all the serial killers you guys have

>> No.13564866
File: 277 KB, 220x214, 1632572715393.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Being impersonated is not a fucking security breach.

>> No.13564872

What is it with Nux that makes you not want him to catch as much shit as Vshojo?

>> No.13564877

He also privated his video and burned the bridge to the only Vtuber organization that remotely tolerated his presence.

>> No.13564883

they release as much information as possible so people will be vigilant, try to minimize future crimes, and make the killer slip up
no idea what you're talking about

>> No.13564890
File: 7 KB, 759x41, 1622204915288.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nyanners quick do another charity

>> No.13564897

How much control and knowledge do the girls have about the website & the machinations of the hiring process? It feels like it falls more under Gunran & his behind the scenes crew than the talent.

>> No.13564908

>the companies tax signature
They got Gunrun's signature which isn't really hard to get
>they got hold of a list of all the people that auditioned
No, they sent that shit to a bunch of indies hoping one of them auditioned and fell for it. Did you miss the part where Nux realized it was a scam because they sent him an e-mail despite the fact that he never auditioned?

>> No.13564911

Doxxing not being treated the same as serial killings is now downplaying?

>> No.13564923

He love foreskin

>> No.13564926

If one side is wrong then the other side is automatically on the right for everything. Welcome to modern discourse.

>> No.13564933

Of course, it's not only a reputational risk that literally any competent company would take care of, but it's also illegal to hide it and let people get doxxed knowingly

>> No.13564954

He isnt the one shitting up the vtuber industry and trying to send other companies copyright strikes to ban them from streaming for 2 weeks

>> No.13564961

answer the question, troon.
US is not one, red states dont have cops defending antifa and black people.

>> No.13564967

are you being sarcastic or are you really that delusional?

>> No.13564984

anon the internet isnt real life, bring attention publically will create copycats on the internet, especially for petty crimes like doxxing which will cover up the people who actually did it.
and as one anon put it, you dont televise the polices plan deal with a hostage situation because the criminal can counter the plan.

>> No.13564991

Someone please let me In on the details of the Brazilian meme

>> No.13564995

What's with liberals suddenly going "p-please trust the cops!!!" Lmao

>> No.13565002

I didn't give a shit until VShojo collabed with KSon today with that Connor faggot

Hope Nux burns them down now one way or another

>> No.13565004

You need to go back

>> No.13565005

Based side to this shitshow

>> No.13565010


>> No.13565015

I just love that the word "receipts" is the social media equivalent of a cliffhanger nowadays.

>> No.13565017

ok how did they get the vtubers emails? this is not public

>> No.13565019

Guess they are pretty good at their job dir getting this deep into her head then
Captch: SJW

>> No.13565021
File: 112 KB, 1076x236, cancer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13565027

I'm not from America you stupid mutt

>> No.13565048

Hello, I am the Coca Cola Corporation and have an exciting opportunity for you
Please send me all your personal information

Wow I can't believe it was that easy to breach coke's security

>> No.13565051

if doxxing wasnt an issue, the corporation (TM) wouldnt blast a guy for doing his job in taking down the doxxer which the corporation (TM) should've done in the first place but didnt to protect the scandal

>> No.13565053

It's literally on their Twitter bio

>> No.13565065

>not want him to catch as much shit as Vshojo?
That's the problem. It's not as much, he's clearly slowly getting the most of the backlash at the moment, and the girls have effectively managed to call everyone to """unfriend""" him. Don't forget this is twitter, so this is an extremely power play for those people.

>> No.13565075

anon do you know what a business email is
i know you're 14 so you might have not worked a day in your life but most people have public emails for stuff like that

>> No.13565076

Any suggestions for her that you think she needs to improve and what made you like me the most?

>> No.13565104

I said
>leftist hellhole
you said, US.
I never said america.
EU does the same btw in protecting antifa and black people

>> No.13565126

>Brazilian's spam "Come to Brazil" in chat
>Vshowhores refuse to go to Brazil
>They proceed to make fun of Brazilians

>> No.13565131

social engineering bro

>> No.13565145


>> No.13565179

It's not true. If the message failed to send it clearly tells you. She ignored it fully. Failing to receive a message is like opening a message, marking it as read, then never reading it later.

>> No.13565182

>this is not public
NTA but many vtubers do have their emails listed on their twitter bios
I just checked and Sakii (one of the victims) does, for instance

>> No.13565198

Their time will come when his fanbase implodes and goes after them like zhang bots with some people standing by joining in to get their swings in.

>> No.13565201

>EU does the same btw in protecting antifa
didn't you faggots literally fight a world war against fascists?

>> No.13565204

I am from a country with no black people or serial killers
Standard police procedure has little to do with politics
Watch some crime documetaries, learn about your countries rich history

>> No.13565218

you missed the fourth line
>in revenge, they doxx all the vshowhores and laugh at the destruction of those who shamed them

>> No.13565227

Ah, I see, thanks. I'm a bit behind on this. I still think if vshojo was aware they were being impersonated that they should have issued some kind of warning about fake emails.

>> No.13565232

>Any suggestions for her that you think she needs to improve
I liked it when she did planned out bits in the beginning of her streams, she should do those more often

>what made you like me the most
She's just a broken anon trying to live her best life, achieve her dreams and put herself out there despite being haunted by having social anxiety and an imageboard-rotted brain..... she's literally me.......

>> No.13565233

Get back to your discord vshitters

>> No.13565253

Literally 2 persons got phished, and among them Nux got phished on purpose because it was a shit effort. Thats it, morons. Nux made up shit.

>> No.13565259

Nah, I wanna just see those Vwhores get dragged down with that jew.

>> No.13565264
File: 9 KB, 492x215, 1635203913006.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I still love how some BRs in a favela made thousand of people shit themselves and caused endless seething
Litetally pic related and it worked

>> No.13565265
File: 33 KB, 825x420, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pink cat...

>> No.13565272

Nux makes a video that he sits on for like 1 month so that law enforcement can actually handle the case and not tip off the person in question. All Nux did was highlight that Vshojo was sloppy with a threat that affected indie Vtubers, which is why they initially were appreciative of the video until Nyanners chimped out.

>> No.13565273

It's hard to defend someone who screams to have proofs but doesn't fucking post them, the whores are taking full advantage of that.

>> No.13565277

>Standard police procedure has little to do with politics
what? your hesitancy in answering the question already proved you're in a leftist hellhole which doesnt notify people to not seem racist BECAUSE of politics. standard police procedure hasnt been followed in any serious country in decades.

>> No.13565325

they were aware. nux even tweeted about it a month ago. they ignored it

>> No.13565342

God I hate his fuckin videos, pls Jesus let nux overdoses on cock

>> No.13565343

No, we're here to stay
Get fucked

>> No.13565358

At least deny it nigger

>> No.13565388

Operation Niggerkine Storm.

>> No.13565396
File: 58 KB, 1210x700, 1634684344850.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Your histroy reps anonchama

>> No.13565398

As I said, I'm from a country with no blacks or serial killers
There is protocol for dealing with serial killers and criminals on the loose and that is to divulge as little information as possible to the public
I know politics live in your head rent-free, but this has nothing to do with it

>> No.13565400

So who is this Nux and vshojo everyone is speaking about?

>> No.13565406

She's not wrong.

>> No.13565408

notice how you arent asking for proofs from the whores when they're doing the same thing. I hope I dont get down to this level of simpery lads

>> No.13565450

if you think there isnt politics involved in policing, you're being slimy on purpose

>> No.13565470

Just hope both burn and you're on the right.

>> No.13565478

first time i'm hearing about vshojo as well. must be a twitch thing

>> No.13565485

> Gets baited by shitty clickbait title

>> No.13565513

there is politics involved in policing, there are no politics involved in this particular aspect of policing
You are a fucking moron

>> No.13565514

It's more comfy than discord in here so we've moved in
Luckily we already live rent free

>> No.13565523

>we have an investigation that's taking place
>we don't want to reveal it and give away all the information we've collected because it'll scare away the people under investigation
>but some faggot anon on 4chan who has zero relevance wants to see >proof so we better release all that info
kek it's the retarded white entitlement for me

>> No.13565525

See this is why i hate this jewish faggot more than vshitters, at least vshitters will stay on Twitch and has enough shame not to use other chuuba for clickbaits

>> No.13565535

>looter shooter
>Dark fantasy

>> No.13565537

>twitch lingo
Allowing twitch vtubers to be discussed on the virtual youtuber board was a mistake

>> No.13565538

Then the protocol sucks because you're essentially waiting for them to commit more crimes.
Fuck that and fuck anyone defending this shit
Also good luck getting anyone arrested for cyber "crimes" in Brazil lol.

>> No.13565556

Anon, I fucking hope he is right because I want to see vshojo burn, I'm just explaining you that they took advantage of him taking too long to post the receipts to gather the support of their people, this isn't rocket science, women know how to take advantage of their situations.

>> No.13565560
File: 701 KB, 4096x4006, 1630264392278.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The first false premise is that making a video a bout a doxlord somehow endangers unrelated people who were doxxed long ago
>The second premise was that the super sekrit investigation was going to lead to a crack commando team breaking down the ebil doxxers door to save the day
>The third false premise is that not warning people about a phishing site using what would be your official company domain somehow protects people in any way shape or form

Where will the rrat from vshoujo go from here. Nux is pedo? What goofy twitter midwit piplul will emerge next? This is like king kong versus godzilla. What is also baffling is if vshojo didn't have all their talents comment on nux's stupid video no one would really care about this but now it just brought attention to their original mistake.

>> No.13565584

>we have an investigation
wait, why do you think I'd believe a prostitution ring again?

>> No.13565585

Yeah, I'm sure you, a dumb fuck sitting on the internet who knows nothing about the world, knows more than the combined experience of every police force on the planet dealing with criminals for centuries

>> No.13565591

nux lost, get over it
go back to your discord nuxsimps

>> No.13565603

Everyone posting below this is a fucking chinese or SEA

>> No.13565616

>Their time will come
It won't... I've seen this pattern 4 times already, and at the end the man died. Every time. I can only hope I'm being wrong about this.

>> No.13565619

cops are pigs #defundthepolice #akab

>> No.13565633

>why do you think I'd believe a prostitution ring again?
sorry, i forgot i was talking to a horsepaste licker.

>> No.13565634
File: 31 KB, 128x128, 1626722428491.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the receipts....he's got...the receipts...he can...still win...maga....stop the steal...her emails....

>> No.13565635

That doesn't sit well with me. It's just basic decency to at least inform people to be careful in that situation.

>> No.13565639

And this shows all nux poster ard underage

>> No.13565655

fair enough there. he's still weighing his options on damage control but the whores are not stopping.
we might get joker nux after all. patience

>> No.13565662

Who do you hate more,
Twitter Whore or Toxic Jew?
The answer might surprise you!

>> No.13565677

>and at the end the man died.
You say that like it's a bad thing when it's about Nux.

>> No.13565682

There is no need to pick a side if you only want to see the flames fueled

>> No.13565684

When I tell a friend about Nux, I always describe him as “the living embodiment of the internet” so trying to weaponize the internet and cancel him is something akin to trying to drive Cthulhu insane by holding up a mirror. You’ve done nothing but by draw the attention of a power you cannot comprehend and you made yourself look stupid.

>> No.13565699

Post the caps already or back off you stupid kike

>> No.13565718

>When I tell a friend about Nux, I always describe him as “the living embodiment of the internet” so trying to weaponize the internet and cancel him is something akin to trying to drive Cthulhu insane by holding up a mirror. You’ve done nothing but by draw the attention of a power you cannot comprehend and you made yourself look stupid.
*tips fedora*

>> No.13565728

Good pasta

>> No.13565736

Because VShoujo's official statement said they were overseas, Brazil is just a meme, it's probably some SEAnig country really, but the idea that they are getting any extradition for a minor for internet harassment from any country that doesn't have America's cock firmly in its throat like Britain or Puerto Rico, if that even still counts as a country, is laughably stupid.

>> No.13565739

bernie can still win. pete didnt win iowa...

>> No.13565743

Nuxfaggots really glow do they?

>> No.13565746

Feel bad for Mel, don't feel bad for the mouse.

>> No.13565782

Ollie unfollowed him lmaoooo

>> No.13565796

they'e really pushing him to the limit to cover their money trains and simps. I hope the batman breaks into joker completely

>> No.13565798

>Prostitution ring
I have respect for those of you who hate vshojo and are at least pretending to be somewhat unbiased.

>> No.13565800

it's just basic decency to inform criminals they're being investigated, just a nice gesture to give them time to cover their tracks, just being a nice person to let criminals recruit new members by letting their presence be known to the public, it's just a nice thing to do to make sure they can switch up their methods of attack and incite more attacks on innocent people

>> No.13565811
File: 68 KB, 402x510, 1624054216542.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

2 weeks until nux releases the receipts and then he wins

>> No.13565813

Like I said, pattern. You will celebrating one faggot dying, meanwhile I'll be adding +1 to the count of some dude getting mob hunted while the girls don't face any backlash whatsoever.
But like I said, I hope I'm just overthinking.

>> No.13565825

things ive noticed with the nuxfags here is that they dont actually watch his content, if they did they wouldnt unironically defend him or theyre under 18.
hate vshojo all you want but at least theyre making content that people can enjoy unironically.
nux whole persona is being a smug asshole grifter.

people keep saying vshojo handed the doxxing badly but not like they had much of a chance to deal with it, releasing a statement too soon wouldve tipped off the doxxers enough to cover up their tracks.
also the girls themselves wouldnt be at fault if theyre not part of the security team.
however the fact the security team gaving nux this info was stupid and they shouldve seen this coming

>> No.13565845

Go both sides, destroy yourself like retards

>> No.13565852

i mean vshitshow pretty much is a prostitution ring of whores
i bet theyre all out selling their ass right now to get more people denounce this jew

>> No.13565860

I like Nux because he helped the doxxer potentially get away. No one deserves jail for doxxing twitch whores

>> No.13565864

the criminals already know the doxxing works. so who are you defending here?

>> No.13565865

i hate both and im hoping that both die off.

>> No.13565895

nux bros... where's the receipt?
we're losing

>> No.13565921

>releasing a statement too soon wouldve tipped off the doxxers
about? do the rapists not know the rape isnt working if its not reported

>> No.13565932

Damn son I didn't think they let 15 year old edgelords post on the 4chins

>> No.13565934

No such thing. We just want him to discredit Vshojo and do as much harm and shitstorm as possible. Why should I watch his content? I don't even know who he was before this

>> No.13565938
File: 1.54 MB, 306x362, 1636833932377.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>hate vshojo all you want
insert wojack pic here

>> No.13565947

a crime is a crime anon, if i raped you, by your own logic i dont deserve jail time for raping faggot anons.

>> No.13565959

>Where will the rrat from vshoujo go from here
that nux was the br doxxer all along

>> No.13566003

>hypocrites call pink cat a hypocrite
sasuga spergs, notice how all the public supporters of nux are lolicon pedos?

>> No.13566004

don't worry he's getting it rn, gonna be posted in a few hours if not tomorrow

>> No.13566009

Pretty fucking much. Everything on that video either is public info, doesn't fucking matter, or something that anyone with more than two brain cells can figure out. Everything is fine until Nyanners started shitting on Nux. VAutism meanwhile started bragging about their magical spy missions or some crap, which further fueled the flame.
I normally hate that fucking jew, but I also hate bullshit too.

>> No.13566017

you've chopped your penis already Vtroon you can't rape anyone

>> No.13566038

>I have respect for those of you who hate vshojo
I don't
Tribalfags are just tiresome

>> No.13566069
File: 753 KB, 480x401, 1614720310148.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

thanks nux, very cool, now i know i can get away with doxxing and that no one can do anything about it wihle getting a bunch of attention

>> No.13566086

things ive noticed with the vshojofags here is that they dont actually watch their content, if they did they wouldnt unironically defend them or theyre under 18.
hate nux all you want but at least he's making content that people can enjoy unironically.
vshojo whole persona is being a smug asshole bitch

people keep saying nux handed the video badly but not like he had much of a chance to deal with it, releasing a statement too late wouldve helped the doxxers enough to keep doxing vtubers.
also the the guy himself wouldnt be at fault if he just release the video.
however the fact the security team gaving nux this info was stupid and they shouldve seen this coming

>> No.13566087

Greekchama please

>> No.13566091

>being so much of a misogynist that you'd side with Nux

>> No.13566099

>pink cat is a pedo panderer and you defend her as if she didn't have a pedo model until only recently
dont bring up THAT aspect because people, normal people, still consider twitch weebs as pedos because of fucking scum-grifters like her

>> No.13566107

>look bro stealing an apple is the same as burning 6 gorillion jews

>> No.13566121

You mean all the public pink cat antis

>> No.13566123

>Cover their tracks
What is this retarded nonsense, almost all phishing doxlords are impoverished third worldies and will never ever see a jail cell or court room, investigating or going after them is pointless to begin with. There is no world where the secret cabal of brazillian children are caught by the massive wit of leaving their phishing site up to scrape an ip that is probably a proxy anyways. Nux is complete grifter makes the absolute most garbage content, hell i didn't feel vshojo was bad besides just being unfunny and unentertaining but this whole twitter brigading shit and little corporate cover up makes them look absolutely terrible.

It makes all the members of vshojo look like twitlonger staceys gaslighting and using false premises when I know most of them probably dont even care and were just pressured by their friends to same some stupid shit.

>> No.13566153

im not siding with nux, im siding with myself, the person who hates vshojo.

>> No.13566155

You forgot a chad face so I'm afraid you're not based

>> No.13566156
File: 65 KB, 417x472, medal.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

only good take here

>> No.13566168

>however the fact the security team gaving nux this info was stupid and they shouldve seen this coming
This, like how could this not happen when they all know exactly what kind of dude he is.

>> No.13566177

I want to titfuck Veibei

>> No.13566181

>The pink cat ruins everything once again

>> No.13566186

things ive noticed with the 4chanfags here is that they dont actually read their threads, if they did they wouldnt unironically defend them or theyre under 18.
hate reddit all you want but at least he's making content that people can enjoy unironically.
4chan whole persona is being a smug asshole bitch

people keep saying reddit handed the video badly but not like he had much of a chance to deal with it, releasing a statement too late wouldve helped the doxxers enough to keep doxing vtubers.
also the the guy himself wouldnt be at fault if he just release the video.
however the fact the security team gaving reddit this info was stupid and they shouldve seen this coming

>> No.13566195

wait, where do you think you are plebbitor?

>> No.13566205

>do as much harm and shitstorm as possible.
Noone cares other than the seething antis on this board lmao

>> No.13566208

well one of them is provable

>> No.13566260

Pink cat literally banks on lolicon pedos though?

>> No.13566262

A Hololive-dominant board that hates men? If anything /vt/ are misandrists.

>> No.13566265

alright i have to go
good luck to both sides I'll be back later

>> No.13566269

nux is going to win a landslide, just wait

>> No.13566280

wtf I love reddit now

>> No.13566281

Why do you guys hate vshojo so much anyway?
They seem like alright girls

>> No.13566290
File: 2.12 MB, 2048x1453, AssBlasted.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13566334
File: 31 KB, 350x555, 1615574850109.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just hate anything that has to do with nyanners, other vtubers are colateral damage

>> No.13566372

Clickbaitbros, is Nux really going to release something after what he already tried to pull with the bitch who didn't know (allegedly) how to operate a fucking discord DM?

>> No.13566378

most of /vt/ is on VShojo's side and the nux defenders are just shitposting to bait (You)s. most anons here understand how retarded nux was publishing that video. you can tell by how many anons are just repeating the years old nyanner loli meme.

>> No.13566422

It is common practice to inform the public when they are likely to be in danger due to a serial offender who is under investigation, yes. Stopping more people from becoming victims comes first. If you really think keeping completely quiet does a better job of protecting people you're retarded and I can't help you.

>> No.13566441

please explain how the video could have harmed anyone i don't get this angle when the site was already shut down already.

>> No.13566452

>however the fact the security team gaving nux this info was stupid and they shouldve seen this coming
Imagine giving private information to some jew, with the full intention of making it public, then being surprised when it gets posted publicly. I wouldn't be surprised if management told their whores to cancel that jew to cover their asses.

>> No.13566466

>most of /vt/ is on VShojo's side
Literally overdosing on copium in front of our eyes

>> No.13566481

only oldf*gs hate nyanners

Anyone who is actually well adjusted and didn't waste 10+ years on 4chan will see that Nux was completely in the wrong.

>> No.13566486

>It is common practice to inform the public when they are likely to be in danger due to a serial offender who is under investigation, yes
no it isn't you fucking retard

>> No.13566491

see, it's all just shitposting for (You)s

>> No.13566498

I am on Nux side

>> No.13566507
File: 567 KB, 3697x1348, 1637841486984.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

they're all shit

>> No.13566519

Why are you even here

>> No.13566546

>only oldf*gs hate nyanners
not really, a lot of newfags are larping as the people getting offended way back then

>> No.13566578

Idk about most of /vt/ but there are, indeed, a lot of people on vshojo's side. Outside of this corner there are many other people who jack off to these girls.

>> No.13566582

god tier falseflag brother

>> No.13566634

literal manchildren that have no idea how opsec works

>> No.13566636

I don't remember posting this

>> No.13566649
File: 136 KB, 463x453, 1623040749625.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>hating an unfunny woman immersed in twitch culture suddenly means you are sperging about loli soundposts and gamergoy

>> No.13566709

Get a load of this dark brooding dumbass being sad for shitheads kicking the bucket

>> No.13566724

becuse your're an impostor

>> No.13566725

publicly release someone was raped rarely helps unless theyre trying to find the rapist, people arent going to start raping more because there was an announcement about it happening.
you dont need a penis to rape someone anon, though i guess it would more correct to say sexual assault
youre correct theres nothing they can do but if they couldnt do anything then why are people acting like they couldve done something.
company bureaucracy was always going to stop them from making a public announcement because companys love to go through bureaucracy instead of dealing with the problem directly.
all companies do this no matter how much flack you give them

>> No.13566779

>hating on nyanners
Just because she's right (being a lolicon is absolutely disgusting I don't care if they're pixels) doesn't mean you get to be mad about it you pedophile.

>> No.13566791

People dont hate others just because they're unfunny
The people seething about Nyanners are geniunely mad that she decided not to publically support lolicon ten years ago or something
They really are mentally ill

>> No.13566794

Highly subjective, and also not really a good reason to hate someone to this extent

>> No.13566811

A surprising amount of people are against the girls

>> No.13566813

how else are developmentally stunt and emotionally fragile men supposed to express their displeasure?

>> No.13566817

honestly this. They think keeping some stuff private is somehow lying. I mean how often do people keep personal or private info secret? It is normal. Opsec is to protect identities and interests of the ones involved

>> No.13566848

>company bureaucracy was always going to stop them from making a public announcement because companys love to go through bureaucracy
vshojo is not a fucking corporation its a small company
this entire debate is clueless kids with no idea how the world works

>> No.13566857

Vshojofag here bad publicity is good publicity that's how Trump won 2016.

>> No.13566879

The only reason you see those posts is cause you idiots bite at it every time, people don't hate nyanners and want to see her dead, its not like when venti tried to cancel gura in her debut. They just don't particularly like her and then get free yous from her fans for free at any time.

>> No.13566907

This is why real life examples don't fucking work. Trying to compare it to rapists and murderers just makes you look retarded because the situations are handled incredibly differently. If you really must compare it to a real life thing then a closer one would be enemy spies and terrorist cells. If you ID someone involved you don't break the door down instantly to get rid of them. You observe them, find out what they're planning, work to stop it before they can pull it off, and most importantly of fucking all, get everyone they're coordinating with at the same time. Anything less and you've effectively accomplished nothing, because the other perpetrators will just go into hiding and continue what they're doing after things have calmed down. Only now they'll be harder to find because they'll be able to patch up their own weaknesses

>> No.13566911

Is nux I dare say our rittenhouse?

>> No.13566939

>people don't hate nyanners and want to see her dead
sadly they do, it's hard to imagine why, maybe they saw her pomf video as someone legitimzing their fetish and that was something they desperately needed

>> No.13566958
File: 112 KB, 540x677, 1611480741663.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>people don't hate nyanners and want to see her dead

>> No.13566994

>riles up whores
>riles up lgbt simps
seems so

>> No.13567010

Nux was right to cross statelines to shoot those doxers

>> No.13567026


>> No.13567043

Heaven forbid someone might change their opinion on something as a young adult
It's tragic that that literally does seem to be their only reason

>> No.13567055

I sometimes wonder if pink cat comes here just see people seething about her

>> No.13567065

Socialists always double down. Vshojo aint going anywhere

>> No.13567071

shes talked about it on stream before

>> No.13567087

People almost died from swatting because VShojo didn't notify the public of phishers.

You have to be pants-on-head retarded to think a basic public statement wasn't warranted.

>> No.13567097

Fuck i forget to add / at the end

>> No.13567117

I thought they were corpo?

>> No.13567134
File: 2.63 MB, 2389x1376, 1620862759625.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13567135

She still comes here even after the stuff fags from here have done to her
You really are here forever

>> No.13567136

For themselves.

Not for us

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